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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Antidote to terror

Leave the burning machine
In the garage,
Put the television set
In the garbage,
Switch off the electricity,
Walk out of the house,
Walk out of the city,
Walk into the country.

Touch the Sun
In the golden air;
Touch the Moon
In the silver air.

Paddle barefoot
In the mountain streams.

Dance with the clouds.

Caress the feathers
Of the winds
With your face,
Feel the scud
Of the rain
With your skin,
Hear the song
Of the birds
In your breath.

Stay outdoors.

Be a harvest mouse
In the hedgerows.
Be a faun
In the forests.

Connect with your planet
And become friends.

Cast care aside,
Flow freely,
Forgive freely,
Love freely.

Leave the future behind;
Inhabit the present;
Breathe the abundance
Of all that is.

Know now
That there is nothing
To fear.


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