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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Walls have ears

A group of
Young ladies,
Wearing padded
Push-up bras,
Is sitting in
A coffee shop
In Bournemouth
Discussing babies.


On the other side
Of the coffee shop
A group of
Young men,
Wearing posing pouches
And designer codpieces,
Is sitting at
A chromium-topped table
Discussing football.


Olive restaurant in Bromley

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Marriage night
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It will be
The perfect
English wedding.

Gorgeous spring weather,
Large cathedral,
Twelve bridesmaids,
Twelve pages,
Two bishops,
Flowers on every gargoyle,
And full choir.

Elegant reception
In a pink
And green
In the cloister garden.

You will take care
Not to drink too much.

At last,
At the end of the day,
And feeling like
The Leaning Tower
Of Pisa,
You reach
The honeymoon hotel

And then the glorious

Your young wife
Tells you
That she
Has a headache.

It is important
To be positive
And understanding
At this point.

Give her the benefit
Of the doubt,
And acknowledge
That there is at least
A twenty per cent
That she is telling

The truth.


Demanding lover

Marriage in trouble

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stream of consciousness

This is a stream
Of consciousness.

Politics is an elaborate
For croquet:
Painted balls.

I've forgotten to see
Those movies.

I forget everything
These days.

I forgot to get up
And now it's today.

I adopt the lexical orthodoxy
Of Western linear time concepts here.
Excuse me.

I need chocolate.
I need chocolate fast.

Whose consciousness
Is this a stream of?
And how can I be sure?

Oh, look!
There's a squirrel.
That's nice.

What's a squirrel doing
In the deep-freeze?

The kettle's boiling.
I can see it boiling over there.
It's a steam of consciousness.

Water vapour is a more important
Greenhouse gas
Than either carbon dioxide
Or methane.

There are geeks
Who don't know that.
There are geeks
Who have no consciousness
At all.
Some geeks
Are just aural in-your-face
Non-sentient data complexes.

I like geeks.
The richest man in the world
Was a geek once;
A computer-geek
Who wrote source code.
Now he's the biggest do-gooder
Who has ever done gooding
On the planet,
Except for Mother Teresa.

Ah, good. Yes.
There's the chocolate.
I need
chocolate to power up
My stream of consciousness.

I'm glad I saw those movies.
This is

Contemplating an artwork

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Women's issues

Page update: 16.08.09

A woman is a grown-up, female human being. Illustrations of archetypal women can be viewed here, and here, and here.

The kind of things which typical women do are pictured here,
and here, and here.

This is a woman-friendly blog. We have addressed the core issues of what it is to be a woman in the modern world, in several important places. Examples are linked below:


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Very refreshing

In a deserted house,
A shower can be a
Refreshing experience,
If there is no-one in it
And you yourself
Are miles away.

It raises questions.

Why is the shower running?
Why is there no-one in it?
Who is listening
To the steady splash
Of the water?

What is the agenda here?


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Never settle down

Not ready
To settle down?

No, not ready
To settle down.

Life never settles down.

Life is a continual process
Of becoming more;
Stasis is not even
Theoretically possible.

Never settle down.

Keep moving;
Keep moving forwards.
Keep growing;
Keep growing bigger.

Never settle down.

Only in the matrix
Do people settle down.
They settle down to stay small;
They settle down to die.

But there is
No such thing
As death.

Therein lies
The intrinsic lie
Peddled by
The insistent
Of material illusion.

It is dangerous
To get comfy
Down here
In the matrix.

There is more
To life
Than a three-dimensional
Of half-experienced being.

Never settle down.

Interdimensional travels

The libraries do not fool us

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