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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pleasantly crunchy

An airline pilot
Is walking his dog
Along a canal towpath

Near Tring
In Hertfordshire.

A large fish
Pokes its head out of the water.

The dog
Barks at the fish.

With the airline pilot's permission,
The fish
The dog.

It is a Jack Russell terrier:
Pleasantly crunchy,

But rather dry
On the palate.


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Blogger sim said...

Pleasently crunchy,

Far from dry, I have always found the terrier a rather moist, if some what chewey comestible.
However from the point of view of a fish who takes his meals, in general, from a rather more saturated source, the terrier may be regarded as reletively dry and indeed some what crunchy, possibly pleasently so.

12:29 am  

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