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Saturday, April 20, 2024

A dream is a portal
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Picture: Dreamer dreaming. A dream is a portal.

A dream is a portal;
A portal, perhaps,
To a higher knowing.

A dream is a finger beckoning;
An invitation given;
A clue to what is more
But mistaken
For what is less.

A dream is a gift given
And a gift received.

The wise attend to dreams,
Knowing well that
Dreams attend to them,
Nurturing them gently
With milk
From the Mothership.

Picture: UFO fleet. The Montego Docked by Clay Hagebusch.


Somehow I just know that I am about to be beamed to somewhere
The dream opens with me looking at a string of poles supporting a very high voltage power line. 3 lines running together. It has been raining and a man on the phone is saying that if we (I guess the government or something) don’t tell the truth about alien visitors that he will blow several of the poles letting the high voltage lines hit the ground. With the recent high rains, the power would snake through the water and harm thousands of people and animals.

I give in and agree to save the lives of those who would be harmed. Plus I feel in my gut that people are ready. But before I can say anything I feel this unseen field of power around me. Somehow I just know that I am about to be beamed to somewhere. Like a transporter. I decide to sit down inside the car.

Moments later I find myself and the car in a slightly darkened room. In addition to me, is two different races of people. One looks human that I feel they actually are. They are the first to speak up saying we need to keep the presence of the races of aliens secret. That’s when one of the other race step toward me and I am able to see them more clearly.

The second race has a human body. I get the feeling that this person is a male somehow. He’s wearing a black suit with black jacket. But it’s his head that gets my attention. I wasn’t expecting to meet a different race. His head was different, more oval but his chin area came more to a point. And the skin was green in color. Not like reptile or scaled or anything like that. Just very smooth. And the green was a color similar to a avocado. Just slightly dark.

His mouth was about 2 inches long but resembled a slit. But when he spoke there was no problems speaking words. It was the eyes that stood out to me. They appeared like ovals but on their side, and pitch black with a glossy type look to them. Reflective. And he was taller than me. Perhaps 6’5” or 7 foot maybe. About 2 inches or so taller than me. Somehow I got the feeling he, or his group/race is in charge of this meeting.

The first thing I asked was if I could roll down the window of my car because for some reason I had green grapes in the back seat. He was very kind in nature. I wasn’t scared in his presence at all. Nor was I afraid of the other 3 people of his race that were standing with him. He just said “sure”.

When I finished rolling down the window he asked me why I felt that it would be a good idea to go along with the man who wanted me/us/they to reveal to the world that aliens were among us on earth. I explained that I felt that the public was ready to know. That there are always going to be some who are afraid. But that as a whole, people were ready to know that there are other beings, other races out there besides just those on earth.

The men from the other group (those I felt were human) deeply disagreed. They just kept insisting that earth wasn’t ready and that the secret needed to remain. That is when the man with the alien type face stepped much closer. He asked if I was sure. I said yes, I was sure.

He gave his regards and had me get back in my car and he returned me back to the very spot I had left. I don’t know what ever came of the man I was talking to on the phone. I felt more like it was a test more than a actual threat. To find out how I felt about the truth of their presence finally coming out.

He must have explained other things to me because later in this dream I was explaining some things to a friend in the dream in a slightly excited manner. Almost like if I didn’t share it right then, that I would somehow forget.

I was explaining to this friend in the dream how the race I talked to with the green skin looked, how beaming worked among other things. That anyone they took aboard their ships to talk to, they could be returned back to where they were taken in time and space as if they had never left. Back to the very second in time they were taken as if they never left.

The whole dream I was never scared once. Which was strange. I would expect to be at least a bit shy meeting a new race or something. But I wasn’t. I felt like he was just like anyone else, just with green skin and a different face. I felt comfortable around him and his 3 friends he had with him. And it didn’t feel like a regular dream. It felt very real. I could see, hear, feel and everything very tangibly. Like the meeting was real, just done in a dream state.

This dream is strange because I had it out of the blue. I wasn't like watching race to witch mountain or X-files or anything with a alien plot. And unlike regular dreams, it was very real as if I was really there. It felt as real as the one I had a few months ago where I was on this VERY large round ship. The ship had this large ring walkway around a inner ring of like terminals or work stations. And the ship appeared to have several of this ring shaped decks.

What really jumped out to me was the window. The outer side of the ring was lined with windows tilted out so you could look downward. From looking down I could tell I was over a city type area. You could look down and see buildings and such below. Like maybe twice as high as the twin towers skyscraper that were in New York or something high like that.

They were conducting a sort of tour. From what I could tell myself and many others seemed to be there astrally. Somehow I knew I wasn't in my body. But at the same time I had the appearance of a body. I felt uncomfortable though because I wasn't fully clothed. Like I was caught off guard when I was brought up. But all in all it was a good experience to see what the inside of this large ship looked like. I was just curious if anyone else has had dreams of meeting other races or of being on a space ship?

Dream account recorded here.

I am a walk-in from a dimension called Demuria
I often have dreams of future events. And have dreams where I meet people in what I imagine is my astral body. For example, I had a dream where I was taken to my home. I am a walk-in from a dimension called Demuria. So I was shown my home to help me remember who I am about 3 years ago. So when I have such intensely vivid dreams, I always log them. As I did with this one just seconds after I woke up.

So in this one, I was speaking to President Bush. He somehow knew who I was. He invited me into his office. We sat on sofa’s apart from each other with a coffee table in the middle. There was a TV on with news, but we were not really paying attention. He was explaining to me that he wished to share the truth with me. But first had to look at my record.

Another man entered the room with a peach file folder. They both looked over the folder for a moment. Then the President said he was saddened that I didn’t like the way he ran things. I told him I was sorry if he was offended, but that I just felt things could have been handled better. Not just 9/11, but as a whole. That people are not stupid, and to keep truth from the people was wrong.

I just told Bush what I honestly thought about things, knowing anything I said or suggested probably wouldn’t make a difference. He told me I that I could not take part because I didn’t keep secrets. That any information about things such as aliens and such, I shared right away. I guess they were looking for people who would keep secrets. Then the President tells me he’s sorry and tells another man to show me out.

So we walk through a door into another room and I ask him to lead the way as I didn’t know the way out of the building, as I assumed I was being shown outside to go home. So he walks in front of me and opens another door. He leads me through the door into a room with a table in the shape of a donut where people were gathering. Confused, he pointed me to a chair.

I assumed I failed whatever they wanted me to do. But apparently I passed the test and didn’t realize it. I sat down next to a white woman who was kind of big like me. Next to her was a older man in his late 40s early 50s. The two were talking while putting on a set of strange headphones.

The headphones didn’t go in your ears though, they went over your head. It had four wires. Two were end to end meant to go around your head just above your ears, and the other two wires go from your forehead up and over to the back of your head. Evenly spaced apart, so it’s like you have a cap on or a bandana but made of string instead of cloth.

Anyway, once on, it snugs itself up. I guess so it makes better contact with the skin of your head. Someone had to come over and show me. My guess is the wires somehow work as a image projection system. Perhaps like a 3D system with crisp sound. The image was intensely clear.

That’s when the people at the table began to show true form. Some were classic alien with almond eyes. Some were relatively normal looking but with blue skin. Different alien races and such. Perhaps the earphones or whatever they are show those at the table in their true form.

I don’t know what I appeared to look like to others. To me, I looked as I do today in a normal human body. I guess my reaction seemed strange to them because I didn’t get scared or shocked. I just sat calmly observing as if seeing alien races was totally normal to me. But to be honest, this wasn’t the first dream I have had meeting alien races. If it was a dream at all.

Then everyone went quiet and watched a screen. On the screen was the view of earth from perhaps the moon, or out a space craft window. Or maybe the International Space Station because we were watching an astronaut floating out of control. Like his tether got detached or something. All of a sudden the seal on the toe of his right foot opened and you could see air escaping while he screamed.

Then the screen panned to earth. I watched as several hundred or so bright white tiny lights I could only think of as space craft moved toward earth and seemed to be entering earth's atmosphere. Why, I don’t know. I was thinking maybe this was how they disclose that alien races do exist. One of the people at the table was saying something like “Montezuma?” Like he knew who the race was, perhaps. He just seemed surprised.

We watched these craft for some time move about around earth. Then on the screen there was a big explosion. My gut was telling me it was a test. Wasn’t real. Like they wanted to see how I would react. So then the screen turns off and this guy to my right says “he’s not playing along, I thought he was a psychic. He should have known that was going to happen?”.

That shocked me. They knew I was psychic medium. But not shocked, maybe more surprised. Because the whole time I was sitting at the table, in my mind I was asking my guardian angels to tell me what was going on. But they wouldn’t say anything. So I just sat calmly watching the screen taking everything in. Taking Note of as many details as I could.

I continued to sit calmly after the man on my right said I wasn’t playing along. I guess they wanted to see if I would say it was fake or some other response, or seem bothered that I was shocked by their true form, or by seeing alien craft coming to earth. Maybe they wanted to see me concerned, panic or something. I would imagine someone “normal” would probably freak out if they saw an alien or saw space craft coming to earth.

So that’s when this man in a nice black suit came over to me with this air gun injector thing. I put my arm out not having any fear for him to inject me with whatever it was into my shoulder. As he put the tip of the gun to my skin he says “See you next time” with like a half smile and pulls the trigger. I calmly closed my eyes, and KNEW I would wake up in my bed. And a few seconds later, I did!

I woke up and got straight on my computer to write up the above. I didn’t want to lose one detail that I could remember. My gut tells me that clearly my body wasn’t there. But that those attending were in astral body form. When I have had such dreams, they are 100% real. I can feel objects, hear sound, feel the temp of the room. I could feel my arms on the table as I sat and watched the screen and could feel the wires of the headphone things around my head.

I could feel the pinch of the injection gun being shot into my left shoulder. Of course no mark on my actual body (don’t laugh, but I did look to see if there was a mark…lol).

When the injection was given, I could feel my body moving. Like I could feel my soul travel from where ever I was back to my body in bed. In a few seconds I couldn’t hear the room anymore, and was back to hearing my fan going next to my bed and knew I was back in my body and opened my eyes to see my room.

My guess is that I think it was a test of those with abilities. Because it seemed like everyone there, well, almost everyone there, had more knowledge than the average person. Like they knew they were different. I have always known I was not the average human. And then 3 years ago found out I am a being from a dimension called Demuria. That I have come here a few times in the past to learn things while incarnating on earth. And that when the call went out that earth needed help, I came back once again.

I think everyone at the table was part of a crew to test “humans”, to see if we are ready to know that we are not alone. That one or two people at a time are brought in to see all this as a test to see how we react. To see if we freak out and panic. That those at the table already know who we are, if we are truthful beings, if we use people, if we sell information .... everything. And that’s why I think the man came in with the folder. He was sharing it with who I believe was the head guy, just appearing as President Bush. That he wasn’t really Bush of course, but it was a costume or something.

And then people are led to the room to see everyone’s true form, which I believe is made up of representatives from each race watching over earth. And then we are shown the film to see how we react to each event such as the astronaut, the ships coming to earth, and then the explosion of whatever that was. Then, after observing our reaction, we are injected with something to return our astral form back to our body.

That’s what I think it was all about. To see if we are ready for a full disclosure of alien races. That it’s our job to be the calm ones and show others that there is nothing to fear from these other races. That’s my guess. What do you all think?

Dream account recorded here.

A lot of my past lives had been traumatic. I did not want to relive them.
This dream was interesting because I was totally aware while I was having it that I was an 'observer' of these events. Although the person I was seeing didn't look anything like I do now, I knew the person I was watching was 'me'.

Dreaming about this past life was helpful because I was able to view the traumatic events without feeling any emotion. This was exactly what I wanted because I was always fearful of tapping into past life memories. I felt a lot of my past lives had been traumatic and I did not want to relive them.

I lived in a village: it was an Asian culture, probably China. We had congregated in what looked like a Catholic cathedral. Whenever we met together this way, it was because we were having a service for someone who was about to die. In this culture, if you had a terminal illness or other 'burdensome' malady, it was your 'duty to die'. But when the service was held, no one ever knew who the service was for until it started. There was a lot of tension as everyone entered the church.

I was an older woman. I had a young daughter with me: about 2-3 years old. I was trying to find my husband and the rest of my family in this crowded church, so that we could sit together. Finally I saw my husband climbing up a staircase to the balcony. I called out to him and waved: but he only looked at me, flashing this toothy, fake, and nervous smile at me and continued walking.

Suddenly I knew this service was for me. I could see this Chinese woman like I was hovering above her. I watched as the reality of what was happening finally hit her. Shaking, she sat down hugging the child in her lap.

Then the scene changed, and 'I' was at this fountain. I remember it vividly. It was a ritual place where these deaths or 'suicides' would take place. It was a shallow, circular pool and in the center was a sculpture that looked like an ocean wave.

At it's center was a trap door that would open inward: it looked very much like a swimming pool drain. The doorway covered a long underwater tunnel that was fairly wide, about six feet around, that led to the ocean. It was designed to be very long: so long that no one could hold their breath long enough to swim its length and come out the other end alive.

There were four women attendants dressed in black robes. All were crying because of how sad it was that I had to leave my child so young. I remember not wanting to let go of her, holding her till the last minute before handing her over to the attendants while I was in the mouth of this doorway.

I, as the Chinese woman, was an excellent swimmer. As I entered the tunnel, I was convinced I could swim the distance. I planned to come out of this alive, get my daughter, and run away. The dream ended with me swimming and swimming, but gradually losing consciousness. Then darkness and I knew she had died.

Although the culture had this 'duty to die', often relatives would hide their sick and tend to them, letting them die peacefully. My family chose not to do this for me.

This explained so much in my life now. I think this is where many of my feelings of unworthiness come from. I also have had a fear of having my head held under water, even playfully. I cannot watch movies where people drown. In this life, I cannot swim long distances due to a heart defect that diminishes my lung capacity.

I believe my husband in that Chinese lifetime was my father in this life (the toothy smile was the tip-off). And I believe we agreed to incarnate together now so that he could resolve his lack of care for me in that past life by raising me lovingly now.

Like most attempts to resolve 'negative karma', they are often performed with reluctance after awhile. In the karmic scheme of things, we agreed that I would leave home very young but my father was not supposed to 'get off the hook'.

My father now must care for my ailing mother. I often think about what an incredible act of love that was for my mother to agree to do that for my father.

Prior to this dream, I used to feel guilty for NOT feeling guilty about severing ties with my family. I also thought that was very peculiar, since it is very easy to make me feel guilty about anything! This dream really put all the issues with my parents in perspective, and allowed me to let it go.

Dream account recorded here.

I was a southern cavalry trooper in the American Civil War
In the dream, I am a southern cavalry trooper embroiled in a skirmish. There is a brick home with a grass lawn and an orchard off to one side. There are not large numbers of soldiers or bodies in the dream, only a few mounted Confederate troopers and the remnants of a passing battle.

I am on my horse with saber drawn, riding from the orchard across the lawn by a corner of the home, in the direction of a clothesline hung with white linen. Suddenly, an exploding cannon round unhorses me and I land on the ground, semi-stunned and wounded in the hip. From behind the sheets, this woman from my past appears.

We look at each other for a moment, then recognize each other. She then picks up a discarded rifle with bayonet and tries repeatedly to bayonet me while I am laying on the ground. I fend off the thrusts with my saber, when another exploding cannon shell mortally wounds her and she falls to the ground.

I drag the both of us from the lawn, around a corner of the home and out of the conflict. I cradle her head in my lap and stare into her eyes. She says repeatedly to not ever leave her and that she “loves me.” She then dies while I am holding her in my arms.

I immediately awoke, jolted upright, out of breath and on the verge of tears. The dream was extremely vivid, complete with the sound and smells of a battle taking place on a sunny spring morning. Everything in the dream appeared to be historically accurate and complete, from her red and white hound’s-tooth dress with petticoats, to the yellow trim on my faded grey uniform.

I dated this woman over 27 years ago and I am the one who broke it off. I did try to contact her some five or six years ago, to no avail (her decision). I have not had a repeat of this same dream or anything similar.

Dream account recorded here.

It's as if my soul leaves my sleeping body and enters my future body
Every night when I dream I have a vision into the future, usually I go 3-4 weeks into the future and I'm looking through my eyes doing something. It's as if my soul leaves my sleeping body and enters my future body.

I can only see the future for 30 seconds. Many people call this deja vu or being psychic, but they get stumped after I tell them that I remember everything I saw when I wake up and expect it to come in the near future.

The longest I've seen into the future has been several months. I can't explain it. Time travel? For example, I'll dream of being in a lecture hall with everyone around me, and what they're wearing, what's on the board, what time of day it is, and what the teacher is saying. And everything exactly the same happens a few weeks later.

And I freeze there saying I've experienced this before and remember back to my dream. They're not symbols or anything. Exactly as I see it in my dream I see it in the future.

Dreaming account recorded here.

I am flying
I am flying just above the tree tops through a beautiful urban park. It is mid day and I'm having fun viewing the scenery.

All of a sudden, an ice cream truck comes into the park, blaring very loud music. The sound is annoying and makes me realize that I am dreaming.

As I try to get away from it, I remember that someone told me to look at the sky if I know I am dreaming. I think this is a good idea and a great way to get away from the music. I look up at the sky and make an intention to fly into it. With that very thought, I feel myself being pulled, (more like sucked), up into the sky. It felt like I was in a vacuum hose. I popped up in space above the earth.

The earth was a beautiful, bright ball beneath me and as I watched it, it spread out in front of me like a map. Each continent looked like it was made of precious jewels. Africa was made of rubies, and North America was made of emeralds.

I became overcome with the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the earth. I knew and felt that everything was perfect on earth; all wars, love, hate, injustice, striving, finding, cheating, peace, was just as it should be. I was, (and still am), amazed that I felt that way.

As I looked at the beauty of the earth, I became aware of the blackness of space and I became aware that I was in that space .... and I became scared. With that first initial pang of fright, I found myself in a back-flip, (not self-initiated but I did not resist). When I came out of it, I fell into what felt like a big soft cushion. My eyes were closed and there was a bright light shining beyond them .... like someone was shining a very bright flashlight at me. The light was the brightest light I have experienced, but it didn't hurt and there was a feeling of safety and love emanating from it.

As I began to open my eyes to see and feel the full blast of the light, a loud sound started to blare and I opened my eyes to my bedroom.

I saw in front of me my white closet door, and in the middle was a holographic image of the beautiful, glowing earth. It slowly dissolves before my eyes, and I was left with an intense sense of hearing until that faded about a minute later.

Diary account of a lucid dream recorded here.

I launch myself feet-first straight up into the air, willing myself to fall into the sky. At my bidding gravity changes its mind, pulling me up into the heavens.
It had been a warm day upon the grassy field, but the sky from the west grew darker by the moment and the wind was becoming restless.

Being far from any man made shelter, I began making my way towards the giant red, green and yellow tree that bowed and swayed to the south of me. So odd it seemed, for such a huge tree to be standing all alone in the middle of this vast expanse of grass and wildflowers. I wondered how old it was, and how it had come to be here.

The wind was becoming colder but while I could feel it's damp chill my skin, somehow the warmth of the day remained in me and I was still comfortable. There was an electricity in the air, and within me, an excitement, a tension .... a primal fear just at the edges of my consciousness, begging me to fly to safety.

Lightning flickered off in the distance as I stepped beneath the massive boughs of the tree. Quite punctually the rain began to fall the moment I arrived underneath my impromptu shelter. Some nagging advice about trees and thunderstorms buzzed somewhere in the back of my mind as sprinkles turned into sheets, and uncivilized gusts of wind began tossing anything they could about the valley.

I felt my spirits rise as the tempest grew in fury, and I cast my eyes to the sky to witness the spectacle unfolding before me. Backlit by the sun, dark heavy clouds danced in slow lazy circles, swirling about in the heavens like an epic-scale maelstrom. As I stared, they parted in the center like an iris, letting through the sapphire blue of the sky behind them, like a portal to another universe.

A portal .... I felt a twinge within me, this meant something important I was certain, but .... and then I knew it, as though I'd known it all along. This was all my creation, a dream!

Careful not to wake myself, I grin and launch myself onto the great tree's trunk, easily scrambling up its ancient bark as though I'd been designed for it. The storm has not abated one bit, and some misty droplets are penetrating the thick foliage as I climb higher and higher, scrambling faster and faster. Nearly at the top, I leap to a strong looking branch and, grasping it firmly in my hands, launch myself like an acrobat feet-first straight up into the air, willing myself to fall into the sky.

At my bidding gravity changes its mind, pulling me up into the heavens as the thick rain soaks me in delicious cool water. I fall faster towards the stormhead the further I fall, but I find my doorway to heaven further to the north, and guide myself toward it with a simple wing-like gesture of my arms.

It isn't long before I'm travelling like a bullet down a swirling tunnel of clouds, the brightness of the sunlit sky turning the fog from dark grey to bright white. Like a cannonball fired at God himself, I burst from the storm into the great blue sky, surrounded with endless fields of nearly blinding bright cloudtops. The cool wind roars in my ears as I rocket up into the atmosphere, spinning and darting about like swallow trying to fly to the moon.

It isn't long before blue turns to navy blue, and then nearly black. My eyes turned upwards, I watch the stars appear as the air thins. There are no words to describe the beauty I beheld then, as I saw the moon rise with me over the curved horizon of the Earth.

Dream tears welled in my eyes and with a quick gesture I wiped them away, but to my dismay I wiped away the dream as well, and found myself once again on solid ground, in the darkness of my room.

Diary account of a lucid dream recorded here.

The evening following this dream I experienced my first waking orgasm in two months
My ability to achieve orgasm is highly vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Recently, I seemed to have lost the ability to climax. I knew it wasn't related to my feeling about my partner, or anything he was (or wasn't) doing. The frustration ensuing from not being able to achieve sexual release added to the rest of my general stress. But, then, one night, I had the following dream:

I dreamed I was involved in the plot of a horror film. It involved a haunted house, or abandoned abbey, where I supposed awful things were to take place. I walk by what I take to be this haunted building, only it has been transformed into a large, cheerily lit department store. I think this is a neat trick, it will attract people whom it can submit to its horrors. I enter and mill about. Everything looks normal, but I am fearfully looking everywhere for the incipient danger.

But, then, the thought occurs to me that this is a nightmare, and therefore I should face anything fearsome. This thought radically changes my outlook, and with an open and curious attitude I turn to the scenery, now floating along, looking for challenges and anything interesting.

I note that some people are operating a video camera at one side of the room and the video screen is on the other side. I am intrigued by the idea of getting my own image displayed and orient myself in front of the camera, while looking at the screen. The idea becomes sexual and I wish to display myself on the video screen.

At first it is a struggle to get the screen to display anything other than my back from the waist up, clothed. But, eventually, I get the right zone on the display and begin to remove my jeans. I begin to experience sexual arousal which intensifies quite rapidly, and within five seconds I have a wonderful orgasm - the first I'd experienced in two months. I awaken immediately afterward, feeling delightful.

The very evening following this dream I easily experienced my first waking orgasm in two months. And in the few weeks following, though the rest of the anxiety-provoking situation remains, I have achieved climax whenever I desired.

Account of a lucid dream recorded downpage here at 168-170.

Students wishing to guard their physical bodies during sleep
Students wishing for some reason to guard their physical bodies during sleep may be warned not to repeat the mistake made some time ago by a worthy friend who took a great deal of trouble to surround himself with a specially impenetrable shell on a certain occasion, but made it of astral instead of etheric matter, and consequently took it away with him when he left his physical body.

Naturally the result was that his physical body was left entirely unprotected, while he himself floated about all night enclosed in triple armour, absolutely incapable of sending out a single vibration to help anybody, or of being helped or beneficially influenced by any loving thoughts which may have been directed towards him by teachers or friends.

A point very strongly brought out in our investigations is the immense importance of the last thought in a man's mind as he sinks to sleep. This is a consideration which never occurs to the vast majority of people at all, yet it affects them physically, mentally, and morally.

We have seen how passive and how easily influenced man is during sleep; if he enters that state with his thought fixed upon high and holy things, he thereby draws round him the elementals created by like thought in others; his rest is peaceful, his mind open to impressions from above and closed to those from below, for he has set it working in the right direction.

If, on the contrary, he falls asleep with impure and earthly thoughts floating through his brain, he attracts to himself all the gross and evil creatures who come near him, while his sleep is troubled by the wild surgings of passion and desire which render him blind to the sights, deaf to the sounds, that come from higher planes.

We should therefore make a special point of raising our thoughts to the loftiest level of which we are capable before allowing ourselves to sink into slumber. For remember, through what seem at first but the portals of dream, entrance may perchance presently be gained into those grander realms where alone true vision is possible.

If one guides one's soul persistently upward, its inner senses will at last begin to unfold; the light within the shrine will burn brighter and brighter, until at last the full continuous consciousness comes, and then he will dream no more.

To lie down to sleep will no longer mean for him to sink into oblivion, but simply to step forth radiant, rejoicing, strong, into that fuller, nobler life where fatigue can never come - where the soul is always learning, even though all his time be spent in service; for the service is that of the great Masters of Wisdom, and the glorious task they set before him is to help ever to the fullest limit of his power in their never-ceasing work for the aiding and the guidance of the evolution of humanity.

From C. W. Leadbeater (1898) here.

Picture: Dreamer dreaming. A dream is a portal.

Enchanted Dream
A picture by Christophe Vacher

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A picture by Josephine Wall

Temple of Dreams
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Unseen Portal
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