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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Spiritual definitions, terms and persons
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(This is Patrick Bellringer's wordlist from here, although the original link now seems to be down.)

The Star People aboard their Starships now orbiting Earth Shan, who have come to our Earth at this time from more than two hundred other Star Nations. They are called the “Hosts of Heaven” and have come in peace and love to help our planet and her people in our Ascension into fifth dimension by 2012*. They have come by orders from Creator God without violence or evil and bring much love, education and new technology to assist us in better health and in cleaning up the pollution on our planet.

Ascended Masters

Those beings who have mastered their lessons in soul growth in 3D and higher dimensions, and have now come to help us in 3D to achieve our mission and to assist with the Ascension of our planet and her people.


The changing from third dimension (3D) to fifth dimension (5D), to rise in frequencies. Our bodies are presently changing from a carbon-based cell to a crystalline-based cell to accommodate these higher frequencies. Our planet and those who choose to do so will soon be moving into the fifth dimension.


To receive messages by various means such as by thought (telepathy), hearing (audio) or seeing (vision) from another dimension (such as 4D or 5D, etc.) These messages are called " channeled" messages and are given to assist us in 3D to better understand ours and other dimensions.


All existing things, the whole of Creation including galaxies, universes and super universes.

Creator God

The Creator of our Nebadon Universe aka Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn / Aton / Christ Michael.


A given level or rate of electrical frequencies at which the human body and all things vibrate. The rate of these electrical vibrations determine the conditions for living at that level. Those in 5D are invisible to us in 3D due to their higher frequencies. On our planet we live in third dimension. The next levels of higher frequencies are called fourth dimension, fifth dimension, etc.

Earth Shan

The Cosmic name for our planet. "Earth" is a generic term. There are many earths or planets, but our particular earth is named "Shan", meaning the planet of tears.

End Times
The end of our present civilization, the last days of our third dimensional existence on our planet.


Having reached a greater level of the understanding of Truth, through knowledge having gained wisdom and discernment, and the ability to communicate through one's God Spirit within with higher dimensions.


Creator God, who has taken the position of Pleiadian Starfleet Commander in order to better communicate with us yet living in 3D.


HU-man - Higher Universal Man, a free-willed human being created by Creator God in His image, which means having His God Spirit within by which to communicate with Creator God.


The name of the command ship of the Pleiadian Starfleet now circling our planet. Historically, the Phoenix bird rose from the ashes of the old to birth a new civilization. In the Phoenix Journals "Phoenix" refers to Truth. Truth is again rising from the ashes of lies to bring enlightenment to mankind.


The rebirth of your soul into a new human body, to return in another lifestream to a human body in third dimension, embodied in human form again. We reincarnate again and again in 3D via the Great Wheel of Reincarnation to learn our lessons in soul growth. We continue this process lifestream after lifestream until we graduate to a higher dimension.

Sananda Immanuel

Also known 2000 years ago as Esu Immanuel or Jesus Christ. Over these past 2000 years of study and learning he has grown in wisdom and has earned the title of "Sananda" which means "one with God". Sananda Immanuel is in charge of our earth's transition at this time from 3D into 5D by 2012*.


Pure Light energy, Creator Source located at the Isle of Paradise, the center of the seven super universes, the Creator of All That Is.

* AB note: 2012 was the original plan. 2023-2035 now appears to be a more realistic timeframe. It is thought that there will be three separate ascension waves. The timing of these is likely to be influenced by the timing of the polar shift and the anticipated, and related, global tsunami. More here and here.


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