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Sunday, May 12, 2024

False Flag Attacks, élite criminality and politically expedient government-sponsored terrorism
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Picture: Chimp terrorist by Eugenio Merino. False Flag Attacks. Reichstag 9/11.

Three related terms are in common use: False Flag, Black Flag and Black Swan. These can sometimes be confused.

A False Flag Attack is when a national government, or one of its covert agencies, carries out a terrorist attack on its own people and then falsely blames that atrocity on an enemy in order to launch a pre-prepared 'retaliatory' attack on the enemy.

In the initial stages of the newsbreak, the mainstream media are complicit, knowingly or unknowingly, in broadcasting the news of the attack in a tendentious manner.

In some cases, the news management outcome (propaganda) is designed to whip up public outrage so that new war, or war-on-terror, laws can be passed.

These new laws reduce citizen freedoms in the name of 'national security', and further empower establishment agencies to act unilaterally, and often in an unaccountable manner, in order to to confront the perpetrators of the perceived outrage.

Sometimes, complicit media outlets are provided with information about a False Flag Attack before it actually happens. An oft-cited example of this happened during 9/11 in September 2001.

The UK BBC (a news-managed deep state security outlet) reported on live television that WTC Building 7 had collapsed more than 20 minutes before it actually did collapse. While the collapse was being reported to camera by a BBC journalist, the fully intact building could be seen, still standing, in the BBC's live video feed in the background. More here, here and here.

Twenty minutes later, the free-fall controlled demolition took place. No planes, or holograms of planes were involved. Analysis suggests that the demolition of WTC7 was a pre-planned New York City insurance job, piggybacking on the main event of the pre-planned Twin Towers demolition.

A persistent feature of False Flag Attacks is that the contractors, agents or crisis actors who cause them often disappear afterwards. So do the key witnesses. If they don't accept silence bribes, they are quietly assassinated by tradecraft means such as poisoning, car crashes, plane crashes, 'suicides' or 'heart attacks'.

Sometimes a government will have prior knowledge of a planned outrage in advance; one that is being prepared by a foreign agency. The government may then deliberately choose to disregard this intelligence, in order to manufacture a political or business benefit from the outcome.

The term Black Flag Attack means the same thing as False Flag Attack.

A Black Swan Event is different. This is something, often quite small, which happens unexpectedly, but gives rise to major long-term consequences as time passes. These consequences could not reasonably have been foreseen, but become clear in hindsight as the downstream analysis matures.

A single happening can be both a False Flag Attack and a Black Swan Event, even though the two terms mean different things.

On the 18th March 2015, Washington's Blog (here) published a list of forty-seven well-documented False Flag Attacks. Some of these were planned in detail, but not carried out; others were executed as planned. In each case, sometime after the event, a government official admitted to the False Flag nature of the atrocity, either orally or in writing.

Here are sixteen examples of False Flag Attacks taken from that original list of forty-seven:

(1) 1931: Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train track, and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria. This is now known as the 'Mukden Incident' or the 'Manchurian Incident'. The Tokyo International Military Tribunal found that: “Several of the participators in the plan, including Hashimoto [a high-ranking Japanese army officer], have on various occasions admitted their part in the plot and have stated that the object of the incident was to afford an excuse for the occupation of Manchuria by the Kwantung Army ….” More here and here.

(2) 1939: A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials (1945-49) that under orders from the chief of the Gestapo, he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources. These attacks were blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. More here.

(4) 1939: Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev admitted in writing that the Soviet Union’s Red Army shelled the Russian village of Mainila. The attack was blamed on Finland and used as a basis for launching the 'Winter War' against Finland. Russian president Boris Yeltsin agreed that Russia had been the aggressor. More here.

(5) 1940: The Russian Parliament, current Russian President Putin and former Soviet leader Gorbachev all admit that Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, ordered his secret police to execute 22,000 Polish army officers and civilians at Katyn. This was then falsely blamed on the Nazis. More here.

(14) 1962: As admitted by the US government, recently declassified documents show that the American Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan to blow up American airplanes and to commit terrorist acts on American soil. This would then be blamed on the Cubans, in order to justify an invasion of Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro. In the end the invasion was never launched. More here and here.

(17) 1964: The NSA admits that it lied about what really happened in the Gulf of Tonkin incident, manipulating data to make it look as though North Vietnamese boats fired on a US ship. This was done to create a false justification for the Vietnam War. More here and here.

(20) 1978: The German government admitted that the German secret service detonated a bomb in the outer wall of a prison and planted escape tools on a prisoner (a member of the Red Army Faction) who the agency wished to frame for the bombing. More here and here.

(21) 1984: A Mossad agent admits that his agency planted a radio transmitter in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, Libya. This broadcast fake terrorist transmissions recorded by Mossad, in order to frame Gaddaffi as a terrorist supporter. US President Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of the compound immediately afterwards. More in this book here.

(27) 1999: Senior Russian military and intelligence officers admit that the KGB blew up Russian apartment buildings. The attacks were falsely blamed on the Chechens, in order to justify an invasion of Chechnya. More here and here.

(28) 2002: According to the US Washington Post, Indonesian police admit that the Indonesian military murdered American teachers in Papua New Guinea.The murders were blamed on a Papuan separatist group in order to get the US to list the group as a terrorist organisation. More here.

(31) 2001: Senior police officials in Genoa, Italy, admitted that at the G8 summit in Genoa they planted two Molotov cocktails, and faked the stabbing of a police officer, in order to justify a violent crackdown on the protesters. More here.

(32) 2001: The US falsely blamed Iraq for playing a role in the 9/11 attacks (as shown in a memo from the Defense Secretary). This was one of the main justifications for launching the Iraq war. Even after the 9/11 Commission admitted that there was no connection, Dick Cheney said that the evidence was 'overwhelming' that al-Qaeda had a relationship with Saddam Hussein’s régime, and that he (Cheney) 'probably' had information unavailable to the Commission, and that the media was not ‘doing their homework’ in reporting such ties. Top US government officials now admit that the Iraq war was really launched as an oil grab, not as a retaliation for 9/11, or as an adventure in search of weapons of mass destruction. Despite previous lone wolf claims, many US government officials now say that 9/11 was a state-sponsored terrorist act, but Iraq was not the state involved. The US falsely blamed 9/11 on Iraq, when it knew Iraq had nothing to do with it. More here and here.

(34) 2003: Police outside a 2003 European Union summit in Greece were filmed planting Molotov cocktails on a peaceful protester. More here.

(37) 2005: Undercover Israeli soldiers admit to having thrown stones at other Israeli soldiers so that they could blame it on Palestinians. This was used as an excuse to crack down on peaceful protests by the Palestinians. More here.

(43) 2013: High-level American sources admit that the Turkish government (a fellow NATO member) carried out chemical weapons attacks inside Syria which were blamed on the Syrian government. A high-ranking Turkish government official admitted on tape that there were plans to carry out attacks and blame them on Syria. More here.

(44) 2014: The Ukrainian security chief admits that the sniper attacks which started the coup in Kyiv were carried out in order to frame others. Ukrainian officials admit that their snipers fired on both sides, so as to create maximum chaos. More here and here.

The full Washington's Blog text is here (18.03.15). It includes links out to many other pages. Also this WB page here is useful. #
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