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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Creator creatrix creation creature

In post-religious Christian spirituality, emphasis is often given to the bigness of the universe and to the bigness of what Western culture calls God. The working assumption is that there is much more of everything than we can possibly imagine.

There are more particles, more dimensions, more parallel realities, more energy-levels, more energy forms, more soul extensions and more multiple personalities than we can comprehend. We catch glimpses of the existential possibilities in dreams and meditations. We experience intuitions of high strangeness when in elevated states of consciousness. But these data are rarely recollected with clarity in our normal waking hours. God, we sense, is a complicated place in which to live.

One of the core ideas of the New Spirituality is the notion that there is nothing outside God. But what does this mean? For example, can we still maintain a useful distinction between what we call the creator and what we understand to be its creation?

Operating from the viewpoint of human waking consciousness in third dimension physicality here on Earth, there seems to be logic in such a distinction. The creation of a watch offers a metaphor. The watchmaker exists before the watch he makes is brought into being. He is therefore separate from the watch he makes. He is separate from it in time. In framing such a distinction, we draw on the Western concept of linear time. This is a codification of distinctions: "Yesterday is categorically different from today"; "That was then, this is now," etc.

However, we also understand that time is a matrix illusion. It is a device which we physical plane humans use, when awake, to order our perception of reality.

But at the higher spiritual levels it seems likely that time does not exist. This may be why it is possible in elevated states of consciousness, such as sometimes experienced in meditation or in lucid dreams, to recall details of both past and future lives. The viewpoint from that elevated higher dimensional perspective indicates no important difference between the past and the present as understood on the physical plane.

With regard to creators, creatrixes, creations and creatures, it is helpful, perhaps, to consider their overlapping essences as they operate at the higher spiritual levels.

The creator of our local universe - a being often called Love - is, by creator standards elsewhere, young, inexperienced, brilliant and mischievous. Love is a child. Indeed, that which we call God was quite brave to allow Love to get his hands on the Lego bricks of creation at all.

So what? Well, down here in the Mystery School we think of as Planet Earth, we are still trying to puzzle out the whole bangshoot. On a bad day the universe looks like the biggest dog's breakfast since the Schleswig-Holstein Question. Most of the Lego bricks seem to be invisible, immaterial or shapeshifting. Or at least they do when we try to perceive them while trapped in waking consciousness.

Part of what Love does is to continually create an ambit of human experience on Earth involving the illusions of physicality and temporality. It is curious. It wants to know what it is like to have the gift of ignorance and not understand these things fully.

But how does the creator think? The thoughts of the creator are the thoughts of its creations. Its creations are a direct aspect of itself processing waking experience on the physical plane. We are the creator's brains; we are the creator's ability to work things out.

The creator, of course, is self-sufficient, but if it is to have extensions of its being in all dimensions and in all parallel realities, which it does infinitely, it must allow those extensions (us) to be their own creators in every way within the system of experience (the local universe) which it has created. Perhaps this is why the New Spirituality these days often talks about humans as being co-creators.

Human beings are portions of the creator completing its experimental and experiential business within Earth-plane physicality. We are like sensory neurones conducting energy data back to the mothership up there, and like motor neurones sending impulses to oil the wheels which squeak down here.

The purpose of created life is experience, change, growth and evolution. Creator and creation together experience change, growth and evolution, and in doing so they become more.

The watchmaker makes the watch. But without the watch, he would not be a watchmaker. Watch and watchmaker are aspects of each other. Neither exists without the other. But together they are creatively engaged in becoming more.


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