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Sunday, June 05, 2005

The American Problem

Page update: 16.09.07

Rightly or wrongly, a view is emerging in liberal circles in Old Europe that the United States of America has become a spiritual drag-anchor on planetary development.

It is being argued that the USA is a manifest conduit of international evil. By "evil" here, is meant that which is anti-evolutionary, sectarian, fundamentalist and self-serving.

The twin towers of American materialism and militarism reach heavenwards, but without the support of sustainable roots in international soil. Not surprisingly, these towers attract unfriendly missiles from afar.

America is a new nation, a young nation, not yet culturally, diplomatically or politically mature. The United States of America is less than 250 years old, yet, by an accident of history and immense good fortune, she has become enormously wealthy and powerful.

But America does not currently have the quality of political leadership to use its favoured position responsibly and for the greater good of the planet. She does not yet have the resources of spirit, or the intelligence, at government level, to resist manipulation by covert materialistic and security interests.

America's pre-pubescent tendency towards selfishness and international bullying is becoming a retarding friction on world growth. Her isolationist stuckness has made her a target for terrorism and international contempt.

For many Europeans in leadership positions in politics, the arts, education, business and spirituality, to associate with the dominant American neo-conservative class feels like associating with mooncalves and lepers.

In the United Kingdom, the recent ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who was said by elements within the European press to actively maintain a commodious second home deep within George Bush's anal sphincter, encountered considerable difficulties over his American sympathies. It is argued that his uncritical support of the Republicans' military adventure in Iraq cost the British Labour Party fifty or sixty parliamentary seats in the May 2005 General Election. For two years thereafter he was a lame-duck leader in search of an exit-strategy. And it became politically impossible for him to accept, while still in office, the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to him four years ago for his steadfast support of America after 9/11.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this situation is that America has one of the most educated and spiritually literate populations in the West. There are many spiritual teachers of world importance active in America at the moment. Yet, somehow, a nation which includes tens of millions of the most generous, benevolent and evolved human beings on Earth, has contrived to allow its public life to be taken over by a political cadre of fundamentalist militarians.

In Europe, it is a matter of some puzzlement as to just how an apparently developed democracy such as the USA can possibly tolerate, at the heart of its polity, a dim vulgarian culture of the Bush-Cheney kind.

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Anonymous said...

It's not about America; nor is it about Old vs New Worlds.

It's about abuse of power and the adage that: Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Jon said...

Without completely risking ex-communication I feel the need to but in my two cents worth as an American. Our nation has done a lot of good in the past. We pitched in (with our European allies) and helped end Hitler’s march in World War II. Sadly, that might be the most crowning moment in our history. It seems we have evolved and then de-evolved over here. We started as a nation of puritans who were afraid to venture out west (at one time defined as anything outside of Massachusetts.) and we shot at any perceived threats (see also anyone different than us in any way.)

It took time, but eventually our bravest explored and populated the nation from shore to shore. We cultivated writers like Kerouac and Thoreau and even managed to become the cultural beacon for much of the west. Then something happened. If I could put my finger on that moment, I would point it out and scream to everyone “here, I found it.”

Again we are a nation of puritans who are about 5 minutes away from shutting the borders and instead of treating slaves and natives as sub human, our radar is now focusing in on the perceived threat of homosexuality and non-Christian thought. Our Walt Whitmans are being replaced by Shawn Hannitys and we drive around in our gas guzzling SUVs ensuring further entrenchment into the mess we made in the Middle East. Perhaps we can convinced the radical reich to move to a new land and start the cycle all over again. I suggest the Artic wildlife refuge where they can tap directly into the vein of that sweet petroleum they love so much.