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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is God an idealist?

In certain emerging church circles, perhaps in an attempt to make God more manageable for certain emerging postmodern users, it is no longer being asked: Is God a perfectionist? Instead, the enquiry is: Is God an idealist?

What about that? Might God be an idealist?

If it is the case that an idealist is a person who strives after the ideal, and that idealism is the search after the best and the highest, then God cannot be an idealist.

Someone who strives cannot accurately be described as God. Someone who searches cannot accurately be described as God.

If God was an idealist, it would mean that God had a need - a need to strive and a need to search. God has no such needs. God has no needs at all. Deity has no needs. God, Deity, All That Is, is exactly that: all that is.

God therefore wants, lacks or asks nothing. God is without needs and He requires nothing from anything or anybody. If He did require something from beyond Himself, He would not be the infinite God.

God is not an idealist. And because we humans are made in God's image, and because we humans are partakers of the divine nature, we are not idealists either. And nor should we strive to be idealists, for this would be to deploy energy against the divine nature of our being. It would be a "sin" against the Holy Spirit.


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Blogger god is love said...

hey alcuni, thanks for ur comment on my blog, i know there is more to life than men and friends but sometimes it feels like i can't the right balance between them. If u have any more advice it would be really helpful cause ur comment was very interesting. Hannah xxx

10:27 am  
Blogger god is love said...

also wat do u mean that's wat they don't teach at's, how do u know my school?

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