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Saturday, April 08, 2006

2012 AD – A spiritual terminus or a change of trains?

Page update: 07.04.10

The Mayan calendar of human history ends on Friday 21st December 2012. The End. Then what? Then where? Are we talking about the end of everything? Is 21.12.12 really the terminal point for the evolution of all human experience on this planet? Or are other interpretations of the calendar possible? The exact nature of the the closure event of our civilisation has been the subject of discussion for centuries.

High-status spiritual information suggests that the accuracy of the Mayan Calendar is about 99.5% and that the 0.5% inaccuracy came and went years ago. I refer to Zoosh through Robert Shapiro in the Explorer Race books.

But what is going to happen, exactly, at the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice in the year 2012 CE? It may be not so much the end of the world as the beginning of two new worlds: one in the third dimension and the other in the fifth dimension. A new Iron Age for some; a new Golden Age for others. A new Earth for some; a new Heaven for others. The Last Division, one might say, or the parting of the ways. The Last Judgment.

The consensus seems to be that we judge ourselves on the basis of our own personal spiritual evolution. And in 2012, or thereabouts, we move on to a new world - a new dimensional space - which is suitable to nurture our particular state of evolutionary development and to take us forwards and upwards. And as for the individual human, so for Planet Earth. The talk is of planetary ascension. This process has begun already.

The vibrations are becoming faster. The transit from low vibration third dimension to higher vibration fourth dimension is underway. At the moment we and the planet are somewhere between 3.47 and 3.55. It's an incremental thing. Those people whose low vibration negative energy cannot stand the stress of the rising frequencies are dying off prematurely in mysterious circumstances or from modern Western diseases. Others will die off soon, or self-terminate, as their covert negativity becomes manifest through disclosure, exposure and publication.

For centuries the Schumann Resonance of the Earth was 7.8 hertz. The planetary heartbeat was steady. Orthodox science thought it was a constant. Since 1980, however, Norwegian and Russian researchers, among others, have observed that the Schumann Resonance has risen to 11 hertz. It is still rising and some report that it is now around 12. The macroenergetics of the Earth have changed by more than 50% in a generation. Our planet is getting excited about something.

Orthodox human history places the start of the Mayan civilisation in MesoAmerica in the first or second century CE. Zoosh says no, it was 10,000 years earlier than that. At that point the Mayans who had been living deep underground in the Inner Earth's Agartha territories, came to the surface through closely-guarded cave-networks in the vicinity of places such as Macchu Picchu and other remote landscape powerpoints further north. At the end of the Mayan civilisation, or when it began to degrade, they went back into the Inner Earth where they live still.

Three of the leading Mayans, it is said, were given privileged data by The Higher Evolution, the advanced benign extraterrestrials who oversee the local spiritual evolution of Sol 3, Planet Earth. The advanced civilisations who provided these data were from Orion, Sirius and Arcturus. One of the extraterrestrials is known to human history as Moroni. The data given were recorded in calendric form.

One of the three leading Mayans reincarnated again recently in the surface human population. He was Joseph Smith (1805-1844), founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons). Moroni gave him a set of powerful extraterrestrial artefacts called the golden plates. These still exist, secure in a hidden location. It is expected that they will be activated in the run-up to 2012.

Other developed spiritual traditions, in addition to the Mayans, were also given the 2012 information, including the Hopi, the ancient Egyptians, the Essenes and their Gnostic descendants, the Qero elders of Peru, the Navajo, Cherokee, Apache and Iroquois, the Dogon tribe, certain Tibetan Buddhist traditions and the Australian Aborigines.

Each of these groups has been regarded as primitive by modern western materialistic and religious culture. In actuality, each of them is more advanced spiritually, it is suggested, and more attuned to the underlying spiritual culture of the planet, than most élite groups within post-renaissance modernity.


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