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Friday, March 04, 2005

Blue mouthwash

The young lady
Is on her own tonight,
So she decides

To do some serious eating.

To prepare for the imminent feast,
She brushes her teeth,
Rinses out her buccal cavity
With blue mouthwash,
And slips into

Something more comfortable.

Next she considers

What might be ingested
And in which order.

She takes out a pad
Of A4 lined paper,
And makes some

Preliminary notes.

Then she considers the means
By which the food
Might be conveyed
To her mouth.

She adds a diagram
Or two
To her notes,
And corrects a couple

Of spellings.

Now it is time to start.

She restrains

The African Turkey Vulture,
Wrings its neck,
And plucks its feathers.

She melts fifteen bars
Of Green and Black's
Organic dark chocolate
With orange and spices,
In a large saucepan.

She cuts the African Turkey Vulture
Into cubes,
Puts them in the liquidiser,
Adds the melted chocolate,
And blends them together well.

This is only the starter,
But it will be served chilled,
On a bed of crinkle-cut crisps.

Next she considers

The question of the wine.

She decides to drink all of it.


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