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Monday, July 23, 2007

Fleet of one hundred UFOs hovers above Sacramento (USA) in broad daylight

Page update: 18.08.07

On Sunday 22nd July 2007, in broad daylight at 1.58pm Pacific Daylight Time, a fleet of one hundred UFOs was observed to be hovering at an altitude of two thousand feet above Roseville, Sacramento, California (USA). The fleet was in an ordered formation of two lines. They were close enough to the ground to be seen reflecting the sunlight.

The initial report came from Dr Richard Boylan and Army Sergeant Justin Johnson. It was posted on several reliable alternative news sites around the web - for example here and here.

Question: Why isn't this 100-craft sighting being reported by the local Californian media? It would seem to be the most important UFO manifestation in America since the Phoenix lights in 1997. In the UK, the day before, on Saturday 21st July 2007, a smaller group of five UFOs, again in a geometrically precise formation, was seen at 10.30pm in the night sky above Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire. But this sighting was reported in at least two UK mainstream newspapers (here and here) and both accounts were accompanied by good photographs (here and here). In addition, at least three different YouTube videoclips of the Stratford UK sighting have been posted on the web (here, here and here).


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