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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Crucifixion of Chief Justice John Glover Roberts
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Page update: 20.01.11

In March 2008, a covert Roman Catholic conspiracy was identified at the heart of the US legal system. On the evening of Maundy Thursday 20th March 2008,
John Glover Roberts, the seventeenth Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, and a prominent American Roman Catholic, called a meeting at the US Treasury. Supported, it is understood, by senior American Roman Catholic archbishops and cardinals, the Vatican in Rome and The Crown Temple in London, John Roberts and his spiritual director, George Bush Jnr, were engaged in arranging a financial crucifixion. They were conspiring together to prevent delivery of the Wanta Plan Funds and the NESARA global prosperity packages.John Roberts spoke plainly to his colleagues: "I run Treasury. I decide what will be done and what I am doing is none of your business. You don't work for the government and you don't work for the American people. You work for me and you will do what I tell you to do and what I am doing is none of your business. I am sick and tired of calls from all over the world and my business being reported on the internet by Casper. Anyone caught opening their mouth will immediately be fired."

John Roberts' problem was that several of his Washington DC colleagues in both the Supreme Court and the Treasury did not agree that it was right for the Chief Justice to act in open defiance of the American Constitution, the International Court of Justice and the International Monetary Fund, at a time of international financial danger. Yet, if insider reports were accurate, not only were the Wanta and NESARA deliveries being blocked but, over and above this,
Roberts-Bush had stolen $9.1 trillion of USA taxpayers' funds from the Treasury, riding roughshod over due process in several clearly-documented ways. The Mastermind behind this heist was said to be Henry Kissinger. The stolen or miss-applied funds vastly exceeded America's gross annual budget.

Questions were asked in Washington. What were Roberts and Bush planning to do with this money? Where had the $9.1 trillion been moved to? And were the funds being used as collateral in covert off-shore trading programmes to generate wealth for undisclosed third parties?

Two and a half years earlier, on Thursday 29th September 2005, John Roberts had been
sworn in as USA Chief Justice. President George Bush Jnr welcomed his appointment: "The Senate has confirmed a man with an astute mind and a kind heart .... John Roberts will be prudent in exercising judicial power, firm in defending judicial independence and, above all, a faithful guardian of the Constitution."

No such outcome transpired. By March 2008,
John Roberts was holding the global prosperity packages illegally in the vaults of the USA Supreme Court in Washington DC. As long ago as Friday 18th January 2008, Roberts had been heard by colleagues to say that the NESARA global prosperity packages would "never be delivered".

The Passion Play being enacted in Washington DC was watched closely from power centres around the world. Brussels, The Hague, Moscow, Beijing, Lhasa, Dharamsala, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh were said to be following developments in detail. And in Jerusalem, the interest was particularly keen. With regard to Roberts and Bush, who was paying who the thirty pieces of silver? And what was the agreed contract?

By midday on Friday 21st March 2008, John Roberts' control of the USA Treasury had been terminated by a majority vote of the other USA Supreme Court Justices. Three of the Assistant Justices were discovered to have been conspiring with Bush and Roberts in administering the $9.1 trillion Treasury theft. They were: Samuel Alito (a Roman Catholic with Italian connections), Antonin Scalia (a Roman Catholic with Sicilian connections) and Clarence Thomas (a Roman Catholic with a developed interest in pornography and a public history of sexual harassment). By midafternoon on Friday 21st March 2008, Roberts' resignation was demanded. He quickly signed his resignation letter. But there was a problem with the document. It was correctly dated the 21st March 2008, but John Glover Roberts had deliberately signed the letter fraudulently - he wrote his name as Robert rather than Roberts. Centuries ago, other duplicitous churchmen had falsified the biblical texts with similar negative glosses at key points.

Further moves were put in train by the Supreme Court to accept the resignation letter of President George Bush Jnr, the 43rd President of the United States of America, which he had signed in the middle of February 2008, in response to multilateral international pressures focused through the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Multiple Treason charges were prepared.

On Tuesday 25th March 2008, it emerged that Sandra Day O'Connor, a recently retired Supreme Court Assistant Justice, was actively involved in attempting to trade the stolen $9.1 trillion for Bush and Roberts. O'Connor is regarded as a Farm Claims and NESARA turncoat, bribed into conspiratorial obedience by the Bush White House. She is described by Asian acquaintances as a 'three-headed snake'. This is an instructive metaphor. In the Harry Potter canon, a Runespoor is a magical, three-headed snake that grows to six or seven feet in length and is a favourite pet of dark wizards. There is also a memorable Pear Harbour-related World War II propaganda poster featuring a three-headed snake. It shows the heads of Emperor Hirohito (Japan), Adolf Hitler (Germany) and Benito Mussolini (Italy) rising from a single serpent. But more likely, the Asians who know O'Connor are referring to a variant of the poisonous, polycephalous Naga, called Kaliya, featured in Hindu mythology. Here is a bronze based on the Srimad Bhagvat Purana showing Krishna with one of Kaliya's heads, and here is a painting of Krishna dancing on seven of Kaliya's heads. Krishna won; Kaliya lost. The point about being a polycephalous snake is that you look both ways, or face both ways; you are two-faced. O'Connor has always been an equivocal figure in the American criminal overclass. People disagree about her, and not everyone thinks she is unremittingly evil. For example, a more positive reading of the Sandra Day O'Connor myth, is that she is actually a Gryffindor (goody) who has courageously taken a draught of Polyjuice Potion enabling her to appear as a Slytherin (baddie), in order to obtain operational information from the dungeon common room under the lake. International visitors viewing this in translation will note the Harry Potter signifiers. On this reading, O'Connor is playing Roberts, subtly leading him to over-reach his powers and enter an inescapable legal ambush. The Chief Justice is a tickled trout about to meet his almonds. This is theoretically possible. Even by the modest standards of recent Supreme Court Justices, John Glover Roberts is not the sharpest knife in the canteen. Regarded as a dimwit by his office staff, he deploys a dyslexic genius towards grammar, spelling and punctuation. Much overtime has to be spent correcting his embarrassing garbles.

On the morning of Tuesday 25th March 2008, 'The Untouchable' returned to the USA Treasury to continue his investigations. Roman Catholic Patrick Fitzgerald, Federal prosecutor of the United States Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel, paid another call. A few hours later he was instructed by John Glover Roberts to stop his work and go. On Wednesday 26th March 2008, Fitzgerald was threatened by unnamed agents. On Thursday 27th February 2008, he did not answer his telephone all day. Patrick Fitzgerald was out of town addressing a crowded auditorium at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. His audience knew that Fitzgerald was familiar with more formidable miscreants than the small fry at SCOTUS. He had successfully prosecuted George Ryan, the Gambinos, Scooter Libby and Conrad Black in his time. He took a question from the audience. "So, in dealing with such sordid characters on cases of such importance, did he ever get scared?" "You'd have to be an idiot not to," Fitzgerald replied.

In fact, by the beginning of April 2008, Patrick Fitzgerald was probably the most closely protected individual on the planet. Agents acting for President George Bush Jnr and the Vatican had a contract out for Fitzgerald's assassination and had told him so. But by this time he and his co-workers were safely surrounded by tiers of security provided by Interpol and the Chinese Secret Society of which Benjamin Fulford had spoken in 2007. More details here and here. The Chinese enforcers also had people in place within the inner circles of George Bush Jnr, George Bush Snr, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, as well as in the hospitals these people would be taken to in the event of an accident. If the Chinese bullet didn't work, the Chinese syringe certainly would.

Dick Cheney knew this. He had serious cardiac-related breathing difficulties. He kept going to sleep in important meetings because of his clapped-out heart. It couldn't get enough oxygen up his carotid arteries to his brain. Cheney badly needed a heart transplant, but he knew that if he was under anaesthetic for that long, he would be quietly assassinated in hospital like Ken Lay or Ariel Sharon. More details about Dick Cheney's heart condition can be found here.

On Monday 31st March 2008, Fitzgerald had a team of one hundred and seventy seven attorneys working uninterrupted all night at the US Treasury and the US Supreme Court. The data retrieved spelled slow death for the Washington DC ruling class.

Whether he was aware of it or not, thanks to The Higher Evolution, Patrick Fitzgerald was protected by additional layers of esoteric security above and beyond Interpol and the Chinese. More details here. But why was Fitzgerald suddenly so unpopular with the politico-legal overclass in Washington DC? The answer to that question was the biggest answer articulated in American history. During his investigations into the US government wire frauds at the Treasury, Fitzgerald stumbled across an altogether larger legal fraud: Washington DC itself had no right in Constitutional law to run America. Washington DC was a system of corporate scams constructed to milk the American people without their knowing. The United States was not the United States of America. These were two completely different legal entities. There was an illegal President of the US in post, but no legally constituted President of the USA. The US (Washington DC) was not about the government of the people, by the people, for the people. The US was about the control of the people by the corporations for the Crown Temple in London. More details about the legal status of the US/USA are introduced here.

The scam dated back to the American Civil War (1861–1865). Both sides in that manufactured conflict had been financed by the Crown Temple in London and all subsequent legal and financial settlements were controlled by the Crown Temple for the Vatican. That is why it was important to have pliable Roman Catholic placemen at the top of the Washington DC corporation at the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). These people work for Europe. Indeed, all American BAR attorneys work for Europe. BAR stands for British Accredited Regency. Some say British Accredited Registry or British Accreditation Registry, but the effect is the same: legally, American taxes, treasure and resources are chattels of Old Europe.

All this might have stayed invisible but for NESARA and the American financial depression of 2007-2008. The combination of these two things engendered irresistible pressures which squeaked out the legal pips. And Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald saw them in the Washington spittoon.

America's money had gone. There was nothing to replace it with except the NESARA world prosperity funds. The politicos were desperate. They didn't want NESARA because NESARA would re-establish Constitutional law and they would be forced out of office to face public Treason charges. They were terminally desperate. And in their desperation, they made serial mistakes with attempted illegal wire transfers and off-shore stealth trades (more details here). Their flailing about caused the whole corporate legal fiction to unwind visibly.

What was happening behind the scenes was described in meticulous historical detail by a network of alternative news and analysis sites on the web (for example here). The facts came to the attention of Patrick Fitzgerald and he deftly played the end-game card. The Bush-Cheney-Clinton junta was in a fight for its political, legal and financial life. But in April 2008, the US junta still controlled the mainstream corporate media, so the general population was unaware of anything but a politically understated financial crisis, a collapsing dollar, a rising gold price, and a few million foreclosures on domestic properties.

In hindsight, it seems that the single document which woke Washington up was this one here, published on the FourWinds10 website in March 2008. It was an official listing of US Government units, offices, agencies, and instrumentalities. Casper called this document the silver bullet. We call it Pandora's Pumpkin Pie. It was the confection which loosened the vowels of Washington and got senior lawbores talking about bad smells in their registries. A subsequent explanatory appendix to the Pandora's PP document was posted on Tuesday 8th April 2008 here.

Involved in the Washington awakening of 2008 was a realisation of the legal implication of what had happened three quarters of a century earlier. Since the 5th June 1933 (HJR 192 - suspension of the Gold Standard) Common Law had been suspended in America (USA America). Ever since that date, American courts had been operating under Maritime Law. As a consequence of this change in 1933, every Statutory law passed since was invalid. The so-called Statutory laws of the following seventy five years were simply documentary expressions of public policy by the Washington ruling clique. They had no lawful force or effect on any American citizen domiciled outside the geographical boundaries of the corporation known as Washington DC.

Crucially for Fitzgerald, President George Bush Jnr's interference in due process in July 2007 with regard to Lewis Scooter Libby had energised his investigative work in Washington. Libby was Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney; the perfect exemplar of American legal and political corruption. Patrick Fitzgerald had secured Libby's conviction in the Valerie Plame case only to watch as the President, under orders from Dick Cheney, cynically commuted Libby's two and a half year jail sentence. Fitzgerald was furious and he went after Bush with renewed determination. As history will show, Bush lost and the American Constitution won. More details about Lewis Scooter Libby can be found here.

What the alternative news and analysis sites were making plain between August 2007 and April 2008 was that the American people had allowed themselves be duped docile for generations by a series of legal fictions and a series of fictions of law. These are two slightly different kinds of elite-led control mechanisms. A legal fiction is an assumption of fact made by a court as the basis for deciding a legal question. It is a situation contrived by the law to permit a court to dispose of a troublesome matter. A fiction of law is an assumption or supposition of law that something which is or may be false is actually true. Or, that a state of facts exists which has never really taken place. A fiction of law is an assumption, for purposes of putative justice, of a fact that does not or may not exist. A fiction of law is an establishment rule of law which assumes as true, and will not allow to be disproved, something which is false, but not impossible.

The English are good at recognising legal fictions; much better than the Americans. The story is told of an Oxbridge College which wished to appoint a new Provost. It was a weak field: one outstanding candidate and several grey, lacklustre also-rans. But there was a problem with the lead candidate. He had a dog. And the College's medieval statutes proscribed the keeping of dogs within the College purlieus. After much discussion, a legal fiction was suggested and a vote was taken. In the unanimous and considered opinion of those entitled to vote on the matter, Rover, the dog, was deemed by the College not to be a dog. Rover was a dog-like cat. And cats were permitted within the College purlieus. The new Provost and his cat were appointed. Due process was unsullied. The Senior Common Room broached a new pipe of port in celebration.

The legal fictions operating in modern America are more arcane and more coercive. Few Americans, for example, know that income tax is voluntary and self-assessed. The American Constitution explicitly states that no citizen shall pay any direct tax to the federal government. Income tax is an indirect excise tax on privileges licensed by the State. According to the Supreme Court, income tax is not mandatory. "Our system of taxation is based upon voluntary compliance and self assessment, and not upon distraint." (Flora v. U.S. 362 U.S. 145, at 176 [1960]). The American Inland Revenue Service (IRS) is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF (Diversified metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391), and the IMF is an Agency of the United Nations. The US Government is, in effect, a corporate instrument of international bankers, mostly based in Europe. In America, the NESARA reforms will abolish income tax.

The US Federal Reserve banking system and its monies are not governed by the people, for the people. The US Federal Reserve banking system is owned by a British foreign corporation. Linked here are excerpts from a court case proving the Federal Reserve system's status. The court ruled that the Federal Reserve Banks are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations. There is insufficient federal government control over detailed physical performance and day-to-day operation of the Federal Reserve Bank for it to be considered a federal agency. The Fed does not belong to, or act in the interest of, the American people. In America, the NESARA reforms will abolish the Federal Reserve banking system. It will be replaced by a system of Treasury Banks which issue a new, reliable, gold-backed American currency. It was inside knowledge of this which was one of the factors operating to raise the gold price in international markets. Look at the charts, and look at the timing, for example here or here or here.

America has a particular problem with gold. It does not have the deliverable gold it needs to survive the coming financial changes associated with the obligatory Basel II and Basel III global banking reforms. Much of the gold held at the American Fort Knox Bullion Depository in Kentucky is not gold at all; it consists of facsimile lead bars painted a gold colour for presentation purposes. This is becoming noticeable as the gold paint fades. Where the original gold went, and who took it, is shortly to be made public by a former insider. Much of the USA's gold reserves are listed as being Mint-Held Gold in Deep Storage. Dealers have always assumed that this means finished gold bars stored with their up-to-date assay certificates in deep underground vaults beneath places such as Fort Knox, Denver and West Point. The indications are emerging, however, that the term 'Deep Storage Gold' is a legal fiction. It is, in effect, a euphemism for 'yet to be mined gold'. It doesn't exist in deliverable form; it is merely an expedient paperwork forecast about future gold mining potentialities. America's 'Deep Storage Gold' is valueless in the immediate market and is valueless as legitimate collateral. It has, however, been sold several times over to foreign bankers whose first language is not English and whose skin colour is not Zionist.

Another uncritically accepted legal fiction in the US concerns the right of central government in Washington DC to limit the power of American citizens. No such limitation exists in Constitutional law. The corporate government of the US has no jurisdiction or authority over any state of the republic beyond the District of Columbia (DC). 'There can be no limitation on the power of the people of the United States. By their authority the State Constitutions were made, and by their authority the Constitution of the United States was established.' (US Supreme Court, in Hauenstein v. Lynham, 100 US 483.) In America, the NESARA reforms will abolish Washington DC as a corporate legal entity and will return the country to Constitutional law. All legal professionals who do not oppose this change will be re-trained, free, in Constitutional law. All legal professionals who actively assist the change will be given leading positions in the new system. Those lawyers and their agents who oppose the return to Constitutional law in America will, at the very least, never practice law again in any country on the planet.

Present-day American court systems do not operate in accord with the Constitution for the United States of America (1787) and the subsequent Bill of Rights. Current American courts operate admiralty-type British Law within the confines of a legal contract. The clerk of the court, the prosecuting attorneys, and the judges proffer the contract, and the defendant, if ignorant of the coercive legal fiction being deployed, blindly accepts the offered contract by acquiescence and obedience to court orders and sentences. A defendant convicted and sentenced, even by a jury, needs only to inform the judge that he refuses the offered contract and/or sentence of the judge. As a contracting party, the defendant does not have to accept a contract by imposition against his free will. As has happened, when such a refusal of the contract is made, the judge proceeds to use legal trickery and bluster in an attempt to get the defendant to accept a second legal fiction, a second contract. The defendant need only to continue with: "I do not accept your sentence." Or, where applicable: "I do not accept your offer of contract." The latter statement may be placed upon served court documents and returned (signed and dated) to the clerk of the court. In this circumstance the American court cannot further detain, harass or limit the defendant.

An interesting court case from a few years ago has recently been brought back to attention in America by the alternative news and analysis sites. The case was rigorously hushed-up by the Washington DC-controlled corporate media when it first occurred. Bighorn County Sheriff Dave Mattis (Wyoming) spoke at a press conference following a U.S. District Court decision (Case No. 2:96-cv-099-J (2006)). He announced that all federal officials are forbidden to enter his county without his prior approval. 'If a sheriff doesn’t want the Feds in his county he has the constitutional right and power to keep them out, or ask them to leave, or retain them in custody.' The court decision was the result of a suit against both the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) by Mattis and other members of the Wyoming Sheriffs' Association. The action in the Wyoming federal court district sought restoration of the protections enshrined in the United States Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution. The District Court ruled in favour of the sheriffs. The court confirmed and asserted that Wyoming is a sovereign state and that the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official. Some of the early court documents in this case can be viewed here.

The average American, even if he is an Anglophile, scoffs at the idea of the 'special relationship' between the US and the UK. At most he thinks that it is some sort of dependence hangover from World War II when America prevented Britain starving to death by running transatlantic food convoys into Liverpool. To him, the special relationship is a historical vestige; big powerful America is master, little compliant UK is poodle. In fact the exact reverse is the case. America is the poodle. The Crown Temple in London owns modern America and it owns the modern American legal system. Modern America is a cash cow which sends money to London. That is what America is for; America is a British business with all the major shareholders at the Crown Temple in London and at the Vatican in Rome. Modern America is a European financial convenience.

Most Americans are still unaware that Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Crown Temple, unilaterally control and amend U.S. Social Security law. Consider, for example, S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997, made on the 22nd of July 1997 and in force from the 1st September 1997. "At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997. Now, therefore Her Majesty in pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is pleased by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows: 'This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997.'" Long live the special relationship? More background here and here.

JPMorganChase did not hire Tony Blair. Blair beckoned and Chase came running. And shortly after, so did Bear Stearns. And who do you think is running Citibank? Some innumerate woolly-back from Texas with an eye on the main chance? No. The chap running Citibank has no trace of a Texas accent. He is a quiet retiring type called Sir Win Bischoff. Notice the Sir. He is a Knight of the Crown Temple. A bit like Sir Alan Greenspan. And look at the spelling of the surname. Sir Win's is not a Home Counties name is it?

Here is a related homework project for John Glover Roberts and any Southern Baptist who can read. "The Jesuits are not an operating front for the Vatican; the Vatican is an operating front for the Jesuits." Discuss. And for entry to Graduate School: "The Da Vinci Code is a vicarage tea party compared with what has been going on in Washington DC in the years 2000-2008." Explain.

On Thursday 3rd April 2008, Casper posted an open message to Patrick J. Fitzgerald on the website. It was labelled for Fitzgerald's attention only, not for the regular website audience. The message warned him that Vice President Dick Cheney had infiltrated certain of his own people into Fitzgerald's investigation team, and that these individuals were putting out false information in Fitzgerald's name. The following day, the post was removed from the website.

Untouchable Wunderkind Fitzgerald's reputation among alternative news buffs began to deteriorate. On Friday 4th April 2008, he stopped communicating with the web community and it became apparent that he had been telling lies about certain salient details. On Saturday 5th April 2008, the realisation dawned that like Supreme Court Assistant Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Provost Marshal Brigadier General Rodney Johnson before him, Fitzgerald may have been turned and bought by the cabal running the Bush White House. But it needs to be recorded that O'Connor, Johnson and Fitzgerald had done extremely good and difficult work before caving in to the negative elite.

The issue was transparency and justice. George Bush Jnr had been moved to a position where he was willing to leave office as President immediately, but he was adopting a Robert Mugabe-style determination to ameliorate the aftermath. He insisted that he must be pardoned and he must not be personally embarrassed or inconvenienced by the public release of his family's treasonous crime records. And there were the small matters of money and safe passage to be settled. At this point, Bush still had substantial residual powers to cause a major mess and further delay the release of the Farm Claims funds, the Wanta Plan funds and the NESARA global prosperity funds.

Patrick Fitzgerald appeared to give way and concede to the final demands of the cabal. In order to move progress, and without higher authority, he was reported to have spent the weekend of 4th-6th April 2008 dispensing official pardons and legal immunities to all the major political and legal conspirators and their agents. Thus had corporate America conducted its affairs of state ever since the Civil War. Do bad, lie, conceal, bribe, embezzle, steal, murder, torture, manipulate, get away with everything you can, and then, when your luck runs out, compel your successors to pardon you while you still have the power to make things difficult for them. Fitzgerald, it seems, bit the bullet. He was heard to say: "There is nothing the American people can do about it, no-one can overturn my decisions, and the American people will never know what I have done anyway."

Fitzgerald's statement was mistaken at a number of levels. First of all, by this time Washington DC was leaking like a sieve and people were changing sides from negative to positive by the minute. But they weren't advertising the fact; they were staying in place and becoming positively subversive. Documents were assembled and distributed. Tiny 4GB flash drives carefully loaded with pertinent names and data were deliberately left lying around in rest rooms, coffee shops and outdoor public areas. Bloggers found themselves receiving an unusual volume of well-informed, anonymous emails. From the point of view of elite control, far too many people knew far too much and they were becoming less and less fearful about discussing it in wider circles. In fin de siècle Washington, fear was replaced with anger and astonishment; excited tongues were wagging in the direction of newly hungry ears. The CIA and the US military were divided; strong opposing camps were well-placed, well-established and accurately briefed. The CIA itself was deeply penetrated by Israeli, Russian and Chinese intelligence. Langley was in an audible turmoil of gossip. There was no way, long term, that the American people would not learn exactly what had gone on. And there was a very obvious step the American people could take when they learned the truth; their anger could find the conspirators, burn their houses and lynch them and their families. Blind eyes would see nothing. And the Chinese Secret Society would be there to help if needed. And with regard to the legalities, post-NESARA, any decision could be revisited, retroactively, by the new Constitutional courts. Fitzgerald was flailing.

The position of The Higher Evolution on all this was not much considered by the conspirators on the ground in Washington. The benevolent ETs had been monitoring, guiding and moderating human affairs on the planet for millennia and, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, had been present in, on and around the Earth in huge and increasingly visible numbers. As recently as November 2007, an enormous fleet of three thousand Martian craft had made themselves visible in broad daylight in the skies over the Bronx, New York (YouTube video here - search key: Massive UFO Brigade High Over New York City).

Generally speaking, whether it is the local constabulary from Mars, Venus and Jupiter, or the middle management people from regional offices in The Pleiades, Sirius or Arcturus, the benevolent ETs who guide and assist human evolution on Earth, seem to be both pragmatic and forgiving. There is a job to be done in the most energy-efficient manner possible, and it is recognised that evolving people, immersed in negativity down here on the surface, make mistakes. There is a terrestrial spiritual ascension being prepared, and planetary and cosmic laws are inexorably working out. Nevertheless, certain things are not permitted to, or by, The Higher Evolution. Everything that goes on, absolutely everything that happens, or is said, or is felt, or is thought, is securely recorded in vivid re-experiencible holography and is stored in crystal libraries and other higher dimensional media. No historical datum in Washington DC will ever be unknown, lost or concealed.

Speaking on the 29th February 2008, a Venusian, called Ker-On, made some interesting comments about the Bush-Cheney White House: "They still hold power, but can no longer fool you into a false sense of security, by taking draconian measures to prevent the very conditions they have brought about quite intentionally. They have broken your trust so many times that you now question their actions, which have resulted in the creation of a police state. They have taken every opportunity to increase the threat of terror, to the point of creating their own scenario that has been conveniently blamed onto others. The game is up, and those who have deliberately misled you will soon answer for their actions. Absolutely nothing can be hidden from us, and we can support our allegations with undeniable evidence as to what has taken place. If necessary, we can take you into the secret clandestine meetings where the attacks on the WTC were planned. No one involved has anywhere to hide, and you may be sure that they will be revealed for the attacks on their own people. Our way is not to seek revenge, but it is our duty to put the record straight so that your history is correctly recorded ...." The full text of the Venusian Ker-On's 29.02.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

A month later, on the 28th March 2008, a Sirian, called SaLuSa, spoke for The Galactic Federation: "Humankind has constant help to get through this very important period in your lives. We come in many guises not least of all when we walk amongst you, and you can pass us by without you realising we are not of Earth. Our craft can be cloaked so as to be invisible to your eyes, as we ourselves can also become unseen when we walk the halls of power. We know exactly what is planned and that is our advantage over the dark forces. We do of course give out information, but not in such detail that it would prejudice our activities or that of our allies .... As the truth reveals itself of how you have been used and manipulated for the benefit of the few, you will realise that the dark have denied you an earlier opportunity to move into a new and comfortable phase of living. You have been held back and that situation must be remedied, and we of the Galactic Federation are equipped to do it ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 28.03.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 15th April 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "The forces of the Light on your world are working out a complex strategy that is leading the dark to its doom. This operation has already secured a new banking system and forged a hard currency backed by gold and other precious commodities. Further, worldwide debt forgiveness is in place. What remains is the legal removal from power of the present US regime. This action is nearly ready to happen and the final series of activities pertaining to this matter is underway. As all this goes forward we carefully monitor all activity, as it is imperative that these affairs be conducted in such a way as to ensure a correct transition back to a true constitutional regime. Many digressive events happened during the last two centuries, which moved your globe away from the progress being made toward recognition of your personal sovereignty and your sacred right to liberty and prosperity. Ending the illegal US governmental corporation and its dark philosophy is central to restoring the path to global liberty and personal sovereignty ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 15.04.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 18th April 2008, an Arcturian, Ela, spoke for The Galactic Federation: "Let me for a moment take a look at the trauma and uncertainty of your lives, and the upheaval that is occurring all over your world. The old ways are no longer working, and there is little satisfaction with your leaders. They cannot see what is necessary to move you onto a new path without relinquishing their power, and this is the core of the problem. You need those waiting souls who are here especially to take the reins, to guide you through the momentous events that are unfolding .... The interim period will see the new approach to life quickly established. Yet there are those who are unwilling to give up their power and wealth. They will not however have been able to hold onto it, and it will have been removed from them. All of the actions that you will see will not involve force, but the Universal Laws will be applied to the letter. Our advantage is that we fully know the truth of what has been taking place, along with the Illuminati agenda for world domination. We can assure you that no smart lawyers will be able to override the law or manipulate it so as to avoid justice. The truth along with honesty will return, and once people accept it they will soon uplift their consciousness to these higher levels. Man has lived according to the status quo established millennia of time ago, and has bowed down to the might of those who have placed themselves in power through the subjugation and control of those around them. Now equality and sovereignty are to be returned to you, as in reality no one person is any better than another ...." The full text of the Arcturian Ela's 18.04.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 22nd April 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Much is happening in the secret underground worlds of finance and power. The two factions involved in this struggle are reaching a release point where it becomes possible for the intransigence of the dark to be positively overcome. As we mentioned recently Heaven is also allowing us to intervene more actively on the side of our Earth allies, and so we are capitalizing on this increased involvement by supplying the councils of our Earth allies with detailed intelligence reports designed to target and overwhelm key cabal members who are in charge of many of the ongoing delays. Transforming these dark and complex diversionary tactics into assets for the Light is one of our primary goals. To this end we instructed our Earth allies and their security forces to put immense pressure on certain major private and public financial institutions. This move, coupled with legal procedures now underway, provides the means to end the present global deadlocks. These developments can then terminate the conditions that are delaying the legal ouster of many major dark regimes .... Simultaneously, we are engaging in special operations to help those working to legally remove various dark regimes from power, the most important of which is the US regime. This wing of the last dark cabal almost totally destroyed the power and respect accorded to the US since the end of World War II. They have also nearly completed the dismantling of the American Constitution first started by their forbearers in the 19th century. These activities need to be rescinded and the Constitution restored to its former status. Many of the men and women involved in this great task know the implications of this valiant goal: The mushrooming worldwide debt can be ended, and peace, freedom, and personal sovereignty instituted. At present, the dark uses this illegal US regime as the anchor for a global effort to maintain power, which means that bringing down this regime dispossesses the cabal of its most vital cog. It also makes its defeat inevitable. Therefore, we have set up a number of surprises designed to ensure this outcome ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 22.04.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 23rd April 2008, the Sirian called Diane spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "As events on Earth are speeding along, you may catch your breath at the changes forming in your full view .... Out of the potential fall of your money markets, will come the opportunity to introduce a new way that will alter the banking system you are familiar with now. It will embrace the abundance program and introduce a fair distribution of wealth .... There has been too much emphasis upon the acquisition of wealth, and it has encouraged greed and avarice .... The true and trustworthy politicians are being kept in the background, whilst the presidential elections are manoeuvred and rigged to ensure that only the minions of the dark are appointed. These tactics will no longer be able to be hidden, and already there is a greater awareness of the manipulation and fraudulent practises that take place. You are bringing pressure to bear upon those who are behind the dark forces, and they are being forced to come out into the open. Now your voices are being heard but there is still along way to go, and the changes will not be sufficient to manifest our plan for you until your last cabal has been removed, and their power base dismantled. We are responding to you, and edge ever nearer to the time that our initial plans can be implemented. We have held the balance for a long time now, and soon shall take charge of the renewing of your Constitution and ensure its benefits are immediately applicable. We desire to release you from the dire and draconian laws that have taken away your rights. That we shall do and it will have far reaching benefits all over your world. We come for everyone, but the focus remains on the U.S. as it will again be restored to its former greatness and become a shining example for the rest of the world ...." The full text of the Sirian Diane's 23.04.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 25th April 2008, the Venusian, called Ker-On, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Events that will both shock and surprise the world are not far away from happening, and they will have the effect of dividing it into two camps. Many will be in denial and unable to cope with the major changes that will result. It will be a time of much soul searching, and to some extent a period when there has to be a final choice as to which way people will go .... These are wonderful times to be on Earth, and the dark side should not cloud your judgement. The cleansing will eventually remove all that is not of the higher vibrations, and you will step into the Light and full consciousness .... The perpetrators of the dark deeds taking place will be removed from their positions of power, and their influence will be immediately diminished. They and their supporters will be pushed into the background and have no say in the cleansing and rebuilding of Earth ...." The full text of the Venusian Ker-On's 25.04.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 29th April 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "As the complexity of our mission increases we draw more upon the expertise of our new allies, the formerly dark Anunnaki. These allies know a lot about how the last dark cabal thinks and operates. Because of this advice we have been able to anticipate many sudden changes in tactics made by this cabal. But our primary focus remains the speeding-up of those strategies that can overcome any roadblocks set up by this cabal .... A great disaster is being orchestrated by the dark. This villainous activity must be derailed, and quickly; and time lapses mean that we must then rework many of the elements of this hugely complex undertaking. The main thrust of this task is to ensure that the entirety of the cabal is captured and firmly dealt with. Important as this is, it is even more pressing that those holding the reins of power be toppled, and that safeguards be put in place to prevent any backsliding on the part of the new groups replacing them .... Transforming your global chaos into divine order is essential to moving to the next step. Accordingly, our governing council, the First Contact Governing Board, has issued new commands to our fleet. This has resulted in numerous 'incidents' in which we have boldly and defiantly occupied your night skies across the length and breadth of this globe .... These acts proclaim to your dark cabalists that a new, more intense stage in our interactions with them has begun .... We have made it clear to your dark cabalists that their continued impudence is no longer to be so easily tolerated. And so we intend to demonstrate to them that their time as the prime movers on your world is coming to an end. The time that lies ahead will see the many dark-created calamities alleviated. New rulers are to be put in place whose main objectives are to spread democracy and abolish political practices that lead to corruption and the growing supremacy of special corporate interests. Governance is to come into being that is legally obligated to its varied electorate and able to listen carefully to your needs and opinions. These governments are to release long-sequestered technology and use it to solve your growing energy and pollution crises. These temporary regimes will demonstrate that laws can be established which are indeed logical and fair in the judging of its citizens. The use of fear mongering on the part of government will cease, as will the misapplication of outright ignorance on the part of a nation's rulers. Opportunities to learn about all aspects of a government's responsibilities will become available to all .... A new thrust, marked by a firmer stance, is now taking aim at your prosperity deliveries and the legal removal of the dark cabal .... The time has come to begin ending the global turmoil and transform the conditions of your lives into something more tolerable for you ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 29.04.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 6th May 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Right now, the final roundup of the cabal's hired hands, soldiers, and assassins is being completed, and our Earth allies' security forces are subduing the last few truly dark conspirators. All of this is being carried out with our blessing and our full support. These operations are among the last prerequisites before deliveries of your prosperity can be formally begun. In addition, the legal precedents that ensure the removal of the illegal US regime are being achieved. Each day a major amount of progress is made to justify our confidence in the Light's success .... The present situation is moving along now at a sustained rate. As it does so, it is able to accelerate its inner momentum, and this is reflected in an ever-increasing external velocity. This growing pressure forces the dark to regroup again and again, but these blocking tactics only slightly thwart the momentum of the Light. Now, the inevitability of the Light's momentum holds sway over the dark, whose latest stratagems are failing to gain any new advantages. The slippery slope of defeat is racing up on them, leading to panic and to ever-more draconian measures. The dark's delaying tactics last for shorter and shorter periods, and we ask them daily to 'lay down arms' and resign their positions. Their lack of trust in us maintains them in their delusion that they can still win. In this they are mistaken. Their defeat is the only outcome .... Those who have long enjoyed the wealth and privileges of the upper echelons of the dark minions do not easily surrender. Further, the task now facing your collective consciousness is to realize that a great transformation is underway. The hard part for many is to accept that you are the chosen victors. The present economic, political, and social systems are collapsing. Their viability is at an end. This fact has just not sunk in yet. With each new crack the truth of this sinks in deeper and the dark has a harder time glossing over the reality of a systemic collapse that it cannot control. Once panic overwhelms the dark, victory is yours ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 06.05.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 13th May 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Much progress is being made since we took on our expanded responsibilities. Everywhere, we see our Earth allies moving forward with added vigor and renewed passion for the tasks at hand, the most pressing being the legal due process removal of the illegal US regime. Those who run this travesty are using every means possible to remain financially afloat. This includes unilaterally seizing any sizeable financial transaction that they can lay their hands on. This scurrilous behavior has heightened the resolve of our allies to be rid of them. The cabal's answer has been to further squeeze the monetary stability of the dollar and this is having a big effect. The dollar and its creator, the US Federal Reserve, are near bankruptcy, and the old monetary system set in place by the Bretton Woods Agreements is rapidly crumbling. This disintegration fuels the global mortgage crisis and indirectly feeds the massive speculator's market in all commodities, but chiefly oil. This mess is leading to stressed economies and food shortages all over the world. The resolution to all this begins with ridding the world of the US regime; its supercilious and unreal positions on many matters are quickly pushing your world toward ruin. To accomplish this removal we have cleared the way for a number of long-delayed, legal preliminaries to be achieved. With this done many groups within the government and their civilian friends can create the means for the necessary forced resignations from high office. In the same vein action is being taken which prepares the way to replace this government with a true de jure one. This caretaker regime will be in power for no more than nine months, during which time the true constitution will be revealed and the judicial system changed from Admiralty to Common Law. Many beneficial programs agreed to among the Earth allies will then be put into effect. These include global debt forgiveness, the resolution of the energy crisis, and the means to cleanse Mother Earth of the massive pollution dumped upon her by humanity. These programs revolve around the delivery of what you know as the prosperity programs. Difficulties in this regard are still extant. Peeling away the onion-layers of dark conspirators continues, and we are determined to finish up this job quickly and assist our Earth allies in dismantling this dark infestation within the current US regime. It has literally spread itself throughout the government like scummy, disease-ridden floodwater. Our job is to mop up and disinfect the mess. Then we can rebuild, and do away with all that is beyond redemption. The resulting infrastructure can then be turned over to a fairly elected, new administration. Our role is to use our abilities to assist, advise and nurture the policies of the temporary caretaker regime and, thereafter, the newly elected administration. We shall do this in a way that empowers our Earth allies while still reserving the right to be more assertive when necessary .... This time crunch requires an agenda of determined action and this we have put into play. Each one of these thrusts is to propel you out of the many dilemmas you now face. We fully understand the nature of the endgame now playing out across the world: Two major groups are striving to see where the new reality puts them .... A lot of what is going on is largely invisible to you. Nevertheless, the transformation of your reality requires that a wholly new foundation be set up to support what will rapidly become the new norm .... Several liaison groups with vast experience in the diplomatic, cultural, and social nuances of your planet are now in place on the surface and embedded in many critical locations. Their function is to move your world in the direction it badly needs to go. Our responsibility is to get results, which solve the disagreements presently slowing up progress. This new policy is intended to give you the edge needed to break through the logjams thrown up by the dark cabal ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 13.05.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 19th May 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "For many years we have warned successive Governments of the dangers of nuclear fall out and radiation, but little notice has been taken. As a source of energy it is unnecessary with so many other means now at your disposal. Free energy that is clean and in unlimited supply can at a stroke solve your problems, but is withheld to allow the oil companies to continue profiting at your expense .... The problem is that you have not been allowed to move on, and benefit from the many new technologies given to you over quite a number of years. Now it must change so that you can quickly halt the slide into chaos, which the dark use as an opportunity to further their own agenda. The negative energies that abound upon Earth are creating problems all around, and in these conditions Man will be unable to restore law and order, and find the world peace that has been absent for hundreds of years. With our coming and plan for the restoration of Earth, the changes will quickly alleviate the present conditions. The first series of actions will address the needs of the poorest countries, and in general terms we look to ensure that the homeless and hungry and lifted out of their misery. In the long term we shall set up institutions that will handle political and financial concerns in a correct manner. The result will be Governments that truly and honestly represent their people, and banking systems that operate a fair policy. We have informed you for some time that the benefits of NESARA have been incorporated into our plans, and they will ensure that poverty and debt become a thing of the past. You can take full credit for the turnaround in your fortunes, as it was not so long ago that you looked unlikely to pass beyond the Millennium. The mass consciousness upon Earth has grown remarkably fast, by absorbing the Light that streams to you from many sources beyond it. It has been responsible for bringing hope and a new dawn where the dark forces no longer have any influence. Their power is already diminishing and their cherished dream of world control is fading away. They refuse to acknowledgement defeat, and still try to stay in power by any means whatsoever. That you have had two consecutive false presidential elections is in itself proof of their instability. The truth of all their actions and crimes against Humanity will ultimately be revealed, and those responsible will not escape justice .... " The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 19.05.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 27th May 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "As we speak, many incredible events are ready to manifest. The most important of these are those specified by a series of legal documents, known to you as NESARA. This legislation involves mainly America; however, its broad implications affect the world at large. These documents delineate the means for changing the current US administration and replacing it with a caretaker regime dedicated to restoring the organic Constitution and those rights specified in the Bill of Rights. In addition, these documents declare peace and change the current direction of US foreign policy. Finally, these documents forgive bank-created debt and establish a new and more secure banking and currency system. This last aspect has been expanded by our Earth allies to include the entire globe. The present banking and currency system is to be scrapped and replaced by one that better serves a world free of debt and the inflationary cycles imposed by the present banking and currency system. All this is in place and awaiting the formality of the announcements, which declare its legality and implementation. In fact, implementation has already been partially begun through a series of banking edicts dispatched by the Federal Reserve governors to their district banks over the past two years. Also, the fledgling Treasury Banks are in the process right now of absorbing these banks and need only the final set of announcements to complete the procedure. The same is occurring throughout the world, as various strategic and overt operations are setting up the depositories for the gold necessary to back the new currency system. Further, secret conferences in the US, Europe, Africa, and the Americas are outlining a system for annulling the vast national debts of nearly 200 countries. In a world swimming in an ocean of debt and endemic corruption, safeguards must be introduced which secure both debt-forgiveness and the expansion of democracy and the republican way of life. A crucial concomitant to this is the promotion of universal harmony and cooperation .... Right now a series of overlapping events is bringing your reality to a crossroads. The old is about to be altered and miracles never before believed possible are to be performed .... The way that your world 'does business' is facing extinction, and your realm is quickly readying to flip into something new and exciting ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 27.05.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 3rd June 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "With each day we are getting closer to our objectives. A great many events are ongoing. These happen largely in secret as the dark cabal remains vigilant and ready to strike out at the slightest hint of an attack upon them. Thus our forces and those of our Earth allies need to keep as low a profile as possible. These conditions slow things down somewhat, but in the end this need for extra caution keeps us focused on those fine details that have been the key to our past successes. While these strange maneuvers go forward, our special negotiators are finishing up a major series of talks with our friends as well as with the darkside. Our intention is to get this done as soon as divinely possible. Many of the preliminary exchanges have been completed, and the success of the next steps depends on maintaining this stealthy mode of operation .... As these procedures progress, our fleet begins to focus more on assisting our Earth allies with their most important task: ridding your world of the current US regime. These dark charlatans have spent the last seven years finishing off what was begun in earnest during your Great Depression. We have watched their shenanigans carefully and have used our abilities to curtail what they initially intended. The extent of their mischief-making seems to know no bounds, and these vile plots have kept us busy indeed. Every part of your world has been affected to some degree by their bizarre and sadistic activities, and as the insanity grew we discovered certain keys to their actions which allow us to reel in the effects of these insane stratagems. Our desire is to see them legally evicted from power as quickly as possible, and we are happy to report that a number of legal and financial strategies are about to come to a head. These actions, if done seamlessly, can allow an American coup d’etat to happen. This is something that your world now desperately needs. In anticipation of this, our personnel are placing themselves in much-needed back-up positions .... It is necessary to sound a note of caution because what we are dealing with is dark, slimy, and very survival-oriented .... Your reality is in desperate need of change. This change for the better is done to free you from your current dark dungeon .... Those who now run this beautiful prison planet can no longer be allowed to limit your life. Your future is to be abundant, free, and sovereign .... The coming events are merely the last acts in a drama that has lasted for nearly 13 millennia. During this time you and your ancestors witnessed ceaseless cruelty, experienced crushing servitude, and lived an endless string of broken dreams. This is ending! Your world is going through the proverbial darkest hour before the dawn .... It is time for the cabal to let go and proclaim this a new day .... The events that are coming are not just about the abundance or the regime changes; they are about your return to full consciousness...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 03.06.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 10th June 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Everywhere, the games are truly afoot on your world. The cabalists continue to defy the edicts of the Light and are even working hard on their latest plot to secure victory for their cause. These aims are pure delusion! The amount of arrogance that these dark ones possess is indescribable. Nevertheless, these challenges bring us more and more into play, and our liaison teams are working closely with our Earth allies to secure the apprehension of a large number of dark co-conspirators. These actions move us to a stage that has the potential to shut down these not-so-heavenly ones. Yet, certain maneuvers still remain. We can only report that we are close and just about ready to bring down the curtain. Until then, it seems we all have to let this game play out according to divine timing. Only then can we firmly state that this long battle is at last over. This operation has been costly to our Earth allies in both casualties and other resources. The amount of dedication and diligence to this noble cause makes us most proud of them. It is not easy to declare that you are willing to do whatever it legally takes to secure your world from the 13-millennia-long malefactions of the dark. Their determination and supreme courage can soon be fully reported .... Our Earth allies are using legal and sanctioned physical force to corner these cabalists and take this world out of harm's way. Many great conscious masters on your world are contributing their abilities to first isolate and then pounce on this many-headed hydra, and one of the tasks in hand is to complete the ferreting out of these dark adversaries from their lairs. This is one of the few remaining jobs to be done before the deliveries and the overdue regime changes can occur. As part of this train of interconnected events, the first few announcements are being prepared. They set the stage for a series of very dramatic happenings, which include us .... Your world's dark leaders have fought hard for over a decade to keep us from your shores. This skullduggery is now at an end. Those who wish us to land and complete our divine tasks are winning a great battle, and yet the number of global skirmishes seems unending. These have been going on for the last few years but over the past weeks have increased exponentially. These proliferating conflicts are proof of the dark's desperation. Like a cornered bear, it is now at its most dangerous. We have warned our Earth allies to be extra vigilant and careful during any operations taken against the cabalists. It is one thing to go up against them in a battle of paper writs and quite another to engage them in actual physical encounter. To assist, we included their security operatives with ours. In this way the things that are to occur can more easily be swayed in the right direction. Our prime focus is to move all this quickly toward resolution .... Your world is in a state of flux. Many of the odd things you hear and read about are the tips of many 'icebergs' launched by the dark to obstruct the intentions of our Earth allies. The crazy financial speculations and unusual commodity transactions are desperate schemes by the dark to replenish the coffers seized by our Earth allies in the last year. The collapse of other senseless intrigues adds to the now-visible mayhem. As this showdown intensifies, a number of large financial institutions, secretly ruled by the cabalists, are to fail. This is the big squeeze that our Earth allies are now able to exert over the many tentacles of the dark cabal. Naturally this escalation in power tactics produces panic, and we expect the cabal to respond with even more intense obfuscation measures to maintain its money supply. We are ready for this. A special team is in place whose purpose is to find and seize these illicit funds. We are starting to bleed them heavily .... This chaos is a sign that the dark's days at the top are numbered, and we wish to reiterate this in order to give it the importance it deserves. You need to know that an immense global drama is nearing its conclusion ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 10.06.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 24th June 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Much progress has been made in identifying and exposing those who duplicitously use their positions of authority to hinder our cause by doing one helpful task while clandestinely pulling off many destructive ones. These moles are now being used to winkle out accomplices who have obstructed what should already be a done deal. This flushing out and removing of the 'bad eggs' has greatly accelerated the path to our goals. The present illegal US regime is among the greatest of these culprits. We are using the accruing evidence gleaned from this activity as material for the legal actions that are to take place once this present madness is over. Our Earth allies are now refocusing on completing the final steps that can, as you say, 'seal the deal.' All of us are anxious to get the prosperity deliveries out of the way. Once this is done, we can proceed to the rapid removal of these rogue North American regimes. Thereafter, a number of other such governments around the world are to follow them swiftly into oblivion .... The present madness is an agenda that is inextricably wrapped up with both the UFO cover-up and the rise to power of a group of American illuminoids at the end of World War II. The 'Roswell incident' is one of a multitude of examples that led this group to believe that they were destined to succeed their then masters, the Anunnaki, as future controllers of the world. What they did not take into account was the fact that Heaven and the divine plan were preparing an alternative scenario. The agitation of this group over this matter in the late 1990s is the root cause of what is transpiring around you now. Their plot to first seize control of the present version of the US government and then use it to achieve their goals is doomed to failure. Too many factors are in play that are disrupting and overturning their grand stratagems. Despite becoming aware of this, their arrogance and defiance of the Light have kept this silly yet tragic game going. This situation became clear to us when, time after time, carefully negotiated agreements were proven to be not worth the paper they were written on. We quickly learned that this unbelievable guile was par for the course. Each of the principals lives in a secret, dark world filled with unmentionable horror. Secrecy is a hallmark of their actions. It seems they believe us to have underestimated them; but this is far from the truth! As your proverb says, we are merely giving them enough rope to hang themselves with, by allowing these rapscallions to perpetrate the precedents required to bring them to justice. The extent of their larceny is prodigious; indeed, no tinge of morality hampers their intrigues. They fall for each 'bait' we set before them and thus continue to more deeply embroil themselves in traitorous actions .... Humans on your world are aware of us and of the massive betrayal of the people that government is perpetrating. Most of you know of the great danger that this poses both to Mother Earth and to your future, and you are being impelled to take positive action for your survival and to learn more about us. This is most encouraging. It is one of the major reasons why the dark's schemes cannot succeed. We are proud of what you are doing to aid the goals of our Earth allies. You are a people who are coming together, each in your own way, to assuage the damage done to your planet and to figure out a means to defeat the strange and hateful goals of the dark. This has led to the creation of huge, planetwide programs for lifting yourselves out of poverty; developing a number of political parties that truly represent you; and creating the infrastructure that can sustain your actions. These create the foundations for the programs of our Earth allies. These grass roots organizations are to be found on every continent and are now starting to interlink with one another on an increasing scale .... As Heaven predicted, her actions in accelerating your growth in consciousness was mirrored by the actions of those within your secret global power structure who wished to overturn the goals of the dark elites. This group became our Earth allies. We commend them as well as the grass-roots organizers who have worked so diligently to set up an infrastructure of consciousness on your world. The process of change has reached a point of no return. Every day, more and more people are making a commitment to change. It is unfortunate that most of this goes unreported in the so-called developed world. The major repository for this news has become the Internet. Here, a large variety of blogs, reports, and uncensored news skips daily across the globe, much of it devoted to these vital issues. We monitor this and are in joy over these developments, even though this is only a beginning. The events getting ready to manifest are needed to get these global actions up to speed. Our Earth allies are fully aware of this and have done things on a sufficient scale to assist these grass-roots organizations .... We feel very deeply that the time is near for finishing off this phase of the operation. Our actions are the catalyst for this phase, and the moment quickly approaches for many amazing events to happen around you ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 24.06.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 1st July 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "A number of final events are starting to break through the barriers set up by the dark cabal. As these things transpire, many other aspects of this end-game strategy are also beginning to be noticed by the dark's minions. What lies ahead is the last difficult bastion: the national, private corporation that runs the US regime. This intractable objective does have a way in to its soft core, and it is this secret entryway our Earth allies are preparing to breach. Prior to this, a great transfer of funds is to take place. The plan is to do the deliveries hard and fast and then, wham - to hit them hard where it counts, at their headquarters in D.C. The dark ones know of this plan. What they don't know is exactly how we are to go about it. Our intelligence reports pinpointed the most effective sequence of moves to be followed. All that remains is to wait patiently for the right moment and then carry out this coup de grace as swiftly as possible. In anticipation, we put a number of our ships in the most strategic positions. With these careful preparations done, we now await the outcome of some equally vital legal strategies that are essential prerequisites for the caretaker government, which must be able to redress the damage done to the nation by these meddlesome wrongdoers. Over the past century and a half, the dark has moved surreptitiously to establish the primacy of statute law and reduce common law to a mere nuisance. Likewise, the heart of the American government, the Constitution, has been eroded slowly but steadily. The new regime is to cast this all aside and restore American government to its traditional roots. This action can ensure that all legal US citizens will once more be proud of their nation and what it represents. The current illegal, aggressive wars and their consequences can be put to an end. This allows the new regime to pursue peace and work to establish the infrastructure by which all the nations of the world can freely cooperate with each other. To this end we worked closely with our Earth allies to frame a detailed plan for global cooperation and genuine harmony. For you to be able to fulfil what is expected of you globally, you cannot have regimes like the US one staring at you defiantly, daring you to attempt positive action. Such insolence needs to be extinguished before any sort of worldwide rapprochement is possible. Consequently, a special committee is studying the UN charter and exploring ways to make it viable and actually capable of fulfilling the role originally envisioned for it. In late 1945, Europe and its former colonial world were in a shambles. Drastic action was required to help this war-torn world back on its feet and restore peace, stability, and independence. But the UN and its various agencies became quickly overwhelmed and actually bogged down by its own bureaucracy. It became an instrument of big-power diplomacy, multinational-corporate special interests, and third-world cronyism. This travesty must be resolved and the necessary corrections incorporated into a vastly revised UN charter. It is to be as thoroughly purged as the US government. These are the first of many overhauls. Another clean sweep is the formal establishment of a new global banking and currency system. The public proclamation is to be concurrent with a meticulous spring-cleaning of the world-banking network. Any remaining rats and moles must be winnowed out and dealt with .... Your former masters, the Anunnaki, inculcated a deep distrust in you of off-world beings and organizations. Overcoming these ingrained perceptions was a remarkable effort on the part of our Earth allies. We also understand how difficult this may be for many of you. Your society is stiff with misinformation about us, and the dark cabal has done a good job of peppering the Internet and media with fears. Some who should know better have intertwined their acknowledgement of our existence and benevolence with reservations. Thus, we know what lies ahead. It is why we chose to have official government announcements about us preceding our own ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 01.07.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 7th July 2008, just after the American Independence Day weekend, the Venusian, called Ker-On, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Over the last few days your thoughts have been drawn to the celebration of Independence Day, yet so many of you know that there is a hollow ring about it. It has become so obvious to you that your freedom has been gradually eroded over a long period of time, and since the turn of this century it has happened before your very eyes. It has as you might say, been done by the sleight of hand and fooled you into accepting it as protecting your freedom. Whilst there is an element of truth in it, you have been deluded into thinking you are under a serious threat by terrorists coming from outside of your country. The truth is that the greatest threat comes from within, and from those most entrusted with your safety. The good news is that you are awakening to what has been happening around you, and are now seeing the subterfuge being enacted against you. Without your trust the Government is doomed, and already they feel the result of your questioning and call for explanations about inexplicable events that lead back to them. The pressure is on them, and their response is to try and impose further restrictions upon you so as to stifle your free speech. Something will have to give very soon, and we can promise you that it will be leaders of the dark forces. They do not like to look defeat in the face, and pretend they still hold total control over you. You are too many for them to handle, and the only real weapon they have is fear and they will do all possible to create a climate of oppression. Knowledge is priceless and if you look beyond such attempts to keep you down, you will see how you are being manipulated every day of your life. You might imagine that as the end-times are already with you, the dark forces would somehow fade away and make way for the Light. Be assured that it will happen when the mass consciousness reaches a certain level, with the resulting Light dissipating the lower energies. They will no longer have the cohesion to bring their activities together, and even within their own ranks doubt will begin to creep in. The Berlin Wall stood for many years as a monumental reminder that your freedom can be taken away from you, yet it finally collapsed overnight. Do not doubt that your illegal Government and its cohorts will also be vanquished as quickly. Their cosy set-up has convinced them that they are invincible, and this arrogance will be their downfall. There is so much potential for change in what is left of this year. Various paths have been energised that will confront the dark with the truth of their deeds, and no clever lawyers will be able to get the guilty ones off the hook .... You have had the benefit of our highly technologically advanced surveillance systems. We not only know what is discussed and planned in secret by the dark forces, but we do all that is within our remit to delay or stop their covert projects from succeeding .... the darkness is destined to leave this solar system for good, as it cannot rise up with it into the higher levels ...." The full text of the Venusian Ker-On's 07.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 8th July 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "All indications are that your world is close to a series of announcements that herald the end of your known reality. Our Earth allies are busy putting the final touches to some major events, which are to be preceded by a schedule of astounding public announcements. These can transform your world from its present state of rising global turmoil to one where peace and prosperity can begin to take root. You will witness the dissolution of the looming specter of global economic collapse and watch the advent of a new world reality grounded in a redistribution of wealth, complete with the sudden appearance of a vast amount of gold that is to anchor your new global monetary system. This system is to be presided over by a worldwide banking structure that changes forever the enormous excesses of the present banking and monetary networks. A new, more conscious world is to take full liability for and address the sins long perpetrated by humanity against Mother Earth. This means an end to your present age of oil and an introduction to a whole slew of new technologies .... The changes to government, to the global banking and currency network, and to the world's economic systems are only the start. The unveiling of startling new technologies is to give huge impetus to the paradigm shift now underway. We anticipated this and fully expect these technologies to prepare your populace to accept what we in the Galactic Federation will demonstrate as part of the final first-contact operation. This sudden leap in your technological capabilities fulfills one of the requirements for your being considered candidates for first contact. It is to be accompanied by a series of global discussions about how to upgrade your democracies to more user-friendly models. These will serve as stopgaps until we introduce you to the concept of galactic society and the institutions that govern it. Said proposals will be fully outlined and discussed with you in our first post-contact forums. One of the goals of what our Earth allies are doing is expunging your 13-millennia-long status as mere chattel to the rulers chosen by the Anunnaki. Further, the dark cabalists had not expected this operation to progress so swiftly; it is quickly overturning their power bases and allowing the seizure of the institutions that maintain their wealth. On top of this comes a groundswell determined to put an end to the global cover-up which disparages even the fact of our existence. All around the planet, the directives that form the backbone of this cover-up are giving way. Little by little, nations are not only releasing evidence of 'sightings', proving that something is indeed out there, but are encouraging the notion that these beings are benevolent. We welcome this! It is another sign that the conditions for first contact are manifesting and that all this is not far off. This growing recognition of our existence is an authentic phenomenon that pleases us no end! It proves that even the most unrelenting of cover-ups can succumb to the Light! Many sensible people now study the abundant evidence and come to the logical conclusion that we are indeed real and, moreover, have been visiting your world for a very long time. Once they get beyond the government misinformation files, they see a clear pattern pointing toward a future first contact. In the same vein, open-minded geneticists have begun to see that humans actually have an off-world origin. This throws into stark relief the inventions and inane assumptions of anthropology and reveals the vast, interlinking deception of much of modern science .... The unwillingness of your political and even your economic systems to address the basic needs of its citizens must now be converted ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 08.07.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 11th July 2008, the Sirian, Ag-agria, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Each day it must be becoming apparent that your reality is in a quickening stage of change, as you are witnessing the break up of it. It can no longer hold its place in the rising vibrations, and more importantly in your consciousness. You are awakening to the need for change on a scale previously unprecedented, as the vision you hold for the future is manifesting in the midst of the daily chaos. The institutions that have propped up your governments are in disarray, and the whole structure is proving inadequate to accommodate the incoming changes. There is of course much resistance to them and not just from those trying to maintain a different agenda. There is also some within the public domain where large numbers are still uninformed as to what is happening .... People are ready to open up to new ideas, and subconsciously are aware that Mankind cannot continue to make further progress under the old systems. In fact, there is an rapidly growing awareness that Man has been denied the means to move out of the last century, and benefit from many advanced discoveries that would have totally uplifted the quality of life. From a spiritual point of view, it is also realised that the ways of Man are lacking consideration for the welfare of others, as materialism has created a selfish outlook .... The changes that are coming will remedy the problems that beset you, and fairness and equality will ensure that all have sufficient to live without the feeling of need. It will also allow more free expression in the caring of others, and cultural differences will no longer be an issue. Religious beliefs will be tempered by the knowledge that you are All One, and that your Source is the Creator of All That Is. The religious differences that have previously plagued you and prevented close friendships, will disappear in the face of a new wave of spirituality that reveals the truth about your past .... It will not be much longer before the changes will become apparent, and there are major events about to occur that will be the first signal of the opening of a new pathway for Man. Once you see that you can lift out of the morass created by the dark energies, your vision of a new Earth will become quickly energised and manifested. Everything is speeding up, and there will inevitably be a collision course between the Light and dark by the end of this year. It will not result in catastrophe as many anticipate, but instead denude the dark of their power to cause further disruption and delays .... The Forces of Heaven have been massed and organised for your salvation, and also to enable you to take your place in the higher realms that are your destiny .... From the higher realms every possible means is being taken to enlighten people as to what lies ahead. Messengers both on and off Earth have conveyed spiritual messages to you as part of your awakening. Many are the Masters that are well known to you such as St Germain and Jesus. These great Beings of Light have moved into your vibration to bring truth, and it is not simply for those who call themselves Christians, but all denominations. The truth belongs to all alike and is not the prerogative of any one religion over and above another ...." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 11.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 14th July 2008, the Sirian, Diane, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "It is my pleasure to come to you again, at a time when the expectations are high and there is a feeling in the air of dramatic changes. Indeed there are many afoot, and our part is to ensure they take place. At no stage in this solar cycle have you been left at the mercy of the dark forces, and we have always followed your progress. When necessary we enter the affray, and always hold the balance for you. We can clearly see the end-times approaching, and have the advantage of knowing that they will end with your total success .... Day by day it is dawning upon people that the old ways of Man are ending. So much no longer serves your purpose, and the quiet revolution is gathering pace and your voices will be heard. Not only that, their powerful energy will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. It may appear that time is short, but the planning of the Elders is exact, and completion of this cycle will proceed accordingly. Do not hold fear at all, as you are about to witness the end of the dark influences. Everything has its place and a role to play in bringing it about. Many Lightworkers are awakening to their tasks, having entered this period specifically for that purpose .... Our actions are speeding up and we work closer than ever with our allies. Their efforts are being rewarded and they are on the verge of a momentous victory. Once the dark forces are seen to be on the run, more people will stand up to them and their days will be numbered. Our approach is still one that uses your legal system to oust the last cabal, and they will find they cannot stop our progress. We knew it would be arduous to follow a path that was strictly legal, but we are now so close to victory .... The changes can now be seen to be bringing about the collapse of the old paradigm. What cannot be seen are the overriding energies that are taking their place, and allowing the new to manifest. It is all there waiting the opportune moment to suddenly burst upon the scene. The opposition between the dark and Light will soon be settled, and a halt brought to the destructive forces that have been unleashed. Their power is being taken from them through prevention rather than confrontation, as we approach such matters with peaceful intentions. The Galactic Federation has much experience in dealing with such matters, and our technological superiority will ensure that any threat to you is contained. The Earth is to complete this cycle restored to its pristine condition, and we are fully prepared to carry it out as soon as the danger to you is removed. Your whole history is linked with contact by extraterrestrial visitors, and what has been happening in recent times is nonetheless extraordinary. The difference now is that you have a growing awareness, and acceptance of our presence. Most importantly, there is a greater belief in our peaceful contact and intentions towards you. Abductions are not related to our activities, but the Greys who are involved, were given permission to contact Earth because of the nature of their needs. Those of you who have been selected and taken to their craft, are souls from their own civilisation who have agreed to assist them. It is in a bid to save them from extinction, and find a means to continue their evolution. There are others interested in Man, but contact is very limited. There are Universal Laws that all must obey where another civilisation is concerned, and outright interference is not allowed. It is different if you attract a like 'vibration' to Earth as happened in the Sumerian period, when the Anunnaki arrived in that country. Those events are chronicled as recorded on their tablets, and you can also find reference in your Old Testament. They were the old Gods of War and destruction, who set Man against Man in their desire to control, however they have long departed the Earth ...." The full text of the Sirian Diane's 14.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 15th July 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Over the past few weeks a number of things occurred which severely limited the scope of the cabal's dark endeavors. This gave our Earth allies the opportunity to begin fine-tuning the working set-up of the new banking system and developing the more detailed regulations governing the efficiency of your new global banking network. When combined with the coming-on-line of the true-value basket of global currencies, this will successfully end the fiat-based economies that grew up in the post World War 2 era. This change over establishes fair practices regarding the way commercial and savings banks operate, thus securing an environment that is much more stable and less given to the enormous excesses characteristic of the post World War 2 world. An important part of this is the prosperity programs which are ready to roll and which kick-start the sorely needed redistribution of the world's wealth. This can transform your society's economic models, wiping out the unjust biases that have ever kept the majority in poverty and debt, and unable to find any redress to their plight. In this new realm the poor are to be given financial remedies along with the education and guidance needed to end poverty and restore to each human the dignity that lack of wealth and unwieldy cultural traditions have wrested from them. This is not a massive rescue project but rather a means to humanize your society's treatment of its members .... The immense amount of money you are getting has the primary purpose of moving you out of your restricted mindset into an unlimited confidence about who you are and what kind of society you can create. This is the first issue to be focused on. In order to build a lasting foundation, you must first set the intention with as much detail as possible. Then Heaven intends to help you in every way to make it a reality. Another factor in this transformation is the releasing and implementation of a huge range of suppressed inventions .... Money and wealth need to be spread to the point where they become universal. Your society currently reflects the myriad restrictions spoon-fed to you from birth. Yet, you are moving toward full consciousness. A founding principle of such consciousness is the freedom for each to achieve his potential and bring forth his life's purpose. Humanity is deeply locked into the concept of haves and have-nots, which is an illusion dinned into you by your former masters, the Anunnaki. Its purpose was to give them access to your creativity while making you believe in the concept of 'less than' .... Each receiver of wealth has the means to distribute it to others. We are to suggest that a special network of wealth-givers be set up, which can be enlarged as needed. Wealth is, above all, a powerful tool for change. This tool expands upon the goals of debt forgiveness by giving a secondary channel for spreading wealth to all. Bear in mind the prime purpose of this abundance is to move you into a milieu that constantly supports your growth into Beings who can envision and realize their true potential. Supporting this process are a plethora of esoteric devices that are to reorganize your current understanding of your physical and spiritual reality .... This coming world is close to happening. Our efforts are helping our Earth allies to get your society to the point of manifestation .... The actions of our Earth allies, assisted by your powerful energies, are ready to oust the dark cabalists and move you to a new reality ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 15.07.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 22nd July 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Everywhere, the portents point the way to your new reality. This place of abundance and harmony is drawing closer as the dark cabal searches madly for a possible solution to its ever-growing plethora of predicaments. Yet, with all this, a kind of stalemate has shown up, which is giving the dark cabalists a glimmer of hope. These circumstances contain within them certain remedies that our Earth allies are currently applying in different ways throughout your world. This is beginning to wear away the causes of the stalemate, allowing our Earth allies to prepare the final elements for an all-out assault on these dark ones. Before this can happen a number of critically needed personnel are moving into position within the US regime. Their task is to perform the actual physical ouster of this regime, using the legal remedies given to them by various courts and other legal procedures. Whatever happens, the removal from office of this illegal US entity and its cohorts is essential for what is planned next. It is important for you to understand that what the old, corrupt order produced was an onion-like, multilayered conspiracy. It inculcated into your society an ethos of wealth and power, with its concomitant prerequisite of ambition and greed, producing a never-ending stream of willing new candidates to do the cabalists bidding. This process needed to be transformed .... Your world is straddling the divide between an overwhelming catastrophe and an amazing future paradise. And now, Heaven has stacked the cards overwhelmingly in favor of the approaching paradise, or, as we refer to it, your new reality. This new reality has all of its multiple elements now at the point of manifestation. What is holding it up is the need to create your Will to do so: Too many of you are still enamored with the thought of great wealth and power as exercised in the old paradigm. But the principles of the old paradigm are changing, making it less and less possible to wield such power. In its stead a new way of governing is beginning to emerge. This model of cooperation and consensus is being studied more thoroughly in universities and think tanks around the globe. In essence, a form of society similar to galactic society with its fluid group management mode is rearing its head in a variety of slightly different forms .... Presently, the movement to replace the Illuminati overlords is moving forward at the right divine speed. If this slows to a pace that Heaven disapproves of we are prepared to act accordingly. You are precious to Heaven! This statement is a blessing indeed! It is because of your importance that we authorized this first contact mission and that we watch over you carefully. You need to grow in consciousness and to construct a grand coalition that can defeat the dark cabal. To assist you we have provided supplies and other resources to our Earth allies, who in effect are a part of you all ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 22.07.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 25th July 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "Is there ever a day when you do not give thought to the coming changes? You anticipate a sudden change of direction, that will fulfil your desires to create a new paradigm and leave the old behind. It has been coming for many years, as your spiritual advancement has not been matched by the physical expressions around you. You have outgrown the old ways of Man’s aggressive and competitive nature, and peace and co-operation are preferred. Unity and oneness of purpose are now surfacing, instead of the continual divisions and separation that have been a feature of your earlier history .... Man has ruled by force for so long that it is not easy to dismantle the trappings of war, and trust will need to be re-established. For too long your leaders have given out many platitudes suggesting they seek peace, whilst arming for war. Peace cannot be achieved by threats or aggressive confrontations, and only with full co-operation and truthful intent. The people of Earth have been sadly let down as their leaders ignore their repeated demands for a new path. One that dispenses with the old approaches and double standards, that have been a feature of your past dealings. Your pleas have been ignored, as their agenda is to continue in the opposite direction to world control and the subjugation of Mankind. You can now read between the lines, and are not so easily fooled by their rhetoric or lies. You rightly feel that your destiny is in your hands and not theirs, because you collectively wield the power to make your desires come true. Your thoughts are shaping your immediate future, and gathering together in their energetic form that must manifest the changes in motion. Although the outworking of your future is in your own hands, you are aided and abetted by legions of helpers from the higher dimensions. Their presence is your assurance that you will see the outworking of your desires, and no force on Earth will prevent it. The end-times have already been written in the Hall of Records and your success and victory over the dark is well documented. It remains only to manifest what you have set in motion, and see the changes taking place before your very eyes. The ripples of change are reverberating through all societies and groups, and that which is of the old is being pulled apart. Some of your oldest institutions such as your banks and religions, are feeling the powerful changes and experiencing them right now. Upheaval will be a source of much frustration and inconvenience, but look beyond what you experience in the course of it, knowing it is a necessary cleansing. Consider how else you will you achieve your desires but through discarding that which no longer serves your purpose. For too long your dark forces have maintained their hold on you, and held back your progress to suit their own plan for your internment and total obedience to their draconian laws. They have only allowed progress when it has boosted their goal of global control, when many inventions that would have greatly improved your quality of life have been hidden away. There is a gap in your history that should have seen you fully take your place in the New Age, but it has been denied you. However, in short time the technology that would have overcome your present day problems will be released by us. It will all be part of First Contact that shall be announced at the earliest opportunity .... The new is waiting in the wings for the signal to go ahead .... We are patient and work through our Earth allies, who are steadily setting up the final entrapment of the last cabal. It will be a bloodless coup, although attempts will be made to depict it otherwise .... No more shall you be the pawns in the game of life played by the dark forces, their time is up and we shall ensure their removal. They will shout and bellow and utter their fearsome threats to hold onto power, but we assure you it is already being curtailed ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 25.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the controversial matter of The Hall of Records, to which SaLuSa refers above, more background information can be found here and here.

On the 28th July 2008, the Sirian, Ag-agria, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Decisions being made are determining the manner in which the end-times unfold, and the dark have their own options, but will inevitably walk into a trap from which there is no escape. Their ambitions are bigger than their ability to successfully carry them out, but there is now a measure of panic in their eagerness to hold on. Arrogance is their Achilles heel as they believe they can get away with everything. They have no idea of how much you the people are awakening, but we see a rapidly blossoming civilisation whose Light is touching so many others. The truth is becoming known because it has returned to Earth. The great truth of your purpose for being here is being uncovered, and the changes experienced understood as a means to the end of duality as you have experienced it. Not the end of life or the Earth as some cults are claiming, but the cleansing that must precede your emergence into the New Age. Your long history of war and confrontation is coming to an end, to be replaced by love, peace and happiness. Unity will be the key to a new passion to bring in the energy of co-operation in recognition of the Oneness of all life. With the ecological damage that has already occurred, there has to be a concerted effort to reverse the process. This means also finding ways of overcoming your use of polluting fossil fuels, and other types of energy that are unclean. World co-operation has to be uniform in agreeing the best way forward, and putting profit before common sense will not be acceptable. We are not without understanding of the individual problems that exist from one country to another. However, when their needs are balanced against those of the people, it will be clearly seen that they are the priority. What you are doing now on a small scale we will make into worldwide changes, but obviously they cannot commence until we are able to be with you all. That means changes in the leadership of the world, and policies that address your present problems. The headlong fall into the effects of the collapsing financial world of commerce, must be countered by having a new format in readiness to replace it. This is where what you have called NESARA is going to provide the answers, and our allies are ready to activate its benefits. The changes to your monetary system will restore and re-vitalise a system that is failing, into one that brings back prosperity. The suddenness of events that are taking place all over the world should tell you that matters are speeding up faster than ever before. Remedies for your ills are becoming vital, as the size of the problem is too big for your Governments to overcome. Of course, the dark forces revel in the chaos they are creating and use it as a smoke screen for their real agenda .... As the messengers from Heaven charged with bringing you safely through the changes in readiness for Ascension, we have fully prepared ourselves to quickly convey to the whole world our action plan for you. The last obstacles that stand in our way are about to be removed, and then we can send our initial group of representatives to Earth. Much of what we do is from a distance and we work from our craft placed around your Earth. It is from these vantage points that we can safely continue our observations and monitoring of all that is happening. We also control the area of space around your planet, and have already removed or made inoperative star war weapons. You have little or no idea as to the extent of the black operations that have been attempted. We guard you and Mother Earth, as for the purpose of Ascension her part in it is most vital to your success. In spite of the extensive damage to her, restoration will be totally successful in all respects .... All souls seek knowledge, and it is this drive that forever urges you onwards and upwards. Now that the awakening process has commenced, so much that was previously hidden from you is being revealed. These are times when you must be open to new ideas, and allow for changes to your beliefs so that each day you live your highest version of the Truth .... Be aware that at such an important time upon Earth, you will all find yourselves exactly where you are meant to be ...." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 28.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 29th July 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Right now, events are occurring on your world that promise a resolution to the stalemate alluded to in our last message (on the 22nd July 2008 here; also see some text from that date further up this page). While this goes ahead we are preparing to assist our Earth allies in a number of ways. First, we are complementing the forces they assigned to the removal of the current US regime. Second, we are providing the resources needed to allow our Earth allies to put a new hard-backed currency system into effect on your world. Finally, we are expanding our liaison and diplomatic personnel so as to be ready to furnish the necessary services for a more harmonious reality on your world. As you can see, many things are primed to manifest and become known as soon as the deliveries of your many prosperity funds are realized. The importance of this step prompted us to send out a special detail of ships to watch this program unfold. So far no major problems are being encountered, and all that continues to plague this much-maligned operation is the same old boring interference .... Presently your world is in a transition period. Two things are happening: First and foremost is the big squeeze being put on the dark cabal. This has resulted in a countering operation that has greatly impeded the movement of capital throughout your world. This capital war has thrown the great illuminoid families into a panic as large sums of their immense fortunes were seized by our Earth allies and turned over to the many prosperity programs. Further, many additional layers of security procedures are being added to the protocols for transferring these prosperity funds from one central bank to another. This undermines the illegal US Federal Reserve and its many allied banks and is gaining momentum by the day. This operation is preparing your world for a post-US Federal Reserve reality. The pressure is compelling many US nationally chartered banks to rethink their long-standing relationship to the US Federal Reserve Bank and opt for being part of the soon-to-be-announced US Treasury Bank. The second is the push to completely reorder the present global banking system. The attack on the Federal Reserve and her dominant fiat currency is part of a complex process to recast the financial way of your world. The ultimate goal of the capital war is to move away from the excesses of fiat currencies (inflation, currency manipulation, and money-laundering of vast, unaccounted-for sums) toward a new system of universal abundance, currency stabilization underpinned by true value, and an end to secret manipulation and money laundering. Money is the primary power resource of your societies and its movement has been used to fund wars, revolutions, and other means of creating chaos both local and global. Our Earth allies intend to transform this into a transitional realm marked by increasing harmony among nations and an end to the greed and envy that are prerequisites for the degree of chaos now prevalent ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 29.07.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 30th July 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "Our connection to you is stronger than ever, as your energies reach up and join with ours. The result is that the strength of the Light upon Earth is permeating all around it, affecting the dark energies and lessening their power to pull you down to their level. It has grown into a most formidable Light that is daily awakening more people to the truth. With your consciousness growing the dark forces find that their hold over you is weakening, and their attempts to cover up their real agenda is failing. There was a time not so long ago when you were very gullible, and partly due to your trust of officialdom you were easily manipulated into having your freedom taken away. Now their actions are coming back to haunt them, as the truth emerges. You represent a powerful energy that can no longer be contained by the dark, and they see it eclipsing their own and becoming the driving force on Earth. You are but a short way from achieving the victory that will not only reverse the onward march to destruction, but also restore your sovereignty and freedom. This was all foreseen a long time ago, but the manner in which you will achieve it is down to you. Even now there are many paths that have been created that will remove the last cabal, and each one moves forward in its own right. They are destined to reach fulfilment, and reveal to the world the manner in which you have been misled and used for ulterior purposes. Few governments can claim to be innocent of deceiving the people, using lies and subterfuge to gain their own way. In the time following First Contact, you will experience a change in the old ways of governance, to one that truly represents the people and their spiritual aspirations. Where religion has previously split the people, there will be a coming together in a common recognition of the truth and understanding that there is only the One God. Some will fight the changes, but common sense will prevail and many will change their beliefs. Freedom of choice will be greater and not less, and patriotic fervour will be replaced by recognition of the Oneness of Humanity .... Enemies have been created since time immemorial, and they are convenient to excuse wars that have often had nothing but material gain in mind. Land and wealth have been the objective of the stronger countries all through your history, and today it is no different. The war in the Middle East has long been understood as one revolving around control and ownership of the oil deposits. It teeters on a knife-edge as it threatens to escalate into a greater conflict, and become of worldwide proportions. Against it stands the Light that is revealing the truth behind the false reasons for starting the campaign, and there is a great power for good that opposes its further expansion. It is time to shut the door on confrontation and put in its place co-operation, to speak peace instead of war and think of sharing and caring for each other .... Progress will be quick and you will take a great leap into the future, and eventually become fully conscious Beings. The advancement that you are about to experience would not be available to you unless you were prepared for upliftment. In the last 50 years you have made incredible progress and overcome all manner of attempts to hold you back .... The great events that are looming large that will change Humanity are getting nearer, and we register your desires and prayers for the peace they will bring ...." The full text of the Sirian Atmos's 30.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Violinio Germain spoke again on the 1st August 2008: "Believe what you hear because you are but a whisper away from the most exciting event that has occurred on Earth in recent times. An event of far reaching repercussions that will reverberate around the world; one that will move you onwards to the promised changes, and release you from the thraldom of centuries of oppression. You have created the manner in which you are proceeding, and experiences that will provide you with memorable and all encompassing changes of breathtaking dimensions. It has been planned and blessed by the highest orders of Beings who oversee and guide your evolution .... The lower vibrations are heavy and have kept you in a state of unknowing of your true reality, but now that is rapidly changing. The glory of being in the Light and realising your true potential far exceeds any dreams you have had of raising your selves up. You are powerful and are manifesting a new vision of Earth, one that fulfils your desire to lift up and leave the old behind. It has served its purpose, and the time has arrived to move onwards. Your achievements are far greater than you can grasp, as much is happening that you cannot comprehend. You are not only holding the Light and grounding it upon Earth, but also spreading it in all directions and linking with all other sources. It continues to grow faster than at any other previous period, and it will do so until it is all encompassing. As you bring the new Earth into being, so your own evolution proceeds to gain pace and the enlightenment of the masses grows in intensity. What is taking place is unstoppable, and in its ultimate expression will surpass your desires and ideas of what it is like to ascend. Your experience shall be a unique and most exciting time .... It is your freewill choices that have determined the course Humanity has taken .... Look upon the changes as being quite natural, and the normal progression of souls that tread the path of duality. Cycles are orderly and not random happenings; they are stages in your evolution that are carrying you back to the higher dimensions. Your home is not within the present one that you are now lifting up from, but in the higher vibrations from whence you came ...." The full text of Violinio Germain's 01.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 4th August 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "Everywhere you look changes are taking place, and most are related to the breakdown of the structure and fabric of your old society and its outworn beliefs. It is a time of much confusion as you can see the break up occurring, but not so easily the new paradigm that is replacing it. Nevertheless, it is shaping up and is ready to bring the multitude of necessary changes into being very soon. We have in fact been prepared for our part in the proceedings for many years, and speed and efficiency will be our main objective. The task may sound too formidable by Earth standards, but know that we have unlimited resources that we can call upon within the Galactic Federation. We have never been more ready than now, and our allies have set up the new ways of working that shall re-define your handling and use of money. It only awaits the changes in the government, and removal of those in power who maintain the old system. What is so heartening is the extent to which people are now awakening to the truth, of how they have been used and abused for the benefit of the Illuminati and their minions. Knowledge is a powerful tool to galvanise people into action, and we see a great energy for change increasing day by day. Some hesitate and fear the result of changes, but come they will as the old set up must be broken down and re-built in line with your needs and entitlement. For too long your rights have been eroded, and removed by stealth and false events to create such opportunities. They are aware of the process of Ascension, and would deny you that chance to evolve if they could. At one level the battle between the dark and Light is for your souls, and the dark would have held you prisoner and as slaves to their desires for global control. Do not fear however as the Light has won that battle, and now it remains only to remove the last cabal so that your freedom can be fully restored. You are hearing so much from many different sources, and some will conflict with the view of others. Allow for the different interpretations, and accept that there is more than one time line that leads to completion of this cycle. What is not negotiable and has been decreed, is that Ascension will be the final act that shall lift you up into the higher realms. You will also meet us, your Space family, and that is a necessary coming together as we shall accompany you as you rise up and join your Cosmic brethren. Indeed, how could you become Cosmic Beings if you do not meet those who have gone before you? You have been gradually moved towards a change of consciousness for many years now, so as to lessen what would undoubtedly be a great shock to your system if the truth of our existence was forced upon you. The dark forces have consistently covered up our presence through their UFO cover-up, but it no longer fools people who know better .... We sometimes wish that you had a waking knowledge of your interaction with us, as many of you visit our ships and stay with us. This usually takes place during your sleep period, when most of you leave your bodies if only to meet other souls in the region you call Nirvana. On awakening after such experiences you often have a fleeting memory of what has taken place, but it soon passes by and you have difficulty in identifying it. This is a normal memory function that 'hides' such experiences, as you would otherwise be distracted from your daily responsibilities if you fully knew about them. However, because they are pleasant and reassuring, you often feel happy and fulfilled without knowing the reason why. It means that if you have met us, subconsciously you know that is has been a friendly and satisfying experience. Forget the so-called 'abductions' as these are not associated with any member of the Galactic Federation, and are the work of the Greys. Over the last half-century, we have consistently been seen in your skies and in some cases landed upon your Earth. Contacts have been made and it has balanced your beliefs about us, as your writers and filmmakers have previously delighted in depicting us as fearful Beings out to capture you or destroy Earth. All of your experiences of Space Beings formulates your 'feeling' about us, and we have taken great care to show ourselves as your friends. We are aware that there is a large following of people that would be really happy to see us openly land upon Earth, and that event known as First Contact is not too far away ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 04.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 5th August 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Currently our Earth allies are drawing closer to the tipping-point where their objectives can at last be realized. We have waited long for this special moment, and recent statements made to us by the cabalists seem to indicate that the time for their surrender is fast approaching. As their fortunes dwindle and their capacity to stop the incoming reality diminishes, these dark ones are forced to conclude that their end is near. Nevertheless, be assured that regardless of the indications coming from that quarter our guard never lets up for an instant. This mission is much too vital to accept anything less than a sure and successful conclusion. We intend to secure a formal surrender along with full proof that this part of your history is over. Only then can our Earth allies manifest the grand program of changes that will be addressed in our global messages. These unprecedented policies in effect take your present global economy of scarcity and place it firmly on a strong foundation of prosperity. Prosperity is to be the hallmark of the interim between your present and your future world. The objective is to move your world away from its present dysfunction to a point where your society respects universal sovereignty and is able to supply you with the help you need to accomplish your basic life purpose. These are the fundamentals you need to feel secure and able to move forward on your journey to full consciousness. The crucial factor is to increase your conscious awareness of the process of change and to allow you to make your creative contributions to the global mix. It is this that permits your society to make the amount of rapid progress required. Our Earth allies are aware of how this whole consciousness-raising operation works. We need to free your minds of old perceptions and allow new ones to take root as the prosperity starts to engulf you. Then you can truly see that a new reality is supplanting the old, providing new opportunities for growth, new friendships, and most of all, success. We then need to progress this concept of success from a monetary one to an experience of joy in all things, which then radiates outward into your new world. Joy is the key that unlocks the door that Heaven is showing you. It is a feeling, akin to rapture, which has been studied by your psychologists and actually found to be the highest state of being. Getting you to this state smoothly and naturally is behind many of the policies jointly agreed upon by our Earth allies, Heaven, and us. These programs move you out of scarcity and limited perceptions into the realization that you are an unlimited Being whose purpose is to fulfill your life contract with the Divine. Once you experience this state, petty jealousies and other dysfunctional modes of being fall away and nothing then prevents full cooperation between you and your fellows. You are all one! Loving each other as you love yourself is another core perception that your rising consciousness manifests. Together, we are transforming this reality and all of you as we speak. Each of the programs we mention contributes to the quickening within you of this feeling of joy, leaving behind your present realm of frustration and sadness. This reality has run its course and prolonging its death rattle benefits no one. Its huge amount of pain and sorrow cries out for healing and transformation. Thus, Heaven is reaching the sacred point where the divine plan decrees such a change. In accordance with this we are putting more pressure on our Earth allies to finish their remaining tasks, and further personnel, who have gleaned experience in banking, securities, and financial sectors while on on-planet assignments, are being added to our joint work teams. Their expertise is greatly helping our liaison teams to expedite the completion of a number of critical tasks. The focus is on removing those elements delaying change and quickly bringing about the first domino: the prosperity deliveries and the US regime removal. Heaven desires the removal of these roadblocks and the path to first contact cleared of any possible further obstacles .... We have deepened our surveillance of the dark's skullduggery and have uncovered a number of clandestine activities by the cabalists to destabilize Mother Earth. This scorched-earth policy has been contained. A series of intense meetings with those cabalists in charge of these attacks has resulted in assurances from them that these transgressions are to cease. Naturally we remain wary. As you know, Mother Earth needs to release pressure from time to time, and by studying solar activity you can discern these periods. There is a set of natural magnetic resonance patterns that exists between the Sun and her children. We discovered this early on in our observations of this solar system just prior to the arrival here of the first contact fleet. Thereafter, we kept up our study of these basic 36 resonance patterns. It is interesting to us that your government's deep dark research projects did not catch on to this until late 2006, and since then they have used solar, astronomic, and geological probes to confirm what we now both know. Then they attempted to create a number of 'natural' disasters, which we restrained. They have received many strong warnings from us to cease immediately from perpetrating the aggressive misuse of these cycles ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 05.08.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 6th August 2008, the Sirian called Diane spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "We continue to register your rapidly increasing levels of consciousness. You are coming together in the one energy that is emphasising the need for change. It is creating the conditions for the manifestation of what is needed to move you on, and it is motivating many brave souls who now come forth with truth as their driving force for good. These souls stand out and speak with full confidence and passion, as they fight for your right to remove those who no longer serve your highest ideals. They need your support and we ask you to rally around them, as there is a greater safety in numbers and less risk of interference. We see so many individuals taking it upon themselves to enlighten others as to what is taking place, and they will not be denied. The dark are suddenly facing the reality of their own demise, and for those who have wielded so much power it is a great shock. Now there is fear amongst the Illuminati, as having seemingly achieved their goal to establish their authority over all others, it is now slipping away. Other countries have recognised the path being trod, and Russia in particular having been broken apart by insidious interference in their affairs, have risen up again with an agenda to create a peaceful world. They are a great power within their own rights, who stand against the criminals who govern the US. There is indeed a bloc of countries that oppose the US, and they are unknowingly helping create the conditions that will allow for the massive changes needed. Humanity is crying out for leadership that will remove the infidels that are intent on destroying the world, and restore sanity and a feeling of oneness and co-operation. The energy for such changes is already there and simply seeks an outlet for its manifestation. The gravity of the world situation with so much starvation, and shortages imposed by policies intended to bring countries to their knees, is awakening others to the need of prompt action. The next few weeks will be politically very active, and the dark forces will find their plans are no longer viable. It will be an opportunity to take away the power of the leading members of the last cabal, and once weakened it will become easier to instigate their complete removal .... We are ready to seize control on your behalf as soon as it is practical to do so, and prevent any madcap actions by the dark as they contemplate defeat. We know exactly how they think, and will curtail any attempts to prevent the Light from manifesting on your world. The truth of past events that have established a false terrorist threat, and self-imposed actions attributed to them, are becoming accepted worldwide. It is seen that opposition has resulted from such actions, and that the Illuminati are the root cause of much worldwide conflict. The truth can no longer be hidden, and overwhelming evidence of their dark agenda to impose their rule upon you is openly acknowledged. The Light of freedom must clear out the dark places that hide the covert operations that blight your Earth, and threaten your life. To this end we shall assist you, as the task is too much for you alone. You shall open Pandora’s box, and reveal to the world the truth of how it has been manipulated and controlled by the dark forces. The separatism that has deliberately set one against the other, will be seen for what it is and at last Humanity will be able to express its true fellowship with those who seek a peaceful co-existence ...." The full text of the Sirian Diane's 06.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 8th August 2008, the Sirian, Ag-agria, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Now more than any previous time, you can see where your political systems fail you, and it is clear that major changes must take place. The old ones have become redundant, and those in power lack both the will and foresight to move into a new age. It is a fact that the Illuminati keep the status quo, to prevent you from moving out of an age that is totally dependant on oil. Free energy that would solve your problems and reliance on oil is all around you, and the means to tap it are already known but shelved. Free energy is the answer not only to replace oil driven industries, but would solve your transport problems and all of your needs where your home life is concerned. Such advances were given to you not to be hidden away to maintain the greed of the Power Companies, but to advance your standards of living and take away your dependence on oil. Change is a natural development for any evolving society, but yours has been deliberately stagnated and held back in the name of profit and control. Once we of the Galactic Federation arrive on Earth, we shall instigate massive projects that shall enable you to leap into the future. You shall see the most remarkable changes over the next few years, because our time of arrival approaches very quickly. In consequence you will soon forget the dark days, and your focus will be on getting prepared for the great and unique occasion of your Ascension. Chaos abounds around you, but that is to be expected as the old is breaking up and the way must be cleared for the new to manifest. Much work will be needed to restore your Earth let alone provide for all of your needs. However, be assured that we are more than a match for the challenge, and have rehearsed our plan many times. Our help is vital if you are to move on, and this is why our arrival has been decreed as an event that will happen very soon. Within the parameters that we have been given even now we control what happens on Earth, and will ensure that no actions taken by your dark forces alter the outcome. It is being held steady, and particular attention is given to the likely manipulation of your weather which can be used as a weapon against you. Also be assured that we control the space around your planet, and it shall not be invaded or controlled by any other force. I am Ag-agria from Sirius and have much experience where you are concerned, and have accompanied you through many periods of your history. You must bear in mind that our life span is much longer than yours, and we do not experience aging such as you do. Consequently, you have never knowingly seen an old Space Being but always we appear in our prime of life. Yet in your measurement of time, we are hundreds of years old but show no signs of aging. In the future this shall also be your experience, as your new crystalline physical bodies will be so refined that they will keep their shape and condition. With it comes perfect health, and all of those ills and disabilities that are commonplace on Earth will no longer assail you ...." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 08.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the subject of Free Energy which Ag-agria mentions above, what is being referred to is charge-cluster technology. This involves space-energy-tapping devices such as those involved in powering the starships of the Pleiadian fleet, currently stationed around Earth in large numbers and working within the remit of The Galactic Federation. The Pleiadians will be helping human labs to develop free-energy systems on the North American continent, and elsewhere, in the near future. Indeed, Pleiadian scientists will be working alongside Earth scientists in the USA as soon as President George Bush Jnr and his illegal regime are removed from power. The Bush/Clinton cabal, and its corporate controllers, have been blocking the release of free energy technologies for many decades. One of the Pleiadian motherships assigned to help the USA is called the Starship Capricorn. Its commander, Helena, frequently addresses the free energy question in her communications with telepathically attuned Earth-based humans. Examples of such communications can be found here (25.07.08) and here (08.08.08).

On the 11th August 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "I refer to an incident that has just occurred in Georgia, and you may lay the blame on both sides for its creation. Yet I can tell you that the US has covertly helped bring it about to galvanise the West against Russia. It is an attempt to create another Cold War and isolate the Russians before they make more headway in Europe. They are now big players in the oil markets that are at the root of many problems in your world today, that also broker much power and dictate what happens in your financial markets. Fortunately, the source of your energy supplies will completely alter in the very near future, and oil shall be left where it should remain in the body of the Earth. Your dependence on oil has long been a thorn in your sides, and left you at the mercy of those who control its supplies and manipulate the prices. Free energy involves little cost at all, and will replace your fossil fuels and thereby also ensure that after the cleansing of Earth, there will be no pollution as you now experience it. Clearly your Earth could not sustain the present levels of pollution, deforestation, and the resultant damage for much longer. I am Atmos from Sirius, and we of the Galactic Federation see our opportunity to safely land on Earth not too far away. Changes will first take place that shall prepare you for such a wonderful event, and we excitedly look forward to it ...." The full text of the Sirian Atmos's 11.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 12th August 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "As you know, a great struggle between the dark and the Light is reaching its final denouement. Our Earth allies, with our assistance, are completing a number of operations that, when done, are to end the long reign of the dark on your world. This sacred moment has not yet arrived. Everywhere, the end game of the cabalists is evident. They believe that the ever-deepening chaos enshrouding your world will lead to the return of their dominance, but this is not to be. The work of our Earth allies is limiting the success of their dark objectives and threatening to defeat them at their dire game. In the long run our countermeasures will overwhelm the dark, allowing the Earth allies to greatly speed up their efforts to forge the new reality you all deserve. This project of ours is becoming truly immense in scope: We are being compelled, because of the dark's new exertions, to commit more and more expert personnel to this task, and this means we also discover much more about you and how your journey to full consciousness is progressing. Your progress toward your final changes is going well .... Your reality is expanding and is increasingly able to manifest what was once thought to be impossible. For example, the prosperity funds went from being mere possibilities to actual programs ready to manifest huge amounts of money to each investor. Now these funds are being protected by special security groups whose prime responsibility is to ensure that the long-promised deliveries occur when commanded by Heaven and our Earth allies. On this day an amazing event is to happen: a transfer of wealth around the planet that is at once unexpected and immense in scope. These now-wealthy investors are to include many Light Workers who formerly lacked the monetary and organizational resources to 'make a difference' to the make-up of your world. After the deliveries and the transfer of governmental power to our Earth allies a new world does indeed manifest! It is this new world that can end the UFO cover-up and permit a most orderly, global first contact operation to take place. This first contact, as frequently noted, has become a work in progress. Our original concept did not include the amount of assistance we are offering to our Earth allies. We joined forces, urging them on and helping them to overcome the endless maneuvers of the dark cabal, which previously threatened their ranks. Our Earth allies are now a more united group whose purpose is to remove this cabal from power and instigate a more prosperous and freer global environment .... We are confident that the need for a rapid deployment of our forces in response to some dark-induced craziness is unlikely. Until the mass landing date, we will need to intercede only when necessary to prevent nuclear disaster or stop events from getting out of hand. By this we mean an event that swiftly escalate into something serious. To this end, a group working with our Earth allies does so when needed to negotiate or suggest to both sides a way to solve any potentially grave situation .... Our fleet is apprised of each option and can switch, suddenly, from one scenario to another. This has been rehearsed many times since our arrival here in the early 1990s. The primary scenario, now in effect and described to you many times, depends on the success of our Earth allies in getting major governments to resign; permitting caretaker regimes to temporarily take over; and setting up proper and constitutional government in North America. It is these governments which can make our benevolence and us known to the peoples of your world. We feel this to be a proper prelude to the actual event of first contact with you .... We want you to know that a definite series of procedures is in effect which heralds the events of first contact. We are working with our Earth allies to complete the final prerequisites for the various announcements and the prosperity deliveries ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 12.08.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 18th August 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "There has never been a time when so much information is surfacing, about your true history and your immediate future .... The greatest change has been your understanding of Self, and opening up to your power to determine your own future. Hitherto, you had given it up to those who took over control with their own agenda. Now many are leading the quiet and peaceful revolution, to take back their power and determine their own future .... It requires that you bring Light to whatever you see that is out of balance, as a negative response will only strengthen the very thing that you desire to change. As we so often take care to tell you, it is fear that feeds the dark energies and they play on this knowing it to be their most powerful weapon .... There are more Lightworkers on Earth than at any previous period in your current cycle. It is a purposeful plan that is destined to create sufficient Light to not just contain the dark forces, but also prevent them from advancing their plan for global domination. They cannot achieve their goal without being able to control you, and for this purpose they have virtually taken over all of your media outlets. However, the communications between each other and particularly through your Internet, have ensured there is some balance between the contrived news and the truthful facts. Your politicians with few exceptions have forgotten their oaths to serve you, and your leaders have become the minions of the dark forces known as the Illuminati. They control your lives even if you are unaware of it, and would totally enslave you if it were possible. However, their power is waning, and we of the Galactic Federation working with our allies have prevented them from achieving success. Their power structure is falling apart as they find so much opposition to their plans, and they cannot stop it growing and ultimately bringing about their downfall .... Absolutely nothing shall prevent your release from the dark forces...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 18.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 19th August 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Over the past few weeks a grand struggle has continued. This conflict involves the final few elements that can effectively transfer power from the dark cabal to our Earth allies. Until then, the dark remains in charge of this fading reality. Our Earth allies comprehend and accept this. Thus, what remains to be done takes on great urgency. Many new possibilities have been negotiated and put into place. Now these final and most daring maneuvers need to be executed by our Earth allies. We stand with them and encourage them to implement these strategies that can bring down the present lofty power of the cabalists. To prepare for these moves we have informed selected governments of what is now required of them. These 'warnings' are yielding the intended results, and many governments are preparing for the worst while nonetheless hoping for a way out. Upon completing these last steps our Earth allies can at last grasp the breakthroughs they have so long pursued. The deliveries and announcements can then follow .... The cabal's Machiavellian tactics are almost at an end; yet, to the casual observer, nothing seems to have changed. However, much, both overt and hidden, has indeed happened. The special order of the Illuminati is starting to break down as critical power shifts move the source of Illuminati control from one group to another. The current global economic, political, and military crises are examples of this. There is also a covert struggle going on over a new monetary and financial system, which, as you know, lies at the heart of the Earth allies' mission. A broad-based, international alliance has formed, which is helping our Earth allies to edge forward against the last cabal. This confrontation between Light and dark is heightened by the more overt one going on between those various groups still in bed with the last cabal, and such open warfare stokes even further the world's already high levels of chaos. It is this escalating confusion that acts as a smokescreen for what the dark plans to do next. The cabalists want to crush our Earth allies and force us to abandon the first contact mission. This objective is a pipe dream! The momentum of the divine plan in this realm forever negates any possibility of these dark dreams coming to fruition! The new reality being birthed radiates Light and abundance, and, above all, heralds full consciousness. A long era of manipulated limited consciousness is being replaced by an environment in which humanity manifests its potential and creates a realm of joy and fulfillment. This is the opposite of what the Illuminoids want. These life-affirming elements are being set up as a result of Heaven's massive shifting of the consciousness of your world. It is a divine operation that is making first contact possible. Our present role is to dispatch the last obstacles to first contact in a manner preapproved by Heaven. Then, at the right moment, we are to come and formally introduce ourselves to you. This is what we are now in the midst of. We intend to complete our agenda, end the 'UFO' cover-up, and proceed swiftly with first contact. It is essential that you as a people move beyond the millennia-long xenophobia that is so openly encouraged in your religious philosophies and 'recorded' history. You have long had close associations with so-called extraterrestrials, or ETs. These interactions include your former overloads, the Anunnaki; various groups from the dark Anchara Alliance; and a Sirian-based coalition from the Galactic Federation. These groups played a significant role in the development of your present civilization. Indeed, the mythologies of ancient Greece, Rome, India, and China, as well as those of the peoples of the Americas and Oceania, are full of stories that confirm this fact. Celestial intervention is the norm, and the present time is not as anomalous as your governments would have you believe. Acknowledgement in some countries of UFO cases long sequestered by your governments is a sign that this decades-long cover-up cannot last much longer. As these things become known, our more frequent appearance in your day and night skies can lead only to the logical fact that you are not alone. Our next step is to offer more dramatic proof that we are here, that we are benevolent, and that we are ready to carry out a first contact. Let us state at this point that we are breaking no so-called 'law of non-interference'. This notion is born of a fear-filled mindset that wishes to invalidate our presence .... Much of what we are doing on this mission is unprecedented. In effect, our role has become that of a restricted, benevolent overlord of your world. Only if necessary can we intervene directly and at a moment's notice. In the main we work with our Earth allies according to the allowances of Heaven. However, your despair and frustration have lingered on for far too long! Covertly, actions are being taken to remedy this. During all this your dark ones continue to keep up a 'space going' technology, one that can easily solve your major energy and environment-destroying difficulties. Keeping you in the dark about these technologies is, to us, totally insane! Another oddity is the manipulation of currencies to accumulate wealth. These crazy games have all gone on well past the time for them to be changed .... The dark knows that 'the jig is up'! Heaven has begun to involve you in a new game: it is called full consciousness and brings an end to all limitation. The dark needs to stand aside and graciously renounce the old game that is in any case being discontinued by the decrees of Heaven. Shortly the dark's envoys will abandon this lost cause ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 19.08.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 20th August 2008, the Venusian, called Ker-On, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "There are massive changes to come, and the pressures of making time for everything you wish to do will cease. You will be entering a period of release from the demands upon your time. The daily grind will be replaced by a more relaxed and satisfying experience, one that allows for your own desires without imposing other restraints upon you. As a society you need the wheels to turn freely and do exactly what you feel best suited to do. No square pegs in round holes, but people offering help to the best of their ability. Doing what is satisfying and working with others who share your enthusiasm. Providing the planet what is needed to clear away the dross and pollution of ages past, and creating a new Earth that is one of beauty and balance throughout. You have become so used to working in stressful circumstances, you will take a while to learn to relax and enjoy what you are doing. You all have something to offer, otherwise you would not be here in these end times to both witness and experience the changes. Many of you have hidden talents that you have not been able to express, but this will change very soon. We know what you can do and for us it is like reading a book, your book of life. However, remain patient, as there are matters to be taken care of before the decks are cleared and a new start made. We are looking at months rather than years before the big event of First Contact takes place. Meantime the floodgates are beginning to open, as the truth about us is coming out from many quarters .... The dark forces have such a limited view of life, and their consciousness is compressed into a small space surrounded by dark energy. Their Light is dim although eternal, and they feel nothing of the higher energies that now pervade the Earth. They act out their lives with a sole focus on their desire for power. That will gradually ebb away as its food of life is fear, and people are breaking out of its vicious web of deceit and lies. The Light is shining into the darkest places and there will be nowhere for the dark ones to hide. The truth will remain forever, and as you desire to know more it shall be revealed. Our coming will enable a sifting out of what you have been told, and only the truth shall remain ...." The full text of the Venusian Ker-On's 20.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 22nd August 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "Many people feel that changes are around them, and cannot understand what is taking place. They feel the new energy permeating everything on Earth, as literally things are no longer as they used to be. There are subtle changes and also more obvious ones that are at a physical level. The cleansing of Earth is under way, and the more immediate evidence is the movement within its crust. The changes are necessary to accommodate the vision of the new Earth, and clear away the remnants of acts that have despoiled it. Mother Earth is well aware of what is needed, and unlike previous occasions when a cycle has ended this one will not be as destructive. What may seem to be random activity will nevertheless be controlled by us, and as safe as possible. We of the Galactic Federation can control the effect of Earth changes, so as to minimise the damage and direct the energies to where they will gently dissipate. Some incidents will be closer to populated areas, but again we will do all we can to protect them. You will not always be aware of our presence within your atmosphere, as our craft will be cloaked in invisibility or operating outside of it. Our technology can hold the energies produced by earthquakes, and direct them to safer areas to lessen their impact. Once we have open contact with you it will become easier for us, as we can work with you. People in any danger can be temporarily moved to other areas and returned when it is safe to do so, and this can then be carried out quite openly. Our cautious approach to meeting you comes from knowing the tactics of your dark forces. They would use our presence for their own ends, and we must therefore wait until they have been removed and in no position to interfere. That time approaches very rapidly, and everything is primed and ready to move into action. The size of your problems would overwhelm your services, which is why we are needed to immediately start programs that entail our joint cooperation. For us there is no challenge that we cannot handle, and it is through the sheer scale of our forces that we can call upon millions of craft and personnel. We hear you saying that if we are that powerful why don’t we come now, but that is not our way unless we are directed to do so by higher authorities than ourselves. As you may know, we have a deadline by which we must start contact with you, and that will be the only reason we shall arrive without giving you due notice. We know there is much confusion amongst some people as to the role we have played in your lives, and why we are here now. Man is so used to the greedy and materialistic approach to life, that he finds it hard to believe we come in peace and friendship without some ulterior motive. You have a survival instinct that makes you suspicious of us, and this is not helped by the negative image created by your media. Some of this has been deliberate to make you fearful of us, but your history will show that we have never caused an incident to justify such a reaction. Indeed, where our visits to Earth are recorded they often clearly show that we have given you help and guidance. In the background there are ancient stories of other extraterrestrials that have been connected with the dark forces, and of recent time you have the activities of the Greys. These are not members of our Federation, and although the Greys were allowed contact with you, that arose from the invitation received from your (US) Government some 70 years ago. Therefore to the average person who has heard of these stories, it is no wonder that there is some confusion. However, we have responsibility for you to ensure that the changes take place as planned, and that you are fully aware and prepared for Ascension. We do therefore protect you from interference by other Beings, who would otherwise see your planet as a desirable source of material wealth .... You will now understand the full reasons for our coming to Earth. It will be a most glorious and momentous occasion when we can formally meet you and your representatives, but by then they will be those dear souls who have worked for the Light and been elected as your new Government. Clearly we will have no dealings with your present one, that has several times refused our offer to bring an end to all wars and confrontations. They know us from our many past contacts, and have repeatedly rejected our offers to help achieve peace amongst all nations. I am Atmos from Sirius, and yes, we have been in contact with you for eons of time. Now it is time for us to announce ourselves, and you shall know before too long how we have walked your path of darkness with you. That experience is coming to completion for you, and a new wondrous path of great joy and happiness beckons ...." The full text of the Sirian Atmos's 22.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 25th August 2008, the Sirian, Ag-agria, spoke again on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Matters on Earth give you cause for concern, yet you are in extremely exciting times. This is because you are so near to experiencing the changes that are going to alter the future of Mankind. The dark loses its power and control as the Light grows at an increasingly fast pace, and there must come a point where it suddenly breaks the stranglehold it has had on you. You are now rising up as one in your determination to put an end to the old regime. It has been recognised for what it is, and you are helping create the very energies that shall achieve your desires. This is also one of the reasons we are here and drawing closer to you all of the time. The dark forces refuse to see the dead end that they are facing, and their impregnable fortress is falling apart. Their defences are no longer reliable or secure and they fear the truth of their actions coming out. They know most certainly that the pressure is mounting for investigations into their activities. However, as hard as they try, they can no longer stem the floodwaters of truth reaching your ears. Their plans are not fulfilling their aims and it is even becoming apparent to them that they fight a lost cause. It means that having become weakened; they are more vulnerable to the efforts of our allies to unseat them. Be sure that with our help, the end of the dark forces is coming to the world, but first their authority must be taken away from them. It is in the West that there is such a slow acceptance of the need to change direction. The old ways have become ingrained for so long there is a reluctance to even consider another path. Come it must, and we shall answer your calls for peace if attempts are made to prevent our coming to Earth. We guide you where possible always respecting your freewill choice. However, the movement of the Lightworkers is spreading far and wide and acting as a wake up call, and it is bringing questions into people’s minds about their future. It is becoming clearer to so many more of you that Man cannot continue on his present path, without causing great chaos. It does not matter who you are or whether you support any particular set of beliefs, what is happening around you tells you that the time to halt these proceedings has come. The old ways do not satisfy Man’s hunger for knowledge or truth, and the falsehoods of years gone by are now being seen for what they are. You know of deliberate lies and deception to keep the truth from you, intended to allow the last cabal to secretly go ahead with their covert plans for world domination. Their plan has been bold and was near to success, but your hearts and minds have opened paths to the greater truths given you by us, and other heavenly messengers. We have kept a balance between the Light and the dark for a long time, but now the Light has been increased in its potency. The changes must now commence and the remaining obstacle is the removal of the last cabal. As your leaders we accord them a certain respect, but we have firmly made it clear that they must now hand over their positions to those appointed by the higher forces. They cannot remain in power, and one way or another shall be removed. The Light of America is to be carried by those souls who have come to Earth specifically for this time, and they are all well known to us. Indeed, some are now also becoming well known to you, and their Light is attracting a lot of attention. Their messages carry a new energy that is speaking of a new age, and it resonates with you who are also of the Light. You are sufficiently intuitive to identify those representatives who carry the Light, and by their words all shall know them .... Many options lay at our feet, but we of the Galactic Federation look to bring changes in with the least disruption to your lives. Matters on Earth are rather fragile at this time, as your Government plays its war games with your lives at stake. However, we mention that only to reveal how the dark forces are focussed only on their pursuance of power. The reality is that we are using our influence and knowledge of what is taking place, to ensure that matters are not allowed to get out of control. The game on Earth is quite serious inasmuch that you all play it out with full intensity. It is your created reality resulting from many lifetimes of conflict. Now it is time to draw it to a close, as it has served its purpose to awaken you to your true selves. The depths have been plumbed, but out of it you have discovered the path of Light that has revealed another way of life, the way of Light and Love. Up until now in this cycle, you have never reached out so far and found such a resolute determination to change the course of your lives. It was such a turn of events in the latter part of the last century that brought about your present experiences. These have shown you the way to leave the old behind, and move into the glory of the Light forever .... I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and emphasise that we come as your friends of long standing. We are not alien to your civilisation, but simply another physical humanoid that has developed and evolved beyond your present experience. In reality we are no different at all, and are identical at a soul level ...." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 25.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 26th August 2008, the Pleiadian called Helena, who, under the aegis of The Galactic Federation, has particular responsibility for the North American continent, spoke again: "There is much good that is being accomplished with the return from the huge daily coverage of the Olympics. There is a lot of good information that is being distributed again now that there is more room for news. There will soon be a great deal of new information about the coming dramatic changes in the government of the United States. There will soon be a return to constitutional laws that hasn't been seen since the 1930s. It is most interesting that the constitution of the United States could be thwarted by those in political office for so many years,several decades. However, there will soon be a return to constitutional government. Much of our efforts will be to help the United States again become a real leader of freedom for its citizens as compared with the rest of the world. In addition, there will soon be the long-delayed development of new-energy devices that tap into the great energy of space, as we do here on this starship and its many shuttles. You are aware of this coming new-energy development as you and your group have been working for several years to commercialize the space-energy-tapping technology. We shall soon be there to help you in getting this technology made available for commercialization for your country ...." The full text of the Pleiadian Helena's 26.08.08 comments can be found in Lavar's section of the Starship Capricorn User Forum here.

On the 26th August 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "Everywhere, your world is in the middle of a great consciousness shift. This shift is propelling our Earth allies forward and making them confidant that their long-sought victory is near. Further bolstering their feeling of victory is the desperate way in which the dark cabal is tightening its hold on power, which is, of course, a panic reaction on their part. The cabalists can see the irreparable cracks starting to appear in their armor. This worries them and has caused them to seek reassurance from their American, European, and Asian counterparts. Despite being mollified, these dark ones remain leery of what is occurring on a small scale in the local and regional markets of the third world. Here, a movement for peace, freedom, and democracy is growing at grassroots level. Likewise, a similar movement has appeared locally in Europe and America. This alternative to their power is not going away. Despite numerous obstacles it continues to strengthen, with hopes of becoming a rival to the dark in the very near future. These localized movements are global in nature. The Internet brings them together and permits them to communicate in great detail what each of them is doing. These information-sharing missives have attracted the attention of our Earth allies who see these crusades as a source of support when the great changes in the economic and banking systems are formally announced. In the environment of the great changes these small-scale projects can grow, creating networks that can encourage what this new economic system was designed to promote. After all, the point of all this is to allow your global society to move from scarcity and want to prosperity and abundance .... What your science is starting to discover is that most of the anomalies that are punching holes in their respective areas of science are guides to a science of consciousness. This is leading to a paradigm that takes the nature of consciousness into account. In effect, your science is back in the time of Newton, figuratively speaking. Too much in too many fields of science no longer makes sense, and a total rethink is becoming mandatory. As we watch this we are happy to see the openness of many of your young investigators. They are proving that an 'unseen hand' is in effect and needs to be qualified in a whole new way. You need to look beyond the religiously inspired 'Big Bang' theory, the confused world of subatomic physics, and even the mumbo-jumbo realm that is genetics. Out of this confusion are arising the preliminaries for a new science that is much like our own. Our science goes beyond your present knowledge and is predicated on a true concept of consciousness. Consciousness is what you truly are: an interconnected living Soul, forged from the Love of the Creator. In addition, there is a special heavenly node. This living energy is directly formed from the very essence of Heaven. She is a director and is referred to in your literature by many names. Let us use the term your 'I Am Presence.' This special Being is you in the grand network of 'interconnectiveness' that is this divine universe. Both of these living wonders, your Soul and your 'I Am Presence,' come together to create who you are. As you grow in awareness of the Divine you come to see elementary truths that allow you to easily dissipate the illusions of this present reality of yours and glimpse the ways of the Divine. These brief 'aha' moments are merely a preview of what lies ahead. This is why many of you say that the 'spiritual veil' is growing thin. This new science of consciousness is maturing as many begin to produce works stating that this approach is a way to reconstitute the foundations of science so that the anomalies, now so prevalent, can be explained. This also opens up a way to integrate your new alternate philosophies of consciousness, thus creating a new range of beliefs more closely approximating what we have known from childhood. In this way we can more easily merge our knowledge with your own. The truth of what you truly are has been mercilessly kept from you, but now your grand search for the truth is busting open their less-than-divine egg! Once this most unwieldy Humpty Dumpty falls, nothing the dark does can restore it, and then the rest can unfold before you! It is truly time to manifest a new reality! When you, as a collective, outgrow the beliefs that define you, a wellspring of thought of unbelievable power surges up and begins a process of catharsis that eventually produces an imperative. Such a demand ended the 'cold war' on your world and, in ours, produced the divine dispensation that led to our present galactic peace. The intentions of the Divine are all-inclusive and, when touched, can produce what you call miracles. What is needed is to learn to quiet your inner consciousness and intertwine with the divine energy that is making you. In less than a nanosecond you are infused with this energy. Within it is a way to discover the truth of who you are. We call it 'JaTa Khan a' (Sirian for Creator's Soul essence). In it is found all that needs to be known .... Remember that in your grand union with who you are lie the secrets of all things. Using it, you can transform your world and revise the misplaced xenophobia used by the dark to deny our existence ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 26.08.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 27th August 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "If you ever sensed that matters were heading for a showdown this is the time. Politically speaking the dark does not want Obama to become your next President, and will try all manner of tricks to prevent him succeeding. There have already been three attempts to assassinate him, and even if he were to take power he would still be tightly controlled and not allowed the freedom that he would expect. However, the dark forces do not entirely have their own way, and we too can pull some strings. People sense that the outcome is most important to the future of the world, and apart from the diehard supporters who vote regardless of party policies, there is a move towards major changes. The prospect of opening up a new path that deals with the issues that dominate your political scene, is appealing to more voters than ever before. Around your earthly issues we ourselves are busy moving our allies into position, as we also have a vested interest in moving your energies into the right direction. Your input is needed to bring changes that will open up the opportunities for abundance and other benefits to be delivered to you. It all sits nicely balanced regardless of the attempts of the dark to lead you to believe otherwise. They confuse you and talk of Cold Wars and this is a diversion from their real aims, as they continue to turn away attention from themselves. Dear Ones, nothing has changed in the way they work, and they continue to create situations that afford the opportunity to impose their plans upon you. Accept nothing that you are told without giving it some thought, and remember that you are considered to be easily fooled and led as you might say, up the garden path. Fortunately, there are many of you that can now see through the tactics used, and have the confidence to state your views publicly. With the recession hitting the Western countries, it is a good time to exalt the benefits of NESARA. You need major help to overcome the magnitude of the problems that are about to beset you. We are that help, but matters will have to be drawn out a little longer before we can enter the affray. We have foreseen these events, and they are not unusual bearing in mind that you approach the end of the cycle. It is quite normal to fully experience the result of your creations, and the reality that you have built around you. Your psychics pick up the potential for massive physical changes, but they will not all be played out apart from those essential to restoring Mother Earth. Be assured that we are totally aware of every likely change, and the more severe ones will not be allowed if they are a major threat to life. We have told you many times that we can hold off or diminish the effects of major changes caused for example by earthquakes. This brings us to the one predicted for October, and that will not take place in that time period. Whatever is essential and necessary to the cleansing of Earth, will largely occur after First Contact. In the event of a major occurrence we would direct or move your people to safe areas, and we cannot easily do that whilst your dark forces are in power. We bear in mind that the dark seize on natural changes as a means to create chaos, and will use their weaponry to cause what appear to be nature’s own ways of working. Again we follow such events to ensure that they do not result in a massive catastrophe, but there are times when we are not allowed to interfere. It will be totally different once we can openly appear on Earth, and we have plans to immediately take control of any likely act against Humanity. Our technologies have often been used to show the dark forces our capabilities, and they know we mean what we say from experience. We re-iterate that nuclear weaponry will not be allowed to be used, and we can quite easily prevent it from being activated .... Your whole solar system is being changed and your Earth is part of it. The Sun is changing and is the central player in what is taking place. You cannot avoid the end times, but those who opt out are entitled to move onto another path. In God’s Kingdom for 'many mansions' read 'many dimensions' and know that life abounds everywhere. The dark also know it, but reckon without the power of God and believe they can hold everyone else to ransom. They are in for a shock very soon, and their little world and ambitions will come tumbling down. They were never destined to succeed but have given people a rough ride. It is a paradox however, that through their machinations and oppressive behaviour, they have awakened the Light and Love within so many souls. Little did they realise that they have been used for the greater benefit of Mankind. They have been the major players in the dramas enacted upon Earth, and unknowingly have used every chance to show Man what his creations have led to through the resulting chaos and destruction ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 27.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the 29th August 2008, the Sirian, Diane, spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "You are on your way, as you might say, to the Promised Land and it will far exceed your expectations. After all of the turmoil you have experienced with the prospect of Mankind entering a period of collapse, it will be so uplifting to be able to put the past behind you. You have moods of consciousness, and presently there is much despondency at the direction the world is heading. Yet within all of it a bright new dawn is emerging, that speaks of unity and a great coming together of all people. Changes are occurring all of the time, but hope is there that they will lead to new pathway that will put the past behind you. More people than ever are detaching themselves from the constant bombardment of negative news, and look to the emergence of new directions that will lead to emancipation. They desire a coming together with a common purpose, and in the U.S. the election of a new President is seen as a step in the right direction, but the old influences and control still remain. However, all is in a state of flux, and so many things are happening at the same time it is difficult for you to see the outcome. We know the direction it is heading into, and this is why we repeatedly tell you of your success. How often we have said that victory is yours, and this is why you should detach yourselves from the intentional fear-laden messages of your current leaders. We have an army of people who are working hard to bring the dark forces into the Halls of Justice, and it will be the last time they shall stand in the limelight. The dark deeds that they have perpetrated upon you will be revealed, and they are far more extensive than you can possibly imagine. People will find it hard to believe that they have been duped and misled for so many years, and that their future has not been in their own hands. You have been held back from what should have been a natural advancement out of the Dark Ages into the Light. They have orchestrated the continual ups and downs of life, and they have cared little about leaving you impoverished and in desperation. Now a different scenario is presenting itself, and many see that we of the Galactic Federation are the answer to your problems. We have contacted you with a view to helping you forward to a peaceful co-existence, and whilst your leaders have refused our help, you have responded positively. That has allowed us into your lives and we represent your best opportunity to change things on Earth. As your consciousness grows and the desire for our intervention becomes stronger, so we can respond and work with you to bring those changes about. We are the balancing force that offers you peace and happiness, whereas the ETs invited to Earth by your government were used to strengthen the hand of the dark forces. Technological advancements have been used to empower your military forces and not for the general good of Mankind. Now we take up the role of bringing into being far-ranging world changes that shall bring you all that has previously been denied you. The waste and misuse of your money and resources has taken place on a massive scale, when it could have been used for the general good of all people. The ever present problems of starvation and need for just the basic tools for survival could have easily been overcome, and these are all areas that we shall address very quickly. However, that cannot commence until we can openly meet with those who are to be appointed to carry you into the New Age. One most important factor will be the need to keep you informed of what is happening, and we are well equipped to do it. You can then participate with us, and in this way we shall soon gain your full approval and confidence. Michael (Quinsey) has been wondering whether we will endorse the prediction of a special sighting that is intended for the 14th October (2008), and we are more than happy to do so. However, always allow for changes where anything of this nature is concerned. Because it has been given to you some weeks in advance, it allows for a careful assessment of your reaction to the news. It also means that we can judge the impact upon your dark forces, and how they intend to respond. We cannot jeopardise the good work that has been done up to now, so we ask you all to accept at this stage the intent to bring our presence into the open. It will open people’s eyes and minds to our mission, and they shall see that we intend no harm to you. It will result in a call for your governments to interact with us, but of course that is not what they wish to do. They would rather ignore us and prevent any discourse with us that would take away their power over you. The UFO cover-up has gone on for so long, but now fools very few people. The disclosure of mountains of evidence is essential to the acceptance and safety of our craft and personnel, and it needs to be seen that we have interacted with you in a peaceful and non-interfering manner. We would like that to go further, and reveal the many occasions that we have contacted your officials on peaceful missions. There is still a mixed feeling about our intentions, but generally speaking we are accepted as being of no threat to you. The nearer we get to First Contact there will be fear mongering but we visualise that by then we shall have achieved our goal of being accepted. The messages we bring are going to call for a new look at your history, and many false concepts and beliefs will have to be released .... I am Diane from Sirius, and carry the feminine energy that is now predominant upon Earth, and will bring balance to you as the masculine energy has controlled your past often to your detriment. Great times together are coming closer, and we have so much to do that we will be so pleased when the formalities of getting together have taken place. We have studied Mankind for eons of time, and it is your emotional reactions that are so unpredictable. We do however believe that our approach over many years now, has paved the way for a peaceful and happy re-union. Indeed, it will be an occasion when you can interact with us, and you will know beyond doubt our intentions are honourable. The coming of the Masters to Earth will dispel much doubt regarding your religious beliefs, and the last barriers between people will be removed. You have lived with many drawbacks that have created separate societies, because you have not found a common purpose in your lives that has enabled you to come together. Dear Ones, everything is about to permanently change for the better, and the basis for it all has gradually been put into place over many years. Our presence has stimulated your minds, and you have understood the potential that was being placed before you. You correctly see yourselves in us, and we are linked from ages past when we were able to come to you in a more openly manner. Your true history will show that we have always travelled with you, and have influenced your progress in ways that have speeded up your evolution. It is no different now and we are ready to enable you to take the greatest step of all onto the path of Ascension. We accompany you with our love and caring to bring you happiness, and release from the thraldom of centuries of darkness and oppression ...." The full text of the Sirian Diane's 29.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Many explicit messages have been received, in English, from the benevolent ETs in recent months. Eighty or ninety of these are compiled and linked on other pages of this blog here, here and here. They date from the middle of September 2007 to the present. An introductory guide to the kinds of extraterrestrials who have been actively involved in the evolution of Planet Earth and its cultures can be found here. And a well-informed synopsis of extraterrestrial theology is linked here. We deal at greater length with issues to do with ETs and the Higher Evolution on this page here.

On Sunday 6th April 2008, what appeared at the time to be the final end-game meeting was convened at the US Supreme Court. It went on, with breaks, for more than twenty four hours. It became plain that four of the SCOTUS Justices had had their hands in the till again, and had attempted to purloin about 20% of the Farm Claims and other funds for their own use. Whether this was the Vatican Catholic Cabal (Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas) or another combination of high-placed embezzlers was not leaked at this stage. More information please. One of the foci of the SCOTUS meeting was a legal assessment of US default on long-standing national financial commitments. A little known 75-year-old contract had expired on Friday 4th April 2008. It dated back to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt national bankruptcy scam in the 1930s (more details here, here and here). This and other documents indicated that the US was now in naked, complex and major default in a number of areas. Seizure of US corporate assets abroad, including residences, mines, oil fields, banks and military treasure, was an imminent possibility. There were papers on the table at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

On Monday 7th April 2008, indications began to emerge that Patrick Fitzgerald may have had a change of mind about caving-in to the Bush-Cheney-Roberts demands. In Washington DC, the screeching of U-turns was plainly heard along the corridors of power. Violinio Germain, or one of his team, had obviously been whispering in a couple of ears and courage has been rescrewed to its sticking place. Fitzgerald's team were reported to be confused and demotivated by his twists and turns, but the messy work went on. The conspirators who had been promised pardons and legal immunities a day or two earlier were advised that their arrangements with Fitzgerald had fallen through due to higher pressures. There was nothing Fitzgerald could do about it, they were told; he had simply been overruled by the big boys. Actually, the decision was his - only the persuasion was theirs.

About five thousand more arrests were on the active agenda, this figure being in addition to the eight or nine thousand arrests already made, internationally, in connection with the Citibank/Wanta/Paulson theft (more details here).

The quiet, positive, behind-the-scenes work of Violinio Germain became better known to Americans during the 2007-8 political, financial and legal crisis in the USA. Germain was the Terrestrial Ascended Master most frequently associated with planning the world prosperity programmes involved in the global refinancing settlements and the NESARA reforms. And it was he who had, over the centuries, accumulated, structured and secured The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars. The word quattuordecillion is sometimes spelled quatrodecillion. It means ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars. Or $1 with forty noughts after it.

On the 3rd October 2007, Violinio Germain said: "I am St. Germain and will confirm that the great changes are well in motion. Nothing can stop their manifestation, but before they can take place there will be revelations that will shock people to the core. Anger will be unavoidable, but we plead with you not to allow it to cloud your judgement. True justice will not take place on Earth, but in the afterlife of those who have held you in bondage for so long." Violinio Germain works closely with the benign ETs cited higher up this page. He was known to Earth history as the Comte de Saint Germain and as the Master Rakoczi. And as the confidante and teacher of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, Violinio Germain was the Father of the American Republic. The full text of Violinio Germain's 03.10.07 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Violinio Germain spoke again on the 11th April 2008: "You have had many lives on Earth, and each time those of the Light have brought with them a plan to uplift Man. The Lightworkers have made many sacrifices not least of all to give their lives for your betterment, and have been rewarded through their success seeing the Light breaking through everywhere. It is not difficult to look back and identify those to whom I refer, and whilst many have been in positions of leadership and power, some have quietly worked away without any desire for recognition. The Masters, including myself, have often immersed themselves in your vibrations so as to show you the way out. They have had a hand in all major events that have changed your world, and none more important as the signing of the Constitution. It was and still is a model for all those nations that aspire to turn to the Light. No achievements are without their setbacks, but once the Light is grounded it cannot be extinguished ...." The full text of Violinio Germain's 11.04.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On the afternoon of Monday 7th April 2008, the trigger prosperity fund packages went out from the US Supreme Court for delivery. The primary courier for this work in America was Brink's, but some of the delivery work had been subcontracted to others. Vice President Dick Cheney then ordered Brink's not to deliver the packages and they were held in the carrier's New York vault overnight. This was part of a final attempt by Cheney to pressurise Fitzgerald into further concessions. Some days earlier, President George Bush Jnr had instructed Patrick Fitzgerald not to indict Hillary Clinton, and Fitzgerald had obeyed. Once again, the Special Prosecutor was shown to be susceptible to illegal senior Executive Branch manipulation.

By this stage, Cheney was a beaten and exhausted man and on the verge of death from cardiac ill-health. All kinds of reverses had combined to sap his strength. On Monday 26th February 2007, three Special Forces teams had attempted to arrest Cheney while he was on an aircraft parked on the runway at Sydney International airport (Australia). He had only narrowly escaped. There was a firefight and three deaths were reported. Towards the end of November 2007, Cheney had been temporarily successful in corrupting the investigations of Provost Marshal Brigadier General Rodney Johnson into the Citibank/Wanta/Paulson theft. But when Johnson was found to have been taking unlawful instructions from Cheney, the World Court acted and Johnson was dismissed from his assignment by General George Casey, the USA Army Chief of Staff.

On Wednesday 19th December 2007, in Washington DC, a major fire broke out in the Eisenhower Executive Office building, located near the West Wing of the White House. A Russian security source stated that there had been a firefight in the building between a USA military unit and a team of Secret Service Agents assigned to protect Dick Cheney. The entire building was evacuated, including those parts well away from the fire. The epicentre of the flames was on the second floor in the vicinity of the Vice President's ceremonial office. Cheney had these offices wired to act as a parallel White House. A duplicate and unlawful Emergency Alert System (EAS) was in place. The EAS is designed to enable the President of the United States to initiate an Emergency Action Notification (EAN). Here the President speaks to the people of the United States via all media links within 10 minutes of anything major happening - such as a real or fake alien invasion, or a tactical decision to impose martial law and close down public information flows and due-process media and legal scrutiny. The EAS has never been used. The fire/firefight in the Eisenhower Executive Office building destroyed Dick Cheney's parallel EAS. He himself was in another office in the White House West Wing at the time and was uninjured. But his ability to fake a Martial Law close-down from the Eisenhower building was permanently disabled. Subsequent Health and Safety inspection reports describing the charred wiring ensured that.

At the end of December 2007, or the beginning of January 2008, at the time that Henry Paulson was assassinated, five of Dick Cheney's closest aides were shot dead. On Thursday 3rd January 2008, President George Bush Jnr was confronted verbally with the death of Henry Paulson at a meeting.

"That's a lie," Bush responded.
"Well, produce him."
"I can't, he's sick."
"Yes, dead men are usually sick before they die."
"Can you produce the five Cheney assistants who have been shot?"

Henry Paulson had been assassinated by a Russian special operations unit, whose colleagues had also put the severed horse's head in George Bush's bed at Crawford on Christmas Day 2007. By the weekend of 5th / 6th January 2008, the Bush White House had taken a tactical decision to pretend that Henry Paulson was not dead, and to prosecute this pretence in the media. A combination of library video footage, computer-generated imagery, holographic projection techniques, Paulson clones, and an articulate financial lookalike called Edward Lazear would be used to sustain the fiction of Henry Paulson's continued public presence. Cheney couldn't do this with his aides, so he was forced to manage without them. Incredibly, also, one of the actual Dick Cheney clones had been shot dead at the beginning of January 2008, but another was produced within a week by the Camp David clone labs in Maryland.

Two months later, the clone labs were busy again. In the early days of March 2008, just before Admiral William Fallon resigned as Commander of US Central Command, the particular Bush-clone who had been threatening him was removed and terminated with a single gunshot to the head. A different lookalike clone replaced him in the presidential rotation. It is emerging that what the American electorate regards as single individuals called George Bush, or Dick Cheney, or Hillary Clinton are no such things. They are mind-controlled clone-entities, and there are several of each of them functioning at any one time. Usually only one is kept in circulation for public eyes while the others are held in sleeper cells for cosmetic adjustment, rest and re-programming. More information about the use of human clones in American political management can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

By the time April 2008 came round, Dick Cheney had run out of viable options to retain power. His interruption of the prosperity package deliveries was intended to compel Patrick Fitzgerald to grant him legal immunity from prosecution for Treason and embezzlement. He was playing his last card. Fitzgerald dithered for a few hours early on Tuesday 8th April 2008 but, in the end, due to the robust interventions of others, Cheney was unsuccessful in his machinations.

The Basel II Global Banking reforms were finally implemented in the USA one minute after midnight on Sunday 13th April 2008. Acting as an agent for the Crown Temple in London, Alan Greenspan, was said to be attempting to set up a Swiss-controlled Central Bank in the USA.

By the second week of April 2008, President George Bush Jnr was looking dangerously isolated. The future was being constructed around him by others. Even those in his immediate entourage could no longer see anything but serious personal, political, corporate and national disadvantage in Bush's continuing delay and blocking tactics with regard to the release of the Farm Claims, Wanta and NESARA global prosperity funds. There was the real possibility that further delays would irreparably crash the American banks, starting with Citibank. The Wanta-related $4.5 trillion held in a suspense account at Citibank, was structured as a facilitating loan from the Crown Temple in London. It could be recalled and relocated to Europe at any time. This was now explicitly threatened. Citibank faced total ruin and the other American banks would follow it down the vortex in a tumble of illiquid dominoes. Executive Branch senior advisors and cabinet members began to distance themselves from Bush's actions, and through various intermediaries let Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald know that they were doing so.

On Thursday 10th April 2008, there was a conference call between the Chief Executive Officers of all the large American banks and several key fund trustees. The purpose of the link-up was to coordinate simultaneous release of the funds.

On Thursday 10th April and Friday 11th April 2008, the USA Supreme Court was placed on a total security lockdown. A series of credible and well-coordinated death threats against the Justices had been received, and they now needed to expedite the necessary meetings and paperwork to get the fund releases implemented. Liquid fear ran in the pipes.

At 11.30am on Friday 11th April 2008, China implemented a crucial $2.0 trillion transaction involving long-negotiated American Treasury paper. This broke the fund-release logjam.

The 160 Country Financial Representatives left the USA on the evening of Thursday 10th April and the morning of Friday 11th April 2008. They had been waiting in New York hotels and residencies since the first week of March 2008 to take economic delivery of funds for their own countries which would be released as soon as Lee Wanta received his $4.5 trillion from Citibank and Morgan Stanley.

President George Bush Jnr was now looking at a one-way exit out of public life. In March 2008 he had personally arranged payment of a sum of $500 million (five hundred million USA dollars) to the leadership of the Albanian mafia. This was to pay for protection, security and surveillance of his Paraguay bolt hole. In the autumn of 2006, the Bush family had purchased a one hundred thousand acre ranching estate at Paso de Patria, located over the Guarani aquifer in northern Paraguay. They first got to know about this ranch through their drug-running activities in the area in the nineteen eighties and nineties. Located near the border with Brazil and Bolivia, the estate offered a range of covert entry and escape routes. Private meetings and arrangements with Paraguay's president, Nicanor Duarte, indicated that there would be no political difficulties with the Bush residence and its security.

Previous generations of hideaway Nazis related to the Busche family had found security and staffing difficult in South America for cultural reasons. The locals were more casual and Latin than obsessive and Germanic. They were often high on chewed coca leaves and other rain forest psychotropins, and they had a habit of taking unannounced holidays in the jungle or the mountains for family reasons. Imported Albanians mobsters were likely to keep things in better order. The Albanians would staff the ranch and its perimeter, launder the Bush family gold hordes held in Paraguay and Uruguay, police the drug distribution channels, provide English-speaking prostitutes of all ages from London and, if necessary, manage secure conduits back to Europe where they had control of the extensive cave and tunnel systems under the Albanian and Macedonian mountains. Bush family agents had worked closely with the Albanians for twenty years in Kosovo and knew them to be ruthlessly reliable if the money was right.

But there were three problems with the Bushes' endgame plan for their Paraguay Lebensraum. First, had Russian intelligence got to the Albanian mafia first? Was another severed horse's head waiting for George at Paso de Patria? It was known that the Russians had been assiduously courting schismatic elements within the Albanian underworld in the two years leading up to the 17th February 2008 Declaration of Independence, when the former Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija unilaterally metamorphosed itself into the Republic of Kosovo, against Russian and Serbian wishes. Second, sometime between Sunday 13th April 2008 and Wednesday 16th April 2008, the Bush family's stolen American gold in Paraguay and Uruguay was traced, found and retrieved. The Bushes would never be able to access it again or use it as collateral for stealth trades. Third, by April 2008, the political situation in Paraguay was beginning to volatilise after decades of dictatorial stability. The Patriotic Front for Change coalition was on the move. Fernando Lugo, a bearded, left-leaning, dissentient Roman Catholic ex-bishop won Paraguay’s Presidential election on the 20th April 2008, decisively upsetting the sixty-year human rights horror-rule of the right wing Colorado Party. Lugo had been actively opposed by the Vatican, ostensibly because of his enthusiasm for Liberation Theology and its spiritual objective of subverting the Paraguayan elite status quo. He was also a powerful and popular advocate of land reforms. In Paraguay, less than two per cent of the population owns more than ninety per cent of the land, and forty per cent of the population lives in poverty. "We have 300,000 families without land and they have the constitutional right to own the soil they live on," Lugo insisted. If the Bush family had made arrangements with Nicanor Duarte, it was unlikely that Fernando Lugo would continue them.

Back in Washington, things were getting fractious as China piled on new pressures. At 11.30am on Friday 11th April 2008, a sum of $2.0 trillion was paid by America to China in the form of US Treasury instruments. This settled an old argument and further loosened the logjam blocking the Wanta, Farm Claims and global prosperity funds.

Frantic efforts were made to suppress the emerging news that the main creditors of the 1933 American bankruptcy were the Vatican in Rome, the Crown Temple in London, and the international Zionist-allianced bankers in Europe, particularly Zurich. It was these creditors who controlled the Corporate United States (Washington DC) and their Admiralty courts, and it was these creditors who had been bleeding the American people white for seventy five years. The creditors' private collection agency was shown to be the US Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and the creditors' piggy bank for three quarters of a century had been the US Federal Reserve.

Into this maggot broth shuffled the geriatric figure of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). Ratzinger's head had been used as a battering ram by the Jesuits for several decades. He arrived in the USA on the 15th April 2008, to meet the new Bush clone for the first time. Ratzinger had done business before with the previous clone - the drunken, coke-snorting, warmongering Bush - and had shared many of its instincts for manipulation and covert control. But that Bush clone had been terminated just before the Fallon resignation in March 2008, and Ratzinger wanted to make the acquaintance of the new front man. The Pope had just failed in an attempt to lay claim to a large tranche of the prosperity funds. He was reported as saying to close colleagues: "The little people cannot handle this money properly, but the Church can." Ratzinger's audacious money grab had to be sorted out at the World Court in The Hague and was responsible for more serious delays in the global refinancing settlements. In the end, Rome was forced to climb down and The Holy Father reluctantly agreed to a $2.0 trillion settlement. This sum was paid from US citizens' tax receipts. President George Bush Jnr signed the papers. Speaking to one group in Washington on Thursday 17th April 2008, the Pope said: "If the peasants think they are going to get this money, they have another think coming. It will never happen." He was not talking about the $2.0 trillion; he was referring to the global prosperity funds in general.

Apart from money and child abuse, the twin policy foci of the Pope's American visit in the middle of April 2008, Ratzinger was also keen to learn if promises about the availability of a bunker hideaway for himself and the Roman Curia in the USA still stood. When the extreme unction hit the fan, he and his cronies would need to get out of Rome fast. The previous Bush clone had given him hospitality assurances on this score. Ratzinger returned to Rome disappointed. Washington DC was furious about the Pope's untimely greed and the new Bush clone and its minders made it clear to the Pontiff that the bunker option was now closed.

At around the same time, in the middle of April 2008, there was an attempt by Patrick Fitzgerald and others to wire all or part of the US Marshall Plan money to Zurich. Why this was attempted is not clear. More information please. The theft was reported and the funds were repatriated to the US Treasury.

On Friday 16th May 2008, a $14 trillion sum of money belonging to China was moved into Citibank. It was then illegally moved offshore by Madame Wu Yi. Acting in personal Ming family interests, she put out the cover story that John Glover Roberts, Alan Greenspan and Dick Cheney had attempted to steal the funds, had failed and had been taken into custody. Her intention was to split the money between herself and George Bush Jnr, each party taking $7 trillion each. Upon discovery, Madame Wu Yi was sent home to China to face interrogation and execution. The Green and the Red Secret Societies were thought to be waiting for her at the airport.

The main creditors of the 2008 American bankruptcy, apart from the Crown Temple in London and the Vatican in Rome, were the Chinese. By May 2008, the total sum which the US owed China was thought to be not less than $100 trillion. In the third week of May 2008, the indication was that the Chinese were about to foreclose. Madame Wu Yi had had the ICJ Writ of Execution in hand. When this was actioned, it was likely that among other disposals in the Energy, Armaments and Pharmaceutical sectors, ten or twenty of the biggest American banks and their international assets would pass into Chinese ownership.

On Thursday 12th June 2008, the US Supreme Court delivered an Opinion in the case of Lakhdar Boumediene v. George W. Bush, President of the United States, et al ((Nos. 06-1195 and 06-1196; 476 F. 3d 981, reversed and remanded). The Opinion enunciated gave detainees at Guantánamo Bay access to the US courts for the first time. This reversed an earlier judgment by the US Court of Appeals.

In delivering the Opinion of the US Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy said: "Because our nation's past military conflicts have been of limited duration, it has been possible to leave the outer boundaries of war powers undefined. If, as some fear, terrorism continues to pose dangerous threats to us for years to come, the court might not have this luxury. The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times. Liberty and security can be reconciled; and in our system they are reconciled within the framework of the law. In some of these cases six years have elapsed without the judicial oversight that habeas corpus or an adequate substitute demands .... While some delay in fashioning new procedures is unavoidable, the costs of delay can no longer be borne by those who are held in custody. The detainees in these cases are entitled to a prompt habeas corpus hearing."

This Opinion dealt a body blow to the hegemony of the Roman Catholic cabal at the US Supreme Court, which had been straining every sinew to keep the illegal Guantánamo Bay arrangements in place for the White House. John Glover Roberts, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas voted as a bloc against the Opinion, but they were outnumbered 5-4 and the majority view of the other Justices defeated them. Full details of the case can be found here.

Habeas corpus is the freedom from being thrown in prison illegally, with no help, no end in sight and no due process. The Latin phrase 'habeas corpus' means 'you have the body'. Prisoners often seek release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. Such a writ is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody. A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another's detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences. Until the 12th June 2008, habeas corpus was denied to the inmates at Guantánamo Bay. In effect, what the Bush White House had done was to assume the sole power to call someone an enemy, wave its hand, and lock that person away indefinitely. The SCOTUS Opinion was therefore a stinging rebuke to Bush-Cheney's anti-terror policies and to the fascist influence of the Roman Catholic Justices placed there for the convenience of the US Executive Branch.

On Friday 13th June 2008, President George Bush Jnr was in Paris. He believed himself to be at imminent risk of arrest because of his continuing blocking of the Global Refinancing Settlements and the NESARA reforms. The President placed an urgent telephone call through to Dick Cheney in Washington. It was a conference call which included John Glover Roberts at the US Supreme Court. According to Christopher Story's paraphrase (here), part of the exchange ran as follows:
Bush: "I have to pay or I’ll be arrested."

Cheney: "That’s your problem. You gave me a Power of Attorney two months ago to handle these financial matters and I’ll do as I like." Cheney then asked Roberts to confirm that he (Roberts) held the Power of Attorney. Roberts confirmed this.
Bush: "I have to see The Queen and Brown tomorrow and they’ll want to be certain we’ve paid, or either they won’t let me go, or I’ll be arrested on arrival back home."
Cheney: "I can prove to you that no-one will touch you."

If this report is accurate, the legal signifiers are alarming. While in post, and at a time of war, the 43rd President of the United States has signed over his Power of Attorney to another in the full knowledge of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Why was this done? Was the President of unsound mind? Is he now still the de jure President or is he only the de facto President? Was Congress consulted? And why have the American people not been informed? The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States. How can George Bush Jnr be Commander-in-Chief when he does not even command his own personal estate? And by which law does the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court legitimate this irregularity?

On Monday 11th August 2008, John Glover Roberts, the seventeenth Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, was caught by US security agents trying to gain unlawful access to the global prosperity funds due to be released in connection with the NESARA process. Source here (11.08.08). Roberts attempted to do this using out-of-date wire transfer codes obtained from the sacked Chinese and Japanese ambassadors (Zhou Wenzhong and Ichiro Fujisaki). These ambassadors to the US had been relieved of their duties during the week beginning 21st July 2008. They were arrested in Washington by security personnel specially flown in from their own countries. Sources here (29.07.08), here (30.07.08) and here (06.08.08).

Having failed to access the global prosperity funds from his offices in the US Supreme Court, Roberts then went over to the US Treasury and, later on Monday 11th August 2008, moved a sum of $3 trillion into a bank account in Dubai bearing his personal name. On the same day, Roberts supervised the transfers of other large sums of US money from the US Treasury to Dubai. These totalled in excess of $10 trillion and were credited to accounts held in the names of Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and various senior US Treasury officials. Source
here (11.08.08).

On Tuesday 12th August, Wednesday 13th August and Thursday 14th August 2008, John Glover Roberts again illegally blocked the delivery of four thousand international prosperity fund trigger packages. Source
here (14.08.08). The previous week, Roberts had been instructed by international law enforcement authorities to release the packages from the vaults of the Supreme Court by noon on Friday 8th August 2008 at the latest. Source here (07.08.08).

On Thursday 14th August 2008, John Roberts, realising that military and international law enforcement authorities were moving against him irresistibly, attempted to assemble a plea-bargain in order to obtain immunity from prosecution. He provided the investigators with detailed incriminating papers and electronic files which implicated George Bush Jnr, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, several Senators and Congressmen and various senior personnel at the US Justice Department and the US Supreme Court. John Roberts was thanked for his information, but was denied legal immunity. Roberts then threatened to burn all the prosperity packages in every program and thus prevent Brink's from delivering them. On the afternoon of Monday 18th August 2008, the military and international law enforcement authorities, learning of Roberts' incendiary threats, removed the four thousand prosperity fund trigger packages from the vaults of the US Supreme Court. Source
here (18.08.08).

By the third week of August 2008, it was thought highly unlikely that John Glover Roberts would be able to stay in post at the Supreme Court. His fingerprints were all over a slew of incriminating papers, wire logs and the altar linens of Mammon's Black Mass.

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