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Monday, October 25, 2004

How important is Jesus?

Page update: 01.02.10

Alcuin: How important is Jesus of Nazareth, Flutterby? Now that the age of religion is past, is it fair to assume that Jesus is superfluous to cultural needs?
Flutterby: The human individual you refer to as Jesus of Nazareth is known here, on the spiritual planes, as Sananda.
Alcuin: Yes, I know. You've told me that before. But the exact name doesn't matter much, does it? How important is Jesus / Sananda to us in the modern, post-religious world?
Flutterby: Even in his Palestinian incarnation with you, Jesus was never particularly religious. He was more of an itinerant shaman, a teacher-healer, a widely-travelled Essene mystic.
Alcuin: Not the figure we would immediately recognise from church mythology, then?

Flutterby: No, certainly not. Not a pantomime saviour constructed for religious convenience. But Jesus was highly attuned, spiritually, by the human standards of that age. So was Siddhartha Gautama before him, and so were Apollonius of Tyana and Origen after him. I would say that Jesus is very important indeed, if you want him to be. For many modern people, Jesus is much more important and much more contemporary than Churchianity pretends.


The Ascended Master commonly known in the West as Jesus is also known on the spiritual planes (the inner planes) as Sananda. In his Palestinian incarnation (24BC – 9AD) Jesus was known locally as Joshua Ben Pandira. He was an active Essene mystic in a progressive Jewish tradition of the time. Modern Western culture refers to him as Jesus of Nazareth. In 16AD he took another physical incarnation known to history as Apollonius of Tyana. A few centuries later, working from the spiritual planes, Jesus gave the Prophet Muhammad the original text of The Holy Qur'an and taught the Prophet during his night journeys to the Holy Land.

On the 13th April 1952, speaking to a meditation group in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), Jesus said: "And soon will come the time when the light which I pour forth to individuals in response to their calls to me can be easily photographed, even by that mechanical perfection to which you have attained thus far." Some of those photographs have been compiled on a separate page

In 1975, "A Course in Miracles" was published by Helen Schucman and William Thetford. Jesus headed a team of writers on the spiritual planes who are said to have compiled this. The text was transmitted to Schucman and Thetford by a process of mental impression, inner dictation and inspiration. The text is written as though Jesus is the author speaking in the first person.

Jesus is still alive and active on the physical plane, organising miraculous healings through many human channels, for example through Torbi el Mekki in Morocco (details
here). Jesus also energises healings in certain specific churches, such as in Den Bosch in The Netherlands, and in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia (details here).

Like many Ascended Masters, Jesus often appears to individuals in the guise of ordinary people. For example, on the morning of Sunday 12th February 2006, Dick Larson and Jackie Cochrane were running a booth at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles (USA). Jesus turned up in the form of an African American man of average height and slim build (more details
here). A month later, on the afternoon of the 20th March 2006, Jesus took the form of a hitchhiker and was given a lift in the car of a person living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, who was driving from Tolmin to Ljubljana. On this occasion, Jesus had brown hair, a beard, shining pale blue eyes, and emanated a pleasant smell of burnt wood (more details here).

According to Jesus, the biblical text of what Western culture refers to as The Lord's Prayer is not accurate. He says a better rendering is as follows:

My spirit, you are omnipotent.

Your name is holy.

May your realm be incarnate in me.

May your power reveal itself within me, on Earth and in the heaven.

Give me today my daily bread, and thus let me recognize my transgressions and errors, and I shall recognize the truth.

And do not lead me into temptation and confusion, but deliver me from error.

For yours is the realm within me and the power and the knowledge forever.


(Source here - 31.01.10)

The Christmas story, too, as related in the church cultures of the West, is not quite accurate. In particular, the executive role of the Bethlehem Starship is underwritten. A fuller and unredacted version of the Christmas story can be found here.

As Western churchianity has slowly lost editorial control of the Jesus story, other pertinent facts have emerged from high-status spiritual sources outside organised religion. One is that Jesus and Christ are two separate and different people, with separate and different chronologies and personal histories. They just happen to have been working together closely for millennia. Christ is senior to Jesus in the spiritual order of things, but Christ is not a religious figure and does not want followers or worshippers. More background here


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Asherah said...

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Anonymous said...

The Church started out, as a club/organization to "Control Spirituality". Much has been tampered with & lost, since the original teachings. You know, there's so much 'mental effluvia' out there! If only everyone actually knew, of his longings for Lemuria. As this, is what it was "really all about"! The only devils, are the ones who tampered with anothers original intent, for their own "version of heaven". You are all forgiven. And YOU, my dear alcuin, can go back to your chocalate cake! Thank You, for saying what you said. It's True!