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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stream of consciousness

This is a stream
Of consciousness.

Politics is an elaborate
For croquet:
Painted balls.

I've forgotten to see
Those movies.

I forget everything
These days.

I forgot to get up
And now it's today.

I adopt the lexical orthodoxy
Of Western linear time concepts here.
Excuse me.

I need chocolate.
I need chocolate fast.

Whose consciousness
Is this a stream of?
And how can I be sure?

Oh, look!
There's a squirrel.
That's nice.

What's a squirrel doing
In the deep-freeze?

The kettle's boiling.
I can see it boiling over there.
It's a steam of consciousness.

Water vapour is a more important
Greenhouse gas
Than either carbon dioxide
Or methane.

There are geeks
Who don't know that.
There are geeks
Who have no consciousness
At all.
Some geeks
Are just aural in-your-face
Non-sentient data complexes.

I like geeks.
The richest man in the world
Was a geek once;
A computer-geek
Who wrote source code.
Now he's the biggest do-gooder
Who has ever done gooding
On the planet,
Except for Mother Teresa.

Ah, good. Yes.
There's the chocolate.
I need
chocolate to power up
My stream of consciousness.

I'm glad I saw those movies.
This is

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