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Saturday, June 01, 2024

Living through the pole shift and the end-time tsunami

The Hosts of Heaven come to town

The good news and the bad news
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Picture: Earth's Pole Reversal.
The esoteric and AltNews outlets on the Anglophone web are full of it now. The final end-time cataclysm is imminent. Apocalypse.

Everything will be finished for this 3D version of human civilisation on Planet Earth by 2035 at the latest. Perhaps sooner. 2025-2027 is possible. But there's nothing to worry about. All will be well.

The bought-and-paid-for scientists embedded in national governments know some of this. So do the major security professionals worldwide. But they don't know it all. They don't see it all. Many of them are still viewing things through the Satanic-control filters of need-to-know establishment secrecy. It's dark out there.

The fear, confusion and chaos-limitation policies emanating from the decomposing Western élites is eloquent. Even their controlled mass media outlets are having weekly toilet accidents with the official propaganda. Nothing to see here.

So thinking big-picture in this fast-moving final end-time season, what is actually happening?

Here are a few ideas:

First, there is the completion of a great cosmic cycle which has lasted for over 13 billion years. Right now, this whole universe of ours is at the turning point from expansion into contraction.

This is a unique moment. The Source (the Absolute) can now intervene directly in the creation.

Maybe don't use the word God here. The word God suggests a Western mythological construct called religion. This was once a one-size-fits-all officially-prescribed construct. Some say that it wasn't constructed to enlighten. It was constructed to obfuscate. Or control. Or both. Or it got to be that way centuries ago because of the interference of a deliberately-infiltrated negative priest-caste. Who knows? Who is allowed to know? Truth can be slippery stuff.

But back to the Higher Evolution. What will the Source do when it does intervene in the creation? One idea is that it will dissolve the quantum primary anomaly and all evil related to it. All darkness will disappear.

That moment of direct intervention is sometimes called the Apocalypse. It is hinted at explicitly in an ancient prophetic text now incorporated in church-edited form in the Bible here (KJV - New Testament - Book of Revelation: Chapter 21).

The apocalyptic moment is also referred to as the Cosmic Reversal. Mainstream human scientists are beginning to understand that this will not happen millions or billions of years from now, but much sooner.

Second, there is the completion of the galactic magnetic pulse cycle which lasts somewhere between 12,000 and 13,000 years. Every 12,000 years or so, the Galactic Central Sun reverses its magnetic polarity. In two such successive cycles it switches its magnetic polarity back to the original one.

The Earth's axis is entrained with these galactic magnetic field reversals. This is the true origin of the 25,772-year precessional cycle, and the 12,000-year Heinrich event cycle.

A galactic magnetic field reversal triggers a Solar mininova event, which in turn triggers an Earth magnetic field reversal. Already, in 2022, the Earth's magnetic field is decreasing fast in preparation for the next reversal. This has happened many times before, but not in our publicly-permitted establishment narratives.

When the strength of the Earth's magnetic field falls below a certain threshold, the elasticity and viscosity of the Earth's mantle abruptly changes to allow crustal displacements and a physical polar shift. The North Pole becomes the South Pole, so to speak. And vice versa.

Such a polar shift triggers a global tsunami wave which washes over the whole planetary surface and purifies it. Many 3D civilisations are completely eradicated; not just human ones. This, too, has happened many times before.

The global tsunami wave is a necessary part of the primary anomaly purification process, and only spiritually-positive individuals strongly connected with inner Light within Islands of Light will be able to survive it on the surface of the planet. There may be rare exceptions to this: an occasional prepper here or there, for example. Preppers have survived this sort of thing before.

The rest of the human population will be evacuated from the surface of the planet and will then be able to start a new cycle afresh, in full alignment with the Light.

Third, there is the completion of the solar magnetic cycle which lasts around 11 years. The next solar magnetic reversal is expected around 2025. The Sun is becoming active much faster than expected. By May 2022, the sunspot number had already exceeded the US NOAA prediction for the peak of the cycle in 2025.

Mainstream human scientists are beginning to realize that there is something unusual going on with the current solar cycle. Soon some of them will be able to connect the dots, triggering an élite information-control panic behind the scenes. A Carrington-type event is quite possible sometime in the next two years. More here (21.03.22).

Unknown, perhaps, to most of those mainstream human scientists, positive ET influencers, working from dimensions above 3D, have now completed the construction of two huge Dyson spheres, one around the Sun and one around the Earth. Those ET influencers include advanced humanoid races such as the Arcturians and the Pleiadians.

The Galactic Confederation fleet they form part of is now ready for the arrival of the anticipated Solar flash.

A word about astrology may be apposite here. Astrology is not a recreational fantasy for crazy people which sells newspapers.

Proper astrology tunes into the higher energetics of astronomical position changes and calculates the likely real-time outcomes. The positive and negative secret societies currently running our human civilisation take astrology very seriously indeed, and always have done. They are long-term planners.

As has been known by adept astrologers for many centuries, big changes are due in our now time. For example, late in the evening of Friday 21st December 2012, the cosmic energetics had changed to such an extent that advanced extraterrestrial protocols had to be changed as well.

In anticipation of this nodal 2012 cosmic moment, big conferences were held high up in the spiritual architecture. One result of the deliberations was that the largest fleet of specialist ET spaceships ever assembled in this universe was deployed in the Oort cloud out beyond our Solar System. The Hosts of Heaven, one might say, had come to town. And yes, the Lord of Hosts is involved. And no, this is nothing to do with the rogue faction's Project Blue Beam PsyOp. In comparison with the real end-time events, Blue Beam was a fake microbe's broken trainset.

Thousands of benevolent ET races from throughout the galaxy are represented in the real Galactic Confederation fleet. Most are still there, ready and waiting for the Earth evacuations. Others have moved closer and are positioned around the Jupiter corridor (a major interdimensional portal), on the Moon, and now, quite recently, in the sublunar space above the Earth's surface.

The biggest local deployment, however, seems to be the vast number of huge motherships needed to establish the two coordinated Dyson sphere energy management systems around the Sun and the Earth. These motherships are said to be arranged and held in a very precise geometrical array at a dimension above 3D.

With the end-time approaching, Earth's magnetic field is already 25% down in its strength. Strong solar flares are expected during the Solar maximum in the next few years. These could collapse the Earth's magnetic field to the degree necessary for the magnetic excursion, leading to a physical polar shift.

All three cycles, cosmic, galactic and solar, converge into the opening of the Ascension portal of 2025.

Ascension has nothing directly to do with religion, although some old human-invented religions talk about it and make truth-claims about it with varying degrees of clarity.

Ascension is a natural universe-wide process of spiritual growth and dimensional change. It applies across the piece whether or not the planets and star systems involved have or don't have what we physical humanoid Earthlings think of as religions, spiritualities or philosophies.

These days, most benevolent Western spiritualities on Earth have little to do with official organised religion. But all these new spiritualities have a profound respect for the Ascended Masters and prophets which the old religions claim to be the source of their founding scriptures and dogmas.

The New Spirituality, generally, simply understands those Ascended Masters and prophets in their cosmic and extraterrestrial contexts and often knows them by their spiritual or galactic names.

Each ensouled human being has a galactic name. Even the chap behind you in the fish shop has a galactic name. But that name isn't anything like Joe Gargery or Estella Havisham.

More background about the pole shift, global tsunami, Earth evacuations, ascension and the ET involvement in all this, plus links to further related information, can be found here (12.02.22), here (26.05.22), here (23.06.22), here (10.07.22) and
here (29.09.22).

But taking all this on board, what will it actually feel like to live through the pole shift and the global tsunami? Billions of humans currently alive within the surface population on Planet Earth may shortly find out.

Helpfully, on Monday 27th June 2022, Anna Von Reitz explained the expected experience. She entitled her article: The Good News and the Bad News. Her full text follows here:

The good news is that you are immortal and always have been. The bad news is that we are all going to die.

If you have been watching and listening and learning from all the information being pumped out about "the Shift" - the collapse of the electromagnetic field and pole reversal - you will eventually pick up on what isn't being said in so many words: physically, we are all going to die, because we can't exist without the EM grid.

The body you will inherit upon arrival in the next time-space is similar to your body now, except that it will be of different materials, lighter and stronger, not carbon based, and it will have many abilities that you don't have now. The new body doesn't constantly degrade like the carbon-based model, so illness and infirmity will pass away.  

Your consciousness will be preserved. Those of us who have lived in love all our lives will be able to perceive our bodies throughout this transition, as our bodies will glow in a way similar to phosphorescence, even in the midst of the swirling darkness. Otherwise, it will feel like you are in an undefined space filled with the blackest imaginable smoke - albeit, smoke without odor.

This is a temporary condition and you might as well just settle in and enjoy the ride. Except for your own dimly phosphorescent shape, and maybe that of whoever happens to be very close to you when all this happens, you won't be able to see anything. So, you might as well relax and sleep through this.

No need for terror. Just be forewarned that this is what happens, when and If a shift in time and space occurs. It won't hurt. You won't be in any danger. It will just seem very odd. As long as you are expecting it and know that it is temporary, it is no big cause for concern.

Upon arrival, you will wake up in a new world. Everything will be weirdly the same, yet different. For example, the grass isn't blade-like, it's more like a tiny fern - and instead of being bright green, it's a pale green.

The oxygen content is high and every breath you take revitalizes you, but don't just jump up and start flailing around, because gravity isn't the same, either. Get too jumpy and you will find yourself 10,000 feet in the air, looking down on your new home.

Those others who have journeyed with you will be waking up, too, and you will soon reconnect with your family and friends and be greeted by Healers who will begin teaching you about the trauma you've endured and the new world you have been given. In this process you will relive - in retrospect - your life on Earth from an entirely new perspective.

When you are done with the healing process and are used to your new body there will be other choices to make. For you, the trials and tribulations of an Earth-bound life are over. You are set free to create your own reality. This is where having a firm fix on your Happy Place comes in handy.

Wherever your heart wants to go, you can now go there.  Whoever you want to be there with you, will be there with you. It is given to you to be able to create your own vision of bliss.  Your own private heaven. That's why I encourage you to think about your Happy Place - that perfect environment where you feel at home and happy.  Imagine it in detail.

Thinking about your Happy Place not only comforts you now and lightens your load, but when the opportunity to create your perfect world comes, you won't be left flat-footed without a thought in your head. You will already have the blueprint for it.

As for "dying" my dears, we have lived and died and lived and died, so long and so often, that it is entirely familiar. It's nothing to fear or regret. Like walking from one room to another, or waking up after a dream, our bodies simply fall away like the dry husks of a butterfly's chrysalis.

My point is that dying is entirely natural, so natural in fact, that you will recognize it as it is happening, and you won't be afraid.

It isn't given to me to know how many will be resettled here, but some will remain for whatever reasons. The planet is not "doomed" but it is due for an overhaul, so there will be plenty of work to do and lots of beautiful things happening as the planet is revitalized and reborn.

I can't help but feel that my role as a Guardian here is nearing an end; I have been faithfully on post for many, many lifetimes, and I am looking forward to new horizons for me and my Soul Family. Like an old soldier going home at last, it's a bittersweet feeling. I will miss the constant challenges of Earth, the eternal answering of questions, and the small, homely comforts that sustain us all.

Have faith that there is a reason for your existence. Have faith that life is not a waste, but is instead, a most glorious gift. Keep faith with your dreams. They are the blueprints for the worlds you will build. And know that just as a caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly, there is a most surprising - and wonderful - destiny for you.

And in the end, there will be nothing to regret.

The text sources of Anna Von Reitz's article are here (27.06.22) and here (27.06.22).

Picture: #SolarFlare. Is the big one imminent?

Statistical Properties of Superflares on Solar-type Stars: Results Using All of the Kepler Primary Mission Data

On Monday 11th January 2021, an influential scientific paper with the above title was published in the The Astrophysical Journal (Volume 906; Number 2) of the American Astronomical Society.

It was written by Soshi Okamoto and his Japanese team associated with the Department of Astronomy at Kyoto University, and the USA National Solar Observatory at Boulder, Colorado.

Okamoto's team reported the latest statistical analyses of superflares on solar-type (G-type main-sequence; effective temperature is 5100–6000 K) stars using all of the Kepler primary mission data and Gaia Data Release 2 catalog.

They updated the flare detection method from their previous studies by using a high-pass filter to remove rotational variations caused by starspots.

They also examined the sample biases on the frequency of superflares, taking into account gyrochronology and flare detection completeness.

Their analysis of Sun-like stars suggested that the Sun can cause superflares with energies of ∼7 × 1033 erg (∼X700-class flares) and ∼1 × 1034 erg (∼X1000-class flares) once every ∼3000 and ∼6000 yr, respectively.

● Flares are explosions in the stellar atmosphere with an intense release of magnetic energy stored around starspots.

● Since solar flares sometimes lead to magnetic storms on the Earth, serious damage may be caused in our modern lives if a superflare occurs on the Sun.

● Electrical currents induced by geomagnetic storms can cause significant damage to ground electrical transmission equipment, leading to a widespread blackout.

● On 13th March 1989 in Quebec, Canada, about 6 million people suffered an electrical power blackout caused by a terrible geomagnetic storm .

● One of the largest solar flares, named the Carrington flare (Carrington 1859), caused one of the most extreme space weather events in the last 200 yr, leading to a failure of telegraph systems in Europe and North America.

● The possibility of much more extreme solar storms in a history of solar activity over ∼1000 yr has been recently discussed from cosmogenic isotope measurements and low-latitude auroral drawings.

● Stars having spectroscopic properties similar to the Sun can generate superflares.

● Superflares with up to 5 × 1034 erg can occur on slowly rotating Sun-like stars (Teff = 5600–6000 K, Prot ∼ 25 days, and age ∼ 4.6 Gyr) once every few thousand years.

● Okamoto's team found 2341 superflares on 265 solar-type stars and 26 superflares on 15 Sun-like stars (Teff = 5600–6000 K and Prot = 20–40 days; Table 1). These results strongly support the possibility of superflares on the Sun.

● The solar-type superflare stars found in the study have no confirmed exoplanets. This indicates that a hot Jupiter is not a necessary condition for superflares on solar-type stars.

The full text of the Okamoto et al paper cited above can be found here (11.01.21).

A number of matters introduced higher up this page will appear to some as esoteric, problematic or challenging. They do not seem to accord with mainstream mass media narratives about reality, and do not issue from official government-sponsored public education programmes.

It is worth asking why this might be. It is also worth asking who decides what is true information and who decides who should be allowed to view that truth.

Why, for example, are Western governments largely silent on these matters of ET-related planetary population survival while science fiction, AltNews, films and esoteric spirituality have dealt with them openly for years?

On Thursday 29th September 2022, some more pertinent information came through from the same Pleiadian source that we have cited several times above. His codename is Cobra and he is a Pleiadian starseed of the Semjase Soul Family Mandala. The codename Cobra derives from Compression breakthrough. The term Compression breakthrough is introduced here.

This individual is the spokesman for the benevolent ET confederation which is active at this time in removing all remaining negative energy ('evil') from the Earth. In September 2022 he gave another interview. A translation of that interview into English follows:

Q: There was a very exciting update today (Thursday 15th September 2022 here) on The Portal regarding the implant and biochip removal. It appears to be the first major intervention by [the] Light Forces to the surface of the planet. How did it become possible at this moment?

C: The Light Forces were carrying out various operations in the last few years and coming closer and closer to the surface, and now they have managed to become so close that they are able, with their technology, to start clearing the implants.

Q: So does the technology mean Mjolnir technology?

C: Yes.

Q: Okay, great. So how does the implant and biochip removal process work practically? Will it be an all-at-once removal from all of the persons using the quantum cannon technologies on the surface, or rather an individualized process, depending on the contamination levels of each person?

C: It'll be a planetary process and it is already a planetary process. So quantum cannon technologies are bombarding the surface of the planet. They are bombarding actually with their energy fields, the implants, and biochips in every member of the surface population. And what they're doing is they're starting to remove the black holes in the implants. That is a very tricky and challenging process, but it is already taking place and it'll be the same for everybody. The whole implant and biochip network has to be removed.

Q: Okay. So even though it may be for everybody at the same time, will the length of the removal and the deprogramming vary depending on the individual person involved?

C: Not very much; I mean individual reactions to the removal will be different, but the process is ongoing at the same time for everybody.

Q: I see. That's interesting. Okay. The Light Forces expect there will be a massive spiritual awakening of the surface population once all the biochips and implants are removed. How will this wave of awakening benefit Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in terms of our daily life and our Ascension process?

C: Yes. When we come to the closure of this process, when the implants and biochips are mostly gone, individual lives of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors will become better, lighter, less stressful, less negativity, less darkness, less attacks, and life will again, after so much time, become a little bit more enjoyable.

Q: Okay. So that means that their Ascension process may be easier?

C: Yes.

Q: Okay. Interesting. Have the level of primary anomaly and subquantum anomaly reduced in the area below the Low Earth Orbit?

C: To a degree, yes, but the main reduction is expected at the same time as this operation of clearing the implants proceeds.

Q: I see. Okay. And what is the relationship between the Veil, and today you also mentioned the Kerr metric space time distortion anomaly around the surface of the planet?

C: This space time distortion anomaly actually changes the structure of space time around the Earth and that distorted space time makes it easier for the technologies of the dark forces to operate and to maintain the Veil. Without that anomaly, the dark forces would not be able to use their technologies and the Veil would be removed.

Q: Oh, I see. So that means the Veil is the aim and the Kerr metrics space time distortion is a kind of supporting tool.

C: Yes. In a way. Yes.

Q: Okay, great. So in the latest update you mentioned an ancient dark entity called the Lurker. Is it very dangerous? What is the relationship of "the Lurker" with the Archons and the Chimera?

C: It is not very dangerous at this point, because much of this has been dissolved already. This is a very different type of entity. It's actually a quantum, subquantum entity. It's a different type of consciousness than any other entity you are probably aware of. I would say the most close, the closest example to it would be the Yaldabaoth entity, which has been removed already. The Archons and the Chimera, they actually - some of them - worship the Lurker and they see it as a source of their evil.

Q: Oh, I see. So does that means that the Lurker is superior to Archons and Chimera?

C: In a way. Yes, because this entity has been alive for the whole cosmic cycle and actually originates from the previous cosmic cycle. So .... But it's a completely different type of consciousness. It is a completely different thing. You know, it's not something that most people would be able to understand.

Q: I see. Okay. Thank you. As the Lurker has survived the previous cosmic cycle and continues to exist until this day, does its existence means that the dark forces have already existed since the previous cosmic cycle, while the Archangels who fell into Primary Anomaly 8 million years ago, are the new dark entities in the cosmic cycle?

C: No, darkness did not exist before 8 million years ago. The Lurker existed as a pure potentiality. It was not a manifested consciousness of darkness. That only started 8 million years ago.

Q: Oh, I see. Okay. Understand. So it existed before 8 million years ago as just as a potential. I see. Do the Pleiadians know why most key people in the positive militaries are against the liberation Plan?

C: The main reason is because of the implants and all the programming and the selfishness.

Q: I see. So that means that after the operation removing the implants, do you think that those people in the positive militaries' attitudes may change?

C: Some of them might change, but at this point it is impossible to predict how surface population will react to this.

Q: I see. Okay. Understand. Thank you. If those key people do not agree with the liberation Plan, how will the Light Forces proceed with the mass arrests? Will they carry on with the arrest operations by themselves, or wait until the positive militaries remove every potentially compromised member within their ranks?

C: This is confidential information at this point.

Q: Okay. Understood. Thank you. Do the Light Forces think Ukraine can become another Afghanistan and drag Russia's economy and politics into chaos?

C: Potentially yes. If this conflict escalates in the new world war, which is unlikely, but still possible. It'll not be the same situation as is in Afghanistan, but there is certain potential there that things can get a little bit more complicated.

Q: I see. Okay. Thank you. The next question regarding Queen's death. The Queen (Elizabeth II) passed away on September 8th. In terms of the liberation Plan, what is the view of the Light Forces on her who has the longest reign in modern history?

C: It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

Q: I see. Okay. And because most of the general population thinks that the Queen is simply a symbol of stability to the Commonwealth of Nations. However, some alternative media claim that she was also the head of the Committee of 300. Therefore, some people think that she was controlling world politics and economy behind the scenes. So, maybe, this may again be confidential, and you may not tell, but did the Queen really have the power to influence the geopolitics around the world?

C: She had a certain amount of power, but she was not the key player in making decisions.

Q: I see. Okay. Thank you very much. When the Queen's death was announced, a double rainbow appeared right above the Buckingham Palace. Did this double rainbow have an esoteric meaning in this circumstance?

C: Actually that is an opportunity for the surface population to make better choices, but most likely this opportunity will not be used in the right way, because the level of consciousness is not high.

Q: I see. Okay. Thank you. Have the Light Forces made any arrangement for Shinzo Abe and the Queen regarding their souls?

C: Yes.

Q: They did. Okay, great. (Yeah). So Earth's magnetic north pole has reportedly been shifting already. So does that mean that the pole shift has gradually started?

C: The magnetic polar shift has gently started already in the 19th century and it is currently accelerating.

Q: So maybe this relates to the next question. Would geographic changes such as the sea level getting higher occur even before the final big tsunami?

C: What is expected before the final polar shift is increased volcanic activity and earthquakes.

Q: Yeah, but what about before that?

C: That is expected before the polar shift.

Q: Oh, I see. Okay. So that means the... Okay. That's very interesting. In the Planetary Situation Update on June 23rd, it is stated as follows: "The Light Forces have managed to infiltrate the Chimera chain of command undetected and are now corroding the Chimera structure from within. Most of the negative scenarios for the planet have collapsed, but there [is] still one quite improbable, but very dangerous scenario that has yet to be resolved." So based on today's update, can we say that one dangerous scenario has been resolved?

C: Not yet.

Q: Oh, I see. Okay. You mentioned in Divine Intervention Activation Report that "After the critical mass of signatures was reached, the Pleiadians have communicated that the legal basis for their intervention on the surface of the planet is now established." Does this mean that the Pleiadians can now legally intervene in the surface situation, but this does not extend to other civilizations in the Galactic Confederation?

C: That is not correct. All civilizations in the Galactic Confederation now have a legal basis to intervene.

Q: Oh, yes. Okay. Did the Galactic Confederation in general support the idea that the Pleiadians sought their legal basis from the surface population through meditation and petition campaign?

C: Yes, of course.

Q: Oh yeah. Okay. Have they recognized the signatures which exceeded the critical mass as the signal from the surface population, or just from starseeds?

C: Actually both. It's because starseeds are also part of the surface population. So it is a valid .... The signatures were valid and they are seen as a collective choice of the surface population.

Q: Okay, good. As our petition was mostly signed by starseeds, some might think it did not actually reflect the overall free will of the surface population. Was it possible for the Galactic Confederation to ignore the result of our petition even if the dark forces did not interfere with our petition campaign using hacking and other negative technologies?

C: This petition is legally binding for the Galactic Confederation. So the Galactic Confederation must intervene as soon as it is safe. And the first people who will be contacted will be starseeds. So those who voted for this intervention are the first who are going to get it.

Q: Okay, good. Intervention in the surface world is a very serious matter. Had the members of the Galactic Confederation ever considered that they should try to inform all the surface population and then give every man a chance to vote?

C: That can actually happen after a certain point after the Event, when there will be enough understanding of what the Galactic Confederation is. There might be a planetary vote of the future involvement of the surface population with the Galactic Confederation. That is actually planned to happen at a certain point.

Q: Okay. In the August 15th update, you mentioned that "The surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed." What does that mean?

C: It means that the Lightworkers were not willing or not able to hold the Light anymore. And the critical mass of Light that is necessary for the surface had not been maintained anymore. So the Light Forces have managed to create an alternative solution for this problem.

Q: Okay. Was its collapse due to the severe attack by the dark forces on the Lightworkers causing lower vibration among them?

C: There were two factors involved. The first factor were those attacks, which have severely damaged the ability of the Lightworkers to hold the Light. And the other one was the wrong, selfish, and stupid decisions of the Lightworkers, which were behaving not in alignment with the higher purpose.

Q: Okay. Yes. Recently a man won the first prize in an art competition with his AI-assisted painting. Some artists are worried that AI might someday take away their jobs. Do positive ET races use AI to assist their art creation?

C: Actually AI is not able to generate the highest level of art. AI can generate a generally pleasing and aesthetic form of art, but not the masterpieces. This is not possible. (Oh yes) Only a being with a contact with the soul can manifest masterpieces. (Yes) So some average or relatively good artists might lose their jobs, but the best artists will never lose their jobs

Q: Okay. If so, how do they strike a balance between the convenience brought by AI and their originality?

C: Simply by using the higher guidance that all of the positive races have.

Q: Oh, yes, that's good. Can you reveal any further information on the "Alexandrian women", the women who moved from Vipava valley to Alexandria at the turn of the 20th century?

C: Okay. They were just looking for an opportunity for a job and they were moving to Alexandria to basically babysit in the higher upper level of Egyptian society. And that was an interesting interaction because it brought a certain combination of Goddess energy, which was not previously present.

Q: Okay. Okay. Is it now safe for you to reveal the classified aspect of the SpaceX CRS-24 mission?

C: Yes. Certain Cintamani stones were sent in orbit and then safely landed later, about one month later.

Q: Wow, good. The following are [questions about the] amazing Ascension plan. First one. How can we explain individual and planetary Ascension with modern science?

C: Science, at the present state of development, does not even understand the existence of the etheric plane. So it is not possible to describe Ascension with the science at the current public state of development.

Q: Yes, that's right. What is the relationship between chakras, Merkaba, and Ascension?

C: Chakras are energy vortexes in the human energy fields that are transmitting various frequencies of Light. Merkaba is the Light body, which is a vehicle that we use to achieve our Ascension, and the Ascension process is a process which happens when we are able to remove all anomaly and all blockages from our energy field. And then when we reach a super conductivity of the Light body, we ascend.

Q: Also that means for Ascension, we need [the] perfect chakra [and] Merkaba condition. Yeah?

C: Yes.

Q: Okay, good. Next, it is said that the Light Forces have a device known as the Ascension Chamber, which can boost the human ascension process. Can you describe its appearance and the principle?

C: Okay. There are two aspects of this device. The first one is the purification and healing chamber, which removes and heals the obstacles. And then there is the proper Ascension chamber, which activates the Kundalini energy and something called the electric fire. So it means that a very strong, highly charged energy flows through the energy body - no through the Light body, through the Merkaba body and it activates it. So that is a highly advanced technology, which is used by Ascended Beings throughout the galaxy.

Q: Wow, that's amazing. If I am qualified for the First Wave of Ascension, can I reach the state of Ascension if I use the Ascension Chamber right after the First Contact?

C: Okay. Some rare individuals might achieve their Ascension even before the First Wave using that Ascension Chamber, but most people that will go in the First Wave will do this as a group, as a planetary group process at the same time when the time is right.

Q: Okay, good. Next, as the Light Forces have highly advanced spiritual technology, will most of the surface populations still have to undergo years of training to reach Ascension?

C: Most of the surface population needs lifetimes, hundreds, and thousands of years to reach Ascension on other planets. They are not ready.

Q: Okay.

C: Regardless of the level of technology, human consciousness is human consciousness and that needs to be transformed from within. Technology can help, but real work needs to be done by people going through the Ascension process. So the percentage of the surface population that will undergo the true Ascension process will be very little, very low.

Q: Okay. Next, it is said that sexual climax is the moment that a human gets the closest to God. Is it appropriate to describe Ascension as an eternal non-stop orgasm?

C: Actually, the state of consciousness after Ascension can be described as an eternal non-stop orgasm.

Q: Oh yeah. Okay. Before we reach Ascension, do we have to experience physical death and resurrection as Jesus did?

C: No.

Q: Okay. Next, if we consider the current conscious level of the surface population, is there a minimum age limit for join[ing] the collective Ascension?

C: No.

Q: Wow, good. Okay. Women in their mid-term and full-time pregnancies have two or even more souls in their bodies. Can all of these souls join the collective Ascension?

C: Okay. This is possible. It's a bit complicated, but it is possible.

Q: Wow. <laugh> Good news.

C: There will be very few cases like this.

Q: Wow. Okay. Would it be better for them to wait until they recover from their delivery?

C: Basically, when the Ascension wave hits, it hits, and those who are ready will go, those, those who are not ready will not go.

Q: Okay. Yeah. Okay. Will humans gain superpowers like teleportation and manifestation out of thin air, or element manipulation, as soon as we reach Ascension?

C: When humans reach Ascension, they will be given the key, the tool, how to use those powers, and then they will be trained how to use them. And that training process will take some time, but from the start, they will have this basic ability that will be then perfected as time goes by.

Q: Okay. If a person's physical body can only connect with one single I AM Presence, how should we analyze Multiple Personality Disorder according to the concept of Soul?

C: It is very simple. There is one soul, one I AM Presence, but whenever a trauma happens, part of the personality structure splits away from the core personality. And that process can take place many times, but there is one I AM presence, one incarnated soul that has all those different personalities and the healing process is actually a process of integrating those personalities with a core personality, which is the original personality directly connected with the incarnated soul.

Q: Oh, very good. Okay. If someone implants a personality that is spiritually advanced into himself through deep hypnosis or fecal microbiota transplant, is it possible for him to train himself to become a sage or even very close to Ascension before the Event? If not, please explain why.

C: Yes. All that can be cleared

Q: Really. Okay. That's good. You mentioned in the Ascension Plan Update that about 2000 people will be ready to ascend in the first wave of Ascension. Will those people ascend separately in different times and places? Or they will be assembled at a designated place on a specific date?

C: There will be an Ascension wave, which is similar to a galactic pulse, and everybody will be taken from their own location, teleported to the motherships, and on those motherships, they will undergo the Ascension process itself in the Ascension Chambers.

Q: Ah, I got it. Thank you. Will those people then be able to ascend beyond the fifth dimension if they have a compatible consciousness level?

C: This will still take some time, but yes.

Q: Oh, very good. Will humanity still be able to evolve after the Ascension?

C: Yes, of course.

Q: Okay. As the Light Forces have already built two Dyson spheres separately around the Sun and the Earth, can they adjust the Evacuation schedule according to the post-Event developments?

C: Basically, it'll be a combination of cosmic cycles, Galactic Sun activity, and how the overall plan proceeds. So, the decision to make the Evacuation will be based on the conditions about the polar shift and everything will be aligned just perfectly. When the time is right, everything will happen.

Q: Oh, okay. During the Evacuation, would the surface population have to go on the motherships empty-handed? Can they bring .... Can we bring a few things when we leave the Earth?

C: At this stage of the plan, it has been decided that they will need to leave everything behind. (Okay) But this is still an open question. This will still be discussed in the future.

Q: Okay. Very good. Why would the Light Forces insist on relocating the surface population to the Pleiades? Can't we simply just move to the Agarthan underground kingdom, the Moon, Mars, or other planets in our solar system after the Evacuation?

C: It's simply that surface population has been so adjusted to the life on the surface. They need a planet with a habitable surface and Earth is the only planet in the solar system with a habitable surface. And since it'll be upgraded to the next step of the evolution, human beings will no longer be suitable to be here. So, they have to be relocated to a similar planet in the Pleiades.

Q: Ah, okay. So, after the Evacuation, can the surface population make confederation motherships their new homes, or can they travel to others star systems instead of going through Ascension?

C: It depends on their level of evolvement. Most of human beings will be evacuated to the Pleiadian system, to that planet. Some of the starseeds, star people, will go to the other star systems and some of them will go through the Ascension process. It'll be individual decisions based on people's level of vibrational frequency and their own preferences.

Q: Oh, very good. Many people have never gone abroad or even left their hometown before their Ascension. Will we able to recreate a similar environment as the current surface of the planet on another super-Earth? So that humanity can explore various human cultures and scenery?

C: Yes. Actually, that will happen on the new planet in the Pleiadian system. People will be able to build their environment, but then there will be much creativity. So those environments will change and evolve.

Q: Ah, very good. If someone, some people, want to reach Ascension after the Evacuation, do they need to come back to the Earth for the Second wave or the Third Wave of collective Ascension? And can they reach Ascension at the Pleiades or elsewhere?

C: They will most likely need to stay in this galaxy because it's a Galactic super wave. And part of that super wave is the Ascension wave. But anywhere in this galaxy, it's fine; they can be anywhere in this galaxy and they will go through that process.

Q: Ah, very good. If a person does not reach Ascension even after the Third Wave of collective Ascension, will he or she still have the chance to ascend? If so, how long does he or she have to wait?

C: Yes, of course. Everybody .... The Ascension path will be opened for everybody and people will be able to travel as fast as they are able or want to.

Q: Ah, very good. As most of the surface population have to evacuate from the Earth ultimately, is it really necessary for the underground base in Northern Taiwan to be able to accommodate a billion people?
C: Yes. It is a precaution for certain scenarios, which are very unlikely, but still possible. It is to ensure safety of the surface population.

Q: Very good. You mentioned that half a billion people will have to be sent to the Galactic Central Sun for reconstruction. This method might be similar to a massive ethnic cleansing. Why would the Light Forces propose such a radical option?

C: It is simply a decree from on high that evil needs to end; darkness has to end, and people who choose darkness or evil have to be gone. (Ah) There is no room for that anymore. It was enough.

Q: Okay. Since the Ascended Masters and Goddesses are the embodiment of Cosmic Love, is it possible for them to inspire and enlighten those 500 million people with Love?

C: They of course will try, but it is not expected [that] they will be very successful. They might be successful in some cases, but in most cases it's very unlikely.

Q: Okay. According to the Bible, Matthew chapter 13: 40 "As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in fire; so shall be in the end of the world." Did Jesus predict more than 2000 years ago that some people cannot reach Ascension but will be burnt by the Galactic Central Sun for another evolution cycle?

C: Yes, exactly.

Q: Really. Wow. Okay. Many people felt worried after reading [the] Ascension Plan Update because they thought they might belong to that "to-be-restructured" group. The Light Forces should understand that a half billion people are quite considerable even on a global scale. A lot of people may not [be] aware they might have potential psychopath or sociopath personalities. Can you give us some examples of personnel or crimes that will never be tolerated by the Light Forces?

C: Actually, most people who are reading my blog are going to be fine. They are not evil. They are not psychopaths or sociopaths. And people who are psychopaths will never worry about this and they know that they're evil. So everybody will be given a free choice to accept Light or not, and those who wish to accept Light will of course not be taken to the Central Sun, but people who intentionally do evil and don't want to change, they will be gone.

Q: Oh, okay. Very good. Have Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler and other notorious tyrants been sent to Galactic Central Sun for restructuring?

C: Many of them. Yes.

Q: Oh, very good. Even if the Light Forces can escort the souls of key Cabal members to the Galactic Central Sun, the dark forces might insert memory copies of those dead members into human clones, and then allow those clones to act behind the scenes. If that's the case, how can the Light Forces make sure that restructuring those souls would benefit the planetary liberation progress?

C: The dark forces cannot make copies of those beings. They can just create a fake person clone that looks like that particular being, but it's not the same. So, restructuring those souls removes them forever from this universe, it's gone.

Q: Oh, very good. So, okay. Aion and Iona are a couple of Cosmic twin souls. What is their role in terms of the galactic magnetic excursion?

C: They will be channeling very intense very high frequency energies during the Galactic pulse and they will be blessing the whole galaxy with their presence, which will be quite beautiful.

Q: Ah, very good. And after the Evacuation, there will be a huge tsunami engulfing most of the surface of the Earth. How can such a disaster somehow purge the Earth?

C: It'll basically purge the surface of the planet from the pollution and distortions that humanity have created, and it'll give nature an opportunity to recover and revive.

Q: But we know that a huge tsunami can bring all kinds of debris and pollutants back to the ocean. This sounds like an ocean catastrophe. How would the Light Forces solve this problem?

C: The Light Forces have technologies to remove most of those pollutants before they can do any damage, and at that point that will be done.

Q: I see. That's good to hear. Thank you. And the pulse wave emanated from the Galactic Central Sun is also known as the Galactic Wave of Love. Is it not contradictory to name something that can trigger a doomsday cataclysm as Love?

C: It is not, because it'll not be a doomsday cataclysm. It'll be a rebirth, restructuring, repositioning. It is something completely different.

Q: Agree. Thank you. In the past, you mentioned that the fourth or the Arhat initiation means the dissolution of the vertical implant. Does this concept suggest that all the positive ET races living in the free universe are Arhat-level Ascended Beings?

C: No, they are not. But the vertical implant is the main obstacle towards the Arhat initiation. And .... But it does mean that all those positive ET races that don't have that implant can, if they choose, reach Arhat-level consciousness very easily.

Q: I see, understood. And what's the difference between passing the Arhat initiation and becoming a Buddha?

C: Arhat initiation actually gives you access to Buddhic consciousness, but becoming a fully developed Buddha with a full potential is a much higher state of evolution.

Q: I see. And will the surface population who participate in collective Ascension become Buddha directly? If not, how large is the gap between a newly ascended human and the Buddha?

C: As I said, the gap is quite big and it'll take some time for people who ascend to reach that level.

Q: Okay. Understood. And how do Ascended Masters explain Nirvana in a way that most modern people can understand?

C: It is a state of consciousness which encompasses everything. It is a state of consciousness of One. It is pure enjoy which transcends space and time

Q: I see. Thank you. And what would be the future of the Moon, the Sun and our solar system after the Earth completes its Ascension?

C: The whole solar system will be refreshed in a way because the solar pulse/solar flash will trigger certain effects throughout the solar system. But generally speaking, most planets will still look the same. Some of them might experience their own polar shifts, but the solar system will look pretty much the same as it does now with some minor changes.

Q: Okay. Thank you. The world population will certainly exceed 8 billion this year. If only about 2000 people out of 8 billion will be qualified to participate in the First Wave of Ascension, then continue to live on Planet Earth, some people may think that those people are a group of trojan horses sent by the ET races who intend to occupy the Earth. Can you elaborate on what requirements a person must meet to be included in the "First Wave List"?

C: What kind of ideas people have? I would say that people who will be in the "First Wave List" are people with highly developed consciousness, a lot of innocence and connection with the Light.

Q: Okay. And most of the surface population will move to a planet in the Pleiades after the Evacuation. Can you reveal the name of our future home planet, and describe its environment, climate and life standard, if possible?

C: This planet looks pretty much the same as Earth does now without the pollution, without the stress, without wars. The humans which will be living there will be guided by higher developed beings and they will receive guidance, but they will be able to take care of their own development in a harmonious way.

Q: I see, it is so amazing. I'm looking forward to it. <Laugh> And once humanity undergoes three waves of collective Ascension, there should be no more darkness in this universe. Do you know what will be the next Divine Plan for this universe?

C: The next Divine Plan is to unite everything into One. It'll be going deeper into One, deeper into happiness, deeper into joy. It Is a very beautiful plan.

Q: I see. That's good.

C: Yes. So, at this point, we will have to finish this interview and we can do the second part at the later time with the second part of the questions.

Q: That's fine. Thank very much for your time today, Cobra. And would you mind speaking to the audience some final words before we end the interview?

C: Yes. I would like to congratulate everybody who was able to hold the Light in those challenging times. And it was, I would say, this is the most unusual time in the whole of human history and the craziest time, but we are going to make it. Victory of the Light!

The source transcript for this interview can be found here (29.09.22). And an audio recording of the interview is here.

In addition to this, translations are available in other languages, for example: Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian and Spanish.
Picture: #EarthChanges.
Picture: Deep water overhead.
Picture: High tide?
Picture: The Hosts of Heaven come to town.
Picture: Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Commander Ashtar, Mother Mary.
● It is not important to anyone's spiritual growth to know the future.

● No matter how it plays out, you will all be taken care of.

● When the solar flash/ascension that you have heard about arrives, you will be gently guided on a new path. Your soul and higher self have absolute choice over what you want to do. This is not something that is done to you; it is something that you freely choose to do yourself.

● Gaia (Mother Earth) is an archangel; a very evolved being full of love. She stepped into this role of becoming a planet and taking it from darkness to light.

● Many of you on the planet now have been here since right after Gaia's creation, billions of years ago.

● The human collective consciousness of Gaia is controlling what is happening. We do not interfere. Mother and Father do not interfere either.

● In your group meditations, state your intent, visualise what you want and so it is! Focus on what you want, step into your power and stay in your power.

● A nuclear war is not going to happen; it is not allowed to happen.

● You are not at the whim of some god-like being or out-of-control aliens.

● Things happen quickly. Remember: a switch can be flipped very quickly.

Source and esoteric background here.


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Science fiction is very popular - but some of us prefer serious literature. It pays to bear in mind that the Masters of Wisdom who are overseeing this planet - KNOW what They are doing, and that despite all the challenges/crises faced by humanity All will be well! - There is no reason to be afraid... there will be no evacuations of the Earth or anythign like that! These days are only marking the "end of the world - as we've come to know it"... The future - believe it or not for everyone is so bright - that new words will have to be invented to describe it.


"Profoundly interesting is this world - tragedy of conflict to those who see in it a necessary preparation, a clearing of the ground, for the coming of the World-Teacher and for the new civilisation... The terrible lesson now being taught, the widespread suffering, the devastation by sword and fire, the poverty caused by the dislocation of trade, the tension, the bankruptcies... But through this Armageddon the world will pass into a realm of peace, of brotherhood, of cooperation, and will forget the darkness and the terrors of the night in the joy that cometh in the morning...
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"I am the Stranger at the Gate. I am the One Who knocks. I am the One Who will not go away. I am your Friend. I am your Hope. I am your Shield. I am your Love. I am All in All..."
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