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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mr Whistleblower on Wantagate

Disinformation, misinformation or divine truth?
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Our main coverage of The Wanta Plan funds theft by Citibank and Morgan Stanley can be found elsewhere. This present page contains the full texts of two related emails from an anonymous person or entity describing itself as Mr Whistleblower, received and published by the website in early March 2008.

In the first email, Mr Whistleblower, suggesting himself to be an inside source, asserted that Lee Wanta had no control over, or legal right to, the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds with which his name had been associated, and that President George Bush Jnr and the US Executive Branch held no authority or signatory rights over the Wanta funds either. The email also talked about The Combined Internal Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, the Green Hilton Treaty (1963), the Jewish Lobby, the ownership of the world's gold, V.K.Durham and the V.K.Durham Trust.

Disinformation watchers initially regarded the Whistleblower email as too clever to be American, too dim to be Israeli and too badly written to be English. But then a second email from the same source was published by the same website on Friday 7th March 2008. This was better written. One of the interlocutors asked Whistleblower what the connection was between the Green Hilton Treaty and the Wanta case. He replied that there was no direct connection at all.

04.03.08 - Email 1 from Mr Whistleblower
(Addressed to Christopher Story and the Editor)

Having continuously read your articles and Casper Updates on the Web Site, I have decided it is time to strike out and enlighten you to the truth. However, I must undertake this in a careful manner because,
1) A very large percentage of what I know is classified "Top Secret",
2) One of our number has already been assassinated,
3) A further assassination attempt was undertaken on another of our number some 3 months after 2), above,
4) My life and the lives of my family would be in jeopardy if this information was known to have come via myself.

Your stories have a degree of truth, but there are some mistruths which seem to be guiding you in the wrong directions and leading you away from the real truth, so I will therefore reveal to you certain facts, yes facts, that most are "Secret" but some are, or should be verifiable.

I will start with the Leo Wanta Funds, for which we need to go back in time to the era of Ronald Reagan's Presidency.

Reagan implemented a very secretive group of top people, which was totally under his control. This group consisted of Seven (7) top people (I was later informed, but not verified that it was Eleven people. not Seven). There were also Two (2) Presidential Decrees on this matter, which were subsequently classified "Top Secret" and are only accessible by a few at the very top of the US hierarchy.

The constituted task of this group was to STEAL the assets of the Combined Internal Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, by whatever means were deemed necessary or required. This meant, lies, deceit, plunder, destruction of records, plus many other things, including and above all, murder, assassination of those who stood in the way.

The group of seven were charged with putting together teams to actually carry out the group's mandate. Leo Wanta was one of these people.

The "group" (as I will call them) illegally obtained and fraudulent used, assets of the Durham Trust, of which V.K.Durham is the Senior Trustee. The trust does not own the assets they hold, they are only custodians of the assets. Durham Trust is actually owned by another Trust above it, which is owned by another Trust above that, which is owned by Foundation Divine. Foundation Divine is a Foundation owned by the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, and is a primary Foundation as Custodians of the assets of the accounts.

The fraudulent use of the assets illegally gained by the "group" were to generate funds used in the destabilisation of the then USSR. Billions were generated, from which US Dollar Notes were printed. These were not ordinary US Dollar Notes. There were differences on the front and rear of the notes, meaning they were actually fake US Dollars. The physical US Dollar Notes were moved into the USSR and the Ledger entries on the US Accounts (The hidden ones that no one ever sees) remained.

What US Dollar Notes that were sent to Russia, remained after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, remained in Russia (They cannot be used outside Russia), whereby some are stored, even to this day, in 4 x 40 ft Railway Containers sited at a large railway yard in the south of Moscow.

There were various countries and Presidents of Countries that were involved in all of this, some innocently, some deliberately. All these Governments and Presidents executed agreements with Reagan's Government to split any remains of this illegal wealth generated by fraudulent means, once the USSR had fallen.

From the Ledger accounts, the US Government have extracted all their costs (plus more), which leaves a balance to be split between Nations, based on the Agreements with Reagan's Government. These accounts are disbursed throughout the world into numerous International Banks as the amount is too great for one bank, but also to hide same from public eyes. It is these accounts and the contents of these accounts that everyone is referring to the Wanta Funds, and the very same (or a percentage of) accounts that Leo Wanta is claiming he owns because everyone strongly believes that no one owns them, and Wanta is claiming them. Other members of the "group" have since died, as far as I am aware, leaving Wanta the sole survivor of the "group".

In reality, and under International Law, Wanta does not own, nor can legally claim ownership of the surplus funds remaining on these accounts, and neither does any Country / Nation hold any legal right to these funds under the illegal Agreements executed under the Reagan Government. Wanta is not, and can never be, the saviour of the World with these funds as the funds originated from the illegal use of assets fraudulently acquired from the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, via the Durham Trust, whereas the surplus funds legally belong to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

This is where G.W.Bush Jnr., and his cronies are in trouble. They cannot authorise release of the funds as they do not hold the authority, or any signatory rights, over the Combined International Collateral Accounts, to do so. At the same time, and there are two prominent points here, successive US Governments from 1963, following the execution of the Green Hilton Treaty by President Kennedy and President Soekarno (Note: Kennedy was assassinated 10 days after the signing of this Treaty), refused to recognise the Combined International Accounts and the Green Hilton Treaty.

The second point here is that successive US Governments have continuously been stealing and plundering the assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts, for their own purposes.

Therefore to sign off on the accounts in favour of Wanta would be illegal and fraudulent, which they will not do as they have been informed and are being watched carefully. To recognise the accounts as a Government would mean that they hold the responsibility, as a Government and Custodian of the assets, and must therefore ensure that any surplus must be credited to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, which for your information are held at the Federal Reserve, The US Treasury, The Swiss National Bank, The BIS, The Swiss Federal Banking Authority, with UBS being the Primary Custodian over all other banks.

This would mean that their little games of plunder and theft, to enhance their own financial standings and those of certain other covert groups, would come to an abrupt end and all of them would be held personally liable to the Combined International Collateral Accounts for the amounts, losses, or otherwise, involved with their continuous fraudulent activities. They are to say the least "Up the river, in a canoe, without any paddles", and the world ponders as to what happens next, not knowing the real truth.

In respect of the "World Court" as is quoted by you, I assume you refer to the International Court of the Hague. This being the case, there are again several points of issue. The first being that the US does not (deliberately I have to add) recognise the International Court and is not bound by any rulings it makes in respect of US Citizens, Government actions, or similar. The second point being that even the World Court (International Court) does not have the jurisdictional control over any factor related to the Combined International Collateral Accounts. The decisions of the Owner and Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts, take precedence over all / any laws, or judicial decisions / judgements, of any other nation, any Supreme Court of any Nation, and even the International Court. This is all bound in "Secrecy" under numerous International Treaties executed by the Governments of the World as far back as 1910. There are no International Treaties in existence that dispel, withdraw, annul, make void, or similar, the rules as agreed to under International Treaties executed by the Nations of the World.

The J Lobby, are relishing in all of this fiasco, as it is doing for them what they want to achieve, without them doing anything. That is the collapse of the US Dollar, and subsequently all other Fiat Currencies of the World, leading the world to total disorder and the strongest possibility of World War III. Whilst all this in-fighting has been going on, the J Lobby has been acquiring most of the World's Gold, Silver, Platinum, plus other valuable commodities, land, property via foreclosures through their own banks, plus numerous other strategies to gain total power. It is that Power that will see the rest of the World's population become the slaves of the J Lobby, with or without a World War III. We are all being thrown backwards to Medieval Times and people like G.W. Bush Jnr and his cronies, which includes G.W.Bush Snr, are perpetuating this by their own illegal and fraudulent activities against the Combined International Collateral Accounts, which by the way is the only means left in the world today that can save the world from this mayhem and possible World War III, but whilst these accounts, their existence, and their use for the World and its people are being denied by the US Government, The President, his cronies, The US Treasury, The Federal Reserve, and many others, including the top International (J owned) Banks who are also Custodians, the fiasco will continue.

Coming back to the very Countries / Nations who executed Agreements with the Reagan Government, many are fully aware of the situation and are equally as guilty of denial as the US Government, GWB and the cronies them selves. All they want is the money for their own pockets as payment for their support to Reagan is destroying Russian Communism. Japan, U.K. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgian, Holland, Norway, are just some of those Nations, now add in other primary Nations and some higher tier Secondary Nations and a few Lower Tier Secondary Nations, and you have it all in a Nutshell. One big International con job operated and initiated by the very top people of world Government society, which has gone wrong, all because the real truth has never been revealed by the US. A deliberate act of International Sabotage.

Do not make the mistake of saying that the IMF or World Bank are openly on the side of the International Courts and the so-called creditor Nations. They too are all part of the scam, and they want what they think and believe what they are entitled to.

For your information the Gold possessed by the IMF is not owned by them. It was passed to them by the US who gain an annual rental / lease fee from the IMF. Again another illegal and Fraudulent act by successive US Governments, as they do not own the gold either. The Gold is part of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility that the US and other Colonial Powers have been illegally using and denying its existence, for decades. I can advise you in the strongest possible way that NO authority has been given, or will be given, by the Owner / Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts, for the IMF to sell any of its Gold stocks as that belongs to the World and its people.

This is reality. The World is being mislead by these fantasies of Wanta and his cronies, and robbed daily of it's future by the illegal activities of every successive US Government, President and Friends, since 1963.

One last point. The Queen's Gold, stolen by the US. Yes it was stolen and Tony Blair played a senior part of its theft (Isn't that the reason he was appointed a US Envoy with Full Diplomatic Immunity, so he could never be brought to justice on it). However, the Queen does not own the Gold that was stolen. The Queen is Custodian and also a signatory to some accounts of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, as was Princess Diana, as is Prince Charles and other prominent members of the Queens Court and British Hierarchy. The Queen is furious, bloody furious, because she, as Head of State and Head Custodian, is responsible under the terms of Custodianship.

Wanta has conned you, as he conned V.K.Durham of Durham Trust, as he conned, or has tried to con many others. Please accept that as a misfortune, and aim to correct it, revealing all to the public at large, as you will get the truth from me. Unfortunately because of its "Top Secret" classification, you may not be able to verify most of it unless you have friends in very, very high places that carry a level 1-3 International Security Rating.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Whistleblower
(This 04.03.08 email from Mr Whistleblower was originally posted on the website

07.03.08 - Email 2 from Mr Whistleblower
(Addressed to Mr Bellringer, the Editor. The occasion of this email was a correspondent, PZ, asking Whistleblower what the connection was between the Green Hilton Treaty and the Wanta case.)

Thank you for your question via
Our response on same follows:

The comments in question do not relate directly to the other content. They are meant to clearly indicate that the US, by not recognizing the Green Hilton Treaty, actually deny that the assets held by President Soekarno are part of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, thus implying that they still belong to the original Owners (hereditary or otherwise).

The fact is that assets held by Soekarno were not owned by Indonesia, its' numerous Sultanates, or otherwise, but by several other countries, Royal Families, etc. which were deposited in Indonesia commencing 1921, which is the very same period as assets were deposited in The Philippines.

It was the Japanese who were charged by the World's Nations to undertake the excavation of tunnels, mines, bunkers, etc, and deposit assets within same as and when then were shipped to Indonesia.

It is common knowledge that over the years the US has deliberately broadcast over the Airwaves, that they are the real owners and that anyone locating or finding any assets should report same to the US Embassy immediately. This was a ploy by the US to locate assets and ultimately steal them. Not recognizing the Green Hilton Treaty, which was relevant to Indonesia and President Soekarno, allowed the US to lay claim to the assets and thus steal / plunder them for their own purpose.

Additionally, the US, by its denials and non-recognition of the Green Hilton Treaty, opened the doors for descendants of President Soekarno, plus many others who were appointed as Secondary Holders, Administrators, Sub-secondary Holders / Custodians etc by President Soekarno (Note: we hold a full list of these people, which is embodied within President Soekarno's records, Volume 4), to lay claim to the assets held in Indonesia.

The very same situation arises with The Philippines and other countries. In Russia alone, during the Yeltsin era, President Clinton claimed that the Gold deposited in Russia was actually owned by the US. Thousands of MT of Gold were moved out of Russia by train into Switzerland and Germany, under orders of President Yeltsin.

This movement was monitored and President Yeltsin was held to order on this. His condition to step down from the Presidency of the Russian Federation, entailed a Full International Immunity from prosecution for his criminal acts of Theft of Assets from the Collateral Accounts in conjunction with others (These acts are beginning to come back and bite the other persons involved quite viciously).

Coming back to the point of issue. The statement was made as an example to indicate the tactics used by the US to steal, illegally use, plunder, etc the assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts. The example was considered to be the best possible example as it linked to a situation in the US which is still questionable today. Other examples could not be used as much as this, and corrective actions against such illegal use, abuse, theft etc, are all "Classified".

In respect of your statement claiming you have seen the Green Hilton Treaty. We do not dispute your claim on this, but advise as to caution. The reason being is that there are at least Three (3) known forgeries of this Treaty in existence. There may be more. All differ from each other and all of them do lead to confusion with those who make claims of having read the Treaty.
It is not known who composed any of the forgeries, although guesses are abound.

The "Real" Treaty states, that an agreement has been reached, and shall be referred to as a "Treaty" between Sovereign Nations, by the President of the United States and the President of Indonesia, that Assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts pursuant to Treaties …….(numerous Treaties referred to)……. and held under Custodianship within Indonesia, shall be transferred to ………(Name of location in the USA)………and utilized by the USA to fractionally back the International Currency of the US Dollar. Note, the content of the treaty actually states several further issues, but the above is the main issue.

In return for President Soekarno's cooperation in this matter, conjointly with the Owner / Sole Arbiter, Indonesia were given financial Hereditary rights equal to 2.5% of the value of the assets, to be used within Indonesia to assist in the development of the country.

Those rights and with full reference to the Green Hilton Treaty were confirmed within the "Recognizing the Rights" Treaty, Bangkok, Thailand, dated 2003. You will also find reference to all of this within various Schweitzer / Innsbruck Conventions.

Needless to say, the assets have yet to be used for the benefit of Indonesia. Some have been moved illegally, some stolen / plundered, but basically the two aforementioned Treaties remain ineffective and unrecognized by the US, whom, through the Federal Reserve prevent movement, allotment, allocation, or otherwise of same for use not only for Indonesia, but for every other country in the World and the People.

Many Indonesians, as with Filipinos, travel the World holding various Gold and Platinum Bullion Certificates, claiming they are the owners of the Bullion, only to be arrested and incarcerated. This will continue until the Truth comes out.

There is no direct connection to the Wanta case, as may or may not have been implied. The statement was used as an example to indicate to others what mechanisms are used by the US and others to illegal use, steal, plunder, etc, assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts.

We apologise if this lead to a misunderstanding, as we did not purposely or intentionally design this statement to be misleading.

There are many factors connected to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, illegal activities, theft, plunder, etc that are all inter-related in one way or another whereby to isolate one issue away from all the others is not easy. To understand the enormity of the situation one has to understand the whole picture and appreciate the relativity of one part to other parts.

We do not purposely or intentionally restrict illegal activities to the US, although the US is responsible for a substantial majority of the problems involved. Other Countries, Central Banks, Rogue elements of Intelligence Agencies, Commercial Banks, individuals, have also been active in the area of Theft, Plunder, Illegal use.

We hope that this has satisfactory explained the statement we have made, and we thank you for your interest in same. Please feel free to seek further answers should you find the need to do so.

Kindest regards.
(This 07.03.08 email from Mr Whistleblower was originally posted on the website

Whistleblower's references to the Combined Internal Collateral Accounts and to V.K.Durham invite comment. The Combined Internal Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility should not be confused with the much larger Saint Germain World Trust described here. The V.K.Durham reference is more complicated.

V.K.Durham was the wife of CIA operative Russell Hermann, a close intelligence community colleague of President George Bush Snr in the 1980s. She found an 1875 Peruvian Gold Certificate in an old Bible she had purchased. This certificate had a face value of $1000 plus accrued interest. It is now worth trillions of dollars. George Bush Snr learned of the gold certificate/bond through Russell Hermann, who verified its validity, and determined to steal it. On George Bush Snr's instruction, Russell Herman was cloned and his clones were placed under CIA mind-control. There were various reasons for this, one of which was to expedite a theft of the gold. The original Russell Hermann was then poisoned and died a slow and agonising death at home under the care of his wife, V.K.Durham. Because she owned the certificate, V.K.Durham had control of the Peruvian Gold wealth and met, in person, with a high-status Pleiadian extraterrestrial called Hatonn to discuss its disbursement. Hatonn is one of the benign ETs engaged in the manifestation of the
NESARA global prosperity reforms. He advised V.K.Durham how to use the gold wealth for the wider benefit of humanity. V.K.Durham rejected his advice and lost the Peruvian Gold Certificate. The bond is now held aboard a Pleiadian starship called The Phoenix. This mothership commands the local Pleiadian fleet stationed around Planet Earth at this time. The Peruvian gold wealth accessed by the bond is now in The Saint Germain World Trust. More details here. And Christopher Story's refutations of the Whistleblower emails can be found here (06.03.08) and here (07.03.08).


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