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Sunday, June 09, 2024

In Knights of Malta Land

Is spiritual fascism in retreat?
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Picture: Historical reforms under way at the Knights of Malta in Rome.
Picture: Knights Of Malta. Matthew Festing. Albrecht von Boeselager. Pope Francis.

On Tuesday 6th December 2016, Albrecht von Boeselager (Germany) was sacked from his position as Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta. This was in direct defiance of the clearly-stated wishes of the Pope and the Vatican.

The Knights of Malta are Roman Catholicism's oldest military and chivalric Order, dating from the eleventh century CE. The full name they give themselves is The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta.

Boeselager's dismissal was the result of a conspiracy between the Grand Master of the Order, Matthew Festing (England), and Cardinal Raymond Burke (USA). Burke is thought to have been the prime mover in the plot.

The row was presented as having something to do with the distribution of condoms in Africa and Myanmar. It was nothing of the sort. It was an engineered end-time row about conservative spiritual fascism (Festing and Burke) versus liberal and compassionate pastoral policy (the Pope) within Roman Churchianity.

Festing and Burke pretended that Boeselager's sacking was in accordance with the wishes of the Holy See (Pope + Vatican). Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's Secretary of State, wrote to Festing clarifying that the Pope did not want Boeselager sacked.

Because the Pope's wishes were countermanded, the Vatican set up a formal investigation into the Knights of Malta. This investigation was led by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi who had a team of four people to assist him with his enquiries: Gianfranco Ghirlanda (former rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University), Marc Odendall (investment banker), Jacques de Liedekerke (lawyer) and Marwan Sehnaoui (President of the Order of Malta in Lebanon).

Matthew Festing told the Pope that the sacking of Boeselager was an internal matter for the Knights of Malta. The Vatican had no right to interfere because the Knights of Malta were a sovereign entity.

Festing was talking nonsense. The Knights of Malta is a Catholic religious Order. The leaders of that Order had each taken solemn religious vows to obey the Pope. The sacking of Boeselager was a naked act of disobedience. The Vatican had every right, after an investigation, to issue a ruling and define a remedy.

For the first three weeks of January 2017, Festing persisted in his view that a papal investigation into the matter was unwarranted. A new compliant placeman, John Critien, was installed as Grand Chancellor by Festing and Burke. Critien wrote to the Order's membership telling them that they could not collaborate with the Pope's investigation because it was judicially irrelevant. No member of the Order could give evidence which contradicted Festing's decision to sack Boeselager.

Critien, like Festing, was talking nonsense. The issue of Boeselager's sacking and the Vatican's consequent investigation into that act was not about the sovereignty of the Knights of Malta; it was about disobeying the Pope and the Holy See.

The Order has an umbilical cord with the Vatican. Its sovereignty would be meaningless if that cord was severed. The Order’s claim to sovereignty is grounded in the Pope alone. He could terminate it with a stroke of a pen. It was a fantasy to suppose that the Knights of Malta could have a future, even as an historical relic, without the Vatican.

In January 2017, exactly what the Vatican would decide to do was not immediately clear. There seemed to be five main possibilities:

(1) Do nothing. Sweep the whole thing under the carpet. Justify this on pastoral grounds by talking about a need to move on and allowing proper time for the healing of wounds. Forgive Boeselager and offer him a spectacular promotion elsewhere.

(2) Sack and/or excommunicate Festing and Critien. Move Burke to a sinecure elsewhere. Reinstate Boeselager.

(3) Sack and/or excommunicate Festing, Critien and every senior First Class Knight who supported them. Move Burke. Reinstate Boeselager.

(4) Dispense Festing, Critien and all their First and Second Class allies from their religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. As many as thirty individuals might be involved. According to the Order's rules, these thirty could not then continue in leadership placements because in Canon Law they would no longer be solemnly professed religious. Move Burke. Reinstate Boeselager.

(5) Appoint an external commissioner over the heads of Festing and Burke. Vatican takes control of every aspect of the Order's administration, including appointments, management, documents, website, buildings, lands, treasure, finance and Constitution. Reinstate Boeselager. Express disappointment at the mass resignations from the Order which would follow this course. If Burke doesn't resign, move him.
Picture: Knights of Malta. Matthew Festing with Pope Francis.

In the event, on Tuesday 24th January 2017, Matthew Festing had a meeting with the Pope. After this meeting he was asked to resign. Burke spent nearly an hour trying to dissuade him. Festing, however, did resign. There was deep dissatisfaction inside the Order with his leadership.

His resignation was formally accepted by the Sovereign Council of the Knights of Malta on Saturday 28th January 2017. During that meeting, Matthew Festing was heard to describe the Pope as his enemy. The use of the word enemy in this context was later denied by Ludwig Hoffmann-Rumerstein who was present at the meeting.

In the view of many in the Order, Festing had become an anachronistic anti-Papal nuisance, hankering after a quaint return to 1950s-style Catholicism, the old rite Latin Mass and top-down autocratic leadership. In his final three or four years he had become increasingly alienated from the Knights' top government and couldn't always get his way on key appointments.

Matthew Festing's interim replacement as Grand Master of the Knights of Malta was Ludwig Hoffmann-Rumerstein (Austria). Albrecht von Boeselager was reinstated as Grand Chancellor.

At the time of Festing's resignation, the Pope also appointed a pontifical delegate for the Knights of Malta, who would act above and over the head of Raymond Burke as the Order's chief liaison with the Holy See. Burke was still technically in office as patron of the Order, but was out of power.

The name of the pontifical delegate was not made public until Saturday 4th February 2017, when it became clear that Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu had been designated. He was to be the Pope's sole spokesman on all matters to do with the Knights of Malta. Beccui was also charged with the task of overseeing a moral and spiritual renewal of the Order with a special focus on the fully-professed knights such as Festing and Critien.

Within the Knights of Malta, there are only 55 fully-professed knights out of a total worldwide membership of 13,000. In recent times the impression has been given that this élite group has been using the charitable work of the Order as an expedient cover for geopolitical machinations and forced influence. Such behaviour seems to be signally at odds with the spiritual emphases of the group's religious vows to obey the Pope. It also appears to be manifestly out of harmony with the culture of the lay majority in the organisation who do the visible public work.

A senior Knights of Malta insider, Erich Lobkowicz (Germany), said that the row had been a battle between all that Pope Francis stood for and a tiny clique of ultraconservative frilly old diehards in the Church; diehards who had missed the train in every conceivable respect.

The Pope himself was known to be wary of Catholic chivalric orders, which he worried could show signs of profligacy and spiritual worldliness. And the Knights of Malta, in particular, badly mishandled a child sex abuse scandal when Matthew Festing was in charge of the Order.

The Pope-given task of the newly-imposed pontifical delegate was to work closely with Ludwig Hoffmann-Rumerstein to ensure a spiritual and moral renewal of the Knights of Malta. Under Burke and Festing, spiritual formation processes for the fully-professed Knights had been insufficiently robust.

By the end of February 2017 it was clear that root-and-branch reforms were needed at the top of the Knights of Malta power structure. The leadership team was an aging, élitist clique, conspicuously unfit for purpose.

There was a requirement, for example, that the Grand Master had to be of noble (aristocratic) lineage extending back at least 150 years. In other words, at the top, the Knights of Malta was a closed bloodline club. At the beginning of 2017, only twelve of the Knights were eligible for election as Grand Master under this de jure bloodline restriction. Most of those were very old and one was 97. And there was no upper age limit at which the Grand Master must retire.

It was no surprise, therefore, that among the reforms being actively discussed by the Knights of Malta, at the prompting of the Vatican, was the abolition of the noble birth restriction for the Grand Master. And another suggested change was the introduction of an age limit for the post holder.
Picture: Knights of Malta. Becciu letter to Festing. 15th April 2017. Stay away from Rome.
On Easter Saturday 15th April 2017, Angelo Becciu wrote to Matthew Festing. He said that the Vatican wanted Festing to stay away from Rome on Saturday 29th April 2017. On this second date, the Knights of Malta were holding a Complete Council of State to initiate a review of the Constitutions of the Order and to take some important votes.

The Vatican didn't want Festing anywhere near the Council or its voting sessions. The problems of the Order were complex. The Knights of Malta were disoriented by their recent crisis. Matthew Festing's presence would reopen wounds only recently healed. Having him around the Council on that day would prevent the event taking place in an atmosphere of peace and regained harmony.

This was an unusually strong letter from the Vatican. It followed a bumbling and disingenuous interview which Festing had given to the Catholic Herald three weeks earlier here (23.03.17). The full text of Angelo Becciu's letter to Matthew Festing can be seen in the image above and its clickthrough, or here and here.

On Saturday 29th April 2017, in Rome, the Knights of Malta elected a new temporary leader called Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto. This was a democratic decision taken in accordance with the wishes of the Vatican. Previously, Sanguinetto had been Grand Prior of the Order's Rome chapter. His new title was Lieutenant of the Grand Master. He was elected to be in post for one year only and to hold the same powers as a real Grand Master for that period.

A year later, on Wednesday 2nd May 2018, Sanguinetto was elected for life to be the 80th Grand Master of the Order. His election was seen as a decisive move away from the quaint spiritual fascism of the Festing syndicate years. Sanguinetto knew how to work peaceably with the Vatican and was not belligerently anti-papal. Beneath the surface, major constitutional reforms were brewing. The Knights of Malta could no longer retain credibility as a charitable front for geopolitical subterfuge.

At the end of January 2019, WikiLeaks released two inside letters concerning the beginning of the Knights of Malta row. They were written by Raymond Burke and the Pope. The first letter was from Burke to Festing (06.12.16 - in English); the second was from the Pope to Burke (01.12.16 - two texts, one in the original Italian and one in English translation). Tablet commentary here (31.01.19); texts here or here.

In April 2020, only three years after having taken charge, Sanguinetto (Giacomo Dalla Torre), the Grand Master ot the Knights of Malta, died. More here (29.04.20) and here (01.05.20).

In September 2020, the pontifical delegate to the Order, Angelo Becciu, was sacked by the Pope for general underhand skulduggery and subversion. The public cover story here was Becciu's involvement in a financial scandal. Much more was involved, however, none of it (apparently) to do with the Knights of Malta. More here (24.09.20), here (26.09.20) and here (14.10.20).

In November 2020, the Pope appointed Silvano Maria Tomasi to be the new pontifical delegate (or special delegate) to the Order, following Angelo Becciu's ousting. More here (05.11.20). Tomasi, an 80-year-old American citizen, was an old Vatican hand with a background in United Nations liaison work. He also led the Pope's initial Knights of Malta investigation in 2016-17.

More Knights of Malta news background can be found here (01.02.23), here (21.01.22), here (05.10.21), here (07.06.21), here (05.11.20), here (14.10.20), here (26.09.20), here (24.09.20), here (01.05.20), here (29.04.20), here (31.01.19), here (07.05.18), here (04.05.18), here (03.05.18), here (02.05.18), here (02.05.18), here (26.04.18), here (14.04.18), here (22.03.18), here (26.02.18), here (26.02.18), here (12.02.18), here (01.02.18), here (04.01.17), here (05.01.17), here (09.01.17), here (10.01.17), here (11.01.17), here (12.01.17), here (13.01.17), here (16.01.17), here (17.01.17), here (25.01.17), here (30.01.17), here (03.02.17), here (04.02.17), here (06.02.17), downpage here (06.02.17), here (16.02.17), here (17.02.17), here (21.02.17), here (21.02.17), here (23.03.17), here (23.03.17), here (28.03.17), here (18.04.17), here (19.04.17), here (26.04.17), here (26.04.17), here (26.04.17), here (28.04.17), here (29.04.17), here (29.04.17), here (29.04.17) and here (30.04.17).

There is, of course, a bigger picture on the reverse of this élite public portrait. It is an occult image. In attempting to block the gold-backed benevolence of the Asia-led global currency resets and their associated humanitarian and prosperity funds, the Order has hazarded its own survival.

At this fast-moving end-time moment, the Knights of Malta find themselves frozen on the wrong side of history, slow-cursed by ancient documents they can't control. The more percipient among them will be aware of two geopolitical certainties: (1) Books will be opened; (2) The old centre cannot hold.
Picture: Madame Stuart Merrill by Jean Delville.

Picture: Books will be opened.

Picture: Tarot Card Number Thirteen. Death.
More Knights of Malta occult background can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. And more about the equivocal symbology of Western Churchianity can be found on our Cuba Crucifix page here.

Picture: In Knights of Malta Land. Matthew Festing. Raymond Burke.

Picture: Falling it fell. And great was the fall thereof. (after Gustave Doré)
Picture: Falling it fell. And great was the fall thereof. (after Gustave Doré [Two])
Picture: Pope Francis - public physiognomies 2019 and 2020.
Picture: Is the old Project Bluebeam disinfo being cranked up again?
Picture: Are things beginning to stir behind the green door?
Picture: The Hosts of Heaven come to town.
Picture: Taiwan. Tuesday 2nd August  2022.

Picture: The White Nobility in Europe begins to make itself visible. June 2024.
Picture: The White Nobility and The Black Nobility.
Picture: Black falls. December 2022.
On Tuesday 20th December 2022, the day before the Northern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice, Joseph Ratzinger (German former Pope) was sent the following widely-circulated legal letter. Eleven days later on Saturday 31st December 2022, the Vatican (Rome, Italy) publicly issued a statement saying that he had died.

This letter has been sent directly to the email address of the Pope and the High Courts and the Bank of International Settlements, etc.

A follow-up signed in wet ink and bearing our unencumbered Great Seal will follow.

An Open Letter to His Holiness, the Pope Emeritus
In his Ministerial Office
20th December 2022

Most Beloved Benedict XVI,

Ecclesiastical Law makes you and the Roman Curia responsible for the creation of corporations of all kinds. This includes the proliferation of trusts, non-profits, NGOs, foundations, cooperatives, LLCs, S-Corps, B-Corps, C-Corps and so on. We are pleased that you honored your obligation to dissolve both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., but also see that you stopped short of prohibiting those responsible from creating new corporations for the same purposes and guilty of the same sins against Mankind.

To be effective in disciplining these and other governmental services corporations around the world, it is necessary to permanently remove the privilege of incorporation from those responsible for dire acts of trespass and transgression. We note that corporations may be formed for any lawful purpose, but not merely legal purposes, a stipulation by which our ancestors have firmly established the limitations of corporations of all kinds and fixed the proper sphere of their activity.

By what stretch of the imagination is it "lawful" to inject foreign and undisclosed genetic materials into living flesh, in order to murder and maim for profit, and to alter the natural genome of innocent people--- in order to promote claims of owning them via Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) patent rights? These acts and similar acts promoted by the UN CORPORATION and its WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INC.) and its franchises and subsidiaries, the NIH, INC., the CDC, INC., the FDA, INC, the DOJ, INC., MICROSOFT, INC., RAYTHEON, INC., MODERNA, INC., JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, INC., BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, PFIZER, INC., BAYER, INC., MONSANTO, INC, PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE, INC., WELLCOME TRUST,  CIA, INC., DIA, INC., NSA, INC., FBI, INC., US PATENT OFFICE, INC., SERCO, INC., NATO, INC., and their affiliates ----are unlawful and every single named corporation must be dissolved for unlawful activity which has resulted in injury and injurious harm, both.

The Corporate Veil must be removed and their leadership must be punished and deprived of any further privilege to incorporate anything.

These actions cited above, both harm accruing directly from the undisclosed injections, and harm resulting from the obscene ownership claims, have been undertaken recklessly without regard for Law or Custom of any kind.

The participants in this conspiracy to murder, maim, defraud and enslave living people for the benefit of inanimate corporations were encouraged by members of the Municipal Congress of the United States who made false guarantees of protection to the pharmaceutical corporations engaged in the production of vaccines, promising to hold them harmless regardless of injuries sustained from vaccines they produced and marketed, and were also encouraged  by the actions of the US SUPREME COURT, INC. which allowed them to patent living organisms that had been altered by genetic engineering processes.

Additional unlawful acts and processes have been undertaken by the IMF, INC., and the FEDERAL RESERVE, INC., to create monopoly control over availability of commodities, including food, fuel, and currency; the WORLD BANK, INC., has been caught engaged in promoting rigged gambling and platform trading on private assets without any granted authority from the asset owners; the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, INC., has sat on its rump for eighteen years and turned a deaf ear to the properly declared and evidenced owners of the world's physical gold reserves based on false claims made by the discredited UNITED STATES, INC., and the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Reserve have thus far failed to answer our demand that they come to the table and hammer out new agreements with the asset owners and their lawful Assigns, in line with the Public Good worldwide.

The Donors and Fiduciaries and Attorneys in Fact for the estate of Severino Sta Romano, the Witnesses of Giovanni Baptista Ricchello, the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America, and the lawful and spiritual inheritors of the St. Germain Endowment are hereby fully informing you and the Vatican Chancery Court and the International Court of Justice and the Bank of International Settlements and the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements that the trust indentures owed to the D'Avila Family, the Urban Family, the Santiago Family, and many others are being breached and their private assets are being misused to generate credit without their consent, and without recognition of the fact that the credit generated from their assets also belongs to the asset owners.

The World Trust which is supposed to be opened on December 24th and used to adjust accounts and deliver the world economy from want and debt is instead being used to sop and reward the Perpetrators --- all Corporations ---- for their crimes against Humanity, and this is being done against the Will of the Donors, the actual members of St. Germain's Family, both physical and spiritual.

The St. Germain Endowment, intended for the support of The United States of America, has been commandeered and unlawfully incorporated by persons lacking any authority to do this, and they have proceeded to make venal "investments" of the capital in things like "Bad Dragon Dildoes".

My relative, St. Germain, and the current members of the Saint Germain Spiritual Family, would vomit if they could see the evil things that their sacrifices are being used to support by these Corporatists who have unlawfully and illegally mismanaged the organization and the assets.

The Seven Shining Ones had better rise up off their velvet tuffets and listen and obey, for I carry the Word of the Living God concerning these matters, and his Word has gone forth; it will not return unsatisfied, so yield to the Greater Will that grants your breath and is your breath.

Why have you allowed these corporations to continue this madness, when the lawful government of The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States, has already outlawed any such patent claims made against living people?

Why have you stood silent while corporations --- that you and the Curia are responsible for creating --- have committed acts of fraud and forced conscription (press-ganging), inland piracy, and conspiracy in violation of your service contracts and trespass against our constitutional agreements and treaties? Do you propose an illegal Commercial Mercenary Conflict that occurred more than 150 years ago as your excuse for all of this?

Why have you allowed Joseph Biden to create the WHITE HOUSE OFFICE, INC. and offer to use that as a substitute and successor for the UNITED STATES, INC.? Is it not apparent that the same gang of hooligans cannot be trusted to do anything different or better? That a new round of unlawful acts under a different name is no better than the prior offer?

Why are you continuing the system of profiteering and bondage begun in 1937, and the perpetuation of mortgages against the innocent people of this country, and all the False Claims that have been made against our assets? Isn't the Ecclesiastical Law and the Roman Civl Law --- both--- clear enough?

What possible excuse is there for continuing to impersonate us and to impose Municipal Law on us, when we have placed our own lawful Government in Session and declared our birthright political status? There are no conscionable UCC Contract Trusts. There are virtually no conscionable Territorial Offices or Officers, either.

To the extent that these PERSONS/Persons exist, they are the ones who need to declare their political status and obey the Foreign Agents Registration Act; we have no such obligation in our own country.

We, however, are awake and aware and are here to tell you the Truth. Those who are doing these evils in the sight of the True God are doing so to their own ever-lasting condemnation; every Lie is being counted against them. And the assets of the World Trust may not be used to save these evil-doers who have besmirched the Good Name of our country and our Patrons. The assets of the Santiago Trust and seventeen other Family Trusts must be returned to the control of the man Anthony Santiago Martin also freely trusted, and granted his irrevocable General Power of Attorney to.

Although the existence of Municipal Corporations is not explicitly prohibited, unlawful activities undertaken by Municipal Corporations are prohibited and the sentence rendered is pre-ordained. All Municipal Corporations engaged in unlawful activities must be liquidated and the assets returned to the lawful owners and injured parties. We have taken the trouble to list numerous Municipal Corporations that need to be liquidated including the SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION of Schaumburg, Illinois.

This same pre-ordained fate does include Municipal Corporations owned by the British Crown.

Most sincerely,

Letter from and by: Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America

Text sources here (21.12.22) and here (21.12.22).
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Picture: The D'Avila Family Trust - Friday 22nd April 2022.
Picture: Concerning the US Military - Tuesday 29th August 2023.
Picture: Concerning the lawful governance of The United States of America.
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Picture: The Fairy Garden by Alcuin Bramerton.

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