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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jesus anticipates an American economic collapse

Page update: 18.08.08

On the afternoon of the 20th March 2006, Jesus took the form of a hitchhiker and was given a lift in the car of TF, a resident of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He was driving from Tolmin to Ljubljana. Jesus had brown hair, a beard, shining pale blue eyes, and emanated a pleasant smell of burnt wood. During the conversation in the car, Jesus commented on the war in Iraq, saying that it was absurd that the USA was sending its children to die there for the sake of oil. He said that the main motivation for the Iraq war was to prevent a stockmarket crash. The manufactured conflict helped the USA war industry and in this way also the USA economy, which would otherwise collapse. Jesus said that the long-anticipated American economic collapse had been about to happen before the Iraq war.

TF, the driver, commented that the stockmarket system had changed the world into a global casino. Jesus agreed and said that the system is very unjust and that the lack of justice is the main problem in the world today. So many people work so hard and gain so little, while others can be immensely rich, without contributing anything to the community. He pointed out that this problem can only be solved by justice and sharing.
According to Jesus, the world stockmarkets are due to crash soon, in spite of the efforts of a group of very skilful and intelligent men who have managed to keep them going with their political and business tricks.
Source: Share International Magazine (Letters to the editor) January/February 2007

The preceding story from Slovenia in March 2006 has a clear spiritual connection with another story recorded in Liverpool (UK) in February 2007. Crowds were drawn to the Liverpool Academy of Arts (UK)
to view a statue that was emitting a strange paranormal energy. It was a steel and bronze depiction on fibreglass entitled the ‘Cleansing of the Temple’ (detail shown here). A larger and better image can be viewed by following the 'Cleansing of the Temple' link on this page here.

The artwork, by atheistic sculptor Brian Burgess,
portrays an angry Jesus, brandishing a whip in his right hand and a broken chair in his left hand. He is about to drive the moneylenders from the Jerusalem Temple in the first century CE. There are dice, playing cards, coins, treasury notes and collection plates in the background. Two screaming capitalists with their hands in the air protest at Jesus' interference in their business.

Brian Burgess' image derives from biblical stories in the New Testament Gospels (Matthew 21:12-13,
Mark 11:15-17, Luke 19:45-46 and John 2:15).

Visitors claim that the artwork has miraculous powers, is shooting sparks from its eyes in a directed manner, and is engendering trance or meditation states in some viewers who report experiencing a new and vital connection with God.

Sources: The Liverpool Daily Post (UK) 13.02.07 here and here.

Late note:
Share International Magazine (March 2007), in its Signs section, has confirmed that this miracle was manifested by Maitreya, the World Teacher. Maitreya is known as "Christ" in church mythology. He used this particular statue to underline the symbolism of his work in encouraging humanity to turn away from gross materialism and towards a system of sharing and justice for all. Maitreya, who is now based in London (UK), works closely with Jesus, who is now based just outside Rome (Italy).


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