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Friday, December 21, 2012

An emerging spirituality for The New Age of Aquarius

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As religion is left behind and more grown-up ways of being human are explored, a new spirituality is emerging on Planet Earth. Transpersonal and transdimensional perspectives are becoming common. Human origins are being questioned. Establishment histories of human culture are being revised. 
The influence of extraterrestrial teachers is becoming apparent. A new alertness to the return of the angels is manifesting. People are having potent and positive experiences with prayer, invocation, meditation, dream management, vocal toning, yoga, energy work and Kundalini. Sexuality is being affirmed. Unusual children are being born. Signs and wonders abound.

Maps of the hidden spiritual anatomy of the human body are being constructed as its light sigils, power-points and portals are identified through study and spiritual practice. People are learning to leave and re-enter their physical bodies at will, and to use their resurrection and ascension bodies for spiritual work during sleep.

New spiritual information is coming to light. Ordinary people are becoming clairsentient. The possibility of substantive communication with animals, plants, water, rocks and celestial bodies is being proved in experience. The recognition that there are animal species on the surface of the planet which are more evolved, spiritually, than most humans is dawning.

Received theories about the geology of the planet are being discarded, as it becomes clear that Spaceship Earth has enormous internal chambers and tunnel systems miles down in its crust, most of which are not aquifer cavities, many of which interconnect, and many of which are illuminated, support plant growth and are inhabited by spiritually advanced populations, including ancient human populations.

Concepts of ecological love and economic sharing are gaining ground. Books are being published, or uncovered, which are better written, better informed, more spiritual and more authoritative than any scripture of any Mediterranean religion yet invented.

A new respect for our spiritual seniors in the East is growing, particularly with regard to Sai Baba, Maitreya, Saint Germain, Sananda and Djwhal Khul. Two of these are known well by other names in traditional Christian and Islamic cultures: Maitreya (Christ the Imam Mahdi) and Sananda (the Prophet Jesus).

Internet spiritual communities are freeing people from the tyranny of spiritual censure and spiritual censorship by establishment religiosities. And they are enabling and encouraging an individuated exploration of previously off-limit metaphysical ideas experienced, but not openly expressed, within the mystical traditions of all faiths and philosophies.

The Alcuin and Flutterby blog offers some provisional and tentative ideas about this New Spirituality via the links below:

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Anonymous vera said...

You omitted mention of the spirituality manifested in the exploration of ""Childhood""
- whether the re-awakening of one's own through Fate, or exposure to Spielberg movies; or a re-ignited appreciation through one's own children; or through the opportunity loss of non-parenting.

Much more pedestrian than the routes you have quoted, but equally meaningful nonetheless.....


8:05 pm  
Blogger carlos said...

The New Age describes the resurgence of interest in traditional Spiritual disciplines seen from the latter part of the 20th century. A reaction against materialism and conventional religion, both of which leave many unfulfilled, The New Age and Spirituality seeks to address fundamental questions of the human condition, such as the very purpose of our existence.

1:11 am  

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