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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Never settle down

Not ready
To settle down?

No, not ready
To settle down.

Life never settles down.

Life is a continual process
Of becoming more;
Stasis is not even
Theoretically possible.

Never settle down.

Keep moving;
Keep moving forwards.
Keep growing;
Keep growing bigger.

Never settle down.

Only in the matrix
Do people settle down.
They settle down to stay small;
They settle down to die.

But there is
No such thing
As death.

Therein lies
The intrinsic lie
Peddled by
The insistent
Of material illusion.

It is dangerous
To get comfy
Down here
In the matrix.

There is more
To life
Than a three-dimensional
Of half-experienced being.

Never settle down.

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Anonymous said...

Stasis ?

You read minds too ????

CCCCppppCCppp said...

WHat about entropy?

Philea said...

Like your blog. Like everything you write.