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Saturday, October 05, 2013

The libraries do not fool us
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Picture: The libraries do not fool us.

Silence can be very noisy
To start with,
If you don't know how
To stay quiet inside.

If you choose silence
Rather than words,
Which is a good idea
If you are good at words
And read a lot of them
For pleasure,
And speak a lot of them
For effect
Or because it is your job
To be a professional loudmouth
Like a priest,
Or a pandar,
Or a politician,
Or a journalist,
Or a teacher,
Or a lawyer,
Or an aspiring human being,
With a maw which vomits vocab
For reasons of personal insecurity
Or glamour –
Choosing silence rather than words
Is a good idea
For such persons as these.

Silence is eloquent,
But in a way which doesn't use words.

Silence is efficacious
Because it gets things done
Without those same things
Getting mixed up
In badly deployed words.

Picture: The libraries do not fool us.

And silence is veridical
In that it promotes
The apprehension of truth
Without subverting that same truth
In a muddled mash
Of daintily spewed verbiage,
If you know what I mean.

I mean –
If you know what I mean
Skip this bit –
I mean that truth
Cannot be poured into words;
The function of words is to disable truth.

Think of any dogma
Or creed
Or catechism
Or systematic theology,
Or, on the other hand,
May be don't think
Of that sort of stuff at all,
If you want to stay free
And light
And truthful.

For goodness sake,
And creeds
And catechisms
And systematic theologies
Don't even tell us about yesterday's
Illusions of truth,
Let alone today's.

The point is
That truth cannot be accumulated,
And repetition is not truth.

That's what words try to do:
Words try to accumulate stuff called truth
And repeat stuff called truth
And assert stuff called truth
Until it bores everyone to death.
Picture: The libraries do not fool us.

But real truth doesn't bore everyone to death;
Real truth excites everyone to life.

All this sounds like a phoney mantram,
Of course,
But that's because it's built of words,
Or it may be because
It's just plain wrong,
If there is such a thing as wrong –
And who decides that?
Who decides what is wrong?
And who decides who decides?
The guy with the most pints
At the bar beside you?
The priest with the most altar boys
Under his cassock?

Call me a spiritual fascist
If you must,
But truth cannot be accumulated.

What is accumulated
Is always being destroyed;
It decays inexorably
As life moves on
And leaves it behind
Dumped on the dungheap,
With the thought of returning later,

And language mutates
And words fail to contain
Because truth is too slippery
And changing
For words to hold.

Truth can never decay
Because it is only found
In the present moment,
In a fleeting microdot
Of personally experienced
Or tears.

A second's tears
Contain more truth
Than a century's libraries.

A splash on a page
Is closer to the heart of God
Than the word it smudges.

Picture: The libraries do not fool us.

And repetition is not truth, either.
Repetition is a lie.

Repetition is pile of stuff
In a locked boxroom
Without boxes
Or key.

Truth is different:
Truth is a state of being
Which arises
When the mind
And its house-elf, the word,
Ceases to constrain
The veridical perception
Of what only exists
In that pre-verbal domain called

Words are history.
Words are then.
Words seek to disable truth
By lexical distraction.
Picture: The libraries do not fool us. The Name of the Rose.

But we are alert.
And we are confident to claim that
The libraries do not fool us
And that they cannot be used
Against us
By the ancient
Of dust and deception.

Picture: The libraries do not fool us.

Picture: The libraries do not fool us. St Benedict statue at Norwich, England.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Picture: The Eye of Sauron. RAF Menwith Hill. NSA mass surveillance facility.

Picture: In a democracy there will never be enough information to keep you safe

Picture: Edward Snowden, American patriot, NSA PRISM Whistleblower.

Picture: Free America vs NSA, DHS & PRISM. (After Gift by Nicebleed)

Back in December 2007, before he was US President, Senator Barack Obama joined Senator Chris Dodd in threatening to filibuster the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Obama opposed provisions granting retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies which shared private client information with the government.

At that time Obama's office issued this statement: "Granting such immunity undermines the constitutional protections Americans trust the Congress to protect. Senator Obama supports a filibuster of this bill …."

A year later, in February 2008, supporting an amendment which he believed repealed retroactive immunity from FISA, Obama said: "We can give our intelligence and law enforcement community the powers they need to track down and take out terrorists without undermining our commitment to the rule of law, or our basic rights and liberties."

Obama was rightly concerned that telecommunications companies might get away with sharing clients' private information without legal scrutiny. Now, in June 2013, we learn that President Obama's National Security Agency has compelled Verizon, the American broadband and telecommunications giant, to hand over all of its client data records.

Back in 2008, Obama wanted to track potential terrorist activity without undermining US commitment to the rule of law, or US basic rights and liberties. Today, the Obama administration is actively undermining the US rule of law, US basic rights and US core liberties, ostensibly in the name of tracking "terrorists".

There always needs to be a mature balance between security and liberty. The American tradition has long been to err on the side of liberty. America's founders feared a government powerful enough to commit unreasonable searches and seizures and were careful to craft a constitution designed to protect citizens' privacy.

Under the current Obama administration, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has targeted political dissidents, the Department of Justice has seized reporters' phone records, and now the NSA has seized an unlimited amount of Verizon's client data. An all-out assault on the American constitution is under way.

In the past, Obama was keen to join the Democratic chorus against the warrantless wiretapping of the 2001-2008 Bush administration. Now that chorus has gone strangely mute. A defining attribute of the Obama legacy is the transformation of what was until recently a symbol of rightwing radicalism – warrantless eavesdropping – into meekly accepted bipartisan consensus.

But not every Republican or Democrat is part of that consensus. When the Senate rushed through a last-minute extension of the FISA Amendments Act over the holidays late in 2012, Senator Rand Paul (Republican, Kentucky) and Senator Mike Lee (Republican, Utah) offered an amendment requiring stronger protections on business records that would have prohibited precisely the kind of intrusive data-mining the Verizon case has revealed. In addition, Senator Ron Wyden (Democrat, Oregon) introduced an amendment to require the provision of estimates from intelligence agencies of how many Americans were being covertly surveilled. Both these measures were voted down.

In May 2013, Rand Paul introduced the Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act, which, if enacted, would have protected Americans from exactly the kind of abuses seen recently in proto-Nazi America. It was voted down.

On Thursday 6th June 2013, Rand Paul announced his Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013, which ensures that no government agency can search the phone records of Americans without a warrant based on probable cause. It will be interesting to see how many US Senators join him in supporting a part of the Bill of Rights which everyone in Congress has already taken a solemn oath to uphold.

If the US President and Congress would simply obey the Fourth Amendment, this new shocking revelation that the US government is now spying on citizens' phone data en masse would never have happened. That Rand Paul has to keep reintroducing the Fourth Amendment – and that a majority of US Senators keep voting against it – is a good reflection of the political arrogance which dominates the Washington DC private corporation.

During Rand Paul's filibuster, he quoted Glenn Greenwald: "There is a theoretical framework being built that posits that the US government has unlimited power. When it comes to any kind of threats it perceives, it makes the judgment to take whatever action against them that it warrants without any constraints or limitations of any kind."

If the seizure and surveillance of Americans' phone records – across the board and with little to no discrimination – is now considered to be a legitimate security precaution, there is literally no longer any protection of any kind guaranteed to American citizens. In its actions, more outrageous and more numerous by the day, the Obama administration continues to treat the US constitution as a dead letter.

In 2008, Obama himself said of President George Bush Jnr and FISA: "We must reaffirm that no one in this country is above the law." Obama's affirmation now appears to have morphed into something rather different: "No one in America should be above the law, except me, my administration and my corporate backers within the Rockefeller syndicate."

The full text of Rand Paul's article in the Guardian newspaper (London, UK) can be found here (07.06.13).

More background on the NSA and PRISM can be found here (02.08.13), here (08.06.13), here (08.06.13), here (08.06.13) and here (08.06.13). More background on the DHS and PRISM can be found here (21.03.04).

And some developing surveillance-related news and commentary is linked here (31.12.13), here (27.12.13), here (24.12.13), here (12.12.13), here (11.12.13), here (27.11.13), here (26.11.13), here (25.11.13), here (22.11.13), here (21.11.13), here (20.11.13), here (18.11.13), here (18.11.13), here (17.11.13), here (15.11.13), here (24.10.13), here (23.10.13), here (23.10.13), here (20.10.13), here (20.10.13), here (18.10.13), here (17.10.13), here (16.10.13), here (14.10.13), here (13.10.13),  here (13.10.13), here (12.10.13), here (12.10.13), here (12.10.13), here (11.10.13), here (11.10.13), here (11.10.13), here (11.10.13), here (11.10.13), here (10.10.13), here (10.10.13), here (10.10.13), here (10.10.13), here (09.10.13), here (09.10.13), here (09.10.13), here (08.10.13), here (06.10.13), here (04.10.13), here (03.10.13), here (03.10.13),  here (03.10.13), here (03.10.13), here (30.09.13), here (30.09.13), here (29.09.13), here (28.09.13), here (27.09.13), here (27.09.13), here (27.09.13), here (26.09.13), here (26.09.13), here (25.09.13), here (25.09.13), here (24.09.13), here (24.09.13), here (23.09.13), here (20.09.13), here (20.09.13), here (20.09.13), here (19.09.13), here (16.09.13), here (16.09.13), here (12.09.13), here (11.09.13), here (10.09.13), here (10.09.13), here (10.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (08.09.13), here (08.09.13), here (07.09.13), here (07.09.13), here (06.09.13), here (06.09.13), here (06.09.13), here (06.09.13), here (05.09.13), here (05.09.13), here (05.09.13), here (02.09.13), here (02.09.13), here (01.09.13), here (26.08.13), here (26.08.13), here (26.08.13), here (21.08.13), here (21.08.13), here (21.08.13), here (20.08.13), here (19.08.13), here (19.08.13), here (19.08.13), here (17.08.13), here (17.08.13), here (16.08.13), here (16.08.13), here (16.08.13), here (16.08.13), here (16.08.13), here (16.08.13), here (15.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (13.08.13), here (12.08.13), here (12.08.13), here (12.08.13), here (12.08.13), here (11.08.13), here (11.08.13), here (11.08.13), here (10.08.13), here (10.08.13), here (09.08.13), here (09.08.13), here (09.08.13), here (09.08.13), here (08.08.13), here (08.08.13), here (08.08.13), here (07.08.13), here (07.08.13), here (07.08.13), here (07.08.13), here (06.08.13), here (05.08.13), here (05.08.13), here (05.08.13), here (02.08.13), here (02.08.13), here (02.08.13), here (01.08.13), here (01.08.13), here (01.08.13), here (01.08.13), here (01.08.13), here (31.07.13), here (31.07.13), here (30.07.13), here (29.07.13), here (29.07.13), here (29.07.13), here (28.07.13), here (28.07.13), here (28.07.13), here (28.07.13), here (27.07.13), here (27.07.13), here (26.07.13), here (26.07.13), here (26.07.13), here (26.07.13), here (25.07.13), here (25.07.13), here (24.07.13), here (24.07.13), here (23.07.13), here (23.07.13), here (23.07.13), here (23.07.13), here (23.07.13), here (23.07.13), here (22.07.13), here (22.07.13), here (22.07.13), here (21.07.13), here (20.07.13), here (19.07.13), here (19.07.13), here (16.07.13), here (12.07.13), here (09.07.13), here (03.07.13), here (03.07.13), here (02.07.13), here (02.07.13), here (02.07.13), here  (02.07.13), here (02.07.13), here (01.07.13), here (01.07.13), here (01.07.13), here (30.06.13), here (30.06.13), here (30.06.13), here (29.06.13), here (29.06.13), here (29.06.13), here (29.06.13), here (29.06.13), here (29.06.13), here (28.06.13), here (28.06.13), here (28.06.13), here (27.06.13), here (26.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (June 2013), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (25.06.13), here (24.06.13), here (24.06.13), here (24.06.13), here (24.06.13), here (24.06.13), here (23.06.13), here (23.06.13), here (23.06.13), here (23.06.13), here (23.06.13), here (23.06.13), here (22.06.13), here (22.06.13), here (22.06.13), here (22.06.13),  here (22.06.13), here (21.06.13), here (21.06.13), here (20.06.13), here (17.06.13), here (17.06.13), here (16.06.13), here (16.06.13), here (15.06.13), here (15.06.13), here (15.06.13), here (14.06.13), here (14.06.13), here (14.06.13), here (13.06.13), here (13.06.13), here (13.06.13), here (13.06.13), here (13.06.13), here (12.06.13), here (12.06.13), here (12.06.13), here (12.06.13), here (12.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (11.06.13), here (10.06.13), here (10.06.13), here (10.06.13), here (10.06.13), here (10.06.13), here (09.06.13), here (09.06.13), here (09.06.13), here (09.06.13), here (07.06.13), here (07.06.13), here (06.06.13), and here (06.06.13).


 Picture: Frank Turner. The way I tend to be. Acoustic folk-punk.

Picture: Henry Kissinger. The illegal we do immediately. March 1975.

Picture: Conspiracy denial in the US Media. Élite political criminality.

Many American journalists appear to be locked into a peculiar way of thinking that makes them blind to signs of political criminality in high office.

This mindset is characterised by an apparent inability to differentiate groundless accusations of élite political intrigue from legitimate concerns about the integrity of US political leaders and institutions.

For some reason, when it comes to popular suspicions of schemes involving the nation's political élites, many journalists in the United States make no distinctions. They categorise all such suspicions as 'conspiracy theories,' which they assume are not only untrue, but wacky and paranoid.

The conspiracy theory label was first popularised as a pejorative putdown by the CIA in a global propaganda program to attack critics of the 1964 Warren Commission's conclusion that President Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman with no government foreknowledge or assistance.

The CIA campaign called on foreign media corporations and journalists to criticise 'conspiracy theorists' and to raise questions about their motives and judgments. Any and all criticisms of the lone-gunman account of the assassination were lumped together as 'conspiracy theories,' declared groundless and pernicious, and attributed to ulterior motives and the influence of communist propagandists.

Today, the conspiracy theory label is widely used as a verbal defense mechanism by US political élites to suppress mass suspicions that inevitably arise whenever shocking political crimes benefit top leaders or play into their agendas, especially when those same officials are in control of agencies responsible for preventing the events in question or for investigating them after they have occurred.

It is only natural to be suspicious when a president and vice president bent on war in the Middle East are warned of impending terrorist attacks and yet fail to alert the American public or increase the readiness of the nation's armed forces.

Why would Americans not expect answers when they are told that in September 2001, Arabs with poor piloting skills managed to hijack four planes, fly them across the eastern United States, somehow evade America's multilayered system of air defense, and then crash two of the planes into the Twin Towers in New York City and one into the Pentagon in Washington, DC?

By the same token, it is only natural to question the motives of the president and vice president when they drag their feet on investigating this seemingly inexplicable defense failure and then, when the investigation is finally conducted, they insist on testifying together, in secret, and not under oath.

Indiscriminate condemnation of conspiracy beliefs is obviously misguided, because political conspiracies in high circles do, in fact, happen.

Everyone knows that officials in the Nixon administration conspired to steal the 1972 presidential election, that the Reagan White House engaged in a criminal scheme to sell arms to Iran and channel profits to the Contras (a rebel army in Nicaragua), and that the Bush-Cheney administration colluded to mislead Congress and the American public about the strength of its evidence for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

If some conspiracy theories are true, then it is nonsensical to dismiss all unsubstantiated suspicions of élite intrigue as false by definition. And yet this is precisely how many American journalists proceed.

Consider the public statements last year by Chuck Todd about the improbability of voting machines ever being rigged in US elections. Todd is an NBC News reporter and analyst. According to Andrew Kreig at, Todd told a national meeting of state election officials that suspicions about voting machines being manipulated in the United States "stretched the bounds of reality." Todd delivered a similar message in a tweet shortly before the 2012 presidential election, when he wrote, "The voting machine conspiracies belong in same category as the Trump birther garbage."

In his tweet, Todd displays the hallmark symptom of conspiracy denial: he sees no difference between two very different suspicions. One involves schemes to steal elections by tampering with voting equipment, while the other is about President Obama's status as a natural born citizen. These suspicions differ greatly in terms of their plausibility and evidentiary support.

Doubts about President Obama's eligibility for the presidency are said to have been refuted by documents showing he was born in Hawaii. In contrast, there are a number of reasons to think that weaknesses in electronic voting machines and tabulators might be exploited to alter election outcomes, especially in presidential elections where the powers of the office and the money and energy invested in campaigns make the stakes so enormously high.

As an elections analyst for a national TV network, Todd surely knows that electronic voting and tabulation systems are quite vulnerable to being hacked.

This was demonstrated in 2006 on electronic touch-screen voting machines by researchers at Princeton University. The researchers found that programs could be planted in the machines to flip votes from one candidate to another so that vote totals match the number of voters who sign in to cast ballots.

The programs can be set to run only on Election Day and not earlier, when the machines are tested. The programs can also be configured to erase themselves at the end of the day so no trace is left of the electronic tampering.

The optical scan systems, which read and tabulate votes on paper ballots, are vulnerable to similar manipulation by programs which can be inserted on the machines' portable memory cards.

Scholars began investigating the security of electronic voting systems in the first place because election returns in the 2004 presidential contest differed systematically from the exit polls in the most hotly contested states.

Shortly after the election, Steven Freeman, a statistician at the University of Pennsylvania, posted a paper analysing the disparities. He pointed out that the proportion of votes credited to Bush and Kerry differed from the split reported in the exit polls in ten out of eleven battleground states, and in every case George Bush Jnr received more votes than the exit polls indicated.

It would not be surprising for election results to depart slightly from exit-poll findings in a single state, but it was astounding that they did so in ten states and that in each instance Bush's support was greater in the vote tabulations than in the exit interviews.

Freeman calculated the odds of this happening by chance, given the size of the samples for the exit polls and the magnitude of the differences between the vote tallies and the survey findings, were one in two hundred and fifty million.

But in America it appears far easier to ridicule popular suspicions than to answer them with rigorous inquiries and prudent safeguards.

Many journalists appear to have been conditioned by public officials to conform to conspiracy-denying norms even though these norms contradict journalistic ethics, historical experience, and common sense.

Journalists who offend political élites by investigating or merely repeating popular conspiracy theories risk losing access to the sources upon which they depend for their reporting.

The appropriate journalistic response to this governmental coercion is to expose it and find other sources. That was what Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward did with Watergate, and it is what Russ Baker, Seymour Hersh, Jane Mayer, James Risen, and other great journalists always do.

But most run-of-the-mill hacks have embraced conspiracy denial, and for them it has become an emotionally charged, self-reinforcing belief system.

The mindset is self-reinforcing in the sense that it engenders feelings of superiority and is dismissive of evidence. Ironically, conspiracy deniers affect to think that they are protecting civility and reason in public discourse, when in fact, by ridiculing reasonable concerns and appealing to élite prejudices, they are doing precisely the opposite.

The full text of Lance deHaven-Smith's letter can be found here (pdf - 3 pages).

More background about conspiracy theory and establishment conspiracy denial can be found here (28.07.13), here (27.07.13), here (14.07.13), here (12.07.13), here (23.05.13), here (22.05.13), here (16.05.13), here (16.05.13), here (16.05.13), here (14.05.13), here (09.05.13), here (08.05.13), here (30.04.13), here (09.07.12), here (31.01.11), here (2011), here (23.10.09) and here (04.07.08).

Picture: Martial Law is coming from your own DHS; you know it will do them good

More background about the US Department of Homeland Security can be found here (04.05.13), here (01.05.13), here (29.04.13), here (26.04.13), here (26.04.13), here (24.04.13), here (22.04.13), here (19.04.13), here (30.03.13), here (24.03.13), here (16.02.13), here (03.05.12) and here (14.04.10).

Some developing commentary on government-sponsored false-flag terrorism around the world can be found here (03.10.13), here (25.09.13), here (22.09.13), here (09.09.13), here (08.09.13), here (04.08.13), here (01.08.13), here (27.07.13), here (20.07.13), here (19.07.13), here (19.07.13), here (09.07.13), here (24.06.13), here (31.05.13), here (24.05.13), here (24.05.13), here (24.05.13), here (24.05.13), here (23.05.13), here (23.05.13), here (22.05.13), here (18.05.13), here (14.05.13), here (12.05.13), here (06.05.13), here (03.05.13), here (30.04.13), here (29.04.13), here (29.04.13), here (27.04.13), here (27.04.13), here (26.04.13), here (26.04.13), here (25.04.13), here (25.04.13), here (24.04.13), here (24.04.13), here (23.04.13), here (23.04.13), here (22.04.13), here (20.04.13), here (20.04.13), here (20.04.13), here (20.04.13), here (19.04.13), here (19.04.13), here (16.04.13), here (15.04.13), here (March 2013), here (02.11.12), here (30.01.12), here (04.05.11), here (30.03.11) and here (17.07.08).

Gold vs Silver vs Japanese Yen - live chart (10 month)
Paul Craig Roberts, a Reagan-era Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, explains why the gold price plummeted very unusually in the middle of April 2013:

I was the first to point out that the Federal Reserve was rigging all markets, not merely bond prices and interest rates, and that the Fed is rigging the bullion market in order to protect the US dollar’s exchange value, which is threatened by the Fed’s quantitative easing. With the Fed adding to the supply of dollars faster than the demand for dollars is increasing, the price or exchange value of the dollar is set up to fall.

A fall in the dollar’s exchange rate would push up import prices and, thereby, domestic inflation, and the Fed would lose control over interest rates. The bond market would collapse and with it the values of debt-related derivatives on the “banks too big too fail” balance sheets. The financial system would be in turmoil, and panic would reign.

Rapidly rising bullion prices were an indication of loss of confidence in the dollar and were signaling a drop in the dollar’s exchange rate. The Fed used naked shorts in the paper gold market to offset the price effect of a rising demand for bullion possession. Short sales that drive down the price trigger stop-loss orders that automatically lead to individual sales of bullion holdings once their loss limits are reached.

According to Andrew Maguire, on Friday, April 12, the Fed’s agents hit the market with 500 tons of naked shorts. Normally, a short is when an investor thinks the price of a stock or commodity is going to fall. He wants to sell the item in advance of the fall, pocket the money, and then buy the item back after it falls in price, thus making money on the short sale. If he doesn’t have the item, he borrows it from someone who does, putting up cash collateral equal to the current market price. Then he sells the item, waits for it to fall in price, buys it back at the lower price and returns it to the owner who returns his collateral. If enough shorts are sold, the result can be to drive down the market price.

A naked short is when the short seller does not have or borrow the item that he shorts, but sells shorts regardless. In the paper gold market, the participants are betting on gold prices and are content with the monetary payment. Therefore, generally, as participants are not interested in taking delivery of the gold, naked shorts do not need to be covered with the physical metal. In other words, with naked shorts, no physical metal is actually sold.

People ask me how I know that the Fed is rigging the bullion price and seem surprised that anyone would think the Fed and its bullion bank agents would do such a thing, despite the public knowledge that the Fed is rigging the bond market and the banks with the Fed’s knowledge rigged the Libor rate. The answer is that the circumstantial evidence is powerful.

Consider the 500 tons of paper gold sold on Friday. Begin with the question, how many ounces is 500 tons? There are 2,000 pounds to one ton. 500 tons equal 1,000,000 pounds. There are 16 ounces to one pound, which comes to 16 million ounces of short sales on Friday.

Who has 16 million ounces of gold? At the beginning gold price that day of about $1,550, that comes to $24,800,000,000. Who has that kind of money?

What happens when 500 tons of gold sales are dumped on the market at one time or on one day? Correct, it drives the price down. Investors who want to get out of large positions would spread sales out over time so as not to lower their sales proceeds. The sale took gold down by about $73 per ounce. That means the seller or sellers lost up to $73 dollars 16 million times, or $1,168,000,000. Who can afford to lose that kind of money? Only a central bank that can print it.

I believe that the authorities would like to drive the gold price down further and will, if they can, hit the gold market twice more next week and put gold at $1,400 per ounce or lower. The successive declines could perhaps spook individual holders of physical gold and result in actual net sales of physical gold as people reduced their holdings of the metal.

However, bullion dealer Bill Haynes told that last Friday bullion purchasers among the public outpaced sellers by 50 to 1, and that the premiums over the spot price on gold and silver coins are the highest in decades. I myself checked with Gainesville Coins and was told that far more buyers than sellers had responded to the price drop.

Unless the authorities have the actual metal with which to back up the short selling, they could be met with demands for deliveries. Unable to cover the shorts with real metal, the scheme would be exposed.

Do the authorities have the metal with which to cover shorts? I do not know. However, knowledgeable dealers are suspicious. Some think that US physical stocks of gold were used up in sales in efforts to disrupt the rise in the gold price from $272 in December 2000 to $1,900 in 2011. They point to Germany’s recent request that the US return the German gold stored in the US, and to the US government’s reply that it would return the gold piecemeal over seven years. If the US has the gold, why not return it to Germany? The clear implication is that the US cannot deliver the gold.

Andrew Maguire also reports that foreign central banks, especially China, are loading up on physical gold at the low prices made possible by the short selling. If central banks are using their dollar holdings to purchase bullion at bargain prices, the likely results will be pressure on the dollar’s exchange value and a declining market supply of physical bullion. In other words, by trying to protect the dollar from its quantitative easing policy, the Fed might be hastening the dollar’s demise.

Possibly the Fed fears a dollar crisis or derivative blowup is nearing and is trying to reset the gold/dollar price prior to the outbreak of trouble. If ill winds are forecast, the Fed might feel it is better positioned to deal with crisis if the price of bullion is lower and confidence in bullion as a refuge has been shaken.

In addition to short selling that is clearly intended to drive down the gold price, orchestration is also indicated by the advance announcements this month first from brokerage houses and then from Goldman Sachs that hedge funds and institutional investors would be selling their gold positions. The purpose of these announcements was to encourage individual investors to get out of gold before the big boys did. Does anyone believe that hedge funds and Wall Street would announce their sales in advance so the small fry can get out of gold at a higher price than they do? If these advanced announcements are not orchestration, what are they?

I see the orchestrated effort to suppress the price of gold and silver as a sign that the authorities are frightened that trouble is brewing that they cannot control unless there is strong confidence in the dollar. Otherwise, what is the point of the heavy short selling and orchestrated announcements of gold sales in advance of the sales?

Source here (13.04.13). Unfolding gold news and commentary here (16.08.13), here (25.07.13), here (21.07.13), here (19.07.13), here (17.07.13), here (06.07.13), here (28.06.13), here (28.06.13), here (28.06.13), here (28.03.13), here (24.06.13), here (16.06.13), here (07.06.13), here (04.06.13), here (24.05.13), here (24.05.13), here (20.05.13), here (16.05.13), here (14.05.13), here (13.05.13), here (09.05.13), here (09.05.13), here (30.04.13), here (27.04.13), here (27.04.13), here (26.04.13), here (26.04.13), here (25.04.13), here (25.04.13), here (22.04.13), here (21.04.13), here (21.04.13, here (19.04.13), here (19.04.13), here (18.04.13), here (18.04.13), here (18.04.13), here (18.04.13), here (17.04.13), here (17.04.13), here (17.04.13), here (17.04.13), here (16.04.13), here (16.04.13), here (16.04.13), here (16.04.13), here (15.04.13), here (15.04.13), here (15.04.13), here (14.04.13), here (14.04.13), here (14.04.13) and here (13.04.13).

Picture: Magic mushrooms. Huge potential for treating severe depression.

Psilocybin is the psychoactive chemical ingredient in magic mushrooms. Some describe it as a psychedelic or an hallucinogen.

Magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and widespread in the wild, growing freely after rainy weather in Northern temperate regions between August and November. They grow best in grass close to trees and in shady, humid conditions. In the tropics, their habits vary according to the nature of the local microclimates.

Psilocybin has a huge inherent potential for treating severe depression in humans. It can calm down parts of the brain which are overactive in severely depressive patients. The drug appears to prevent patients dwelling obsessively on themselves and on their own perceived inadequacies. Organised clinical trials are badly needed to confirm this finding.

The politico-pharmacological complex in the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the West is deliberately blocking the development of psilocybin-related treatments by means of drug law red tape.

Because magic mushrooms are rated as a class-A drug in the UK, their active chemical ingredient cannot be processed unless a special licence is granted. A major initiative by British scientists to carry out trials of psilocybin on patients in order to assess its full medical potential is thus being frustrated.

Finding companies which can process the drug and are prepared to jump through the obligatory regulatory hoops to obtain the necessary licence is proving near impossible. The whole field is bedevilled by primitive, old-fashioned attitudes within the political class.

Preliminary research indicates that psilocybin switches off the anterior cingulate cortex in the brain. This area is overactive in individuals suffering from depression.

In healthy individuals, it has been found that psilocybin has a profound effect in making volunteers feel happier for weeks after they have taken the drug.

Patients with depression have overactive default mode networks and think continually about their own personal negativities: their inadequacies, their badness, their worthlessness and their failures. They do this to an extent which is sometimes delusional. Psilocybin appears to block this kind of activity and stops the obsessive self-criticism.

One research team at Imperial College London obtained a grant of £550,000 from the UK's Medical Research Council to begin a three-year project to test psilocybin on people with depression. Patients who had failed to respond to two previous treatments would be selected for the study. The research design was to test thirty patients with the drug and thirty others with a placebo.

The ICL team found its path blocked by bureaucracy. So difficult has the UK government and the EU made it for companies to process the active ingredients of Class A drugs that price quotes of around £100,000 were given to the team by chemical companies.

For the trial, ICL only needed a relatively small amount of the drug worth a few hundred pounds. To be charged £100,000 means that the team is at risk of not being able to afford to complete its research.

Depression is now the largest cause of disability in Europe. There are many effective treatments, but only about a third of patients respond fully. At least ten per cent fail to respond to three different treatments. More types of treatment urgently need to be developed. These cannot be pursued because the UK government is denying scientists access to powerful tools which could help people in genuine need.

The regulations which govern researchers' access to Class A drugs are totally inappropriate and harmful.

Mainstream media commentary here (07.04.13), here (07.04.13) and here (07.04.13).

More about psilocybin and magic mushrooms can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Picture: Letter from Central Bank of Cyprus to Laiki Bank Cyprus (11.02.13)

Picture: A Euro in Nicosia is no longer worth the same as a Euro in Berlin.

Picture: Sorry, Cyprus. Your money has been stolen by Nazi Germany.

AB running notes: The Cyprus private savings theft could easily happen elsewhere. Capital flight begins in Spain and Portugal. Next in line: Greece, Italy and Slovenia. No savings deposit in any EuroZone bank is now safe.

The Cyprus problem was deliberately initiated by German secret services. Vladimir Putin had substantial personal cash deposits in Cyprus. German assets in Russia confiscated. German car exports to 180-nation BRICS alliance to be trashed. EU obediently morphs into German Empire slave federation. ECB pays Germany's Angela Merkel $3 million from secret slush fund for services rendered in Cyprus takedown.

IMF's Christine Lagarde said to be ready to veto EU Cyprus bail-in. A Euro in Nicosia is no longer worth the same as a Euro in Berlin. The longer a 'bank holiday' lasts, the more time élite inside operators have to covertly remove assets. Money never sleeps. The Cyprus bail-in model is the new collapse template for the whole Western fiat-paper banking system.

Just before the EU Cyprus bail-in conditions were made public, family relations of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades wired €21 million from Laiki Bank to London. At the same time, well over one hundred other privileged individuals or organisations were allowed to get their money out of Cyprus to safe havens in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco and Tunisia.

EU phony financing ► The EuroZone runs a counterfeit Euro currency. The gold reserves which supposedly back the Euro were leased by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, from the Global Collateral Account gold reserves held securely and physically in the East, in places such as China and Indonesia. It has been established that this whole leasing operation was paid for by counterfeit ECB notes. When, soon, the ECB is legally obliged by open court order to buy back the many trillions in phony notes it has issued to the Eastern (BRICS alliance) owners of the gold warehouses, it will be unable to do so and will formally default.

There will be a confused public row with recriminations on all sides. The EuroZone Ponzi debt control system will crumble, the Euro currency will be junked, the EuroZone will be abolished in a single brief new treaty (already prepared), and the EuroZone nations will return to their own currencies with all their national debts erased.

No-one will be happier at this turn of events than the Germans, except for the three or four hundred élite German politicians, bankers and lawyers, mostly based in Frankfurt and Berlin, who have sustained the EuroZone counterfeit money illusion. These criminals will be publicly brought to justice.

EU takedown of Cyprus - commentary and analysis: here (15.05.13), here (15.04.13), here (13.04.13), here (11.03.13), here (10.04.13), here (10.04.13), here (10.04.13), here (08.04.13), here (06.04.13), here (05.04.13), here (03.04.13), here (03.04.13), here (02.04.13), here (02.04.13), here (01.04.13), here (01.04.13), here (01.04.13), here (31.03.13), here (31.03.13), here (31.03.13), here (30.03.13), here (29.03.13), here (29.03.13), here (29.03.13), here (29.03.13), here (29.03.13), here (29.03.13), here (28.03.13), here (28.03.13), here (28.03.13), here (28.03.13), here (28.03.13), here (28.03.13), here (27.03.13), here (27.03.13), here (27.03.13), here (27.03.13), here (27.03.13), here (26.03.13), here (26.03.13), here (26.03.13), here (26.03.13), here (26.03.13), here (26.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (25.03.13), here (24.03.13), here (23.03.13), here (22.03.13), here (22.03.13), here (20.03.13), here (20.03.13),  here (20.03.13), here (20.03.13), here (20.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (18.03.13), here (18.03.13), here (18.03.13), here (18.03.13), here (18.03.13), here (18.03.13), here (18.03.13) and here (18.03.13).

Kipper Williams cartoons: here (03.04.13), here (26.03.13), here (25.03.13) and here (18.03.13).

Picture: Ina Drew & Jamie Dimon. JPMorgan Chase.

Testimony of Ina R. Drew
Former Head of the Chief Investment Office
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Before the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
Washington, D.C.

March 15, 2013

Good morning, Chairman Levin, Ranking Member McCain, and members of the Subcommittee. Thank you for the opportunity to meet and discuss with you my perspective on the losses incurred last year in JPMorgan Chase's synthetic credit portfolio, one of many portfolios managed by the Company's Chief Investment Office (CIO) when I was the head of that office.

I am greatly saddened by the entire episode, which has caused financial and reputational harm to JPMorgan Chase and a large number of people with whom I was honored to work, and I deeply regret that the losses occurred on my watch. I am also saddened that the losses led to my departure from the Company, to which I had devoted 30 years of my life.

Before I address the synthetic credit portfolio, I believe it would be useful for the Subcommittee to know about my background and career and about the range of asset-liability management activities of the CIO at JPMorgan Chase.

My background and career at JPMorgan Chase
After attending public schools, I graduated from The Johns Hopkins University, as part of only the fourth class that admitted women, with a degree in international studies. I went on to earn a master's in international affairs from Columbia University. I have been a member of the Board of Trustees of The Johns Hopkins University for the past twelve years.

In March 1982, I joined Chemical Bank in New York and thus began my 30-year career at what would ultimately become JPMorgan Chase. Over the course of my career at the Company I worked primarily in the area of asset-liability management, and I received a succession of promotions and increasing management responsibilities. By asset-liability management, I am broadly referring to transactions and portfolio positions designed for the purpose of managing assets and liabilities on the Company's balance sheet, earning a favorable rate of return on capital, and prudently hedging exposures and risks in the Company's lines of business.

I helped the Company manage assets and liabilities through a series of significant mergers and acquisitions, including those involving Texas Commerce Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, Chase Manhattan, J.P. Morgan, Bank One, Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, and I worked closely with a series of CEOs, including Walter Shipley, William Harrison and Jamie Dimon.

In 1999, I became the head of Global Treasury, the unit responsible for asset-liability management for the Company. In that role I oversaw the management of the Company's core investment securities portfolio, the foreign-exchange hedging portfolio, the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) hedging book, and a series of other investment and hedging portfolios based in London, Hong Kong and other foreign cities.

As of mid-2004 - the time of the merger with Bank One and the beginning of Mr. Dimon's tenure as Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase - I reported directly to Mr. Dimon. During 2005, the Global Treasury function was renamed the Chief Investment Office (CIO) and was moved out of the Company's investment banking division to become a Corporate function.

During Mr. Dimon's tenure as CEO my responsibilities increased significantly, for two principal reasons. First, the CIO's purview was expanded to include several additional books, including the JPMorgan Chase employee retirement plan, the company-owned-life insurance portfolio, and the capacity for both investment and hedging activities in the credit markets. Second, the Company's balance sheet grew significantly as a result of the acquisitions of Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual and the large inflow of retail deposits during the financial crisis.

In 2006, I became a member of the JPMorgan Chase Operating Committee, the highest- level management and strategy committee of the Company. During 2007 and 2008, I served on the industry-wide Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee. I am proud to be one of a small number of women who rose to senior positions in the financial industry.

Asset-liability management activities of the CIO
The CIO engaged in a wide range of asset-liability management activities. As of the first quarter of 2012, the CIO managed the Company's $350 billion investment securities portfolio (this portfolio exceeded $500 billion during 2008 and 2009), the $17 billion foreign exchange hedging book, the $13 billion employee retirement plan, the $9 billion company-owned-life insurance portfolio, the strategically-important MSR hedging book, and a series of other books including the cash and synthetic credit portfolios.

Our department engaged in all of these activities as part of what we viewed as prudent and normal-course asset-liability management for a large financial institution such as JPMorgan Chase. In varying combinations, each activity was designed to preserve and enhance Company assets and to protect, or hedge, against losses and liabilities in the Company's various business lines resulting from various types of risks. Those risks included interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, liquidity risk, duration risk, and credit risk.

I recognize that we are focused today on the 2012 losses in the synthetic credit book, but it is worth noting that the CIO's asset-liability management activities in total - including the strategic hedges in the synthetic credit book - contributed about $23 billion to the Company's earnings from 2007 through 2011, helping to offset business losses incurred during that difficult period of time.

My colleagues and I in CIO worked extremely hard to protect the Company, through the financial crisis and beyond, by investing conservatively and prudently hedging business risks. I am extremely proud that our investing and hedging strategies - which were developed over many years and were more successful than those of many other major financial institutions - played a critical role in the Company's efforts to weather the financial storms during this period of time.

My management of the CIO
As head of the CIO, I had a team of six experienced and accomplished financial professionals who reported directly to me. With respect to most of the various books I oversaw, including the cash and synthetic credit books, I delegated responsibility to, and relied on, my CIO management team.

Several of my direct reports - including Achilles Macris, who had supervisory responsibility for the cash and synthetic credit books, among other responsibilities - were members of the JPMorgan Chase Executive Committee, which consisted of the top 50 or so executives of the Company. Mr. Macris, who was based in London, served as head of the CIO for Europe and Asia.

My management team also included a Chief Financial Officer of the CIO who also reported to the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Separately, there was a team of independent Risk Management personnel assigned to the CIO, all of whom reported up to the Chief Risk Officer of the Company. This included several CIO Risk personnel based in London and several who were focused on the synthetic credit book.

I managed the CIO in a variety of ways. I had daily meetings or communications with all of my direct reports and with CIO Risk Management personnel. I reviewed key written reports, including regular Risk Management reports and regular portfolio summaries from members of my management team or their teams. I held weekly portfolio review meetings, which covered most of the major books managed by the CIO, including the cash and synthetic credit portfolios managed by the London office.

These meetings always included London personnel via videoconference, and always included a review of risk management issues. I visited the London office several times each year, and Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo came to New York several times each year; through these visits and otherwise, I met with them in person at least several times each year.

The synthetic credit book
The synthetic credit book, which was started in late 2006, was designed principally as a protective macro-level hedge against stressed credit environments, and it served this purpose well. From 2007 through 2011 - a period which included the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the ensuing difficult and uncertain credit environment during 2010-2011 - the book had positive returns every year and contributed in total approximately $2 billion to the Company's earnings. These gains helped offset losses in various credit-sensitive business activities, including the Company's very large loan portfolio, which totaled approximately $700 billion during 2011 and 2012.

The synthetic credit book consisted of a portfolio of synthetic credit derivatives based in various segments of the credit markets. Generally speaking, the book was positioned to generate significant returns during stressed or difficult credit environments and modest returns during more benign credit environments.

Mr. Macris had supervisory responsibility for the synthetic credit book, which was executed and managed out of London. The book was managed on a day-to-day basis by Mr. Martin-Artajo, who reported to Mr. Macris and who supervised the activities of the book's traders, including the principal trader, Bruno Iksil. Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo enjoyed reputations as experienced and highly-skilled managers who had extraordinary expertise in credit derivatives.

They also had a five-year track record of successful management of both the cash and synthetic credit books. I naturally relied heavily (and I thought appropriately) on their views and judgments concerning the synthetic credit book. I also relied on the analysis and judgment of the CIO Risk Management and Finance personnel assigned to review the positions in the synthetic credit book. I believed that such reliance was reasonable.

2012 developments in the synthetic credit book
In December 2011, in accordance with a Company-wide plan to reduce risk-weighted assets (RWA) in anticipation of the new Basel III capital requirements, and consistent with the widely-held view within the Company that the macro credit environment was broadly improving, I told Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo that the overall size and RWA of the synthetic credit book would need to be reduced over the course of 2012. I also emphasized to them that they needed to keep the book within all applicable risk limits, including value-at-risk (VaR), and that the book's VaR would need to be reduced over the course of 2012.

In January 2012, they informed me that because most of the book's short positions were in the relatively illiquid high-yield market, the most cost-effective near-term way to manage the book was to put on offsetting long positions in the more liquid investment grade market, thus moving the book towards a neutral or balanced position, rather than a large net short. They also explained that this situation would necessitate a one-quarter delay in RWA reduction as compared with what had been originally contemplated. This delay was approved by the Company's senior management.

Also in January the Company's independent Model Review Group, part of the corporate Risk Management organization, approved a new, and purportedly better and more accurate, value-at-risk (VaR) model for the synthetic credit book. The process of developing and seeking approval of the new VaR model had been pending since the middle of 2011. Although I, as well as the Company's senior management, was well aware that a new VaR model was pending, I had no involvement in the process of developing, requesting or approving the new model and no basis to personally assess the merits of either the new or old model.

In February Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo informed me on several occasions that they were in the process of moving the book to a more neutral position, that the book remained appropriately positioned and net short on a risk-adjusted basis, that the book remained within VaR and other relevant risk limits, and that they were continuing to work to try to reduce RWA. These same conclusions were reported to the Company's senior management in late February, as part of the annual CIO business review, during which Mr. Macris discussed the overall credit risk protection afforded by the book.

In late March, pointed concerns regarding the investment grade long positions were raised to my attention. I learned from Mr. Martin-Artajo that he believed that other market participants had learned of the CIO's investment grade long positions and were skewing market valuations by taking positions against the CIO. Soon thereafter, CIO Risk Management expressed concerns to me that the book's traders had recently purchased very large amounts of investment grade long positions.

Shortly thereafter, in a group videoconference that included CIO Risk Management personnel, Mr. Martin-Artajo reiterated his concern about other market participants skewing market valuations and recommended that the traders purchase even more investment grade long positions in order to counteract the skewed valuations. I immediately instructed Messrs. Martin-Artajo and Iksil to cease all trading of investment grade long positions. I also instructed them, along with Mr. Macris, to do a full review of the book, and to prepare a written analysis and plan for reducing the book going forward.

Over the course of the next few weeks, during which time the book experienced a few days of large mark-to-market losses, I and CIO Risk Management personnel received a series of reassuring analyses and conclusions from Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo. Indeed, throughout this period, I made successive requests of Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo for greater analysis and explanation of the book's positions.

Their responses were seemingly thorough and consistently reassuring. On multiple occasions, both orally and in detailed writings, Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo expressed their confident belief that, notwithstanding the issues that had been raised and the recent mark-to-market losses, the synthetic credit book remained properly balanced; the investment grade long positions were strategically appropriate; the recent mark-to-market losses reflected temporary market dislocations due to unsustainable actions by other market participants; and the losses would dissipate over the near term.

In addition, Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo provided several detailed written scenario analyses estimating, with high confidence, that the book's second quarter performance would range between a $350 million profit and a $250 million loss.

I have since come to learn - based on the Company's public statements in July 2012 and Task Force Report in January of this year - that valuations for many of the book's positions were inflated and not calculated or reported in good faith; that the original version of the second quarter scenario analyses reflected much higher projected losses and was specifically re-done before it was sent to me so as to reflect lower projected losses; and that some members of the London team participated in or condoned such conduct and hid from me important information regarding the true risks in the book.

I have also since come to learn - based on the same public statements of the Company - that the new VaR model was flawed and significantly understated the true risks in the book. Needless to say, I had no knowledge of these things at the time.

CIO Risk Management received all of Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo's written analyses and conclusions, including the second quarter scenario analyses. In addition, during this critical period I kept the Company's senior management apprised of the issues and the conclusions being presented by Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo.

Over the week leading up to the Company's April 13 earnings call, I made sure that Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo's written analyses and conclusions, including the second quarter scenario analyses, were distributed to senior management and that senior management had an opportunity to raise questions and issues directly with them.

My oversight of the synthetic credit portfolio
I believe that my oversight of the synthetic credit portfolio, including during 2012, was reasonable and diligent, and it was accomplished through multiple means. I relied on Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo, each a recognized expert on credit derivatives, to vet and supervise trading strategy and to keep me apprised generally on the trading and the performance of the book.

They did so through regular written reports from their team and numerous video, telephone and in-person conferences. I relied on the Company's formal risk metrics - in particular VaR, stress performance, and CSW 10% - to alert me to excess1ive risks, and I relied on CIO Risk Management to alert me to particular problems or concerns. I relied on the independent Model Review Group to vet the VaR and other risk models. Further, I relied on CIO Finance - in particular the Valuation Control Group - to ensure that the book's positions were valued properly.

When issues or concerns were brought to my attention during the first quarter of 2012, I responded forcefully and thoughtfully and ensured that the key people, including Risk Management personnel, were analyzing the issues and critically assessing the risks. I insisted that Mr. Macris and Mr. Martin-Artajo, the executive and manager with the greatest expertise and experience in credit derivatives, focus on and analyze the issues, assess future risks, and report back to me.

I ensured that CIO Risk Management personnel were fully engaged and provided their independent analysis and judgment. When pointed concerns were brought to my attention in late March, I made sure that key members of the company's senior management were fully informed of the issues, received the written analyses and conclusions coming from Mr. Macris and Mr. Martin-Artajo, and had a full opportunity to raise questions with the London team.

Ultimately, it appears that my oversight of the synthetic credit book during 2012 was undermined by two critical facts of which I was not aware at the time but have come to learn based on the Company's Task Force Report and other public statements: (i) the new VaR model was flawed and significantly understated the real risks in the book; and (ii) some members of the London team failed to value positions properly and in good faith, minimized reported and projected losses, and hid from me important information regarding the true risks of the book. I believe it goes without saying that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to oversee a portfolio under such circumstances.

Also, it appears that my oversight of the book was undermined by control failures by CIO Risk Management and CIO Finance. In particular, it appears that CIO Risk Management failed to properly understand and assess the risks in the book, and that CIO Finance failed to properly review the position valuations recorded by the traders.

Note 1: During the first quarter of 2012, CIO Risk Management included a manager, Keith Stephan, who sat with the traders in London, a more senior manager, Peter Weiland, who received daily reports with details of the positions and the trades, and a chief risk officer, Irv Goldman, who although new to that position had spent over a month in London in mid-2011 getting to know the London team and developing a better understanding of the synthetic credit portfolio.

I recognize that the Task Force Report makes certain management-related criticisms of me, but I respectfully disagree with many of those criticisms. For the reasons cited, I believe that my management of the CIO and oversight of the synthetic credit book was reasonable and diligent. It is also important to note that the Task Force Report itself lays out the critical factors - the flaws in the new VaR model and the deceptive conduct by members of the London team - that undermined my management and my oversight of the book.

My departure from JPMorgan Chase
In late April of 2012, following a series of additional large mark-to-market losses in the synthetic credit book, it became clear to me and other members of senior management that the reassuring analyses and conclusions provided by Messrs. Macris and Martin-Artajo, including the second quarter scenario analyses, had been erroneous. This realization led to detailed reviews by Corporate Risk Management and other members of senior management, which in turn led to the Company's May 10 filings and its conference call with investors and analysts regarding the CIO losses.

I was, and I remain, deeply disappointed and saddened that such significant losses occurred in the business unit I oversaw, a unit I managed diligently and successfully for many years. Although asset-liability management, by its nature, involves regular ups and downs in both investment and hedging books, I had never before experienced a situation like this one.

Though I did not (and do not) believe I bore personal responsibility for the losses in the synthetic credit book, in late April I began to consider whether, for the good of JPMorgan Chase, I should step down and make it easier for the Company to move beyond these issues. In the wake of the May 10 disclosures I approached Mr. Dimon and told him that I thought it would be best for the Company if I stepped down. He reluctantly agreed, and shortly thereafter I submitted my retirement letter.

Similarly, although I did not (and do not) believe that I engaged in any misconduct, I offered to give up a significant amount of my recent JPMorgan Chase compensation, which I have done, in recognition of the size of the losses and my position as head of the business.

Since my departure I have learned of the deceptive conduct by members of the London team, and I was, and remain, deeply disappointed and saddened to learn of such conduct and the extent to which the London team let me, and the Company, down.

Looking back over my long career at JPMorgan Chase, I know that I - like the vast majority of the people with whom I worked - always did my job with integrity and care and always tried to act in the best interests of the Company. In the end, I left a job and a company I loved dearly, after 30 years of dedicated service, because of significant losses that occurred on my watch.

I thank you for the opportunity to submit this statement, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Commentary: here (16.03.13), here (15.03.13), here (15.03.13), here (15.03.13), here (15.03.13), here (15.03.13), here (15.03.13), here (15.03.13) and here (15.03.13).

Picture: War for profit. War for theft. War for torture. US militarism in Iraq.

A detailed new compilation of evidence by the Guardian newspaper (London) and the BBC Arabic Service (London) has brought up fresh material to support the emerging international view that the US government and its AIPAC/Zionist corporate controllers now form the major engine of state-sponsored terrorism on the planet.

During the Bush Jnr presidency, the US Pentagon sent Colonel James Steele (58), an American veteran of its dirty wars in Central America, to oversee sectarian police commando units in Iraq which set up covert detention and torture centres to extract information from insurgents. These units conducted some of the worst acts of torture reported during the US occupation and deliberately accelerated the country's downward spiral into civil war. This civil war served the requirements of US business and diplomacy in the region.

The allegations, made by US and Iraqi witnesses in the new fifty-minute London documentary, implicate US government advisers for the first time in the human rights abuses committed. David Petraeus has been directly linked through an adviser, Colonel James H Coffman, to this abuse. Coffman described himself as Petraeus's eyes and ears out on the ground in Iraq. Steele and Coffman worked as a team and knew everything about the US-sanctioned torture programmes.

Each clandestine US detention centre in Iraq had its own interrogation committee. Each one was made up of an intelligence officer and eight interrogators. These committees used various means of torture to make the detainees confess, including electricity, hanging them upside down, pulling out their nails, and beating them on their genitals.

The fifteen-month Guardian/BBC Arabic investigation was sparked by the release of classified US military logs on WikiLeaks which detailed hundreds of incidents where US soldiers came across tortured detainees in the secret network of US/Iraqi detention centres.

The US torture pattern in Iraq showed a clear parallel with the well-documented human rights abuses committed by US-advised and funded paramilitary squads in Central America in the 1980s. James Steele was head of a US team of special military advisers which trained units of El Salvador's security forces in 'counterinsurgency'. David Petraeus visited El Salvador in 1986 while Steele was there and became a major advocate of his 'counterinsurgency' methods.

Just before Petraeus and Steele left Iraq in September 2005, Jabr al-Solagh was appointed as the new Iraqi minister of the interior. Under Solagh, who was closely associated with the violent Badr Brigades militia, allegations of torture and brutality soared. The militia units had evolved into death squads.

High-ranking Iraqis who worked with the US after the invasion of Iraq warned Petraeus of the consequences of appointing Solagh. Their pleas were ignored. The resultant Iraqi civil war claimed tens of thousands of lives. At the height of the sectarian conflict, three thousand bodies a month were found strewn across the streets.

Above Petraeus, and actively supportive of his covert torture organisations in Iraq, was Donald Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defense from January 2001 to December 2006. Rumsfeld, it should not be forgotten, narrowly avoided arrest in Paris on war crimes charges, on Friday 26th October 2007. Only a desperate dash to the American embassy on the Avenue Gabriel saved him on that occasion.

Mainstream reportage and fifty minute video documentary: here (06.03.13) and here (06.03.13).

Commentary: here (07.03.13), here (07.03.13) and here (07.03.13).

Historical note: The Petraeus Doctrine and The Salvador Option for Iraq here (08.10.08).

Picture: Anonymous. The guilty must pay. 4.6GB of US bankster data released.

Picture: What is Peter Hans Kolvenbach doing in Lebanon? Jesuit infighting.

Picture: Another dodgy cardinal is crapped down the tube. Keith O'Brien.

On Sunday 24th February 2013, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh (Scotland), the UK's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, did not turn up for Mass at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh as scheduled.

Intelligence surfaced in the Observer newspaper (London) that same morning that four complaints against O'Brien alleging inappropriate acts against three serving priests and a former priest during the 1980s had been received by the Vatican. The allegations are understood to have been of a homosexual nature.

On Monday 25th February 2013, O'Brien resigned with immediate effect following consultation with the Pope and the Vatican. He had been Archbishop since 1985.

Keith O'Brien's abrupt and unexpected departure left the Scottish Catholic Church confused, disoriented and shocked. Only three out of eight Roman Catholic dioceses in Scotland now have full-time, permanent bishops in charge. More disclosures are expected.

Late note: On Sunday 3rd March 2013, after a week of lies and evasions, and attempts to scare off the Observer newspaper (London) with 'legal action', a disgraced and humiliated Keith O'Brien was obliged to admit that he had been guilty of sexual misconduct throughout his career. He had persistently and covertly breached the Roman Catholic Church's strict rules on celibacy and homosexual activity.

News reportage: here (23.11.13), here (28.07.13), here (15.05.13), here (24.03.13), here (16.03.13), here (04.03.13), here (04.03.13), here (03.03.12), here (03.03.13), here (03.03.13), here (02.03.13), here (26.02.13), here (26.02.13), here (26.02.13), here (25.02.13), here (25.02.13), here (25.02.13) and here (24.02.13).

Commentary and opinion: here (23.06.13), here (18.05.13), here (18.05.13), here (07.04.13), here (07.04.13), here (08.03.13), here (08.03.13), here (08.03.13), here (07.03.13), here (06.03.13), here (06.03.13), here (06.03.13), here (04.03.13), here (02.03.13), here (02.03.13), here (02.03.13), here (02.03.13), here (01.03.13), here (27.02.13), here (27.02.13) and here (26.02.13).

Maybe try Romanism?
We are often asked by innocent, impressionable young people, with smartphones in their pockets and Rampant Rabbits in their sportsbags, what, exactly, we think of Roman Churchianity (also known as the Roman Catholic Church).

Our response to these enquiries is always measured, balanced and responsible.

We point out that although the quality of popes has declined recently, and there are no longer the fringe benefits for altar boys which once, in happier times, were enjoyed by many, Roman churchianity is still a hobby worthy of consideration, particularly by those with dark-side antiquarian interests.

If, for example, a modern young person is looking for religion rather than spirituality, then Roman churchianity may well be a live option.

Some well-informed, contemporary authorities say that Roman churchianity is church with the Christianity taken out, and a sprinkle of negative energy and spiritual fascism added in. This is a fair comment, but it is not the whole story.

Certainly, if guilt, sin, sectarianism and dogmatic-style unprotected sex are what you are looking for, then Roman churchianity may be right up your street.

But others say that Roman churchianity is not a thing to get involved with if you are of a nervous disposition and feel uncomfortable with a religion which apes the style of US foreign policy, i.e. one which combines fundamentalist mantras with an all-consuming desire to dominate the weak.

In our view, this is slightly unfair. Many people who, in past centuries, proudly attached their undergarments to the mast of Roman churchianity, have now been reincarnated into quite positive, fun-loving, New Age lives.

And it should not be forgotten, that Roman churchianity generates a good deal of helpful literature. We would notice especially, in this context, the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church. This is a well thought-out book which offers the informed reader many interesting old ideas which can form the basis for a lively, individuated, do-it-yourself church lifestyle. And the book also contains several interesting theories which can be useful as discussion-starters when having a drink with Muslim friends.

In this modern age, Roman churchianity needs all the help it can get. And it is getting a lot of help from the media. This popular support is to be welcomed and trusted.

Picture: Facebook censorship. Your account has been deactivated.

The visible fallout has begun. Illuminati rats fight in the sack. Mutual assured destruction of negative syndicates escalates. Picture: Reptilian at work. Pope Benedict XVI elevates the host at Mass. Rome.

AB notes: The visible fallout has begun: [1] Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands (Bilderberg / Royal Dutch Shell) abdicates. [2] Senior Rockefellers flee to their island refuge near Fiji, leaving clones and lookalike holograms in the US. [3] Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger - Nazi P2 Lodge Satanist) resigns suddenly, shocking the church.

There are many élite Satanist families staring down the legal vortex of exposure. Eyes up for the QE2 (Elizabeth Windsor - Elizabeth II of England) imminent abdication. The old reptilian bloodline families are trying to avoid the blame by getting out before the postman calls, and praying that the legal letters will be passed on to someone else.

The Rockefeller syndicate has destroyed the Bush syndicate (US Nazi-continuum) and is nearing completion (it thinks) of the destruction of the Rothschild fiat paper banking empire. But the Rothschilds are still standing and may flip-flop to the Light (real or theatrically) if push becomes shove. It's rats fighting in the sack. Mutual assured destruction. Push is becoming shove and shove is becoming crunch.

Before the Rockefellers fled the US, they stripped the US Federal Reserve System of all major assets, just as previously they had stripped Fort Knox of all deliverable, non-tungsten, gold. Both these Rockefeller acts have caused the Chicago syndicate in DC (Obama et al) numerous day-to-day cashflow and legal headaches.

The 3/11 Japanese Tsunami (Chikyu Maru nukes on submarine fault line) was not a warning to Japan; it was a warning to the Rockefellers about their Fiji island vulnerability.

All the royal families and their shadow banksters are bricking in the closet, afraid to go to sleep at night. Their worst nightmares are returning alive with an unclean bite to the heart.

CIA rogue faction pointman, US "Ambassador" Christopher Stevens, was calculatedly placed in danger on a baited hook in Benghazi to track who he would scream to for help. His screams led to the exposure of the syndicate behind the Japanese tsunami, and the constructed dismissals of twenty six senior US military and intelligence personnel, including David Petraeus, who were organically linked to the Nazi Odessa network headed by George Bush Sr.

The US Nazi-continuum was planning to start World War Three by sinking their own aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf / Bahrain theatre 911-style and, with the help of AIPAC/Zionist Israel, to blame it on Iran. With some help from positive security factions in Old Europe, Russia, China and Turkey prevented this outcome.

There are important factions within the IMF and Interpol who are being very positive, now, in progressing global affairs towards the international currency re-sets and a benevolent, free-energy outcome for all.

More background: here and here.

Developing global updates: here (25.03.13), here (19.03.13), here (17.03.13), here (11.03.13), here (05.03.13), here (26.02.13), here (25.02.13), here (18.02.13), here (13.02.13), here (12.02.13), here (11.02.13), here (11.02.13, here (06.02.13) and here (05.02.13).

Picture: "The seed of life" by Adrian Dvir. The Art of the New Spirituality.

Picture: What's happening on the 11th floor of the HSBC HQ in Hong Kong?

Picture: Is God a woman?

Is God a woman? Obviously, no.

A more interesting question perhaps is: 'Is God a man?' Obviously, no.

But try calling God “she” during a service in church and just see what happens.

One of the most immutable, static, unchangeable things about our faith is our language about God, and it’s really hard to release ourselves from that. We must speak, says one contemporary theologian, we must speak, yet we cannot speak without stammering.

Language about God stalks the border land at the limits of language; using speech to define speech, speaking in riddles, calling us to humble silence in the presence of mystery.

Before asking the question ‘Is God a woman?’ we have to look at all the ways we speak about God – Father, Lord, King – and our clumsy attempts often, to be inclusive, become distancing – ‘God our Parent’ – we hardly ever refer to human beings that way.

Christianity is an incarnational religion. Human beings are made in God’s image, and Jesus embodied the presence of God in the world, as no one has done before, or since. Jesus of Nazareth was a man, so is God intrinsically male? No.

There’s a really terrible joke about Jesus of Nazareth not being a man, but actually secretly being a woman, and how do we know this? Because he was surrounded by men who didn’t get it, because he had to feed large numbers of people at no notice, and even when he was dead he had to get up because there was more for him to do.

How do we get over the immutable static language that we use about God which releases God from gender at all, while at the same time reminding us that we, male and female, are made in God’s image, and not to lose that particularity? It’s really hard.

One of the ways is that we can rediscover what’s already there, in the biblical tradition and in the spiritual traditions. There is a wise, authoritative feminine presence in the divine. Where do we find this? In the character of Holy Wisdom. Holy Wisdom is, at creation we’re told, with God, holds and binds all together, makes human beings friends with God.

In Proverbs 8, Holy Wisdom stands at the crossroads and calls for justice. This isn’t a separate God or a separate Goddess. This is an authoritative, divine, feminine presence, at creation, and throughout the history of the world, and Jesus of Nazareth is the inheritor of this wisdom tradition.

We can also find it in the character, the form, the person of the Holy Spirit – the third person of the Trinity – not that dismissive description of the Trinity that’s sometimes used – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – two blokes and a bird – no, not that, but the Holy Spirit in Genesis is described in Hebrew as Ruach, a feminine noun.

The Spirit that broods over the waters at creation. In the New Testament, that word used to describe Spirit becomes neuter – Pneuma in Greek. So we move from Ruach, feminine, to Pneuma, neuter. That is then translated into Latin – the language of the historical church – Spiritus, and then finally that’s translated into English – He.

Ruach ► Pneuma ► Spiritus ► He.

The Holy Spirit is a deep and rich vein of tradition which we can mine, to discover the feminine in God, and it’s beautiful.

Because of society’s trends, and because of the historical dominance of patriarchal social systems in the countries in which Christianity flourished – in Rome, in Greece, in the Mediterranean – and then in countries to which Christianity was exported, mistakes have been made in interpreting who God is and what God does, and how we interpret God in our contemporary society. The feminine in God, the biblical tradition, has been buried under a pile of narrowing and confining assumptions.

The Roman household codes you will know, clearly had an educated male at the top of the pyramid, an educated female quite close by but further down the pyramid, and the large part of the pyramid at the bottom were uneducated slaves – male and female. So to rediscover and release God from the gendered language that we use about God is not only good for women, it’s good for men, because it’s only the top male patriarchal figure which benefits from this language.

And so if we think about Holy Wisdom in the Old Testament, if we think about the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testament, we come closer to challenging ourselves about what we think the nature of God is.

Jesus of course referred to himself – “Jerusalem, how long have I longed to gather you as a mother gathers her children”. Jesus of Nazareth – of course a man and no-one is ever going to contest that – Jesus of Nazareth used images and languages about himself, which broke open those patriarchal assumptions, and it's church history and society’s assumptions since then which have tried to confine it and close it down.

And Luke’s parable – the beautiful parable Jesus tells of the lost coin – a woman is sweeping her house, a parallel story with the shepherd looking for the lost sheep. Jesus of Nazareth – poetic, charismatic teacher as ever – tells this beautiful story. God is a woman who is searching for you. Not a remote monarch, but an energetic, ungovernable, female energy, who searches for you, even now, and longs to find you.

'So what?' you might ask. It’s not just about the words and about the language that we use. It’s about breaking open our imagination, and not making things up, but finding what’s already there, and has been sidelined over the centuries. It’s a fight against a reductionist tendency, always to want to explain and analyse, to reduce to something that we understand and feel comfortable with.

Imagine God as a woman who is searching for you, as in Luke’s gospel, and see what it does, because it will set us free.

(The original source of The Reverend Lucy Winkett's text is here - Greenbelt 2012)

Picture: Do junk food diets cause asthma? Children with inhalers. Lungs.

Fast food and takeaways have been linked to a surge in child asthma and allergies. Teenagers are more likely to have severe asthma and eczema if they eat fast food more than three times a week, a large new international study has indicated.

Young teenagers are nearly forty per cent (40%) more likely to have severe asthma if they eat burgers and other types of fast food more than three times a week. Children aged six to seven were found to have an increased risk of twenty seven per cent (27%). Children eating fast food were also more likely to get severe eczema and rhinitis.

Eating fruit regularly appears to protect young people from asthma and allergies. Consuming three or more portions of fruit a week reduced the severity of the symptoms by eleven per cent (11%) among teenagers and fourteen per cent (14%) among younger children.

The international research project, the biggest of its kind ever conducted, involved nearly two million children from more than one hundred different countries.

The children and their parents were sent questionnaires about their eating habits over the previous twelve months. They were asked how often they had eaten specific foods, including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, pulses, cereals, bread and pasta, rice, butter, margarine, nuts, potatoes, milk, eggs, and fast food or burgers. They were also asked whether and how often they suffered from specific asthma and allergy symptoms and, if so, how severe they were and whether those conditions stopped them sleeping or interfered in any way with daily life.

The link between fast food and asthma and allergies is biologically plausible. It could be related to higher saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, sodium, carbohydrates and sugar levels of fast food and preservatives. Fast foods have high levels of industrially hydrogenated vegetable fats such as margarine, which can be a source of trans fatty acids, and there is evidence that dietary intake of trans fatty acids is associated with asthma and allergy. In the teenagers in the survey, eating butter, margarine and pasta was also associated with asthma symptoms.

The study did not differentiate between types of fast food. The lead question simply asked: "In the past twelve months, how often, on average, did you (did your child) eat or drink the following: meat; seafood; fruit; vegetables (green and root); pulses (peas, beans, lentils); cereal; pasta (including bread); rice; butter; margarine; nuts; potatoes; milk; eggs and fast food/burgers?"

Emerging evidence suggests that the vitamins and antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables have a beneficial effect on asthma. Asthma UK advises people with asthma to eat a healthy, balanced diet including five portions of fruit or vegetables every day, fish more than twice a week, and pulses more than once a week.

A good bet seems to be a Mediterranean-style diet. Asthma UK cites a research project  into diet and asthma carried out in Athens (Greece) in 2011. This compared school children in the city with those in a rural part of Greece. They found that the urban children were more likely to get asthma, but eating a Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables, fish and oils, appeared to protect them.

Trans fatty acids have been linked to asthma and allergies before, in addition to raising cholesterol levels. The UK NHS advises people to reduce their intake. The fast food study suggests that the best advice for parents wanting to protect their children from asthma and allergies is to try to ensure they have a generally healthy diet, with plenty of fruit and hopefully some vegetables, and to steer clear of fast food restaurants.

Mainstream source article here (14.01.13).

Picture: Alcuin Bramerton Twitter screengrab 14.01.12 (12.06pm)

Picture: The Pineal Gland. The internal stargate awakens.

The pineal gland in the human brain is said to be the major operational junction between human physicality and the truth experience of godhead in the higher dimensions.

The pineal gland is the receiver of high-status energy data concerning the distinction between truth and falsehood.

By tuning into the pineal gland by means of the spiritual exercise we call meditation, we enhance its abilities to receive light and dispel darkness.

A clean, decalcified pineal gland is a conduit for veridical intuitions, dreams, visions and revelations.

A permanently clean, decalcified and awakened pineal gland will confer eternal life in physicality to the human body which carries it.

More background information about the pineal gland can be found here, here, here and here. And there is more about meditation on this page here.

Picture: New global financial reset ready to run. New gold-backed currencies.

Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and have begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system.

Those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto régimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world in the twinkling of an eye.

The Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land in the USA.

Initially these acts will restore the Constitution, ensure the establishment of common law, and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity.

Banks will be rechartered. Corporations will be dissolved and replaced with socially responsible partnerships. Large banks and corporations will be broken up. New documents detailing the legal requirement for full transparency between these various institutions and the public will be stressed. The people will be asked to inform themselves and become a vital part of this process.

These new partnerships will be adjured to recognise the need to help Gaia and work towards redressing the many problems created by decades of global carelessness. These bodies will be publicly regulated and must interact with their newly prosperous communities to bring an end to industrial pollution. They must energetically promote the age of clean energy. This will use zero-point and light-beam technologies.

We intend to assist you by giving you technology which takes your interactive capabilities to a new level and which permits your communities to move away from corporate agriculture and any other established industries which can harm Gaia and her diverse and fragile ecosystems.

More here (01.01.13).

Picture: Warrior golden angel armed for battle. Golan Heights (Syria).

Writing in the Guardian newspaper (London) here on Friday 21st December 2012, Tom Holland describes what he learned about angels in 2011, when he interviewed an Israeli veteran of the June 1967 Six-Day War. 

During the battle for the Golan Heights, a Syrian shell sent the soldier flying from his tank. As he lay wounded and immobile on the ground, he saw enemy Syrian soldiers advancing towards him. They raised their guns. Then, quite suddenly, a golden figure appeared. The Israeli soldier had been chosen, so the mysterious figure informed him, for an important mission. God wished him to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Israeli soldier then lost consciousness. When he recovered, he found himself safe and sound in hospital.

Soon afterwards, he was visited by UN inspectors. As he related his experience, they stared at him in astonishment. A few days earlier, the inspectors revealed, they had interviewed a group of Syrian soldiers. The Syrians had spoken of a golden figure which miraculously appeared between them and an injured Israeli, and had put them to flight.

Picture: Prospectus for the New Age. A view through the back of the wardrobe.

All the important news is good.

The universe is a friendly place which is designed to support us absolutely.

We are immersed in a benevolent cosmic ecosystem, a God-process, which is uncomplicatedly benign and which nourishes us at every level of our being.

Everything is alive. Everything is intelligent. Everything is changing. Everything is improving.

The universe is richly inhabited with positive beings of light, many of whom are far more advanced than we are. Their mission and their joy is to welcome us, nurture us, heal us, protect us, guide us and assist us in our evolutionary return to the internal experience of Godhead.

There is nothing wrong with us; at the level of our core essence we are perfect.

We are held softly in the understanding arms of inclusion. We are comprehensively loved at all times, whatever we think or do.

Everything we need has been thought of by those who know us better than we know ourselves.

Everything we need is immediately available to us if we ask.

All is well and all will be well.

Picture: Prospectus for the New Age. Young woman reading book.

More on the New Age of Aquarius is linked from the foot of this page here.

Picture: US Federal Reserve Bond Mother Box. $1.5 Trillion in bonds.

All over the world, but particularly in Asia, huge stashes of high-denomination bonds and currency notes, and vast hordes of gold bars are being photographed and distributed. What is going on? Who owns this unimaginable wealth? And how can there possibly be an austerity-imposed global financial crisis in the West if all this money is available?

More pictures and background here (16.12.12).

Picture: I saw Satan fall like a lightning-flash out of Heaven. Lucifer.
When Lucifer, as head of the Archangelic realms, the favoured and beautiful creation of God, was expelled from the presence of God - "to shape up" - he took his followers and ran rampant about the Universe, tearing up the places they inhabited.

As a matter of fact, Earth herself had to be "reclaimed" in order to make it habitable for new creations. Earth was, further, to be the place where Satan was banished (Lucifer's name was changed by God, to Satan). Lucifer means the bright and most brilliant morning star - the greatest perfection. When evil entered he could obviously no longer wear that sign around his neck.

Lucifer defied God and was stricken from God's presence to mend his ways. Many hordes of angels went with him. Later, after failure to either mend his ways or to take his place elsewhere, he again defied God and this time he was "cast down" in a confrontation with Archangel Michael and was tossed out on his ear.

"Cast down" and "fallen" designate not direction, but rather a "falling from Grace".  He was sent to Earth and other planets of such density, and he has destroyed the balance and brought one catastrophe upon another to the peoples.

The facts are that he and his bands of hoodlums went first to the constellation of Orion prior to Earth. Just as all planets in your solar system are not as Earth is, neither are all planets and places in Orion.  There are still places in these constellations which are totally evil. They are, however, for all practical purposes, prisoners to the planet, if not the constellation. As technology is remembered and increases, abilities to travel increase and colonies are begun and hence the cycles begin again and again. There is always the opportunity for change and returning to the Creator's flock.

Satan and his bands of hoodlums hit all the young colonies and caused untold devastation. They destroyed the life forms on Venus and Mars as they worked their way through the Galaxy. This is why you have the spinoff or recognition of the Reptilian races. You are talking about an invisible realm and the reptile is representative of the dark forces. It is also why, in your more recent mythology, Venus is the planet of love for it still exists in its fourth dimensional state of rightness.

Creator always provides a reentry clause which binds any evil from a recovering placement for a period of time. Then again, Satanic influences are allowed; probation if you will. Those who chose the dark path are given the opportunity to again experience and, hopefully, change their ways. Lo, all of you have walked in those shoes also.  Now, what will you do? To be or not to be, that is the question.

Those of darkness are given truth and the ability to change. Choosing not to leave the Satanic ways, they are left to the consequences, and as the souls come forth they are again placed in dimensions suitable for their level of growth. The totally evil are left to express themselves in the void - in the absence of light, which actually means the lack of wisdom and knowledge.

Either way, the planet is basically cleared of lifeforms and energies go where their suitable placement might be. Satan is bound (kept from impact against those remaining) and the planet changes and recovery begins. The higher beings of the planet and her transitioned beings move on into a higher dimension, and the lower self (the body, as you might think of it) is left to reclaim. The sunken continents rise and the old goes into recycling.

The final clash comes for Satan. He is a poor loser. "If I can't have it, no one shall." At that point it must be stopped or he would surely destroy the entirety of the manifested stage and the play would stop. The repercussions of an exploded planet in the Universe is devastating to your neighbors.

While you are in the midst of experiencing manifestation there is no way you can truly understand the illusion of experience. Creator has arranged it that way in order that you may experience and learn truth.

I remind you, the astral planes are indeed most unsavory - you cannot conceive what "boring" actually is until you remember that experience. You must travel a long, long way on up the ladder to be able to have choices again.

It surely behoves you to pay attention now and head straight for home. It is a true loss when a higher soul form is lost to the physical, for there is confusion on the next departure. This is because a soul does not actually regress but surely can be diverted onto a side track.

Blessings are great unto you ones who seek understanding. This is especially the case if you do not mislead others along your path by erroneous answers.  It is a responsibility - not that you do it for them, but that you feel responsibility - especially as you send forth the WORD.

It takes time to become discerning and it is not that you cannot figure out your own answers, it is simply that you need the confirmation of your correct answers and a little more insight where the answers are still clouded.

You who work most closely with us at this time do have one foot firmly planted on Earth reality and the other planted somewhere in the cosmic realm.  Further, it is a most painful situation - not at all the wondrous separation from worldly cares - just more responsibility, heavy vision and long, hard hours of work. As Little Crow stated, "You don't gain anything by the knowledge except fitful nights without sleep and a most heavy load of responsibility indeed."

But ye shall be given a peace within that will surpass all about you. It will not remove all the doubts, the sorrow, the frustrations, the longing and so on, but ye shall at some point know of the peace within.  You will long for the "old ways" when it was OK to have new and beauteous furniture and lovely clothing. So, do well, and continue to have them. Thus man can see that being within the light is also wondrous and prosperous.

As contentment comes, so comes the change in daily values. Things which were once important often no longer have any importance whatsoever. Allow it to happen and do not struggle nor kick thy own backsides at every turn or decision.  Ye are HU-MAN - that means HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN. It is simply time for you to remember it.

You will all have incredibly horrendous times of it where you judge and complain and strike out and are totally miserable. That does not mean that the following day need also be lost. It means you are growing and that you are expressing the frustration of your humanness.

You must rise above fear. This does not mean that at times you will not be completely consumed with terror and healthy fright. These can be most wondrous warning devices. But you must rise above fear because fear is the most destructive and debilitating emotion - even greater then hate. Fear immobilises. The basis of all inaction is fear-motivated and fear cannot survive in the presence of love.

This is why when you clear your space and ask the darkness to remove itself in the name of Divine Source, you are calling in love and thereby removing the only weapon the dark ones have to immobilise you. Respect negativity, but do not wallow in it.

It is impossible for you precious ones to raise your heads and look around, see that which IS, and refrain from sticking thy heads back into the sand-bucket. It is truly a mess - a terrifying mess and at first you feel you are the ones out of step. But listen, really listen, to that which others toss at you in a reasoning and authoritative tone of voice and check it for validity.

For instance, if one says, "Well, I am the sole and single channel for XXXX (one of the great energies, or one of the mighty Chohans or Angelic beings), honour their opinion and go your separate way. God would never ask a being to bear the Earth burden alone, nor would he deprive those children on the opposite side of a planet access to truth. This does not mean that that the speaker might not have great truth to share, but it does mean that his physical ego has entered into the picture.  Woe be unto those who hold their listeners or readers hostage to a lie.

All ones of enlightenment have made great contributions, but always become most suspecting if ones fear to share their followers and readers for they fear the denouncement of that which they project. If you know your truth is truth, you are most happy to share with all who will receive.  It is a most wonderful sorting tool indeed.  If a channel refuses on any grounds to allow his/her "energy speaker" to share with and commune, in a group, with an "energy speaker" of another channel, you have a real false prophet at hand. You will find none who come this route the least hesitant to confront or commune with any invisible energy form. Discern well, for these are the clues which you seek.

Man is curious about that which is denounced, banned and censored, and will seek diligently until he can find out all about the matter. Never be distressed at those who throw stones, especially in the public media, for they do a great favour. We speak truth and you have naught to fear for it is intended that it shall find ear and eye. It may not be what ones wish to hear, but it will be truth and the hearts of man shall know it.

Original source and more background here.

Picture: Cairo, Egypt demonstrations. Thursday 6th December 2012. One Hand.

Picture: The universe is here to support your manifestations

The Time is Now. The universe is here to support your manifestations.
The Time is Now is not the kind of time you have been using to measure your experiences on Earth. We are referring to your eternal timeline which has no beginning and no end.

This eliminates the fear of death and aging, and the fear of being lost in time and space having to return to a dimension that is measured in this limitation.

As you release your belief in time, all prophecies and beliefs based on this archaic measurement can then be seen within the eternal continuum. It is only the fear of death and destruction that puts fear into the minds and hearts of humanity regarding these transitional times.

The fifth dimension does not exist in time as it is now being used on your Earth. To align with that dimension, you must think, love and live outside a time-based reality. Your God Presence only abides in the NOW, which is all there truly is or ever will be.

You are here with unique gifts that you have been given especially for these transitional times. Never doubt that you have something wonderful to offer, no matter how small your offering may seem to you or to those around you.

If you like to be a supporter, then please know that we bow before your hearts in gratitude because you who serve in the background are just as valuable as those who are serving on the front lines, and you are what determine the success or failure of every endeavor.
Humility, profound inner resilience, and psychological stability are very strong assets to have during these pivotal times. This is especially true if you are willing to make an agreement with your limited ego to function as your ally by shifting from being in control to serving and following your unlimited Divine Presence.

Energy is actually neutral, but you are constantly determining where your energy is going and where you want your ego to direct it, based on your thoughts and feelings and your attachment to them. These thoughts and feelings create thoughtforms, which contain fourth dimensional substances which are being created by everyone in existence.

The third and fourth dimensions are each filled with the negative and the positive thoughtforms which are being emitted by those who are living on and around your Earth.

Wherever you are living in your mind, heart and body is determining what you are supporting within those dimensions and even within the extended universe.

You cannot really expand beyond where you are living in your consciousness, and since this is the time that the opportunity for ascending into the fifth dimension is being offered, remain ultra aware of where you are abiding in your consciousness throughout the day and even the night.

Humanity has not been able to expand beyond the confines of its thinking mind because the limited capacity of the ego was given the authority to direct your lives. Many of you are now moving into a much deeper, more intimate relationship with your heart so it can become the primary authority in your day-to-day lives.

When we say your heart, we are not referring to your limited emotions, but rather to the Divine Love which was encoded within your heart at your original inception out of the Heart of God. This is why your heart is so paramount in providing you with a direct link to Source. It was meant to be the director of your life since it has such an eternally connected relationship with your Presence and Source.

When you are creating uplifting, positive thoughts given to you by your God Presence, then your ego can actually assist you by helping to put those thoughts into action. Energy as thought goes out into space where it attaches itself to the nearest similar energy field and then returns like a boomerang to the sender.

This immutable law of attraction is why your world is still so steeped in turmoil. This is why we continue to urge you to focus only on what you really want to see manifested in your lives and in your world. The universe is there to support your manifestations.

We remain dedicated to your ascension into your Presence.

More from the Diamond Light Foundation (Maui, Hawaii) can be found here.

Picture: Dog cartoon. It's always sit, stay, heel. Never think, innovate ....

Picture: Zionist Israel versus The Rest of the World. Gaza City. 17th Nov 2012.

Picture: Gaza, Palestine. Nov 2012. Placard. A response to Zionist oppression.

EuroZone powderkeg approaches ignition. Youth unemployment stats presage revolution.
Picture: European Under-25 Youth Unemployment Rates 2012.
Greek unemployment rose to 25.4% in August 2012. Youth unemployment rose to 58%.

Official figures indicate that the Greek economy will contract by a further 4.5% in 2013. A lot more people are going to lose their jobs.

This is what happens when you lock into the wrong currency and block the escape routes. The EuroVictim nations have been suckered into entering a burning building with no exits.

In Greece, the political protests are morphing into urban guerrilla warfare.

There is no longer any immediate catalyst or external umpire in the markets which can bring mass civic abuse in the EuroZone to an end. Unless the German Bundestag comes to the rescue and refuses to pay for any more can-kicking down the road, internal devaluations in the Club Med bloc will push jobless rates to such excruciating levels that the political systems in the weaker economies will snap.

The possibility of financial evolution in Europe is diminishing by the day. Social revolution is becoming the only realistic option.

 Picture: America faces the future. (After Gift by Nicebleed) #1ab.

Picture: Prayer. Young boy saying his prayers. Prayer is breathing.

When you breathe
You don't say:

"I will inhale this molecule
Of air here
And that molecule
Of air there,
But under no circumstances
Will I inhale that molecule
Of air over there
On the left
Of the water cooler ....

Because that molecule
Of air over there
Is a molecule of neon
And I don't fancy
Inhaling neon
Because neon is an inert gas
And it will not contribute positively
To my respiration ....

And, anyway,
Neon is used to make flashy red lights
In Las Vegas
Which waste electricity
And therefore
Contribute to the gambling
Of greenhouse gases."

You don't say that.

You would be using
The word "molecule" incorrectly
If you said that.

And here is something else
You don't say.

You don't say:
"I don't want –
In this particular breath –
To inhale that
Particular methane molecule
Six inches above the shredder.
I don't want that
Particular methane molecule
Mixed up with my oxygen,
Thank you very much,
Because that
Particular methane molecule
Came out of the bum of a goat
In New Zealand."

You don't say that.

Only a dumbo would say that,
Or maybe
A dipstick with attitude
Might ventilate
A similar circumlocution,
If pressed.

But you don't say it.

From the goat's point of view,
A statement such as that
Could be perceived as
Unfair discrimination
Between gases,
And bummist to boot.

So you don't say it.
What you do actually say is:
"Don't say anything,
Just breathe ....

Just inhale the full,
Of the universe
Without judgement ....

Inflate your lungs fully
And accept the fresh air,
The whole lot,
In trust,
And stop being so silly."

That's what you say.

You don't
Say it out loud
And you don't
Articulate it consciously,
But that is what
Your vital being says.

The real you inside
Simply breathes
Without judgement
Because it is that trust
In benevolence
Which sustains
The internal essence
Of your present becoming

You know this intuitively:
Breathing is more
Than an expedient exchange of gases
For physical functioning.

Breathing is prayer;
Just do it.

Do it.

But do it better and do it more.
Breathe more deeply.
And breathe more slowly.

Switch off your brain,
Cut the crap,
Flush the religious obfuscation
Down the tubes
And do it.

It's the spiritual economy,
Picture: Rogue faction US Yokota Air Base Japan. Honor Guard Challenge Coin.

Picture: Yes we can. Vote for Nobody. Nobody tells the truth.
Picture: US President Barack Obama. It is better to have loved and have lost.

The Fall of the Pentagram Five. Illuminati illusion dissolves in disarray.  
Picture: Illuminati bloodlines. Satanic Circle. The ancient fellowship of evil.

The illusion is getting smaller. It has been perceived worldwide. Now only the insane can miss it. Thirteen millennia of élite-led disinformation and financial fraud on the planet are at last coming to an end.

The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati is a busted flush. The MSM cover story that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are just an "anti-Semitic" propaganda ploy has been rubbished.

On Monday 1st October 2012, writing from Japan (full text  here), the English Language spokesman of the White Dragon Society and its Asian affiliates cited Western intelligence sources in his claim that the old pentagram of corrupt global power, David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior, Queen Elizabeth II, Evelyn de Rothschild and Josef Ratzinger (the Pope) is running out of money and fiddling while Rome burns.

These five confused, dribbling and incontinent geriatrics, whose reptilian clone-lines are becoming exhausted through over-extension, would have been terminated or retired decades ago if they weren't so useful to their corporate handlers and controlling syndicates.

It can be an operational advantage to have an élite boss who is terminally gaga and forgetful. For historical and lineage reasons, his signature retains crucial executive importance. You can get him to sign documents twice because he forgets he has signed them before. But the trick is this: the second document is settled in slightly different terms than the first. So you have two competing documents in circulation, one of which is a calculated fraud.

Such texts can be used to block legitimate capital transfers. Lawyers can brandish the documents for years to obfuscate international fund disbursements. Meanwhile, you divert these funds and use them as collateral in highly leveraged derivatives trading programs.

At present The Pentagram Five are reported to be in deep disarray about what to do with the emerging torrent of disclosures which are laying bare their involvement in global financial theft, Black Magic, human sacrifice, child abduction, ritual paedophilia, gerrymandering interference in Western elections and appointments to international institutions, and the computer-driven rigging of international markets.

The indications are that the management structures of the Illuminati's reptilian bloodlines have fallen apart in deadly acrimony. Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) and Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) are quietly funneling substantial sums of money to Barack Obama and pushing for his fraudulent re-election as US President in November 2012. This move is in direct opposition to the Bush syndicate's promotion of their marionette frontman, Mitt Romney who, it is planned, will eventually be obliged to step aside to allow Jeb Bush to become US President.

The US Nazi-continuum syndicates (the Rockefellers and the Kissinger-Bushes) are struggling to maintain traction in Asia and have lost control of North Korea, the Yakuza and their lucrative Yen carry trade in Japan.

The once great Rothschild dynasty is irrevocably divided, out on a limb and isolated. Their pet plan to start World War III and mayhem in the Middle-East, prior to doubling global oil prices, is starting to look like a seriously maladroit chess move. The laughable lack of credibility of the Rothschild's two leading political puppets in the region, Binyamin Netanyahu (Israel) and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran) has undermined the whole operation.

The G5 media-manufactured conflict between "Israel" and "Iran" has been consigned to the dustbin of history. This was never a conflict between peoples; it was a pre-arranged, theatrical war-clash between two Sabbatean Satanist national leaders who are close colleagues in a Middle East based global subversion. Ahmadinejad (aka Sabourjian), let us not forget, is "Jewish".

The US Pentagon, now that the Rockefeller and Bush syndicates have split decisively from the Rothschilds, is said to be planning the closure of over forty four US military bases around Iran in order to speed up the collapse of the “attack Iran” Talmudic faction in Zionist Israel. This faction has turned Israel into the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. One of the US bases earmarked for closure is rumoured to be the headquarters of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.

Russia, China and Turkey have seen to it that the Rothschild strategy to force régime change in Syria, followed by more of the same in Jordan and then Saudi Arabia, as a precursor to hiking oil prices and replenishing the Rothschild coffers, will not work. Even if the plan partially succeeds, the financial beneficiaries will not now be the Rothschild banking cartel. Turkey is the rising power in the region. She is beginning to call the shots. She has (benevolent) financial ambitions of her own.

The murderous end-time rivalry between the European-based Rothschilds and the US-based Nazi-continuum received wide coverage recently in Libya. The assassination of US “Ambassador” Christopher Stevens (52), on Tuesday 11th September 2012, at the non-existent US consulate in Benghazi, was the killing of a Bush agent by a Rothschild agent in a proxy battle over Libyan oil and Libyan gold.
Picture: US Ambassador Christopher Stevens assassination. Benghazi, Libya 2012.

The picture of Christopher Stevens' abduction shown above was not allowed to be published in the Western mainstream media, nor were the exact circumstances of his death. Arabic language news outlets were not so coy. Over a period of eight hours, Stevens was raped, slowly tortured to death and raped again. His body was then returned to the remaining US CIA people in Benghazi.

There was never any US consulate in Benghazi. No such official facility was ever listed on the US State Department webpages for Libya. What there was in Benghazi was a clandestine Bush faction CIA "mission" which served as a base for US corporation subversion of Libya. And Christopher Stevens himself was mutton dressed up as lamb. He was not a career diplomat. Stevens was a Nazi-continuum rogue faction CIA fixer.

The Illuminati's Pentagram Five are also facing destructive end-time stresses in Rome. On Monday 24th September 2012, it was noted here that a high level Italian aristocratic source had reported that there were signs of serious strife and change at the Vatican in Rome. Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) was claiming that he was helpless in trying to stop the deadly factional turf wars raging at the top of the Catholic power pyramid between Opus Dei and the Jesuits. The Pope had survived several attempts to poison him and was reduced to sneaking out of the Vatican in disguise in order to find out what was really going on in the fissiparous Church powerplays.

Enormous attempts were made by the Vatican to downplay the Pope's butler case. On Saturday 6th October 2012, Paolo Gabriele (the Pope's former butler) was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for stealing Pope Benedict XVI's private correspondence. It was a lightning-quick internal show trial conducted by the Vatican itself inside Vatican City.

Gabriele, a 46-year-old Italian layman and father of three, was found guilty of "aggravated theft". Sensitive letters to the Pope were leaked to the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi and published in his bestselling book "Your Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI".

On some of the stolen letters, the Pope had written "To be destroyed". These particular documents were not included in Nuzzi's book and have yet to be published. Gabriele said he felt like an "agent of the Holy Spirit." He had leaked the letters to expose the power struggles and corruption which were raging around the Pope in the Vatican.

Further reportage and analysis on the Gabriele case can be found here (13.10.12), here (07.10.12), here (05.10.12), here (29.05.12) and here (25.05.12). And there is an instructive piece on Josef Ratzinger by the Catholic theologian Hans Küng here (05.10.12). Küng was a theological mentor of Ratzinger at the University of Tübingen (Germany) in the 1960s, and the pair worked closely together as theological advisers to the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).
Picture: Second Vatican Council. Rome 1962-1965. Bas-relief.

Hans Küng's view is that the Catholic dogma of Papal Infallibility is theologically unsustainable and that priests and churchgoers should confront the Catholic hierarchy, which is corrupt, lacking credibility and apathetic to the real concerns of the church's members. Küng argues that the modern Roman Catholic Church is an authoritarian system exhibiting telling parallels with the dictatorship of Nazi Germany.

Another less prominent, but more powerful, Roman Catholic is pictured in the centre of the Satanic pentagram at the head of this article. He is Peter Hans Kolvenbach, born in 1928. Kolvenbach, said to be the senior Satanist at the top of Vatican Roman Catholicism, was the Jesuit Superior General (Black Pope) for a quarter of a century from 1983 to 2008.

Kolvenbach has struggled to hold the Pentagram Five alliances together and has now failed. What is left is a maggot broth of seething evil. None of the principals ever believes what any of the others say, lies and deceit dominate their communications, assassinations, sabotage and thefts of each others' funds are attempted every day.

Back in the early 1990s, while still the Jesuit Superior General, Peter Hans Kolvenbach is said to have decisively interfered in British governance. The incident related to his covert control of Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England).

The Queen regards herself as a sworn guardian of the historical treasure of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar are now better known as the Jesuits. The treasure of the Templars is not a particular stash of gold or sequestered riches. The treasure of the Knights Templar is the total financial control of the planet.

In the 1950s, as a young women, and recently enthroned as Queen, Elizabeth Windsor was compelled by her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, to take the Jesuit Blood Oath. This was an extremely unusual step for a woman - even for one of such notable aristocratic lineage. The oath the Queen took is sometimes referred to as the Jesuit Extreme Oath and Induction. The text of this Satanic rite was placed on the US Congressional record on the 15th February 1913. The page was torn out by a Jesuit agent at a later date. The full text of the Jesuit Blood Oath can be read here.

Elizabeth Windsor took the Jesuit Blood Oath in secret, one August, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. A related curio, perhaps relevant to that remote location in Aberdeenshire, is that the Jesuits wrote the first 25 degrees of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in 1754. More background about this can be found here. And Benjamin Fulford has commented on the Satanic goings-on which are conducted under the radar at Balmoral here (23.02.09). Fulford is talking about The Illuminati's Committee of 300 of which Elizabeth Windsor is the Chairman.

On Sunday 1st February 2009, it was interesting to see Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, the current Jesuit Superior General, confronted on camera with a copy of the Jesuit Blood Oath. He denied ever having seen it before, despite having taken the secret oath himself and having officiated at the black rite countless times previously in his own career. He was on a visit to the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. Members of We Are Change Los Angeles challenged the Black Pope about the Jesuit Blood Oath document. Their YouTube video of the encounter can be found here (10 mins).

Elizabeth Windsor, as the English Monarch, is officially the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. This is a spectacular blind. In the Roman Catholic and Jesuit worldview, the English Reformation Church is an heretical construct. To have a sworn Jesuit in charge of the Church of England for the purposes of covert subversion is very Illuminati and very Jesuitical.

The Illuminati modus operandi has always been to say one thing in public and to prosecute the exact opposite in private. Ignatius Loyola, the founder and first Superior General of the Jesuits, in the Thirteenth Rule (365) in his Spiritual Exercises says: "To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it ...."

In the early 1990s, for genuine spiritual reasons connected with the influence of one of her (Anglican) chaplains, Elizabeth Windsor began to have qualms of conscience about her Jesuit connection. Foolishly, she confided her concerns to her mother. Shortly afterwards, on the orders of Peter Hans Kolvenbach, she was terminated and cloned. The details of this unremarked regicide may shortly emerge. More about the use of human clones in élite political management can be found here. And there is more about the English House of Windsor Nazi continuum bloodline here.

Another example of Kolvenbach's clandestine machinations came to light more recently in connection with the Japanese Tsunami on Friday 11th March 2011, and the subsequent false flag attack on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Kolvenbach, Jay Rockefeller and Binyamin Netanyahu are reported to have been centrally involved in the organisation of this terrorist operation. A telephone intercept of Kolvenbach discussing the atrocity, and laughing and boasting about it, has been circulating among intelligence agencies worldwide for over a year.

The March 2011 Japanese Tsunami was not a natural event. It was caused by micronukes being drilled into the seabed at a geologically significant point and then being exploded in coordination. The deep sea drilling vessel used was the Chikyu Maru. Fourteen of the fifteen Japanese technicians involved on the vessel have since been assassinated. At the time, they were told by the contractors that they were involved in conducting an earthquake survey.

The subsequent meltdown of nuclear reactors at Fukushima was not caused by the tsunami. It was caused by independent sabotage designed to raise the local radioactive pollution to decoy level in order to mask the radioactivity generated by the seabed nuke explosions. In an attempt to increase the local radioactivity since, rogue faction US & Japanese military planes have been seen dumping radioactive Caesium waste over the Fukushima mountains. More here (09.04.12) and here (13.02.12).

The Illuminati's covert control matrix, now visibly crumbling, is not about power; it is about money. Money is all that matters. Without money there is no executive power. Money. Money. Money. The matrix is also about manipulating perceptions of what money actually is. And this is how the corrupt, Satanic, G5 house of cards is about to be brought down.

In the rest of the world, reliable money is no longer seen as debt. It is no longer seen as QE fiat paper such as the Euro, the US Dollar or the Pound. Reliable money is seen, once more, to be precious metals.

Increasingly, members of the 150-nation Monaco Colloquium Group, including the BRICS, are demanding payment in physical gold for their oil, goods and services. They are no longer accepting the G5's fraudulent IOU's for gold; they are demanding deliverable and delivered physical gold. Clinton-era gold-covered tungsten bars will not do.

This is why Dark Pool Gold in Asia and elsewhere is so important. And this is why the G5 NATO war machine had to smash Libya from the inside. Muammar Gaddafi was beginning to demand payment in gold for Libyan oil and, with several other African countries, he was on the point of introducing a gold-backed Dinar for all future trading with everyone, including the West.

It is because the imminent Monaco Accords international currency reset will introduce new precious metals-backed currencies that the Pentagram Five banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, are doing everything they possibly can to rig the international gold and silver markets and keep the prices of gold and silver artificially low.

The G5 banksters face conquest by erosion. Day by day, and week by week, it is getting harder and harder for them to pay for anything bought from outside the G5 banking cartel with anything other than delivered gold or silver. The rest of the world sees Euros, Dollars and Pounds as yesterday's rip-offs.

But there is a much older and more esoteric perspective on the collapse of the Pentagram Five's QE fiat casino: The Earth is an abundant planet. Without money we'd all be rich. Money is the mechanism which makes us poor.

This Pentagram Five Illuminati story is now being updated on a separate page here.
Picture: Without money we'd all be rich. The wealth of rainforest fruits.
Picture: This Presidency brought to you by Diebold. Because we can.
YouTube. Homer Simpson makes the mistake of voting for Mitt Romney. Picture: 
Muslim outrage.You are a big boy.Do you want me to come out and play?

JP Morgan Blue Book - The Secret Book of Redemption (1934 edition)
Picture: JPMorgan Bank Blue Book. The Secret Book of Redemption 1934.

Picture: JPMorgan Bank Blue Book. The Secret Book of Redemption 1934.

Picture: JPMorgan Bank Blue Book. The Secret Book of Redemption 1934.

Deep inside the Pandora's Suitcase disclosures are thought to be the various texts of the JPMorgan Bank Blue Book (The Secret Book of Redemption 1934, and its subsequent editions). Some images of the 1934 edition of this book are pictured above.

The top of the first recto page reads as follows: "The Department of Finance, Acting on the Instructions of the SUMMARY REGULATIONS. By Authority of an Act of the JP MORGAN BANK AND COMPANY. Legislature approved by the Secretary of the Treasury."

The JPMorgan Blue Book is said to be the covert world authority text which establishes the human bloodlines to which the entire wealth of the planet ultimately belongs. Some of these self-appointed bloodlines are of "royal" origin; many are not.

Family names which feature prominently in the text are understood to include: Rothschild (Bauer or Bower), Bruce, Cavendish (Kennedy), De Medici, Hanover, Hapsburg (Habsburg), Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair (St Clair), Warburg (del Banco) and Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).

These élite and exclusive reptilian bloodlines (the "Illuminati" dynasties) have run the hidden finances and slave-systems of the planet for many millennia, way back into what their mainstream controlled historians call "pre-history." Notice the absence of Asian names on the list.

Very little is available (yet) on searchable open-access websites about the JPMorgan Blue Book. The pictures of the 1934 edition above were released by Neil Keenan in an email to Drake Bailey on Saturday 18th August 2012 (text

In that email, Keenan notes: "Blue Book established the blood lines. Queen E and Bill C are in it…Most of the Royal Families are in it. They have kept the money amongst the families from the very beginning."

For chronological reasons, the particular 1934 edition of the JPMorgan Blue Book, which Neil Keenan provides images of, cannot explicitly name Queen Elizabeth II of England (
Elizabeth Windsor) or US President Bill Clinton. In 1934, Elizabeth Windsor was only eight years old, and the 1936 Edward Windsor / Wallis Simpson abdication crisis had not yet occurred. So, at that stage, Elizabeth Windsor's route to the English throne was far from clear, although her German (Nazi) bloodline was well-established through the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha lineage. And in 1934, Bill Clinton was not born. It must be supposed that both these individuals feature in more recent editions of the JPMorgan Blue Book.

People sometimes ask who Neil Keenan is. Keenan is a 61-year-old American White Hat and patriot working with the Monaco Colloquium group of 150 nations (including the BRICS and the Non Aligned Movement), the Asian Dragon Family, the Swiss Financial Authorities and the estate of President Sukarno of Indonesia. He is assisting them to remove the private Western G5 banking cartel and to change the global financial system from its current, Illuminati-driven, debt-based fiat paper carousel to a more benign, gold-backed currency system which gives fair play to all persons and nations regardless of bloodline.

Neil Francis Keenan was born in Rhode Island, USA, on the 10th September 1951, and is the bearer of Ireland passport No 4066301. An indication of his cabal-perceived importance and effectiveness came at the end of August 2012. An Italian wet team working for the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi tried to assassinate Neil Keenan at his home in Bulgaria. Among other things, a virus bioweapon was deployed. Keenan and his family survived, but they were hospitalised for several days with a lung infection.

The JP Morgan Bank Blue Book also calls itself "The Secret Book of Redemption." The word "redemption" here has several layers of meaning, some of which are occult. But in the trade vernacular of banking and business, redemption means the repayment of a debt, the purchasing back of something which has been previously sold (or lost), the recovery of something pawned or mortgaged, or the payment of an obligation - as in a sovereign government's payment of the value of its bonds. In 1934, a series of bonds was issued by the JP Morgan Bank. In recent decades, the claimed method of redemption of these bonds has been obfuscated. 

The JPMorgan Bank Blue Book is called The Secret Book of Redemption because it details the hidden machinations whereby global debt management can be manipulated to benefit the élite banking bloodlines and disadvantage the goyim (the sheeple).
Picture: #1ab breaking alternative news. Conspiracy obverse.

NSA Video: Vatican, the Nazi continuum, the Knights of Malta, the fall of Rome.
Picture: High Mass. Pope. Addressing the parasite called Rome.

On Monday 3rd September 2012, it was reported from Japan (
here) that Alexander Romanov (aka Slasha Zaric) and his Gnostic Illuminati powergroup are insistent in their view that a rogue, alien, artificial intelligence is running Rome (Italy).

This rogue AI is said to control and direct the P2 masonic lodge, the Mafia, the Vatican, the Vatican Bank, the Jesuits and Opus Dei. Romanov's group says that the only way to destroy the alien AI parasite is to "eliminate the city of Rome and its surrounding hills."

Alexander Romanov does not appear to be a flaky nut job. He and his group are understood to be serious global players involved in the international drugs trade, the smuggling of stolen nuclear warheads and the kind of covert power plays which occupy much of the time and the resources of the world's intelligence organisations.

At the time of writing, Romanov is reported to be held in protective custody by the Japanese police.

The "seven hills of Rome" lie immediately to the East of the River Tiber. They include the Palatine (Imperial Palace complex), the Quirinal (Temple of Mars; Baths of Constantine), the Capitoline (Temple of Jupiter; site of Tiburtine Sibyl prophesy to Augustus), the Esquiline (Temple of Minerva Medica; Baths of Trajan), the Aventine (Aeneid Cacus myth), the Caelian (five major churches), and the Viminal (Viminal Palace - modern - current Italian Ministry of Interior).

One reason why Romanov's Gnostic Illuminati powergroup argues that the only way to eradicate the alien AI control complex on Earth is to "eliminate the city of Rome and its surrounding hills" is probably because they have evidence that beneath these ancient "sacred" hills there are ancient underground bases with ancient, off-planet, but still functioning, control technologies.

It is difficult to quantify the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, although it seems to have long antedated human arrival and evolution. The best figures we have seen suggest that since the 1980s there have been a minimum of twelve million extraterrestrial space vehicles in, or close to, the Earth's atmosphere at any one time. Some of these craft are miles long, with the biggest being a cigar-shaped mothership said to be 4.2 times the mass of Earth. Vehicles of this size, when visiting, are usually stationed outside the asteroid belt to minimise energetic turbulence around the inner planets.

What all this means is that wherever you are on the surface of Planet Earth, when you look up into the sky, there are at least seventy to one hundred active ET UFOs overhead - either cloaked or in closely adjacent, but physically non-visible, dimensions or realities.

Since the late 1990s, all these ET UFOs have been benevolent. Some of the ET craft have been in place, here, since before the Earth itself arrived from the Sirius water planet system ("Spaceship Earth"). Many of the UFOs are themselves alive; they are sentient, self-contained, self-renewing and self-repairing vehicles. Some have huge forests, oceans, mountain ranges and cities inside. Some of the spheroidal craft have these things on the outside as well. If we know about them, we tend to think of them as "planets".

It should be noted that some UFOs sighted on Earth are of human origin and many of these are certainly not benevolent. They are secret, stealth war machines - including the triangular surveillance command-and-control weapons-platforms - managed by the G5 Western cabal's military-industrial complex. An example of this type of plausibly deniable human "UFO" is the Aurora antigravity
USAF TR-3B vehicle. Other pictures here, here and here. More background here, here and here.

The large cigar-shaped ET motherships have sometimes been photographed. For example, one can be seen in this Hubble telescope infrared image here, and this second image here shows some French newspaper reportage of three such craft parked on one of the rings of Saturn. This French report was based on the (suppressed) Hubble data.With regard to the number of active ET bases currently on, or in the Earth, the best estimate is about four hundred thousand (source: downpage here).During the summer after the 911 False Flag attacks on New York City and Washington DC, the pictographic nature of agriglyphs began to change. Agriglyphs are sometimes called crop glyphs or crop circles.

On Thursday 15th August 2002, at Crabwood Farm, Hampshire, UK, the glyph pictured below was manifested overnight. It was too large, too complex and produced too fast to be of human provenance.

Picture: Alien face crop glyph. Crabwood Farm, Hampshire, UK. August 2002.

Other photographs of this agriglyph can be found here and here. And Martin Keitel's artistic reconstruction of the image is here.

An emerging thought following the Romanov group's comments cited above is that this ET-sourced pictograph may have a secondary subtext which refers to Rome and to organised religious deception involving an evil artificial intelligence.

At first sight, the image depicts an alien face holding up a computer disc in its left hand. On the disc, a decipherable 8-bit binary ASCII code says: "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing. Bell sound."

The contemporary analyses of the image are legion, among which the three
here, here and here are, perhaps, worth noticing in particular.

Looking at the agriglyph, many sense a strong negativity implied in the physiognomy of the face. This is not the depiction of a positive influence. We are confronted by a shadowy enemy. The large circle, as well as (obviously) representing a computer disc, is also reminiscent of the priest's theatrical display of the elevated host at the Mass. And the ringing of the Sanctus bell at the elevation is signalled in the ASCII code.

Consider the following run of images in this context:

Picture: Addressing the parasite called Rome. High Mass.

Picture: High Mass. Elevation of the host. Priest.

Picture: High Mass. Elevation of the host. Pope.

Picture: High Mass. Elevation of the host. Priest.

In a regular, public Mass the elevated host is usually displayed in the priest's right hand (dextral). In a private, after hours, Black Mass, in a "Christian" church such as the Basilica of St John Lateran (Rome) or Chiesa del Gesù (Rome), the host is often elevated with the left hand (sinistral). And often the "host" in this latter case is not a wafer, but a fresh body part from the sacrificial victim.

So an expanded, secondary reading of the Crabwood crop glyph might be a warning relating to the left hand path elevation of Church evil posing as theatrical good will: "Beware the priestly bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose the sinistral deceptions of organised religion."

On Tuesday 18th September 2012, the English Language spokesman for The White Dragon Society, writing from Japan, stated: "There is a growing consensus in both Asian and Western intelligence sources that Rome is the location of a rogue ancient artificial intelligence that can only be terminated by deleting Rome. The White Dragon Society is opposed to destroying such a historically valuable city and hopes to prevent such a drastic move." (Source: fifteenth paragraph down page here.)

On Monday 24th September 2012, the same writer in Japan noted (here) that a high level Italian aristocratic source had reported that there were signs of serious strife and change at the Vatican in Rome. Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) was claiming that he was helpless in trying to stop the deadly factional turf wars raging at the top of the Catholic power pyramid between Opus Dei and the Jesuits. The Pope had survived several attempts to poison him and was reduced to sneaking out of the Vatican in disguise in order to find out what was really going on in the end-time Church powerplays.

The same Italian source also claims that the
Jesuits have their own laboratories, satellites and observatories in New Mexico (USA) where they believe they can communicate with "aliens". Several senior Freemason P2 lodge members have also long claimed that they and their bloodline ancestors have been in contact with "aliens" for thousands of years. They have referred to these "aliens" as "angels", "demons" or  "genies" etc. The P2 Freemasons claim that many of these "aliens" originate from a black sun or black hole which generates new life. It is worth noting that the similarities and differences between Higher Evolution entities thought of as extraterrestrials, aliens, angels, muses and demons can be difficult to determine. More here and here. 

 Picture: The Ritalin Conspiracy. No love? No parenting skills?

Right across the world, Ritalin is getting a bad press. It is being described as a medical cosh to subdue lively children; a chemical cane to discipline the unruly. But what are the facts? And why are children as young as six said to be addicted to Ritalin?

Known among children by its slang names, Vitamin R or R-ball, the drug Ritalin is methylphenidate, a central nervous system stimulant widely prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder. ADD is also known as "bored to death with school."

Another related condition is called ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: "bored to death with school and need to go out and play."

Questions are being asked. Does Ritalin help hyperactive and potentially self-injuring children to calm down positively? Or is Ritalin being prescribed to children to give the grown-ups in their lives an easy break?

In making the drug available, are the pharmaceutical firms offering much-needed support to desperate parents sinking under the weight of their care burdens? Or is BigPharma unfairly pressurising parents to abuse their children with Ritalin?

Is the Ritalin phenomenon a philanthropic enterprise writ large? Or are the medics and the major drug companies conspiring against vulnerable children and parents by pushing Ritalin for private and corporate profit?

And what about the effects of this fashionable drug? Does less blood flow to your child's brain if s/he is on Ritalin?

Does your child have a greater chance of dying from a heart stoppage if s/he is on Ritalin?

Does Ritalin make suicide more likely?

Is Ritalin a more powerful drug than cocaine?

What are the facts here? And what are the fantasies? The debate about Ritalin is strangely and strongly polarised. Is this just because children are involved? Or is there a larger hidden agenda within the Ritalin industry itself?

The major players are difficult to identify. The pharmacology of child control seems to be evolving covertly. The Fat Controllers, if they exist, exist invisibly. But involved parents and involved professionals detect the unmistakeable whiff of élite corruption. Who are the angels and who are the demons in this equivocal universe of Ritalin politics?

There is a lot of helpful stuff on the web about Ritalin. Some of the best places are linked from this page

Picture: Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book. Barack Obama's original entry.

The central image above is said to be a photocopy of US President Barack Obama's official entry in the Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book. The full text reads as follows:

"Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago's South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journey in Black and White."

Just visible as an under-image, or watermark, beneath the first three lines, and orientated at right angles, the word "BREITBART" is legible, next to a reversed-out capital letter B
(enlarged detail here). This appears to be a Breitbart logo such as the one pictured here.

Andrew Breitbart was the American researcher, commentator and broadcaster who died suddenly in March 2012, aged 43. He was fit and in good health. In the alternative news community, his death was thought to be highly suspicious. See, for example,
here, here or here.

Breitbart had assembled a lot of advanced new material about Barack Obama's constructed back-histories, not just about his place of birth and parentage, but also some recently discovered Obama college videos which Breitbart was about to release to the web.

The thought was that a wet team working for the Washington DC private corporation must have got to Breitbart and heart-attack-gunned him, in the manner in which they had previously dealt with people such as Kenneth Lay (Enron), Robert Maheu (CMKM Diamonds), David Kelly (British bioweapons inspector in Iraq) and Robin Cook (British Foreign Secretary and opponent of the Iraq War).

If the Obama text in the original Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book, cited above, is authentic, it will be very difficult for the DC corporation to contain. It records a place of birth outside the USA which disqualifies Obama to be US President, and it has parentage and c.v. details which do not fit his manufactured media and electoral scripts.

Also, there must be scores, or hundreds, of these original Year Books still held in private hands. Anyone in and around Harvard University, its administration or printers in the early nineteen nineties may still have a copy, and hundreds of other copies will be lying in the archives and libraries of universities and law institutions across the world which routinely receive copies of this publication.

If the text is authentic, lawyers acting for the Obama syndicate cannot easily argue that the document is a fake, and run the risk of other identical copies surfacing in non-aligned or BRICS channels beyond their jurisdiction and control.

One thing is becoming clear: well before the US Presidential Election in November 2008, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee, senior members of Congress, the Supreme Court of the United States and the Pentagon must all have known that either Barack Obama was plainly ineligible, on grounds of birthplace, to run for President, or that important elements within his official curriculum vitae were self-evidently flaky.

Questions must be put. Did these people - the governing élite of America - choose to look the other way? Were they paid to look the other way? Or were they made to look the other way? If either of the latter two questions is answered in the affirmative, the American electorate is entitled to enquire: Who is actually running the United States of America? Who appointed these invisible overlords to executive office? And who are they working for?

Follow-up commentary: (1) There seems to have been an attempt in the American corporate mainstream media to back-edit the contemporary coverage of Barack Obama's election to the Presidency of the Harvard Law School in 1990. An example from the New York Times can be found here (two pages). This "correction" is now dated the 7th February 1990 (see bottom of page) and was made "because of an editing error" the day before.

(2) The New York Times piece was referenced in an anonymous comment downpage
here on Thursday 30th August 2012. This post read as follows: "Andrew Breitbart wasn't a birther. The booklet is very real. However, Miriam Goderich, the woman who edited the bio, admitted that the 'born in Kenya' line is the result of a fact checking error on her part and that neither Obama, nor anyone associated with him, made any mention of being born in Kenya. An earlier article in the NY Times about Obama's election to the head of the Law Review states that Obama was born in Hawaii:
Was journalist Fox Butterfield 'in on' the birther coverup 20 years ago? I have my doubts, but I guess it's up to each individual to draw their own conclusions."

(3) The Miriam Goderich involvement, cited above, is of interest. Why should Goderich have put "born in Kenya" in Obama's HLR biography if "neither Obama, nor anyone associated with him, made any mention of (his) being born in Kenya"? How could this Kenyan birthplace datum have arisen from a "fact checking error"? Which fact was Miriam Goderich checking when she wrote "born in Kenya"?

Picture: The Syrian Civil War. Aleppo. Friday 24th August 2012.
Picture: The Syrian Civil War. Aleppo. Friday 24th August 2012.
More Syrian Civil War pictures can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Hundreds of UK SAS and SBS covert military personnel are reported to be in Syria, illegally, ostensibly looking for Assad's "weapons of mass destruction". They are being assisted, it is said, by British and American intelligence units and by French special forces.

The cover story is that a prophylactic hunt for bioweapons is under way. Oh, right. AIDS? Ebola? SARS? Bird flu? Morgellons? Cervical cancer "vaccines"?

More here (26.08.12) and here (26.08.12).

Picture: Beam me up. Planetary evacuation. Planetary exodus.
"The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System has concluded that Man has reached that point in his spiritual awakening when a fuller revelation of the closing portion of the Divine Plan for Earth may be revealed to him.

This light is not a new thing. Glimmers have appeared here and there through many at different points in time. Yet broadly speaking, it has not been a known thing either. Or perhaps it has appeared in distorted form. It has not been stressed or particularly emphasized by us until this generation. There are many present, even within the folds of New Age concepts, who will cry that these things must not be spoken of. Yet where will they be when the word is needed to comfort the hearts of millions, when the sky is darkened with spacecraft, come to lift them to safety?

So we must have our nucleus of messengers with the stamina and the courage to dare to get the message to the people of Earth, that this hour will come, and that when it does, there will be help ready in the skies to care for them! We do not involve ourselves with the dogmas of Earth or crystallizations of the doctrines of Men. If our alerting messages or warnings or any portion thereof seems to be at odds with accepted traditional interpretations of things, then let tradition update its information by returning to direct contact with the Celestial Government of this Solar System!

Souls of Divine Illumination will not be overcome with fear because of a foreknowledge of coming events, but will, rather, be filled with a joyous confidence in the Heavenly Father and take refuge in His shadow until these calamities be passed. This, then, is your refuge from the storm, your shadow from the heat. With these revelations we share with you some of the details involved in the Father's Protective Presence and the means with which it will be manifested in the crisis hour for the children of God. It is well to trust in the general principle that, 'come what may, God will take care of me.' It is even more comforting to be apprised of His method and His Plan for doing so. Many have long walked by faith, believing but not seeing. This faith now finds its fruit within this body of practical revelation as it applies to the physical octave.

In the darkest hour that can come for this planet, when its very existence would be destroyed were it not for the intervention of the Father's Hand, the millions who have dared to trust in Him when they had no other evidence other than their own faith, will be rewarded openly by being lifted into His Ark of Safety. As a hen gathereth her chicks under her wings, this Ark provided will be the great armadas of floating cities that orbit the Earth on their Mission of Mercy!

All of the units of Heaven have laboured together on this great Plan, counselled together and served earnestly to bring to consummation the greatest rescue of souls, of all time. The beloved sons and daughters of God will be hidden under our wings until the planet Earth is once more habitable. Then that which has been 'plucked up' shall be 'planted again,' and the Earth shall bring forth beautiful fruit in the Father's Name, within the cleansed and purified vibrations of a new Heaven and a New Earth. Do not despair that others are not telling the story. The world has not been ready to hear. Many, at least, are close to the facts, though they know it not. But once again, through this means, we who guard your World now tell unto Man that which is before him. Let him choose wisely his response to the Plan.

I am
Kuthumi, World Teacher of this Solar System under the auspices of the Great Central Sun Government.” More from Kuthumi here.

“We have many, many ships that are going through your atmosphere at all times; and now and then, here and there, we are helping more people to experience sightings of the ships, and some are being taken for trips. There is more of this type of activity, but it is just incidental. We are looking forward to the time when we can land in great numbers. We cannot land as long as too many Earth beings have fear. The condition of your feeling world is our test to tell whether or not we should bring in the ships in large numbers and land, before the serious cataclysmic activities on Earth may come about.

We can test the feeling world of Humankind, and judge exactly the level of its development. At the present time the percentage of your people who have more fear than we would want to cause, is about six percent. Now the question is, how low must that percent register before we could take a chance on landing in large numbers? We feel that if it goes down below three percent, we can land in quite large numbers. We would experiment with it, if the number got down to that point. However, the percentage has not been lowering very much, so we hope there will be an improvement.

There are more people in certain areas who would allow fear, and in this regard, your United States is a little bit lower than some of the other places because of experience and more publicity about UFOs, but you are still not down to three percent.

We have been preventing your Earth from going into a flip on its axis, which would change the positions of your polar regions by displacing your equator. Such a displacement cataclysm would practically wipe out most of the life on Planet Earth; and if we needed to do this, we would just withdraw the help which we have been giving, to hold your World in its orbit. Should it become necessary to withdraw our help, your planet would go into the flip on its axis, which in turn would soon end wars of any kind, and wash and cleanse the whole of Earth and begin its final purification.

If that happened, it would only be a matter of minutes - an hour at the most -during which we can pick up the persons to be saved. There are almost 13,000,000 (thirteen million) Space Ships close to your Earth now. Most are still in the finer dimension, so you do not see them. However, we can shift into another dimension which would be closer to your Third Dimension - close enough so we could pick up all of you beloved, precious ones in your physical bodies, and save those of you who would be proper to populate the Earth in the New Age, when you will have 'Heaven on Earth.'

Work on your feeling world so that you are always at peace. Do not become disturbed. A disturbed climate would be dangerous if suddenly this activity of Earth's flip on the axis took place. Do not let anything in to disturb you. If someone started an atomic war, or earthquakes, hurricanes or any violence of that nature appeared, your inner disturbance and fear would endanger you. Without fear, you are protected by the Light which you have drawn about you, and the greater Light which you continue to draw.

Sad to relate, as the energies are stepped up and frequencies increased, the evil forces are more active. They are in their last throes, as it were, and some of them are getting desperate. They feel that they may not be able to accomplish their mission in controlling others to promote undesirable deeds. Their desperation has caused them to step up evil happenings, and the evil is receiving more publicity.”

Monka (Protector of Planet Earth and Earth representative on the Great Council of the Ashtar Space Command. An ascended human based in the higher dimensions of Saturn.) 

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