Saturday, January 28, 2012

Novel in Burnley

A woman with tired eyes
Is reading a
Jane Austen novel
In Burnley,
She orders a plate
Of mushy peas.

"We don't do food
At Lloyds Bank plc,"

Says the cashier.



A red-haired woman
With smudged makeup
Is brought into
The Royal Shropshire Hospital
In Shrewsbury.
Her head is bleeding,
One of her eyes
Is closed tight
And swollen,
And several of her teeth
Are missing.

Nurse: Name?
Woman: Patricia Alice Lampton.
Nurse: Date of birth?
Woman: 23rd September 1972.
Nurse: Married?

Woman: No. Traffic accident.


Pumpkin candlelight

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Unusual cloud-form over Launceston

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What is the answer?

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What is the answer?

What is the answer?
What is the solution?

Perhaps there is no answer.

Perhaps there is no solution.
Perhaps there is just the question
And the laughter
And we must simply content ourselves
With the interrogative process
Of becoming.


The libraries do not fool us

Meditation - the direct encounter

What is the population of the universe?

The unwisdom of belief

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Aquarian elf girl

The elf angel of Ardingly
In West Sussex,
Is sixteen years old,
Smells of flowers
And looks like liquid sex
In jeans.

Her voice sounds like
A fairy bell
Heard behind waterfalls.

She doesn't walk;
She flows
Like a reed
In the breeze,
Too slim for friction.

Her coursework
Is averagely badly written,
And she wears her school tie
Unacceptably loose.

She doesn't use a mobile phone,
Or an iPod,
Doesn't watch television,
Won't eat meat
Or anything cooked
In a microwave oven,
And she sleeps
Ten hours a day,
Next to a basket of crystals,
Saying that that is her main work:
She has dreams to look after.

But notice her eyes.
What colour are they today?

Look at her eyes
When she is sitting
Next to her mother.
Her eyes are older
Than her mother's,
But they dance more.

Her lifestream is old,
Yet young,
Yet forever fresh.

A few boys have kissed her,
And many girls.

And they all say the same thing:
Her lips flutter
Like eyelashes,
Her tongue darts
Like a lizard,
And she tastes of Jellybabies
With a hint of lemon
And something else.

It is the something else
Which people remember,
And it is the something else
Which people look forward to.


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Unusual cloud-form over Launceston

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I am the Moon

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Sympathetic help for unacceptably fat women

This blog has long supported the plight of obese persons of the female gender living in Germany and America.

Some of these women are the victims of passive fatness. On the bus to work they watch other women scoffing chocolate bars and cream cakes, they inhale too deeply, and before they know where they are they find themselves wolfing down unwanted chocolate bars and cream cakes themselves.

But other women are gratuitous, wanton, self-inflicted fatties. They have adopted a militant, fattist, anti-man lifestyle. They luxuriate in the epithet "fat slag". They meet at secret, single-sex cholesterol parties solely with the intention of achieving an adipose high.

They patronise dress shops which use curtain material and stage hangings for ball gowns. They indulge in deep Rabelaisian laughter which makes them wobble all over.

They walk around with pink wheelbarrows supporting their bellies. They emit a pungent odour of whale grease and burnt tires.

Persons of this second kind cannot be tolerated by a civilised and caring society. We urge the United Nations and the World Health Organisation to take preventive action.

We do not advocate the mass culling of female fatties as some are doing, but it is important that a fair and transparent international flab tax be levied on those of female gender whose expanded dimensions have become an eyesore to people of sensitivity and discrimination.

This blog has never ducked the issue of female size. We have always addressed the matter in a focussed and scientific manner. Some examples of our research are linked below.

Eating disorder

Lose weight feel great
Seven toffee doughnuts
Strong decision
Blue mouthwash
Lent in the open ocean


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