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Friday, January 27, 2012

Creative subversion

A core task of the New Spirituality
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One of the core tasks of the New Spirituality is the creative subversion of orthodox human semantics.

This is often best done by way of off-the-wall humour and the deployment of positively mutating language-forms in educated discourse.

A spiritual evolution is being encouraged here. The human population is beginning to think freely and feel freely outside the prescribed semantic box of established fundamentalisms. These fundamentalisms include science, religion and political materialism. It is this beyond-the-box evolution in thinking and feeling which is being actively encouraged by the New Spirituality.

The evolution is necessary if data inputs from the higher evolution are to be received accurately, processed in open colloquy, published freely, and implemented skilfully for the wider good of the planet.

By “Higher Evolution” is meant benign extraterrestrials, angels, ascended masters, discarnate spiritual teachers and the individuated divine selves of all human beings.

Most of the best practitioners of the New Spirituality are children. These children are bored by science and are sceptical of its scepticism. They detest the manipulative parochialism of religion, and they are revolted by the political management of unnecessary wealth and unnecessary poverty.

There are few better ways to begin an understanding of the topography of the New Spirituality than to read (and analyse the subtexts of) the most successful children’s fiction of the last ten years.


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