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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Out beyond the Gas Giants

A pub is a place of safety;
A place where hobbits
And men
Can exchange news;
A place where a ranger
Can sit quietly in the corner
And observe, but not speak.

If you wish,
You can play patience in a pub.

In the saloon bar
Of The Whore and Condom
In Church Street, Ventnor,
The conversation
Is about
Pluto, Yoda and love.

Pluto will survive.
It has plenty of friends
Out there in the Kuiper Belt
And the Oort Cloud.
They talk.
They party.
They exchange energy.
Everything is intelligent.

What Earthling astronomers think
Doesn't matter
Out beyond the Gas Giants.

And Yoda?
The thing about Yoda
Is that Yoda doesn't blog.

Yoda is everywhere all at once,
Except you don't notice.
Think quantum transdimensionality
And you think Yoda.
But you don't touch Yoda
With your thought;
Yoda touches you with his.

Love is more tricky.
But after a second glass
Of Benedictine liqueur,
Even the concept of love
Becomes accessible
In the saloon bar
Of The Whore and Condom.

Love is a dance;
A dance of colour;
A dance of energy;
A dance of inclusiveness
Shared with the universe.

Out beyond the Gas Giants,
They understand that love
Is all there is,
And that love includes Pluto
And energises Yoda
And surrounds the saloon bar
Of The Whore and Condom
With a felt sense
Of metaphysical safety.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jesus recounts a dream he had about George Bush

Page update: 18.08.08

One of the energising claims of the New Spirituality is that for the first time in 98,000 years here on Earth, the spiritual leaders of the planet are returning back into everyday physical life and are making themselves known to ordinary people again. One of those spiritual leaders is the individual known to Western history as Jesus of Nazareth.

In his Palestinian incarnation (24BC – 9AD), Jesus was known locally as Joshua Ben Pandira. He was an active Essene mystic in a progressive Jewish tradition of the time. In 16AD he took another physical incarnation known to history as Apollonius of Tyana. A few centuries later, working from the spiritual planes, he gave the Prophet Muhammad the original text of The Holy Qur'an and taught the Prophet during his night journeys to the Holy Land.

On the 13th April 1952, speaking to a meditation group in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), Jesus said: "And soon will come the time when the light which I pour forth to individuals in response to their calls to me can be easily photographed, even by that mechanical perfection to which you have attained thus far." On another page of this weblog
we have assembled links to some of these photographs, which were originally published and authenticated by Share International Magazine.

In 1975, "A Course in Miracles"
was published by Helen Schucman and William Thetford. Jesus headed a team of writers on the spiritual planes who are said to have compiled this. The text was transmitted to Schucman and Thetford by a process of mental impression, inner dictation and inspiration. The text is written as though Jesus is the author speaking in the first person.

In recent years, according to Share International, Jesus has been appearing in physical form all over the world to ordinary individuals. Often this happens in the wake of disasters, at peace demonstrations, or at Mind, Body and Spirit festivals. The physical appearance he adopts for these appearances varies.

On the morning of Sunday 12th February 2006, Dick Larson and Jackie Cochrane were running a booth at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles (USA). Jesus turned up in the form of an African American man of average height and slim build. He appeared to be in his early 30s. He was dressed casually, wearing a turquoise and white vertical striped shirt, and beige trousers. He was not immediately recognised.

After some general conversation with Larson and Cochrane about the exhibits being displayed, Jesus said: "You know, I had a dream. In the dream I had the plans for the solutions to all the world’s problems in my hands. I entered a room that was filled with corporate executives. I gave a copy of the plans that I had to each person in the room. Then you know who walked into the room? George Bush. I also handed him a copy of the plans, but he tore it up and threw it away. So then I washed my hands.”

Jesus then shook Larson and Cochrane's hands, and walked away. This account of events appeared in the Letters to the Editor section of the September 2006 edition of Share International Magazine and can be found here.

Elsewhere, in the same edition of Share International magazine, in the Questions and Answers section, two related pieces of information about American politics and policy are offered. First, Benjamin Creme, the editor, describes the last presidential election in the USA as being "the most corrupt, I think, that has ever taken place in a modern state. You must make sure that you do not have another election like that. Do not stand for it. The voting machines were pre-programmed to change every fifth vote for Kerry into one for Bush. Those elections were completely false. Ohio was won by Kerry, although he lost it. Florida was won by Kerry, so was New Mexico. The result would have been completely different but for the corruption. There was a massive vote against Bush but also a strong vote for him. But Kerry won the election and was denied it, just as in the previous election Al Gore won the election and was denied it. The world would be a completely different place had either Gore or Kerry become President."

Second, Benjamin Creme was asked the following question: "In July 2006 torrential storms affected much of the East coast of the USA. In Washington DC, the storm caused the US Department of Justice and other major federal buildings to be closed and a 100-year-old elm tree on the White House lawn to fall. The tree is featured prominently on the back of the $20 bill. Were the storms due to karma?" Creme's answer was yes. He was then asked: "Was this a karmic reaction for America’s actions in Iraq, or for something else?" Creme replied: "America’s actions in Iraq."

An abridged version of the September 2006 edition of Share International Magazine can be read online here.


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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Antidote to terror

Leave the burning machine
In the garage,
Put the television set
In the garbage,
Switch off the electricity,
Walk out of the house,
Walk out of the city,
Walk into the country.

Touch the Sun
In the golden air;
Touch the Moon
In the silver air.

Paddle barefoot
In the mountain streams.

Dance with the clouds.

Caress the feathers
Of the winds
With your face,
Feel the scud
Of the rain
With your skin,
Hear the song
Of the birds
In your breath.

Stay outdoors.

Be a harvest mouse
In the hedgerows.
Be a faun
In the forests.

Connect with your planet
And become friends.

Cast care aside,
Flow freely,
Forgive freely,
Love freely.

Leave the future behind;
Inhabit the present;
Breathe the abundance
Of all that is.

Know now
That there is nothing
To fear.


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