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Friday, January 27, 2012

Reasonable request

It is a rainy day.
A woman in a pleated skirt
Goes into the library
Approaches an earnest-looking young librarian
And says: "I need a book."

"What kind of book do you need?
Asks the librarian."I need a book with paper pages,
And neat printing
On two of the six sides of each page."

"That is a reasonable request

For two reasons,"
Says the librarian."First, this is a library,
And for the convenience
Of the general public
Books with paper pages
Are stored in libraries such as this."

"And, second, four of the six sides
Of a piece of paper
Are insufficiently large in surface area
To carry print of a size
Which can comfortably be read
By the human eye."

"Would you mind awfully
If I punch you on the nose?"
Says the woman in the pleated skirt.
"I find your attitude

Insufferably pedantic,
Even for a librarian."


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