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Benevolent ETs living among us

Why do G7 deep state agencies pretend they're not here?

Who is initiating the élite disinformation?

Who are the human contactees?

What are the ETs telling them?

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Picture: Benevolent extraterrestrials among us.
Benevolent extraterrestrial visitors have been in our midst, here on Earth, for many years. Gerard Aartsen calls them the Space Brothers. His September 2015 book is titled Priorities for a Planet in Transition: The Space Brothers’ Case for Justice and Freedom.

The ET's presence with us has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, yet government agencies and their deep state accomplices have gone to extraordinary lengths to persuade people that they did not see and experience what they know they did see and experience. Such phenomena do not exist, the contactees are told.

Aartsen's book is an authoritative guide to the deliberate élite disinformation which has surrounded the ET issue for decades. He argues that the ETs are here, and that they have been for decades. Indeed, they have visited us for millennia. Their mission is one of benevolent service. And they do no harm. Ever.

Establishment efforts to discredit the presence of the ETs, and the benevolence of their mission, is methodically orchestrated by the Western governments of the world, and especially by the government of the United States.

In 1959, Howard Menger, an early contactee, stated: “Government officials in particular refuse to tell because it would upset our economy. The knowledge the ETs have gained depicts an entirely different way of life. It is living under God’s law rather than man’s law. Most (human) mechanical energy sources would become obsolete.”

Chilean contactee Enrique Barrios, who was advised by the ETs to render the information given to him in the form of a children’s story (Ami - Child of the Stars), writes: “The problem is not in the people, but in the systems they use. People have evolved, but the systems have remained backward. Bad systems make good people suffer. These systems make people unhappy, which finally turns them bad.”

Yet the experience of people worldwide stands in direct contradiction to the establishment misinformation which helps maintain bad systems. As the Brazilian editor of Collective Evolution, Arjun Walia, says: “The UFO phenomenon seems to be coinciding with this mass awakening that’s taking place. UFO sighting reports continue to increase exponentially every month as the consciousness of the human race continues to expand and grow.”

Aartsen comments that the very efforts to misinform the public seem themselves to represent an oblique acknowledgement of the reality of the ET's existence.

Along with the growth in human collective consciousness goes one imperative. We must learn to use our free will far more intelligently and compassionately than we have done so far. Our inability to do this has resulted in what the ETs describe as our “cosmic isolation”.

Pioneering contactee George Adamski was told during a visit to a Venusian mothership in the 1950s: “If man is to live without catastrophe, he must look upon his fellow being as himself, the one a reflection of the other. To have a healthy and prosperous society, that which causes the most trouble must be removed. As we all know, this stigma is poverty in the midst of plenty. It is the cause of sickness, crime and the many evils that we know.”

It is a symptom of the belligerence humanity regularly demonstrates which makes it impossible for the ETs to trust us with more advanced forms of technology.

Enrique Barrios writes: “When the scientific level overwhelms the level of love in the world, that world self-destructs .... If a world’s level of love is low, there is collective unhappiness, hatred, violence, division, wars, and a dangerously high destructive capacity.” For the ETs to supply technical information to such a civilisation would be to commit a serious crime against the cosmic laws.

There is no discrepancy between the teachings of the benevolent ETs and the teachings which our own terrestrial-based spiritual masters and sages have given throughout human history. Adherence to the great laws they propound has led to the creation of incontrovertibly peaceful, functional and flourishing civilizations on other planets and star systems.

Critical to the creation of these civilizations has been a shared understanding of collective necessity: that which is truly good, is good for all.

George Adamski writes: “In their community way of life, with respect toward one another and with life’s necessities provided for all, they find no need for penal institutions. Because the people on Venus, Mars and elsewhere in our system have learned to live harmoniously with one another, they have no tensions and consequently no sickness.”

The Tibetan spiritual master, Djwhal Khul, commented: “The keynote to good health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution; just as it is the keynote to the general well-being of humanity.”

One of the reasons why the visiting ETs demonstrate limitless patience and good will towards Earth-based humans is because they remember times long past on their own planets when they faced some of the dilemmas and serious conflicts which now beset us. They know that through adherence to the Great Laws of Life we too can overcome our problems as they did.
The human species on Earth has now reached a decisive point in the evolution of the planet. As contactee, Truman Bethurum, was told by the benovolent ETs: “We have not the problems that you have because we know what is right and want to do it. The same could be true upon your Earth. God has been liberal with His blessings and there is no dearth. Your people could amalgamate and act in unison, instead of constantly warring upon each other, and then you’d find your Earth worth living upon."

To contactee Stefan Denaerde, the ETs said: “This is the blue planet with the blinding light; the home of the graceful, long-legged human race. It is one of the most beautiful planets that we know.”

Priorities for a Planet in Transition: The Space Brothers’ Case for Justice and Freedom by Gerard Aartsen. BGA Publications; 212 pages; 2015. ISBN: 978-90-815495-4-7.

The original text of Marc Gregory's review is here (Feb 2016).

Picture: The Christ Star UFO.


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Picture: Cloaked Jovian UFO over Mount Shasta, CA, USA. Oct 2011.

Picture: Lenticular cloud or Cloaked UFO.

Picture: Martian UFO inside lenticular cloud. Nerja, Spain. 9th March 2016.

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Emergency chocolate cake pictures

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Picture: Thin woman ready for chocolate cake


We offer the following pastoral support for desperate modern women:

Chocolate cake picture 1

Chocolate cake picture 2

Chocolate cake picture 3

Chocolate cake picture 4

Chocolate cake picture 5

Chocolate cake picture 6

Chocolate cake picture 7

Chocolate cake picture 8

Chocolate cake picture 9

Chocolate cake picture 10

An advanced spiritual exercise for Tantric Chocopractors is offered below

(1) Dress sensibly in edible, chocolate-coloured ceremonial vestments worn over a crotchless praline undergarment.

(2) Light seven chocolate-coloured candles.

(3) Burn a little chocolate-flavoured incense.

(4) Centre yourself with sincere chocopractic intention.

(5) On a big screen, view each of the ten chocolate cake photographs listed above, slowly and in the order given.

(6) As each chocolate cake comes into view, admire its plump, Rubinesque chocolateness without judgment. Notice its extravagant, gustatory potential, its uncoded promise of instant gratification, its desire to give itself to you completely, deliciously and without delay or qualification. (Note: Do not worship the chocolate cake; simply respect it as a cosmic colleague, equal to you but subtly different.)

(7) Breathe deeply in and out seven times. Rejoice in the fact that you are a Woman and that Chocolate is the Destiny of Woman.

(8) Press the tip of your tongue against the C-spot in the roof of your mouth and inhale the unconditional chocolateness of the universe.

(9) Notice how your heart is melting like chocolate. Thank the chocolate for its gift of abundant liquidity. Merge with the chocolate and go wherever it takes you.

(10) Recall how your shamanic forebears rehearsed this ritual millennia ago under starbright skies at full moon. Recall their thrill at the coming of chocolate, centuries before chocolate was invented by Bobina the Bilder of Baden-Baden during the Black Forest High Renaissance.

(11) Visualise yourself as a helpless, defenceless tastebud besieged by chocolate cake. Surrender to the invader without fear.

(12) As your consciousness merges with the quintessential chocolateness of all being, journey into sacred space, release your inner child, and offer your inner child a Cadbury's Creme Egg.

(13) Eat nothing yourself. Be strong. Be deeply and transcendentally content. Vote Republican. Experience no guilt.


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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A new scripture shortly to be published
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Picture: A new scripture shortly to be published. Alcuin Bramerton (3).


Young Mary Halton
Of Quernmore, Lancashire,
Sat down
To write a new scripture.

She had read
All the extant world scriptures
And had found them to be
Of poor quality.

They were badly written,
Badly edited,
Spiritually incoherent,
And boring.

Which, presumably,
Is why the major world religions
Have taken such care
To preserve them,
She thinks.

In radical contradistinction,
Mary has decided
That her new scripture
Will be different.

Her new scripture
Will be of good quality,
Well written,
Intelligently edited,
Relevant to modern people,
And interesting.

A little while ago,
She approached a publisher
With her synopsis.

It was rejected.

There is no market
For such a scripture,
She was told,
Even in the fantasy genre.

People are very religious
These days;
They are afraid of terrorists
And the worldwide collapse
Of capitalist values.

They want scriptures
Which are badly written,
Badly edited,
Spiritually incoherent,
And boring,
To support their

Mary began to write
Her new scripture,

It would have to be
On the internet.

"Adam and Eve were
Courageous spiritual pioneers,"
She started,
"The doctrine of Original Sin
Is a control fiction
Of matrix religiosity.
The function of the fiction
Is to foment fear.
The function of the fear
Is to suffocate love.
And without love,
The individual
Cannot connect
With the God-process
Of the universe,
Which is love."

"It is a spiritual law
That like attracts like:
Fear attracts fear;
Love attracts love."

"The doctrine of Original Sin
Is a good example
Of the generation
Of negative spiritual values
By emergent churchianity
In the patristic period ...."

At this point,
There was a rustling of gossamer
And The Holy Spirit,
Slightly out of breath,
Walked into the room
And introduced Himself.

"Who are you?"
Mary asked.
"I am the Holy Spirit;
Traditionally I inspire
The writing of new scriptures."

"Are you here to make trouble?"
Said Mary.

"Certainly not.
I simply dropped in
To say
That I rather like your stuff,
And if you decide,
When it's complete,
To self-publish it
As a new scripture
On the internet,
Then I'll make sure
That the word gets around,
And I'll ask the angels
Who look after these things,
To hotlink your new scripture
Into all the right blogs,
And search engines."

"Why are you
Out of breath?"
Asked Mary.

"There is a lot
Of new scripture
Being written
At the moment –
Not all of it
In Quernmore, Lancashire,"
Said the Holy Spirit.

"I suppose you're going to tell me
What to write,"
Said Mary.

"Goodness gracious, no,"
Said the Holy Spirit,
"If I were to tell you
What to write,
I would be in serious danger
Of infringing your free will,
Wouldn't I?"

"You certainly would,"
Said Mary.
"Would you like a cup of tea?"

"I only drink tea
Which is heavily allegorised
Or subtly metaphorated."

"I understand completely,"
Said Mary,
"You want raspberry leaf tea,
Don't you?"

"Yes please,"

Said the Holy Spirit.

Picture: Raspberries & raspberry leaves.


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Monday, August 19, 2019

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