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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Free money
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A man with a well-worn cowboy hat
Has more money than he needs.

He fills his pockets with ten pound notes
And goes out into the street shouting,
"Free money, free money.
Get your free money here."

It is snowing heavily
But a number of people are interested
And an orderly queue forms
By the postbox on the corner.

Not everyone wants ten pounds.
Some people only want five pounds.
So he accepts change.

And, for good measure,
He puts a couple of ten pound notes
Into the postbox,
Just in case the postman
Feels the need for a little free money
While he is working.

A small boy comes along
And says that he doesn't want ten pounds;
He only wants two pounds
For a large bar
Of Fat Munchie's triple chocolate
With a soft almond and praline filling.

He is given a ten pound note,
Goes to the sweetshop,
And brings the man
Eight pounds change
And a piece of his chocolate bar.

The following Saturday,
The man with the well-worn cowboy hat
Wins the national lottery.

But no-one knows.

And he says nothing.


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