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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yoda wisdom for Gungan groupies

Compiled by Alcuin Bramerton
from privileged sources in the Outer Rim

Page update: 01.06.10 Planet Earth western hemisphere linear time


Yoda senses a disturbance
in The Force.
On Planet Earth
another animal
has been needlessly

for human food.


Yoda has taught
many young Jedis
in his time,
but he knows that
teaching is not something
you do to pupils;
teaching is something you are.


Yoda is aware that
7.6 million British women
own more than sixteen
pairs of shoes each,
yet still The Force remains strong
within him.

Yoda thinks that astrology
will be better understood
on Planet Earth
when human science becomes
a little more mature.


Yoda trusts his own anger;
he has a second cup of tea
Saruman the White.


Gungans are not
Yoda knows this
but stays positive.


On Christmas Eve,
when Yoda encounters
a fresh slice of
hot buttered toast,
his light sabre glows blue.
But he does not eat it.
Even a
Jedi Master
cannot easily digest
a light sabre.


In The Adam and Eve pub,
in Bishopgate, Norwich (UK),
Yoda, Albus Dumbledore

and Gandalf the Grey
occasionally enjoy a game
of three-sided chess.
But they take care

to leave the pawns untouched.

The thing about Yoda
is that
Yoda doesn't blog.


Yoda doesn't eat chocolate;
he wills the chocolate
to be eaten by others.


Yoda understands himself;
he knows about
the internal architecture
of being.


Yoda is everywhere;
he is everywhere
all at once,
except you don't notice.


Think quantum transdimensionality
and you think Yoda.
But you don't touch Yoda
with your thought;
Yoda touches you with his.


Yoda's ears are chimerical;
they look as if
they're listening.
But actually
his ears
are looking.

They are looking elsewhere.


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Anonymous said...

You got me thinking with one of your posts up here. I think you're wrong. Apparently, Yoda does blog:

teigan said...

Man, told!

Speaking of which

>teaching is not something
>you do to pupils;
>teaching is something you are.

Wise words, master