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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Give it a try


It was the
Fluid energy
Of meditation
Which he liked.

It was often more intense
And more long-lasting
Than the best of

And nobody ever
Taught him how to meditate;
He found out
By accident.

He just heard
That meditation was the
Natural state of experience
For human beings
Millennia ago
During the last Golden Age,
Before human spirituality
Was poisoned
By religion
And materialism
And rush
And bother.

So he thought he'd
Give it a try.

He sat down,
With his back reasonably straight,
And his eyes reasonably closed,
And focussed his attention
On his heart,
And started to breathe
A little deeper
And a little slower
Than usual,
And he tried to get his heart
To feel a little warmer
Than usual.

And after a few attempts
It began to work,
And after a few more attempts
It began to work even better.

And after a few more attempts still,
He began to meet people
Who didn't exist
And who weren't there
And who he'd never met before,
And they taught him
How to meditate
Even better.

Then early one day
He thought he'd
Try meditating
While he was having sex
With his girlfriend.

They were both
Several hours

For work that morning.


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