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Friday, January 27, 2012

You can pretend
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Picture: You can pretend. Barbie commits suicide by hanging herself.

A man with a wooden leg

Sits down to read a book.

The book is not about men,
Or wooden legs,
Or sitting down.

Not all books are.

Some books are about women,
Fleshy legs,
Or gymnastics.

But not all books are.
This one isn't.

This book is about rocket science.
It has big friendly writing
And lots of pictures.

And there is an interactive section.

You can pretend
That you are an American,
And you can shoot
Laser-guided rockets
At unprotected
Third World civilians,
In the war on terror.

It is good to interact.

Picture: You can pretend. Iraq War 2003. Shock & Awe. George Bush Jnr.


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