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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Eating disorder

A young lady
Called Joyce,
In Southwell,
Has an eating disorder.

She picks up a banana,
Peels off the skin,
Throws the centre
Of the banana away,
And puts the banana skin
Into her right ear.

She has volunteered
For counselling.

And she has been given
The following advice:

You have a difficult
And long-term
Eating disorder.

The solution to this problem
Is to put your food
Into your mouth
Rather than into
Your ear.

Others have found
This stratagem
To be successful.

Whether you prefer
To eat the centre
Of the banana,
Or the skin
Of the banana,
Is your personal choice.

We do not seek
To interfere with
Your private preferences.

Our task
Is simply to advise
On the appropriateness
Of competing orifices
For the proper reception

Of ingestible foodstuffs.

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