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Friday, December 21, 2012

Gospel for the New Age
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The idea that God turned stone-silent and stopped talking to the human race a long time ago is false.

The idea that God is angry with the human race and kicked it out of Paradise is false.

The idea that God has set Himself up as judge and jury and will be deciding which members of the human race go to heaven or hell is false.

God loves every human being who ever lived, lives now, or ever will live.

God's desire is for every soul to return to God, and God cannot fail in having this desire fulfilled.

God is separate from nothing, and nothing is separate from God.

There is nothing that God needs, because God is everything there is.

There is nothing outside God.

This is the good news. Everything else is an illusion.



I quote here from page 14 of "Communion with God – An uncommon dialogue" by Neale Donald Walsch (2000): Hodder & Stoughton; ISBN 0-340-76784-7. The title given to the above piece ("Gospel for the New Age") is Alcuin's.

Conversations with God Foundation is based at Ashland, Oregon, USA, and can be located online here.


A symbol for the New Age

An Invocation for the New Age

A Prayer for the New Age

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What is the function of religion?

How silly is salvation?

How important is Jesus?

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An Invocation for the New Age
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From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. 


This mantram is called "The Great Invocation." It was first used by The World Teacher in June 1945, at the successful conclusion of the Armageddon conflict.

The World Teacher's name is Maitreya. He is the individual who is referred to as "Christ" in church mythology. Other religions know him by other names. Maitreya is a human being. He is not a religious figure; he is a spiritual teacher.

Armageddon was a multidimensional nexus of military, racial, economic and spiritual conflicts. They took place in the third dimension (the physical plane), the fourth dimension (the astral plane) and the fifth dimension (the mental plane).

The opposing energies were high-vibration light-beings and low-vibration dark-beings. Human beings, both incarnate and discarnate, were active on both sides. Many other non-human entities were involved. Some of these were on-planet and off-planet extraterrestrials.

Seen from the physical plane viewpoint of western linear time, Armageddon began in 1914 and concluded in 1945. The antichrist energies will not now reappear for three thousand years.

There is more about Maitreya on the Share International website here.

Benjamin Creme outlines the spiritual background of The Great Invocation here.

The Lucis Trust has more detail about the specific meaning of each part of The Great Invocation here.


A New Age prospectus

Gospel for the New Age

A Prayer for the New Age

A symbol for the New Age

The Share International revelations

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A Prayer for the New Age
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I am the creator of the universe.

I am the father and mother of the universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, spirit and body are my temples, for the self to realize in them My supreme being and becoming.


Benjamin Creme outlines the spiritual background of this prayer here.


Is prayer a waste of time?

An Invocation for the New Age
A symbol for the New Age

Meditation - the direct encounter

The Share International revelations

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A symbol for the New Age
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The Lucis Trust has given this symbol some helpful publicity recently. It can be viewed here.

A symbol can be regarded as an energy portal between dimensions. Every veridical symbol has a signature vibration, or sigil. Its signature combines shape, light, sound and scent in a coherent and coordinated manner.

A portal is a person; a self-conscious, intelligent, sentient being of access. A portal exists to assist others in moving their energies between dimensions. Sometimes portals present themselves to elevated human consciousness as visible beings such as angels, travel guides, gatekeepers or threshold guardians.

Symbols and portals can be accessed through spiritual exercises such as visualisation, meditation and dream management.

The New Age symbol featured here has six main visual components superimposed on one another:

(1) A background field of blue
(2) The pale yellow cosmic cross
(3) A gold disc
(4) A bright yellow, upwardly pointing triangle
(5) A blue Bethlehem star (the five pointed star of Christ)
(6) The pale yellow equal-armed cross of the New Age.

The gold disc is spoken of in the ancient Gayatri mantram: "Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disc of golden light, that we may know the truth."

The cosmic cross, in the specific context of this symbol, is a coded reference to our spiritual seniors on Sirius.

Sirius is a binary star system, 8.7 light years from Earth. It is the brightest star in our sky and is, technically, about forty times more luminous than the sun. Certain of the major pyramids were precisely aligned with Sirius. There is a strong spiritual connection between Earth and Sirius. Many people who have been involved with the spiritual leadership on Earth have been educated, during sleep, at the mystery school on Sirius. More than ever are being taught there now.

There is spiritual work which we can only do when we are awake, and there is spiritual work which we can only do when we are asleep.

In the Harry Potter books, written for New Age children, Hogwarts is a deep metaphoration of the Sirius Mystery School, and platform nine-and-three-quarters is the sleep-gate. The physical plane author of these books may not be aware (in full waking consciousness) of these signifiers.

Foster Bailey's explanation of the esoteric symbology of the New Age symbol featured above can be found on the Lucis Trust website here


An Invocation for the New Age

A Prayer for the New Age

Gospel for the New Age

The Share International revelations

Meditation - the direct encounter

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Our angels the aliens
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Picture: Our angels the aliens

There may be an issue of vocabulary here. And there may be an issue of high strangeness.

The word "angel" sounds about OK. We understand the wings. And we've heard about the feeling.

When an angel's energies intersect with yours, the New Age books report, you see a fuzzy-looking diaphanous light and get an initial creepy feeling in the stomach area. This slowly changes to a deep-down, supportive, humming vibration. Then there is a feeling of melted love being poured all over you, like warm, liquid toffee dribbling nicely over the surface of your skin. Angels? No problem. Even the government believes in angels.

But aliens? They're different. They're freaky. They're Other. And there's a motive difficulty with aliens. Why are they here? Do they want both my testicles or just one? And why don't they say please?

And there's a subterfuge problem. Why do the aliens beam us up to their ships when we are fast asleep? Don't they understand the social complications of pyjamas?

And there's a security issue, too, with aliens. How come the government says they don't exist? And how come the aliens wipe our memories after the event? And how come that, subsequently, only very expensive and very fashionable, middle-class, regressive hypnotherapy can restore those memory circuits for us?

It's a puzzle. But is part of the puzzle an issue of vocabulary? If I'm an alien and I come into your ambit, you feel alienated. But if instead of being called an alien, I am called a positive, off-planet, extra-terrestrial, and I come into your ambit, you feel honoured.

And if instead of being called a positive, off-planet, extra-terrestrial, I am called a Space Brother, and I come into your ambit, you feel that a welcome guest has arrived.

Could it really be that linguistic conditioning, or the deep-down executive energy of words in our consciousness, somehow generates an anti-reaction? Or is it just the freaky eyes?
Picture: Freaky-eyed alien

But the issue of high strangeness is more difficult than any of this. Is it possible that angels and aliens are the same thing?
Picture: Vatican angel sighting

Over a quarter of a century ago, the American evangelist, Dr Billy Graham, offered a view about aliens, UFOs and angels which changed the thinking of a generation of Western evangelical Christians. Part of what he said was as follows:

"Some Christian writers have speculated that UFOs could very well be part of God's angelic host who preside over the physical affairs of universal creation. While we cannot assert such a view with certainty, many people are now seeking some type of supernatural explanation for these phenomena. Nothing can hide the fact, however, that these unexplained events are occurring with greater frequency around the entire world and in unexpected places...."

"Some sincere Christians, whose views are anchored in a strong commitment to Scriptures contend that these UFOs are angels. But are they? These people point to certain passages.... Any attempt to connect such passages with the visits of angels may, at best, be speculation. What is interesting, however, is that such theories are now being given serious attention even by people who make no claim to believe in the God of the Bible."

I quote here from pp 11-12 of the original Doubleday edition of "Angels – God's secret agents" by Billy Graham (1975).

Billy Graham had a carefully concealed vested interest in promoting the covert UFO agenda among evangelical Christians. He is said to be one of the major intelligence-controlled disinformation agents secreted within the American Southern Baptist community.

As well as using religion to make easy money from the gullible, Billy Graham is reported to be a thirty third degree Freemason associated with Henry Kissinger in the P2 Masonic lodge. P2 controls the mafia and the Vatican.

Billy Graham was a major player and frontman in Project Blue Beam, the negative Illuminati's space-based hologram programme designed to counterfeit the Second Coming of Christ and install an easily-controlled fake Saviour as Head of the World.

Blue Beam was rumbled and disabled by the
Higher Evolution. A benevolent Pleiadian starship turned the orbiting satellite dishes round to face in the wrong directions, and scrambled the electronics.

There is more about Billy Graham
here. And more about Project Blue Beam can be found here and here

It is difficult to remain neutral in the angels and aliens debate. An increasing number of post-evangelicals incline to the emerging view that there is a major overlap between the entities we perceive to be angels and the entities we perceive to be aliens.

Perhaps the alien sympathy arises, in part, because in England and elsewhere there have been so many extraordinary agriglyphs to ponder in crop fields over the last three decades.
Picture: English crop circle agriglyph - 1

Some of these crop circle miracles have been so complex mathematically and, at the same time, so benignly beautiful that they cannot intelligently be ignored as spiritual signifiers.

And the fact that in many cases, UFO, or pillar of cloud, activity has been seen above the fields instants before the agriglyphs manifest has tended to dissolve a lot of the negative perceptions about what the UFOs are or may be up to. They are producing truly astounding landscape art. It is the art of angels.
Picture: English crop circle agriglyph - 3

The spiritual teacher in England who knows most about aliens and agriglyphs is Benjamin Creme. He runs the Share International website and does a lot of work with what he calls the Space Brothers.

Creme says that most of the agriglyphs are manifested by Christ with the assistance of
Martian and Venusian lightships. His ideas are compelling and fall sober and four-square within the Western esoteric tradition.Picture: Jovian spacecraft constructing crop circle agriglyph at Alton Barnes

Many agree with Benjamin. And it is not difficult to agree with those who have always argued that, in the Bible, there is ample evidence of extraterrestrial spirituality intersecting with human spirituality.

Of the many instances of intelligent extraterrestrial activity recorded in the Bible, alien-friendly Christians tend, these days, to concentrate on things like the Bethlehem starship (Mt 2:1-12), the pillars of cloud and fire (Ex 13:21-2, 14:19-24, 33:9-10, Num 12:5, Deut 31:15), the ascensions, or lift-offs, of Melchizedek (implied), Enoch (Gen 5:24, Heb 11:5) and Elijah (2 Kings 2:1-11), and the work of the Elohim geneticists (Gen 1:25-27).

But for many it is the extraterrestrial encounter recorded in Ezekiel 1:4 - 3:15 which is one of the most notable.

The noisy intersecting wheels on the landing craft are a curious feature (Eze 1:15-21 & 3:13). The psychotropic drug given to Ezekiel by the extraterrestrial visitor is of interest (Eze 3:1-3). And the prophet's subsequent abduction (Eze 3:12-15) is an entirely familiar motif.

The psychotropic drug bothers people. The full text is found at Ezekiel 2:8 – 3:1-3:

"But you, son of man, listen to what I say to you. Do not rebel like that rebellious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you." Then I looked, and I saw a hand stretched out to me. In it was a scroll, which he unrolled before me. On both sides of it were written words of lament and mourning and woe. And he said to me, "Son of man, eat what is before you, eat this scroll; then go and speak to the house of Israel." So I opened my mouth, and he gave me the scroll to eat. Then he said to me, "Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it." So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.'

We have a scroll described here, the text of which is turgid with lament, mourning and woe. One might expect that such a document, if ingested, would taste foul, bitter, sour or indigestible. In fact, Ezekiel says: ".... it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth."

This suggests that an ingredient of the "scroll" may have been psychotropic, affecting Ezekiel's mood or sensitivity.

Modern alien abduction scenarios do sometimes include the giving of drugs. And in the particular context of the larger story, the drug administered might also have had a stimulant effect on Ezekiel, quickening him for the difficult preaching tour he was about to undertake on the alien's behalf.

The "scroll" itself may have been a roll of ingestible material not entirely dissimilar to those rolled-up, coffee-flavoured wafers you can get at Sainsbury's for poking into the top of ice creams. But this is vapid speculation.

However, no-one uncritically immersed in Western popular culture will raise an eyebrow at Ezekiel's abduction after this drug has been taken.

The text is found at Eze 3:12-15: "Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound - May the glory of the LORD be praised in his dwelling place! - the sound of the wings of the living creatures brushing against each other and the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling sound. The Spirit then lifted me up and took me away, and I went in bitterness and in the anger of my spirit, with the strong hand of the LORD upon me. I came to the exiles who lived at Tel Abib near the Kebar River. And there, where they were living, I sat among them for seven days - overwhelmed."

Ezekiel's mood seems equivocal. On the one hand, he appears resigned and obedient about his abduction - or might this be the late gloss of a redactor? On the other hand, and paradoxically, Ezekiel is, at the same time, bitter, angry and overwhelmed by the experience. He should cheer up. At least he hasn't lost a testicle.

This is, of course, a personal reading of the Ezekiel poem; others will intuit alternative subtexts. Perhaps it is true that there are as many scriptures as there are readers.

But as modern, open-minded Christians become more and more conversant with the emerging teachings which the Holy Spirit is now giving through transpersonal psychology and transdimensional spirituality, the awareness will inevitably dawn that every angelic encounter recorded in the Bible might not necessarily have been an encounter with an angel at all; it may simply have been an encounter with a benign extraterrestrial or with an ascended master (a saint). The "shining ones" may not always be, indeed may not usually be, angels.

One danger of this developing view is that it tends towards a downgrading of the perceived importance of the devic kingdom. Angels are important. It is suggested that there are trillions of them in our immediate planetary ambit. Indeed, like music, we ourselves may be made of angels.
To be made of intelligent light-forms is to be made of the substance of God.

The fact that the occasional benign extraterrestrial or ascended master chooses to present to spiritualised human consciousness in apparent angel-form should not reduce our awareness of, or gratefulness to, the parallel and supportive evolution we call the angels.

Without angels, the universe would not cohere. And as a microcosm of that universe, nor would we.

Angels are, perhaps, the aliens closest to the heart of our modern God-consciousness.

Picture: "Guardian Angel" by Domen Lombergar

Unusual cloud-form over Launceston

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

UFOs - ETs - Angels - The Higher Evolution
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Picture: UFOs. ETs. Angels. The Higher Evolution.

The term "Higher Evolution" as used in this blog means those positive and highly evolved people who live most or all of their lives at a higher vibrational level than humans like you and me who are currently in physical incarnation here on Earth. Members of The Higher Evolution inhabit the higher dimensions.

Unless we are clairvoyant, we cannot usually, as adults in full waking consciousness, see the individuals of the Higher Evolution with our physical eyes. Young children can often see them, however, and sometimes refer to them as invisible friends.
Young children can often see fairies ..............................................................................................................................................

Traditional Earth-based human mythologies refer to The Higher Evolution as angels, fairies, saviours, scripture-givers, saints, elves, helpers, God, gods, goddesses, medicine animals, wizards, spiritual guides, spirit, Holy Spirit etc. Different cultures have employed different nomenclatures and different metaphors in referring to our invisible, transdimensional friends upstairs.
The Higher Evolution is made up of a number of different sizes and types of people. Most of them, if they wish, can slow down their vibrations to a level where our physical eyes can register their presence as visible entities. We can see them. They can also take any physical form they wish when they present to our visual consciousness.

Some of The Higher Evolution are ascended humans or off-planet humans. We might call them spiritual masters or Ascended Masters. Examples are Maitreya ('The World Teacher' or 'The Imam Mahdi' or 'The Christ' or 'The Teacher of Righteousness'), Sananda ('Jesus of Nazareth' or 'The Pierced Messiah') and Violinio Germain ('St Germain' or 'The Comte de Saint Germain' or 'The Master Rakoczi' or 'The Father of the American Republic'). More about Ascended Masters can be found here and here. More about the Maitreya revelations from Share International Magazine can be found here. And more about Violinio Germain can be found here.

A human is an ensouled being with free will who occupies an Adam Kadmon type of body when on the physical plane (one head, two arms, torso, two legs). Most ensouled beings (most people), are not human. According to the Andromedans who have been speaking to Alex Collier and others, there are over 135 billion human beings in the eight galaxies closest to ours.

Some of the Higher Evolution are smaller than sub-atomic particles, but have an experience and knowledge millions of times beyond the combined experience and knowledge of all humans who have ever lived anywhere. Others are larger than the size of the universe as we currently understand that to be.

Some UFOs are alive; they are people. Some UFOs are not only bigger than any Earth city yet built, they are bigger than the Earth itself. Indeed one or two UFOs currently active in our local solar system are as much as 4.2 times bigger than the Earth. Images of these large motherships have traditionally been airbrushed out of photographs by covert security agencies. However some are beginning to come to light. For example, a cigar-shaped mothership can be seen here in a Hubble telescope image, and three can be seen here in some French reportage on the Hubble imagery. These motherships are associated with the rings of Saturn.

Another large hexagonal mothership forms a cloud city above the north pole of Saturn (pictures here, here and here). These images were obtained from the Cassini spacecraft. The north polar Saturn entity is not the normal sinuous cloud structure seen on other planets. It is a long-lasting precise hexagon with six nearly equal straight sides and six corners. The honeycomb-like feature has been seen before. NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged it more than two decades ago. The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles (25,000 kilometres) across. Thermal imagery shows that it extends about 60 miles (100 kilometres) down into the clouds.

Other UFOs look like planets or moons. Some have mountain ranges, forests and oceans inside them. Some have mountain ranges, forests and oceans as part of a self-renewing biological skin on their outer surfaces.

Many of the Higher Evolution live physical lives among us here on Earth. We just don't notice them. They are invisible to us, or we think of them as animals. In fact, they are animal people. Who knows? You may have one sitting on your lap right now. She may look like a cat to you, but she is thought of as a Paschat Warrior up in the starfleet. (For Cat the ET, see also here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.) And, in a moment, you may be eating the flesh of another kind of ET animal person, sliced and cooked in the microwave.


Other members of The Higher Evolution we do not notice because we deem them to be below our notice. Tramps, gypsies and vagrants may be rather more than they appear at first sight. And some of the most highly evolved humans yet to incarnate physically on Earth, we regard as being mentally retarded. Certain of these are referred to as Down's Syndrome people. They have an extra chromosome per nucleus. That's right. They have more DNA than the rest of us, not less. Retarded? Or strangely enhanced? Ask a clairvoyant. Many of our Down's Syndrome friends have auras which shine like the Sun.

Some extraterrestrials are human; most are not. Some intraterrestrials are human; most are not. There are vast caverns, tunnels and chamber systems deep within the crust of the Earth which are not aquifer chambers, and which are inhabitable, inhabited, or contain developed cities of a most advanced kind. Or they have contained such cities in the past. Most planets are like this. On Earth, the entrances to such underground systems are usually in remote forests, mountains, lakes or oceans, and the entrances are spiritually protected; you can't see them unless they want you to see them. Portals are people, too. Other entrances lie within the boundaries of secure military bases and gunnery ranges.
Returning through the interdimensional portal

In this corner of our local universe, The Higher Evolution have an organisation called The Galactic Federation of Light. This was founded about four and a half million years ago to prevent interdimensional darkside forces from dominating and exploiting the Milky Way. At present, active membership of The Galactic Federation of Light numbers just over two hundred thousand different star nations, confederations or unions. Of these, about 40% are humanoid races. More information about some of the members of The Galactic Federation of Light can be found at Sheldan Nidle's site here. Planet Earth is not currently a member of The Galactic Federation of Light, but this is expected to change after NESARA, 2012 and First Contact.
Most members of the Higher Evolution currently assisting in the Earth's ascension process in the run-up to
2012 are either angels, ascended human masters, or advanced ETs from places with a special evolutionary connection with Earth such as Venus, Mars, The Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and Andromeda. The angels, ascended humans and advanced ETs work very closely together. Any individual among them can manifest physically in many different places simultaneously and can speak any Earth language necessary for protection, guidance or teaching purposes.

Another way of thinking of the Higher Evolution is to regard them as transdimensional beings, or beings who live in a parallel reality. But the truth is that we are all transdimensional beings. We know this when we are asleep; we forget it when we are awake.

Much spiritual teaching by the Higher Evolution is given to us when we are asleep, that is when our physical bodies are asleep in bed or in the armchair. Our spiritual bodies then leave the physical body behind and travel elsewhere. The teaching we receive on these occasions takes place on the spiritual planes and may be given in an Earth location, or on an interdimensional lightship of some sort, or on another planet or star system.
This sleep-time spiritual teaching is a very common human experience these days, but most people do not recall it when they wake up. Our spiritual bodies are sometimes referred to as resurrection bodies or ascension bodies.
There are a very few types of technologically advanced extraterrestrials who are negative and who think of human beings as some human beings think of pigs and chickens. They see us as food animals. But at this special late stage of our planetary evolution, we are spiritually protected from these transdimensional negatives.

It is sad to record, however, that when recent Earth governments have made covert treaties with ET races, in almost every case the ET race chosen has been negative. This is because of the militaristic, power and security obsessions of the humans who are allowed to deal with ETs as part of their military work. In recent times, since Sumeria and ancient Egypt, human governments have had substantive contacts on the physical plane with between fifty and sixty different ET races, almost all of them humanoid.

It is because of this unfortunate history that many of the positive and advanced ETs among the Higher Evolution have stopped trying to communicate explicitly with government military operatives and have chosen, instead, to channel their communications in a very full manner through humans of positive spiritual awareness who hold no official senior position in terrestrial governments. Examples of such people are Benjamin Creme, Robert Schapiro, Wistancia Stone, Madrona Woods (Spirit Eagle), Sheldan Nidle, Michael Ellegion, Patrick Bellringer, Billy Meier, Lavar, Nancy Lieder, Alex Collier, Norma Milanovich, Thelma Terrell (Tuella) and Mike Quinsey. But there are tens of thousands of others, many of them children. People of this kind know far more than the sum total of extraterrestrial knowledge currently held covertly by Earth governments.

On the 21st April 2008, a benevolent ET with long-standing Earth-connections, the Sirian Ag-agria, spoke on behalf of The Galactic Federation: "Your thoughts and prayers are being heard by us loud and clear, and now more than any other time you call us to come to your aid. You have grown immensely over the last few years in your perception of us, and no longer are we seen as a threat to your existence. It is rather the opposite, as you are becoming aware of our desire to help you rise up out of your present predicament. Many of your frustrations are the result of the time factor concerned with our coming, but we have to abide by greater Beings who have planned these end times. As you are fond of saying, there is a time and place for everything, and as your reality continues to change so we look for the ideal situation to openly meet you. With the threat of war always hanging over your heads you wonder why we do not step in and take action. The truth is that we have to approach you through your elected representatives, as without their approval any action on our part will be seen as interference in your freewill to decide your own future. What few of you will realise is that over a long period of time, we have often met your government heads to propose a peaceful pact. However, where we were concerned it had to be an exchange for our help and advanced technologies, with your agreement to broker permanent peace. That condition has been repeatedly rejected, as your governments preferred to gain such technologies for reasons of world power and domination. It should be clarified that you have powerful people behind your elected representatives, who dictate the course for mankind. You have come to know these as the Illuminati comprising of some of the richest people in the world. Now you can understand why it is imperative that your present leaders are not only removed, but replaced with dear ones who are enlightened and spiritual aware. Within the authority that we exercise, we work with those who are bringing about the political changes that can kick-start our program of First Contact. Everything that is essential to our coming is forging ahead, and your military are aware that their weaponry cannot be successfully used against us to stop our arrival. You may know that some spacecraft have been destroyed, but that is between your government and the Greys who were allowed to have bases on and within your Earth, in exchange for advanced technologies. Their agreement had no inclusion for creating peace, or the cessation of all wars. You may wonder why we have not stopped in and removed the Greys, but their presence was by invitation and not through the use of force. Freewill extends to all Beings, and if the dark forces come together by mutual consent it is not our place to prevent it. What we will do is monitor their intentions, and guard the people of Earth against unprovoked attacks. This also applies off planet, and no visitors to Earth are allowed unless we authorise it. We are here to fulfil the plan for Man as decreed by the higher forces of Light, and we shall ensure its completion in a peaceful manner. We are not simply policing the Universe, but caring for you as parents do for their children. We say this not to belittle you, but you need guidance and protection against those forces of darkness that hover around you. Our role is to ensure that you complete this cycle as intended, and that you and Mother Earth are allowed to express and fulfil your upliftment into the higher dimensions. The dark would hold you back if possible, but with us on your side it is a futile dream. Already it is crumbling away, and there is no way that they can avoid the failure and self-destruction that inevitably ends such rule. They have served their purpose by bringing you the reality that you allowed to manifest and gave life to, but it now tries unsuccessfully to hold onto its power. The Light is now permeating all parts of Earth, as the grid slowly moves into place that will allow your new Earth to coalesce. Meantime, we work to limit any further damage to your environment, and make good pollution both on and off Earth. For example for a long time we have reduced levels of harmful radiation caused by your insistence upon using nuclear based devices, whether for domestic use or war. The people of Earth are well aware that extensive changes are necessary if you are to overcome the present problems. To this end we stand ready to move into action, and we will bring about the peaceful world that you seek. It will be the start of a peaceful revolution that will totally re-organise and re-design your world. It will become the proverbial Garden of Eden, in readiness for your Ascension. Happy times are just around the corner, and what you see or experience now will be the last throes of a dark giant that is being cut down to size, and will eventually disappear. It is one of your own making, and it gives us much happiness to see you disempowering it. The negative vibrations have long brought you nothing but difficulties, and that is the Karmic outworking of energies that have been set in motion. Your sojourn upon Earth is one of a spiritual experience that leaves you stronger than ever, and through the lessons learnt you have lifted yourselves up. These will serve you well wherever you find yourselves in the future, and that will be in the higher realms. Life is ongoing and never stops providing even greater opportunities to expand your consciousness. You may turn this way and that, but always you will ultimately come back to the Light. We are here to guide you on to the path of Ascension, and leave the old behind. Do not concern yourself as to how that is achieved, as you will be fully informed before that upliftment takes place. We will tell you that it will be a most wonderful experience, and that there is absolutely nothing to fear. I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and based on a Mothership close to Earth as are thousands more waiting the order to commence First Contact. In reality there are millions of ships attached to the Galactic Federation, and many lie deep in space. This knowledge should assure you that you have nothing to fear from your last cabal, as you will remain in our care until this cycle is completed. We may be far away by your reckoning, but our awareness of what is happening is complete minute by minute and nothing will escape our notice. You are safe in our hands, and we constantly send immense love and healing energies to you. Call upon us as we are but a thought away from you, and pleased to serve in Love and Light." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 21.04.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Many explicit messages have been received, in English, from the benevolent ETs in recent months. Seventy or eighty of these are compiled and linked on this page
here. They date from the middle of September 2007 to the present. Several others are quoted at length further down this page. For ease of reference we have presented these in coloured text similar to the Ag-agria quote above.What do humanoid ETs from other planets look like? Here are ten images from Wistancia Stone's website. These sketches were drawn by a transdimensional human living on Earth. She visited each of the people illustrated on their home planets or star systems. Perhaps because the artist is female, all her images here are of ET humanoids which we perceive visually to be female.
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But what are our colleagues in the Higher Evolution doing at the moment in, on and around Planet Earth? In the run-up to 2012, The Higher Evolution are energising the planet for planetary ascension; they are raising the ley line grid above the surface of the Earth and they are continually pouring down positive ascension energies into landscape powerpoints. If one of these landscape powerpoints happens to be under a crop field, then a crop circle (agriglyph) may be manifested at that point as a sigil for our consideration and meditation.

The Higher Evolution clean up certain domains of our polluted planet after we have made a mess. Their lightships were very active tidying up the radioactive pollution after Chernobyl in 1986. Their lightships are active again in Afghanistan and Iraq at the moment, clearing up the radioactive pollution caused by the deployment of depleted uranium ammunition. DU ammunition fallout is now thought to be influential in promoting extreme birth deformities in many Iraqi children. Here are five recent photographs of such radiation-damaged children:
1 2 3 4 5

Earth-engendered nuclear radiation causes even more damage in adjacent dimensions and parallel universes than it does here. The full extent and reach of nuclear pollution is not registered accurately by our scientific instruments.

It has to be said that in coming to terms with The Higher Evolution, one sometimes encounters phenomena of High Strangeness. Here is a recent observer account of Higher Evolution activity which may have been part of a clean-up mission in the European North Atlantic region. On Sunday 9th September 2007, a series of UFO phenomena were observed in Tenerife (Canary Islands). First, at a distance of half a mile away, a silvery object was seen floating over the freeway that links La Laguna to Santa Cruz. It moved slowly in a circle over the area. Seen through binoculars, the object reflected the intense sunlight and looked like a blanket twisting and folding into itself. A second very bright oblong-shaped light then arrived in the sky from the southeast. This UFO intersected with the blanket object and continued to head northwest towards the centre of the city of La Laguna. At the same time, in the clear sky over the mountains to the north of the city, a rectangular portion of the sky assumed a different visual quality from its surroundings. A rectangular window formed. The difference between the ambient environment and the window was that the area inside the window rippled. The window had a clear border; the rippling effect stopped abruptly at this border. Two bright lights, oblong in shape, approached from the west and entered the window at high speed, one after the other. As they did, they created a sine wave-shaped trail. The waveform then immediately dissipated and the window disappeared. The event lasted five seconds. For the next three and a half hours, further UFO phenomena were observed in the same location. An oblong-shaped light appear in the sky near the western edge of Santa Cruz. This travelled in a straight line directly above the observers. It was silent, flew smoothly and used the flightpath approach to Los Rodeos Airport. For the next 15 to 20 minutes, further oblong-shaped lights appeared and headed west toward the Airport. They seemed to appear from nowhere every 30 seconds, one after the other, at an altitude of 500-700 feet. Next, a dozen other UFOs came in from a southerly and northerly direction. They each intersected with the objects heading due west and changed their course to a westerly one. The two observers then verbally and mentally asked the UFOs to stop and hover so that they could be better observed. Most of the objects ignored the request, but five responded. Four of the UFOs stopped over the airport area, reversed their direction and headed directly back to the observers in their garden at home. Then they stopped and hovered a few blocks away. The fifth object hovered directly over the observers at an altitude of 500 feet. It was a silent oblong-shaped light and stayed in place for several minutes. The UFOs looked different when viewed with the naked eye than when observed through binoculars. With the naked eye, they appeared oblong and self-luminescent with a steady, soft white light. They slid silently and effortlessly through the sky as if they were immune to air resistance. They travelled faster than a landing passenger craft, but slower than a jet fighter. However, when observed through binoculars, the visual appearance of the UFOs was quite different. It was as if the objects presented differently according to how they assessed the observational acuity of those watching. Through binoculars, the oblong regularity of the UFOs disappeared and was replaced by five main shapes of objects, described as wedge-shaped, stubby-bullet shaped, elongated bullet-shaped, curved hot dog-shaped and cube-shaped. The colours were different too, seen through binoculars. The wedge-shaped UFOs appeared blue-grey in colour and flew with their pointed ends forwards. The stubby bullet-shaped UFOs tumbled as they flew and morphed short stubby fins from the side. These fins developed out of, and then returned back into the object as it continued its tumbling. The elongated bullet-shaped UFOs also tumbled as they flew and morphed what appeared to be fins that emerged from, and then withdrew back into the fuselage. The curved hot dog-shaped UFOs tumbled as they flew and morphed into a different shape: the back end of the fuselage rose up and curved into the middle section. At the same time as the rear fuselage morph happened, the front portion of the craft, unaffected by the rear rising action, sprouted short, stubby fins. These fins receded back into the UFOs when they assumed their normal hot dog shape. Later on, when the bullet-shaped UFOs were seen returning from their mission, they looked different. They appeared dirty, as if debris was sticking to them. The silver-grey UFOs were surrounded by a dark brown substance. They looked like magnets which had been brought into contact with rusty iron filings. Tenerife is in the Canary Islands (Spain), 250 nautical miles off the coast of Morocco (North Africa). The sightings were recorded between 1.45pm and 6.00pm on Sunday 9th September 2007 by two America ex-pats, Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano, who witnessed the phenomena from their home in the old city of San Cristobal de La Laguna. (Source: (USA) 08.10.07)
The Higher Evolution are active at the moment in moving the NESARA process forwards and in energising abundance and prosperity programmes for the whole human population. Planet Earth is a most abundant planet. There is sufficient gold-backed human money currently in existence on Earth for each and every human being to be a GBP millionaire. GBP = Great Britain Pound. NESARA is about sharing the resources of the planet around fairly. And NESARA is about putting benevolent banking systems in place worldwide to deliver this monetary fairness. No individual anywhere on Earth will be beyond the reach of the NESARA wealth redistribution programmes. And no individual or organisation anywhere on Earth will be able to stop it.

The Higher Evolution have been quite vocal recently about their involvement in assisting the NESARA process. Here are four examples of what they have said. On the 14th September 2007, one of the Sirian principals, called SaLuSa, commented: "Often you tire of hearing that events are to happen 'soon' and naturally you want to see action. The difficulty for you is that most of our work is in the nature of defence, and through our allies blocking moves made by the dark. They perpetually try to provoke the people into situations that aid their agenda, and we have to stay a step ahead of their moves. Our help virtually goes unnoticed and it would appear that we are not active, which is far from the truth. From our ships we have technology that allows us to follow actions of those we monitor, and it even reaches as far as reading their thoughts. Our knowledge of what is happening is complete and clearly gives us a major advantage. Our computers can accurately predict events, and with the authority we have been given can take action to keep a tight rein of the outcome .... Our abundance programme has been set up to alter the imbalances in the distribution of wealth. When we are finally allowed to involve ourselves in your changes, it will be one of the first major events that will take place. We know that once we can help you overcome poverty, it will be much easier to bring you all into a new way of thinking. You will realise that a grand re-organisation of your lives will enable you to leap ahead, and happy and contented people are more likely to open their hearts to the potential that it brings. You need to see that we are genuine when it comes to your well-being, and that we have no ulterior motive for arriving on Earth." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 14.09.07 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.
And here is what another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said on the 18th September 2007: "You are very close to some major announcements as well as to the disbursement of your much-promised prosperity! In effect, this reality, long run by the dark and its greedy and callous minions, is about to be amazingly transformed. All that we have been telling you about is now close to fruition, starting, of course, with the abundance deliveries. It is the successful completion of the deliveries that starts the cascade of dominoes that brings down the present US administration. Over the past few years, this group of shrewd and self-serving malefactors has led your world down a precarious path of mischief and mayhem, designed to benefit only their friends, family, and corporate associates. Now the time finally comes to jettison these defiant ones and move your world to a better place. It is this desire that has driven both our Earth allies and us, and we are pleased to state that the planetary gear-change we all want is almost upon us at last! Those who are preparing to make the series of announcements, as well as those scheduled to form the new transitional governments, are very diligently setting into motion the final manoeuvres that are to swiftly transform your current bleak reality. The preparations took as long as they did because of the myriad details that had to get done in a precise and sequential manner. These minutiae lie at the core of the end game, which was set in motion a few months back. The enormous amount of preliminaries meant that the final steps could not be revealed until these were fully in place. The strategy is to lead your dark cabal into reacting in such a way that it unwittingly assists in the manifestation of the next phase of the grand plan. The dark ones were to be lured, step-by-step, with a careful mixture of 'apparent' facts and 'apparent' secret operations into moving in a certain direction until a point of no return was reached. This has now most emphatically been accomplished!" The full text of The Galactic Federation's 18.09.07 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 2nd October 2007, further Sirian comments, made on behalf of The Galactic Federation, were forthcoming: "The final battle between the dark's last minions and our Earth allies rages on. The open deceit, avarice, and arrogance of these shadowy ones are now very plain to see. Their strategy for victory still contains within it the seed of their inevitable defeat. Those fleet personnel assigned to monitor them have noticed increased caution and suspicion among them in the past few days, but their actions continue to confirm that they intend, by any means possible, to take the bait and its, as yet, undetected death trap. However, their natural leeriness has kept them from lunging outright for their intended prey. So the game is still afoot and we believe the moment we are waiting for is drawing near. During this time, our Earth allies are in the midst of subtle negotiations with this dark cabal to iron out any remaining difficulties .... The untold wealth of the dark ones is their most powerful weapon; another advantage is the iron-fisted stranglehold on all major financial transactions that the present US regime gives them. Their bankers and financial allies are making it difficult to move large monetary resources around unless one belongs to their privileged circle. These conditions have both positive and negative aspects to them. It is essential to understand this point and to use one's acquired influence to ensure that needed funds are dispatched in approximately the same timeframes as planned. Our Earth allies are pulling out all the stops to put our joint end game into a position to succeed. The dark's wariness only slows down the timetable and does not put the operation on hold, and intelligence gathered by our fleet during this same time span confirms this. Therefore, the many arms of this operation are closing in for the coup de grace. The trap is ready to be sprung, and those intended for its jaws are getting closer every day .... Once the trap is sprung, the many new enterprises, created to replace the dark's institutionalized control framework of the last five centuries, can come on line. Then the rapid redistribution of wealth and power among the peoples of Earth can build a firm foundation for your global democracies." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 02.10.07 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

And on the 23rd October 2007, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "This last stage of the struggles to transform your reality revolves around a number of vital points: The most important is the distribution of the long-delayed multitude of prosperity programs, which is tied to the emergence of the new worldwide banking system and the new hard-backed currency system. These are designed to break the enormous power now held tightly by your last dark cabal. Once this all comes on line, the end of the present US regime and its many global cronies can swiftly follow. During the ensuing interregnum, a large number of announcements will signal the start of a wholly new and beneficent reality for Mother Earth's surface humanity. A cornucopia of new technologies will come flooding in, and this will coincide with the revelation of your true history and a forecast of your glorious destiny .... what our Earth allies are bringing to a head can be regarded as the great breach that finally frees you from the long tyranny of the Anunnaki's last and most stubborn minions. This group of misguided ones has held you in bondage to their unjust cause for almost nine millennia, from the time of the great destruction of humanity by fire to the present day. This period of your history has been recast, using a blend of invention and misdirection of the truth, and makes up what you call 'recorded history.' Today's 'events' are merely the current instalment of this skewed fantasy. The coming time will see the truth finally revealed! .... The fall of Earth's surface humanity into limited consciousness was brought about by the ancestors of the group that is your dark cabal. This dark cabal traces its origins to Atlantis where it developed its unquenchable lust for power. Many times in the past few decades, and using its time-travel capabilities, this dark group secretly sought to interfere with past history to save Atlantis from her fate: The sinking of Atlantis was an overreach of their power and cut short the experiments being done on Earth humans, which, had they been finished, would have ensured the total submission of the human entity. These meddlesome expeditions were divinely permitted to fail! These failures to alter Earth's main time path left these mischief-makers with only one outcome, ultimately nullifying all their attempts to hang on to power! This discouraging prospect quite failed to bring them to their senses, and the decision was made to keep them in power as long as possible, rather than to recant and help humanity build a new and more benevolent world. This irrational stance was bolstered by the delusion that somehow a way could still be found to duck out of what the Divine told them time and again. The resultant cabal directives continue to create the mayhem that surrounds you today. Once you understand the roots of the present circumstances, you are better able to comprehend the insane directives of your power elites. You are watching the point in history when the dark's obtuseness brings on their downfall. This fate hangs like a pall over the events of the day. Many factors are coming into play now that leave the dark with only two choices (as it sees it): to abandon its plans for global control, or commit a form of global suicide. These two alternatives haunt the decision-making process of the directorates of the cabal as they plan their version of the current end game. Those galactic personnel assigned to monitor the inner workings of the cabal inform us that the numerous irrational and ill-considered directives being issued are a sign that the moment when the dark finally succumbs to the Light is actually quite near. The process of attrition against the dark is forcing it to make decisions that are hurtling it toward the fate consigned to it by Heaven. Even though it realizes this, the cabal lurches forward like some short-circuiting automaton, and a sense of doom is beginning to pervade its every move. Yet their residual power does, for now, defer their downfall. This odd Mexican standoff is intensified by the cabal's commitment to the policies that reflect the original plan concocted by their former overlords, the Anunnaki, a choice that ensures that its days are numbered. The dark can act only according to its own sacred philosophy, and this inflexibility has become its Achilles heel .... This time in your history is when you leave the 13 millennia of darkness and amnesia behind you and enter a time of remembrance. During this period, you regain your 'lost' self and remember who you truly are. With this under your belt, you can complete your metamorphosis into your fully conscious self. This process substantiates your never-fully-eradicated memories, or dreams, of a long-lost earthly paradise, intimations that confused and puzzled you down through the ages. Now, at last, you are to enter a joyous time in which all that you have experienced and accomplished is to be amalgamated safely into a wholly new and wondrous Now. This celebration is your destiny. So look upon the present as the time when all your hard work, focus, and committed vision are to be magnificently rewarded!" The full text of The Galactic Federation's 23.10.07 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.
The Higher Evolution
are also concerned to help prevent impulsive macroeconomic or military action. For example, on at least one occasion very recently they have prevented the deployment of a nuclear missile from an American warship in the Persian Gulf. This nuke was targeted at Iran. The Higher Evolution scrambled the command and control electronics immediately prior to its deployment. The people who took the decision to fire that nuke will be moved out of office soon, and the episode will become public knowledge. On the 25th October 2007, Patrick Bellringer reported that on several other occasions recently The Higher Evolution have stopped the Bush-Cheney White House from nuking major USA cities, nuking the major oil depot in Texas City, and creating artificial earthquakes in California. Should such a 911-style homegrown terrorist attack be accomplished again, the USA government would blame the attack on Iranian terrorists, and the long-planned Iran war would be launched. More details here.

The Higher Evolution themselves have had things to say about their peace-keeping interventions. Here is one example. On the 26th October 2007, the Sirian called Atmos, an active member of The Galactic Federation, spoke: "Everything that we have foreseen is taking place, in a way that spells the end of this cycle. Certain events of which we are bound to keep the details secret are gaining momentum. We will give no clues as to the time scale, except to tell you that the changes are coming up very quickly. There is now an impatience noted amongst those who lead the dark forces, and they are extremely anxious to mount an assault on Mankind. Many earlier attempts to build on the fear created by 9/11 have been prevented by us, and they are aware of our many interventions. These are times when the dark will resort to every opportunity to build up a scenario to justify extending the war in the Middle East. It is not something that is hidden from your view, in fact rather the opposite. Their tactics are to continue creating more reasons to continue their programme of self- gratification and aggrandisement. In their naïve and defiant response to our presence, they are planning the very acts that will lead to their downfall .... For those who are aware of the inner happenings and covert actions of both us and the dark, it has called for a great degree of patience. However, you are guaranteed the victory that has been promised from the very first time of our contact with you. Our plan was conceived eons of time ago, in readiness for the first signs that Man was turning his back on the influences of the dark." The full text of the Sirian Atmos's 26.10.07 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Quite often, human fighter aircraft attack benevolent ET UFOs. Here is a recent example. In the early morning of Thursday 6th September 2007, an American Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft patrolling along the Syrian-Iraqi border alerted the Israeli Air Force to the entry of a suspected non-terrestrial aircraft into Syrian airspace near the ancient city of Aleppo, 350 km north of the capital Damascus. Upon receipt of this information, an Israeli Air Force Patrol squadron flying off the coast of Lebanon went into supersonic speed, entered Turkish airspace and in less than 20 minutes were over the target area. Here they engaged an unknown type of aircraft. The UFO, upon being fired on by the Israelis, ascended rapidly into the stratosphere and disappeared. Questioned by a journalist, Mossad veteran Uzi Arad told the American Newsweek News Service: "I do know what happened, and when it comes out it will stun everyone." Local villagers in the Aleppo region of Syria have reported regular UFO activity in the vicinity for centuries. They call the UFOs 'The Ships of the Giants'. There is an ET underground base in the locality associated with what terrestrial archaeologists refer to as the ancient burial grounds of the giants. It is said that the grave of Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve, is part of the complex here. The Aleppo Citadel is Chalcolithic and dates from at least the 4th millennium BCE. There was an attempt by the Western mainstream media to portray this Syrian UFO incident as an Israeli strike on a Syrian nuclear facility. But the strange silence of the Israeli and Syrian authorities on the matter since, suggests a deeper subtext. (Source: (Russia) 23.09.07)

On the 17th October 2007, the Higher Evolution may have been referring to this 06.09.07 Syrian UFO incident when they spoke again. On behalf of The Galactic Federation, the Sirian, Ag-agria, said: "Prepare for the changes if you have not already given them your attention. They are coming into being and there will be dramatic events taking place. Naturally there will be resistance from some quarters where a different end-time was expected .... You will have noticed that we have made many more appearances in your skies than ever before. We show you quite clearly that we have peaceful intentions, and also your governments and military forces that we cannot be engaged in confrontations. In any event we can deal with the attempts to shoot down our craft, as our technology far outweighs anything that you yet have on Earth. Our approach to you has always been one of guarded contact, and where we see the potential for trouble we take evasive action. We do not use our superiority to retaliate against your military in a destructive way, unless we are forced into that situation. We have shown on many occasions that we can pinpoint any military installation, regardless of whether it is hidden. Attempts to go deep underground are futile, as it makes no difference to our ability to locate them. There have been many times when we have been forced to back up our claims to protect you by disarming some weaponry. Even so, your dark forces insist on trying to develop even more heinous forms that pose a serious danger to the whole world. It is the senseless reasoning of those in charge that would rather leave the Earth in a state of disaster, than concede to the peaceful demands repeatedly given to them. We are the authorised ambassadors of the Galactic Federation, that are pledged to represent Humanity in the course of carrying out the changes that have been decreed .... you are so close to those momentous happenings that will be the start of the cleansing of your leaders and their cohorts. Most countries have very unstable political set ups, which are in some cases absolute dictatorships. These cannot last much longer, as firstly the people have “spoken” and desire change from the continual oppression. Moreover, the Light is permeating the Earth and is weakening the hold of those who use the old ways of the dark that are brutal force and denial of your freedom. As we have often told you, the old energies have had their day and can no longer serve the interests of the people .... Soon the way will open for a clear view of what the future holds. You will see all that lacks harmony and balance removed, and an air of peace and great expectancy will fall over the Earth." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 17.10.07 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.
The Higher Evolution teach, encourage, guide and guard us in hundreds of ways about which we have little knowledge. At any one location and time, directly above us in the sky, there are never fewer than seventy or eighty transdimensional lightships of various kinds busy supporting us and the planet. Most of these are invisible. When they show themselves, they do so deliberately. The Strange News Strange Times page of this blog details some examples of these UFO flyovers. There is an enormous effort by the mainstream corporate media to hush-up these sightings. The Western mainstream press is not free; it is a cynical business exercise in disinformation and mind-control. Ask any alert journalist. But he may not speak to you honestly; he may choose to look the other way and preserve his paycheque. Those journalists who know but do not speak will be moved out of their positions soon, and their personal acquiescence in mass media disinformation will become public knowledge.

The Higher Evolution protects the internet, which in wireless form extends well beyond this planet. The Higher Evolution channels high-status energy data through tens of thousands of websites in all languages. There has been a potent stimulus from The Higher Evolution to explore various novel expressions of weblog spirituality. The Higher Evolution feeds information to those who will make it public for the common good.

Sometimes the Higher Evolution comment quite plainly about the human mass media and the internet. Here is a recent example. On the 19th October 2007, SaLuSa spoke from one of the large Sirian motherships close to Earth: "Look around and see the upsurge in the interest of bringing sanity and peace back to the world. It has been a very long time since there has been such change. Hitherto, you have accepted the decisions and direction your leaders have mapped out for you, but now you rightly question their motives. As the conditions allow for the real truth to be recognised, so you are claiming a positive say in your future. Your power is returning and it cannot be stifled by the fear mongering and attempts to mislead you. Your desires carry the energy of manifestation, and the peace you seek is coming with the changes that loom over the horizon. You are in a very volatile time, but you shall emerge victorious. No matter what attempts are made to deceive you, hold firmly to your beliefs in the emergence of a better world. It has been held in your subconsciousness for a long time now, and it is taking form and coming into being. It is most important that you do not waver in spite of the fear laden messages that are put out. The fact that your President can give out the possibility of a Third World War, is simply a sign of how concerned they are that their power is slipping away from them. Fear is their real weapon, and it brings its own reality into being, but be assured that such a happening will not be allowed. That is consigned to the past, and Man has entered a new phase that heralds the return of peace. You can no longer be manipulated and moulded to the desires of those who would extend total domination over you if they could. The media are carrying less influence, as it has become patently clear that they are largely biased in their reporting and are not presenting the truth as it is known. It is the Internet that represents the truth when it comes to what is happening all over your world. Of course, it is also infiltrated by those with false information intended to confuse you but anyone with a discerning mind will see through it. Attempts have been made to limit its power to report on any matters of great public interest, or express free opinion. The Internet is now the true voice of the people, and we shall see that it is freely available to you. We of the Galactic Federation are commanded to ensure that you are given every opportunity to understand the importance of the period that you are in. Furthermore, it is also our responsibility to keep the activities of the dark in check .... Knowing that your future is in safe hands should give you the impetus to go forward without any fear whatsoever. Do not fall for the rhetoric and misinformation that is your daily dose of nonsense. You are cared for and loved by greater forces than those on Earth, and you need have no worries at all about your future and safe being." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 19.10.07 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.
On the 1st April 2008, another Sirian, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation, said: "It has been agreed with our Earth allies that some of our personnel be given new tasks. They are to be involved in helping those who are charged with clearing your society of the many obstacles that have so far prevented you from ousting the dark cabal's 'elected' sycophants from office. This operation is now reaching a point where a number of actions long promised to us can finally take place. In addition, the several tasks, which prepare the way for the disbursement of the prosperity programs, are likewise going forward. The most important of these undertakings is clearing what amounts to a veritable 'minefield' laid by the cabal to protect the status quo. This operation is also almost finished. In short we are close to ridding your governments of the many cronies of the cabal whose policies enable this dark clique to continue to ride roughshod over your laws and reap outrageous profits. The dark ones now see that their number is up and are changing their tactics accordingly. Surviving the coming calamity is now one of their most pressing objectives. Their plan is to intensify their search for the key members of the Earth allies while putting on a happy face in public. A global confrontation of fierce passion on both sides is mounting by the day. This intense struggle is now claiming many lives; and yet the dark cabal is not winning. Its procedures are restricting many financial operations and making it more difficult for courier services to carry out their duties. As a result our Earth allies are being forced to use their 'new' powers to secure the nodes that make up your world's financial and banking operations. All this contributes to the demise of the dark cabal. Ironically, its efforts to survive are creating the very means of its destruction. We do not see this struggle lasting much longer. The power of the dark may appear to be on the rise, but in fact the reverse is true .... Recently our personnel negotiated a number of agreements, which allow our Earth allies to gain positions of authority in the evolving new financial system. Through our good offices, the enormous amount of gold and silver required to back the new currency system has been 'created' or acquired for our Earth allies. The special relationship between our Earth allies and us is bringing the cabal's machinations under the scrutiny of some hitherto removed, yet powerful, spiritual Beings. Until now, these mortal Beings remained aloof from the power mongering of the dark, letting the (then-dark) Anunnaki perpetrate their millennia-long dominion. Now these groups are proving to be a most powerful ally for change. These Beings are sabotaging most of the dark's power games by helping our Earth allies to intercept the many secret money transfers that feed the huge and steady cash flow used by the cabal. In consequence this cash flow is starting to dry up. Due to this financial attrition, the cabal is using its power base to intercept certain funds, which it uses to allow the US Federal Reserve and other key banks to stay afloat in support of the US Dollar and its acquired position in the post-WWII financial system. This system is dying along with the Federal Reserve Dollar. A new US Dollar, attuned to the new currency system, is ready to be born when the Federal Reserve Dollar is put to rest. Hence the US political system is in turmoil as secretly the key leaders of the US regime know full well what is going on and cast around for ways to resolve this perilous conundrum. The current Democratic Party's presidential debacle is one of the smokescreens commanding public attention while these key leaders work to keep this terminally corrupt system in power. However, deep in their guts they know how close the 'quiet revolution' is to manifesting. This troubles them as they fully appreciate how angry the American electorate can be when many hidden truths are revealed to them. Behind the façade of lies and deceit lies a system whose tentacles of power and influence reach far and wide. Secret discussions are underway to figure out a way for this failing system to somehow miraculously regenerate itself. But these discussions by the powerful and the policy-makers have as yet reached no definite conclusions. Our eavesdropping reveals nothing to us of any substance. Plans of all sorts are mooted in these top-secret assemblies, but the 'insiders' are still at a loss. The same quandary grips their global counterparts. The present political system is dying because those in power lack the moxie to do something bold or different. The effects of this reluctance are compounded by the Orwellian measures many governments have put into force as these draconian policies are likewise failing. Seeing the dark besieged on all sides greatly encourages our Earth allies. This subtle power shift comes at a price. The dark is giving ground grudgingly, and every advance has cost some lives or someone's personal fortune. Our Earth allies are more than willing to pay this price. At present, the cabal is trying to disguise its political problems by staging an economic meltdown, which it cannot control; and herein lies the solution we seek. The details of this operation may not yet be divulged to you; just know that the power illicitly grabbed by the dark will not be theirs much longer. A project is underway that is to end this sorry farce. New governments are to come into being globally and these will establish a general policy of delegating responsibilities to the community. This is just one of the aims of our Earth allies. The need for a new paradigm for your mushrooming scientific research is becoming equally vital. Science has reached a point where too many of its discoveries defy the current scientific paradigm. The policy of presenting new understanding through the lens of the old matrix is generating new theorems and hypotheses that border on the ridiculous. The new research needs a new paradigm. Those engaged in the super-secret, esoteric projects know full well the truth of these statements; they have been working for some decades on captured ET craft and 'flying-saucer' technology given to them under the aegis of old contracts made between major Earth governments and dark ET races. The open unveiling of this hidden knowledge is long overdue. Similarly, your political systems cry out for radical reappraisal. In so many areas, the answers lie in the awakening changes of perception of your growing 'quiet revolution.' As this new dawn sweeps across your world, the stage is set for our arrival. Cooperating as a team with the Galactic Federation is something our Earth allies now finally accept. The next moments in your history are to be rife with real institutional change as this constitutes an essential part of the great consciousness shift. Your world is deeply hurting and passionate about what is happening. Many are moving from violence to a more reasoned way to solve the pain, but others are still caught in the cycle of violence and see no way out. Thus frustrated, they lash out in a seemingly incomprehensible way. And yet out of the ever-spreading turmoil will come a way to curtail the most dire of these scenarios. At the end of this most circuitous path lies first contact. Here, we are waiting quietly to introduce you to new truths and to your new reality ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 01.04.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.
On the 4th April 2008, the Sirian SaLuSa spoke again for The Galactic Federation: "The Earth is ringed with our craft, and our technology keeps you safe from danger. Equally, we contain the dark energies from Earth, and prevent them from going out into the Universe. We cannot allow such pollution to poison other civilisations, even although they may have reached higher levels of consciousness that would enable them to transmute it. You may have read of the activities of the Reptilians and their dark influences, but again it is confined to those who are attracted to them and already of a lower vibration. Like attracts like, and that is an immutable law that is at the centre of all that takes place. Now you are edging towards Ascension, you have still to overcome the lower energies on Earth, but these are dying away. Those who have chosen this path are protected and as they draw more Light to themselves, they create their own barrier. Even in the Light you may still be tempted by the outer happenings, but they cannot have any effect unless you open up to them. You are leaving the old consciousness behind, and instead of being caught up in the negativity are becoming totally centred in the Light. That is your protection and you need not fear from any attempt to pull you down. As an observer of life you can allow it to pass you by, but your involvement can of course allow for your desire to spread your Love and Light upon it. That is a service that can benefit others who struggle to release themselves from the dark forces. It may sound melodramatic to speak of the dark in such terms, but their ways are directed to keep you under their control. Due to the good work of our allies and your own endeavours to bring in changes, you are already beyond the clutches of the dark cabal. They are fading away and becoming frustrated by their loss of power. Their stronghold is breaking up and their influence is no longer what it was. Having breached their defences we hasten their total collapse, ready to lead Mankind into a different direction that will fulfil his desires. Much of what we do does not reach your ears, but we are constantly monitoring what is occurring and taking appropriate action. We still contain the energies that might otherwise threaten large scale calamities, although we cannot guarantee your total safety. Some physical changes to Earth are being held back that are essential to her own cleansing, and at some stage must be followed through. We have been granted more power to direct the events upon Earth, so as to bring about the conditions that will finally allow for First Contact sooner rather than later. Our presence in your skies continues to proliferate and your governments pretend to have little interest in our activities, when in fact they are utterly embarrassed that they can do little or nothing about it. For certain they are correct to say that we present no threat to you, but instead are against their plans to subject you to global control. Our timing is not without coincidence, as we have followed your path for eons of time. We came openly at the first signs of your intention to develop and test the atomic bomb. Now your dark forces invent more lethal weapons, and they hide them in underground bases where many are tested. The danger is now not only to you on Earth but if they are carried into space. That is curtailed by us, and do not fear as we will never allow some weapons to be used. Those that are will not be ones of mass destruction, and again we will limit their use. We cannot yet impose a ban on such weapons, but that will come as part of the package of conditions that will accompany a worldwide treaty to bring total peace to your planet. We can do some things, and not others whilst your last cabal is still in power. Once we reach the stage of announcing our coming after governmental changes, we shall help restore the Constitution which shall become a model for all others. It will ensure your freedom and sovereignty for the remainder of this cycle, and allow for a happy and peaceful period of changes that are of benefit to everyone. Matters on Earth are reaching breaking point, so try to envisage how it can be turned around to your advantage. Do not despair at momentary inconvenience, as no matter what you experience it will be nothing compared to the benefits that will arise afterwards." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 04.04.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.
On Tuesday 13th May 2008, The Vatican's chief astronomer, Father Jose Gabriel Funes, a Jesuit Roman Catholic, stated that there was no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of 'extraterrestrial brothers'. He made his comments in an interview in the official Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. Sources: here (BBC 13.05.08) and here (Reuters 14.05.08). A little later in May 2008, a senior Venusian extraterrestrial called Ashtar commented on what Gabriel Funes had said: "Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One (God), this is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, Intergalactic Confederation/Universal Federation. I want to comment upon what this channel (Michael Ellegion) and many others have recently heard, regarding the official public statement, by the Vatican astronomer, about a belief in our existence .... (not being) .... in conflict to one’s belief or your relationship with our Divine Creator of this and all universes.

This is only one of the more recent and important steps that some of the officials of government and those in positions of power on Earth realize must be done. It is true, we of the Federation have been attempting to influence those in positions of power on Earth for many years to allow the masses, all peoples on Earth, to have access to us and the vast amount of help we can offer you very quickly to solve the numerous challenges you have been facing.

Yes, in the decade of the 1950s, we of the Federation openly appeared over the Capitol building of the U.S. on two weekends straight, (July 19th and 26th 1952), to make it clear to the officials that we are a benevolent presence. We have also attempted diplomatic relations with the officials on more than one occasion, and sending down a Federation ship to land openly at Edward’s Air Force Base (February 20th/21st 1954) was one of the more documented attempts.

It is also true, despite this attempt to officially establish diplomatic relations, we of the Federation were turned down because our representatives made it very clear that we were not about to share our very advanced technologies with the Earth leaders which could be used for more advanced weapon systems and would have unfortunately been used as such by those in positions of power.

We made it very clear that we were willing to share more advanced technologies with the leaders if they were willing to also share this information with all the peoples of the Earth rather than just the power elite having access to it. We also made it clear, that as a gesture of peace, as a type of 'litmus test', the real intent of the technology we would share would, beyond any shadow of a doubt, be very advanced technologies to be used only for peaceful and humanitarian purposes.

Our representatives stated very clearly and precisely, that we of the Federation demanded that nuclear weapons on Earth to immediately be made obsolete. Also, that all the people on this planet must be made aware of this situation, with no cover-ups or so-called 'conspiracies of silence'. This would prove the real intent and motives of those in positions of power. If they only have positive or benevolent intent, they would not hesitate to allow this sharing for the mutual benefit of all the people on this planet, rather than those who have tended to abuse their power and positions upon this planet.

This offer of open, mutual Intergalactic Cultural Exchange, with these very important requirements, were of course turned down. It was obvious that humanitarian and moral demands were not as important or of the same priority as it was to keep their power and not to share this with everyone else upon this planet.

We of the Federation had actually suspected the more official overtures of Intergalactic diplomacy and peace would probably not turn out as we had hoped, but we at least felt we had to officially go through the 'Diplomatic Formality', especially since our representatives also warned President Eisenhower and all those present, of another group, a group we have considered as 'renegades' those termed the 'Greys', Because the Greys are not willing to abide by Federation policies, that strictly forbid activities of taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of those living on Earth, they planned to abduct many Earthians, just using them for genetic material, without respecting their sovereignty and 'Cosmic Civil Rights.'

Yes, millions of 'Cosmic Civil Rights' violations have occurred by these entities abducting millions of earth humans. These entities are 'on the back curve of evolution' and are a dying species, who have refused our own offers to them, in times past, if they would agree to Federation policies - just as we demanded of Earth human officials, the cabal. That is to live up to and respect the sacred principles and laws of creation by not forcing themselves upon other species, and allowing us to share certain genetic knowledge with them. They could have gotten themselves off this 'back curve' and would have returned to a more 'progressively balanced evolution' once again. Of course, just like Earth’s leaders, they were not willing to respect and uphold these requirements, and chose to break Federation rules of 'Non-interference' which forbids these abductions that have occurred.

This so-called Treaty, which the Earth officials made with these renegade aliens, and was made without the will of the people, we have always considered Illegal and immoral, in the sense that unlike other worlds, our planetary leaders are also members and/or represent our Higher Councils, and are first of all, leaders because of their level of integrity and spiritual wisdom and their respecting of Truth and the needs of their peoples. They are always in touch with their people’s concerns and there are no cover-ups or so-called hidden agendas; everything is above board, period.

But on this planet, as our fellow Space Brother of Light, Commander Voltra, a Cosmic Psychotherapist, who has been affectionately nicknamed, 'the Dr. Phil of the Intergalactic Realms', has stated, other than the Greys and negative reptilians, who we are Cleansing from the Heavens, Earth which has been the most Dysfunctional planet in the entire Universe.

Many of you may need 'Cosmic Psychotherapy - and Voltra is available '24/7' for those of you who want some compassionate 'counseling and emotional and psychological analysis' on how to handle all your 'Earthly codependencies' that seems so extremely prevalent upon Earth. Voltra is just one of literally millions of fellow Cosmic Psychotherapists on aboard our vast fleets and Commands of the Federation, which surround this planet in Guardian Action. They are ready to start counseling all of you who wish to release and transmute all your earthly traumas and emotional imbalances.

My friend and fellow Ascended Master of the Spiritual Hierarchy, St. Germain, appeared before the Forefathers and gave that short inspiring speech about Freedom and sovereignty, and he ended it with the admonition: 'So sign that document!' And they did. The original organic U.S. Constitution, a truly Divinely Inspired Document, documents the 'Rule of Law' on Earth, so too, the 'Intergalactic Rule of Law'.

We of the Ashtar Command and the entire Federation have been instrumental in allowing a much more recent opportunity for all the peoples of Earth. Every soul’s Higher Oversoul Self to participate in a Full Planetary Vote of allowing all the souls presently living upon Earth to participate. This Voting Process for a new, more fair and planetary Treaty, allows the people’s of this planet to now have their Official vote. Unlike the continuous manipulation of the votes that have occurred in most recent major elections in the U.S. and other corrupt countries, we on these higher levels never manipulate any of these votes, because 'The Majority Rules'. Even though there were a few negative votes against this new, more fair Treaty, by those members of the cabal and some more backward Laggard souls who had been stuck on the old Wheel of Karma - what this channel refers to as 'Cosmic Isolationists' - by and large most souls, when given the opportunity, voted unanimously to allow us, the Federation, to openly divinely intervene, here on Earth very shortly, as soon as our Divine Creator gives us the imminent 'green light' and official Cosmic Go ahead!

And as this channel also has been getting ready, as we have guided him to do so, is very shortly publishing an insightful book that helps to powerfully prepare all humanity in more detail to what, just exactly, we will truly be doing when what some have termed 'First Contact' does in fact occur! I was also honored to have channeled through a fellow Volunteer soul in Earth embodiment, the great sister and dedicated soul of Light, Lady Tuella, while she was still alive on Earth. Lady Tuella, has been back here amongst us since she returned to the higher realms at the end of her Earth mission. I wish to state for the record, as I and others of the Federation channeled through her and was documented in her book, 'Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command,' that information is still basically just as accurate now, as it was then, back in 1982, when it was first published by Tuella through Guardian Action Publications. Even though over two and half decades of 3-D earth time have come and gone and even though we had changed our plans of the exact time factor, of when, just exactly, we would ultimately make our move, I still refer to this 'First Contact' scenario as a 'Secret Wave of Evacuation' because it is 'secret' only in the sense of not openly and officially announcing a specific or exact date and time of our mass appearance over this planet .... This first of a series of more open and mass appearances and landings, does include worldwide 'evacuations.' These 'evacuations are not at this stage really so much emergency scenarios, as they are more 'Cosmic R. & R.' vacations for a period of approximately 2 to 3 weeks (of Earth time) for the returning Volunteers in Earth embodiment and the later waves of evacuation for anyone else whose physical bodies are high enough in vibrations to handle the higher energies aboard our Merkabah Light Ships. And as it does occur, then all on Earth will know that Intergalactic Cultural Exchange has finally been allowed.

We are looking forward to this upcoming Intergalactic Fellowship, and as so many fellow Channels and contactees have known for many years, that once this First Contact does occur, we of the Federation and those of you in Earth embodiment who are members of our Extended Cosmic Families, will have such a wonderful Cosmic Family Reunion, yes great parties and Celebrations, that we all have been looking forward to. So get your lives in order, anything that needs to be resolved or taken care of, any karmic things that need to be released, and if you need any help, call upon us, and also invoke the 'Cosmic Law of Grace’ to help resolve any and all conditions on Earth which would have blocked this wondrous and awesome reuniting of Earth and all world’s of the Federation/Intergalactic Confederation throughout the universe ...."
The full text of Ashtar's May 2008 comments can be found on the site here. Some background detail about Ashtar can be found here, and Michael Ellegion's site can be found here.

In 2008, it began to become apparent that some of what appeared to be major natural disasters around the world, were in fact deliberately caused by, or enhanced by, human covert weaponry. The ability to amplify the magnitude of seismic and volcanic activity by the use of energy weapons, and the capability to escalate and intensify weather patterns involving tornados and hurricanes led to several intentionally exaggerated disasters. These included a volcanic eruption in South America, earthquakes in China and Japan, and major levee-breaking floods in the USA. On the 17th June 2008, a benign Sirian extraterrestrial addressed these atrocities explicitly: "The plans of our Earth allies continue to move forward, and the intention of us all is to complete these vital tasks as soon as is possible. While you are approaching your destiny, Mother Earth is busy transforming herself and at the same time fending off the lunatic misdeeds of the last dark cabal. Over the last quarter century this cabal developed a number of exotic weapons designed to amp up the magnitude of seismic and volcanic activity, thus adding greatly to the terror and destruction they cause. These devices are also capable of intensifying the power of tornados and hurricanes to massive proportions. These weapons were kept under the tightest security and, until recently, very little used. But now they are being used against us as well as the people of this world. It is another sign of how desperate the dark cabal is feeling. To counteract these devices, we are putting into your planet's natural energy fields the means to neutralize this diabolical weaponry .... What we have just described to you is a hint of the lengths the dark is prepared to go to, to defend its position. These dark Beings consider your global population much too large to control, which is why they intend to use everything in their armory against you. The increasingly exaggerated weather patterns over the past few years is due in part to these exotic weapons, and in part to the effects of pollution and the continued hyperactivity of the Sun. A natural escalation in the intensity and volatility of your weather patterns is to be expected in the context of a transforming planet, but the degree in the level of violence you are now seeing comes from the use of these manmade weapons. The dark cabal sets no limits on its villainy! The cabalists' plans are to cause massive calamities that would kill millions at a time. They also plan to place in your skies the means to deflect our landings by threatening to wipe out the majority of humanity when we actually land. This is unacceptable, and we have effective countermeasure in place. We are saddened by the lengths this group of dark ones is determined to go to in order to cling to power, and we do not enjoy bringing the facts of the situation to your attention. These ones have spent millennia in a state of omnipotence and are not about to give up without a flight. But they go too far: Most outbreaks of potentially serious epidemics around your planet are deliberate and have their origins in their laboratories. We are heavy-hearted at having to use the measures necessary to disarm these perpetrators of terror and to rid your world of this arsenal. We need to alert you to the possibility that repercussions of this gloves-off phase of the conflict may spill over into the public arena and thus require public explanations. Here the mainstream media is likely to resort to its habit of using lies and distortion to cover up anything that is out of the ordinary. Bizarre or inexplicable fallout from the upcoming attacks and counterattacks may be explained away as 'tragic but chance events' .... The dark took out their exotic weaponry and began to play. Recent results, among others, were some devastating earthquakes and a major eruption in South America. Mother Earth's heightened preparations and the dark's use of its terror weaponry step up the pressure on our Earth allies and us to make good on our assurances. We need to quickly put the dark out of business and set the stage for the interim regimes. These are to instigate the many beneficial reforms and launch the series of announcements that are the prelude to first contact. During this time you can again take up the mantle of Earth stewardship. Our Earth allies fully understand that the significance of this time goes way beyond global abundance and securing your individual sovereignty and freedom .... Much substantial progress has been made and much more is about ready to happen. This means the final stage of events is quite close to manifesting. These events have taken the best part of three decades to prepare. We are fully focused on moving all pieces of the game plan forward and putting each set of measures into action when appropriate. We have to carefully orchestrate the surrender of these cabalists in such a way as to incur only a bare minimum of disorder. Anticipating and containing the death throes of the cabal is essential to this end, and the mounting chaos of the last few months demonstrates the powers at their disposal. The increasingly frantic actions of the cabalists make them very unpredictable and volatile, and this could compel us to more openly intercede in the campaign to disarm them. Whatever way this stage plays out, know that our joint victory is indeed near .... Events are close to manifesting which can put an abrupt end to the tumult of these end times. Be ready for and focused on your upcoming victory ...." The full text of The Galactic Federation's 17.06.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle's site here.

On the 20th June 2008, another Sirian, Ag-agria, took up the theme of the Darkside's deliberate destruction of certain parts of the Earth in order to further its negative agenda of control: "The dark forces also know the nearness of our coming, and they try to divert your attention away from us. Disinformation is used to confuse you, but anyone that uses their intuition will know when it is dubious and unlikely to have come from a reliable source. Beware however that the dark can be very clever by mimicking true sources, but if you 'feel' uneasy about any information it is best to set it aside .... The dark are allowed to have a degree of freewill, and will continue to use their weapons to destroy parts of the Earth. For our part we lessen the impact and extent of the damage. It may not seem so when you look back at the man-made earthquake in China, but be assured it would have been far more extensive if we had not intervened. You ask why we did not stop it and as we have often pointed out, there is a limit to how much we can override the freewill allowed to your civilisation .... The Light continues to grow and the dark become fragmented and weakened. It is just a matter of time before you witness their complete collapse. Our allies are fully versed as to what their role is and will bring an end to their heinous regime. The net closes in even as we give this message, and there is assuredly no way that they will escape .... The revelations of what has been taking place upon Earth through the agenda of the dark forces continues, and it is gradually filtering into the area of general knowledge. However with the tight media controls that they have put in place it is a slow process. Our arrival will signal immediate changes in this respect, as it is clearly imperative that people understand the reason for it. It will become a lot easier to convince the sceptics, once we have been able to show the undeniable truth of the dark’s plan to enslave and imprison you on your own planet. You believe you still have freedom yet it is still being taken away from you by false means. I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation ask you not to despair or lose faith, as we are going to restore the rights of every Man and Woman, and fairness and equality will be reflected in all that we do. You will quickly receive abundance, and lack and need shall become words of the past era ...." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 20.06.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

The oral traditions of many indigenous cultures on Earth are spiritually literate; they are veridical at the level of metaphor and experience. These traditions had a potent influence on the writing of nearly all major religious scriptures, extant and extinct. Creator gods, saviours, angels and superconscious light beings from the skies featured prominently in the early creation narratives of Earth and in the birth narratives of great teachers, healers and miracle workers who came to Earth from the dimensions beyond. Some of these beings from the skies came from Venus. They live there still. One of them is called Ker-On. On the 27th June 2008, Ker-On offered some thoughts about the human experience of life on Earth: "The illusion that you live upon Earth has convinced you that you are only a physical body, and it has taken millennia of time for you to see otherwise. The heavy vibrations are lifting as the Light permeates every part of Earth, and now your eyes open to the reality that lies behind it. The Light is All That Is expressed in different energetic patterns that give layers of creation that you call dimensions. At a certain point even you shall become a Light Being, with a super consciousness that is All Knowing. At present you have such a limited consciousness, but with your ability to draw upon the higher energies that are being sent to Earth, you are experiencing an expanding consciousness. There are a considerable number of earthly matters that require our attention before the last years can truly get under way. They are now recognised by many of you and centre around the cleansing of Earth. As we do this we also attend to your needs so as to restore your sovereignty, and most importantly free everyone from the control of the dark forces. You are to take a quantum leap forward to propel you into the Golden Age that will provide everything that you have ever envisaged that is pure and of the Light. I am Ker-On from Venus and we too are part of the Ascension process, but are already at the point you are moving into. We are moving into a more refined level of energy, as are all of the other planets in our Solar System. Venus has been more of a mystery to you than most planets, as you have records of our visits to your Earth in ancient times. You see it as inhospitable for life, and overlook the existence of its higher dimensions. We like most travellers in space use the higher dimensions to travel within, and it makes it almost instantaneous. We use the same laws that control the movement of planets to control our craft, and use them for our own purpose. What you are learning about off-world life forms is more about rekindling your dormant memories. You are more than familiar with the truth of life beyond your Earth, as you are all extraterrestrials. It has taken our presence in your skies to bring such recognition back to you, and soon we shall be able to come together in a great celebration of renewing old acquaintances. As you become used to the idea nothing will seem more natural, as we are after all from the Creator, the Source of All Creation. I leave you with many thoughts and my love, and wish you success in your endeavours to reach up for the truth because it is true that it will set you free ...." The full text of the Venusian Ker-On's 27.06.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Recently, the ETs have been explaining why they are here and what their agenda is. They have also made some observations about the re-emergence of clairvoyant and psychic abilities in the human population as it evolves. For example, on the 30th June 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, commented: "We serve all civilisations with reverence of their common source, and do so in recognition of their God given Love and Light. We seek nothing in return for our services, and our pleasure is in the giving of ourselves to others whom we recognise as fellow souls on their chosen paths. It is our delight when a civilisation has reached that point of evolution that they can become members of our Galactic Federation. Yours has already done so, and you will take your place within our organisation when this cycle is completed. With your experience of duality, you will offer a special service to other aspiring nations. You will travel the highways and byways of Space, as Cosmic entities with the authority to administer to them regardless of which Universe they are in. Their outer appearances may be very different to what you have been used to, but you will see the Light of those Beings and know their potential is as yours. What is evolution but a coming together of all souls as they converge upon the Godhead? A myriad of paths in the never-ending kaleidoscope of beauty and colour, and of multiple shapes and form. You have only just begun to realise how life abounds everywhere, and your limitation has been your mindset in its lower consciousness. Your senses are not normally tuned to see much outside of yourselves, but that is changing rapidly and you can expect to gradually become psychic and sensitive to higher vibrations. You will begin to see life forms in the ethers, in your gardens and pools. Creation is far more extensive than you would believe, and what was hidden from your gaze will now become apparent. Try to spend time with nature, and open your heart centre and invite the various elementals to reveal themselves to you. For so long Man has ignored them, and forgotten the service they perform for him. They will be quite surprised to pick up your thoughts trying to link with them. In quietness and in meditative thought you can lift your vibration to see the 'unseen'. Those who work in harmony with nature are nearer to them, and will tell you tales of such experiences. You have been as in a prison on Earth, and your powers of recognition and feeling dulled by the lower vibrations that have been created. Break out of them and allow your imagination a free reign, to bring into being the reality of life that is only just outside of your present reach. After First Contact has been made, some of you will be invited on board our Mother Ships to see first hand some of the animals that travel with us. They will look familiar in many ways, but your main surprise will be that they can communicate with you. Your domestic animals have such abilities, and know more about you than you know about them. Often in the breeds such as dogs and horses their senses are more developed than yours. They make very good companions, and respond to love and caring with an undying loyalty. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that when you visit our ships, you will find a place already prepared to make you feel at home. You will adapt to our advanced technologies, as over recent years you have taken giant steps forward in that direction. We all send you our love and blessings ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 30.06.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

The advanced spiritual awareness of many modern children is a recurring theme in recent messages from the ETs. For example, on the 9th July 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again: "There will be so much that you want to know once we can meet you, and there will be no lack of communication on our part. We have our plans in full readiness for your enlightenment, and a number of different forms of communication will be used. We wish to reach as many people as possible even in remote areas, and have the technology to do so. There are also large numbers of illuminated souls that have specifically joined you upon Earth for such an occasion. They are largely amongst your younger people, and they are already aware of their mission. They have the eyes with which to see where Man has gone wrong, but more importantly the answers to put it right. Take notice of your young people as many are speaking words of wisdom. They are advanced souls who have come from the higher levels where your destiny lies. The Earth has little to teach them, and they bring great love and compassion to lead you out of the dark into the Light ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 09.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On other occasions, the ETs have talked about the UFOs they travel around in. For example, on the 18th July 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, said: "We use craft of different types according to what our destination is, and those you mainly see in your skies are small scout ships for that specific use. Sometimes you see our cigar-shaped Mothercraft that carry them, and they range from a few hundred feet to thousands of miles long. The latter are kept well outside of your Earth’s atmosphere, and form part of the fleet that is waiting for First Contact .... On occasions some of you have been invited aboard our craft, and you have found that a long period with us is but a short time as you measure it ...." The full text of the Sirian Atmos's 18.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Sometimes, the ETs talk about the state of Nirvana which we Earth-based humans experience when visiting interdimensional spacecraft during our sleep periods. And the ETs have also spoken about the widely reported negative abduction experiences which happen in connection with the Greys. For example, on the 4th August 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, commented: "We sometimes wish that you had a waking knowledge of your interaction with us, as many of you visit our ships and stay with us. This usually takes place during your sleep period, when most of you leave your bodies if only to meet other souls in the region you call Nirvana. On awakening after such experiences you often have a fleeting memory of what has taken place, but it soon passes by and you have difficulty in identifying it. This is a normal memory function that 'hides' such experiences, as you would otherwise be distracted from your daily responsibilities if you fully knew about them. However, because they are pleasant and reassuring, you often feel happy and fulfilled without knowing the reason why. It means that if you have met us, subconsciously you know that is has been a friendly and satisfying experience. Forget the so-called 'abductions' as these are not associated with any member of the Galactic Federation, and are the work of the Greys. Over the last half-century, we have consistently been seen in your skies and in some cases landed upon your Earth. Contacts have been made and it has balanced your beliefs about us, as your writers and filmmakers have previously delighted in depicting us as fearful Beings out to capture you or destroy Earth. All of your experiences of Space Beings formulates your 'feeling' about us, and we have taken great care to show ourselves as your friends. We are aware that there is a large following of people that would be really happy to see us openly land upon Earth, and that event known as First Contact is not too far away ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 04.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

On other occasions, the ETs have talked about their lifespans and why humans never see aged or old-looking extraterrestrials. For example, on the 8th August 2008, the Sirian, Ag-agria, said: "I am Ag-agria from Sirius and have much experience where you are concerned, and have accompanied you through many periods of your history. You must bear in mind that our life span is much longer than yours, and we do not experience aging such as you do. Consequently, you have never knowingly seen an old Space Being but always we appear in our prime of life. Yet in your measurement of time, we are hundreds of years old but show no signs of aging. In the future this shall also be your experience, as your new crystalline physical bodies will be so refined that they will keep their shape and condition. With it comes perfect health, and all of those ills and disabilities that are commonplace on Earth will no longer assail you ...." The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria's 08.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

Another regular ET theme in recent messages concerns the high spiritual status of cetaceans such as whales and dolphins. For example, on the 20th August 2008, the Venusian, called Ker-On, commented: "You are part of the Earth consciousness as are the cetaceans that are highly spiritual forms of life. They excuse and forgive the hunting of the seas that has killed so many of their species, and they do so because of their spiritual understanding and love for you. They have been with you since life entered this planet, and their intelligence and ability to feel your energy is never better than through the Dolphins. They have willingly accepted captivity to get nearer to you, and their healing abilities have frequently been exhibited. Do you notice how in recent years the 'wild animals' are becoming calmer and warming to Man? That is because they respond to love and respect, and some have been helped to overcome their fear of Man ...." The full text of the Venusian Ker-On's 20.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

One of the task-areas where the benign ETs are particularly active at the moment concerns earthquakes, volcanoes and violent weather conditions. The extraterrestrials have been redirecting the energies of these natural phenomena so as to minimise death and destruction in populous regions. The ETs also talk a lot about the dark history of the US Government and the deliberate anti-alien, fear-mongering policies of successive American administrations. For example, on the 22nd August 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, explained: " We of the Galactic Federation can control the effect of Earth changes, so as to minimise the damage and direct the energies to where they will gently dissipate. Some incidents will be closer to populated areas, but again we will do all we can to protect them. You will not always be aware of our presence within your atmosphere, as our craft will be cloaked in invisibility or operating outside of it. Our technology can hold the energies produced by earthquakes, and direct them to safer areas to lessen their impact. Once we have open contact with you it will become easier for us, as we can work with you. People in any danger can be temporarily moved to other areas and returned when it is safe to do so, and this can then be carried out quite openly. Our cautious approach to meeting you comes from knowing the tactics of your dark forces. They would use our presence for their own ends, and we must therefore wait until they have been removed and in no position to interfere. That time approaches very rapidly, and everything is primed and ready to move into action. The size of your problems would overwhelm your services, which is why we are needed to immediately start programs that entail our joint cooperation. For us there is no challenge that we cannot handle, and it is through the sheer scale of our forces that we can call upon millions of craft and personnel. We hear you saying that if we are that powerful why don’t we come now, but that is not our way unless we are directed to do so by higher authorities than ourselves. As you may know, we have a deadline by which we must start contact with you, and that will be the only reason we shall arrive without giving you due notice. We know there is much confusion amongst some people as to the role we have played in your lives, and why we are here now. Man is so used to the greedy and materialistic approach to life, that he finds it hard to believe we come in peace and friendship without some ulterior motive. You have a survival instinct that makes you suspicious of us, and this is not helped by the negative image created by your media. Some of this has been deliberate to make you fearful of us, but your history will show that we have never caused an incident to justify such a reaction. Indeed, where our visits to Earth are recorded they often clearly show that we have given you help and guidance. In the background there are ancient stories of other extraterrestrials that have been connected with the dark forces, and of recent time you have the activities of the Greys. These are not members of our Federation, and although the Greys were allowed contact with you, that arose from the invitation received from your (US) Government some 70 years ago. Therefore to the average person who has heard of these stories, it is no wonder that there is some confusion. However, we have responsibility for you to ensure that the changes take place as planned, and that you are fully aware and prepared for Ascension. We do therefore protect you from interference by other Beings, who would otherwise see your planet as a desirable source of material wealth .... You will now understand the full reasons for our coming to Earth. It will be a most glorious and momentous occasion when we can formally meet you and your representatives, but by then they will be those dear souls who have worked for the Light and been elected as your new Government. Clearly we will have no dealings with your present one, that has several times refused our offer to bring an end to all wars and confrontations. They know us from our many past contacts, and have repeatedly rejected our offers to help achieve peace amongst all nations. I am Atmos from Sirius, and yes, we have been in contact with you for eons of time. Now it is time for us to announce ourselves, and you shall know before too long how we have walked your path of darkness with you. That experience is coming to completion for you, and a new wondrous path of great joy and happiness beckons ...." The full text of the Sirian Atmos's 22.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.

And once, at least, in recent human history, an advanced ET actually interrupted a mainstream television broadcast. His own words could be clearly heard by the viewers for a period of three minutes and forty seven seconds. The ET's name was Vrillon. And his broadcast took place in southern England on the evening of the 26th November 1977 on Independent Television News. The full transcript of that initiative by The Higher Evolution is detailed on this page here.

In May 2008, I raised the issue of the US Space Shuttle disasters with Patrick Bellringer of the FourWinds10 website. I had in mind that Russian scalar weaponry might have been involved in bringing the Shuttles down, and that at least one witness had reported seeing a UFO in the area of the Challenger explosion.

On the 25th October 2008, a new UFO video involving the Space Shuttle Challenger appeared on YouTube here. If you view this carefully, you can see a UFO in the vicinity from about the 4 minute 17 second point onwards, in this 6 minute 38 second clip.

My precise question to Patrick Bellringer was: "Was it Russian scalar weaponry which shot down the Space Shuttle Challenger over the Florida coast in 1986, and the Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas in 2003? If so, why did the Russians do this?"

Patrick's reply ran as follows: "The U.S. Space program was developed solely for military purposes. The goal of every shuttle launch was to wipe out Russia's ground to air military defense system or to do aerial photography to aid that goal. For that reason the Challenger was destroyed by Russian scalar weaponry aboard one of their Cosmospheres. The space shuttle Columbia was not in landing mode when it blew up, as the media said. It was to make one more earth orbit and pass over Iraq and drop a hydrogen bomb to wipe Iraq off the planet. Thus, Hatonn gave the order to Ashtar aboard the Phoenix Starship to disintegrate the Columbia by particle beam and take the seven crew members aboard the Phoenix, as was done when Russian destroyed the Challenger. This was done. To cover the Truth of this incident the U.S. Military dropped human clones and parts of military hardware from their junk yards over Texas, as proof the Columbia blew up just as they had said."

Later on, in answer to another of my questions, Patrick commented: "The U.S. has had no successful space program ever. Repeatedly through their space launches, the U.S. has tried to wipe out Russia's technology with no success. In most cases a similar pattern was followed. When a launch was planned, two space vehicles were built, one taken to Cape Canaveral, Florida and one to Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) in southern California. The astronauts were cloned and the clones placed in an assimilator at EAFB to replicate the actual launch from Florida.The launch was made as scheduled from Cape Canaveral, the shuttle craft was blown up somewhere in orbit by the Russian Cosmospheres, the media kept on with their 'space mission' lies, at the end of the U.S. space mission a 747 would piggy-back the second shuttle craft from EAFB in California to the proper elevation, release the shuttle craft with clones, and the craft would land at Cape Canaveral right on schedule, mission accomplished. Astronauts swear they have been there and done that, as they climb out of the assimilator. It is that real! No, the U.S. has no true space program, and never has. It is all a joke!"

The full text of this May 2008 exchange between Alcuin Bramerton and Patrick Bellringer about the Space Shuttle shoot-downs can be found at the FourWinds10 website here.
The Higher Evolution also intervenes, sometimes, at the individual level to energise, heal or help people who are in danger or difficulty. These apparent miracles have been well-attested throughout history in all human cultures. Sometimes, the energies sent from the Higher Evolution as light blessings are captured on photographs. Here is one example from Rome in March 2007. And on this page here more than forty other photographed light blessings are referenced.

The Higher Evolution is only a prayer away. And there is a magic word of power available:

In the latter half of 2008 and during 2009, unambiguous UFO appearances became much more numerous and more widely remarked. In particular, the four Pleiadian motherships collectively referred to as The Christ Star UFO, or the Star-like Luminary, were seen all over the planet (details here). During this same period, the ETs regularly communicating with humans on Earth became considerably more explicit with regard to their comments and analyses of the nature of the evil which they and their Earth allies (humans in the surface population) were trying to overcome in and around the corrupt Bush Jnr and Obama US administrations.


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