Monday, December 20, 2004

Elvis in Bedfordshire

A transsexual
Elvis impersonator
Is seen in Bedfordshire.

She has five loose,
Sugar-free mints
In her backpack.

A passer-by

Comments on this.

The Elvis impersonator
Takes no notice.

She is

A very secure person.

Heavy steel chains
Fasten her hands
And her feet
To a lamp-post.

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Immortal Beloved said...

These are like riddles. Love 'em! Anyway, delete my responses to these if you like so it doesn't spoil the fun for anyone else.

The impersonator is secure because she's been arrested and is handcuffed to a lamp-post. A passer-by can see the "mints" in her bag because the bag is open from having been searched by a cop. The mints are drugs. said...

I absolutely tie in with anything you've presented us.