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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jolly frightening, this terror business

Page update: 17.09.06

Is terror good? Or is terror evil?

Do those activities which we associate with terror, terrorism and the war against terror, attract positivity or do they attract negativity?

Do terror and anti-terror psychologies channel positive energy and positive entities, or do they channel negative energy and negative entities?

Are terror and anti-terror psychologies manifestations of a right-hand path spirituality? Or are they manifestations of a left-hand path spirituality?

Perhaps the characterising signature of left-hand path spiritualities is their attempt to manipulate human perceptions to maximise fear.

What is the opposite of fear? The spiritual obverse of fear is love. On this view, the characterising signature of right-hand path spiritualities is their attempt to encourage human perceptions to maximise love, love being the cohering, inclusive energy of the universe.

Terrorism is designed to keep people in fear, and so is the current Western political response to terrorism.

Western polity - a manifestation of left-hand path political materialism - needs to keep the fear ratcheted up in order to erode private freedoms and to secure public funding for the military-industrial complex and its covert business controllers.

Private freedoms need to be eroded so that the reach, influence and power of the business controllers of the political class can be subliminally extended.

Religion is a form of terrorism, a left-hand path spirituality, when it affirms dogmas which engender fear, create putative spiritual enemies, generate conflict, exclude faith communities from access to salvation, make exclusive truth-claims about human textual artefacts, and which seek to restrict personal freedom or to limit private judgement in matters of faith or conduct. Religion of this kind is spiritual fascism; terrorism on stilts.

If terrorism, and its establishment response, are successful in exaggerating and sustaining a sense of danger and fear in the population at large, new spiritual, mental and physical diseases are likely to manifest.

We have already begun to see AIDS, Ebola and obesity. Now Morgellons disease is coming to notice.
This is a very strange disorder. It is not evenly distributed across the planet. At present, most reported cases appear to be clustered in the USA.

But in simple, practical terms, what can be done about terrorism and its identical twin, anti-terrorism?

Perhaps one of the best ways to negate the fear-promoting policies of the terrorists and their Western political allies is very simple: throw out the television.

The obsessive rehearsal of the images of manufactured bad news must be resisted. The creative dissemination of the idea of genuine good news must be energised.


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