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Friday, January 25, 2013

Religion is a terrorist behaviour 
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Picture: The Art of the New Spirituality. "Terrorist" by Eugenio Merino (1).

Can it be true?
Can it possibly be true
That religion
Is a terrorist behaviour?

Can it be true
That religion
And energises
The kind of self-righteous,
Spiritual fascism
Which leads to
Faith conflicts,
Crusades of slaughter
Against other religions,
God-bothered genocide,
Inquisition torture masters?
And which leads to
Settling theological quibbles
By burning books
And people
To death
On slow fires?
And which leads to
Systematic mutilation
With machetes,
And suicide bombing
Of innocent civilians
In America, Afghanistan,
Israel, Iraq,
Lebanon, England
And other less fashionable
Locations within
Human civilisation?

Can this be true?
Surely not.

Surely we must be positive
And allow for the possibility
That moderate terrorists exist,
Such as Anglicans
Who subscribe to the
Thirty Nine Articles of Religion,
And Alpha which says
That my book
Is the only book,
And all other books
Are less,
And Spring Harvest which says
That the Holy Spirit
Of spiritual fascism
Is a friend of Jesus
And must be worshipped,
And Soul Survivor which says
That its heart is to envision young people
And equip them
To move in the power of this
Sectarian Holy Spirit,
And Al-Qaeda which says
That Jews and Americans must die
If they don't convert on demand,
Which is a moderate position to adopt
Compared with, say,
A good, old-fashioned,
Holy Spirit-led,
Church inquisition.

And no respectable,
Religious terrorist organisation,
Is training
Young terrorists,
Of course.

Let's be quite clear about that.

Can any of this possibly be true?

Don't be daft.


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