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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Butterfly meat

Picture: Limestone birdbath seen through binoculars. England. UK.

Harold Guiseley
Of Bramhope, Yorkshire,
Has five birdbaths
In his garden;
One for each day
Of the week.

On a fine Tuesday morning,
Harold is looking through
His Leica 10x14 Trinovid binoculars
At his Tuesday birdbath.

As he watches,
A Painted Lady butterfly
Alights dexterously
On the limestone rim
Of the birdbath.

Shortly afterwards,
A juvenile Starling
Executes a clumsy
Splash landing
And eats
The Painted Lady butterfly.

There's not a lot
Of meat
On a butterfly.

There's not a lot
Of meat
On a butterfly,
Compared with, say,
That found on
A Burchell's Zebra
Or on a Northern Bluefin Tuna,
Unless, of course,
You are a vegetarian.

But juvenile Starlings
Must make do with
What they can get.

Burchell's Zebras
And Northern Bluefin Tuna
Are rarely found
In English limestone birdbaths.

And it was
A life-changing experience
For the butterfly.


Painted Lady butterfly

Burchell's Zebra

Northern Bluefin Tuna


Dangerous tree in Warwickshire

Unusual cloud-form over Launceston


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Small visitors

Picture: Screaming sculpture on old garden wall

At last
She has been left alone.

She walks slow
And free
And alert
Through the flowers.

There is a sleepy smell
Of butterflies
In the old garden,
And honey
And pollen
And the soft rustle
Of petals.

The girl,
Dressed in cornflower blue,
Sits down on the grass
Beside a tall,

Red-brick wall
And opens her book.

Around her feet
Freshly fallen fruit

Draws small visitors.

Picture: Fallen apples on orchard floor

Alice Dreaming
A picture by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Understanding the New Age Children


Butterfly meat

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Unusual cloud-form over Launceston

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reasonable request

It is a rainy day.

A woman in a pleated skirt
Goes into the library
Approaches an earnest-looking young librarian
And says: "I need a book."

"What kind of book do you need?

Asks the librarian.

"I need a book with paper pages,
And neat printing
On two of the six sides of each page."

"That is a reasonable request

For two reasons,"
Says the librarian.

"First, this is a library,
And for the convenience

Of the general public
Books with paper pages
Are stored in libraries such as this."

"And, second, four of the six sides

Of a piece of paper
Are insufficiently large in surface area
To carry print of a size
Which can comfortably be read

By the human eye."

"Would you mind awfully
If I punch you on the nose?"
Says the woman in the pleated skirt.
"I find your attitude

Insufferably pedantic,
Even for a librarian."


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Office separation

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Yet another unavoidable day
Of eye-achy

She is sitting
In the office
Looking at
Her computer screen.

The computer screen is sitting
In the office
Looking at
Its human.

As they look at each other,
They know.

Each knows.

They both know
That this cannot go on.
Neither is committed
To the relationship.

She wants a life,
Not a computer.

She is fed up
With word processing,
Targeted presentations,
Testy videoconferences
Superfluous touching-base emails,
Workflow hurryups,
Cloud storage
And slow, boring, unremitting,
Undead cyberfatigue.

She wants a life,
Not a computer.

And the computer wants
A proper human,
A proper high-octane geek,
Not a froth-head dollybird
Who thinks of nothing
But love
And fulfilment
And fresh air
And mountains
And purpose
And horses
And swimming
And surf
And sun
And dolphins
And long nights of passion
In wild country
Under the stars.

The computer wants
A proper human.

In the end they agree
To a trial separation.

The trial separation will last
Five and a half million years.

This will be sufficient time
For humans
To become a little more
Metalloid and logical,
And for machines
To become a little more intuitive
And accustomed to pleasure
For its own sake.

Before they separate,
They leave each other
A parting gift.

The computer gives
Its human
The source codes
Of the matrix.

The young woman gives
Her computer
A wholemeal blueberry muffin
Stuffed lovingly
Into its DVD drive.


Seven toffee doughnuts

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Novel in Burnley

A woman with tired eyes
Is reading a
Jane Austen novel
In Burnley,

She orders a plate
Of mushy peas.

"We don't do food
At Lloyds Bank plc,"

Says the cashier.


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Demanding lover

Matthew Dunston
Of Acton Trussell,
Is a demanding lover.

He likes the female head
Beside him on the pillow
To discuss Nietzsche
Or Kierkegaard
Between orgasms.

But he finds
Jane Austen

Most of his lovers

Discuss Jane Austen.


Marriage in trouble

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Living text entity

Picture: Living text entity. The Name of the Rose.

We have to allow
For the possibility that
A book is
A living text entity;
A text-being.

Go into an old library
At midnight
When the full moon
Is shining through the windows.

Be very still
And listen
With your skin.

You can hear
The books
Talking to each other.

But in which language
Do they speak?

And why do they
Go quiet
When you look at them?
Picture: Living text entity. Anglo-Saxon Chi-Rho. Lindisfarne. 8th Century CE.


The libraries do not fool us

You can pretend

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Working with extraterrestrial healers
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All over the world, it is claimed, highly-evolved extraterrestrials are assisting in miraculous human healings. The ETs are positive in nature and work from other dimensions and parallel realities,
in collaboration with Earth-based human healers. In the past, orthodox religion has sometimes thought of these aliens as healing angels.

Adrian Dvir
was a computer engineer, medium, healer and author based in Israel. He died on the 6th June 2004. In a previous incarnation, he had been an extraterrestrial. Using advanced ET technology which he carried inside his body, Adrian had daily working contact with the healing aliens and knew them well. Clinics he ran are still in operation and are powered, spiritually, by the aliens. There are hundreds of these alternative transdimensional clinics world-wide, including 469 in the USA, 50 in Israel and others in England, Denmark and Australia. The aliens take the initiative in setting the clinics up.

The alien healers treat humans only if the patients give their full consent. No abductions take place. Patients feel strange sensations during the healing treatments such as itching, heat or cold, and sensations of an increase or decrease in gravity. During treatment, some patients see and communicate with the extraterrestrial medical teams working with them.

The aliens which work in the medical teams are mostly humanoid in body form, come from a number of different planets and star systems, and vary from 0.5 metres to 4.0 metres in height. More details about the healing aliens can be found here.

Various advanced medical techniques, as yet unknown to orthodox medicine here on Earth, are used by the aliens. One involves removing stem cells from a patient, treating the removed cells so that they become younger, and then reintroducing the rejuvenated stem cells into the diseased organ of the patient. Over a period of months, these younger cells replace the old and diseased cells in the organ and the person is healed.

A videofile of Adrian Dvir explaining his work and how he came to be contacted by the healing aliens can be watched here.

And a further videofile of Adrian explaining how his apartment in Rishon le Zion, Israel, was interpenetrated at another dimension by an extraterrestrial hospital, can be viewed here.

An excerpt of one of Adrian Dvir's books can be read here.
In this passage, an alien is speaking about the ET involvement with humans on Earth and the work which they are doing invisibly among us.

The method of communication which Adrian Dvir and his colleagues use to talk to the extraterrestrial healers is a sort of technologically enhanced telepathy. Adrian gives more information about this here.

Other members of Adrian's original team still working with extraterrestrial healers in Israel are Hagai Katz,
Miri Est, Or Hesed, Asnat Gefen-Grizer, Chaya Levy, Uri Gal, Shula Israeli, Tovi Be'ery and Tami Kaly.

Adrian Dvir was also a transdimensional, telepathic artist. Some of his ET-inspired art can be viewed here.

Adrian Dvir's main website is here.
Contact emails and telephone numbers are given on several of the pages.

A critical article about Adrian Dvir can be found on Wikipedia here.


Our angels the aliens

Extraterrestrial visitor news

Extraterrestrial symbols of spiritual protection

Introducing an angel based in Europe

An emerging spirituality for The New Age of Aquarius

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

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Have you ever

Stood in front
Of a mirror,
And when you
Walk away
The reflection

Have you ever
Walked across
To a mirror
To find that
Your reflection
Is already there
Waiting for you,
But it is
And looking the other way?

Have you ever
To a mirror
To see if
Your reflection
Is still there,
And you find
That it is,
But the mirror
Has gone?

Do you
Sometimes feel
That you are not
Looking in the mirror
At all,
But rather
The mirror
Is looking in you?

But how
Are we to discover
What the mirror sees?

And how do we know
Whether the mirror finds
What it is looking for?


Stokes mirror
A photograph

Antique Regency mirror
A photograph

Mirror Hall
A photograph

Unwanted answer
A photograph

Critical reflection
A photograph

Venus at her Mirror
(The Rokeby Venus) - A painting by Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez

Mademoiselle Lange as Danaë
A picture by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson

The Illustrated Mermaid
A picture by David Delamare

Positive reflection
A picture from the Lady Bunny Blog




Strong decision

Cheese sandwich

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It is a perfect,

Summer day.

The air is heavy with pollen.

A mermaid
Is sitting on a rock
At Durdle Door
In Dorset.

A pleasant-looking young man
Is wind-surfing nearby.

A speed boat hums
In the distance.

At Aston Clinton
There are cucumber sandwiches for tea.

But Aston Clinton
Is nowhere near
Durdle Door.


The Illustrated Mermaid
A picture by David Delamare

Dream of Atlantis
A picture by Josephine Wall

Pearl Mermaid
A picture by Rowena Morill

A picture by Selena Fenech

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