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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Magnanimous gesture
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Very kindly,
Mr Tissington,
Of Ashbourne,
Signed papers
At his local hospital,
And officially
Committed himself
To an organ donor programme.

In the rubric
Of the document,
Deep down
In the small print,
He donated his head
To science.

It was a magnanimous gesture,
But a stupid head.

Stupid heads
Cannot easily be

But eventually
They found a stupid body
And attached Mr Tissington's
Stupid head to it.

There was genuine hope,
Among the medical team,
That once the transplanted organ
And its recipient body
Had acclimatised,
And come out of life support
And counselling,
They might have a useful role
To play
In the war

Against terror.


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1 comment:

DhiRAj SinGh said...

Lol... looks like Mr Tissington's stupid head has many takers... many more than one can imagine.