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Monday, December 20, 2004

Elvis in Bedfordshire

A transsexual
Elvis impersonator
Is seen in Bedfordshire.

She has five loose,
Sugar-free mints
In her backpack.

A passer-by

Comments on this.

The Elvis impersonator
Takes no notice.

She is

A very secure person.

Heavy steel chains
Fasten her hands
And her feet
To a lamp-post.

Christmas metanarrative


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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Fundamentalists' Fellowship

Page update: 25.06.07

Serious students of the divine mysteries might consider becoming members of The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua.

According to the local elders, this sacred place in cyberspace is named after a little old dog with cataracts, who barked sideways at strangers, because he couldn't see where they were. They suggest that we humans relate to God in the same way, making noise in God's general direction, and expecting a reward for doing so.

The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua has a creed: "We can't be right about everything we believe. Thank God, we don't have to be! In other words, there is more to ethical monotheism than pleasing your imaginary friend."

On the church website, there is an essay by J.A.H.Futterman (1996) entitled: "
Canned Theology - Junk Food for the Soul."
In this he describes four conservative flavours of theology:

(1) God is just waiting to get you the minute you screw up. This is taken by many practitioners of the Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — as the basis for moral behaviour. Since externally imposed order is repugnant even to those who believe in it, they occasionally rebel against such order, either openly, or by wilfully misinterpreting the commandments, as in: "Thou shalt not kill, except for that heretic over there."

(2) Christ died for your sins, so now you'd really better not screw up. This is the distinctively Christian form of the item above. God in the form of the God-Man, Jesus, allows himself to be murdered by bad people so he can come back from dead and say, "See, I died for you. Now you really owe me bigtime, so you better shape up!" In Games People Play, Eric Berne called this game, "Now I've Got You, You Son-of-a-Bitch!"

(3) You must build the Kingdom of God on earth by making it impossible for anyone else to screw up. When people are full of this one, they try to control the behaviour of people whose beliefs differ from theirs. Used in repressive legislation. Also a prime ingredient in recipes for religious and ethnic conflict. Used as a condiment in some liberal environmental agendas.

(4) You must purify God's Kingdom on earth by killing those who do screw up. This flavour is consumed by those who have no taste for mercy. Typically, when they partake of this one, they screw up bigtime.

The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua can be found online here.

And The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster can be visited here.


How silly is salvation?

Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand!

What is the answer?

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

The consciousness of the angels

"The attitude of the angels towards God differs radically from that of man."

"They do not conceive the existence of a central personalised individual consciousness, but rather of a universally diffused life-force or energy, an intelligent power which pervades the whole system, forms and ensouls every atom, and fills all space between forms, whether of atom, planet, or of sun."

"Though they recognise this power as an all-pervasive immanence, they also know themselves to be a part of it, to be its embodiment, and know no other will or intelligence than that by which its activities are guided."

"The predominating characteristic of their consciousness is a realisation of unity with each other and with that central source; selfishness, separateness, desire, sense of possession, anger, fear, rebellion or bitterness are impossible to them, because knowledge of the unity of all life forms the background of their existence."

"They are living embodiments of unity, and display to perfection, each at his level, all the qualities of character which naturally harmonise with and result from its realisation."

"All angels are instinctively loving, though their love is far more impersonal than is human love; they see in the object of affection not a desirable form or an attractive personal character, but another embodiment of the same life-force which inspires them."

"Recognising a mutual source of life and a similarity of purpose, they pour forth towards the object of their affection an impersonal love combined with reverence and a certain spiritual recognition of identity of essence."

"In the life of the angels there is nothing which corresponds to the bodily affection which men display. They show their love for each other, for men and for Nature by vivid flashes of colour, by an extension and mingling of auras and by a close mental identification with all the hopes, dreams, capacities, qualities of character and fundamental purposes of the beloved." 

The above words, written by an angel, are found at the beginning of Chapter 1 of "The Angelic Hosts" by Geoffrey Hodson. Happily, this book can now be read, in its entirety, online here. 

Hodson's book, mystical in nature and permeated with signifiers of high strangeness, was one of the early foundation texts of the New Spirituality. Less demanding, shorter, and closer to routine human intellection is another essay about angels by the same author. It is "Angels and the New Race" by Geoffrey Hodson. The full text of this work can also be found online here.

Hodson makes his intention clear at the beginning: "The idea that I wish to expound in this booklet is that cooperation between angelic beings and men will play an important part in the development of the new race which is now appearing in the world...."

These words were written nearly a hundred years ago. The angels have now arrived. They are working among us once more. Many take the form of children. Some are the invisible friends of children. All are young at heart.

In England (UK) in the late 1990s, a British Theology student called Emma Heathcote, researching angel encounters, found that they were reported by both religious people and atheists.

According to respondents' data, only about 26 per cent of angel encounters seemed to involve traditional-looking light-beings with wings, such as those illustrated here, here, here, here and here.

An interview with Emma Heathcote was published in the July/August 1999 issue of Share International Magazine and can be found here.

A year or two later, in 2001, Emma Heathcote-James, as she is now known, published a well-received book entitled "Seeing Angels". This and other contemporary books about angels were discussed by John Naish in The Times (London) on the 30th April 2005. His piece entitled "A wing and a prayer" can be found here.


Some more angel images:

"Knowing Angel" - artist unidentified

>> "Angel of Cheer" by Nancy Noel

>> "Guardian Angel" by Domen Lombergar

>> "Blood Angel" by Chris McGrath

>> "Planetary Angels" by Arthur Douët

Police photograph of angel?
The car was completely written off in this crash, but the occupants walked away unharmed. This and other curios can be viewed at the Psychic Wonders Gallery here.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Da Vinci's Magdalene

Page update: 15.04.10

The international success of Dan Brown's popular novel "The Da Vinci Code" (2003) and the film version of the book (2006) has once more stimulated informed discussion about the nature of the relationship between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene.

Influential elements within the early church gave Mary Magdalene the title "Apostle to the Apostles." The view is emerging that Mary has a better claim to be considered the founder of the Church than St Peter or St Paul.

In 2003, the Irish artist, Emer O’Boyle, produced a painting depicting Mary Magdalene preaching to the Apostles. That picture can be seen here. And in 2005, Christina Miller painted an image entitled: "Yeshua and Magdalena a Week Before Passover." That painting can be seen here.

But how intimate might Jesus and Mary Magdalene have been?

In his book "Born of a Woman" (1992), Bishop John Spong noted that negativity towards the idea that Jesus may have been married to Mary Magdalene seems increasingly strange in our age.

Lynn Picknett addresses this issue in "Mary Magdalene - Christianity's Hidden Goddess"; Constable and Robinson (2003); ISBN 1841-1984-47. This is what the Spring 2004 edition of the "The Watkins Review" said about her book:

"The Gnostic Gospels reveal that for the early Church, Mary Magdalene was second in importance only to Jesus. Mary and Jesus were lovers and spiritual partners, and she may even have borne him a child. She may or may not have been a Jewish woman, but could have come from Ethiopia."

"Picknett re-evaluates the evidence from the Gospels, the contemporary Gnostic works, and ancient Egyptian texts, seeking Christianity's hidden goddess in fields as diverse as the art of Leonardo da Vinci and the statues of Black Madonnas."

"Picknett believes that virtually everything the Church teaches about Mary is a deliberate attempt to cover up uncomfortable facts; that it is time to see the real woman and to reassess the history of Christianity."

But there is plenty of other accessible stuff on the web about all this. For example there are useful introductory essays by Tau Malachi
and Lesa Bellevie.

Tau Malachi observes that "nowhere in the New Testament does it state that Jesus was celibate. As a matter of fact, in Judaism an unmarried man is considered incomplete. Typically, all Jewish holy men – teachers and prophets alike – were married. It would have been highly unusual for a recognized rabbi (teacher) to be single. Originally, Christianity was a Jewish spiritual movement, and Jesus taught Jewish individuals primarily. Bearing that in mind, it would have been easier for students to accept that Jesus was married than to accept a rabbi unwilling or unable to sustain a marriage. This is quite the opposite of the unnatural view we have been led to believe – that the union of Jesus with a wife and consort would somehow diminish his spiritual status. The truth is that it would have exalted him all the more, and this is precisely the Sophian view."

And Lesa Bellevie quotes from The Gospel of Philip: "There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, his mother, and her sister, and Magdalene, the one who was called his companion. His sister and his mother and his companion were each a Mary." Bellevie comments: "The word 'companion' has often been interpreted to mean 'consort,' which implies a very different sort of relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus."

Orthodox sceptics might find solace from these ideas in Birger Pearson's capable survey of recent Magdalene enthusiasms here.

Excerpts from "The Gospel of Mary" in a Coptic papyrus can be found here.

The same fragmentary text of "The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene" with archive notes can be read here.

And The Reluctant Messenger has a small piece entitled a "Syncretic View of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene" here

In recent years, Mary Magdalene’s own words about her relationship with Jesus have been brought to light. For example, in one place she states: “The Gospels recount me as a prostitute, for all Initiates of my order wore a gold arm bracelet that was a serpent; and it was understood that we practiced sexual magic; and in the eyes of the Hebrews we were whores.”

“When I saw Yeshua (Jesus) and our eyes met, I understood that we had been destined for each other. What I am about to tell you has not been known, except by those who were with me. Many legends abound as to what happened. But for me it is a story of deepest love. That Yeshua had a vision of the world does not touch me. My story is a love story.”

“Many people followed Yeshua. And the opportunities for us to be alone together were very few. It is not written in the Gospels for no-one knew, only the closest to us. Before Yeshua went to the Garden of Gethsemane, we conceived a child, and her name was Sarah.”

I quote from pages 17-18 of “The Magdalene Manuscript” by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion (2002); ORB Communications; ISBN 1-931032-05-X.

The publisher’s blurb for this book can be found at Tom Kenyon’s website here.

One of the interesting issues arising from the success of The Da Vinci Code is simply accounting rationally for its success. Why should a self-confessed fiction of this kind be so widely noticed and so widely railed against? Similar questions have been asked about the Harry Potter novels.

Perhaps it is because the core energy of these books connects with what a lot of people intuit to be veridical. Or to dip into the overworked vocabulary of churchianity, perhaps it is because "The Holy Spirit" is bringing certain of the central ideas in these books to wider attention.

It has been suggested that The Da Vinci Code cannot be taken seriously, first because it is fiction, and second because it is historically inaccurate at a number of important points. But the Bible has far more fiction in it, and far more historical inaccuracy than The Da Vinci Code, and those things have not stopped it from being successful.

The uncomfortable reality for both modern Western liberals and modern Western fundamentalists seems to be that certain texts very obviously have the force with them, and certain other texts very obviously do not. And, frankly, we haven't a clue why.


Scholarly Smackdown: Were Mary Magdalene and Jesus Married?
A debate on Beliefnet (May 2006). Bart Ehrman says there is no evidence. Barbara Thiering disagrees, arguing that John's Gospel and a Gnostic text offer clues to a marriage.

Mary Magdalene's Secret
Extracts from Margaret Starbird's book "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar" (1993).

God's Wisdom
What we're talking about when we talk about the feminine divine in Christianity - an article by Rosemary Radford Ruether on Beliefnet.

The great Da Vinci Code distraction
Article by Geza Vermes, Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies at Oxford University - Times (London) 06.05.06

The code breakers
Martyn Palmer discusses Ron Howard's 2006 film of The Da Vinci Code - Times (London) - 06.05.06

Catholics form Da Vinci film team
British Roman Catholic leaders are afraid of the influence of The Da Vinci Code film. They have set up the Da Vinci Code Response Group - BBC News (London) - 06.05.06

Why the world is chasing its Grail
Article about The Da Vinci Code book and film by Peter Conrad, English lecturer at Christ Church, Oxford University - The Observer (London) - 07.05.06

Thrills, fun but no masterpiece
James Christopher's review of the 2006 Da Vinci Code film in The Times (London) - 17.05.06

Dan Brown has resurrected a heresy that rattles the Church
Article by Boris Johnson in The Daily Telegraph (London) - 18.05.06

The Da Vinci Code - a true phenomenon or a load of codswallop?
Philip French's review of the 2006 Da Vinci Code film in The Observer (London) - 21.05.06

The secret's out - The Da Vinci Code is dull, verbose - and yes, worse than the book
Cosmo Landesman's review of the 2006 Da Vinci Code film in The Sunday Times (London) - 21.05.06

Same suspense, same success, same errors
Review of the 2006 Da Vinci Code film by The Rev Dr David Hilborn, Head of Theology at the Evangelical Alliance

Who cares what the reviews say?
Mark Lawson considers why the Da Vinci Code film-goers are taking no notice of the critics - The Guardian (London) 24.05.06

Opus Dei murder
Secretive Opus Dei honours banker who was cut up with a chainsaw - Sunday Times (London) 23.07.06

The saint and his virgin
Sacred sexuality in early Christianity and the inner teachings of Jesus - an article by Walter Last

The Order of Mary Magdala
This is the website of a modern esoteric Christian order which studies the teachings, mystical techniques, meditations and prayers of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. The site includes a Magdalene images gallery here. And there is a useful essay entitled "Temple Prostitutes and Temple Virgins. Were they Temple Priestesses?" here.


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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Strange news; strange times

Page update: 12.01.08

January 2008
At 00.30am on Tuesday 1st January 2008, a group of seven to nine UFOs were seen flying in formation over Clairemont, San Diego (California, USA). There were multiple witnesses, including two astrophysics students. The large spherical lights in the sky were very bright, almost amber in colour. The observers said that the UFOs were not Chinese lanterns, fireworks, jets or helicopters. The objects were silent and their lights did not blink. They moved both fast and slow at different times during the sighting, and when moving fast, travelled at a velocity beyond the capabilities of known modern aircraft. Fox6 Television broadcast a news item with video footage of the UFOs. This video can be found here.

September 2007
On Sunday 9th September 2007, a series of UFO phenomena were observed in Tenerife (Canary Islands). First, at a distance of half a mile away, a silvery object was seen floating over the freeway that links La Laguna to Santa Cruz. It moved slowly in a circle over the area. Seen through binoculars, the object reflected the intense sunlight and looked like a blanket twisting and folding into itself. A second very bright oblong-shaped light then arrived in the sky from the southeast. This UFO intersected with the blanket object and continued to head northwest towards the centre of the city of La Laguna. At the same time, in the clear sky over the mountains to the north of the city, a rectangular portion of the sky assumed a different visual quality from its surroundings. A rectangular window formed. The difference between the ambient environment and the window was that the area inside the window rippled. The window had a clear border; the rippling effect stopped abruptly at this border. Two bright lights, oblong in shape, approached from the west and entered the window at high speed, one after the other. As they did, they created a sine wave-shaped trail. The waveform then immediately dissipated and the window disappeared. The event lasted five seconds. For the next three and a half hours, further UFO phenomena were observed in the same location. An oblong-shaped light appear in the sky near the western edge of Santa Cruz. This travelled in a straight line directly above the observers. It was silent, flew smoothly and used the flightpath approach to Los Rodeos Airport. For the next 15 to 20 minutes, further oblong-shaped lights appeared and headed west toward the Airport. They seemed to appear from nowhere every 30 seconds, one after the other, at an altitude of 500-700 feet. Next, a dozen other UFOs came in from a southerly and northerly direction. They each intersected with the objects heading due west and changed their course to a westerly one. The two observers then verbally and mentally asked the UFOs to stop and hover so that they could be better observed. Most of the objects ignored the request, but five responded. Four of the UFOs stopped over the airport area, reversed their direction and headed directly back to the observers in their garden at home. Then they stopped and hovered a few blocks away. The fifth object hovered directly over the observers at an altitude of 500 feet. It was a silent oblong-shaped light and stayed in place for several minutes. The UFOs looked different when viewed with the naked eye than when observed through binoculars. With the naked eye, they appeared oblong and self-luminescent with a steady, soft white light. They slid silently and effortlessly through the sky as if they were immune to air resistance. They travelled faster than a landing passenger craft, but slower than a jet fighter. However, when observed through binoculars, the visual appearance of the UFOs was quite different. It was as if the objects presented differently according to how they assessed the observational acuity of those watching. Through binoculars, the oblong regularity of the UFOs disappeared and was replaced by five main shapes of objects, described as wedge-shaped, stubby-bullet shaped, elongated bullet-shaped, curved hot dog-shaped and cube-shaped. The colours were different too, seen through binoculars. The wedge-shaped UFOs appeared blue-grey in colour and flew with their pointed ends forwards. The stubby bullet-shaped UFOs tumbled as they flew and morphed short stubby fins from the side. These fins developed out of, and then returned back into the object as it continued its tumbling. The elongated bullet-shaped UFOs also tumbled as they flew and morphed what appeared to be fins that emerged from, and then withdrew back into the fuselage. The curved hot dog-shaped UFOs tumbled as they flew and morphed into a different shape: the back end of the fuselage rose up and curved into the middle section. At the same time as the rear fuselage morph happened, the front portion of the craft, unaffected by the rear rising action, sprouted short, stubby fins. These fins receded back into the UFOs when they assumed their normal hot dog shape. Later on, when the bullet-shaped UFOs were seen returning from their mission, they looked different. They appeared dirty, as if debris was sticking to them. The silver-grey UFOs were surrounded by a dark brown substance. They looked like magnets which had been brought into contact with rusty iron filings. Tenerife is in the Canary Islands (Spain), 250 nautical miles off the coast of Morocco (North Africa). The sightings were recorded between 1.45pm and 6.00pm on Sunday 9th September 2007 by two America ex-pats, Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano, who witnessed the phenomena from their home in the old city of San Cristobal de La Laguna.
Source: (USA)

September 2007
In the early morning of Thursday 6th September 2007, an American Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft patrolling along the Syrian-Iraqi border alerted the Israeli Air Force to the entry of a suspected non-terrestrial aircraft into Syrian airspace near the ancient city of Aleppo, 350 km north of the capital Damascus. Upon receipt of this information, an Israeli Air Force Patrol squadron flying off the coast of Lebanon went into supersonic speed, entered Turkish airspace and in less than 20 minutes were over the target area. Here they engaged an unknown type of aircraft. The UFO, upon being fired on by the Israelis, ascended rapidly into the stratosphere and disappeared. Questioned by a journalist, Mossad veteran Uzi Arad told the American Newsweek News Service: "I do know what happened, and when it comes out it will stun everyone." Local villagers in the Aleppo region of Syria have reported regular UFO activity in the vicinity for centuries. They call the UFOs 'The Ships of the Giants'. There is an ET underground base in the locality associated with what terrestrial archaeologists refer to as the ancient burial grounds of the giants. It is said that the grave of Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve, is part of the complex here. The Aleppo Citadel is Chalcolithic and dates from at least the 4th millennium BCE. The Syrian UFO incident has resonances with a close encounter which took place over Lakenheath, Eastern England, on the 12th January 2007. In this case, British military air traffic control contacted American fighter planes to intercept a UFO. The UFO was described by one of the military pilots who saw it as looking like a flying black rock. A communications intercept of American military pilots talking to London Military Air Traffic control can be heard here. The evidence suggests that the Lakenheath black rock UFO was tracked on radar and US Air Force F-15s (call-sign "Gator") from the base were scrambled to investigate. The pilots located the UFO, got a radar lock on it, flew close to it twice, once at 17,000 feet and then again at 17,700 feet, and made visual contact. The pilots said that the UFO was not a bird and was unlike any aircraft they had ever seen. One pilot was heard to say to another: 'Did you see that?' And the other replied: 'Yes, but I don't want to talk about it." It is reported that every now and again the UFO appeared to come to a complete halt in mid air. Subsequently, an informed source confirmed that the UFO was Martian and was engaged on routine analysis work. More details and sources can be found further down this page under April 2007. Elsewhere in England, particularly in Wiltshire, UFO activity associated with the manifestation of agriglyphs quite commonly takes place in the vicinity of what orthodox archaeology regards as ancient burial sites.
Source: (Russia)

August 2007
On the 25th August 2007, evidence came to light that covert BlackOps agents may have been attempting to suppress Morgellons Disease research. A high-placed anonymous source seemed to issue an email frightener to one of the major players. Cliff Mickelson brought his concerns to the attention of The Rumor Mill News website here. Cliff talks about Faction Two operatives. Background information about Faction One and Faction Two clandestine agencies can be found here.

August 2007
On Friday 10th August 2007, Albert Shine was up early in Morecambe, Lancashire (north west England, UK). The day had dawned bright with clear blue skies. But by 8.00am, a dozen heavy jet planes had started drawing dense chemtrails across the sky over Morecambe. They flew in an organised criss-crossing manner. By 9.30am the deliberate polluting of the atmosphere was visibly obvious. Albert Shine took several photographs starting at 9.45am (pictures here and here). By 10.00am, the blue of the sky gradually degraded into a misted effect as the aircraft trails spread and coalesced (pictures here and here). The atmospheric spraying continued and Albert Shine took further photos at 10.45am and 10.48am, by which time the persisting trails were spreading out and joining up into a murky overcast (pictures here and here). By 11.30am the entire sky above Morecambe had clouded over with a sort of milky haze (pictures here and here). The chemtrail white-out continued to 3.45pm. It was obvious that the change in the sky had been brought about by the aerosol spraying of chemicals into the atmosphere. Albert Shine offers two further photographs for comparison. The first was taken at 9.30am on Tuesday 7th August - a day on which there were no chemtrail spraying overflights above Morecambe and during which the sky stayed clear (picture here). The second, taken at 5.00pm on Tuesday 31st July 2007, is a photograph of a normal aircraft contrail fading at the same rate as the progress of the aircraft across the sky (picture here). Mr Shine is curious to discover who authorised and organised these pollution overflights above Morecambe, and why? A further question worth putting is: Who paid for them?
Source: here.

August 2007
On the evening of the 6th August 2007, just before dark, two clearly defined UFOs flew low over palm trees and buildings in the Republic of Haiti on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The UFOs were radially symmetrical with a pentagonal symmetry. They flew at an altitude of about one hundred feet above ground level and had an array of six white lights underneath their fuselages. In each case, the central light was larger and brighter than the other five which surrounded it. The low level overflight lasted about fourteen seconds after which the two craft slowly increased altitude and joined what appeared to be a fleet of nine other similar UFOs high up in the sky. Eight of these flew in pairs and one seemed to be solitary and larger than the rest. There is a 22-second videoclip of the sighting on YouTube here, five still images from here, the same stills (enlarged) plus critical comments at here, and further critical commentary at here. The issue under consideration is whether UFO videoclips of this kind are genuine reportage or CGI (computer-generated imagery). A consensus has emerged that this particular Haiti one is CGI. But what about this one from Italy earlier this year? A very clear UFO is shown flying above an Italian river. There is a 53-second YouTube clip here. This went on the web on the 16th February 2007. And there is a similar 49-second Google Video clip here which went on the web on the 12th April 2007 and is said to come from a source within the Italian Air Force who shot it in the vicinity of the Aviano Air Base. On the 15th April 2007, published some stills from these two videos here and here. The full report is here. In this case the Italian craft may be a UFO of terrestrial, but covert, military origin undergoing a flight test. But might this videoclip, too, be deliberate CGI disinformation? And, if so, why? Perhaps the intelligent way forward now, post-Haiti, is to consider veridical only those UFO videoclips which are accompanied by multiple eye-witness testimonies. As examples of this latter category of UFO videoclips, one might suggest the Stratford (UK) UFO sightings on the 21st July 2007 (see lower down this page) and the Mexican flying witch sightings detailed below under March 2007.

August 2007
On the evening of Wednesday 1st August 2007, in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed for no apparent reason. Many vehicles fell into the water and several fatalities were recorded. Pictures here, here, here and here. The I-35W river crossing, Bridge 9340, was a truss bridge built in 1967. It had eight traffic lanes over a single span of 581m (1,900ft). The bridge was last inspected in 2006 and no significant structural problems were found. On Thursday 2nd August 2007, reports from Russia’s Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk indicated that their Siberian Solar Radio Telescope (SSRT) detected a massive ultra low frequency (ULF) blast emanating from latitude 45°00' North & longitude 93°15' West at the exact moment of the bridge collapse. One of the USA military's primary ULF acoustic weapon research organisations is located at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, less than one mile from the destroyed Interstate 35W bridge. An eye-witness who observed the final stages of the bridge collapse first-hand, reported that the fractured joints of the structure were clean breaks with the joint rebars (reinforcing rods) showing no bent or twisted ends (pictures here, here and here). Russian bloggers have been publishing a number of the best pictures of the Minneapolis bridge collapse. For example, there are 33 good, large images here. These particular shots originally came from Jeff Willer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Sources: (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) 02.08.07
, BBC News (London, UK) 02.08.07 and (Rapid City, South Dakota, USA) 05.08.07.

July 2007
On the afternoon of Wednesday 25th July 2007, a large UFO about a mile in diameter was sighted in the sky above the Anfield area of Liverpool (UK). The saucer-shaped craft emerged slowly from cumulus clouds and remained visible for several minutes. The fuselage of the UFO was a grey gun-metal colour. It dwarfed a passing commercial airliner seen at the same time. Reports indicate that this UFO, or others very like it, are regular visitors to this part of north west England. In January 2007, there was a night-time sighting in nearby Childwall. This UFO had several lights on its under surface. It moved slowly from the direction of Halewood towards Netherley. In the same week, a geometric arrangement of coloured lights was seen on the underside of a huge round UFO above Huyton, Page Moss, Dovecot and Broad Green. One witness estimated the size of this craft to be about that of the metropolitan cathedral in Liverpool. Other night-time sightings were reported in June 2007 by witnesses in Dingle, Aigburth, Grassendale and Hunt's Cross. A local amateur radar enthusiast got coordinates on the UFO and calculated its size to be one mile in length and its altitude to be 7000 feet.
Source: Maghull and Aintree Star (Liverpool, UK) 02.08.07.
Comment: The Liverpool UFO(s) described here sound similar to the two craft reported by airline pilots in the Channel Islands in April 2007 (see lower down on this page).

July 2007
On Saturday 21st July 2007, a group of five UFOs, flying in a geometrically precise formation, was seen by upwards of a hundred people at 10.30pm in the night sky above Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire (UK). Photographs can be seen here and here. YouTube videoclips of the UFOs can be found here, here and here.
Sources: The Daily Mail (London, UK) 26.07.07 and Metro (London, UK) 24.07.07. Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the UFOs sighted over Stratford-upon-Avon on the 21st July 2007 were spacecraft from Mars. Benjamin Creme has privileged access to this information, having worked for several decades with benign extraterrestrials (who he refers to as Space Brothers). See: September 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs of the time.

July 2007
Extraterrestrial television hijack (another page on this blog).

July 2007
Romanian UFO pictures (another page on this blog).

July 2007
Fleet of one hundred UFOs hovers above Sacramento (USA) in broad daylight (another page on this blog).

July 2007
Recent agriglyphs (another page on this blog).

April 2007
Two commercial pilots and their aircraft passengers have confirmed sightings of two large UFOs twelve to fifteen miles off the north east coast of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. They were seen from two separate passenger planes at 3.00pm on the afternoon of Monday 23rd April 2007. The UFOs were described as hovering stationary at an altitude of 2000 feet. They were bright yellow, flat discs, each of which measured up to a mile in diameter (BBC photograph here). They looked cigar-shaped when viewed from the side - like a CD disc on edge - with a graphite grey-coloured section on the fuselage two thirds of the way from left to right as viewed. The UFOs were clearly visible for about twelve minutes. One of the pilots stated that Jersey radar had registered a plot of one of the UFOs two miles south of the Casquets lighthouse. Commercial airline pilot, Captain Ray Bowyer was flying an Aurigny plane on a general flight from Southampton to Alderney when he saw the UFOs through 10x magnification binoculars. They were fifty miles away from him in sight-controlled airspace. The two objects were bright yellow like the sun, emitting light - not reflecting it - but they did not hurt his eyes when he looked at them. He had the objects in view for twelve minutes before losing sight of them as his plane descended through a haze layer. At first, Ray Bowyer estimated the size of the UFOs to be about twice the size of a Boeing 737. Thinking it through later, and taking into account the distance at which he had viewed them, he said that the UFOs may actually have been up to a mile wide each. Ray Bowyer is a professional pilot who has been flying for 20 years. ITV Channelonline TV has a two-and-half minute video clip of its interview with Bowyer which can be found here or here. And there is a six-minute video of an interview with Bowyer here, conducted on Monday 25th June 2007 on the Richard & Judy Show (Channel 4 TV, London, UK). Paul Kelly, 31, the air traffic controller who was on duty at the time of the Channel Islands UFO sightings, said: "A Blue Islands pilot made a similar report. He was en route to Jersey at the same time and as he went past Sark he described an object behind him to his left. The description was very similar to Captain Bowyer’s and they described it as being in exactly the same place. But they were looking at it from opposite sides." Later it emerged that air traffic control radars at both Jersey and Guernsey recorded traces of the objects for an uninterrupted period of 55 minutes. Ray Bowyer said the objects he saw looked very similar to the famous picture of a UFO photographed on the 16th October 1957 while it hovered stationary over the Holloman Air Force Base, White Sands, New Mexico, USA (images here, here, here and here). Ray Bowyer is assisting Dr David Clarke with an analysis of the sighting. The Channel Islands are British dependencies off the north coast of France.
Sources: ITV Channelonline TV (St Helier, Jersey, and St Samson, Guernsey, Channel Islands) 25.04.07, BBC News (London, UK) 25.04.07, The Guernsey Press and Star (Vale, Guernsey, Channel Islands) 26.04.07 and 27.06.07, The Aero-News Network (Winter Haven, Florida, USA) 26.04.07 and The Sun (London, UK) 27.04.07. Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the two UFOs sighted over the Channel Islands on the 23rd April 2007 were spacecraft from Mars. Benjamin Creme has privileged access to this information, having worked for several decades with benign extraterrestrials (who he refers to as Space Brothers). See: June 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs of the time.

April 2007
Four black, spherical UFOs were seen over Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (UK), at 9.27am on Saturday 21st April 2007. They flew in formation over the Howard estate and then headed out of Bury towards Fornham St Martin. The police passed the information to the Ministry of Defence. A MoD spokeswoman said: "We have received a report that says four black spheres were seen flying over Bury St Edmunds at 9.27am on April 21, 2007. The report was passed to us by Ipswich police. Unless there is corroborating evidence to suggest that the UK's airspace may have been compromised by a hostile or unauthorised foreign military aircraft, the MoD does not investigate or seek to provide a precise explanation for each of the 200-300 UFO reports we receive each year. We believe it is possible that rational explanations, such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena, could be found for them, but it is not the function of the MoD to provide this kind of aerial identification service. We could not justify expenditure of public funds on investigations which go beyond our specific defence remit." The Bury St Edmunds UFO sighting comes just three months after a close aerial contact involving military jets from nearby RAF Lakenheath (Suffolk, UK). In the afternoon of Friday 12th January 2007, it is claimed that British military air traffic control contacted American fighter planes to intercept a UFO. Spokesmen for air traffic control deny making the call. The MoD claimed it could have been part of a weather balloon. The UFO was described by one of the military pilots who saw it as looking like a flying black rock. A communications intercept of American military pilots talking to London Military Air Traffic control can be heard here. The evidence suggests that the Lakenheath black rock UFO was tracked on radar and US Air Force F-15s (call-sign "Gator") from the base were scrambled to investigate. The pilots located the UFO, got a radar lock on it, flew close to it twice, once at 17,000 feet and then again at 17,700 feet, and made visual contact. The pilots said that the UFO was not a bird and was unlike any aircraft they had ever seen. One pilot was heard to say to another: 'Did you see that?' And the other replied: 'Yes, but I don't want to talk about it." It is reported that every now and again the UFO appeared to come to a complete halt in mid air. All military and civilian authorities are denying the encounter.
Sources: The Bury Free Press (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK) 26.04.07
and 27.03.07, Unexplained 29.03.07 and UFODATA magazine (Leeds, UK). Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the UFO sighted over Lakenheath (Suffolk, UK) on the 12th January 2007 was a spaceship from Mars engaged on regular analysis work. Benjamin Creme has privileged access to this information, having worked for several decades with benign extraterrestrials (who he refers to as Space Brothers). See: May 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs of the time.

March 2007
A series of strange images was posted on YouTube on the 21st March 2007. It related to paranormal sightings of flying humanoids in Mexico in recent years, and in particular on and around the 17th May 2006. The inhabitants of a remote mountain town in the Monterrey area (Nuevo León, north east Mexico) were terrorised by what they claim were flying witches. One of the flying humanoids was observed and filmed in daylight. It was wearing a cape and a pointed hat. Among the witnesses were local policemen. One said that he saw a person dressed in black with huge claws and her head hanging down. Then there were two of the humanoids looking at him. They flew in the air in circles above the local cemetery. A second policeman saw one of the flying humanoids. He described it as being dressed in black with dark skin, huge eyes and a pointed hat. He was attacked by the witch and was given police medical treatment. Mexican TV stations carried videoclips of the phenomena. There is a 3½ minute video from local TV about the sightings on YouTube here (21st March 2007) and on LiveLeak here (10th March 2007). There are English subtitles. Several seconds of the clip show a flying witch itself. A longer, 4½ minute, version of this TV broadcast (without English subtitles) was posted on YouTube on 17th October 2006 and can be seen here. And there is a 2 minute clip of one of the flying humanoids alone (without TV commentary or packaging) here. This was put on YouTube on the 28th July 2007. Fuller details of these Mexican flying humanoid phenomena can be found at here (23rd January 2004).

March 2007
Seventeen-year-old Michael Tannous used to live in the house at Number 6 Bowden Street, Guildford, Sydney (Australia). He was killed in a car crash on the 9th September 2006. Forty days after his death, Michael's parents, George and Lina, noticed a strange line of oil appear on his bedroom wall and the fragrance of roses filled parts of the house. And ash, the colour of coal, began materializing from thin air. Since then, Michael's old house has become a place of pilgrimage. Hundreds visit every day. The miracles continue. As well as the spreading oil (pictures here and here), Michael's initials and a cross have appeared. Twelve-year-old Elana Ibiahim was one of the visitors. Her crippling joint pain is now gone, healed by the aromatic oil from Michael's bedroom. "I was sick, I had joint problems and they kept swelling up," she said. "I couldn't kneel and sometimes I was unable to write because of them. I put it (the oil) on the first day and since then - all my pain is gone." George and Lina Tannous are devout Roman Catholics. Father Michael Melhen, their local priest, is using the oil that comes through the walls of their house to anoint people.
Sources: Yahoo 7 News TodayTonight (Sydney, Australia) 27.03.07,
The Parramatta Sun (Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia) 03.04.07 here and here, Catholic News (Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia) 04.04.07, and The Daily Telegraph (Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia) 04.04.07.

March 2007
A hovering angel appears to have been photographed in Rome (see pictures here, here and here). The image shows a clear head, two wings and billowing robes. It was taken with a digital Kodak camera inside St Peter's Basilica by retired policeman Andy Key (48) from March in Cambridgeshire (UK). He did not notice the angel image until he got home to the UK and downloaded it on to his computer. Mr Key and his wife, Susan (44), were not visiting Rome for religious reasons. It was a sight-seeing trip. The angel photographed seems to be hovering three or four feet above the heads of the tourists in the church.
Sources: The Daily Mail (London, UK)
30.03.07 and The Times (London, UK) 31.03.07. Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the angel-like energy photographed in Rome was a miracle manifested by Jesus. Jesus is now back in physical incarnation and is based just outside Rome. See: June 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs of the time. On the 13th April 1952, speaking to a meditation group in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), Jesus is recorded as having said: "And soon will come the time when the light which I pour forth to individuals in response to their calls to me can be easily photographed, even by that mechanical perfection to which you have attained thus far." On another page of this blog we have assembled links to several dozen such photographs recently collected by Share International Magazine - see Photographed light blessings from Jesus.

March 2007
Two huge and unusual geometrical shapes have been photographed in space by advanced astronomical telescopes. The Cassini spacecraft has obtained images of a long-lasting hexagonal entity in the atmosphere above the north pole of Saturn (pictures here and here) and, much farther away, earth-based telescopes have recorded pictures of the Red Square nebula which exhibits an almost perfect rectilinear reflection symmetry (pictures here and here). The Saturn entity is not the normal sinuous cloud structure seen on other planets. It is a long-lasting precise hexagon with six nearly equal straight sides and six corners. The honeycomb-like feature has been seen before. NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged it more than two decades ago. The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles (25,000 kilometers) across. Thermal imagery shows that it extends about 60 miles (100 kilometers) down into the clouds. Farther away in outer space, the newly discovered Red Square nebula is said to be one of the most beautiful objects in the universe. Viewed in infrared, the nebula resembles a giant glowing red box with a bright white inner core. It has a remarkable degree of symmetry seen in lines, or rungs, that bisect its surface. The rungs appear as shadows, and their makeup is uncertain. It ranks among the most symmetrical objects ever observed by scientists. The Red Square nebula was spotted using the 200-inch Hale Telescope at Caltech’s Palomar Observatory and the Keck-2 Telescope in Hawaii. Both telescopes utilize adaptive optics, employing a laser guide star as a reference, and a rapidly deforming mirror, to correct image distortions from the Earth’s atmosphere in real time.
Sources: (New York, USA)
27.03.07 and (New York, USA) 12.04.07.

March 2007
A sacred heart of Jesus icon is oozing blood in the Andaman Islands (Bay of Bengal, India). The icon, made of laminated cardboard, belongs to Eric Nathaniel, a police radio operator. ''I bought the portrait of the sacred heart at Car Nicobar during the Durga Pooja mela in 2003. It was just a year before the Tsunami destroyed most of Car Nicobar Island, killing thousands of people and rendering the survivors homeless,'' he said. Nathaniel's family first witnessed the icon bleeding on Thursday 8th March 2007 when they returned home after a shopping trip. They were stunned. Blood seemed to flow from the heart of Jesus in the icon, which stood on a small table in their house. At the time, the family maintained a low profile about the incident and did not disclose the matter. ''I was afraid no-one would believe it and we would be criticised for talking about something which is foolish in the eyes of the world,'' Eric Nathaniel said. ''We lit candles and prayed and after some time the blood dried. Then again on the 10th March, at about the same time in the evening, my family noticed blood on the portrait. Blood also oozed from the hands and heart of another icon of Jesus, which hung on the wall in an adjacent room." Three days later on the 13th March, the family again witnessed the same incident. This time it did not stop. The blood flowed from the icon continually for five days until the 18th March. At this point they decided to make the phenomenon public and many people, including some journalists, witnessed the miracle. With the family's permission, the sacred heart icon has been removed by priests of The Anglican Church of Northern India. It is on public display at the Bishop's House next to the Churches in Andaman church. The icon continues to bleed in its new location. Pilgrims are gathering in large numbers to view the phenomenon.
Sources: (Mangalore, India) 21.03.07
and The Weird India blog 21.03.07. Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the bleeding portraits in the Andaman Islands were miracles manifested by Jesus. See: May 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs of the time.

March 2007
At 10.00 pm on Monday 12th March 2007, sightings of a strange glow in the sky were reported by Fay Boyd of Kingston St Mary (Somerset, UK), Richard Fowle of Cheddon Road in Taunton (Somerset, UK), and his son Edward. "There was a long vertical light, it was not a star but I have no explanation for it," said Mrs Boyd. See photograph here.
Source: Somerset County Gazette (Taunton, UK) 13.03.07

March 2007
At 1.30pm on Sunday 11th March 2007, Stewart Hall, a 44-year-old artist living in Holmes Avenue, Hove (Sussex, UK), was called out to the garden when his seven-year-old son Raphael was playing on a trampoline and saw what looked like a flying stick. "Eventually I looked and to my amazement I saw a UFO. It had no wings and appeared to be a tubular shape. I rushed inside to get a camera but the craft was far bigger than how it appears on the camera screen. I did get a clear view of the craft though, through high quality binoculars, and can assure you it had no wings or windows and appeared to be a flying metal pole. I realised then there was no way it should be flying. It was really, really unusual. As it turned you could tell it had a silver body as the sun caught it." This event followed the sighting of strange, glowing orbs nearby on the previous night. Ian Thornton, of Second Avenue, Hove, said: "At about 11.30pm a friend and I noticed what seemed to be orange UFOs coming in from the south west over Shoreham. They were all travelling at the same altitude - lower than the usual aircraft - all moving at the same speed, and roughly on the same line and direction. We saw four of these orange UFOs. There might have been more."
Source: Brighton Evening Argos (UK) 14.03.07
including a video clip here.

March 2007
On Wednesday 7th March 2007, air traffic control radars in Delhi (India) picked up two unidentified flying objects over the city moving northwest to south between 0930 hours and 1000 hours (IST). While the ATC was alarmed by the sightings, the Air Force did not scramble its jets to intercept the flying objects in accordance with the security protocol even though the breach of air space happened at a time when air traffic was at its peak. Security experts say the objects might have involved a serious threat to civilian air traffic. The incident raised serious security concerns as the two unidentified flying objects were detected just two kilometres from the Prime Minister's residence and other government high-security areas. Sources told CNN-IBN that both the objects were flying seven miles apart. They flew over Safdarjung Airport before heading east and vanishing off the radar. Both the ATC and the Air Force tried to establish radio contact, but failed. The Air Force says it was informed about the radar trace only when the objects were within five nautical miles of Safdarjung. They vanished from the radar three minutes after crossing Safdarjung.
Source: CNN-IBN News (Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India) 15.03.07 including a video clip here. Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the two UFOs sighted over Delhi on the 7th March 2007 were spacecraft from Mars engaged on regular control work. Benjamin Creme has privileged access to this information, having worked for several decades with benign extraterrestrials (who he refers to as Space Brothers). See: May 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs of the time.

March 2007
On Saturday 3rd March 2007, an unidentified flying object, described as "a slow-moving, orange light" was seen passing over Witney (Oxfordshire, UK) during the lunar eclipse. Among those who saw the object, shortly after 10.30pm, were Derek Hall, of Jacobs Mill, Witney, and his girlfriend Paula Siford. There were also reports of one or more unidentified objects flying over Oxford. Mr Hall, a 43-year-old sales executive for a security company, said: "It was spooky. We were looking at the eclipse when we saw this bright glow, just to the side of the moon. It appeared as a slow-moving, orange light - as if a light aircraft was in flames. It was moving in a northerly direction, then bore round to the east. It disappeared in the direction of Woodstock. There was no sound at all. It was very strange." He said it was not a plane, and could not have been a meteorite, as it changed direction. "We thought there might have been something in the news since, but there hasn't been. I still don't know what it was, but I'm sure others must have seen it. Another witness was 14-year-old Lewis Ashton, who watched the object from his home in Burford Road, Witney. The Wood Green School pupil said: "It wasn't a plane or a satellite. I don't know what it was, but it seemed quite strange." Mr Hall contacted the Anomalous Phenomena Research Agency, which investigates UFO sightings in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. Research co-coordinator, Brian James, said there had been sightings in Oxford at about the same time. "We did get a report of a set of four low-flying lights heading east to west over Christ Church Meadow in Oxford. They were so low the witness thought it was an aircraft crashing. These lights split into two pairs, which then went off to the north and south. The witness phoned her daughter in Barton, who then saw another, or similar, four lights coming from the east."
Source: Oxford Mail (UK) 13.03.07

February 2007
A willow tree in Jammu and Kashmir (north India) has been found with clear impressions of Quranic verses on the newly cut surfaces of its wood. Hundreds of people have been flocking to the shrine of the Sufi (Muslim) saint, Syed Shah Farid-ud-Din in Achu Gudool, Kokernag. The managing committee of the shrine instructed woodcutters to begin felling some willow trees in the compound. They stopped as the first axe blows revealed verses from The Holy Qur'an in the wood. Besides the Quranic verses, the pieces of wood from the ancient willow were also seen to carry impressions of a prayer mat, a scull cap of the kind worn by the saint, and a shrine oil lamp. The tree felling was immediately discontinued. In recent years there have been many cases of verses from The Holy Qur'an and other sacred Arabic graffiti turning up in unexpected locations. In 1996, in Senegal, the word "Allah" appeared on a watermelon. In London (UK) in 1997, the word "Allah" appeared inside an aubergine. Also in 1997, in Huddersfield (UK), a tomato was found with the words "There is only one God, Mohammed is the messenger," on its inner cut surfaces. In the same year in San Joaquin County, California (USA), an Allah fish was discovered. On the right flank of an albino tiger oscar fish the word "Allah" was spelled out in Arabic. Following this, Allah eggs and beans were discovered in The Hague, Holland (1997), an Allah and Mohammed potato was cut open in north India (1997), and an Allah aubergine was cut open in Manchester (UK) on Easter Monday 1998.
Sources: RxPG News (India) 21.02.07 and
Weird India 21.02.07. See also: Signs of Allah.

February 2007
Crowds are being drawn to The Liverpool Academy of Arts (UK) to view a statue that is emitting a strange paranormal energy. It is a steel and bronze depiction on fibreglass entitled the ‘Cleansing of the Temple’ shown here. A larger and better image can be viewed by following the 'Cleansing of the Temple' link on this page here.

The artwork, by atheistic sculptor Brian Burgess,
portrays an angry Jesus, brandishing a whip in his right hand and a broken chair in his left hand. He is about to drive the moneylenders from the Jerusalem Temple in the first century CE. There are dice, playing cards, coins, treasury notes and collection plates in the background. Two screaming capitalists with their hands in the air protest at Jesus' interference in their business.

Brian Burgess' image derives from biblical stories in the New Testament Gospels (Matthew 21:12-13,
Mark 11:15-17, Luke 19:45-46 and John 2:15).

Visitors claim that the artwork has miraculous powers, is shooting sparks from its eyes in a directed manner, and is engendering trance or meditation states in some viewers who report experiencing a new and vital connection with God.
Source: The Liverpool Daily Post (UK) 13.02.07 here and here. Late note: Share International Magazine (March 2007), in its Signs section, has confirmed that this miracle was manifested by Maitreya, the World Teacher. Maitreya is known as "Christ" in church mythology. He used this particular statue to underline the symbolism of his work in encouraging humanity to turn away from gross materialism and towards a system of sharing and justice for all. Maitreya, who is now based in London (UK), works closely with Jesus, who is now based just outside Rome (Italy).

February 2007
On the evening of Tuesday 6th February 2007, at a conference in Viña del Mar (Chile), members of Chile's Armed Forces displayed some of their military photographs and videos of UFOs. Included was a photograph of a spherical metallic object flying over Antarctica and a video of Navy ships being pursued by a luminous object in 2000. Rodrigo Bravo, Captain of the Army’s Fifth Division, presented a thesis entitled “Observations of unidentified aerial phenomena identified by the Civil Air Force.” Bravo had been authorised by his commander-in-chief to give the presentation. He talked about encounters such as that of three helicopters near La Unión, when a UFO was spotted parked on the ground, and what happened in 2000, when five people were pursued by a luminous object that did not show up on radar screens. Also present at the conference was a retired official called Armando Valdés. On the 25th April 1977, Valdés, along with five members of an army patrol, saw two bright objects descending from the sky. Valdés set out alone to investigate and vanished. Fifteen minutes later, he reappeared, tried to speak and passed out. The date on his watch had been advanced five days, and he had about a week's growth of beard. When Valdes was beginning to regain consciousness he said: "You do not know who we are, nor where we come from. But I tell you that we will soon return."

February 2007
At 5.30 pm on Thursday 1st February 2007, dozens of orange lights were spotted hovering in the night sky above Archway (north London, UK). The photograph here shows six of the UFOs as pinpoints of light, and a video of the event here shows eleven of them. The sightings were reported to Islington police by several residents, stopped traffic and caused some temporary panic. Some observers said that there was a group of ten to fifteen of the UFOs moving together at the same speed, but not in a patterned formation. They came from the north and were moving south, before they stopped, hovered and finally disappeared upwards. There was no sound. The sightings lasted ten minutes.
Source: Islington Gazette (London, UK) 02.02.07. Late note: Share International Magazine (March 2007), in its Signs section, has confirmed that these UFOs were Martian.

January 2007
On Friday 26th January 2007, two UFOs were seen and filmed in Hawaii (USA). A crowd assembled along Kewalo Basin and Ala Moana Beach Park at 6.20 pm to watch them in daylight. The two lights were circling in the sky 45 degrees above the horizon. They kept changing direction. One of the lights was recorded on the KHON2 Television SkyCam. The link below has a YouTube video of the TV reportage of the event. The USA National Weather Service stated that nothing showed on their radar at the time of the sighting. The Federal Aviation Administration reported nothing unusual. The USA military conducted a missile defence test off of Kauai on the same evening, but the test didn't begin until 7.20 pm. According to published reports, this is not the first time a UFO has been sighted in the area. In December 2004, an unexplained streak of light was captured by a camera on Haleakala moving southwest to northeast. No official explanation was given.
KHON2 TV (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA) 30.01.07. Late note: Share International Magazine (March 2007), in its Signs section, has confirmed that these UFOs were Martian.

January 2007
A 23-year-old woman in Alor Gajah, Malacca (Malaysia) has experienced a series of gem-like stones or crystals emerging painlessly from beneath one of her toenails. The gems are usually spheroidal in shape and green, pink or white in colour. Siti Suhana Saadon's toenail periodically opens up, pops out a gem and then closes up again. No wounding or bleeding is involved. Medics from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Faculty of Medicine in Kuala Lumpur have examined the woman. They are baffled by her condition. Some people have offered to purchase the stones from Siti for research purposes. In recent years, two similar cases have received media attention. They were recorded in detail in Saudi Arabia in 1996 and in Nepal in 2006.

In 1996, in Saudi Arabia, a 12-year-old Lebanese girl called Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani produced hard glass crystals from her eyes seven times a day. This was recorded on television. The crystals were sharp enough to cut paper, but the girl was unharmed, uncut and did not bleed. The phenomenon continued for nine months. Her tears were transformed into crystals at the instant they left her tear ducts. Medics examined her in Lebanon and in Saudi Arabia, recorded the occurrence but could offer no scientific explanation. Pressed by influential Wahhabi Muslim factions, the Saudi Arabian authorities moved to hush the matter up. They offered Hasnah's father $50,000 to pretend that the whole thing was a fraud. Being of a poor family, he accepted, and retracted the claims on television. Later he recanted and told the truth. The crystal manifestations had been real.

Then in 2006, pieces of glass began appearing from the forehead of a 12-year-old schoolgirl, Sarita Bista, from Tikapur, western Nepal. More than 130 shards have emerged since January 2006, and since the 7th August 2006, the process has taken place daily. The glass pieces average 1.5 inches long by 0.5 inches wide, and as many as 12 come out in a single day." At the beginning, there was a blister at the side of her forehead. When we scratched it, a piece of glass came out," said her mother, Dhansara. Her daughter has no pain, she says, but sometimes loses consciousness when the process begins. Though there is slight bleeding when the shards emerge, the wound heals quickly on its own. The family emphasize that Sarita is in sound physical and mental health, and has never had an accident of any kind. Nepalese medical professionals investigating the phenomenon include teams of senior professors and doctors from Kohalapur Medical College and the Nepalgunj Teaching Hospital (NTH) in Kohalapur. Despite CT scans and blood tests, they are at a loss for an explanation. “Something that looked like shining glass pieces could be seen coming out of her forehead skin,” said Dr Jitendra Mahaseth, deputy director of NTH, “but there is no glass inside the cranium.” His colleague Dr Keduwai called it “a strange case. There are many examples where cranial bones have grown unnaturally to give the impression of horns,” he said, “But the human body does not produce glass.”

Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine, has stated that these three crystal miracles have been manifested by the World Teacher, Maitreya, as "signs of the times". Maitreya is known in Islamic mythology as The Imam Mahdi, and in Church mythology as The Christ. It is said that uncontrovertible miracles of many kinds will increase in frequency as "The Second Coming" approaches.
Sources: New Straits Times (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 24.01.07, Crystalinks, Kantipuronline (Kathmandu, Nepal) 21.09.06, The Miracles Page
and Share International Magazine (London, UK) November 2006, March 2007 and an October 2006 news release here.

November 2006
On the 7th November 2006 at 4.30pm, just before sunset, a group of United Airlines employees, including several pilots, saw a dark grey, round, discoid or elliptical object hovering for several minutes above Concourse C of the United Airlines terminal at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Its altitude was 1900 feet, just below the cloud base. The craft, variously estimated to be between 6 and 24 feet in diameter, did not display any lights. It then shot up through the overcast sky leaving an almost perfect circular hole in the thick cloud cover. The news of the sighting took two months to emerge and only came to light when the Chicago Tribune newspaper spoke to several of the eyewitnesses. They were shaken by the event and were upset that neither the government nor the airline was probing the incident. Whatever the object was, they felt that it could have interfered with O'Hare's radar and other equipment, and might have created a collision risk.
Sources: Newsweek (New York, USA) 04.01.07,
Chicago Tribune (Illinois, USA) 01.01.07, (Orrtanna, Pennsylvania USA) 01.01.07, the National UFO Reporting Centre (Davenport, Washington, USA) and Late note: Benjamin Creme of Share International Magazine has now confirmed that the UFO sighted over Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in November 2006 was a spacecraft from Mars. Benjamin Creme has privileged access to this information, having worked for several decades with benign extraterrestrials (who he refers to as Space Brothers). See: Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Share International magazine: Signs section.

September 2006
A six-year-old Scottish boy, Cameron Macaulay, can recall a past life with great clarity. He lives in Glasgow but tells stories of his life on Barra, a remote Outer Hebridean island, 220 miles away. He can describe minute details of the house he lived in on Barra. Eventually his mother took him to Barra. They had never been there before. Research led them to the house Cameron had described. The details were exactly as he said.
Sources: The Sun (London, UK) 08.09.06
and Channel 5 Television (London, UK) 18.09.06.

August 2006
An unusual, new and apparently incurable illness is causing comment in America. The US Centres for Disease Control are receiving up to twenty calls a day about Morgellons Disease.

The symptoms are alarming: crawling skin, stinging and biting sensations, non-healing sores, multi-coloured, autofluorescent, cellulose-like fibres and other unusual structures growing under the skin and out of open skin lesions, fatigue, joint pains, bowel problems.

Some say that Morgellons disease is a form of delusional parasitosis - a paranoid fear that creatures are living inside you. At least one recent sufferer has committed suicide to escape the unbearable itching.

John Naish had an article entitled " Morgellons attack!" in The Times newspaper (London, UK) on the 12th August 2006. It can be found here.

Elsewhere on this blog, the Morgellons disease phenomenon is addressed in greater detail, including links to several photographic images of the condition - see Morgellons mystery.

July 2006
Speaking on Art Bell's American Coast to Coast radio show, Dr Steven Greer claimed that The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) has received a significant burst of ET signals recently, but the news has been suppressed by another (human) agency which stepped in to block the signals. Dr Greer's information is said to come from a senior SETI insider. SETI is denying the veracity of Greer's story.

Source: "SETI urged to fess up over alien signals" - The Register (London, UK) - 31.07.06

Dr Steven Greer's Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence can be found here.

July 2006
In recent years, curious anomalies have been appearing on photographs all over the world. Share International Magazine has reported that many of these were caused by Jesus. He happened to be sending a light-energy blessing to certain individuals at the moment a photograph was being taken of them or by them.

In each case the light blessing was not seen by the photographer until the picture was processed. A column or swirl of light was discovered on the image after development. It is claimed that these streaks of light are not caused by film or camera faults, or by accidents in the developing process. They are only seen on the exposure in question, not on the whole film, or on adjacent digital exposures.

Nineteen examples of the images Share International has published are hotlinked from this Alcuin and Flutterby blog page.

March 2006
Richard Lloyd Parry is the Asia Editor for The Times (London). On the 2nd March 2006, in his blog, he reported that: “Peninsula Malaysia is abuzz with sightings of the Mawas, the huge hairy ape-like creature, regarded by some as an Asian cousin to the North American Bigfoot.” His blog comments can be found here. And he includes an artist’s impression of the Malaysian Bigfoot here. Parry links to other articles about the Malaysian Bigfoot by Jan McGirk of The Independent (London) here, and by Jonathan Kent, the BBC correspondent in Kuala Lumpur, here. Kent’s piece includes two photographs of alleged Malaysian Bigfoot footprints here and here.

December 2005, the Malaysian National News Agency (Kuala Lumpur), is reporting that sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures in the Malaysian jungle are now quite common and well-attested locally.

The most recent sighting took place in November 2005 at Kampung Mawai, Kota Tinggi. Three workers building a fish pond in the village claim to have seen a Bigfoot family of two adults and a child. Several footprints, some large and others small, including one 45cm long, were observed. Some fur was recovered which had the smell of a human armpit. The creatures were estimated to be between eight and ten feet tall.

The Malaysian News Agency report, dated 23.12.05 and entitled "Bigfoot Sighted In Johor?" can be found online here.

December 2005
The Moscow News website (Russia), citing Moscow newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, has published a summary of UFO activity in and around Russia during the year 2005. It includes 18 agriglyphs ("crop circles"), a multiply photographed flying saucer, a red UFO above Yalta, and responsive UFOs around Yevseyevka which left pictographs on local watermelons.

The Moscow News report, dated 19.12.05 and entitled "UFO Sightings in Russia - Wrap up for 2005", can be found here.

February 2005 (USA) is reporting that an unusual image was recorded over Washington DC on the 10th February 2005. It was picked up by a National Park Service webcam. A large, flat, metallic-appearing object with the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and U.S. Capitol building in the background, was photographed with a high degree of clarity. The identity of the UFO is unexplained.

The image can be seen here.'s original report, dated the 10th February 2005, can be read here.

And's Feb 13th update to its report can be found here.

January 2005
The India Daily website is reporting that there have been numerous new UFO sightings, recently, in the Indian Ocean. The sightings have been reported around the Andaman and Nicobar islands, the Maldives, and the coastal areas of southern India and Sri Lanka.

The UFO phenomena happen at night. Local shipping has picked up strange electronic signals and radio channels have been jammed.

The phenomena seem to be connected with deep underwater seismic activity between 5.2 and 6.2 on the Richter scale. There have been 121 such seismic recordings since the tsunami (tidal wave) on the 26th December 2004.

The behaviour and distribution of coastal animals have been changed by these phenomena.

The India Daily report, dated 24.01.05, can be found here.
It is headed: "UFO Sighting and Strange Signals reported again in Indian Ocean – sub-tectonic experiment?"

January 2005
Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country website is reporting that a strange object has appeared, near the sun, in an image taken by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. NASA is saying that the object is a system artefact. But a year ago, a similar object was seen by the same observatory in the same vicinity in space.

The image can be seen here.

And Whitley Strieber's report, dated the 6th January 2005, can be found here.

January 2005 (New Zealand), the news and information website, is reporting that a group of elephants in Khao Lak, Thailand, saved a dozen tourists from the Indian Ocean tidal wave (tsunami) on the 26th December 2004.

The elephants started crying loudly at the time when the submarine earthquake happened. Then they calmed down. Then, an hour later, they started wailing again and could not be consoled by their mahouts. Those elephants carrying tourists on their backs, broke away and headed for the hills inland. Those elephants not carrying passengers, picked up tourists off the beach with their trunks, placed them on their backs, and charged away from the sea, through the jungle, and followed the others to higher ground.

A little while later, the tidal wave struck Khao Lak. The water surged one kilometre inshore across the beach, but stopped short of where the elephants were standing.

Of those people left on the beach, three thousand eight hundred were killed.

The report, dated 03.01.05, can be found here.,2106,3145501a4560,00.html

December 2004
On the 12th December 2004 at 2.38pm, on a UK discussion forum, a psychic whose screen name is Elijah De Court made the following prophecy under the heading "Earthquake Warning":

"The Southern Hemisphere.. tropical climate. There will be a disastrous Earthquake. Over a thousand will die. Heralds a series of Earthquakes that will reshape the globe and certain islands will disappear for good. The Maldives .. the Florida Keys and the Indonesian islands will be affected."

Two weeks later, on the 26th December 2004, between 200,000 and 300,000 people were killed by tidal waves engendered by a submarine earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean.

The discussion forum can be viewed at

December 2004
The India Daily website is reporting that in recent days most major national governments have been contacted at senior level by advanced, benign extraterrestrials. It is said that the ETs are reminding the politicians and the military of the laws and regulations of the wider, multidimensional universe.

In India, the ETs make contact through the ground radar stations of the military. This happens, mostly, in the Indian military security zone in Ladakh, a remote mountainous area between the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges. It is said that the ETs have an underground landing base for off-planet UFO craft within the Ladakh security zone.

At present, the Indian government has a covert project working on advanced technology alternative energy sources. It is suggested that this may involve either reverse-engineering from Indian ET artefacts, or a more direct ET teaching-input. The Indian government is spending large sums of money improving the Kashmir and Ladakh road infrastructure for reasons that are not yet entirely clear.

The India Daily article, dated 19.12.04, can be viewed online at

A subsequent edition of India Daily, dated the 26th December 2004, carries a report of repeated low altitude UFO sightings over Iranian nuclear installations. These UFOs appear not to be American spy planes. The Iranian Air Force, although ordered to shoot at sight, has had to admit its technical inability to engage the craft concerned. The word in Tehran is that these UFO sightings only began after the Iranian military started assembling nukes with nuclear warheads in special facilities.

The India Daily report, dated 26.12.04, can be seen at

India Daily, elsewhere in its same edition (26.12.04), reports that a group of Tibetan monks using developed spiritual techniques of remote viewing has observed extraterrestrial powers saving Planet Earth from destroying itself in the year 2012 CE. This date is the one often suggested for the "end of the world" and is the date at which the Mayan calendar terminates. The Mayan prophetic calendar, it is suggested, was of extraterrestrial origin.

This India Daily report, dated 26.12.04, can be seen at

Earlier this month, on the 6th December 2004, Pravda (Russia) carried a report of the American CIA's use of trained remote viewing personnel in the Iraq war and elsewhere.

The Pravda article can be seen here.

Following this, at the end of December 2004, World Net Daily (Oregon, USA), citing Resalat, the Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran), carried a detailed report headed "Iran, Russia to study UFOs – Scientific probe amid rash of sightings in Eastern Hemisphere."

The World Net Daily report, dated 30.12.04, can be found here.

On the same day, The Moscow News carried a shorter piece covering the same story, but with a larger photograph of a UFO sighted over Mexico in May 2004. The picture was a still taken from an infrared video.

The Moscow News report, dated 30.12.04, can be found here.

A week later, on the 6th January 2005, India Daily carried an article headed: "India may be the first country to explain to the world about extraterrestrial and UFO contacts."

It is reported that there is a large, secret, internal debate going on within the Indian government and security services. On one side are the democrats who want to begin to disclose to the public accurate information about ongoing top-level contacts with benign extraterrestrials and UFOs. On the other side are the Indian adherents to a covert international protocol prohibiting any national government from making such information public.

The non-disclosure policy is becoming increasingly untenable in India because of the multiplicity of recent explicit UFO sightings. In Ladakh, for example, the local population is daily accustomed to the sight of large triangular spacecraft coming out of an underground base, the access to which is guarded by Indian security personnel.

The India Daily article, dated 06.01.05, can be found here.

December 2004
The website is reporting that this month there have been numerous UFO sightings in the southern Yucatan region of Mexico.

The latest and clearest sighting was filmed on Sunday 12th December 2004, during the celebration of the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The craft recorded was circular, about five metres in diameter, completely soundless and surrounded by blue, green and red lights. The unusual flight pattern ruled out the possibilities of it being an aeroplane, helicopter or balloon.

The article, dated 19.12.04, can be viewed online at

December 2004
First Coast News (Florida, USA) is reporting that an image resembling Jesus has appeared on a dental x-ray in Phoenix, Arizona. The patient concerned, the dentist and the dentist's office staff all agree about the verisimilitude of the image.

The First Coast News report, dated 03.12.04, can be found at news-article.aspx?storyid=28783

The actual image can be seen here.

Subsequently, on the 20th December 2004, the internet auction house eBay reported that the original of the x-ray image had been sold for $1000.

The eBay report can be viewed online at

November 2004
The BBC (London) is reporting that thousands of people have been flocking to a church in Ghana where, it is claimed, an image of Jesus Christ has miraculously appeared on a marble wall. Police have had to deploy to maintain public order.

The phenomenon is located at the Margaret Mary Roman Catholic Church at Dansoman in the western suburbs of the capital, Accra.

Further details, dated 02.11.04, can be found at

The actual image can be seen here.

February 2004
The Ottawa Sun (Canada) is reporting that a Muslim man in Montreal has discovered a portrait of the Virgin Mary which is actively crying tears of oil.

The portrait turned up in a garbage bin. The tears have been collected in dishes and resemble olive oil. The wooden portrait only sheds the tears when the Muslim man is holding it. They dry up if the icon is passed to someone else to hold. Pilgrims are arriving at all hours to witness the phenomenon.

The original report, dated 29.02.04, can be found here.

Alcuin's comment
There have been many miraculous appearances of images resembling Jesus in recent years. The Miracles Page lists examples of several well-attested manifestations from places as far afield as Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, The Philippines, Portugal, Slovenia and the USA.


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