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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preconceived idea
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A man with a small bruise
On his left knee
Is hopelessly enslaved
By a preconceived idea.

The preconceived idea
Which enslaves the man
Is the thought
That if he doesn't worship God
At least twice a year,
Once at Christmas
And once at Easter,
God will send him
To the funny farm
When he dies.
And what he will experience
At the funny farm
Will not be funny
And may very well
Not be funny
For quite a long time.

What this man doesn't know
Is that God
Does not want
To be worshipped.

God does not want
To be worshipped
Even by people
With perfectly healthy left knees.

Their knees
May be as perfectly unsullied
As the driven snow,
But the metaphysical principle
Stands undiminished:
God does not want
To be worshipped.

Think about it.
If you were God,
Would you want
To be worshipped
In a preconceived manner
By a man
With a small bruise
On his left knee
Who was in the grip
Of a funny farm fantasy?

No, of course you wouldn't.
If you were God,
You wouldn't be
That kind of
Insecure Metaprat.


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