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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Worth Matravers in Dorset

A scantily-clad woman
With pendulous breasts,
Is driving her car
Through rush hour traffic.

A police marksman
Fires two shots at her
With a paintball rifle.

Three weeks later,
The matter is brought up
Under Any Other Business
At the monthly meeting
Of the local
Women's Institute.

After the meeting,
Members enjoy
A nicely-judged
Orange drizzle cake
Made by Deirdre Ulwell

Of Swanage.

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Anonymous vera said...

How come you know my gender so well? Is it because you only have one testicle ? Only Jokin'... *winks*

In Christ, there are no gender I tend to forget my pre-destination. Thanks for the reminder. *huh*

4:50 pm  

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