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Monday, April 25, 2005

Unlike the others

She held
Her newly-born baby
In her arms.

It was quite unlike
Her previous three children.

She knew that something
Was 'wrong'
As soon as it emerged.

There was an embarrassed pause
In the delivery room.

And then the local midwife
Who she and her partner
Knew so well
Became theatrically hearty
And positive
In a way which was
Completely out of character.

But they had been made aware,
In advance,
That this baby
Would be different.

She and her partner
Had had the same
Synchronous dream
While they were
Hundreds of miles apart.

He was on a business trip abroad
And she was at home.

But when they compared notes later
They realised that they had
Each had exactly the same dream
At exactly the same time.

And she had the additional advantage
Of being clairvoyant:
She could see energies
Which were invisible
To most other people.

And when she looked
At her new baby
It was immediately evident
That it had a much brighter
And bigger aura;
A much brighter
And bigger bioenergetic field,
Than her previous three children.

The medics at the hospital
Had a strictly confidential standing committee
To deal with this sort of thing.

Unusual babies
With two sets of genitals,
Were a challenge
To modern,
Materialistic medicine.

Tetragametic chimeras
Are difficult to tolerate
In a hygienic world
Of perceived normality.

Something had to be done.

A trained counsellor
Was sent to talk to them.

"We'll cut off
Its spare bits and pieces,
With nice clean scalpels,
Snippy scissors
And accurate forceps,"
They were told.

"We'll make it look like a girl
And you can bring it up like a girl,
And no one need know."

"No, you will not,"
They said,
"We are not having our child
Butchered like meat
For the Sunday joint,
Mutilated by modern medicine,
Just to satisfy
Your surgical superstitions
About what is anatomically appropriate
In your personal opinion.

They took their child away
From the medics
To a place of safety:

They knew,
From their dreams,
And from their spiritual teachers
On the spiritual planes,
That the human population
Was beginning to evolve
A third sex.

And they knew
That in the next six
Or seven years,
All over the world,
Forty or fifty million
Such babies as theirs
Would be born.

"These are exciting times,"
They thought,
"Exciting times,
Exciting babies.
New children,

New future."


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