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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cause and causation

One tame poodle to another:
"Who created the universe,
Woof woof?"
"God created the universe,
Woof woof."
"Who created God,
Woof woof?"
"Nobody created God.
God has always existed,
Woof woof woof."

If the universe
Needs a cause,
Why doesn’t God
Need a cause?

And if God
Doesn’t need a cause,
Why should the universe
Need a cause?

If our personal agenda requires it,
We can posit:
"God has always existed."
But another equally valid personal agenda
Might posit:
"The universe has always existed."

And anyway,
If we posit:
"God has always existed,"
There is a consequential question
To address.
"How do you know?
Who was the privileged observer
Who noticed this fact
And told you about it?"

You might answer:
"God was the privileged observer.
He told me about it."
This then raises
A couple of other
Consequential questions:
"How do you know it was God
Speaking to you,
Rather than the wino
Behind you
In the fish shop?"
And: "If God did tell you this,
Why hasn't he said
Exactly the same thing
To all those people
Who are more intelligent than you?
Does God only communicate
With the brain-dead?"

There would appear
To be a problem here.
Can anyone see what it is?

Might the whole thing
Simply be
A matter of opinion;
A matter of personal superstition?


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