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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bush White House begins to disintegrate
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Page update: 18.08.08

The Bush White House is in turmoil. Barbara Bush, the President's mother has accused George Bush Jnr, the President, of destroying the Bush family name. The President himself is drunk much of the time, and important meetings have had to be cancelled or postponed on "medical grounds" because of this. Laura Bush, the President's wife, has had divorce papers prepared and has said that she will only continue to present publicly as George's wife until he leaves office. She has demanded a ten million dollar honorarium for providing this photo shoot service. Laura Bush did not accompany George to the APEC meeting in Sydney in September 2007.

George Bush Jnr and
George Bush Snr are at loggerheads on nearly every substantive issue. One by one the Bush family bank and brokerage accounts are being closed down or blocked, and soon George Bush Jnr will find it difficult to pay his staff down home at Crawford, Texas, where he owns the Prairie Chapel Ranch.

The President is beginning to be openly ridiculed. On Thursday 18th Oct 2007, at a televised press conference at the White House, George Bush was attacked by reporters on camera. The reporter for the once-supportive Washington Times said that Bush was now viewed as trivial. The President stammered, glared and then responded that he was not. During this press conference he was angry and spiteful towards the press and threw out hints that if the Russians and Iranians didn’t knuckle under, World War III was certainly coming. It was a PR fiasco created by a President who was visibly out of control.

On the previous day, Wednesday 17th October 2007, CNN commentator Jack Cafferty speculated about how George W. Bush's unilateral grab for presidential power might be reversed. "The president of the United States didn't have the power to spy on Americans ... operate secret prisons ... suspend due process ... torture ... hide the conduct of the government from the public," Cafferty stated. "It's not like anybody gave President Bush any of these powers -- he took them, as a brain-dead Congress just stood there and watched." (Details here)

On Thursday 18th October 2007, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez condemned the US President's war rhetoric on Iran, saying that George Bush belongs in a psychiatric hospital. "The US President made an atomic bomb threat," Chavez said. "In other words, he's threatening a third world war but now with atomic weapons. It's like he should be taken to the psychiatric hospital. I think he's on the edge of the psychiatric hospital." (Details here)

On Friday 26th October 2007, speaking in Lisbon (Portugal), the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, referred to the recently announced Bush sanctions against Iran: "Why worsen the situation by threatening sanctions and bring it to a dead end? It's not the best way to resolve the situation by running around like a madman with a razor blade in his hand." Putin went on to compare Bush's plans for a missile shield in Europe to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s. (Details here and here)

George Bush Jnr, the 43rd President of the United States of America, is a sick, exhausted and broken man. He wants out before the end of his presidential term, and he is looking for an exit strategy which can be presented as an honorable retirement. So are many of his senior White House conspirators. Karl Rove led the way. The sheep are looking to follow.

The Vice President, Dick Cheney, is popping pills like Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight. He is as close to dead, physically, as a zombie can be. He is being propped-up by medics like a Soviet-era dictator. Dick Cheney has had at least four heart attacks since 1978. He has contractile dysfunction of the left ventricle. He underwent four-vessel coronary artery bypass grafting in 1988, a coronary artery stenting in November 2000, and urgent coronary balloon angioplasty in March 2001. In 2001, a Holter monitor disclosed episodes of asymptomatic ectopy. An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator has been implanted in his chest. In September 2005, Dick Cheney underwent an endovascular procedure to repair popliteal artery aneurysms. His atherosclerotic disease is progressing despite aggressive treatment. He experiences cardiac-related breathing difficulties. He could attempt a heart transplant, but he suspects that if he was under anaesthetic for that long, he would be quietly assassinated like Ken Lay or Ariel Sharon. In the sleazy world of fin de si├Ęcle Washington, the Chinese syringe is more to be feared than the Dallas paintball or the Blackfriars ligature. More about Dick Cheney's health can be found here and here
. One of Dick Cheney's silent clone lookalikes appears occasionally for the cameras to maintain an illusion of normality. Look carefully and notice the plastic smile. George Bush Jnr has a nodding mind-controlled clone lookalike, too. It attends some conferences on his behalf. (More information about the use of human clones in American political management can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)

Behind the scenes, elements of civil war are becoming evident within the White House. On the eve of the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings at the end of October 2007, Dick Cheney attempted to steal $45 billion from George Bush Jnr. A long-serving banker of Pakistani origin based at the New York office of Credit Suisse diverted $45 billion for a secret personal account held by Halliburton in Dubai for Vice President Richard B Cheney. The $45 billion represented stolen money held in trust for the President of the United States, George Bush Jnr.

This illegal transaction was frustrated by a covert fail-safe mechanism. The Credit Suisse banker was arrested and shortly afterwards, under interrogation, suffered a mysterious heart attack. At about 2.30pm Eastern Daylight Time on Friday 19th October 2007, Credit Suisse domestic banking in the USA collapsed and was taken over by Union Bank of Switzerland. This story has yet to be covered by the mainline media in the USA. More details
here, here and here.

On the 25th October 2007, Patrick Bellringer reported that on several occasions recently The Higher Evolution have stopped the Bush-Cheney White House from nuking major USA cities, nuking the major oil depot in Texas City, and creating artificial earthquakes in California. Should such a 911-style homegrown terrorist attack be accomplished again, the USA government would blame the attack on Iranian terrorists, and the long-planned Iran war would be launched. More details here.

The World Court has lodged ten charges of Treason against George Bush Jnr, the 43rd President of the United States of America. These will shortly be served on him by the Adjutant General for the USA accompanied by the Provost Marshall for the USA (Brigadier General Rodney Johnson). More details can be found in a Casper Update of the 21st September 2007 here. It is said that the President is using Patriot Act emergency powers to prevent news of these Treason charges reaching the mainstream media in the USA.

At the end of November 2007, The Bush White House issued instructions to all USA Federal Judges not to assist the NESARA world prosperity program participants in any way. At the same time, Saudi Arabia was said to be telling the Bush White House that they will decouple their oil from the USA dollar on Tuesday 27th November 2007 if the NESARA package deliveries were not made by that date.

At 9.15am on Wednesday 19th December 2007, in Washington DC, a major fire broke out in the Eisenhower Executive Office building, located near the West Wing of the White House. The epicentre of the flames was on the second floor in the vicinity of Vice President Dick Cheney's ceremonial office. Firefighters entered the building to tackle the blaze and were seen breaking windows and removing furniture. The entire building was evacuated, including those parts well away from the fire. The Eisenhower Executive Office accommodates many of the President's senior military and security staff. The White House itself was not evacuated. No injuries were reported. Dick Cheney was safely in his West Wing office at the time. The incident carried the unmistakable hallmark of BlackOps arson. Which papers and computers were destroyed in the conflagration remains to be seen. The carefully-targeted fire looked like a classic intelligence operation frightener, or a diversionary exercise to remove data. Against this, a Russian security source stated that there had been a firefight in the building between a USA military unit and a team of Secret Service Agents assigned to protect Dick Cheney. During the exchange of fire, a substantial explosion took place. A US Marine was seen to smash a fifth-floor window and had to be rescued from the ledge outside.

A third account stated that Dick Cheney had his ceremonial offices wired to act as a parallel White House. A duplicate and unlawful Emergency Alert System (EAS) was in place. The EAS is designed to enable the President of the United States to initiate an Emergency Action Notification (EAN). Here the President speaks to the people of the United States via all media links within 10 minutes of anything major happening - such as a real or fake alien invasion, or a tactical decision to impose martial law and close down public information flows and due-process media and legal scrutiny. The EAS has never been used. The fire/firefight in the Eisenhower Executive Office building destroyed Dick Cheney's parallel EAS. Subsequent security and health and safety inspections were likely to catalogue the existence of this illegal wiring.

Towards the end of December 2007, George Bush Snr was arrested and held in custody for at least three days. He could no longer trade, move money or access his major bank and brokerage accounts worldwide.

The 43rd President of the United States of America, George Bush Jnr, spent Christmas Day 2007 at Camp David (Maryland, USA). On returning home to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, he found a severed horse's head in his bed. The horse's head was well known to George Bush. It was severed from one of his most cherished horses, worth an estimated $350,000. At 3.04am on Thursday 27th December 2007, George Bush Jnr's childhood home in Odessa, Texas, (now a museum) was set on fire by an arsonist. It appeared that the Chinese Secret Society described by Benjamin Fulford was beginning to leave its calling cards. More details here, here and here. An alternative security reading was that the horse's head, at least, was placed in the President’s bed on the instructions of Russian intelligence. Russia, like China, is one of the major countries which wants immediate release of The Wanta Plan Funds and the NESARA global prosperity funds. George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr and Henry Paulson had been obstructing these disbursements.

On or around Friday 28th December 2007, Henry Paulson, the USA Treasury Secretary, was shot at close range in the chest, by an assassin. He was reported to be in a critical condition. On Tuesday 1st January 2008, Paulson was still alive, but with the bullet still lodged in his chest. He was too weak to be operated upon. Henry Paulson died on Wednesday 2nd January 2008. During 2007, Paulson had illegally conveyed substantial sums of money to Israel. Like the American CIA, the Israeli intelligence community was in a state of internal civil war as to how best to manage the Citibank / Wanta / NESARA affair. More details here.

In the week following Henry Paulson's assassination, the Bush White House decided to manufacture the pretence that Paulson was still alive. Lookalikes, human clones, holograms and library video footage were called in to assist this USA government disinformation. More details here.

On Saturday 29th December 2007, a close aide of Vice President Dick Cheney was shot at close range in the chest, by an assassin, and died.

It is reported that a list of 127 (one hundred and twenty seven) senior people in the USA have been targeted for assassination. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security are said to feature towards the top of that list. A second, separate, list of assassination targets applicable to European perpetrators of financial theft is also said to exist.

Late on Monday 7th January 2008, USA President George Bush Jnr made a final attempt to block the NESARA world prosperity programme disbursements. In response, on Tuesday 8th January 2008, the Global Basel II Banking authorities, China and other nations and international bodies, ordered the closing and lock down of all USA banks which had signed onto the new Basel II Global Banking system. Citibank was ordered to pay the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds to Lee Wanta on Tuesday 8th January 2008 or be permanently closed down at midnight on Tuesday 8th January 2008. Robert Rubin of Citibank attempted to manufacture further delays, but was eventually instructed by President George Bush Jnr to pay the Wanta Plan funds rather than have Citibank destroyed.

Also on Tuesday 8th January 2008, USA President George Bush Jnr was informed that he would not be able to access his personal stolen funds in Israel, Dubai and two other Middle East locations. To engineer access to these accounts was the primary purpose of his projected trip to the region that week. The trillions of dollars of personal stolen funds referred to here were mostly held in Henry Paulson's name in Israel and in Laura Bush's name in Dubai.

On the 6th July 2008, George Bush Jnr celebrated his 62nd birthday. News that he was the illegitimate son of John F Kennedy and Barbara Bush was emerging.

John F Kennedy and George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush Snr) served in the US Military during World War II and knew each other. JFK was the Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat-109. On the 2nd August 1943, in the Solomon Islands, PT-109 was rammed by a Japanese destroyer and sunk, and JFK was seriously injured. JFK was released on disability from the military in March 1945 and did not marry Jacqueline Bouvier until the 12th September 1953. Bush Snr served in the US Military through the war and was discharged in September 1945. Earlier that year he married Barbara Pierce on the 6th January 1945.

In October 1945, JFK and Barbara Bush had an affair. Barbara Bush became pregnant by JFK and the love child of the liaison was born on the 6th July 1946. This child was George Bush Jnr, the current US President. Because of this, George Bush Snr became an arch-enemy of JFK, and assisted in arranging certain details of JFK's assassination. He was in Dallas that day.

Indeed, George Bush Snr was determined to wipe out the entire Kennedy family and was involved in the assassination of JFK's brother, Robert Kennedy on the 6th June 1968.

JFK's son, JFK Jnr (John-John), was later the editor of the magazine "George". The August 1999 issue of "George", which was never published, carried the truth about Bush Snr's involvement in the assassination of his father, and JFK Jnr's plans to run for US president against Bush Snr's son, George Bush Jnr in 2000. This could not be allowed, so Bush Snr and Bush Jnr, together, were both involved in arranging the assassination/airplane crash of a third member of the Kennedy family, JFK Jnr, on the 16th July 1999, as he and his wife and sister-in-law were on their way to Martha's Vineyard.

Less well known than the fact that George Bush Snr had been the prime mover behind the assassinations of the Kennedys, was the fact that George Bush Snr had also instructed the murder of his son George Bush Jnr.

George Bush Snr and Dick Cheney decided late in 2002, when George Bush Jnr was panicking about the 911 cover-up, that the President had become too erratic and unreliable to be safely controllable in the White House. He was beginning to say things and sign things which were inexpedient to corporate America. By that time, George Bush Jnr was also an alcohol and cocaine addict.

In January 2003, the 43rd President of the United States of America was quietly murdered and cremated by his father and his Vice President. One of his pre-prepared clones was woken up at Camp David, brushed up and put into service.

Camp David, in Maryland, is a major covert human cloning centre. Three or four clones of President George Bush Jnr are kept in operation at any one time, and the ones not on duty are stored and renovated in sleeper cells at the clone labs there.

With the
NESARA announcements imminent, the Citibank scandal about to erupt into mainstream news, and Karl Rove gone, the Bush White House is in terminal panic.


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Anonymous said...

Good essay but I don't buy it. Even Reagan looked bad at this point in his Presidency, Clintoon was being impeached. I do think that Bush jr. will be remembered very poorly though.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for putting out this vile crap. Have you no shame?
How does posting lies about a man help your cause?

Anonymous said...

Bush is a zioni$t puppet. Only Israel benefits from these endless Middle East wars. Iraq is the beginning. As we commit war-crimes in Baghdad, the US gov't commits treason at home by opening mail, eliminating habeas corpus, using the judiciary to steal private lands, banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon and Wikipedia, conducting warrantless wiretaps and engaging in illegal wars on behalf of AIPAC's 'money-men'. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier by Mossad) and the US will invade Iran.. Then we'll invade Syria, then Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon (again) then ....

Anonymous said...

Instead of bashing the article, why not try and prove they are lies? This writer certainly went out of his way to verify his information. Why can't you try to verify that this is "vile crap"? Or is it easier to smear than to do something about the article at hand?

Great job with the article. I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see the point in reporting "What might be" as your blog title suggests. Hell, if people would just make themselves aware of WHAT IS, we could change things.Read the newswires,and kill your television, read the foreign press. Read the books that some of those behind the scenes write. For instance David Rockefeller

Memoirs, by David Rockefeller. Random House, New York. First Trade Edition, 2002. ISBN 0-679-40588-7
“For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

- David Rockefeller, 2002, Memoirs, Chapter 27: 'Proud Internationalist' Page 405

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Quit calling george bush the president. He was never elected, he never upheld his oath of office- he is murderous dictator and a madman, and no president.

His entire cabinet should be mass-guillotined on the whitehouse lawn in a Pay Per View event to raise money to replace all the billions he stole from american taxpayers for his own benefit.

Anonymous said...

The onus is on people to prove their allegations prior to making them, not on people to refute any theories you may have.
I certainly hate Bush as more as the next guy, but a lot of what's in this essay is pure speculation that has no substantiation.

Anonymous said...

I'm reasonably certain the world court doesn't handle domestic crimes like treason. It would be the forum for war crimes and crimes against humanity trials of the entire Bush II administration (and every other going back to 1945 if you want to be a smartarse), but really holding Dubya accountable would be like holding Charles II of Spain accountable, please try to focus on the entire insitution and not one symbolic man.

Anonymous said...

i liked this until i read about NESARA...
that is a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Are you just trying to make us all feel better? I know this is what one hopes and prays will befall bush and his minions.

I'm not sure I buy the line about bush sr being such a relative saint. I'm not condemning him, I'm just not sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying perusing the various subjects on this site. Some of the comments here seem to be made by people who are truly
misinformed/unaware of NESARA. So afraid of the ramifications of this plan fulfilled, that the Dark Agenda has created no less than 2 NESARA disinformation sites to cause confusion/distraction from the True NESARA( looking through one of the disinformation sites, I came accross information that portrayed the "Federal Reserve" and "IRS" as "Legitimate" legal entities!
As kuro-chan commented "Instead of bashing the article, why not try and prove they are lies"? Ignorance is the most widespread, virulent, deadly dis-ease on the planet to date, and I expect this will be addressed on a global scale, by years end.

Anonymous said...

funny i just saw Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson on the NYSE

must be a clone