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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tuesday girl

She has an
Important decision
To make.

The decision
She has to make
Is this:
Should she take

The decision
Or should she

Wait until after tea
And take

The decision then?

The decision


Such decisions
Should never be hurried.

She has seven boyfriends.

She likes to enjoy a
Different boy
Each day.

But now an
Eighth desirable boy
Has turned up.
He is the fittest

Of the fit.

Must be found
For him.

But she doesn't want

More than one
Boyfriend per day.
That would be excessive,
And she is a

Modest girl
By nature,
And abstemious.

And more than one
Boyfriend a day
Would be expensive

On nail varnish,
And might be

Stressful in
Other ways.

She wonders about

Slotting him in
On Tuesdays,
For a trial period of,

One month.

She could offload
Her current Tuesday boy
Onto her best friend,
But that might be tricky.

Her best friend isn't
A boygirl.
Her best friend is

A girlgirl:
A sista.
Which is why

She is
Her best friend.

Life is agreeably complicated,
But for the modern girl,

Not impossible.

She arrives at a

Prudent solution.
She will put

The decision off
Until after tea,
And until she has

Done her hair,
And texted a few friends,
And listened to a

Bit of iPod,
And read a

Bit of 21st Century Goddess,
And chilled generally.

The only problem is,
It is Monday

And Tuesday is

Due tomorrow.

She wonders how
She will cope,
And if she doesn't

How she will

Cope then.

Her mobile phone rings.
She makes the mistake

Of answering it.

It is a
Boy's voice.

It is not
The boy
She expected.


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Kristianne Wych Christian Wicca

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