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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A mystery deeper than tears

Crying is the therapy
Of release.

We need to cry more.
We need to cry better.
Tears lubricate a bad day.

But the positive energy
Of lachrymation
Is a mystery deeper than tears.

Why do people cry
When they are happy?
Why do people cry
When they laugh?

We give ourselves when we cry.
But who
Or what
Is the beneficiary
Of our giving?

We abandon ourselves when we cry.
But who
Or what
Then occupies
The vacated inner space
We leave?

And when we cry
Why is the person next to us
Suddenly so understanding?
Suddenly so concerned?
Suddenly so sensitised?

Crying is old magic
Deployed by ancient people
Ever young.

It is a behaviour of childhood
Which expresses the desire
To stay childlike
Without qualification.

And when the time comes,
It would be nice to
Cry oneself
To death,
Rather as one
Cries oneself
To sleep.

Going to sleep
Is practice for
Going to death.

Sleeping is dying,

And tears do help.

Never alone

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