Thursday, July 07, 2005

Decoy terrorism

It is a matter of public concern that the BBC, a public service broadcaster, has been duped into giving so much attention to the decoy terrorist attacks in London today.

The religious terrorists who, in the name of religious fundamentalism, disrupted the transport network in the British capital this morning, are small fry compared with the political and economic terrorists currently meeting under the cover of the G8 banner at Gleneagles.

It is these eight men, and the covert puppeteers who mind them, who are the real terrorists. One of them, indeed, is the chief poisoner of the planet.

His task at Gleneagles is to defend the industrial status quo in his country which, although accounting for only 5 percent of the world's population, consumes 26 percent of the world's energy and belches out 23 percent of the world's energy-related carbon emissions.

This man is also a religious fundamentalist and the major warmonger on Earth, yet the editorial controllers at the BBC appear to ignore the evil he channels and give, instead, blanket coverage to a few relatively insignificant religious firecrackers in London.

Open your eyes, BBC. You are being used.

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