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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Private collection

Her private collection
Of early musical instruments
Is now almost complete.

All she needs
Is a Stradivarius crumhorn.

She falls asleep
And has a dream.

In her dream
She sees a Stradivarius crumhorn
Made in Cremona in 1734.

But there is something odd
About the crumhorn.

She looks more closely.
The crumhorn is

She is woken up
By a loud knock on the door.

It is a delivery man.

He hands her a package.
She signs for it
And closes the door.

Inside the package
Is a Stradivarius harmonica.

But there is something odd
About the harmonica.

She looks more closely.
The harmonica is

The telephone-shaped harmonica rings.
She answers.
A voice speaks.
She listens.

The voice says: "The Matrix has you."
"Can I be of any assistance?" she asks.
"We want the source codes
Of the Sion mainframe."

"What's in it for me?" she asks.

"Three green jellybabies
And a Stradivarius crumhorn."

"What shape is the crumhorn?"

"The crumhorn is jellybaby-shaped."

She gives them the source codes
Of the Sion mainframe.
It is clear

That they are telling the truth.

No such thing

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