Saturday, July 29, 2006

I am the Moon

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I came from the surface
Of Jupiter
A long time ago,
When an explosion
Blasted me out
Of my gaseous womb
And I could no longer be held
In the gravitational embrace
Of my parents.

I congealed slowly
And deliciously
Into textured Jovian stone
And was captured
And held in orbit
By my new mistress
Whose scalp
You are shaving
Of rainforest beauty,
Whose breath
You are polluting
With poisonous industry,
And whose heart
You are breaking
With unnecessary war.

I am the Moon.
My spiritual task
In the multidimensional ecology
Of your local universe
Is to mirror
The consciousness of Earth
Back to you.
I reflect what you are feeling;
My primary function
Is to bounce back
Your emotions.

I am the Moon.
I am a very peaceful vibration.
I am weary with your obsession
With war and conflict
And tired of your capitulation
To religion
Which promotes war and conflict
By tolerating
The heresy of belief.

I am the Moon.
I feel energy data
Through silvery ray vibrations.
Do you remember these?
Do you remember
The silvery gossamer light
Shimmering breast bright
On the membrane of calm water
When the full Moon first rises?

Are you aroused by my rising?
I bear my breast naked
For you
Thirteen times a year.
Do I arouse your interest?
Do I stimulate your recall
Of etheric desire?

Run your eye over me.
Feel my texture.
I have canyons and craters
On my flesh
Which are the marks
Of cosmic lovemaking.
I have been penetrated
My many powerful visitors
And I have loved them all.

My vibrations are now
So cool,
So opalescent,
So translucently ethereal,
That there is
Almost no electromagnetic charge
Left in me.
I am completely balanced.
And it is this balance
Which I transmit to you
As dreams.

In the depths
Of my canyons and craters
There are small
Library temples
Where I hold the records
Of your memories
And your subconscious
Mental banks.

I transmit these energy data
To those beings
Who magnetically draw my energy,
Be they animal people,
Or faerie people
Or human people.
They all draw consciousness from me
As silver is drawn from wells
Fed by waterfalls.

Listen out when you sleep,
Listen out when you dream,
Listen out for the memories
I hold
Of your soul experience
Life after life
On planet after planet.

You are strong enough
To destroy Gaia,
Who struggles,
To hold you to my breast
For nourishment,
But are you strong enough
To be entirely passive
And receive my milk
On your tongue,
With your feelings open
To the silvery tickle
And trickle
Of my teaching?

I am the Moon.
Accept my radiant nakedness
Without judgment
And know completion.


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1 comment:

More green rays & pillars of light! said...

I made a video, & put it on Youtube. It's called; "Into, The PHOTON BELT!" (just put in my 'name', there.) I've being fully aware, of 'just how the moon, has being so much Brighter, these years!

And, I have heard, that even 'jesus'(or Esu.), talked about this Alot,'as a sign', of 'those end times'! (Apparently So!) I have said, (in my video.) that, "The moon is So Bright, that You might need Sunglasses, to See a FULL Moon!" (Try it! It Works!)

And then, maybe, even 'Welders Googles', as it's 3+ more years, til 2013! This 'brighter light' has 'certain properties', that can
'charge the aethers', & that 'thoughts' (electric/light.)
"ARE MORE", 'Things'! And, 'The SECRET', Will Work, EVEN Better, NOW! (The Secret, is 'the book & movie'.)

It's 'WHAT', the 4th & 5th Dimensions, Are 'ALL ABOUT'! As, 'Here in the 3-D', "One may have to 'wish for something a millions times, & a million + 1 times, One 'might get' it!"

This is 'also' good for, "Remote Influencing", as well! Yet, PLEASE!
"THINK, GOOD THOUGHTS"! (As, 'any other way', could only get one,'hell'!)