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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Be faithful - give away your power to the church
An Easter photograph from Palma de Mallorca (Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain - April 2009). Other Easter Churchianity pictures can be found here (Malaga, Spain - April 2009), here (Zamora, Spain - April 2009) and here (Verges, Spain - April 2009).

My name is God and these are My instructions
Be careful not to make any mistakes, and stay docile ....

The resurrection of the shaman
It wasn't just Jesus of Nazareth, Apollonius of Tyana and St Francis of Assisi who were shamans. Shamanism is undergoing a revival today. The emergence of the New Spirituality in the west has focussed educated attention on the healing and nature-working abilities which are inherent in all of us.

11-year-olds encouraged to swear in class at Church of England St Laurence School, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire (UK)
English children as young as eleven were encouraged to shout out obscenities during an official school lesson discussing swearing. Swear words were written on a blackboard before their meaning was explained in detail by a teacher. The lesson was part of a sex and relationship education programme designed to dispel the myths of swear words. Parents said they were not informed about the content of the one-hour class and say their children were left deeply upset by the experience. One parent commented: "This is a total disgrace. We send our children to school in good faith to gain an education - not qualifications in swear words." St Laurence School is a Voluntary Controlled school overseen by the Church of England Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education. The Diocesan Board says that is concerned to serve God in all aspects of the Church's educational work and thereby enable children and young people to develop spiritually, morally, socially and intellectually according to the beliefs of the Christian faith. The Head Teacher, James Colquhoun, is an active Church member.

Japan's US-backed Tokyo colonial polity begins to break up as powerful independence movement starts in Hokkaido and Kyushu
There is talk of Hokkaido declaring independence from Japan and issuing its own gold-backed regional currency. And further south, in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Kyushu, the Governor, Hideo Higashikokubaru, is talking anti-Tokyo revolutionary language.

The Chinese basidiomycete fungus Cordyceps sinensis is a medicinal superfood which can be utilised to extend longevity, enhance physical stamina, heart physiology and sexual function, treat cancer, bronchitis, asthma and elevated cholesterol, and strengthen immune function to reverse HIV/AIDS development (pdf - 6 pages)
The naturally growing Chinese "mushrooms" pictured here are extremely high in both beta-glucans and oxygen-rich polysaccharides. Technical background here.

The US government's protected opium crop
A photograph. The US, UK and NATO are in Afghanistan for a covert reason: to protect and profit from the illegal drugs trade. A major US-sponsored route for opium/heroin out of the country is reported to be through the US Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and then on to the US Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. Since the American national bankruptcy took grip at the end of March 2009, it has been the tidal flow of illicit BlackOps drugs money, managed by the CIA, which has kept the major US banks funded. A UK mainstream perspective on the issue can be found here.

US Economic Council Director Larry Summers TV interview disrupted by protest (YouTube video - 3 mins)
On Thursday 9th April 2009, Harvard Professor Lawrence Summers, the American economist who is Director of the White House's National Economic Council, was heckled and interrupted at the Economic Club in Washington DC during a live lunchtime television interview with David Rubenstein of The Carlyle Group. He had just been asked whether a second US financial stimulus would be needed when two activists walked onto the stage behind him, displayed a banner saying: "We Want Our $$$ Back!" and heckled him. Summers was called "a toxic mess". The demonstrators were from Code Pink for Peace. More here, here, here and here.

German government muzzles Wikileaks website
On Thursday 9th April 2009, the internet domain registration for the investigative journalism website was suspended without notice by Germany's registration authority DENIC. Despite being questioned by the press, the German authorities have not contacted WikiLeaks or its publishers. The situation is similar to the legal dispute between WikiLeaks and the corruption-ridden Swiss bank Julius Baer last year. WikiLeaks published documents exposing hundreds of millions of dollars hidden by Julius Baer in Cayman Islands trusts. The domain was temporarily disabled by a California judge following an ex-parte hearing by the bank. Publishing continued on other WikiLeaks domains and following representations by WikiLeaks lawyers and major media and civil liberties organizations, the judge admitted his error and the rescinded his orders. More about Bank Julius Baer here. More about German government corruption here, here, here and here.

Chinese cat-boy Nong Youhui has bright blue eyes which glow in the dark
Medics in Dahua, southern China, say that Nong Youhui can read perfectly in complete darkness. The boy can see as clearly at midnight as most people can during the day. And his eyes are not regulation Chinese black. Has Nong Youhui got leukoderma? Or is he one of the New Age Children?

How important is Jesus?
Even in his Palestinian incarnation, Jesus was never particularly religious. He was more of an itinerant shaman, a teacher-healer, a widely-travelled Essene mystic.

The substitutionary atonement? You want proof?
A cartoon by S. Harris. More about the substitutionary atonement here, here and here.

Chinese President Hu Jintao accepted substantial bribe from US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and may be heading for death sentence
Will China execute Hu Jintao for geopolitical financial crimes? Or will Hu overbribe his accusers in the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China? And what about Henry Paulson? Has he been given legal immunity in the US? Background here.

Trump under terminal stress: the US real estate bust is far from over
The US residential market has hit the ditch and continues to sink lower, but now the commercial property market is rolling over and will take many lenders down the drain with it. America's small and regional bankers are pointing their fingers at the big banks, claiming the big money centre banks "have tarred and feathered us." The United States had 14 months' worth of condo inventory at the end of 2008 and the 93,000 units scheduled to be finished in 2009 will increase inventory 28 percent. 12,000 of those units will come online in job-bleeding New York and northern New Jersey, while Chicago will have an additional 5,500 units for sale and Miami will add nearly 3,500. The condo crash is making life miserable for Donald Trump, who has projects in many of the once-hot-and-now-not markets. Trump is fighting with his lenders in Chicago, has only closed sales on a quarter of his finished units in Las Vegas, and buyers in two projects in Miami bearing the Trump name aren't showing up to close escrow.

US Department of Defense contractors charged in bribery conspiracy related to DOD contracts in Afghanistan
Dinorah Cobos has been charged with bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery. Cobos, a US citizen living in Dubai, worked as a contractor with the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Afghanistan Engineer District in Kabul, Afghanistan. Also charged is Afghanistan Engineer District contractor Raymond Azar, a citizen of Lebanon, and Sima Salazar Group, a Lebanese military contracting company. Cobos and Azar conspired to bribe a US Army Corps of Engineers contracting officer in exchange for approval of payment of fraudulent invoices on contracts that Sima Salazar Group held with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan. Cobos offered to pay the contracting officer up to 1.5 percent of any payments made by US Corps of Army Engineers to Sima Salazar Group. $16,789 in bribe money was wired to the contracting officer in the United States.

Alcoa in trouble and burning cash
The US's largest aluminium producer is reducing its dividend, workforce and production to cope with an historic drop in aluminium prices. More here, here and here.

Iceland: being defeated by debt is as deadly as outright military warfare
Iceland is under attack – not militarily­ but financially. The government is being told to sell off the nation’s public domain, its natural resources and public enterprises to pay the financial gambling debts run up irresponsibly by a new banking class. This class is seeking to increase its wealth and power despite the fact that its debt-leveraging strategy already has plunged the economy into bankruptcy. On top of this, creditors are seeking to enact permanent taxes and sell off public assets to pay for bailouts to themselves.

Why is church so serious?
Is it because God likes a good laugh?

Full moon
A photograph. More images of the full moon are linked from this page here. Full moon dates can be found here. And an astrological comment about the current full moon in Libra can be found here.

China and Russia plan computer-hack strategies to constrain rogue US government
With successive US administrations doing so much unnecessary damage to the world economy, elite Chinese and Russian computer hackers are teaming up to restrict Washington DC's ability to self-injure. Benign, sleeping, cyberintrusion is suspected in the US electrical power grid, American international trade hubs, military command structures, financial wire-transfer systems, Washington government contracting offices and major universities.

Obama named in dozens of civil lawsuits as ineligible to be US President
Where's the proof that Barack Obama was born in the US or that he fulfils the 'natural-born American' clause in the Constitution? The realisation is growing that Obama was born in Kenya and that he may have been cloned for control. More here, here, here and here.

UFO phenomenon is real says Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
"I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real. It has been covered up by governments for quite some time now." More about UFOs, ETs and The Higher Evolution can be found on this page here.

Our Earth allies are on the verge of success; their plans are to change your present world of lack and limitation into a realm of abundance
"This project includes a legal foundation that permits them to alter the world that you now know. We are relying upon a special group of well-placed and wealthy individuals to achieve our preliminary objectives. This phase is nearing the last steps before its manifestation in the public arena. We are setting up liaison teams that can work with the new governments to create programs elucidating various aspects of first contact and to introduce the technologies currently withheld from you. To these will be added some of our technology which can boost the present capabilities of your devices. Assisting us in an advisory capacity are the Agarthans, your Inner Earth cousins. They are keen to reunite with you and re-form a planetwide galactic society. We need to land counsellors, one for each human on the planet, and technicians to install a series of devices, such as replicators for each household. You will require instruction on how to use, communicate with, and maintain this technology. In essence, its operation is quite simply, but it is nonetheless a very powerful, sentient interactive device. It does what many of you may consider to be miraculous. Know that something magnificent is just around the corner ...."

The Bank of England
Threadneedle Street, London. A photograph.

Who is Passenham? Who is the German agent working secretly in the heart of the Bank of England?
The man is a key figure instrumental in furthering the long-range Abwehr/ Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) strategy. He has an offshore bank account with Henry Ansbacher, British Virgin Islands. Covert payroll funds paid to this agent are believed to be wired through Deutsche Bank (Germany) and UBS (Switzerland) to an account at Henry Ansbacher in the name of Passenham. Deutsche Bank serves as the money-laundering arm of the DVD, Dachau. Through Deutsche Bank, the DVD finances mind-control programmes used to subvert and control British interests within the UK police, banking sector, industry and government. This subversion programme is called 'Common Purpose' and is run from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the Cabinet Office, Whitehall, London. Source here (31.10.08). The DVD is thought to be playing an ongoing role in the Madeleine McCann abduction which has been personally linked to José Manuel Durão Barroso, the 12th President of the European Commission. More here and here.

Who are the world's largest landowners?
The top five are: Queen Elizabeth II of England who legally owns 6.6 billion acres; King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - 553 million acres; King Bhumibol of Thailand - 126 million acres; King Mohammed IV of Morocco - 113 million acres and Sultan Quaboos of Oman - 76 million acres. Queen Elizabeth controls and owns the legal titles to more than 7½ times as much land as the other four biggest landowners put together. Her holding includes the private corporation called Washington DC in America. This entity and its (US) government are administered as cash cows through The Crown Temple in London. All BAR Attorneys in the US are (covertly) agents of The Crown Temple. BAR stands for British Accredited Regency.

US Republican role of honour
A new list has been compiled. The US Republican Party has a long list of notable alumni. Republican Senator Larry Craig pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct following his arrest by an undercover police officer stationed in the airport men's room who said the senator had behaved like a man soliciting sex. Republican Representative Mark Foley resigned amid reports that he had sent sexually explicit internet messages to underage male pages. A day after Republican Senator David Vitter acknowledged being involved with a notable Washington madam, new revelations linked him to a former madam in New Orleans. Republican Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child. Republican activist Lawrence E. King Jnr organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s. Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year prison sentence for sexually abusing 8 and 10-year old girls. Republican Congressman Donald Buz Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a minor and sentenced to one month in jail. Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges. Republican activist Mark A. Grethen was convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children. Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a minor working as a congressional page. And there are many more on the list. A similar role of honour is being assembled for US Democrats.

Mexican drug baron officially thanks American lawmakers for keeping drugs illegal
Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera, head of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, is ranked 701st on Forbes' list of wealthiest men alive, and is worth an estimated $1 billion. He has officially thanked United States politicians for making sure that drugs remain illegal. "I couldn't have gotten so stinking rich without George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr, Ronald Reagan and even El Presidente Obama. None of them have the cajones to stand up to all the big money that wants to keep this stuff illegal. From the bottom of my heart I want to say gracias amigos. I owe my whole empire to you." The only funds keeping many of the world's major banks afloat, now, is laundered money from illicit drug dealing.

Ex-US Secretary of State, James Baker, had secret office in Bush Jnr White House from 2005-2009 to coordinate political bribes
Baker, who was not subject to Congressional oversight or media scrutiny, used his covert White House office to coordinate bribes, laundered through the US Treasury, to individuals linked to the year 2000 US election fraud. Recipients of the bribes included senior NASA officials involved in the managed theft the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore. NASA satellites, including the British satellite Galileo, were used to electronically steal the states of West Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and New Hampshire from Gore. The NASA code for Tennessee was "rocky top" and the NASA code for Florida was "gator".

Scientology sued over human trafficking and coerced abortions
On Thursday 2nd April 2009, Laura DeCrescenzo filed a complaint against the Church of Scientology International claiming Rescission of unlawful and fraudulent instruments, Unpaid wages and breaches of labour laws, Discrimination and invasion of privacy (including illegal use of lie-detectors on staff), Human trafficking, Intentional infliction of emotional distress, and Obstruction of justice. At the age of ten, Laura was a full-time Scientology staff member. At twelve she left her home in New Mexico, without her parents, and moved to California to join Scientology's elite Sea Organisation. She signed a contract to serve for one billion years. At seventeen she was coerced by her Scientology minders into having an abortion.

China makes deal with group that tried to kill 80% of all non-European peoples
Tensions within the secret government of the West and in China are escalating. The Bush/Clinton/Rothschilds and their clan elders have made a secret deal with China to condemn the Americans and many Europeans to fifty years of debt slavery in order to pay off debt owed to the Chinese. Many power groups in Europe, the US and China are opposed to this deal. Bankers are getting assassinated as a consequence. More here.

Bilderberg 2009 secret party scheduled for Thursday 14th May to Sunday 17th May at the Nafsika Astir Palace hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece.
All welcome. Only 20 miles outside Athens. Book your tickets now. Cameras allowed, but no sniper rifles. Documentary evidence of manifest long-term corruption needed for admission. Last year, the Bilderbergs told Bush Jnr and Cheney that they could not have a war with Iran. More about the Bilderberg international crime syndicate here, here and here.

Vast stores of gold are available, in place and waiting to back the new global currencies
There is more than enough gold currently in existence on Earth for each and every human being to be a millionaire without debts of any kind. There is much more gold in store in covert vaults than is officially stated. And there is also a lot more gold available beyond these covert vaults than even the darkside moneymen of the Illuminati know. Large deposits of gems and precious metals - not just Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum, but some others as yet unknown to modern science - have been accumulated and securely stored since the fourteenth century. Most of the Inca, Aztec and Mayan gold of antiquity is extant and secure. And there is much gold in store from earlier civilisations not known to orthodox human history. The Gobi, Tibet, Persia and North Africa, among others, have networks of subterranean vaults packed with treasures of this kind. These deposits are spiritually protected by The Higher Evolution. The Higher Evolution also has privileged information about the location of substantial undiscovered gold seams in hundreds of terrestrial locations beyond the reach or knowledge of the mining industry. They also have the technology to extract this gold without environmental damage. In addition, there are benign extraterrestrial sources of gold ready and waiting to be brought on stream. Some of these are said to be very large indeed, particularly those of Venusian origin. At least two members of the G20 nations are in difficulties here. They have not got the deliverable gold they need to survive the coming changes. Much of the gold held at the American Fort Knox Bullion Depository in Kentucky is not gold at all; it consists of facsimile lead bars painted a gold colour for presentation purposes. This is becoming noticeable as the gold paint fades. Where the original gold went, and who took it, is shortly to be made public by a former insider. Much of the US's gold reserves are listed as being Mint-Held Gold in Deep Storage. Dealers have always assumed that this means finished gold bars stored in deep underground vaults beneath places such as Fort Knox, Denver and West Point. The indications are emerging, however, that the term "Deep Storage Gold" is a euphemism for "yet to be mined gold". It doesn't exist in deliverable form; it is merely a paperwork forecast about future gold mining potentialities. In the UK there are problems too. Not all the gold held by the Bank of England is fit for delivery. The gold stored in the BoE vaults began to be accumulated in the early nineteenth century. It takes the form of gold bars, ingots and coins. Current methods of assessing quality have indicated flaws in the purity. Many of the gold bars contain cracks and fissures. The coins contain appreciable quantities of base metals. And much of the British gold lacks up-to-date assay certificates. With gold being central to the new global currencies, these problems are not inconsiderable. More here, here and here.

The Imam Mahdi shows up on Iraqi video
A screen grab. In Church mythology, The Imam Mahdi is called The Christ. On the spiritual planes, he is known as Maitreya. His miraculous figure of glowing, brilliant, white light appeared on a video filmed in Karbala (Iraq) on the night of Sunday 6th January 2008. The Shia Muslim Ashura ceremony was in process. Ashura commemorates the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet Hussein whose tomb is in Karbala. The original YouTube video (55 seconds) can be found here or here. Background verification from Share International Magazine can be found here. More about The Imam Mahdi (= Christ = Maitreya = World Teacher) can be found here and here.

Top-level government corruption emerges in China
Since the G20 summit in London at the beginning of April 2009, a major political crisis has raged behind the scenes in the People's Republic of China. Both President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao are at loggerheads with the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China over issues of major geopolitical financial fraud. First, a 25-page G20 privileged document detailing secret collusion between the Obama White House and China to precipitate the US national bankruptcy into a carefully staged USA-wide middle-class financial collapse has been exposed. Chinese attempts to recall the document have failed. Second, Wen Jiabao with the support (he says) of Hu Jintao gave secret computer access codes to George Bush Jnr during the dying days of the Bush US administration. These codes gave the Bush White House wire-transfer access to the massive Farm Claims, Omega Fund and international prosperity fund accounts. The subsequent attempts at theft were traced in Europe using Inslaw/PROMIS (and other) security software and were blocked. There is a real possibility, now, that both Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao will go the way of former Shanghai Communist party chief Chen Liangyu. In April 2008, Chen was removed from his post and sentenced to 18 years in prison after being linked to a social insurance fund scandal involving the attempted theft of 3.7 billion yuan. And let's not forget the executed Madame Wu Yi. On Friday 16th May 2008, a $14 trillion sum of money belonging to China was moved into Citibank. It was then illegally moved offshore by Madame Wu Yi. Acting in personal Ming family interests, she put out the cover story that John Glover Roberts, Alan Greenspan and Dick Cheney had attempted to steal the funds, had failed and had been taken into custody. Her intention was to split the money between herself and George Bush Jnr, each party taking $7 trillion each. Upon discovery, Madame Wu Yi faced a long interrogation before she was allowed to die. And then on Monday 11th August 2008, John Glover Roberts, the seventeenth Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, was caught by US security agents trying to gain unlawful access to the global prosperity funds. Roberts attempted to do this using out-of-date wire transfer codes obtained from the Chinese and Japanese ambassadors (Zhou Wenzhong and Ichiro Fujisaki). These ambassadors to the US were relieved of their duties during the week beginning 21st July 2008. Both are now dead. Chinese punishment is swift if financial corruption is involved. It may be too late for Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao. More background here and here. Updates here (07.04.09) and here (10.04.09). And more about the Farm Claims and Omega fund packages here.

Closer inspection of the April 2009 G20 declaration suggests that it cloaks an attempted Zionist power-grab
The IMF was granted the right to create, out of thin air, a new global currency. Problem: the IMF is an unelected body controlled by Zionists. Huge power over all of the world’s financial institutions was handed to a Financial Supervisory Board. Problem: the unelected FSB is just the privately-owned Bank of International Settlements in disguise.

Consider John the baker who has produced ten loaves of bread and has consumed two loaves. The real savings here is eight loaves of bread ....
"Let us say that John decided to lend his real savings (eight loaves of bread) to a shoemaker, Bill, for a pair of shoes in one month's time. Through lending, John supplies Bill the shoemaker with the means of sustenance (eight loaves of bread) while Bill is busy making shoes. Also note that what made the lending possible here is the saved loaves of bread. Hence, what limits the size of lending is the amount of loaves saved. If John could produce twelve loaves and consume two loaves, then he would be able to increase his lending from eight loaves to ten. Now let us introduce an intermediary and let's called it a bank. Instead of lending eight loaves directly, John transfers his saved bread to the bank. The bank in turn lends it to Bill the shoemaker or to other individuals. Bank lending here is dictated by real savings - eight loaves of bread - and it is real savings that sets the size of lending here. Now let us assume that John's real savings declines - his production of bread has fallen to eight loaves while his consumption is still two loaves. In this case, the bank would be forced to curtail its lending to six loaves. Would it make sense to blame the bank for curtailing lending? Real savings determines the size of credit. What people really want is real stuff, i.e. real savings, and not money as such. Hence, as long as banks facilitate credit that is fully backed by real savings, they should be seen as the agents in the transmission of wealth. In the modern monetary system, which is presided over by the central bank, banks can embark on lending that is not fully backed by real savings - credit created out of thin air. In the case of fully backed credit, the borrower secures goods that were produced and saved for him. This, however, is not the case with unbacked credit. No goods were produced and saved here. As a result of the unbacked credit, an additional demand for various goods emerges. This leads to an attempt at expanding the infrastructure of the economy. This attempt is bound to fail since the flow of real savings is not large enough to support the expansion of the infrastructure. The attempt to expand the infrastructure leads to the diversion of real savings from various activities that make the present flow of real savings possible. Consequently the flow of real savings comes under pressure and the rate of real economic growth follows suit. Remember that real savings fund economic activity - not money. Credit or money created out of thin air can't replace the non-existent real savings. In our previous example, we saw that without the saved loaves of bread no lending is possible. Can the cleansing of banks' balance sheets lead to an increase in fully backed lending? Without the expansion of the pool of real savings, the increase in lending is mission impossible ...."

Western internet censorship: The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?
It's not just China which censors internet access. Thailand, UAE, Lebanon, Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Finland are at it too.

Aspartame poisons the growing brains of children
It is known to the public as NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful and is in common use as a sweetener in "low-sugar" foodstuffs. Aspartame releases aspartate during digestion. Aspartate is a neurotransmitter used by the neurons in the brain. The blood-brain barrier is designed to protect the brain from the invasion of harmful chemicals. When normal neurotransmitters such as aspartate and glutamate cross this barrier in excess, they cause poisoning and lead to the death of the nerve cells within the brain and spinal cord. The blood-brain barrier cannot discern the amount that is needed from too much. So these neurotransmitters build up undetected until a toxic level is reached. This accumulation seems to be particularly insidious in its effect on the developing brains and nervous systems of children. More about aspartame here and here.

An emerging spirituality for The New Age of Aquarius
As religion is left behind and more grown-up ways of being human are explored, a new spirituality is emerging on Planet Earth ....

Lake Titicaca
A photograph by Ian Skipworth. Bolivia/Peru, South America. 12,500 ft up in the Andes, Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America by volume of water. More than 25 rivers collect rainfall and glacial meltwater and take it to Titicaca. The lake was a major Inca sacred site and is said to have spiritual and deep tunnel connections with Mount Shasta in California (USA), many hundreds of miles to the north. A persistent oral tradition is that Amautas (wise elders) from the ancient culture of Atlantis now live in underground cities beneath the Andes, particularly below Lake Titicaca. UFO activity in the area has been commonplace for centuries (exemplar photograph here). More lake pictures here, here, here, here and here. And more information about Lake Titicaca can be found here, here, here and here.

China actively assisting Obama administration in triggering the US national bankruptcy and the pre-planned, staged collapse of the wider US economy
Already in part payment of its debts to China, the US government has handed over the Port of Long Beach (California), both ends of the Panama Canal, in excess of 22,000 US golf courses and de facto control of several major US banks, including the Federal Reserve. The collusion between the Communist government of China and the Obama White House was spelled out in stark terms in a 25-page document circulated to Heads of State and Heads of Government at the April 2009 G20 summit in London. It detailed documented proof of the parts which Obama (personally), Geithner (personally) and Congress have played in top-end wire fraud, embezzlement and treason against the Constitution, the Republic and the American people. China is now fighting a losing battle in its attempts to retrieve every hard copy of that document. Queen Elizabeth II of England is hanging on to hers and the relationship between her and Obama is reported to be vitriolic. China regards the US military as being in disarray (true) and foresees no effective military opposition to its plans for a US takeover by stealth (false). The major player here is the Chinese Communist government - not the old Chinese families such as the Taiwan-based Yis and the panglobal Mings. These families hold executive influence over the Chinese Green and Red secret societies which have six million members worldwide, including 100,000 professional martial arts assassins. These assassins could take out the top one hundred people in the Chinese and American governments before breakfast if that was the instruction given. More here. And more about the Green and the Red here.

US Torture Masters begin to squirm
Douglas Feith, John Yoo, William Haynes, Alberto Gonzales, Jay Bybee, David Addington, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and George Bush Jnr may soon be arrested and subjected to international legal action in Europe. Spain has started the ball rolling. The anti-torture momentum is public and powerful. Background here. UK dimension here. Updates here (05.04.09), here (09.04.09), here (10.04.09), here (13.04.09), here (13.04.09).

More evidence emerges that thermite was used in the planned 9/11 demolition of the World Trade Center in New York
A new scientific analysis of 9/11 WTC demolition dust has been circulated. The analysis employed techniques involving optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry. The red/gray chips discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material. More about 9/11 here (pdf), here, and here.

G20 rubric moves the planet one step closer to a New World Order global currency
A single clause in Point 19 of the London communiqué issued by the G20 leaders at the beginning of April 2009 amounts to a revolution in the global financial order. "We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity," it said. SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund. In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global "quantitative easing". In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body.

What caused the death of religion?
In the educated West, religion died some years ago. This was a positive development in human spiritual culture. It meant that at the beginning of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, new forms of religionless spirituality could be explored and experienced. And through spiritual practice and study, new, clean connections could be made with the Higher Evolution. Three core concepts of establishment religiosity became untenable and were discarded: scripture, worship and belief. Once the foundation of the religious mind, these three concepts came to be seen as nonsensical and spiritually injurious.

From the commencement of the last Earth cycle over 12,000 years ago, it was known that it would be completed through the process of Ascension
"It is therefore an extremely important time for all souls engaged in the experiences of duality. At the end of every cycle there is an emergence of those who are ready to move on to the higher realms. However, as many of you are now aware this one is unique, as you take your physical body with you. Not as your existing carbon based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th Dimension. One that has become lighter, and has moved into a near perfect expression of itself. The vibrations of Earth dull your senses, and it is not until you rise up higher that you can fully grasp the purpose of life on Earth. There is not much time left before the upliftment that will accompany Ascension. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation comprises members that have already ascended and serve in the Light ...."

The Library of Birmingham (UK)
An artist's impression of the new £193 million library building planned for Centenary Square, next to the Birmingham REP Theatre. Situated in the English West Midlands, it will be the UK's biggest lending library when it opens in 2013. More here.

London G20 decisions seem to be a major defeat for the Illuminati
But what did Obama agree to during his secret meeting at Buckingham Palace with the 13 bankers representing the 13 Illuminati blood lines? What is going to happen to them and their private, soon-to-be-abolished US Federal Reserve Board? More about the Illuminati here.

Russian state TV says US spying at Kyrgyzstan air base
Rossiya television has released a clip of a documentary to be aired on Sunday 5th April 2009 which shows how the United States runs intelligence operations from its Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan, used for supplying foreign troops in Afghanistan. Kyrgyzstan told Washington in February 2009 to close the air base after it secured a $2 billion economic aid package from Russia. Update here (05.04.09).

AIG and other insurers wrote phoney reinsurance contracts for decades
And when AIG wrote hundreds of billions of dollars in credit default swap contracts, neither AIG nor the counterparties believed that the CDS contracts would ever be paid. One source with personal knowledge of the matter suggests that there may be emails and actual side letters between AIG and its counterparties that prove conclusively that AIG never intended to pay out on any of its CDS contracts. There are two basic problems with side letters. First, they are a criminal act, a fraud that usually carries the full weight of an "A" felony in many jurisdictions. Second, once the side letter is discovered by a persistent auditor or regulator examining the buyer of protection, the transaction becomes worthless. You pay $6 million to AIG to shift risk via the reinsurance, but the side letter makes it clear that the transaction is a fraud and you lose any benefit that the apparent risk shifting might have provided.

Obama to US bankers: "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."
Arrayed around a long mahogany table in the White House state dining room, the CEOs of what were once the most powerful financial institutions in the world offered several explanations for paying high salaries to their employees. At each place around the table sat a single glass of water. For those who finished their glass, no refills were offered. And no group photograph was taken of the CEOs with the president. It was a wake for yesterday's men.

Pakistani Taliban thugs shown on television flogging 17-year-old girl accused of having "illegal" sexual relationship
The girl's brother assisted in the assault. Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesman, defended the punishment as appropriate under Islamic law, but said it should have been applied by a pre-pubescent boy in a private setting. "She had to be punished," he told Geo News. "The punishment administered by local Taliban was in our knowledge and they did the right thing, but the method was wrong." A two minute video of the flogging can be found here.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton illegally placed 2,000 tons of US-French gold tied to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols in a secret numbered account at the New York branch of Goldman Sachs
Hillary Clinton was assisted in this unlawful gold transfer by Robert Rubin, Henry Paulson, and current Obama White House legal counsel, Greg Craig. Craig is now facing a European INTERPOL Red Notice (indictment) and a judicial restraining order in the US.

Illuminati matron calls her minion to account
A photograph. London. April 2009. More about the Illuminati and their Committee of 300 here and here.

The current US national bankruptcy and its enormous historical debts to China date back, in part, to the Mukden Incident in Manchuria on the 18th September 1931
The hidden financial result of this episode was that the US Federal Reserve did a deal with the Manchu Chinese Emperor, Pu-yi. In order to avoid looting by the invading Japanese forces, the Fed took away the gold, precious metals and gems content of the Chinese Royal Treasury in Manchuria and leased those contents for seventy years. In return, the Emperor received US Federal Reserve bonds, maturing in 2001, in sufficient quantity to guarantee the debt and to pay the accrued seventy-year interest. The terms of the lease required the Chinese Emperor's estate, at the end of seventy years, to exchange the bonds with interest coupons attached, to the Federal Reserve in exchange for the return of all the Emperor's gold and other treasure, plus the accrued interest, to be paid in gold, to his estate's custody. The US, and its European controllers at The Crown Temple in London, assumed that with the passage of time and in particular with the events of World War 2 and the 1949 Chinese Civil War, which resulted in the Communist takeover of all China except Taiwan (Formosa), the Manchu Chinese Emperor's estate had lapsed and the 70-year US lease with it. This is not the case. The Chinese Emperor's estate is extant, organised, well-founded in international law and active. The Chinese Emperor's grandson resides and works in Taiwan, and several of the old Chinese families, including the Ming, who were allies and business associates of the Manchu Empire, still reside and conduct international business from within present-day Communist China. With the assistance of the carefully protected and little-known World Monetary Authority, the old Chinese interests are now foreclosing on the US.

Mainstream media wake up to the fact that they're being lied to and manipulated by government-planted disinformation about the global financial collapse
Sarkozy's calculated G20 tantrum about "deliverables" tipped the wink to the world press. He was referring to the NESARA-related global prosperity fund package deliveries being illegally blocked by Obama and the US Treasury in Washington. The next titbit to be leaked to the mainstream will be the fact that from its inception the so-called US District of Columbia has been a foreign corporation, which is chartered in London, England, under The Crown Temple. The term "United States" is another name for the same foreign corporation of the District of Columbia. Washington DC is a constitutionally illegal and counterfeit American government which has incrementally set aside the original national Constitution, Bill of Rights and legal government of the United States of America. The "United States" is a quite different and separate legal entity from the "United States of America". This fact is central to the global financial crisis. It is the financial bankruptcy and corruption of Washington DC which is at the heart of the deliberately orchestrated derivatives-led collapse of international finance. More lower down this page and here, here, here, here, here (pdf file) and here.

United States Declaration of Insolvency
A legal document dated 31st March 2009. More background and document links here and here.

US Senate Banking Chairman Christopher Dodd (Democrat - Connecticut) has been paid $281,038 by AIG for services rendered
Plus his wife gets more kickbacks for sitting on an AIG subsidiaries board. For political reasons and for reasons of US Senate media management, Christopher Dodd has gone out of his way to be seen theatrically enraged by AIG's corruption and incompetence.

David Icke, one of the most visible, outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda has given a new interview
It can be found on YouTube here (2 hours 8 minutes)

Time to settle the flying saucers question
A Russian perspective

Mars, Venus, and the remnants of Pax (the trans-Martian world) are beginning to show more noticeable activity
"Your Sun is now aligning herself with the multidimensional energy streaming forth from the galactic core. Indeed, a vast new rhythm is taking hold. This new patterning is imprinting itself upon all elements in your solar system. This is causing Mars to increase her seismic activity and bring some of her abundant subterranean water up to the surface, especially at the poles. Venus is likewise demonstrating strange cooling effects in her lower atmosphere as well as increased levels of volcanism. Many of the asteroids that once formed Pax are moving around each other in quite odd ways. In the last few months, the Sun has displayed some very unusual behavior as she moves through her current sunspot cycle. All this activity is in anticipation of a tremendous amount of sacred instruction that is originating from the centre of physicality. This great signal is affecting literally billions and billions of galaxies. Physicality is nearing a great shift that is destined to move a new Light throughout it. We have watched this taking form from data received from our Science and Engineering fleets scattered throughout this galaxy. Similar reports have come from science fleets stationed in other nearby galaxies. We are on the edge of the great changes prophesied eons ago by Heaven ...."

Eurasian Lynx
A photograph. Lynx lynx. Felidae. Europe and northern Asia. The largest of the lynxes. Solitary. Mainly nocturnal. Hunts small ungulates such as chamois, musk deer and roe deer in forested areas, and when these are not available will take hares, ground-dwelling birds and mice. The tufted ears and sideburns of the Eurasian Lynx are thought to make up for the stubby tail in terms of intraspecific signalling and data reception. More pictures here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. More information about the Eurasian Lynx can be found here, here and here.

Illuminati Committee of 300 carefully engineered the US financial collapse in the hopes of making the privately owned Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the issuer of a new world currency
The Russian-supported Chinese world currency plan (here) has therefore put the Committee of 300 into a state of deep shock. The criminal cabal which controls the US is increasingly isolated and disliked. British/US relations are at an all time low with MI6 leaking US secrets all over the internet and to other countries. More about the Illuminati here. More about the Committee of 300 here and here.

Joseph Cassano - the executive who brought down AIG and the US banking system
London-based Cassano made more than $300 million running the infamous Financial Products Division of AIG where he, with about a dozen others, committed AIG to insure more than a trillion dollars worth of junk loans held by banks. AIG was insuring junk and it was the AIG insurance that made the junk marketable. Joseph Cassano boasted to Wall Street analysts that his credit default swap transactions were foolproof. More here and here. Technical update here (02.04.09).

How Barclays Structured Capital Markets Division (London) ensured that everyone would see their confidential tax avoidance documents
For years Barclays had been engaged in engineering numerous inventive schemes to avoid very large sums of tax. Then they made a silly mistake. They went to court in London to stop The Guardian newspaper talking about their secret offshore scams. Now the whole world knows. More here and here.

BioPort's anthrax vaccine is dangerous - it causes Gulf War Syndrome
James Turner, a Washington DC attorney, was part of a committee which drafted a citizens' petition to rule BioPort's anthrax vaccine as a Class II dangerous drug, and to stop manufacture of the vaccine. US military personnel are being required to take the vaccine even though the US Food and Drug Administration has never approved it. More here and here.

Ohio UFO sightings on Saturday 28th March 2009
Unusual lights were seen in the skies above Ohio (US) at 3.00am and again at 9.00-10.00pm on Saturday 28th March 2009 by two different witnesses in two different towns. One witness said that the lights on the craft were rotating on a horizontal axis and were red and green. They were similar to chaser lights and blinked about 120 times per minute.

Robert Hastings wins UFO Digest's 2009 writer's award
There is no single issue of greater importance in UFOlogy than the influence of UFOs on the operability of the nuclear arsenals of the major powers. Since the presidencies of Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, the threat of accidental nuclear war as a result of the UFO influence has been a concern of the utmost importance to national security, world peace and the very survival of humanity. For nearly three decades, Robert Hastings has pursued the truth regarding UFO effects and powers over human nuclear arsenals, including the NATO powers and the former Soviet states. By bringing forth documented evidence and persuading USAF witnesses to come forward, Robert Hastings has exposed the government deception underlying official denials of UFO activities at US nuclear bases as well as the military-industrial cover-up of the UFO nuclear secret. More here, here and here.

Is this a ghost?
A photograph taken in May 2008 by Christopher Aitchison at Tantallon Castle, North Berwick, Scotland (UK). "I was not aware of anyone, or anything, being present in my picture, only noticing the anomaly when I got home," reported the photographer. Three different photographic experts have confirmed that no digital trickery was used on the picture. More background here. And news of a second Tantallon ghost here.

Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve global financial crisis
Arkady Dvorkevich, the Kremlin's chief economic adviser, said Russia would favour the inclusion of gold bullion in the basket-weighting of a new world currency based on Special Drawing Rights issued by the International Monetary Fund. Chinese and Russian leaders both plan to open debate on an SDR-based reserve currency as an alternative to the US dollar at the G20 summit in London.

Geithner’s dirty little secret: the entire global financial system is at risk
When the solution to the financial crisis becomes the cause. What Geithner does not want the public to understand is that the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the passage of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act in 2000 allowed the creation of a tiny handful of banks that would virtually monopolize key parts of the global off-balance sheet or over-the-counter derivatives issuance. Today five US banks (JPMorganChase, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo-Wachovia) hold 96% of all US bank derivatives positions in terms of nominal values, and an eye-popping 81% of the total net credit risk exposure in event of default.

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) comes up with the most ill-conceived pile of stupidity by the biggest bunch of cretins I've ever seen
Ross Wheeler thinks that ACMA's attempt to censor the Australian public's access to the internet is technically and practically impossible. The biggest cretin in a crowded political field appears to be Senator Stephen Conroy, the Australian government Minister for Broadband and Communications, who is behind the ill-conceived blacklist censorship scheme. Several of Australia's biggest Internet Service Providers have now pulled out of the filtering software trials and have urged the Australian government to drop the manifestly unworkable plan.

The top ten conspiracy theories
The AboveTopSecret website has come up with a list. In the view of ATS's members and visitors, the top ten conspiracy theories are: The existence of a US shadow government, Controlling hearts and minds through organised religion, The elite suppression of alternative and free energy sources, Suppression of information concerning a significant global catastrophe which will happen in December 2012, The cover-up of alien technology research at Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada (USA), The fact that the 2007-2009 collapse of the global economy was a long-planned and deliberate sabotage by a hidden cartel of (mostly) Jewish financiers, The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in November 1963 was an inside job by the US Federal Reserve Board establishment, The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on the 11th September 2001, including the Twin Towers, were an inside American job, The cover-up of extraterrestrial visitations and the spacecraft used, and The secret cabals working towards a global one-world government.

Google Street View photo captures UFO formation in the skies above Bethnal Green, East London (UK)
The picture linked above shows nine UFOs in formation above Wolverley Street. More here and here.

As you must know by now we are not here in great numbers by chance; it is to fulfil the Creator’s Plan for this Universe
"Nothing can prevent it manifesting in Ascension. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like many on board our craft can observe everything that is happening on Earth. This no longer sounds so improbable to you, as your major powers have also developed similar technology. Regretfully it is used for ulterior motives, and like many discoveries is held from public knowledge and used for the advantage of the controlling global forces. With First Contact we shall ensure that every possible advancement is made available to you. Wonderful times will follow your present trials and tribulations ...."

A photograph. Pulmonaria officinalis. Boraginaceae. In late March 2009, this shade-loving perennial herb is beginning to flower in the woods and hedgebanks of Northern Europe. Local English names for the plant include Jerusalem Cowslip, Sage of Jerusalem, Lady Mary's Tears, Beggar's Basket, Adam and Eve, Josephs and Maries, and Soldiers and Sailors. The double names originate from the fact that a single Lungwort plant is often observed to bear two different colours of flowers at the same time - pink and blue. The leaves have white spots, so in earlier times sympathetic magic pronounced them to be a medicine against the infirmities and ulcers of the lungs. The plant has been successfully used in modern herbal medicine to treat chest conditions such as chronic bronchitis. More pictures here, here, here, here, here, here and here. More information about Lungwort can be found here, here and here.

Military law enforcement unit acting for World Court enters US Treasury (Washington) and confiscates Farm Claims and Omega Fund packages
There is top-level talk of barring Obama and the American delegation from the London G20 summit due to major serial financial embezzlement charges against them. More background here and here. More about the Farm Claims and Omega fund packages here. Update here (30.03.09).

World nations have stopped accepting all US dollars printed by the US Federal Reserve Board since 11th September 2008
US dollars are printed at several locations around the world including China, the Philippines and Hungary. Only those dollar bills which have the right code numbers printed on them are accepted as international currency. Many have non-qualifying numbers and are worthless in law. The US Federal Reserve has printed upwards of $13 trillion dollars worth of new notes since September 2008. None of these have any value outside the USA. More here, here, here and here.

War and emergency powers: a special report on the national emergency in the United States of America
Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history: the US Government.

US Military personnel report UFO sighting over government property in the region of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Missouri, on Sunday 1st March 2009
A ball-shaped object was sighted at 10.30 pm. Some witnesses stated that the object was 3,000 feet up, others said 200 feet. The silent craft was described as a glowing gold color, slow moving, traveling at only about 20 mph. The military witnesses said that they feared being identified as they made their report.

Three low fly UFO sightings over Texas and North Carolina (USA) reported in March 2009
A triangular craft was seen 75-100 feet above the ground in the region of Nashville, North Carolina, on Tuesday 10th March 2009. A donut-shaped object at rooftop level was seen in Driftwood, Texas, on Saturday 14th March 2009. The sound emitted by the UFO changed pitch as its brightness fluctuated. And on Wednesday 25th March 2009, at Medina Lake near San Antonio, Texas, a silent, semi-circular craft with no lights or windows, was observed hovering 30 feet off of the ground. The UFO measured 12 to 15 feet across, and 5 to 6 feet in height. The object tilted slightly before disappearing.

We of the Galactic Federation are not alone in monitoring you as the events that are unfolding upon Earth are bringing many other civilisations into your Solar System
"The stage is set for the last few years of your present cycle, and the very nature of your Ascension is the focal point for interested Star Beings. We guard you against unwelcome visitors, and none may land on Earth without our permission. Contact is a different matter, and often that has been pre-arranged prior to your birth on Earth. Behind each one is a special reason, and often it is associated with your relationship to them. You become their link with Earth, and meet many times through out of the body experiences – although you may not necessarily have a waking memory of them. Many other Star civilisations have had a hand in your genetic evolution. Humans are not the result of some chance happening, but deliberate planning to raise your levels of consciousness ...." More ideas about ascension can be found here and here.

Is this a UFO, below and to the right of the Moon?
Photograph taken on Thursday 10th July 2008 in Florida (USA)

Nine separate UFO sightings over Florida (USA) between 12th and 23rd March 2009
Witnesses report triangular, spherical, spiral and diamond-shaped craft.

Is this Google Street View image a snap of an alien arriving?
The phenomenon was photographed on Diamond Hill Road, a semi-rural location about eight miles from Morristown Municipal Airport, New Jersey (USA). It seems to show an ethereal entity next to a bright beam of light. Details here.

UK intelligence sources say that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, ordered the execution of the British soldiers killed in Northern Ireland on the 7th March 2009
On the evening of Saturday 7th March 2009, two British soldiers were killed at the Massereene barracks, County Antrim, Northern Ireland (UK). It was the first fatal attack on British troops in the province for more than 12 years. The Real IRA said it had killed the soldiers. This was a calculated revenge attack ordered by Angela Merkel in response to British-orchestrated events which had taken place on 10th-12th September 2008. At that time a sum of $14.0 trillion of sovereign and Queen Elizabeth's loan funds had been removed from US/German manipulation. Accounts at Citibank and Deutsche Bank were involved in interrelated scams masterminded by President George Bush Snr. Merkel is in regular receipt of substantial bribes from Bush. She guards his financial interests in Germany. Ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had revealed sensitive Merkel-related intelligence information about this to international law enforcement agencies. Deutsche Bank serves as the money-laundering arm of the secret German BlackOps and intelligence organisation called the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) based at Dachau. Through Deutsche Bank, the DVD finances mind-control programmes used to subvert and control British interests within the UK police, banking sector, industry and government. This subversion programme is called 'Common Purpose' and is run from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the Cabinet Office, Whitehall, London. Source here (31.10.08). In deference to DVD Dachau, Angela Merkel gave the instructions for the Irish terrorist network, an instrument of long-range German Abwehr pressure against the United Kingdom, to be re-activated.

Inside the Great Hall of the People
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China. A photograph.

Chinese Government went to World Court in early March 2009 and obtained a lien on the US Federal Reserve
On Thursday 12th March 2009, armed with the lien from the World Court, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, paid a visit to the US White House Oval Office. A diversionary cover story woven around the meeting detailed tensions between American and Chinese ships in the South China Sea. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, was served in person with indictment papers in late February or early March 2009. Five senior officials at the US Federal Reserve were arrested after having attempted to divert or steal a sum of $200 billion.

The United States is helplessly under the grip of a crime syndicate
All the other countries of the world need to go ahead and implement the Chinese/BRIC plan for a new world currency without US approval. Even the British government and the EU now despise the US Federal Reserve Board. If the world took action the Fed would collapse and the American people would be free for the first time in 100 years.

Good evening, Mr President. I have a question. Are you President of the United States or President of Goldman Sachs?
And are you aware that the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is bankrupt and that several major US banks are two years behind in their due payments to it?

Censored Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One report exposing covert Canadian Conservative subversion of university campus student groups (mp3 audiofile - 2 mins)
On Friday 20th March 2009, this accurately-sourced radio report was pulled on Canadian government instructions. CBC News (Ottawa). Coordinates here.

Strange UFO lights seen in sky over Khmelnitsky (Ukraine)
Over several days in the middle of March 2009, students and residents in the city of Khmelnitsky witnessed strange objects in the sky. Yuri Zaluzhny took this picture here with his camera phone.

Your society is at a major crossroads as is your own evolution. For millennia, you gazed at those in power and accepted the concept of rule-from-the-top as natural.
"You accepted without question the many peculiarities of your social environment as well as the unsatisfactory and unlikely explanations of those in power. This specious worldview is now breaking up and is seen by most of you as inadequate. New viewpoints are raising questions and coalescing into a global movement we like to call the quiet revolution. This mass movement is not mentioned in the mainstream press nor in the forms of media it controls. Your world of fiat currencies, unfettered anything-goes strategies, and over-the-top greed needs to be replaced with a more socially responsible model. Hence, our Earth allies are deeply committed to a legal process that brings to light past abuses, replaces those responsible, and then establishes a fair procedure for dispensing justice. We have been required to step up our oversight activities and so monitor very closely what the dark is secretly up to ...."

Wall Street seeks renewal
A picture of unknown title by Tomer Hanuka. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Wall Street bankers used company credit cards to pay for top end sex says leading New York whoremonger
Senior people from JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank regularly charged company credit cards for $2,000 an hour sex romps. In an act of public generosity, Kristin Davis, a popular New York Madam, is releasing her client list. "I was writing up monthly bills for computer consulting, construction expenses, all of these things. I was invoicing them monthly so they could get it by their accountants," she reports.

Former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, raises the question as to why $12.9 billion of US taxpayers' money went from AIG to Goldman Sachs, given that Goldman Sachs was not bankrupt at the time of the original Bush-Paulson $80 billion AIG bailout.
The answer involves the fact that the counterparty derivatives which Goldman Sachs bought were a forward bet on AIG's collapse. Problem: these counterparty derivatives were never properly purchased, since the ghost transactions took place at the AIG-Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme London office. The bogus derivatives were then placed on the books of JPMorgan.

Full text of Zhou Xiaochuan's speech: "Reform the International Monetary System"
On Monday 23rd March 2009, Zhou Xiaochuan, China's central bank governor, proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund. The goal would be to create a reserve currency which is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies. More here (23.03.09) and here (25.03.09). Text update here.

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic which has been used throughout the world for centuries as a means to destroy microbes of all kinds and to correct many health problems
Colloidal silver was removed from public use in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s by the medical profession in their move to purge natural health remedies from the marketplace. As late as August 1998 the FDA ordered all colloidal silver removed from all US Health Stores, but due to public outcry, that order has been temporarily relaxed. Today, the use of colloidal silver is spreading rapidly throughout the medical community in the healing of burn victims. Medics have never denied the merits of silver in the form of silver nitrate as a bactericide. Silver nitrate is routinely used in drops put into a baby's eyes at birth to prevent blindness from venereal disease. Colloidal silver enhances the human body's own immunity. More about colloidal silver can be found here and here.

Crown of Thorns Starfish
A photograph by Ian Skipworth. Acanthaster planci. Echinodermata. A large nocturnal sea star which preys on coral polyps in Indo-Pacific reef systems. More pictures here, here, here, here and here. Each of these animals can eat up to six square metres of Australia's Great Barrier Reef every year. The spines of the starfish carry a neurotoxic venom which is very poisonous to humans, causing intense pain, nausea and vomiting. The toxin turns the victim's skin blue. More information about the Crown of Thorns Starfish can be found here and here.

US has two options to save its economy: declare default or trigger a war
According to experts’ estimates, the probability of default on US treasury bonds is very high at the moment. The rumours are not new. The US has already started to work on an opportunity to refuse from the dollar in order to avoid debt payments.

US Justice Department investigators trace missing $64 billion from Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme to naked counterparty derivatives linked to AIG
The major counterparties are Citibank, Bank of America and Barclays. These banks purchased alleged derivatives that AIG stock would collapse and would be taken over by the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve. It has emerged that these counterparty derivatives were never actually purchased and that the insurance policies never existed.

Fat bankster parasites start to squeal
Bankers on Wall Street and in Europe have struck back against moves by US lawmakers to slap punitive taxes on bonuses paid to high earners at bailed-out institutions. Senior executives on both sides of the Atlantic on Friday warned of an exodus of talent from some of the biggest names in US finance, saying the “anti-American” measures smacked of “a McCarthy witch-hunt” that would send the country “back to the stone age”. More here and here.

US Military Oath Keepers - orders we will not obey
We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.” We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances. Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, peace officers, and veterans who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the USA against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

UN official says Israel's Gaza operation was a war crime of the greatest magnitude
Richard Falk, UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said the Geneva Conventions required warring forces to distinguish between military targets and surrounding civilians. "If it is not possible to do so, then launching the attacks is inherently unlawful and would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law." More here (23.03.09).

UFO caught on camera above Shropshire (UK)
These pictures here, here and here were taken in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, close to the air base at RAF Cosford, on the evening of Saturday 21st February 2009. To the naked eye, the UFO looked like a pulsing ball of blue light. Since the beginning of 2009, there have been 30 recorded sightings of mysterious spheres of light in the Bridgnorth area. In June 2008, soldiers at the Tern Hill army barracks in nearby Market Drayton, spotted 13 UFOs spinning in the skies above their barracks. Three squaddies captured the craft on a mobile phone camera while out on night patrol.

My first interview with the Roswell alien
Official transcript of the telepathic exchange between an advanced extraterrestrial and Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy, of the US Army Air Force Roswell Army Air Field (50 9th Bomb Group), on the 9th July 1947. The previous day, a small, mind-controlled extraterrestrial craft had crashed at Roswell, New Mexico (USA) while investigating (human) nuclear testing in the area. One alien survived unharmed. More Roswell background here and here (mp3 audiofile of July 1947 ABC local radio broadcast - 96 seconds).

Green Man roof boss
A photograph. Foliate head in the tierceron vault of the east walk of the Norwich Cathedral cloister (Norfolk, UK). Carved in limestone in the 14th Century. There is another picture here. The Green Man is a pre-Christian, Celtic image of the God Pan. In the minds of many of the local, rural, East Anglian stonemasons, Pan would have represented a more potent nature magic than anything conjured by medieval Churchianity. More background here and here.

China demands immediate US payment of $2.0 trillion in gold
The Obama administration offered China a cheque for $2 trillion to pay off overdue bonds. China refused, saying they would accept gold only. The gold must be legally delivered by midnight on Friday 20th March 2009.

AIG has the US Congressional Pension Plan
If AIG goes under, Congress pensions go one-way down the pan. Things are now clear: US Congress lawmakers rushed through the $200 billion taxpayers' bailout of AIG to protect their own pensions. Background here and here.

US S&P 500 earnings 1935-2008
An inflation-adjusted stockmarket chart showing the financial rise and fall of American fiat capitalism. Context here.

US Attorney General issues new Freedom of Information Act guidelines which apply presumption of openness
On Thursday 19th March 2009, US Attorney General, Eric Holder, issued comprehensive new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guidelines today that direct all US executive branch departments and agencies to apply a presumption of openness when administering the FOIA. The new guidelines, announced in a memo to heads of executive departments and agencies, build on the principles announced by US President Barack Obama on his first full day in office when he issued a presidential memorandum on the FOIA that called on agencies to "usher in a new era of open government." At that time, President Obama also instructed Attorney General Holder to issue new FOIA guidelines that reaffirm the government’s commitment to accountability and transparency. The memo rescinds the guidelines issued by the previous Bush administration. "By restoring the presumption of disclosure that is at the heart of the Freedom of Information Act, we are making a critical change that will restore the public’s ability to access information in a timely manner," said Attorney General Holder. "The American people have the right to information about their government’s activities, and these new guidelines will ensure they are able to obtain that information under principles of openness and transparency."

A photograph. Petasites hybridus. Compositae. The flower heads of this perennial herb are now, towards the end of March, beginning to appear in wet places across northern Europe. The large leaves of butterbur, which develop later in the summer, were once used to wrap pats of butter. In former times, the dried roots of Butterbur, powdered and mixed into wine, were taken against fevers and the plague, to provoke perspiration. Recent research has indicated that extracts of Butterbur root contain active ingredients effective in preventing and reducing the pain associated with migraines, and relieving the symptoms of asthma. More Butterbur flower pictures here, here and here. And more details about Butterbur can be found here and here.

Dispel the myths: cholesterol is good for you
And it's not a fat; it's a high-molecular-weight alcohol. Throw the statins away. More here.

A Special Report on the National Emergency in the United States of America
An historical overview of the US national bankruptcy and the treason of Washington DC against the Constitution and Republic of the United States of America.

The real AIG scandal: it's not the bonuses
Eliot Spitzer says that the real scandal is that AIG's counterparties are getting paid back in full. More here.

How to spot fake religions created by the Illuminati to gull the credulous
Look at the Freemasons, Jesuits, Falun Gong, Sokka Gakkai, Scientologists, Christian Zionists, Jewish Zionists, Moonies, Aum Shinrikyo and Al Qaeda. What have they all got in common? More about the Illuminati can be found
here and here.

The Protocols Of Zion - a one page summary
"Goyim are mentally inferior to Jews and can't run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it's for a good cause. Here's what we'll need to do ...."

Four UFOs photographed hovering over the UK Houses of Parliament in London
The picture here was taken on a mobile telephone by Derek Burden from Luton, Bedfordshire. He was working on the 16th floor of a building in Covent Garden. Details of other recent UFO sightings, with photographs, can be found here and here.

When the Anunnaki arrived here on Earth after the fall of Atlantis, your world was in a shambles. They used this opportunity to reshape your world and told you a fable about your origins.
"Time and again you discarded these lies, each time incurring the destructive wrath of these dark overlords. The Anunnaki persisted, until finally you succumbed to their fictitious creed around the time of the dawn of your recorded history. Since then you have been subservient to the Anunnaki's appointed minions. This period is now at an end ...." More background about Atlantis can be found here.

American dream
A picture of unknown title by Tomer Hanuka. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Obama admits trying to steal the Holocaust Settlement Funds and other monies held in Europe totalling $200 trillion
The US President was aided in this failed conspiracy by senior people at The Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The World Court at The Hague took its eye off the ball and is now embarrassed by the international fallout. When Obama was told by the World Court that his attempted theft of international funds was an impeachable offence, he said: "You can't touch me, I'm above it. We knew where the money was, so we took it."

Who did Dick Cheney have murdered?
Should Congress subpoena Seymour Hersh to find out?

US Judge Denny Chin made sure that Bernard Madoff took a fall to protect the New York Cornerstones Project conspirators
As he acted in court against Madoff, covertly Judge Denny Chin was representing the New York real estate development interests of Tishman Speyer and the Cornerstones Project. Chin has been amply rewarded for his services with a luxurious penthouse for him and his wife in Battery Park City, lower Manhattan.

Grassley tells corrupt AIG (Ain't I Greedy) executives to quit or commit suicide
US Senator Charles Grassley (Republican - Iowa) is so angry over AIG bonuses that he says the executives should resign or kill themselves. In a comment aired on Iowa radio station WMT, Grassley said: “The first thing that would make me feel a little bit better towards them if they’d follow the Japanese model and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say I’m sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide.”

Israel is not the Jewish people
Jacque Attali says that the modern State of Israel has nothing to do with Jewish identity. Jewish people have a global and centuries old history which has nothing to do with the State of Israel.

Amanda Gefter's censored New Scientist article about the hidden religious agenda of US creationist pseudoscience
"As a book reviews editor at New Scientist, I often come across so-called science books which after a few pages reveal themselves to be harbouring ulterior motives. I have learned to recognise clues that the author is pushing a religious agenda. As creationists in the US continue to lose court battles over attempts to have intelligent design taught as science in federally funded schools, their strategy has been forced to... well, evolve. That means ensuring that references to pseudoscientific concepts like Intelligent Design are more heavily veiled. So I thought I'd share a few tips for spotting what may be religion in science's clothing ...." Background here and here.

Madagascar meltdown
A photograph. More pictures here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Populist opposition pressure in Madagascar forces Ravalomanana concessions
After weeks of intermittent violence in Madagascar, during which at least a hundred people have been killed, President Marc Ravalomanana has said that he is prepared to hold a referendum to end the country's political crisis. Madagascar's popular opposition leader Andry Rajoelina now has the backing of a major faction within the country's army. Madagascar's President, Marc Ravalomanana, is known locally to be deeply corrupt and in hock to Western mining interests such as Rio Tinto, Sherritt International, Exxaro and Red Island Minerals. More here.

Bernard Madoff and George Soros linked to Bush-Clinton True Colours assassination teams
Run from US Vice President Dick Cheney's office, these assassination teams bought and paid for Al Qaeda terrorists with links to the Israeli Mossad. The teams date back to the Clinton Administration's European war in Bosnia and the privatization of US Special Forces under the cover of Cheney's Halliburton Corporation. Halliburton recruited and trained former Mujahideen Al Qaeda fighters to assassinate the Serbian Christian leaders opposed to the US-backed Islamic forces in Europe. The teams were later used for the assassinations of former CIA Director William Colby, Clinton Administration Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, former Republican Congressman Sonny Bono, John F Kennedy Jnr and 9/11 widow and whistleblower Beverly Eckert. The Clinton Administration gave Dick Cheney's Halliburton the contract to rebuild Bosnia after the war was over. More background about the illegal operations of Halliburton within the US administration can be found here.

Zionist Jews sacrifice human babies for Satan - Oprah Winfrey show (YouTube video - 4 mins)
The woman guest on this network television show reveals the inside secrets of an American Zionist family including details of child kidnap and child sacrifice to Satan. Another YouTube link to this clip is here. More background here.

The Finders (pdf - 90 pages)
The Finders is a CIA front established in the 1960s. Members are specially trained US government child kidnappers. They have top clearance and protection in their assigned task of stealing children, torturing and sexually abusing them, involving them in Satanic orgies, bloody rituals and the murder of other children. The Finders are known sexual degenerates who use a fleet of unmarked cars to grab targeted children from parks and schoolyards. The Finders use their own child members as decoys to lure other child victims close to their pickup vans. It is thought that The Finders network closely with similar groups internationally, are covertly supported by the Illuminati's Committee of 300, and may have been involved with the Dachau-based Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in the Madeleine McCann abduction in 2007. More background here and here.

Zionism is the problem
The Zionist ideal of a Jewish state is keeping Israelis and Palestinians from living in peace. In 1944, six years after Kristallnacht, Lessing Rosenwald, president of the American Council for Judaism, equated the Zionist ideal of Jewish statehood with the concept of a racial state - the Hitlerian concept. For most of the last century, a principled opposition to Zionism was a mainstream stance within American Judaism.

Traditional Roman Catholic circulates Gematria analysis purporting to reveal that US President Barack Obama is the Antichrist
The analysis was written by a Jewish Torah scholar. Is the American Neocon right wing being manipulated by Zionists who are terrified that Obama is going to take the US off a war footing, and deal more equitably in the Middle East? More about the Hebrew Gematria system here, here and here.

Australian Government censors US anti-abortion site
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued Bulletproof Networks, the host of Whirlpool, Australia's most popular Internet discussion forum, with a notice to remove this link here to an American anti-abortion site, or face fines up to $11,000 per day. The link was removed. The issue is politically important in Australia due to a forthcoming mandatory national internet filtering scheme, which will use a secret list, based on ACMA, to censor access to such pages across the country. Senator Stephen Conroy, the government minister behind the censorship scheme has stated that "There is no political content banned in the existing Broadcasting Services Act." More here and here. Background here.

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles
A new book by Bruce Lipton. Cells as miniature humans. If single cells are controlled by their awareness of the environment, so too are we trillion-celled human beings. Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals which propel life. Bruce Lipton unpacks the cutting edge biosciences of signal transduction and epigenetics. Signal transduction focuses upon the biochemical pathways by which cells respond to environmental cues. Environmental signals engage cytoplasmic processes that can alter gene expression and therefore control cell fate, influence cell movement, control cell survival, and even sentence a cell to death. The fate and behaviour of an organism is directly linked to its perception of the environment. Epigenetics is about how environmental cues select, modify and regulate gene activity. Our genes are constantly being remodeled in response to life experiences; our perceptions of external life shape our internal biology. Book details here. More background here, here and here.

Clairvoyant investigations by Geoffrey Hodson and David Lyness (1957-1959)
Notes and conversations recorded in the presence of scientific witnesses. Geoffrey Hodson uses his clairvoyant abilities to look at the ultrastructure and ultraenergetics of diamond, glucose, graphite, ice, acetic acid, sodium chloride, copper wire and electricity itself. The magnifications and resolutions of his observations were beyond the reach or capabilities of any electron microscope that has yet been invented fifty years later. More about clairvoyance here, here and here.

The Gospel of Peace by the Disciple John
What political Churchianity did not allow Jesus to say in the Bible. "And then many sick and maimed came to Jesus, asking him: 'If you know all things, tell us, why do we suffer with these grievous plagues? Why are we not whole like other men? Master, heal us, that we too may be made strong, and need abide no longer in our misery. We know that you have it in your power to heal all manner of disease. Free us from Satan and from all his great afflictions. Master, have compassion on us.' And Jesus answered: 'Happy are you, that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom. Happy are you that you knock, for I will open to you the door of life. Happy are you, that you would cast off the power of Satan, for I will lead you into the kingdom of our Mother’s angels, where the power of Satan cannot enter.' And they asked him in amazement: 'Who is our Mother and which her angels? And, where is her kingdom?' (Published by the C.W. Daniel Company Limited, 1937). More of the text here and here.

Chinese bank teller counts 100 yuan notes in Beijing
A photograph

China prepares ground to diversify out of US dollar
China has $2 trillion in foreign reserves, two thirds of which are denominated in dollars. On Monday 9th March 2009, the head of China's energy bureau said that China should use part of its foreign exchange reserves to buy more gold, oil, uranium and other strategic commodities. And on Friday 13th March 2009, the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said publicly that China "has lent a huge amount of money to the United States .... we are concerned about the safety of our assets ...." More here, here, here and here. Update here (18.03.09).

Hundreds of Chinese auditors active inside major US banks
Seventeen key executive positions in US Treasury still unfilled. US Treasury bond bubble about to burst. Federal Reserve and Inland Revenue Service in chaos. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Democrat - Ohio) says US Treasury is being looted.

Is the Illuminati's Committee of 300 about to be dissolved?
Until the current financial crisis erupted many Western politicians, military personnel, members of intelligence organizations, scientists and other intellectuals did not know about the committee of 300 or the nature of the Federal Reserve Board. Once they did find out, they got pretty angry that the Committee of 300 murdered people like Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Roosevelt. For this reason it is looking increasingly likely that the Committee of 300 will be dissolved. More about the Illuminati here. More about the Committee of 300 here and here.

CIA reports that state of Israel will fall in 20 years
Israel is finished. There is an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution. This is now the most viable model based on democratic principles of full equality that sheds the looming spectre of colonial Apartheid while allowing for the return of the 1947/1948 and 1967 refugees. More here, here and here.

Leaked tape exposes Canadian Conservative Party activists conspiring to sponsor student government takeovers and attacks on nonprofit organizations at Canadian university campuses
Leaked audiofiles, photographs and transcripts have exposed the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association (OPCCA) as being actively involved in running workshops dedicated to taking over student governing organisations at Canadian universities. The Conservative Party of Canada is supporting the OPCCA in a systematic subversion of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG). The Conservative Party of Canada is creating sock-puppet front organisations in the Canadian universities masquerading as non-partisan grassroots clubs. More here (pdf - 1 page).

UFO formation in South Africa filmed by police
On Friday 6th March 2009, scores of residents in Middelburg, South Africa, saw a formation of twenty three lights in the sky moving towards the mining town of Witbank.

The dark forces are being revealed for what they are and cannot now take back their power
"People power remains the most potent weapon against the dark, and you are beginning to come together in a concerted effort to have them removed. In these present times much emphasis is put on making information available to any seeking soul. There is so much available, but not all is accurate and it does require care to select your reading very carefully. Intuition is still your best guide, and true information will resonate with you. If you follow your intuitive feelings, you will find that you will be led to those people, books and literature that will set you on the right tracks." More about intuition here, here and here.

Terrorist (detail)
A sculpture by Eugenio Merino. Fuller views
here and here. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

US government executive assassination ring reported directly to Vice President Dick Cheney during US Bush Jnr Presidency 2001-2009
The US Joint Special Operations Command has been running extra-legal operations. A special wing of the US special operations community is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. Congress has no oversight of the illegal activities. It’s an executive assassination ring. Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. British scientist, Professor David Kelly, may have been one of their executed victims in 2003. More about David Kelly's execution by theatrical suicide here.

Bank of International Settlements reports that in the capitalist casino the total value of outstanding derivatives had reached $1.28 quadrillion by July 2008
95% of those derivatives were bought on credit (margin). And the BIS says that the $1.28 quadrillion number does not include derivatives related to the commodity markets. More here.

AIG: Is the Risk Systemic? Full text of internal AIG document dated 26th February 2009 (pdf - 21 pages)
When AIG wanted to frighten Washington DC politicians into given them even more unaudited billions of US taxpayers' money, they cobbled together this scare-story and peddled it along the back corridors. Coordinates here. More background here.

The coming evangelical collapse and why it will be a good thing
We are within ten years of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity; a collapse that will follow the deterioration of the mainline Protestant world and that will fundamentally alter the religious and cultural environment in the West. This evangelical collapse will happen with astonishing speed. Within two generations evangelicalism will be a house deserted of half its current occupants. The party is almost over.

You Found Words to Put With Sounds, Incidentally You Used My Pen to Write Them Down
A painting by Tara McPherson. Acrylic and oil. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Goldman Sachs tipped off ten minutes in advance of Citibank stress-test announcement on Tuesday 10th March 2009
The announcement caused an elite-manipulated 379 point upspike in the Dow Jones Index. Provided with insider-trading knowledge by US officials, senior people at Goldman Sachs were able to make millions of dollars during the day trading profits in the Dow Futures Index. Members of CNBC's financial reporting team also benefited from the pre-arranged insider-trading conspiracy.

The US Skull and Bones drug dealing syndicate has been dealing with Chinese mobsters for over 150 years
"The Bush family were heavily involved with China and the Chinese mob. They were also blackmailing top Chinese power brokers over illegal slush funds they had. However, the Bush-China connection has since been severed because the Chinese figured out that it was the Bush faction that was trying to depopulate China with SARS and Bird Flu. The Chinese were planning all-out warfare against the US because the US elite were intending to kill 80% of the world's population ...."

The big bad database of Republican Senator Norm Coleman
A 4.3Gb database leak from the Coleman campaign put highly sensitive information, including thousands of supporter's credit card numbers, onto the Internet on Wednesday 28th January 2009. Coleman kept the security breach secret and failed to inform contributors in violation of Minnesota Statute 325E.61.

US 'Race to Witch Mountain' movie part of attempt to acclimatise US population to ongoing reality of extraterrestrial visits
Opening in US theatres on Friday 13th March 2009, the new film continues the acclimation process for the public on the possibility or probability that we are being visited by extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional intelligent beings. March 13th is the anniversary of the 1997 Phoenix lights incident when a huge V-shaped craft reportedly flew slowly, silently and at a low altitude over Phoenix, Arizona, in the early evening hours.

Extraterrestrial-assisted planetary evacuation
"By telepathy everyone will know in advance what is happening and be given instructions about what to do for evacuation to the starships ...." Background here.

For centuries your world was ruled by a European-based oligarchy that imposed many unwanted alliances upon other areas of the globe with the approval and support of the Anunnaki
Many indigenous traditions were bullied and forced to kowtow to this oligarchy and its public and private minions. The past few decades have seen the revival of many groups that had to go underground or suppress their traditional knowledge and wisdom. With the advent of this quiet global revolution these regional groups are banding together, forming one of the major components of our Earth allies. Facilitated by long-sequestered quantities of gold and the financial maneuverings of Light-oriented members of this European oligarchy, these groups, along with other key individuals and institutions, are ready to set in place the policy orientation of the post-Dumbarton Oaks world. A series of conferences have been held on the subject of global debt forgiveness, involving many banks, foreign dignitaries, and others, all sworn to secrecy about what was discussed ...." More about the Anunnaki here and here. And Dumbarton Oaks here and here.

Heart of Stone
A picture by Chris McGrath. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Obama's US administration steals $52 billion of the Queen of England's personal fortune
The final scrap between the panicking Illuminati families in America and Europe breaks into the open.

Obama White House attempts to steal the Farm Claims and Omega prosperity funds
The failed theft was launched on Obama's instructions on the morning of Monday 9th March 2009. Update here (10.03.09). More about the Farm Claims and Omega fund packages here.

George Bush Snr and the Clintons engaged in trying to steal remaining US Treasury funds still parked in offshore accounts
Certain of the targeted accounts have now been frozen by European INTERPOL and the US Justice Department. Obama identity and homosexual blackmail continues.

Scores of corrupt bankers arrested across the world
Fiat capitalism writes its final put contract

Thorny Devil
A photograph. Moloch horridus. Australian desert reptile. Heliothermic. Notice the false head on its neck. Eats between 600 and 3000 ants per meal, one at a time. Can change colour to blend into its surroundings. Often heavily parasitised by nematode worms. More pictures here, here, here and here. More information about the Thorny Devil can be found here and here.

Connecticut Trustee rebuffed at World Court meetings
Major figures were active in talks over the weekend of 7th - 8th March 2009 in Europe. The Chinese and dynasty families present (including Ming) advised the World Court, the US government and the Connecticut Trustee that the Farm Claims and Prosperity Program money does not belong to them, it belongs to the American people, they have earned the money and they are not responsible for the debts incurred by the US Government. China's lawsuits against the US will proceed. More about the Farm Claims and Prosperity Program bank packages here.

The Divine Intervention
A picture by Domen Lombergar. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Two dozen US politicians who support the USA's return to the Constitution and the Republic leave the USA for their own safety
These Constitutional leaders, thought to include Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Democrat - Ohio) and Congressman Ron Paul (Republican - Texas) are now being protected in hotels in Brussels. They are in Europe for announcements concerning the national bankruptcy of US-Washington DC, the abolition of the US Federal Reserve and the Chinese foreclosure on hundreds of trillions of dollars of US debt accrued since the early twentieth century. Related legal actions at the World Court in The Hague involve payment-of-debt acceleration amendments filed by China against US-Washington DC. More here.

US Military declare war on international bankers in response to the owners of the US Federal Reserve banks threatening Congress, the President and the entire population of the United States with a massive biological attack
A weaponised strain of avian flu is thought to be involved. Major Asian security organisations in the know have withdrawn their personnel from the USA. The US Navy is in the forefront of the bankster round-up. Several CIA bankers have been killed. Others are missing and presumed to be in secret interrogation sites, probably aboard submarines.

Outlaw the shadow banking system
Illuminati minions Barack Obama and Gordon Brown wriggle on the hook as their day of reckoning approaches.

America's fiscal collapse
Obama's budgetary promises are based on a mammoth austerity program. The entire US fiscal structure has been shattered. Under a balanced budget criterion of the sort which has been a priority of US government economic policy since the Reagan era, almost all the revenues of the federal government amounting to $2.381 trillion would be used to finance the bank bailout (1.45 trillion), the war ($739 billion) and interest payments on the public debt ($164 billion). In other words, no money will be left over for other categories of public expenditure.

Hovering UFO bathes Chinese city in bright violet light
At 7.30pm on Monday 23rd February 2009, three UFOs were sighted over Shenzhen (Guangdong province, China). The craft lingered above the city for more than half an hour. Local newspapers were inundated with calls from stunned residents of Shenzhen’s Futian district. One of the UFOs bathed the area in warm blue-violet light before shooting off in a southerly direction.

Truth Commission petition gives mandate for UFO disclosure
A petition launched by Senator Patrick Leahy for the establishment of a truth and reconciliation commission gains steam as more call for an investigation into the Bush-Cheney Administration's constitutional abuses. Launched soon after Leahy first proposed his Truth Commission on Monday 9th February 2009, at Georgetown University, the petition currently has over 70,000 signatures. It seeks the investigation of abuses that include the use of torture, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws. If the Senate Judiciary committee or the House Judiciary Committee decide to launch a Truth Commission, then the broad mandate described in the petition is necessary. A broad mandate can expose Bush administration abuses including suppression of UFO information. More here.

You may have read about Maldek that was destroyed, and remains only as rings of debris you call the Asteroid Belt
"You may also have read that with the cleansing and restoration of Earth the other planets are being lifted up, and also Maldek is to be restored. Many of you were present on it when the wars took place, and subconsciously you still have deep emotional scares from your experiences of that time. Hitherto you have not really considered such possibilities, but with the revelations about your history as a civilisation you will learn of your involvement ...."

David Chalmers' foreword to "Supersizing the mind: embodiment, action and cognitive development" by Andy Clark (OUP 2009) - pdf - 8 pages
Where is the human mind located? The traditional view, from the philosophical ancients forward, is that thinking happens only in, or is encapsulated in, our heads. But Clark argues that our minds are not merely embodied but become cognitively extended - hence 'supersized' - by interaction in the material world. Clark makes the compelling argument that the mind extends beyond the body to include the tools, symbols and other artefacts we deploy to engage the world. More here and here.

A photograph. Tussilago farfara. Asteraceae. In March 2009, this perennial herb is beginning to flower again in hard, bare and shingly places across Europe. Local British names for the plant include Ass's Foot, Baccy Plant, Clatterclogs, Cow-Heave, Dove-Dock, Wild Rhubarb and Sweep's Brushes. Coltsfoot is smoked in traditional herbal tobaccos. The leaves can be used to make wine and as a demulcent against coughs. More pictures here, here, here, here and here. More information about Coltsfoot can be found here and here.

Private Chinese financial interests foreclosing on US national debts of hundreds of trillions of dollars
On Wednesday 4th March 2009, a lawsuit was filed at the World Court in The Hague, by China, on behalf of the several old Chinese families, including prominent Ming dynasty descendants, who have been funding the national financial needs of the US since the early twentieth century. These Chinese debts are due to be paid no later than Friday 20th March 2009. Along with The Crown Temple, in London, the Chinese families are the major creditors of the current US national bankruptcy.

Where has all the US bailout money gone? Federal Reserve Board refuses to disclose AIG's counterparties.
Suspicions are growing that US taxpayers' money is being secretly siphoned off to accounts at Goldman Sachs. More here, here (07.03.09) and here (07.03.09).

US banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan used US Treasury TARP funds to purchase counterparty derivatives which bet on AIG, Bank of America and Citibank going broke
This elite-led financial conspiracy was conducted through secret offshore hedge funds controlled by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. There has been no US government or SEC oversight of publicly traded hedge funds that are operated offshore since President George Bush Jnr's Executive Order in May 2006, which exempted them from this oversight. The intention of the conspiracy was to bankrupt AIG, Citibank and Bank of America at a point at which the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be trading at 6,000. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan would then step in and take over the three failing institutions at penny-share prices. The conspiracy failed. Dow Jones chart here. AIG here. Bank of America here. And Citigroup here.

Who is paying pharmaceutical company Baxter International (Deerfield, Illinois, USA) to ship live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in eighteen different countries?
This cannot have been a mistake. Who are the bioterrorists at Baxter? And who is running them?

Purge of US CIA drug smuggling agents under way
A worldwide crackdown on illegal Skull and Bones drug trafficking operations is becoming evident. Mexico, Afghanistan and South America are particularly involved. What will happen when all the CIA-funded mafias of the world are starved of their drug money?

Complete list of staff salaries paid to employees of the government-owned National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi, UAE (pdf - 5 pages)
Background coordinates here.

Objects in the sky - 13 part compilation of recent UFO sightings (YouTube videos - 10 mins each; 130 mins in total)
This is Part One. The other twelve parts of the documentary are here (2), here (3), here (4), here (5), here (6), here (7), here (8), here (9), here (10), here (11), here (12) and here (13). Some background information and ideas about UFOs, ETs, angels and The Higher Evolution are compiled on a separate page of this blog here.

Morgellons Disease nanotech invader
A photograph. These tiny bioweapons seem to hardwire themselves into the human nervous system. More pictures here, here, here, here and here.

Morgellons: Terrifying new disease reaching pandemic status
Morgellons is a multi-dimensional disease. More here and here.

Morgellons Disease cure discovered?
A curious bath mixture of Sun powdered laundry detergent with colorsafe bleach, Alfalfa and St John's Wort seems to work.

Obama White House protecting financial criminals responsible for $12.8 billion theft
William Frazell of Frazell & Mosley PLL (Austin, Texas), Kevin West of CMKX and Urban Casavant of Casavant Mining Kimberlite International are said to be the central players within a major US government-protected conspiracy.

AIG and its holding company C.V. Starr & Co were used to launder the commissions and profits linked to the Madoff and Stanford Ponzi Schemes through major financial institutions in China
The fallout threatens to bring down Lloyds of London, the Mellon Bank of New York and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway.

The Creator desired to know how the Light Sparks sent out from the Source would react to the lower energies, when it reached a point that led them to believe that they were separated from it.
"You travelled down through the higher realms, and assigned yourselves to Earth when it was the Garden of Eden. It was only later that you forgot your true identity as gods, and took on the mantle of darkness. However, you were not and never will be left alone to lift up again, and no soul is deserted or damned."

Warrior Angel
A picture by Chris McGrath. More angel images are linked from another page here.

The new global banking system is to be based on a new hard currency. Fractional banking, its many usurious practices and derivatives are to be disallowed.
"In their stead will be strictly defined, local institutions. Savings banks are to remain, but commercial and investment banks are to be regulated strictly and according to rules that involve a great deal of transactional transparency. Another aspect of this new system concerns the many social responsibilities that are to be embedded in the new banking charters. Likewise, all corporations are to be rechartered and given a similar set of rules that reflect the need for transparency and social responsibility ...."

The fraudulent identity of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama
Serious concerns continue to be articulated about US President Barack Obama’s identity and financial dealings. A list is circulating of some 100 addresses under the name of Barack Obama and similar spellings. These addresses are attached to different social security numbers which were issued all over the USA. One of Obama's social security numbers, which he used while he was a law student at Harvard, and which was attached to his address in Sommervile, Massachusetts, was originally issued in Connecticut and attached to a holder who is 118 years old. It is being suggested that no human being can legally have dozens of different US social security numbers and that the Soetoro/Obama entity is not 118 years old.

The American Depression 2009
A painting. Background here.

US Dow Jones 30 Industrials Index
A chart of the index's progress since October 2006

US Treasury must sell $450 billion of trash Treasury instruments every month from March 2009 to September 2009 to delay the US national bankruptcy Day of Reckoning
Problem: no-one wants to buy this rubbish. Even financially illiterate Arabs in the UAE don't trust US paper any more - with or without fake collateral.

US Department of Justice receives criminal referral from US Treasury alleging that AIG's London-based office engaged in criminal securities and insurance fraud for over ten years
The London-based AIG office did not buy any securities or issue any insurance policies but engaged in a Ponzi scheme in direct conspiracy with Bernard Madoff. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was fully aware of this Ponzi scheme activity and did nothing. Brown's visit to the USA on Wednesday 4th March 2009 will attempt to address this issue with US President Barack Obama. The knock-on effects of the AIG Ponzi scheme are on the verge of bankrupting Lloyds of London and the Bank of England. More here and here. And more about the obstructed delivery of the prosperity bank packages here.

Russian priest to investigate Bigfoot sighting in Siberia
A group led by the Russian Orthodox Bishop of Kemerovo have set out in search of a Bigfoot sighted in the Tashtagol area. Local hunters spotted some hairy humanoid creatures 1.5 -2.0 meters tall near the Azass Cave on Mount Shoriya. Their report was illustrated with a photograph from inside the cave showing the track of an unidentified creature. More Bigfoot background here.

Green-and-Black Poison Arrow Frog
A photograph. Dendrobates auratus. Central and South American lowland rainforests. 40-50mm long. Has been observed fifty metres up trees transporting tadpoles to tree holes. The skin of one of these frogs yields sufficient poison to coat fifty arrowheads. The toxin is 200 times more effective than morphine. Dendrobates does not need to hide from predators. More pictures here, here and here. More information about the Green-and-Black Poison Arrow Frog can be found here and here.

Paul Schene (US sheriff's deputy) beats up 15-year-old girl in custody (videoclip - 1 min)
US prosecutors in Seattle have presented this video as evidence in the case against Washington State Deputy Paul Schene, who is accused of using excessive force against a fifteen-year-old girl in November 2008, after the teenager was arrested in a car theft inquiry. More about Paul Schene here.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority gets ready to ditch Citigroup before it is nationalised by Obama government
In 2008, ADIA invested $7.5 billon in Citigroup through convertible bonds that pay 11%, but it must start converting the bonds into 235.6 million shares in Citigroup from March 2010. In the original deal with ADIA, the Citigroup securities must be converted into common stock at a price between $31.83 and $37.24 a share between March 2010 and September 2011. Citigroup share price chart here.

Indonesian boy uses magic healing stone for miracle cures
In January 2009, nine-year-old Ponari from East Java was hit by lightning. When he regained consciousness there was a stone on top of his head. He threw it away but the stone came back, so he took it home. There he discovered the healing effects of the stone. A neighbour was healed of fever after he had touched it. The village head got rid of a bad pain in his arm. A boy who had not spoken a single word for five years was cured of his muteness. Now thousands of people are visiting Ponari's village for healing.

US Pittsburgh region is 2009 UFO hotspot
White Oak, Moon Township and Bedford have been visited.

Hovering bright light UFO makes repeat visits to Edgware, north London (UK)
And the same, or a very similar, UFO was seen by Rayelan Allan in California (USA) at 6.45pm on Thursday 26th February 2009. Witness reports here and here. Might this be the Pleiadian mothership referred to as the Maitreya Christ Star UFO? Background here.

Our presence is far more acceptable now than it was fifty years ago when we would most likely have been refused the opportunity to show up on Earth
"The Greys are in a different category, having been invited to Earth by your (US) Government many years ago in a secret agreement. They were allowed bases but not outside contact beyond the 'abductions', which are almost entirely with those who came to Earth for that purpose. It is stories like these that are kept under wraps, but will be revealed following disclosure of the whole UFO set up. You are kept ignorant of the Space Beings because you would have turned to them for the help they would have given, and that included making peace upon Earth. The dark forces do not have peace on their agenda or plan for Man, they have only been interested in global power and total enslavement of your civilisation ...."

The Universal Crystal
A painting by Arthur Douët. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

More about the Global Consciousness Project Graph here.

New fake political party planned for Japan. Money will be stolen from Japan's Postal Savings Bank to finance it.
The stolen money will be used by Western-controlled Japanese political fixers to bribe the Japanese corporate media to fool the Japanese public into voting for a set of old recycled traitors in a brand new party.

Nationalisation by stealth - Obama’s open-ended bailout of Citigroup and Bank of America
To allay fears on Wall Street of government nationalisation, which would wipe out bank shareholders and result in large losses for bondholders, Bernanke and Obama administration officials have spent much time reiterating the US government's support for private ownership and control of the banks. The class bias of these policies, despite occasional bursts of populist demagogy, could not be clearer. The controlling principle is to do the least possible harm to the interests of the richest segment of society, a miniscule minority, and do nothing that seriously impinges on the wealth and prerogatives of the most powerful sections of the ruling class - whatever the cost to the broad masses of people. Citigroup share price chart here. Bank of America here.

Criminal conspiracy to disguise and launder Citibank toxic derivatives exposed by INTERPOL
On the evening of Thursday 26th February 2009, an attempt was made to disguise $700 trillion of worthless Citibank derivatives as short positions in major Asian Tiger currencies. Thus disguised, the toxic papers were taken off Citibank's books and illegally converted into Taiwan dollars and Euros at the Citibank FOREX trading platform in Singapore. These funds were then illegally wire-transferred to currency trading platforms at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and to George Soros' personal currency exchange in Budapest, Hungary. President Barack Obama, President George Bush Snr, President George Bush Jnr, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, hedge fund manager George Soros, and András Szász, head of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, were actively involved in the conspiracy.

Obama trying everything possible to put USA under another 70-year Bankruptcy of Nations Contract
This follows Hillary Clinton's failure to get China to accept the US Eminent Domain agreements by which the Obama administration had planned to cede substantial tracts of American land to China in return for more Chinese financing of US Treasury debt instruments. The effect of the (refused) Eminent Domain agreements would have been to hock millions of acres of American National Forests and Wetlands (etc) in order to obtain short-term funding to keep Wall Street alive and delay the US financial collapse due to the US national bankruptcy. More here and here. Updates on the Eminent Domain issue here (03.03.09) and here (05.03.09).

US police state agencies ready to use martial law concentration camps to detain hundreds of thousands of dissenters in Homeland Security's Project Endgame
Since 9/11, and seemingly without the notice of most Americans, the federal government has assumed the authority to institute martial law, arrest a wide swath of dissidents, US citizens and non-citizens alike, and detain people without legal or constitutional recourse. There are holding pens as big as three football fields under the Denver International Airport (more here).

Text of letter dated 27.02.09 from Alan Salpeter and Beth Bradshaw of Dewey & LeBoeuf (Chicago, USA) to Randy Scott of (pdf - 2 pages)
This is a legal threat from DeVry, a controversial chain of private US educational institutions, to Randy Scott, one of the operators of the watchdog site, DeVry is reported by insiders and students to be deliberately delivering substandard academic and pastoral services in order to maximise financial returns to private investors. Some internal DeVry documents appearing to support these reports have been published by Coordinates here. Background news article here. Other DeVry-related watchdog and comment webpages can be found here, here, here, here, here and here.

Giant Panda
A photograph. Ailuropoda melanoleuca. A black and white bear. It is an endangered species. Only about 1,600 now survive in the wild. They are found in the bamboo forests of south west China, to the east of the Tibetan plateau. A Giant Panda may eat between 12 and 38 kg of bamboo a day. They vocalise by bleating rather than by roaring. More pictures here, here and here. More information about Giant Pandas can be found here and here.

Chinese Sichuan villagers riot over theft of earthquake relief funds
On Wednesday 18th February 2009, a riot took place in Baolin Township, Mianyang. It was a response to action by corrupt Chinese local authority officials who had deducted 2,000 yuan (US$292) from the disaster relief fund designated to each family, to use for road construction instead.

UN probe indicts Kenya on police killings
The sacking of Kenya’s Attorney General and Police Commissioner is urged following widespread extra judicial killings of Kenyan youths by the police. High-ranking Kenyan government officials were directly involved in inciting, funding and organising the violence. More background here.

The Great Financial Crisis: a whole new kind of struggle is emerging
The financial crisis is quickly turning into a political crisis. Already governments in Iceland and Latvia have collapsed and the global slump is just beginning to accelerate. Riots and street violence have broken out in Greece, Latvia and Lithuania, and worker-led protests have become commonplace throughout Europe. As unemployment skyrockets and economic activity stalls, countries are likely to experience greater social instability. How does one take deep-seated discontent and rage and shape it into a political movement for structural change?

The American friend
A sculpture by Eugenio Merino. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

$14 trillion of sovereign loan funds withdrawn from US Citibank lock-down account
Crown Temple agent, Sir Win Bischoff, leaves Citibank and returns to London.

Obama revealed to be a groomed and long-standing CIA agent
In related developments, Obama's White House Counsel, Greg Craig, was given until Wednesday 25th February 2009 to arrive at an agreement with lawyers for Karl Rove and Justice Department prosecutors on whether Rove must testify before the House Judiciary Committee on issues pertaining to the prosecution of former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman by the Bush Jnr Justice Department. Bush had earlier asserted executive privilege in protecting Rove from testifying.

Eden Gold
An image of planetary abundance

Fiat paper
An image of planetary bankruptcy

Rothschilds' scrooge empire suppresses vast stores of black gold available to heal world financial system
There is no shortage of new gold to back the new global currencies. But the Rothschilds prefer the phoney fiat paper which crashed the capitalist casino. More here and here.

At present we have moved closer to the resolution that we seek in the area of the global prosperity deliveries
"A number of key strategic moves by our Earth allies have shifted this long-awaited disbursement much closer to kick-off. As always, the main impediment is those who continue to renege on their promises, thus creating situations that make it unsafe to go forward with these deliveries. Nevertheless, each of the delays brings this goal closer to happening. Our Earth allies assure us that their activities are reducing the effectiveness of these delaying tactics. The time for these deliveries draws closer by the day, and with them comes a sequence of actions that will set up the new transitional governments and deliver the many announcements which are to launch the new reality for your world's societies ...." More about the obstructed delivery of these bank packages here.

Obama stopped the global prosperity fund deliveries at 11.00am on Sunday 22nd February 2009
International Monetary Fund deceived by US. Illuminati panicking. Two different Obama clones in play. Update here (26.02.09).

South aisle of St Luke, Gaddesby, Leicestershire (UK)
A photograph. Early fourteenth century. Local limestone and ironstone.

Ritual human sacrifices and orgies reported at Balmoral Castle (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK)
All members of the Committee of 300 are said to be active Satan worshippers. When they meet for their regular biennial Satanic ritual at Balmoral, human blood runs. European royalty, Roman Catholic clergy and American public figures are centrally involved. Credible inside information from deep within the Committee of 300 is now emerging into the public domain. More about the Committee of 300 can be found here.

Secret internal auditor's report suppressed by European Parliament shows how fraudulent Members of the European Parliament make millions of euros illegally
Copies of the 92-page report, prepared by Robert Galvin, the European Parliament’s head of internal audit, are now circulating widely. More here and here.

How They Fly Away So Easily
A painting by Tara McPherson. Oil and acrylic. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

White House Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has temper tantrum in Oval Office, calls Obama a "House Nigger", is escorted out of the room by Secret Service agents and is beaten-up in the White House hallway.
Meanwhile, in China, Hillary Clinton tries to bribe the Chinese government to agree to a delay in the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols. And in Gibraltar (Europe), there is a new US SEC and DOJ inquiry running with regard to illegal, private bank accounts tied to the Bushes, the Clintons, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Commercial passenger aircraft stops moving while flying over Greenland and remains stationary in mid-air for thirteen minutes - no explanation (YouTube video - 3½ mins)
On Thursday 22nd January 2009, US Airways Flight 307 departed from Frankfurt (Germany) en route for Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). While passing over Greenland, the passengers and crew witnessed a strange anomaly outside the aircraft. At 02:26 GMT the aircraft stopped moving in mid-air and hung suspended in a stationary position for thirteen minutes before resuming its course. US Airways has declined to comment on the incident. No explanation for the phenomenon has been given.

Freedom is total and without restrictions. The benefits will include the removal of legislation that curtails your free movement around the world. Freedom of movement and speech are going to be returned to you.
"Freedom is something that the Illuminati wish to restrict for the purpose of controlling you. By their reckoning you cannot be allowed to have powers that can be used against them. For those of you in America this is why your Constitution has been savagely attacked and watered down by successive governments. It will however be restored and adopted by the rest of the world. Governance will return to truly representing the people, and note their wishes which will be acted upon. It will become openly conducted and be transparent, so that its dealings are seen to be without secrecy and covert operations ...."

4 the Love of Go(l)d (detail)
A sculpture by Eugenio Merino crafted in admiration of Damien Hirst. Original exhibition view
here. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Have the regular international purchasers of US Treasury debt instruments told Obama that they will buy no more flaky paper until he releases the Farm Claims and Prosperity Programme packages?
More about the obstructed delivery of these bank packages here.

The current US financial rescue schemes are following the failed models of the Hoover administration during the Great Depression
Faced with the financial meltdown of the Great Depression which followed the 1929 stock market crash, the US Hoover administration created the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. This poured taxpayers’ money into the coffers of the influential Wall Street banks in an effort to save them from bankruptcy. Like today’s Bush/Obama administrations, the Hoover administration used the 'too-big-to-fail' scare tactic in order to justify the costly looting of the national treasury. All it did was to postpone the day of reckoning. Almost all of the banks failed after nearly three years of extremely costly bailout schemes.

Swiss People's Party (SVP) party seeks to punish US for UBS probe
The SVP said that gold stored by the Swiss National Bank in the United States should be repatriated. Switzerland should ban the sale of US funds in the country to protect Swiss investors after the failure of the US regulators.

US Jesuits file for bankruptcy protection
Confronted by scores of lawsuits alleging sex abuse by priests, the Jesuits of the Oregon Province have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The petition was filed on Tuesday 17th February 2009 in the US Bankruptcy Court in Portland. This province of the Roman Catholic order listed assets of less than $5 million and liabilities of almost $62 million. Many of the lawsuits involve Alaska Natives who say they were sexually abused as children while living in remote villages. More on the covert worldwide activities of the Jesuits here.

US-funded geographic survey project of the Sierra Juarez mountains in Mexico stirs local protests
Amid a storm of accusations, defenses, campus condemnation, public pronouncements and news articles, the Union of Organizations of the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca (UNOSJO) has condemned the mapping project called Mexico Indigena, a sub-project of Bowman Expeditions. The founder and director of UNOSJO, Aldo Gonzalez, has launched a campaign to alert indigenous communities of Mexico and the world to the risks involved in giving access to Bowman Expeditions under whatever name. What is the true reason for a geographic survey of the Sierra Juarez paid for by both the US and Mexican governments?

Scientology Ron Hubbard's FBI Files 1943-1993 (Zip archive - 2,826 pages)
Background and coordinates here.

The dark view their crumbling empire and plans - ones that are no longer holding Mankind in their web of deceit
To say that they are in panic is to put it mildly, but they are at their most dangerous when confronted with failure. However, in spite of their attempts to regain their power, they will be prevented from causing a major event of catastrophic dimensions. That may be their intent to heighten the fear factor, but they will find there are other forces that will oppose them. 2009 is to be a year when the paths of the Light and dark become clearly defined. People will be faced with some soul searching as to which way to go, and it will be a decision that will determine whether they move towards Ascension ....

Global Brain Paint
A picture. Part of the Global Consciousness Project's image of world-wide consciousness for Tuesday 20th January 2009, the US Presidential inauguration day. And here is a 3½ minute Google video showing a moving and developing global consciousness image from Friday 5th September 2008. This video is a time-lapse film showing eight minutes of data. The Global Consciousness Project collects data from a global network of random event generators involving 65 sites around the world. Computers at these locations run custom software that reads the output of physical random number generators and records a trial once every second. Technical background here, here, here, here, here and here.

If the new global financial system is not announced soon the social fabric of the US and Europe will disintegrate and the Illuminati will be hung from lamp-posts
Traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are calling for a new Boston Tea Party. A MSNBC opinion poll shows that 92% of Americans favour a revolution.

The looming collapse of European banks; only a £16.3 trillion bail-out can save them.
European Commission officials have estimated that impaired assets may amount to 44% of EU bank balance sheets. The Commission estimates that so-called financial instruments in the trading book total £12.3 trillion (€13.7 trillion), equivalent to about 33% of EU bank balance sheets. In addition, so-called 'available for sale instruments' worth £4 trillion (€4.5 trillion), or 11% of balance sheets, are also added by the Commission to arrive at the headline figure of £16.3 trillion. More here and here.

International confidence in US Treasury instruments collapses
On Wednesday 18th February 2009 the cost of insuring a $10 million US Treasury instrument for a five-year maturity reached $90,000. On Thursday 19th February 2009 the cost had risen to $93,000. In a normal market, the cost should not exceed $10,000. The more they write, the more junk the US Treasury creates, the higher the price.

The flight from risky assets into gold is a new currency trade
The shift to gold has picked up because everyone is trying to devalue their own currency against everyone else. Gold charts here, here and here.

Kenneth Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.
Cuomo is investigating whether BoA misled investors in relation to its acquisition of Merrill Lynch. In January 2009, Cuomo subpoenaed former Merrill CEO John Thain and Bank of America Chief Administrative Officer J.Steele Alphin for information related to bonuses paid to Merrill executives before the 1st January completion of the takeover.

Unusual, persistent, double-cross-shaped cloud formation seen in Russia (YouTube video - I min)
Some think that this is a HAARP / Project Blue Beam mass religious deception. Others discern it as a positive sign of the times, perhaps to do with the return of the World Teacher (Maitreya). More about Project Blue Beam here and here. More about the World Teacher here and here.

Ask for us. A message from the Extra Celestials (YouTube video - 2½ mins).
We are here to change the course of human destiny.

Dog's Mercury
A photograph by Wez Smith. Mercurialis perennis. Euphorbiaceae. Shade-loving. In the middle of February 2009, this perennial is beginning to flower in warmer pockets of the northern European countryside. Hippocrates commended the herb to be applied externally for women's diseases. Dog's Mercury has a disagreeable, acrid odour. The plant has proved fatal to sheep. Other pictures here, here, and here. More about Dog's Mercury here.

Iceland and Ireland are the leading developed basketcase economies
Both have external debts equalling 900% of their national GDPs

US zombie banks too big to survive? Citigroup and Bank of America post new 52-week lows. The dud dominoes are ready to fall.
Share price charts here and here. Updates here (20.02.09) and here (20.02.09).

After they are kicked out of Kyrgyzstan, the American military may have to decamp to Uzbekistan or Tajikistan
The potential loss of the Manas airbase in Kyrgyzstan is a serious challenge for the oil-hungry US war machine. The expulsion also compromises CIA drug-running activities in the region. More here and here.

Japan plans purge of American puppets
The vast majority of the Japanese politicians who have been bribed and blackmailed into submission by the Americans are expected to be removed from office in the lower house election which must be held by September 2009. Support for Prime Minister Taro Aso is now in single digits. By some estimates Japanese GDP is plunging at an annualized rate of 20%. Japan needs to hold an election quickly and purge the American puppets from its system. The Rothschilds must return their Bank of Japan shares to the Japanese people.

Rahm Emanuel actively feeding false information to Barack Obama
Head of the North American Israeli Mossad and current Barack Obama White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, along with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, is directly blocking the implementation of the NESARA-related Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols. Greenspan is currently under direct orders from a Service Warrant issued by US Marshals to refrain from involving himself in this type of activity. Emanuel is also blackmailing President Obama on his plans to nationalise US banks. The nationalisation policy would remove the toxic Bush-Clinton syndicate derivatives from the US banking system. Greenspan is publicly supporting the nationalisation push.

The 45-page indictment against Alan Greenspan has not been withdrawn
After his arrest, the corrupt old wrinklie is having to wear a GPS electronic ankle bracelet monitor of the kind which Dick Cheney and Robert Rubin had to get used to.

US biological warfare facility at Fort Detrick (Maryland) is expanding up to a 200-acre national inter-agency bio-defense campus
Dozens of diseases are being viewed as potential agents for aggressive US bioweapons. These include hepatitis A, B and C, influenza A, Lyme disease, dengue fever, salmonella, anthrax, West Nile virus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis, SARS, tuberculosis, typhus, Coxiella burnetii, Rift Valley fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, yellow fever, Bolivian and Argentine hemorrhagic fevers, Marburg virus, Ebola virus, Lassa fever and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. But why has Morgellons Disease been excluded from the active list? Is it classified as a nanoweapon rather than as a bioweapon? Can it not be handled safely by the microbiologists at Fort Detrick?

Geronimo's descendants sue US Skull and Bones Society over stolen 1918 body parts
Macabre human remains held in the crypt of the New Haven clubhouse of the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University have become the object of a law suit. On Tuesday 17th February 2009, on the 100th anniversary of Geronimo's death, a federal lawsuit was filed in Washington which names the Skull and Bones, Yale University and the federal government as respondents. The Apache leader's descendants want his stolen relics back.

DigiProtect Extortion case: Mark Bateman and Trevor Sears of Davenport Lyons (UK) versus Wikileaks (pdf - 1 page)
The UK law firm Davenport Lyons, best known online for accusing people of illegally filesharing on behalf of video games companies and threatening to take them to court if they don't pay hundreds of pounds, has now begun doing the same for producers of hardcore gay porn. The UK Solicitors Regulatory Authority is currently investigating Davenport Lyons for possible misconduct. More here (18.02.09 - pdf - 1 page). Further papers here (18.11.08 - pdf - 16 pages). Context here. Background coordinates here, here and here. Update here (20.02.09).

Has the Christ Star UFO now been spotted over China?
On Monday 16th February 2009, Till Wöhler photographed something very odd in the evening sky over the Chinese capital, Beijing. It was similar to the Christ Star UFO sightings seen in January 2009 in Oslo (Norway), Brønnøysund (Norway), Boston (USA), Pasadena, California (USA), Zürich (Switzerland) and Costa Rica. Background and commentary here.

Our Earth allies have enough precious metals in place to back the major currencies of your world, but these can only come on line when the last dark cabal is pushed from power
"This dark oligarchy has lost much of its former tight grip, but enough remains in place to stall the desired changes. Another front is global debt forgiveness: this element too is secretly ready to be unveiled. But again, several regimes controlled by this dark group are still obstacles to this noble concept. We have asked our Earth allies if they wish us to use our good offices to break this deadlock which would permit them to finish off the first part of their joint duties to the Light .... Heaven continues to state that her plans include a way to make this breakthrough happen. Indeed, our spiritual advisors tell us that a major intervention on their part is extremely near ...."

The new US Amero currency
A photograph. Note the Denver mint mark. Other Amero coin pictures can be seen here, here and here. Photographs of the Amero notes can be found here, here and here. The new Amero currency is a Washington DC corporate plan to obfuscate the US national bankruptcy. Decision-makers in Canada and Mexico have been paid substantial bribes to nod through covert legislation enabling the change.

Corrupt new North American Amero currency plan has fatal flaws
The new coins and notes have been minted at The United States Mint at Denver, Colorado, and elsewhere. Container loads of the currency have been distributed throughout the world with particularly large consignments being sent to China. The Amero will replace the US dollar and will become legal tender throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. The idea is to unite Canadian resources and Mexican cheap labour with the USA's national bankruptcy. The new currency Amero plan has many fatal flaws. It will unilaterally take away Canadian sovereignty without consulting the Canadian people. Many Americans do not want to compete with Mexicans for jobs flipping hamburgers. The new Amero currency plan calls for trading one US dollar for 10 Amero cents which will be a huge devaluation in disguise. It will devalue the dollar holdings of foreigners and will mean the US reneging on its debts, which is a deliberate destabilisation stratagem hatched by the corporate bond holders who control the Obama White House. The United States Mint was created by Congress on the 2nd April 1792, within the Department of State. The Mint was made an independent agency in 1799, and under the Coinage Act of 1873, became part of the US Treasury Department. More background about the North American Union (NAU) here.

Juvenile proboscis monkey
A photograph. Nasalis larvatus, an arboreal species found in Borneo’s mangrove forests, swamps, and lowland riparian forests. Mainly folivorous, ninety five percent of their diet is leaves of the mangrove and Pedada trees. Proboscis monkeys are sometimes taken by crocodiles or leopards. Other pictures here, here and here. More about proboscis monkeys here.

International debt reconciliation of US debts all the way back to George Washington's time is now being discussed
The planned demise of US Federal Reserve fractional banking is expected. Recapitalization of all major banks and the world's financial systems is under way. Historical settlements from the holocaust to the Marshall Plan are involved.

$218 trillion of Giga account funds and Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds are frozen at Banco Santander of Spain pending full European INTERPOL investigation
The investigation, now underway, is being directed by Jean-David Levitte, a former French Ambassador to the United States and senior diplomatic adviser to French President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Police State America - US Marines train for martial law (YouTube video - 9 mins)
Footage from Oakland, northern California, USA. Operation Urban Warrior - a military training exercise in which US Marines and foreign troops practice putting American citizens under martial law.

MindWar: How US Military PsyOps plan to control your brain
State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the population such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. More here.

The Nightmare in Somalia
Yet another US-sponsored catastrophe. The US-backed Ethiopian Army invaded Somalia in December 2006, overthrowing the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) government and installing the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). Now, more than two years later, approximately 10,000 people have lost their lives, and 1.1 million Somalis have been turned into refugees, the victims of Ethiopian occupiers and an ongoing civil war.

Final recommendations of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Blue Ribbon Dining Committee (BRDC) regarding student dining
The recommendations of the committee are against student interests and contradictory to the culture of MIT. More here.

Thirteen things that don't make sense - the most intriguing scientific mysteries of our time
A book review. A look at a baker's dozen of anomalies; things that don't quite fit into current scientific theories and so are provoking imaginative research at the cutting edge. The book addresses the placebo effect, the horizon problem, ultra-energetic cosmic rays, the Belfast homeopathy results, dark matter, Viking's methane, tetraneutrons, the Pioneer anomaly, dark energy, the Kuiper cliff, the Wow signal, not-so-constant constants and cold fusion. Steven Poole of the Guardian newspaper (London) reviews
13 Things that Don't Make Sense by Michael Brooks (2008). More background here and here.

Photograph of an early nineteenth century Swithland slate headstone in the churchyard of St Luke, Gaddesby, Leicestershire (UK).

Former Head of Risk at UK HBOS Bank has more than 30 potentially incendiary documents which he will send to the UK's Treasury Select Committee
Paul Moore, the UK HBOS Bank whistleblower whose revelations led to the resignation of one of the UK Government's top regulators is about to release a tranche of documents which he says point a direct and accusatory finger at Prime Minister Gordon Brown's responsibility for the British banking crisis, and has called on the Prime Minister to resign. The documents disprove Brown's claim about the reasons for HBOS's catastrophic losses – now estimated to be nearly £11 billion – and show that it was the reckless lending culture, easy credit and failed regulation of the Brown years that led directly to the implosion of British banks. More here.

Education of the Virgin
A painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1732); Oil on canvas; St Maria della Consolazione (Fava), Venice.

From bourgeois housewife to Queen of Heaven
A book review. The initial steps in the transformation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from walk-on player to global icon were essentially pragmatic. She developed not out of the gospels but in parallel with them. The Virgin became a kind of celestial recruiting sergeant with the Jews as her recalcitrant constituency. Then in Bruges she figures as a bourgeois housewife busy with porridge, while in Ethiopia she sits in judgment on cannibals. In the chivalric Burgundian court she is a high-born lady pursued by a unicorn, while in Rouen she is, quite simply, Queen of Heaven. And curiously, Mary is mentioned more often in the Qur'an than the in the Gospels. Kathryn Hughes of the Guardian newspaper (London) reviews Mother of God - A History of the Virgin Mary by Miri Rubin (2009).

More than 30% of Roman Catholic priests in Poland admit that they are not celibate and 12% say that they are living in stable relationships with women
Other priests are leaving the priesthood to get married. The number of young men entering Roman Catholic seminaries in Poland is falling sharply. Professor Jozef Baniak of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan surveyed 823 Polish priests.

There may be one hundred billion Earth-like planets in our Milky Way galaxy
Many of these worlds could be inhabited by lifeforms. Alan Boss, of the Carnegie Institution in Washington DC, speaks at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago. More here. AAAS podcast here.

UFO sighting over Arizona (USA)
On the evening of Wednesday 11th February 2009, a number of witnesses saw a classic saucer-shaped UFO with non-strobing red lights flying over Tucson, Arizona. The craft was moving from south to north at an altitude of about 150m when it was observed to explode in a large blaze of bright white light and speed away horizontal to the surface of the earth at high speed.

Russian Tesla-enabled cosmospheres now control the Earth's airspace
The Russian cosmospheres are sphere-shaped spacecraft built by the Russians that can move at the speed of magnetic force and can suspend at any elevation by magnetic force. They are equipped with the latest particle beam, laser, scalar and surveillance technologies, far superior to the rest of the world. The Putin-Medvedev Russian government is the first and only national government to be actively working with the assistance of benevolent advanced extraterrestrials in the pursuit of planetary peace and prosperity on Earth. On occasions there have been as many as fifteen Russian Cosmospheres stationed over the Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota (US) to restrain the negative activity of the USAF B-1B Lancer heavy bomber fleet. More background here.

A massive US Bankers’ Ramp has loaded European financial institutions with $30 trillion of dud assets
The US Treasury’s stance on global financial issues is governed by the fact that it defers to the CIA Intelligence Power which controls the US Federal Government, selects its personnel, and has usurped the power of the US Executive Branch. The CIA is an illegal, self-financing, state-within-a-state which controls the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the US Government. The EU Finance Ministers (ECOFIN) have warned that the US-provenanced toxic debts of European banks risk overwhelming some of the weaker EU member states and may present a systemic danger to the overall EU banking system. The weaker EU member states cited are thought to include Ireland, Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden. Estimates of total expected asset writedowns in these countries suggest that the budgetary costs of asset relief could be very large both in absolute terms and relative to Gross Domestic Product. ECOFIN states that for these weaker EU member states, it may be the case that asset relief for banks is no longer an option, due to their existing budgetary constraints and/or the size of their banks’ balance sheets relative to GDP.

Legal sources in Europe say Obama can be charged with embezzlement
The US President's blocking of the Farm Claims and NESARA-related Global Prosperity Funds is an international criminal act.

Chinese willow-pattern plate
A photograph. Originally engraved in 1780 by Thomas Minton for Thomas Turner of Caughley, Shropshire (UK).

Chinese Government Communists torture Gao Zhisheng's genitals with toothpicks and electric prods
In May 2007, the American Board of Trial Advocates granted the prominent Beijing-based human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, the Courageous Advocacy Award. In September 2007, Gao was kidnapped by the Chinese government and tortured for fifty days. Four men, led by a six foot one inch tall individual called Wang, worked on Gao's naked body with electric shot prods, cigarettes and toothpicks. The Chinese Communists called this a "mind re-education talk". The Chinese government torturers told Gao that that they were using the same twelve courses of torture on Gao that they had practiced on the Falun Gong meditators. On Friday 6th February 2009, Radio Free Asia reported that Gao Zhisheng had been arrested again. A veteran of the People's Liberation Army, Gao was voted one of the ten best lawyers in China in 2001 by the Chinese Justice Ministry. However, he has been repeatedly harassed and arrested after winning a case in favour of a member of the Falun Gong movement in 2004. More here, here, here and here (pdf - 2 pages).

End-time chaos in Saudi Arabia as Wahhabi sect infighting leads to top sackings of corrupt religious and legal officials
Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ghaith, chief enforcer of the hated religious police organisation, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, has been removed by King Abdullah. And Saudi Arabia's head judge, Sheikh Salih Ibn al-Luhaydan, has been summarily dismissed. There are signs that organised Saudi Arabian women's groups have influenced the changes. More here, here, here and here. And more about the Wahhabi sect can be found here.

US Government BlackOps in Japan exposed
Shincho Magazine has been running a series of confessions by a CIA agent who killed reporters working for the Asahi Newspaper. A large portion of Japan’s secret budget has been used to steal Japanese money and give it to rogue elements within the US military-industrial complex. Senior members of the Japanese security police have evidence that the US shot down JAL flight 123 in 1985 - killing over 500 people - in order to force Japan to sign the Plaza Accords. This enabled the Reagan administration to engineer a 50% revaluation of the Japanese Yen. Now, in 2009, the Japanese security establishment is starting to turn against American subterfuge.

The true deficit of the US federal government in 2009 is $65.5 trillion - this sum exceeds the gross domestic product of the whole planet
The US Treasury has been dependent upon foreign buyers, principally China and Japan and other major holders of US dollar foreign exchange reserves, including OPEC buyers purchasing US debt through London. The appetite of foreign buyers to purchase continued trillions of US debt has become questionable as the world has witnessed the rapid deterioration of the US fiscal condition in the current financial crisis. In 2009, the US federal government is bankrupt and is known to be bankrupt. In a post-Enron world, if the federal government were a corporation such as General Motors, the US president and senior Treasury officers would be in federal penitentiary.

Holocaust revisionism defended
As the Nuremberg dominoes of deceit begin to fall, the major gas chamber revisionists receiving sympathetic attention are Arthur Butz, Robert Faurisson, Henri Roques, Carlo Mattogno, Paul Rassinier, Fred Leutcher, Germar Rudolf, William Barton, David Irving, Jurgen Graf, Richard Widmann, Carlos Porter, Ingrid Weckert, Ditlieb Felderer, Walter Luftl, Paul Grubach, Thies Christophersen, Hans von der Heide, Samuel Crowell, Brian Renk, James Martin, Siegfried Verbeke, David Hoggan, Otto Ernst Remer, Leon Degrelle, David Cole, Wilhelm Staglich, Ivan Lagace, Francois Duprat, Hans Schmidt, Udo Walendy, Pedro Varela, Ernst Zundel, Bradley Smith, Doug Collins, Mike Piper, Michael Hoffman, Doug Christie, Barbara Kulaszka, Bruce Leichty and Jurgen Rieger.

Mossad-funded Anti-Defamation League is now promoting Avigdor Lieberman of Yisrael Beytenu
The fake US anti-hate group affirms a fascist Israeli hate-monger. If you are an Arab student and dare come to school wearing a kūfiyyah, you are disloyal to the State of Israel. If you are a Muslim Israeli and collect money and medicines for Gaza relief, you are disloyal to the State of Israel. Please note that this and this are not kūfiyyāt.

Rest easier as your day-to-day news reveals a new trend in your affairs and you realise that the secrecy that shrouded the past is being revealed
The truth is beginning to come into the public arena, and will not be denied a hearing. Your media is still largely controlled, but you shall see the pressure of bowing to public demand for information will break the silence. These are times when it is becoming impossible for certain covert actions to be concealed much longer. The tragedy of 911 with the resultant death of thousands, is near to being brought into focus and calls for a new independent enquiry will ultimately succeed. Truth is the word for the period you are entering, and it carries the energy of disclosure that will be like the proverbial rolling stone once it starts moving. More details about the emerging 911 backstory can be found here (pdf - 59 pages), here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

UFO, cloudship or lenticular cloud?
A photograph. And Bruce Harman has an artwork on the subject here. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Long, cylindrical UFO hovers over Somerset (UK) campsite
At 1.00pm on Sunday 27th July 2008, on a sunny day in western England, a video of a very clear and unusual cigar-shaped UFO was taken by a British holidaymaker at the Brean Leisure Park, near Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset (UK). The video was shot at the height of the tourist season. Hundreds of local holidaymakers stopped to view the phenomenon. Videos here, here, here, here and here. Still image here. More background here, here, and here.

The positive extraterrestrials from Sirius speak again (Tuesday 10th February 2009)
"At present, you are moving into a most curious phase of your history. Heavenly forces are at work to transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves back into galactic humans. This operation has its counterpart in what is happening to Mother Earth. These momentums have conjoined to make this time unique in your history, with millions of you now awakening each week from your deep slumber. This march toward a higher consciousness mirrors what is happening throughout your solar system and, indeed, all over this galaxy. All your lives are marked by the many-leveled changes taking place. You are living through a time when most of your major societal institutions are undergoing great systemic collapse, which is in fact a precursor to a series of vast economic, political, and societal reforms ...."

US Pentagon CENTCOM Metrics Brief 2007-2008 (pdf - 12 pages)
Published on Wednesday 14th January 2009, this NATO document details how the yearly civilian death toll in the Afghanistan War increased by 40% to 46% during 2008, the number of attacks on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan increased by 116%, Surface to Air Fire increased by 67%, and Improvised Explosive Device casualties increased by 29%. Background here. Updates here (16.02.09), here (17.02.09) and here (19.02.09).

The fake Jewish Holocaust - the biggest lie of the 20th Century
"There were not six million Jews in the whole of Europe, let alone in Germany during World War II. There were no gas chambers in Germany or Poland. General Eisenhower built death camps at the end of World War II. The two to three hundred thousand Jews, who died in Germany during World War II, died from cholera, typhus and other fast-acting diseases that swept through the camps, in spite of the efforts by the Germans to stop them. The Eisenhower death camps were used to deliberately kill by starvation and disease hundreds of thousands of German people following the end of the war. Pictures of these death camps and ranks of dead bodies stacked up like cord wood were used by the Zionists, as proof of their fake Holocaust, claiming these were Jews. That is the big lie."

A picture of unknown title by Tomer Hanuka. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Western secret government plans global genocide
The Illuminati-run rulers of the West’s financial system are not only blocking the introduction of a new NESARA-related financial system but are also planning to kill billions of people worldwide. They are using the futures markets to depress the price of foodstuffs while simultaneously elevating the price of fertilizer. Many developing country farmers are being forced to reduce their harvests as a consequence. Without a new financial system, billions of people could die soon. The current Western financial system is so corrupt that life is not considered to be a basic human right. The system allows poor people to starve to death in order that obese Americans can eat too much meat. And another elite-designed bioterror plague may be planned. A US government lab has announced that “pathogens have gone missing.”

Obama's secret criminality continues
Dozens of IMF countries were on the telephone to Washington on Tuesday-Wednesday 11th-12th February 2009. They demanded to know why the Obama White House is as corrupt as the Bush White House with regard to the disbursement of the international prosperity funds. The American political, financial, legal and security apparatus continues to be a cesspit of obstructive evil under Barack Obama.

New US Justice Department evidence links Alan Greenspan to illegal Federal Reserve electronic trading platforms in Baghdad, London, Berlin, and Mexico City
Greenspan oversaw massive illegal trading practices with stolen US Treasury funds, including the $218 trillion Giga account originally located at the Bank of Lavaro in Italy.

The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow, Shropshire (UK)
A photograph of an English timber-framed house built in 1603. And here and here are two other pictures of the same building. The Feathers Hotel website is here.

US Congressional statement on the Federal Reserve Abolition Act - Tuesday 3rd February 2009
"Madame Speaker, I rise to introduce legislation to restore financial stability to America's economy by abolishing the Federal Reserve. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, middle and working-class Americans have been victimized by a boom-and-bust monetary policy. In addition, most Americans have suffered a steadily eroding purchasing power because of the Federal Reserve's inflationarypolicies .... Congress' constitutional mandate regarding monetary policy should only permit currency backed by stable commodities such as silver and gold to be used as legal tender. Therefore, abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to a constitutional system will enable America to return to the type of monetary system envisioned by our nation's founders: one where the value of money is consistent because it is tied to a commodity such as gold. Such a monetary system is the basis of a true freemarket economy."

Obama illegally stops farm claims and prosperity fund deliveries
Acting on corrupt advice from Bush and Clinton, who have advised the President that these monies belong to the US government, Obama has stopped Brink's from delivering the NESARA-related bank packages. Obama explicitly stated that with time, his people can break down the international computer codes which protect the funds and hold them in lockdown against theft. Background about deliveries here.

Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?
If Obama does not fix this financial crisis, if he fails to act decisively, the president risks being overwhelmed, like his predecessor. The costs to the US and the world of another failed presidency do not bear contemplating. The correct advice remains the one the US gave the Japanese and others during the 1990s: admit reality, restructure banks and, above all, slay zombie institutions at once.

US Oathgate; the two Presidential oaths taken; the theatre of planned flubs.
Which US Presidential Oath is legally operative now? Who is the US President? Obama or Biden? Or a third, hidden controller? Does the legal Presidential Oath affirm the Washington DC Corporation? Or the American Constitution and Republic? Or the North American Union of the US, Mexico and Canada?

Menachem Rosensaft says re-excommunicate Bishop Richard Williamson
"It is outrageous that Pope Benedict XVI did not immediately respond to Williamson’s stalling tactics by reinstating the renegade bishop’s excommunication. When members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations leaders meet with the Pope later this week (Thursday 12th February 2009), they must demand that he categorically and permanently revokes Williamson’s rehabilitation." More Williamson background here.

On Tuesday 12th February 2008, a multicoloured spacecraft was seen hovering still and static in the sky for an hour and a half opposite the British Houses of Parliament in London (UK)
The craft had green, red and white lights. The number of UFO sightings officially logged with the UK's Ministry of Defence in 2008 more than doubled to a total of 285, the highest number in ten years.

Chocolate is the destiny of Woman
A photograph. Other nourishing images are linked from this page here.

Geithner set to launch the world’s biggest Ponzi scam from the US Treasury
The plan is to pile bad debt upon bad debt in a fraudulent attempt to refloat trash derivatives at US banks. The Queen of England's $6.2 trillion will be deliberately bypassed. The Senate and Congress have been bought off with illicit drug money.

Greenspan detained by international law-enforcement authorities on Sunday 8th February 2009 in connection with attempted Citibank heist
The former US Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, is said to have been involved in facilitating a $14 trillion theft on behalf of the Clintons.

Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) agrees to set up a rapid reaction force to combat terrorism, military aggression and drug trafficking in the region
Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are involved. Map here. Armenian President, Serzh Sargsyan, is the chairman of the group. Up to now, much of the drug trafficking has been done by protected CIA patsies operating through the soon-to-be-closed US Manas airbase in Kyrgyzstan. On Wednesday 4th February 2009, a Moscow news conference announcing the CSTO agreement was broadcast on RussiaToday TV. The video clips of that announcement, with English translations, can be found here and here.

Sixty new UFO sightings recorded in USA between 2nd and 8th February 2009
US air force fighters and helicopters were involved in interception attempts in Texas and South Dakota.

Covert security agencies at NASA and elsewhere are suppressing the publication of photographs which show the inter-dimensional portals at Earth's North and South Poles
Disclosures about the Inner Earth human society are soon to be released into the public domain. All planets are hollow and internally inhabitable. So is the Moon. An artist's impression of what a photograph of the Earth's North Pole might look like can be seen here. An actual satellite photograph of the North Pole taken in 1968 can be viewed here. A stylised map of the hollow Earth can be seen here. And more background information about the emerging Inner Earth / Agartha story can be found here.

Fairy Moon
A picture by David Delamare. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Full Moon in Leo - Monday 9th February 2009
Leo rules creative self-actualization, personal power, and the beautiful magnetism of personal vision. Yet this year, we have a plethora of planets in Aquarius and a Lunar Eclipse; all of which will draw our thoughts away from Leo’s need for personal actualization and toward a creative vision for global transformation.

I am the Moon
I came from the surface of Jupiter a long time ago....

Obama capitulates to his Federal Reserve masters
The Obama Administration is using the Patriot Act to block the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols which would allow $1.5 trillion back into the US Treasury

US Congressman Gary Ackerman goes nuts on camera concerning the SEC's handling of Bernard Madoff's $50 billion Ponzi scheme (YouTube video - 5.05 mins)
The chickens are coming home to roost for the corrupt and the incompetent at the US Securities and Exchange Commission

The American ruling class
The odious subjective characteristics of the US financial aristocracy - its greed, arrogance, stupidity and decadence - are themselves deeply rooted in objective historical developments, the social expression of an underlying economic process. The rise of this narrow social layer with its obscene levels of accumulation is inextricably bound up with the decline of American capitalism in the world market and the gutting of its domestic industrial base. Indeed, what makes the whole process so filthy, what imparts to it such a decadent and repulsive character, is the degree to which this wealth is unconnected to any progressive economic process. It is in every sense destructive and reactionary.

How corrupt is KPMG?
The sleaze stories continue to dribble out of the London-based accountancy giant. Is KPMG illegally protecting banksters and bent lawyers from paying tax? While KPMG in Britain has merely faced adverse rulings, the separate US arm of this global accounting empire has seen criminal indictments for alleged tax fraud. These followed aggressive Senate hearings. KPMG was forced to pay $456m penalties in 2005 for what the US internal revenue service described as criminal wrongdoing.

Catalogue of America's Middle East blunders is a must-read for Obama
A book review. When the Americans displaced the British in the Middle East after the Suez debacle a half-century ago, they seemed to promise a new era. The United States would sort out the conflict between the Arab states and Israel, and help bring prosperity and peace to all in the region. President after president, from Eisenhower on, applied himself to these tasks, certainly difficult, but surely not beyond the reach of a resolute superpower. All failed, some miserably. It is the most dismal chronicle of incompetence, ignorance, ineffectiveness, indecision and inefficiency imaginable, and one that, in the light of recent events, must be very vivid in the mind of the new leader of the USA. Martin Woollacott of the Guardian newspaper (London) reviews A World of Trouble by Patrick Tyler (2009).

Mouin Rabbani on Human Rights Watch and the Gaza Massacre
The Middle East has always been a difficult challenge for Western human rights organizations, particularly those seeking influence or funding in the United States. The pressure to go soft on US allies is in some respects reminiscent of Washington's special pleading for Latin American terror regimes in the 1970s and 1980s. In the case of Israel such organizations also face a powerful and influential domestic constituency, which often extends to senior echelons of such organizations, for whom forthright condemnation of Israel is anathema.

Holocaust-denier removed from Argentine seminary
British-born Richard Williamson, an ultra-traditionalist Roman Catholic bishop who has drawn sharp criticism from the Vatican and Jewish groups for denying the extent of the Holocaust, has been removed as the head of the La Reja seminary, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Williamson has also claimed that the US Government planned the 911 demolitions of the World Trade Centre in New York, and that there is a Jewish conspiracy to achieve world domination. Views of this kind are common among informed senior Roman Catholics worldwide, but up until now it has been considered diplomatic to articulate them behind closed doors only. Background here, here, here, here and here.

Jews in South America increasingly uneasy
On Friday 30th January 2009, a dozen armed men overpowered guards at a prominent synagogue in Caracas, Venezuela, spray-painted office walls with anti-Semitic insults, desecrated historic Torah scrolls and made off with computers containing personal information on congregants. In nearby Argentina which has the largest Jewish population in Latin America - about 250,000 - Jewish leaders describe a tense climate in which swastikas have been painted on Jewish schools, and graffiti demanding that Jews leave the country have been scrawled on walls.

Dershowitz silent on absence of Holocaust proof
Alan Dershowitz, the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University, has been challenged to provide proof that the popular Zionist narrative about Auschwitz is something other than an expedient fantasy. "Professor Dershowitz, can you provide the name, with proof, of one Jewish child who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz?" The same question was put individually to hundreds of other academics. Not one attempted to answer the question. No single Auschwitz name was suggested. So a second question was put. At the Harvard Law School, the silence is deafening. Background here.

Your problems are unprecedented in this present era, and surpass even the challenges that followed your two World Wars.
"It is one thing to face the rebuilding of your countries and structures that are severely damaged following such a period. Yet completely different when you have come to recognise a threat against all that you are familiar with, in times of apparent affluence. Suddenly, in a matter of months you face the collapse of society, and the institutions that upheld it are breaking apart. There is no possibility of returning to the old materialistic society, although the abundance programs will ensure that people’s needs are taken care of."

There are strong forces that are trying to release funds and others trying to prevent the funds from being released
With your new President, we have been assured that there will soon be the official release of the reality of our existence and the orders to your Air Force to try to shoot us down will be removed. However, it may be that it will require the announcement of the NESARA program to release the information about our shuttles.

Monster big cat paw prints found in snow in Lincolnshire (UK)
A photograph taken on Monday 2nd February 2009. And another one here. The footprints were five inches long, and the animal's stride length was three feet. This is far too large for any domestic cat or dog. Are predatory big cats prowling the English countryside in and around the old Binbrook Airfield? Background here.

It may be necessary to bankrupt the UK in order to force the hands of the Rothschilds and The Crown Temple
Secret meetings currently underway in the US involve negotiations about introducing a completely new NESARA-related world financial system. The discussions, now at an advanced stage, are being blocked by powerful ancient monied interests in the City of London. These Europeans are the creditors of the American bankruptcy. It may be necessary for the Chinese, the Russians and other foreign currency holding nations to announce that they will trade all US dollars held outside of the US and all Euros outside of the Euro zone for a new currency. This would force the decadent Western oligarchs to admit to reality. More about the Rothschilds can be found here, and about The Crown Temple here.

Queen Elizabeth of England abruptly cancels long-planned State Visit to Gulf region because of massive financial fraud by Citibank, Dubai and Abu Dhabi
On Friday 6th February 2009, a colossal sum of money, thought to amount to several trillion US dollars, was illegally diverted to banking conspirators in the Middle East by someone inside Citibank. This may have been a last-ditch effort to get UAE investors' money out of the bank before Citigroup collapses. The former US Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan is said to have been involved in facilitating the theft on behalf of the Clintons. More about the Washington DC corporate fraud can be found here.

USA begins to fall apart. Faced with corrupt and unconstitutional gerrymandering in Washington DC, nine states of the USA have declared, or are declaring, political sovereignty.
The attempt, here, is to stave off illegal actions by Washington DC to impose martial law on US citizens for covert financial purposes. The nine states are Arizona, California, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Washington. Many other states may follow suit, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Background to the impending USA breakup here, here, here and here.

Sex crimes and the Vatican
A YouTube compilation from the BBC. The current Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, is complicit in the Roman Catholic sex crime coverup. More here. Background here and here.

Jesuit papal assassins unmasked
Three weeks before the attempted assassination of Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) in May 1981, Wojtyla had a meeting with six of the most powerful cardinals in the Vatican. The topic they discussed was the forced resignation of the Jesuit Superior General, Pedro Arrupe. The Jesuits were quick to respond with the papal assassination attempt and a poisoned blood transfusion.

Is China trying to cover up a major bird flu outbreak?
This photograph shows farmers preparing to bury dead chickens at the Number Seven Community, Lanfeng Village, Yuanyang Township, Chongqing, on Thursday 5th February 2009. Nearly 12,000 chickens have been found dead in the village since Friday 30th January 2009. At least five people are known to have died from bird flu in China during January 2009. In 2008, China reported six outbreaks of bird flu which killed 9,000 birds and led to the culling of 590,000 others. Background here.

Madagascar on knife-edge of revolution
Presidential commandos have shot at least thirty protesters dead in the capital, Antananarivo. President Marc Ravalomanana is deeply corrupt and in hock to Western mining interests. Protest pictures here, here, here, and here. Reportage here, here, and here.

Three more US banks seized and shut down by regulators as financial crisis deepens
Alliance Bank of Culver City (California), County Bank of Merced (California) and FirstBank Financial Services of McDonough (Georgia) collapsed on Friday 6th February 2009.

The new Christ Star is seen
A photograph taken at 8.00pm on Tuesday 27th January 2009, in Oslo (Norway). The large, bright, moving star - the same star that moved over Bethlehem two thousand years ago - has now been photographed in various places across the world. Other examples: on Sunday 18th January 2009 above the Sømna church in Brønnøysund (Norway) here; at 5.15pm on Monday 26th January 2009 over the Southwest Corridor Park, South End, Boston (USA) here; on Saturday 3rd January 2009 above Costa Rica here; on Sunday 4th January 2009 over Zürich (Switzerland) here, and on Thursday 8th January 2009 above Pasadena, California (USA) here. The star is understood to be a large Pleiadian mothership. The deliberate and planned appearances of the star are said to presage the end of the age and the return of Maitreya, The World Teacher. Maitreya is not a religious figure, but he is sometimes known by religious names such as Christ, The Imam Mahdi, The Messiah and Krishna. Background and commentary here. And more about Maitreya's history here.

A picture by Gracjana Zielinska. More images by this artist are linked from another page

Was Christopher Cox on the Madoff payroll?
What else can explain the unbelievable incompetence of the US Securities and Exchange Commission?

A manifesto to save the free market
Start fire-fighting. Restore sound money. Nationalise the banks. Complete Doha. Introduce counter-cyclical measures. Reduce capital imbalances. Enforce corporate responsibility. Retribution. Don't forget climate change. Reform international institutions. But has Jeremy Warner not heard about NESARA?

Bad Science Bingo with Jeni Barnett
Jeni Barnett exemplifies every single canard ever uttered by the antivaccination movement. “It’s a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry.” “Science always changes so you can believe what you like.” “It’s a debate and a controversy.” “Measles was never that bad anyway.” “Immune systems are damaged by being understimulated.” “Immune systems are damaged by being overstimulated.” Legal threat background here.

The mighty realms of Heaven are ringing with your names and it is because you have established a place for yourselves in the history of the Universe
"You have overcome extreme conditions from one life to another, and experienced riches to rags and spiritual enlightenment to utter darkness. Yet you have come through these experiences all the greater for them, and have kept your Light shining regardless of the depths you have touched. You have now emerged into the Light in a positive manner, and lifted your consciousness to a level that has placed you on the path to Ascension. We have never doubted your ability but your achievement has surpassed our expectations .... "

All over northern Europe the snowdrops are emerging
A photograph

Unbeknown to the world a great proclamation is ready to be bellowed out across the airwaves
The Sirian spiritual masters speak again. The time has come for the human population on the surface of Planet Earth to make a great leap from a scarcity-based system to one anchored in abundance. This means ending the age of oil. Many forms of limitless energy production now exist that are either suppressed or in use under national security tags. This technology needs to be released immediately. A series of major announcements are imminent which will shock and rock the world.

Violent unrest rocks China as financial crisis hits
The collapse of the export trade has left millions without work and set off a wave of social instability. The provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu are at the heart of the protests. Worker dormitory suburbs resemble ghost towns. Xiao Qingshan has defied bribery and threats from the Chinese authorities and has spoken to the foreign media. He wants international businesses to know what is really happening in China.

Chaos and panic in Japanese government
The CIA and Japanese militarist controlled regime that has been in power since 1955 is collapsing. The US government is using all its resources to try to prop up the junta, but its efforts will be useless. The gangsters who ruled the world with violence and crime are on their way out as the revolution begins.

Kyrgystan to order closure of US military airbase
Russian pressure to kick the US military out of Kyrgystan is mounting. The US base at Manas, just outside the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, is used to support operations in Afghanistan. General David Petraeus, chief of US Central Command, is fighting a desperate rearguard action to save the facility. CIA BlackOps units, and others, use the Manas base for large-scale drug-running operations. More here and here. Update here (04.02.09).

US Securities and Exchange Commission impedes official corruption probe
Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme was far too large a fraud to have been conducted alone. He must have had official help. And a second elite-led Ponzi scheme is about to be exposed.

US Federal Reserve is the greatest scam in history
The Fed's paper money is worthless. Gold and precious metals are the real currency.

Bank of America hits new 52-week low
Is this the next financial whore to go tits up?

US Master Pilots Scablist 2004 (pdf - 74 pages)
Nearly six thousand American airline pilots are unpopular with their colleagues. Coordinates here.

Nuclear explosions can destroy the soul essence of a souled human being and scatter it into infinity
This is why all nuclear equipment intended for use with evil intent has been neutralised by the Higher Evolution

Metaphysical glossaries
Vocabularies of truth beyond the reach of religion. Learn the lexicon of the New Spirituality.

Sass Monkey
A picture by Tim Biskup. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Hillary Clinton did not even consider changing her evil pathway
A nine foot tall Pleiadian spiritual master speaks about his meeting with Obama. The USA is in dire peril. The One World Order is behind schedule. The Cascade mountain range and the Yellowstone caldera are unstable. But Global Family is active, and financial abundance and the NESARA reforms are real possibilities. More here. And a ten minute YouTube video about the One World Order can be found here.

Is Wikipedia cracking up?
It was a utopian vision: an encyclopedia for the people, by the people. But eight years on, Wikipedia is plagued by endless hoaxes, riven by boardroom rebellion, and lurches from one cash crisis to another. Will Wikipedia become just another footnote in the ancient history of the web?

Anti-Bush shoe sculpture removed from Tikrit
On Sunday 14th December 2008, an Iraqi journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi, hurled both his shoes at US President George Bush Jnr during a press conference at the Prime Minister's Palace in Baghdad. He dispatched the missiles with the words: 'This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq'. Al-Zaidi became an instant hero worldwide. In January 2009, the incident was celebrated by the erection of a three-foot high memorial sculpture of one of the shoes in Tikrit, Iraq, in the gardens of an Iraqi foundation that cares for children whose parents have died since the US invasion began in 2003. The shoe was depicted in bronze-coloured fibreglass. The memorial sculpture only lasted a few days. By the end of January 2009, it had been removed on the orders of the Tikrit local authorities. Other, larger, versions of the famous shoe memorial are now said to be planned for installation in prominent places around the world such as the White House lawn in Washington (USA), the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (Israel) and on top of the Ka'aba in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). Background here and here.

US National Security Agency's illegal spy program “Operation Stellar Wind” was launched against the American public in February 2001
Major elements within both Republican and Democratic leaderships approved the NSA's covert criminality, including current White House Chief of Staff and former Democratic Congressman, Rahm Emanuel. The contractors which enabled the NSA spy program were the Israeli-owned companies Odigo and Comverse.

Populist uprising expected in USA
"Rebellion is in the air here in the United States. We the American People see very clearly the wrongs committed by our government and by the big business interests presently bankrupting the world. We are not at all happy with either government or big business. It has been over 230 years since this nation was founded through a bloody rebellion and it appears the time has come for such a bloody rebellion once again."

US DSS special agent Scott Banker's Affidavit in support of a hotel room search warrant in connection with allegations against the CIA's Algeria station chief, Andrew Warren, for committing aggravated sexual abuse against Muslim women (pdf - 17 pages)
41-year old Warren, a convert to Islam, has been ordered home by the US Ambassador, David Pearce. Background here.

December 2008 potato miracle was manifested by Christ
On Wednesday 17th December 2008, Sharda Ganpat, a Surinamese Hindu living in The Hague, the Netherlands, cut a large potato in half while preparing a meal. To her surprise, she discovered a cross shape in each half. The cross was manifested by Maitreya, the World Teacher. Maitreya is known in Western religious mythology as Christ. More here. Background here.

UK university students occupy campus buildings all over in England in protest at the Israeli holocaust in Gaza and the involvement of the English universities with war-machine companies
Students in Nottingham, Sheffield Hallam, Leeds, Sussex, Queen Mary College London, King's College London, Leeds, Essex, LSE, Manchester Met, Cambridge, Bradford, SOAS, Birmingham, Newcastle, Oxford and Warwick have all been active in organising representations and protests. Pictures here, here, here, here, and here.

American Professor Noam Chomsky sends letter of support to English university students protesting against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza
"I am very pleased to learn about your courageous and honorable actions, particularly significant because of the crucial British contribution to the savage onslaught on Gaza, second only to the decisive role of the United States - a disgrace for all of us. I hope you have the greatest success in arousing public opinion and bringing these monstrous crimes to an end."

Neither the US nor Israel is a genuine party to peace
Noam Chomsky outlines his view. Obama began his Middle East remarks by saying, "Let me be clear: America is committed to Israel's security. And we will always support Israel's right to defend itself against legitimate threats." There was nothing about the right of Palestinians to defend themselves against far more extreme threats, such as those occurring daily, with US support, in the occupied territories.

Obama administration expected to clash with corporations over UFO files
"There are two types of UFOs - the ones we build, and ones they build." In 1997, the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff was supplied with the code names of UFO-related projects, but was denied need-to-know access. Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson was furious over his failure to gain this access. Wilson found the people responsible for the cover-up and was told, "I'm sorry, Admiral, you do not have need-to-know here and so, goodbye.” Wilson was frustrated by attorneys of a military-industrial corporation which denied him access. Such US corporations have a powerful role in UFO projects to this day.

Circles of power behind UFO secrecy (pdf - 5 pages)
Steven Greer writes in Nexus Magazine. Those who should not be in control of UFO-related projects, but are, comprise an illegal, rogue, break-off group that is transnational and whose members are not only ruthless and murderous, but operate completely without any legal authority. When you're dealing with something as fundamentally important as off-planet UFO contact, involving technologies as powerful as those to do with UFO engineering and control, you begin to realise the risks to the world of allowing this masquerade to go on, unchecked, decade after decade.

The quest for the secret metal library (pdf - 4 pages)
Philip Coppens writes in Nexus Magazine. A system of tunnels and caves deep beneath Ecuador and Peru is reputed to hold an ancient treasure-house of artefacts including two libraries. One of these contains inscribed metal books; the other stores tablets of crystal.

Federal law enforcement authorities investigate Roman Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles
It is reported that top Catholic church officials tried to cover up the sexual abuse of minors by priests. A federal grand jury has issued subpoenas and begun calling witnesses. Background here.

Thailand government internet blocklist for 408 new articles and videos including Harry Nicolaides imprisonment reportage (pdf - 19 pages)
Coordinates here. Nicolaides background here and here.

People power mobilises across the planet; corrupt governments and bent banksters face rising storm of street protests
A photograph from Paris (France) 29.01.09 - Give back the dough! And another here. Geneva (Switzerland) 31.01.09 here and here. Promahonas (Greece) 28.01.09 here and here. Lindsey (UK) 30.01.09 here and here. Bangkok (Thailand) 31.01.09 here and here. Antananarivo (Madagascar) 27.01.09 here and here. Moscow (Russia) 31.01.09 here. Krasnoyarsk (Russia) 21.12.08 here. Reykjavik (Iceland) 21.01.09 here and here.

American Express is bankrupt
The credit card company's collapse will also ruin the Mellon Bank of New York. Massive HSBC credit card derivatives link Mellon Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. This will topple the last dominoes in the UK. A third British bank bailout will be necessary. All banks in the UK will have to be nationalised. This is likely to lead to the fall of the Gordon Brown Labour government.

Majority of US banks are insolvent and should be nationalised
Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics and International Business at New York University, was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday 29th January 2009. He argued that the skewed incentives of the old system had almost guaranteed the eventual crackup. Mortgage companies had offered dubious subprime mortgages, for a fee; banks had underwritten them, for a fee; investment banks had turned them into exotic securities, for a fee; rating agencies had given them artificially high marks, for a fee. The system "worked" for a while. Background here.

National Bank of Kuwait reimburses clients for Madoff losses
The NBK has fully reimbursed all its clients who lost money in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. $50 million has been returned to twenty individuals who invested in Madoff feeder funds through NBK's Swiss bank in December 2008.

UFO crashes Obama’s party and opens door for X-Files disclosure
A UFO flew past the Washington Monument on President Barack Obama's inauguration day. The UFO was captured on video by a CNN camera and became an instant news sensation. The UFO remains unidentified but was clearly not a conventional human craft. Since then, senior political figures all over the world have been talking about disclosure. Pictures and videos on this page here.

US covert operations and the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001
On 9-11, three hijacked airliners hit three separate buildings with such precision and skill that many observers believe that the flights were controlled by something other than the poorly trained hijackers in the cockpits. Not only were the buildings themselves targets, but specific offices within each building were designated targets. These offices held information which, if exposed, would have released a national security secret of unimaginable magnitude. Protecting that secret was the motivation for the September 11th attacks.

Japanese industry is re-equipping itself to develop new technologies which have been suppressed by US and European vested interests for decades
But until the corrupt Liberal Democratic regime of Prime Minister Taro Aso is ousted from power in September 2009, the Japanese economy is likely to remain in freefall.

86 Israeli war criminals wanted by international courts
The Palestinian human rights activist, Raji Al-Sourani, has disclosed that at least 86 Israeli military officers are wanted by law courts in Britain, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Spain for their role in the December 2008 - January 2009 holocaust in the Gaza Strip. More here.

CBS under attack for exposing Israeli apartheid
See Bob Simon's CBS video here. It was broadcast on Sunday 25th January 2009.

A chronological history of the New World Order
Key dates from 1912 to 1996

Dead of night in a Belizean rain forest
A photograph by David Maitland. A Morelet's tree frog fights a cat-eyed snake.

Alan Greenspan told he will be executed
On Wednesday 28th January 2009, Greenspan, the former US Federal Reserve Chairman, again conspired to delay the release of a large tranche of the NESARA-related international settlement funds. He was assisted in this criminal interference by corrupt elements he controls within the US Treasury. Military law enforcement officers informed Greenspan face-to-face that he would be eliminated if he repeated his illegal activity.

Obama was scheduled for assassination a week before inauguration
Global Family, Hatonn, Sananda and Germain met with Obama and his people the week prior to his inauguration. They laid out the Plan and gave them instructions on what they must do to bring the USA up to speed to be in alignment and cooperation with the Global family of nations. Obama agreed to cooperate in exchange for his life, for he was to be assassinated prior to his inauguration, so the Bush/Cheney/Clinton cabal could stay in power. Obama and his people have been given Divine Protection for as long as they keep their agreements. Hillary Clinton was the only one who refused to agree to the Plan. Update here (02.02.09).

Fighter pilots put on red alert in UFO drama over Germany
The UFO flew across southern Germany on Monday 19th January 2009 and vanished above Grafenwoehr in the vicinity of an area used by US troops on training exercises. German radar operators were confused because the UFO kept flicking on and off their screens. Axel Raab of Germany’s air traffic safety office, the DFS, said: “We have ruled out all the conventional possibilities — it is a mystery.” More UFO phenomena are recorded on this page here. And some background information about possible UFO provenances is compiled here.

The BBC’s pact with Israel
The BBC’s refusal to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza on behalf of a group of charities is motivated by a desire to appease US advertisers for its commercial TV channel and website, and by BBC Director-General Mark Thompson’s own political proclivities.

The Sorrowful Rosary
An icon by Ernst Fuchs (1961). Egg tempera, watercolour and gold leaf on parchment. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

UN says there is sufficient evidence to bring former US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to trial for war crimes.
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Manfred Nowak, in an interview on Monday 26th January 2009, told CNN that the United Nations had gathered enough evidence to prosecute Rumsfeld for his direct authorization of torture at US detention centres in 2002.

$4.5 trillion fund tied to Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols disappears from Bank of America call account in New York
The fund's disappearance comes three days after President Barack Obama ordered that the monies be released to the Trustee of the account, Ambassador Leo Wanta. White House Legal Counsel, Greg Craig, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, tipped off Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke about Obama’s order to release the funds, and suddenly the money disappeared. It was later discovered in President George Bush Snr's local bank branch, Bank of America, Tyler, Texas. The former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, is said to have assisted in the heist.

George Soros says the US stimulus plan will not reverse the country's economic decline
"The economies of the world are falling off a cliff. This is a situation that is comparable to the 1930s."

Holocaustianity is the last truly believed state religion in the otherwise agnostic West
An enormous homicidal gas chamber fraud shackles the minds of millions of Christians. Auschwitz has replaced the Resurrection as the central ontological event in our history, a substitution easy to prove: no one goes to jail for denying the Resurrection.

Israel's chief rabbinate severs Vatican ties
Jewish groups, including the American Jewish Committee, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Israel's quasi-governmental Jewish Agency, denounce the Vatican for bringing Bishop Richard Williamson back into the fold. Background here. Updates here (31.01.09), here (07.02.09), here (07.02.09) and here (08.02.09).

Cello scrotum and Guitar nipple are not real diseases
Baroness Murphy of Aldgate (Elaine Murphy) successfully hoodwinked the British Medical Journal. Photograph of Francesco Guadagnini cello (1924) here. Photographs of human scrotum here (male). Photograph of guitar here. Photograph of nipple here (gender undisclosed).

The unacceptable face of Illuminati influence
A photograph of Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, the Black Pope and Superior General of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). Background here.

If the Illuminati do not hurry up and drop their arrogant attitude, they will find themselves hung from lamp posts by unruly mobs
Illuminati: your time is running out. You know who to contact when you are ready to make the compromises you need to save yourselves.

UN crime chief says illegal drug money flowed into banks
The Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio Maria Costa, said: "Interbank loans were funded by money that originated from drug trade and other illegal activities .... some banks were rescued in that way."

In 2009 hyperinflation will begin in China and destroy the US dollar
While China's ability to keep accumulating US reserves is endless, its ability to keep its money supply under control is not. The Chinese authorities are pulling out all the stops to boost government spending. Chinese banks are flooding the economy with new loans. China is dismantling all the measures it has put in place over the years to fight inflation. It is dropping restrictions on purchasing property, eliminating price controls, getting rid of loan quotas, lowering interest rates and ceasing its sterilization efforts. The US dollar has no chance of surviving.

Pension funds set to implode
In the US, state, local, and private pension plans covering millions of government employees and union workers with defined benefit accounts are teetering on the brink of implosion, victims of both a sinking stock market and investment strategies influenced by political considerations.

Bad news: we're back to 1931. Good news: it's not 1933 yet.
It is like early 1931. Citigroup and Bank of America have more or less disintegrated. JP Morgan's health is failing fast. General Motors and Chrysler survive only on life-support from the US taxpayer.

Orb-shaped UFO seen by dozens of witnesses in western Russia
On the night of Tuesday 6th January 2009, villagers of Kurskaya, Gatovya, Manakhova and Terekhova in the Starooskolsk region near the city of Belgorad, saw a white and electric blue UFO periodically emitting a white laser beam in the direction of the ground. Widespread interference with TV reception was reported. More UFO phenomena are recorded on this page here. And some background about UFO provenances is compiled here.

US and UK insurgency and counterinsurgency source materials
Restricted documents are tumbling into the public domain

US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations (pdf - 296 pages)
Current US military doctrine on the use of indigenous or surrogate forces to overthrow foreign governments, and the use of sabotage, subversion, intelligence, and extra-territorial abductions to support US foreign policy initiatives. Background here and here.

Writers and scholars urge academic boycott of Israel
"We call upon institutions of higher education in the US to cut ties with Israeli academic institutions, dissolve study abroad programs in Israel, and divest institutional funds from Israeli companies, using the 1980s boycott against apartheid South Africa as a model. We call on all people of conscience to join us in boycotting Israeli products and institutions until a just, democratic state for all residents of Palestine-Israel comes into existence." More here.

Fine gold 999.9
A photograph

Saudi royal family arranged $6.2 trillion loan for Queen of England using Citibank derivatives as collateral
The loan was designed to move forward the implementation of the NESARA-related Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols. The Bush-Cheney White House blocked the implementation of the Protocols and called on the loan. When payment was not forthcoming, they stole the Queen's gold from a vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The Queen secretly visited the United States demanding that her gold be returned. The US Vice President Dick Cheney told her to go away.

China makes the Rothschilds wait
Bank of China's deal to buy a twenty per cent stake in the Paris-based Rothschild asset management and private banking business has been held up by the China Banking Regulatory Commission for four months.

Half full or half empty?
A photograph

Bright star heralds the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher (pdf)
A large, bright, moving star - the same star that moved over Bethlehem two thousand years ago - has been seen again in recent days over Norway, South Africa, the United States, Dubai and Qatar. It is a Pleiadian mothership. Maitreya is not a religious figure, but he is sometimes known by religious names such as Christ, The Imam Mahdi, The Messiah and Krishna. Background here.

BBC sides with Israel over Gaza
The UK-based BBC has been forced to sacrifice its perceived commitment to impartiality by North London Jewish Lobby pressure. BBC Trustees, senior executives and editors who are paid Mossad-sourced retainers to promote Israeli interests at the public service broadcaster, have organised an elite-led refusal to air a humanitarian charity appeal to raise money for medical supplies, food and clothing for the Palestinian victims of the Gaza atrocities. The calculated deceit being articulated by the BBC deliberately obfuscates the clear separation between humanitarian issues and political balance in news reporting. More here and here. Background here.

High-level corruption exposed in UK House of Lords
Four peers offered to help make amendments to legislation in return for £120,000 "consultancy fees". Peter Truscott (Baron Truscott of St James’s), Thomas Taylor (Baron Taylor of Blackburn), Lewis Moonie (Baron Moonie of Bennochy) and Peter Snape (Baron Snape of Wednesbury) have been named. More here.

Robert Armenta, Senior Compliance Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, to be jailed for 25 years or 99 years - it's his choice
It will be 25 years if he reveals to the authorities all he knows about FRBNY corruption, and 99 years if he does not. In related action, Christopher McCurdy, Senior Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was arrested on Friday 23rd January 2009. He is reported to have destroyed the computer release codes for the NESARA-related refunding programme and the international settlement funds connected with the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

US Federal Judge Loretta Preska is exceeding her powers in the Syed Hashmi case
Preska, a Bush-appointee who presides over the Southern District Court of the State of New York, is trampling all over the US Constitution and trampling all over the civil rights of an American citizen. More here.

Eight Israel Defense Force soldiers and seven children arrested for drug trafficking
Cocaine, ecstasy pills and hashish were involved in the drug dealing operations around Rishon Letzion, Rehovot, Nes Tziona, Lod and Yavne in Israel.

Russia denies NATO access to Afghanistan
The American war in Afghanistan is failing. By the end of 2008, the Taliban controlled 72% of the country. It was only 54% at the end of 2007.

Kyrgystan to order closure of US military airbase
Russian pressure to kick the US military out of Kyrgystan is mounting. The US base at Manas, just outside the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, is used to support operations in Afghanistan. General David Petraeus, chief of US Central Command, is fighting a desperate rearguard action to save the facility. CIA BlackOps units, and others, use the Manas base for large-scale drug-running operations. More here and here. Update here (04.02.09).

Skull of Hobbit, Homo floresiensis
A photograph by P.Brown. Anterior view. Three dimensional morphometric analysis of the size, shape and asymmetry of the cranium indicates that the fossil is not human. The Hobbit species is thought to have lived alongside humans 17,000 to 95,000 years ago. Background here.

The current state of secret classified technologies is ten thousand years ahead of public sector technologies
The hidden financial cabal which controls world governments on Earth, and is now crumbling into chaos, has access to, and partial control of, some extraordinarily advanced technologies. Some of their transport craft are capable of travelling from geostationary orbit, at an altitude of 22,300 miles, to treetop height in five seconds. Some of their vehicles are larger on the inside than the outside. Superluminal travel and time travel are commonplace. Earth-based human DNA is compatible with the DNA of hundreds of other extraterrestrial races.

The Jewish slave trade
Thousands of white Gentile women and children are being raped for profit in Israel. There is a carefully manufactured religious thoughtform motivating the culture of accepted abuse. Jews are allowed by their tribal elementary, their perceived god, to keep slaves. Modern-day Israel takes advantage of this artificially invented divine permission. "YHWH", a painting by Mark Ryden, can be seen here. And more images by this artist are linked from another page here.

The new Russian revolution has deposed the Jews
The Jewish Lobby was hoping that a Czarist cult would never again rise in Russia because the Czar was the great adversary of the Bolshevik Jews. But now, under the influence of Vladimir Putin, the Russians again see Czar Nicholas II as a saviour who, like Jesus, dared to oppose Pharisaical corruption.

Bundestag probes CIA prisoner abuse in Germany (pdf; German)
The German parliament is running a series of investigations into the illegal activities of US CIA BlackOps teams on German soil and the mistreatment of US detainees during transfers via Germany. Operations run from the US military prison in Mannheim are under the microscope. Background here (in English).

The Fall of Rome
An image

Sources close to French Intelligence confirm that Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, is receiving around-the-clock death threats
In order to get Kennedy to withdraw her quest to become a New York Senator, at least thirty (30) death threats by email correspondence from known sources within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli Mossad were sent to her. Greg Craig knew this, but did not tell Obama. The BlackOps team was acting to protect the private interests of Hillary Clinton. Clinton does not want Kennedy to become a New York Senator because her money-laundering connections with Bernard Madoff would be exposed. Kennedy is as clean as a whistle, has her own money and cannot be bribed. Updates here (29.01.09) and here (08.02.09).

Secret Israeli plan to transfer Gaza Palestinians to Egypt
Hundreds of tents have been set up near Rafah, Egypt, to begin the forced population movements.

Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson explicitly states that six million Jews were not killed by gassing in Second World War Germany. There were no gas chambers. Not a single Jew was killed in a gas chamber.
There is no evidence for the orthodox historical claim of a Jewish holocaust in concentration camp gas chambers. It is all lies. Podblanc videoclip here. Background here. Updates here (25.01.09) and here (29.01.09).

Dershowitz silent on absence of Holocaust proof
Alan Dershowitz, the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University, has been challenged to provide proof that the popular Zionist narrative about Auschwitz is something other than an expedient fantasy. "Professor Dershowitz, can you provide the name, with proof, of one Jewish child who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz?" The same question was put individually to hundreds of other academics. Not one attempted to answer the question. No single Auschwitz name was suggested. So a second question was put. At the Harvard Law School, the silence is deafening. Background here.

Bumblebee at work
A photograph by L.Reyns

Successful FBI Sting against Bush White House emerging
When FBI Director Robert Mueller realised that George Bush Jnr, Michael Mukasey and Mossad's Michael Chertoff were trying to fit him up for a fall on the torture issue, he fought back. His carefully constructed FBI sting revealed massive financial misconduct and criminal activity by Henry Paulson and Stuart Levey. The Bush Administration’s blackmail of Bank of America is taking centre stage in the criminal investigations now under way. And it has emerged that massive cash bribes were paid by AIG to Bush White House officials to expedite AIG's taxpayer-funded bailout.

Obama revokes President George Bush Jnr's November 2001 Executive Order which makes presidential records secret for up to twelve years after leaving office
On Wednesday 21st January 2009, President Barack Obama revoked Executive Order 13233 of the 1st November 2001. This clears the way for prosecuting Bush Jnr, Cheney and the Clintons for war crimes, false-flag terrorism, drug-running and financial fraud.

The grandchildren of holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany
Norman Finkelstein compares the photographs, old and new.

The Second Coming of Christ is very close
The base frequencies of Planet Earth are approaching the fifth dimension and Ascension. The Darkside is in its final death struggle. For those who have not yet chosen, this is the time of decision.

The Castillo, Chichén Itzá (Mexico)
A photograph. As the Sun sets during the spring or autumn equinox, one corner of the Castillo pyramid casts a ridged shadow onto the side of the north stairway, resembling a feathered snake slithering downwards as the Sun sinks. Carved into the stone of the sixth-to-tenth century Mayan structure are feathered serpents. More here.

Future of USA to be decided at secret meeting in late January or early February 2009 between Barack Obama and representatives of China and the British Crown Temple
The meeting will not be acknowledged in published diary engagements or in the mainstream media. The creditors of the American bankruptcy will have to be listened to. They will demand, among other things, the abolition of the US Skull and Bones international network of terror and drugs. This will bring an immediate end to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and many major worldwide narcotic gangs. These illegal groups have been invented, sustained and funded by US government covert agencies.

Busted flush Citigroup is now a penny share funstock
On Tuesday 20th January 2009, Citigroup's share price fell to a new 52-week low of 2.80 dollars. This used to be the world's largest bank with a market capitalisation of $276 billion. It is now worth $19 billion. This represents capital destruction on a massive scale. In less than two calendar years, shareholders have seen the value of their investment in the bank fall by 93%. More background about Citigroup's incompetence and corruption can be found on this page here.

Car-shaped UFO photographed over Darwin (Australia)
The UFO moved soundlessly across the sky at the speed of an aeroplane and then flew straight upwards and disappeared. Pictures here and here.

Millions see UFO crash in Saudi Arabia
On Wednesday 7th January 2008, after evening prayers, a loud noise was heard in the sky followed by the sighting of an intense large light heading from the west above the Al-Qasim region east of Riyadh. The UFO was seen as far away as Kuwait. Pictures here and here.

Triangular-shaped UFO one mile wide seen over Texas (USA)
On Wednesday 14th January 2009, a huge UFO with a triangular array of three lights was sighted near an air force base.

The truth in a nutshell
Patrick Bellringer outlines the concealed history of Planet Earth, the role of the positive Pleiadian extraterrestrials in its spiritual development, and the nature of the end-time now in process.

On Saturday 19th January 2008, the Australian author and academic, Harry Nicolaides, was sentenced by a Thailand court to three years in prison for criticizing the King of Thailand.
Here are the words the legal agents of the King took exception to in a novel Nicolaides wrote in 2005. Background here.

The Blackamoor
An illustration by Arthur Rackham for a 1912 translation of Aesop's Fables by V.S.Vernon Jones. G.K.Chesterton wrote the introduction. The full text of the book can be found online here.

Bush/Clinton Cabal had the Hudson River plane brought down by BlackOps agents
Hand-held missiles were used. They were trying to eliminate the bankers on board. These people were working on the NESARA mission. The Higher Evolution intervened to protect all the passengers. A cloudship (shielded UFO) was present above the crash site. More here and here.

The US dollar is now held under international quarantine
Most of the $8.5 trillion the Federal Reserve Board has printed since September 2008 is not being accepted as valid international currency. Also, depending on the serial numbers, US dollars issued privately by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and George Bush Snr may not be accepted. The announcement date for the new international financial system is getting closer.

Italian and Mediterranean Freemasons issue document calling for Freemasons worldwide to unite against the Chinese menace
Deep divisions are exposed between British, Mainland European and American Freemasons over how to deal with international tensions. The text manifests confusion and misunderstanding about the current Chinese realpolitik.

A painting by Andrea Pratt. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Mumbai-style terrorist attacks to be staged in US shopping malls near Washington DC
Former members of the Israeli Defense Force and rogue elements within the US Department of Homeland Security and the US National Security Agency are said to number among the plotters. Intelligence intercepts indicate that FBI Division 5 operative, Tim White, is organising arms shipments from Vancouver (Canada) to Seattle (USA) to support the false flag attacks.

United Nations Galileo Inventory Management System insecure
The UN's in-house automated application that manages $2 billion worth of UN-owned equipment each year, including arms, medical and aid supplies, is a serious security risk. In 2008, Galileo was used to co-ordinate logistics for sixteen peacekeeping missions and six special political missions. The confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted over the network can be easily breached. Audit report here (pdf). Coordinates here.

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia form a pro-American axis of oppressive dictators whose main interest is to contain Iran's growing presence in the region
Against this Arab trio, Iran has enlisted the support of Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas, and enjoys vast public support from the Sunni Arab world because its primary concern is upholding the Palestinian cause against Israel.

NASA UFO fraud
NASA has defrauded US taxpayers out of billions of dollars. Clear pictorial UFO evidence has been routinely airbrushed out of official NASA photographs before they are released to the public. Part of NASA's mission is to look for signs of intelligent life in outer space. Over the years, NASA has asked the US Government for billions of dollars more to 'look', after they'd already destroyed evidence that they had 'found'. Whistleblowers from inside NASA and a hacker from outside have exposed the scam.

20 minutes of high-definition UFO footage circulating in China
This latest UFO was seen and filmed in China by eight fire-fighters in Liu Pan Shui City (Guizhou) through a professional Panasonic camera with a 700x zoom. The UFO appeared to be two rotating spinning-top shaped crafts, or halves of a whole craft, joined at their bases. They were flashing purple, red, blue, orange, white and gold lights. The incident has received wide coverage by the mainstream media in China. This picture here is a still from the video footage.

You have a history of having been in touch with Space Beings for thousands of years
"The last century was particularly active, and as we have often informed you, successive world governments have rejected our help. It is regrettable that the actions of the Greys have cast a shadow over our presence, but by now you should know sufficient about them to disassociate them from us. They are not members of the Galactic Federation, and are legitimately allowed to have bases on Earth by agreement with the US government." More examples of benevolent ET messages are compiled on this page here.

Albert Einstein's desk at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA)
April 1955 - a photograph by Ralph Morse

Florida money manager, Arthur Nadel, on the run after faking suicide
Hundreds of millions of dollars are missing

International shipping of raw materials and oil is down 93%
Washington DC continues, daily, to create unlimited amounts of debt as money to save its busted system and to lay off on the taxpayers and their children the expense associated with its financial folly. Preservation of the status quo at any cost will lead to the collapse of the world as we have known it via unavoidable hyperinflation. This is the historical method of choice for corrupt nations to repudiate their unpayable debt. The Washington DC/US corporation's unpayable debt now stands at $53 trillion and rising.

Killed by Israel, eaten by dogs
The Israeli army is releasing dogs to eat the bodies of dead Palestinian children before they can be reclaimed by their families

The top ten mystery diseases
Morgellons, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Schizophrenia, Autoimmune disorders, Pica, Avian Flu, Common Cold, Alzheimer's and AIDS.

A great holy Light has descended upon the Earth from the Highest; She comes to complete the great changes that have been prophesied for the past eight millennia
"We have come from the far corners of this galaxy to achieve a formal and lasting first contact with you. All your governments know of this. The people of Agartha desire to help you and have set up special teams to assist in restoring your constitutional governance and in managing the vital distribution of your long-promised prosperity." More examples of benevolent ET messages are compiled on this page here.

President George Bush Jnr's legacy
A picture. Plus a more personal tribute here. And Mark Ryden's painting Little Boy Blue might be considered a pertinent allegory of the Bush Jnr years. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Armageddon missile plan to transform Obama inauguration
The US/Israeli nuclear-tipped missile is now ready for launch. It is a Western PsyOps toy intended to trigger an invasion of Iran in order to enable a US takeover the Iranian oil fields.

Who is going to lend to a bankrupt government that is ruled by financial crooks, the military-security complex and the Israel Lobby?
The USA's Negative Net Worth is $59.3 trillion. The government is lying about the economic statistics, just as it has lied about terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, and building freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

Bank of America is insolvent
BoA has overpaid for Merrill Lynch. It has agreed to pay $44 billion for a company that is worth $18 billion. An attempt was made to assassinate a large number of BoE executives on Thursday 14th January 2009. They were on board a sabotaged plane which crashed into the Hudson River, New York. No lives were lost. More here, here, here, here and here. Pictures here, here, here and here. Bank of America share price chart here. Financial background here and here.

Merrill Lynch has accumulated up to $118 trillion of mortgage and credit swap derivatives linked to Bernard Madoff
This late discovery means that Bank of America may not now take over Merrill Lynch. Working with Madoff and Merrill Lynch, the Bush White House and the Department of Homeland Security used the Patriot Act to seize financial control of all fifty state pension funds from the US Treasury.

Speaking in the UK Parliament, Sir Gerald Kaufman likens Israelis to Nazis
Kaufman, who was raised as an orthodox Jew and Zionist, commented: ""My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians." A YouTube video of Kaufman's parliamentary speech can be found here. Story update here.

American Freemasons
A book cover

Anyone reaching the thirty-third degree in the Masonic Order (Freemasons) has sold his soul to the Devil
The Shriners take three-year-old children to the Shriners Hospitals for benevolent medical treatment so that three years later they can sodomize them. Alternatively, their 'higher brothers' can use them for child sacrifice in Satanic rituals. More Freemason background here, here, here, and here.

Scottish Freemason Officers List 2007
1955 names and addresses are disclosed. Coordinates here.

Israel deliberately targeting civilian children in Gaza
This boy has just had his left leg blown off beneath the knee. American taxpayers paid for the ammunition.

Are stock speculators circulating false rumours that Apple Chief Steve Jobs has AIDS?
Or is it true? Positive HIV document pictures here and here. Apple share price chart here. Mainstream news background here and here.

Cheney hints at pardon for President Bush
There may be a staged replay of Gerald Ford's Presidential pardoning of Richard Nixon in 1974

UFOs over Argentine lake seen by multiple witnesses
Laguna Del Pescado and Los Rios Province in Argentina have been hotspots for high-profile UFO sightings in recent years, along with a series of suspicious cattle mutilations. Similar UFOs have been witnessed over a lake in Indonesia. Details here.

What to do if you are attacked by an Australian shark
Remain calm. Don't play dead. Punch the tip of the shark's nose hard. Or its eyes or its gills. Stay vertical in the water; sharks have difficulty biting things which are vertical because their noses get in the way.

Belgium considers non-legal scheme to block or censor websites
Belgium's Minister of Enterprise and Administrative Reform, Vincent Van Quickenborne, wants the police, not the courts, to have the authority to compose blacklists of websites to be blocked. Legal due process would be discarded.

South African Competition Commission: unredacted final Report on Banking - 12th December 2008 (pdf - 590 pages)
Strenuous establishment efforts were made to keep secret significant details in this report on the South African banking industry. Background here and here. Update here (14.01.09).

The Montego Docked
A picture by Clay Hagebusch. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Not everything is flat in Florida
A photograph

Full listing of United Nations confidential inside reports now openly accessible on the web
Seventy of these reports are classified as "strictly confidential". They expose allegations that hundreds of European peace-keepers have abused refugee girls, and that army generals in Peru used Swiss bank accounts to engage in multi-million dollar frauds against the UN. Plus much more.

60% of original $780 billion emergency US bailout funds used to pay off Madoff, Citibank, JPMorganChase and Bank of America lawsuits
Bernard Madoff's second set of books indicates that he sent laundered funds disguised as profits to Israel. Israel used these funds to buy military equipment directly from the US Defense Department thus bypassing the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Yellowstone River (Wyoming, USA)
A photograph

US authorities hush up Yellowstone volcano danger
The Yellowstone volcano caldera (Wyoming) is becoming dangerously unstable. The flow of water from Yellowstone Lake into the Yellowstone River has greatly increased, indicating that the magma dome under Yellowstone Lake is rising and pushing the water out. Fish in the lake are dying due to rising temperatures and sulphur fumes. Bear, elk, moose, deer and wolves have moved to the perimeter of the National Park, as far away from the volcano as is possible within their range. The Park Rangers have closed off some areas of the park to public access due to the walkways becoming so hot that shoes melt to them. The data about harmonic tremors in the locality, previously published openly, are now being suppressed.

The Catholic Orangemen of Togo - full text (pdf)
The author, Craig Murray, was a British Ambassador. He reports that hundreds of senior British diplomats, civil servants and members of the military knew about the UK's tacit policy of accepting the desirability of torture and the expediency of extraordinary rendition. They did nothing to stop it. Lt Col Tim Spicer and Peter Penfold have sought to suppress publication of certain details in this book. Spicer is CEO of Aegis Defense, a mercenary organisation which evolved out of Sandline and Executive Outcomes. Legal background of text here.

Why are Jews persecuted for their religion?
The truth about this may be stranger than fiction. More here, here and here.

Michelangelo's Moses (c.1515)
A marble sculpture in the basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli (Rome)

The horns on Moses' head
Simon Rocker of the Jewish Chronicle doesn't like them

Mother and child
A photograph from Gaza - January 2009

Israeli invasion of Gaza was planned to gain de facto control of the Palestinian offshore gas fields
Sixty percent of the gas reserves along the Gaza-Israel coastline belong to Palestine

American Civil Liberties Union makes legal headway against FBI over abuse of Patriot Act powers using National Security Letters
Through NSLs the FBI compiles dossiers about innocent people and obtains sensitive information such as the web sites a person visits or the email addresses he uses. The provision also allows the FBI to gag an ISP who receives an NSL from disclosing the fact that confidential records have been demanded. Between 2003 and 2006, the FBI issued nearly 200,000 NSLs.

Visitor from the universe next door
An untitled image by Liselotte Eriksson. More pictures by this artist are linked from another page here.

The Israeli white phosphorus shells being used against civilians in Gaza
A photograph. The pale blue 155mm rounds seen here are clearly marked with the designation M825A1, a USA-made white phosphorus munition. The Israel Defence Force has officially denied that it is using such weapons. The use of white phosphorus against civilians is prohibited under international law. More here.

Hillary Clinton ineligible to be US Secretary of State
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, has announced that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is constitutionally ineligible to serve as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Caroline Kennedy rejects eight government appointments requested by Hillary Clinton
Kennedy, a Democrat attorney, has been appointed to vet and screen applicants who wish to serve in the Obama Administration. State Department appointments sought by Clinton have been ruled out as unsuitable. Clinton wanted to appoint BlackOps specialists who ran the Bosnian war assassination teams in the late 1990s. Clinton finds Kennedy difficult to work with because she has her own money and cannot be bribed. It is now catfight central with Hillary going berserk and making physical threats against Caroline.

Deceiving the American people from the top of both political parties
Leading Democrat and Republican politicians are in cahoots secretly with each other, behind the scenes, and have specifically agreed to take a contrary position together, opposite to their public position. The website linked here may shortly be taken down by elite-led legal action.

Architects of Deception by Juri Lina (pdf)
This is the complete text of Lina's book which discusses the connections between the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and the Illuminati. (4.39MB)

Promoting churchianity
A poster to inspire the credulous

English church removes crucifix because it was scaring young children
Glorifying the torture of another with a horrifying depiction of pain and suffering was putting people off. Golly. Better not mention the Crusades, the Inquisition, the English martyrs, the witch hunts, or the 2009 Gaza holocaust, then.

Citigroup kicks out Rubin
Former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin resigns immediately as senior counselor to the failing bank. Rubin's failed Ponzi scheme at Citibank was over twice the size of Bernard Madoff's. Madoff's corruption cost investors $50 billion; Rubin's fraud cost Citibank shareholders $122 billion. The US media are keeping a major Rubin lawsuit quiet because he is a bribed business associate of the Clintons and a friend of Obama. More here, here, here and here.

Federal prosecution of American officials who ordered, authorized, approved or committed war crimes is sought
Working for the Steering Committee of the Justice Robert H Jackson Conference, Lawrence Velvel, Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law, has prepared a memorandum for action. Many names of alleged war criminals have been detailed, from President George Bush Jnr down. The Jewish-controlled oil cartel which has owned and operated the White House and the Pentagon for several decades is being brought to account.

Kucinich hits out at Israeli war crimes in Gaza
Congressman Dennis Kucinich is not happy with H.Res.34: Supporting Israel in Its Battle with Terrorist Hamas. “In Gaza, the United Nations gave the Israeli army the coordinates of a UN school, and the school was then hit by Israeli tank fire, killing about forty. The UN put flags on emergency vehicles, coordinating the movements of those vehicles with the Israeli military, and the vehicles came under attack, killing emergency workers. The Israeli army evacuated 100 Palestinians to shelter, and then bombed the shelter, killing thirty people."

Text of Anthony Turton's cancelled Pretoria speech (pdf)
On Tuesday 18th November 2008, Dr Anthony Turton was due to deliver this
keynote speech about water quality, entitled "A clean South Africa," to a conference of The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, in the South African capital. The CSIR cancelled the speech, citing its politically sensitive content. In the text, Turton refers to South Africa as being a non-accountable oligarchy. And two of his PowerPoint images (including this one
here) showed burning necklace executions by rioting mobs. Coordinates here.

Street in Setenil, Spain
A photograph

The factual one-minute advertisement about Barack Obama's constitutionally questionable citizenship which was refused by all major national TV networks in the USA (YouTube)
CNBC, MSNBC, Headline News, CNN, Fox and Washington DC local channels declined to accept this ad. Human comment here. Extraterrestrial comment here.

Reptilian clone reads news on CNN? Watch the eyes (YouTube)
Evidence is emerging that the criminal-political-media overclass in the USA has been quietly populated with mind-controlled reptilian clones. Look them in the eye. Who is that looking back at you? Another creepy-eyed compilation worth viewing can be found here. Information about the use of human and reptilian clones in the political, financial and military management of the USA and Israel is now being disclosed. Background here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

UFO removes 65 foot blade of wind turbine in UK
On Sunday 4th January 2009, in Conisholme, Lincolnshire, in the east of England, a large tentacular ball of moving light was seen in the vicinity of a wind farm. A loud crashing noise was heard. Inspection revealed that one of the wind turbines had a rotor blade missing and another was badly damaged. The whereabouts of the severed blade are unknown. More detail and local comment here, here, here, here, and here.

Artist's Hand
A picture by Alex Grey. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Bank of America refuses to destroy or electronically tamper with Farm Claims and international prosperity packages
While the secure chipped cards were being held in the vaults of the Bank of America Corporate Center, Charlotte, North Carolina, US, the G20 (at senior government levels) and the Queen of England's personal business agents are said to have treasonously instructed BoA to interfere with and insert new chips into the packages. BoA refused and returned the packages untouched to the vaults of the US Supreme Court in Washington DC. The carrier involved (aircraft and trucks) was Brink's. Corrupt elements at the World Court in The Hague are thought to have been actively involved.

Timothy Geithner gives Federal prosecutors incriminating documents linking Bernard Madoff, JPMorgan Chase and SEC
The US Treasury Secretary designate has handed over papers detailing how the New York Federal Reserve was used to disguise Madoff's criminal financial transactions. SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and current US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were involved. Both New York Senators, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, are reported to be active in obstruction of justice and misprision of felony operations connected with the New York state Madoff money laundry.

Last known recording of Scientology's Ron Hubbard (1983) - mp3 audiofile
Coordinates here.

Home from home
A photograph of the Arkansas Governor's mansion. Well-appointed mobile home. Can be parked on White House lawn. Convenient refuge for drug barons on rehab.

Clintons bribe Obama to give CIA to Leon Panetta
Panetta is put in place by the Clintons to protect the Clintons. Whatever they are using to blackmail the President-elect must be very seriously negative.

G20 prosperity funds frozen and confiscated
Chinese communists conspire with Clinton/Obama in massive heist. Update here.

The Sacrifice of Isaac
A painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1603). Oil on canvas.

Israeli offensive in Gaza is a carefully planned humanitarian catastrophe
Unconventional tungsten alloy mutilating weapons are being used on civilians

Bernard Madoff received national security clearance from Michael Chertoff of US Homeland Security
Eliot Spitzer was taken down to prevent his exposure of Madoff's illegal Ponzi scheme. Obama's Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is caught on tape blackmailing Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich.

Combating the Codex Alimentarius (pdf)
Covert population control under the guise of consumer protection. Billions of people worldwide will suffer from degenerative diseases due to poor nutrition and limited access to health supplements if the fat controllers behind the new Codex standards are allowed to "harmonise" the world. The Codex Alimentarius is a population-control-for-money scam run by the US and controlled by BigPharma.

Pamela Davis - Chicago whistleblower
Nicholas Hurtgen, of Bear Stearns, called Davis at home and told her that unless she agreed to use a certain named contractor, she would have to abandon her hospital building project because it wouldn't be approved. A multimillion dollar extortion racket unravelled which eventually exposed construction fixer Jacob Kiferbaum, political fundraiser Stuart Levine and the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.

Israeli invasion of Gaza is media smokescreen to divert world attention away from escalating Bernard Madoff scandal
$100 billion plus of investors' money has found its way into secret national security accounts in Tel Aviv, Israel. Banks JPMorganChase and UBS Warburg expedited the transactions. Timothy Geithner's Federal Reserve Bank of New York forwarded the wire transfers after converting the dollar funds into Euros at the New York Israel Discount Bank.

Addressing the American bankruptcy and refunding the US dollar can only be achieved by means of the G7-approved private sector on-the-books Capital Markets Refinancing Programme
The US White House will destroy America if it continues to oppose the programme

Americans enter the New Year in a strange new role: financial lunatics
Harry Markopolos of Rampart Investment Management (Boston) took nine years trying to explain to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that Bernard Madoff couldn’t be anything other than a fraud; his investment performance was not merely improbable but mathematically impossible. His 17-page letter to the SEC set out two possible explanations. One proved to be true.

Man dies after picking his nose too much
He bled to death. His nasal cavity was found to be full of blood.

Capitalistic Vampiress
A picture by Suechan. More images by this artist are linked from another page here.

Hervé Hannoun of BIS arrives in USA carrying briefcase full of Nazi gold certificates worth $150 trillion
Bill Clinton takes his cut; passes remainder on to Bush family. Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, shown to be rotten at the head.

New, bright, moving star expected to appear in sky
The Bethlehem Star (a large Pleiadian mothership) may soon become visible again. Shortly after its arrival, the World Teacher will emerge and speak on major media outlets. More here and here. Spiritual backstory here, here, and here.

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) planning artillery barrage of Gaza and West Bank using nuclear dirty bombs; Hamas will retaliate with a major bioweapon already stationed inside Israel
The powdered nukes take the form of 155 mm shells fired by Sholef artillery units. The Hamas bioweapon was provided by a nation state outside Palestine and Israel. Update here.

Israeli-driven Gaza holocaust supported by entire US political and media class
Unconditional support for the Zionist massacre in Palestine, from the White House to Congress, including both parties, incoming and outgoing elected officials and all the principle print and electronic mass media is egging the Israeli Government on. Israel’s totalitarian vision is driven by the practice of a permanent purge of Arab Palestine informed by Zionism, an ethno-racist ideology, promulgated by the Jewish state and justified, enforced and pursued by its organized backers in the USA. More background here, here, here, and here. Two prominent US dissentients are Ron Paul (here), and Dennis Kucinich (here).

Iraq breaks with US; condemns Israel for Gaza strikes
“Iraqi resistance groups have to retaliate against the Israeli aggression on Gaza by escalating their operations against the US military in Iraq since the US position is in favour of this aggression and because the United States and Israel are both enemies of the Arabs.”

Obama is just another banksters' moll prostituting himself for fame and power
The US President-elect is a monumental fraud who talks a good story, but lives a very different one; he is a classically corrupt main-chancer spawned from the Chicago political cesspit and is far more dangerous than either George Bush Snr or George Bush Snr. He is a trained and selected Illuminati puppet-boy. Like his father before him, Barack Obama is an intelligence asset of The Crown Temple in London. More background here, here and here.

Washington DC is owned and controlled by The Crown Temple in Europe
The financial, legal and political system in the US is not controlled by Americans or their elected representatives. The creditors of the American bankruptcy pull the strings from London, Rome and Switzerland. This is the subtext of the special relationship between the US and the UK. The Chinese government works with and through The Crown Temple.

2008 - a year of capital destruction worldwide
The illusion of fiat finance dissolved across the planet. The MSCI Barra world index of 23 developed countries fell a record 42% in 2008. The MSCI emerging market index fell 54%. The world's worst performing stock market was Iceland which fell 95%. The best performing stockmarket was Ghana, where the index rose 59%.

American bank JPMorgan looks like the next basket-case to disintegrate
Bank Leumi in Israel is also sounding the death-rattle.

Injured kitten stable after treatment
A photograph

CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer, and TIME magazine's Joe Klein stated as receiving regular bribes through covert Israel/Mossad accounts
Information from an Israeli source is being assembled by Tom Heneghan and Hal Turner. Bernard Madoff is cooperating with US Federal Prosecutors regarding the coordinates of secret off-shore slush fund accounts operated by Israel for US Congressmen, Senators, State Legislators and media moguls.

Top-level financial criminal fugitive held and protected by US President at his Texas ranch; High-end arrests at the Bank for International Settlements
A major international financier and criminal thief, thought to be Hervé Hannoun, the Acting General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, is being protected from justice by President George Bush Jnr at his private home, the Prairie Chapel Ranch, Crawford, Texas. Hannoun and several of his senior colleagues were discovered to have stolen the US Farm Claims Funds and a tranche of top secret international wire transfer codes relating to these and the wider Global Prosperity Funds. All but Hannoun have now been arrested and detained by law enforcement officers. More here. Background here and here. Update and corrections here.

Vast Israeli government money-laundering and bribery scheme exposed
Hundreds of US Senators, Congressmen, editors and assignment editors at major newspapers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, producers and anchors at national TV news networks, partners at leading law firms, and the Mossad-financed Anti Defamation League are all co-conspirators in the massive theft of billions of $ of US foreign aid funds paid to Israel each year. The names of the individuals concerned are about to be released.

Government internet censorship in Australia
Labor Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and Minister for Broadband and Communications, Stephen Conroy, are trying to pretend that Australian two-tier internet filtering measures will protect children from pornography and X-rated violence. In fact, the legislation constitutes a direct attack on the adult population's freedom of expression and basic democratic rights. Its real purpose is to establish a framework and precedent for government censorship of internet sites of many kinds.

Clearstream International, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt, Germany), twice lists Bernard Madoff as a trading counterparty (pdf)
Bank Madoff New York (Ref: 7- 62619) and Bernard L. Madoff Investm Secur LLC New York (Ref: 11- 646) are detailed among 38,838 clients in this 1079-page internal Clearstream document, dated 1st July 2004. Coordinates here.

The Old Library
at Queens' College, Cambridge University (UK). A photograph.

The libraries do not fool us
Words seek to disable truth by lexical distraction

Obituary of Hank Texasburger III
He was a truly great American

The opening of Pandora's suitcase
Extraordinary disclosures are about to tumble into the public domain

Israel's War Crimes in Gaza
The Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip represent severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Conventions, both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war. The violations include collective punishment, targeting civilians and disproportionate military response.

US government to default on all its bonds
It is the end of an empire. The United States government will not exist in its current form a year from now.

Prosecuting the outlaw US administration
The Bush White House did more than commit crimes; it waged war against the law itself.

The failure of censorship
An untitled image by Suzzan Blac. More pictures by this artist are linked from another page here.

SEC officials bribed by Madoff; Justice obstructed by SEC Chairman Cox
The US Securities and Exchange Commission is at the centre of a new corruption probe. Gary Mack and another SEC inside whistleblower have given depositions to the FBI and Justice Department concerning obstruction of justice by SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. Senior SEC officials received bribes to keep silent about Bernard Madoff 's $50 billion Ponzi fraud. Madoff used Congressman Gary Ackerman and Senator Charles Schumer as his bagmen. They channelled the SEC bribes through wire transfers from Israeli Mossad-run accounts in Dubai.

Palestinian Hamas is a creation of the Israeli Mossad
Hamas has built its strength through its various acts of sabotage of the peace process in a way which is compatible with the interests of the Israeli government. Everything that Hamas does strengthens the state terrorism policies of Israel. More here, here, here and here.

Russian professor predicts breakup of USA
Russian academic Igor Panarin says that the USA will fall apart in 2010. China will take over California. Mexico will govern Texas. Alaska will be subsumed into Russia. The former KGB analyst is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy for future diplomats. More here, here and here.

Bank of America stole $400 billion from Farm Claims and Global Prosperity Funds
Five Trustees bribed by Obama/Bush White House. Obama confronted with his criminality. Chinese G20 rep corrupt. Farm Claims background here. Global Prosperity Funds background here.

Surprise US Constitutional announcements may prevent Obama-Clinton taking office
In related behind-the-scenes action, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Gramm, Orrin Hatch, and Barbara Bush have accepted multi-million $ bribes to keep quiet. These monies were stolen from the Farm Claims and Global Prosperity Funds shortly to be distributed worldwide. More here. Deep background here.

The Rockefellers are Jews of Sephardic descent
Marrano families like the Rockefellers were the perfect tool for the European Rothschilds who for centuries have used secret agents to carry on their work

UK Bishops attack immoral Labour government
The corrupt administration of Illuminati minion, Gordon Brown, is brought to book by Church of England leaders. "We have not seen a raising of aspirations in the last 13 years, but instead there is a sense of hopelessness. While the rich have got richer, the poor have got poorer." "The breakdown of the family is a crucial element in the difficulties of our present society. The government hasn't given sufficient support to that because it is scared of losing votes." "Labour is beguiled by money and morally corrupt."

Attention to detail
A photograph

Rogue elements of the Israeli Mossad now control US nuclear underwater sea bases
Major submarine facilities in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean have been taken over. The nuclear, Tesla and laser weapons are fully operational. The German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), based at Dachau, and the Clintons are involved in the Mossad power-grab.

Israel lobby fails to silence Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Christmas message on UK's Channel 4 TV
The Iranian President's broadcast raised eyebrows in Europe: "If Christ were on Earth today, undoubtedly He would stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers. If Christ were on Earth today, undoubtedly He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity to oppose warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies the world over." Full text here.

UK courts become a Soviet-style organ of censorship
On Monday 15th December 2008, a secret UK court hearing, with secret participants, produced a secret order to secretly gag the UK population, the terms of which are secret and the revelation of which is punishable by up to ten years imprisonment.

The shadow money-lenders
The real significance of the US Fed’s zero-interest-rate policy. The illegal battle to save the fiat money system and the derivatives casino has begun.

Dr Charles Nemeroff sacked again
The prominent psychiatric doctor who promotes antidepressant drugs has been stripped of his chairmanship at Emory University.
Nemeroff received $800,000 from pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, but failed to accurately report the income.

Arpad Busson, EIM Group and ARK Schools under the microscope (pdf)
A row is brewing after it was suggested that Arpad Busson and EIM sell subprime mortgages to people they know cannot repay them and then confiscate all their assets, purposely creating disadvantaged and impoverished children who are then brainwashed in ARK schools. Context here. Backstory here, here and here.

Soul pillars seen by clairvoyants
At the point at which terminally ill patients die, a beam of white or blue-white light is observed leaving their chests and passing through the ceiling above them. Sometimes the light is purple, pink or violet.

Talk of Japan writing-off its holdings of US Treasuries
Tokyo credit ratings agency Mikuni & Co says the US government will struggle to finance the increasing debt levels needed to dig its economy out of recession. The US dollar may lose as much as 40 percent of its value against the Japanese yen.

The Federal Reserve Abolition Act
Ron Paul's bill is designed to end the private banking cartel's illegal monopoly control over US money supply. That power should be returned to the US Treasury as the Constitution mandates. The fiat currency system currently in operation should be replaced with a sound, gold-backed, hard-currency monetary system.

Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan try to censor Irish blogger Guido Fawkes (pdf)
The email accounts of Zac Goldsmith, his wife Sherazade, and Jemima Khan have been hacked. The hackers attempted to sell the information to the UK newspapers Sunday Mirror and Mail on Sunday. Backstory here and here.

Internet censorship list for Denmark (pdf)
This list contains 3,863 sites blocked by Danish internet service providers (ISPs) participating in Denmark's hidden censorship scheme. Danish ISPs volunteer to censor their users rather than face legislation. The top three ISPs are actively involved. The list is generated without judicial or public oversight and is kept secret by the ISPs using it. Backstory here.

1203 new websites censored by Thailand government
Thailand's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has recently blocked websites in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Vietnam. The MICT's full list can be found at the base of this page here. Backstory here.

The Money Lender and His Wife
A painting by Quentin Massys (1465-1530). Flemish School. Oil on wood.

Japanese gold
A photograph. An official of Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. shows off a gold bar in Tokyo.

Christmas in Keswick
Plum puddings decorate the north face of Skiddaw

Covert mind control and digital television
A secret US Pentagon psychotronics technology known as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) has been fully operational since the early 1990s and has been widely trialled in Iraq. It is about to be used domestically against American citizens. A highly classified operation to mind-control and manipulate the entire population into docile compliance with post-crash Washington DC is imminent. The technology will utilize a combination of HAARP transmitters, GWEN towers, microwave cell phone towers, and mandatory High Definition Digital TV. More about covert mind control in the US and elsewhere can be found here, here, here, here, here and here.

German spy chief, Ernst Uhrlau, threatens Wikileaks website
Uhrlau doesn't want people to understand what he has been doing in Kosovo. More here and here. German article here.

Suiciding bankers choose the ultimate put option
Suicide? Or execution dressed-up as suicide?

US bankrupt as national debt approaches insolvency
In 2007, the US public debt was 77% of Gross Domestic Product. Now it is 180% of GDP. Relative to GDP, in just one year, the US public debt has more than doubled. Most of this debt is held by Asian investors. They are about to foreclose.

King Abdullah City
An artist's impression of the planned economic metropolis being built north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Development of the $27 billion city has been forced into delay by the global financial crisis. Foreign investment is drying up. More pictures here, here, here and here. Backstory here and here.

US Military tells political/criminal overclass in Chicago that they will not go up against the American people in defence of Washington DC corruption
As US and international prosperity funds are moved from the US to Switzerland for safekeeping, and Obama commits to blocking NESARA-related deliveries, the military prepare to make top-level arrests. Background about deliveries here.

Obama successfully bribed with $251 million encrypted debit card
On Monday 8th December 2008, Barack Obama accepted a $251 million personal bribe to block the Farm Claims and Global Prosperity Fund payouts. He knew that his money had been stolen by the US Treasury from the Farm Claims funds with the express authority of the Connecticut Trustee and others. The Clintons, Senators, many Congressmen, Cabinet Secretaries, media controllers and senior US Justice Department officials also accepted similar bribes of $251million each on similar encrypted cards, of which a total of 1576 were covertly issued. The names have been listed and the corruption has been documented and circulated internationally. China, the World Court, and Swiss banking interests are taking the lead in confronting the US conspirators. More here and here. Updates here and here. Backstory here, here and here.

Eight stories on Obama-Blagojevich-linked billionaire Nadhmi Auchi censored from UK mainstream outlets
The financiers of the Chicago criminal overclass are exposing themselves. More here, here, here and here (pdf). Overview article here (29.05.08).

The opening of Pandora's suitcase
Extraordinary disclosures are about to tumble into the public domain

Bernard Madoff moved $100 billion of his and clients' funds to Israel to avoid US tax and assets seizure
A Swiss bank worker has leaked a computer disc relating to US-domiciled citizens who hold money in hidden Swiss bank accounts. Included among the data were Madoff and several of his major clients in Russia, France, England and Switzerland. As the US Internal Revenue Service approached Madoff regarding the repayment of taxes on these Swiss monies, he moved billions of dollars to Israel. Background here.

China considers boosting its gold reserves from 600 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes to diversify away from paper currencies
An internal client note from Citigroup argues that civil disorder and riots in the streets may occur in 2009-10 because of the financial meltdown. Tom Fitzpatrick, Citi's chief technical strategist, says that the world will not go back to normal after the magnitude of what the financial authorities have done.

US Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style hyperinflation
The Fed has bluntly refused a request by a major US financial news service to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from US taxpayers and to reveal the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral. Is the US financial system de facto bankrupt?

Full text of letter: House and Senate Republicans tell Bush not to give TARP funds to Detroit automakers (pdf)
Such a move may be illegal and unconstitutional; only Congress has the right to appropriate taxpayer funds.

Australia's Supreme Court rules that Facebook is a sufficient conduit for serving legal documents to defendants
A couple who defaulted on a loan disappeared. A public search based on their email address led to the defendants' Facebook page.

Robert Rubin's failed Ponzi scheme at Citibank was over twice the size of Bernard Madoff's
Madoff's corruption cost investors $50 billion; Rubin's fraud cost Citibank shareholders $122 billion. The media are keeping the Rubin lawsuit quiet because he is a business associate of the Clintons and a friend of Obama. More here and here.

The Life of Carlo Ponzi
The history of Robert Rubin and Bernard Madoff's financial hero

Jesse Jackson Jnr confesses he has been an FBI informant
Jackson Jnr is seeking to escape prosecution for his attempt to bribe Rod Blagojevich for the position of Illinois Senator. His father, Jesse Jackson Snr, also an FBI operative, was instrumental in setting up the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. It was Jackson Snr who helped lure King to the Lorraine Motel balcony, Memphis, Tennessee, where two FBI Division 5 snipers took him out. James Earl Ray was a pre-arranged patsy.

Police Taser weapons have killed 400 people in the US and Canada since 2001
The data are collected in a new study commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Rudolph Giuliani and Bernard Kerik made millions promoting Tasers to police departments across the US. They were marketed as non-lethal weapons which allow police to capture suspects or criminals without causing any permanent harm.

Jordan-based Iraqi rights group files 200 lawsuits against Donald Rumsfeld and American security firms for their role in torturing Iraqis
Ali Qeisi, head of the Society of Victims of the US Occupation in Iraq, says the cases have been filed in federal courts in Virginia, Michigan and Maryland.

Halliburton confirms that concentration camps are already constructed in the USA
The largest of these facilities is outside Fairbanks, Alaska. It is a 'mental health' facility which can hold two million people. In addition, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has ordered 107,200 AutoMax prison cars from Gunderson Steel. Other pictures here and here. Backstory and video link here. More background here, here, here and here.

Friehling & Horowitz auditors face criminal probe
The auditor for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities is under investigation in Rockland County, New York. District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said: "Our focus is on whether the independent auditor reports that were prepared by Friehling were fraudulent." The evidence suggests that Bernard Madoff's business was a corrupt $50 billion Ponzi scheme lie. More here.

The American Yakuza drug barons keep their money in a Chicago railroad yard
There are railroad cars full of dollar bills. Chicago law enforcement officers provide armed security for large-scale illicit drug operations. More here (pdf)

Rahm Emanuel passed secret US and NATO codes to Chinese government agents
Barack Obama's nominated White House Chief-of-Staff utilised conduits in the Turkish and Canadian Consulates in Chicago to compromise US and NATO nuclear security

Abner Mikva and Victoria Toensing pressure the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to assemble a slush fund to bribe and silence Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
Blagojevich is understood to hold photos of high-level Illinois Assemblymen and Senators engaging in underage heterosexual and homosexual sex. One image is said to show the State of Illinois Senate President, Emil Jones, in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

NASA not cooperating with Obama’s transition team
NASA's Mike Griffin is obstructing Obama's efforts to get information and has told Lori Garver of the space transition team that she is not qualified to judge the NASA rocket program. The stand-off may have to do with the arrival of a benevolent ET at Edwards Air Force Base (Kern, California) on Monday 1st December 2008. The visitor came to talk with Obama. NASA is restricting contact. More here. And more background about ET activity and the Higher Evolution can be found here.

Senate scandal snares Obama’s chief aide, Rahm Emanuel
Long-serving Mossad agent, Emanuel, has come under pressure to resign from the US Presidential transition team after he was captured on court-approved wiretaps discussing candidates for Obama’s vacant Senate seat. More here.

Rod Blagojevich and Richard Daley planned to sabotage Sears Tower (Chicago) in May 2006
The two Illinois politicians set-up a 911-style planned demolition in Chicago in conjunction with Israeli intelligence. The document trail is being deliberately ignored by the Chicago Police Department.

Rahm Emanuel gets death threats over Blagojevich links
Barack Obama's nominated White House Chief-of-Staff, and long-established Mossad agent, is feeling the heat over his connection with corrupt Illinois politicians in Chicago.

Extreme ultra-right-wing Polish Nazis have their email addresses published
These people are subscribers to the and racist newsletters. Some of the individuals involved use official Polish government servers.

Illinois crime spree escalates
Forty wiretaps from the Turkish and Canadian Consulates in Chicago indicate the activity of major Illinois politicians in espionage, money laundering, illegal weapons trafficking, contract killings, bribery and political slush funds. Close associates of Barack Obama are involved. Rahm Emanuel, Rod Blagojevich, Tony Rezko, Mehmet Celebi and Dennis Hastert have been cited. Senior people inside the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Bankruptcy Court are under investigation.

US and UN permit evidence of Afghanistan war crimes to be destroyed
In late 2001, Afghan warlord and close US ally, Abdul Rashid Dostum, suffocated and shot 2000 male prisoners in a convoy of container trucks. The corpses were buried at Sheberghan, northern Afghanistan. Dostum has now been allowed to dig up the bones and throw them into the nearby river.

Cloudships over Mount Rainier
A photograph from Pierce County, Washington. Other pictures here, here and here. It is said that visiting UFOs often screen themselves with what human meteorologists describe as lenticular clouds. More about UFOs and the Higher Evolution can be found here, and an esoteric account of the Bethlehem Starship is introduced here.

IP assignments for the US Federal Reserve banking system
Ask the banksters a question about how the criminal overclass is running the American bankruptcy

Former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other senior Bush administration officials share blame for detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib (Iraq) and Guantanamo Bay (Cuba)
The executive summary of a Senate Armed Services Committee report has been made public by Senator Carl Levin (Democrat - Michigan) and Senator John McCain (Republican - Arizona). Rumsfeld contributed to prisoner abuse by authorizing aggressive interrogation techniques on the 2nd December 2002.

Bernard Madoff arrested and charged with $50 billion fraud
The former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market ran a hedge fund Ponzi scheme which racked up $50 billion of fraudulent losses. A Ponzi scheme is a swindle offering high returns, with early investors paid off with money from later investors. Recently deleted contact information for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC and Madoff Securities International can be found here.

Apple-censored iPodHash source code
This is now circulating widely on the web. The iPodHash project is an initiative to open the iPod and iPhone to third-party media software other than Apple's iTunes. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows programming code to be introduced which circumvents technological protections for the purpose of enabling interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs. Backstory here and here.

Chicago Tribune is bankrupt
The publisher of the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times has been declared bankrupt. The group's eight major daily newspapers and several television stations have collapsed in the face of unpayable debts of $13 billion.

Dubai property bubble bursts
Boom ends as scarce credit and slumping oil prices force international investors to dump assets. The emirate looks precarious.

Louisville lawsuit allowed against Vatican paedophilia cover-up
The Pope's Roman Catholic HQ in Rome is cited as the principal respondent in a class action to remedy Catholic child abuse. The Vatican is reported to have deliberately orchestrated a decades-long institutional concealment of priest-initiated child sex abuse throughout its dioceses in the USA. Spiritual background here and here.

Unlawful manipulation of gold prices evident in the US
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission is not bothering to audit precious metal vaults to see if short sellers hold the deliverable gold and silver they claim to possess. The monetized value of gold should be allowed to rise to between $7,500 and $9,000 per ounce as the world goes back to a new form of gold standard. In the near term, gold will rise to $2,000 per ounce, as the US Federal Reserve abandons its hopeless campaign to support COMEX short sellers. Revaluation of gold, and a return to the gold standard, is the only way that hyperinflation can be avoided. More background here.

Constitutional crisis in Canada - Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper embroiled in espionage and export control investigation - Queen of England involved
Senate Defence Committee chairman Colin Kenny of the Canadian parliament has incriminating smoking gun evidence from the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre. Numerous major government officials have been circumventing Canadian export controls through companies operating in Canada and overseas. Nuclear materials have been trafficked to secret paramilitary bases in eastern and western Canada. There is a Pakistan/Mumbai terrorist connection.

American farm claims history
Thousands of US citizens have had their farms stolen from them by corrupt US Government-backed bankers and lawyers. More here and here.

Bank Julius Baer rocked by chief executive's mysterious death
The private Swiss bank at the centre of investigations concerning offshore tax fraud and money-laundering schemes through its subsidiaries on Grand Cayman, has lost chief executive, Alex Widmer, aged 52. He was in the best of health. Suicide? Or execution dressed up as suicide? More here and here.

Waiting for the perfect man
A picture. More about Women's Issues here and here.

Israel-imposed cash shortages force Gaza Strip banks to shut
Liquidity problems caused by restrictive Israeli policies have prevented the payment of December salaries to tens of thousands of Palestinian Authority employees, and the UN Relief and Works Agency has been forced to suspend cash distributions to 94,000 other Palestinians. More here and here.

Intelligent men produce better quality sperm
Researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry (London) analysed the spunk of 425 former US soldiers

Illegal Ponzi scheme at Citigroup - Robert Rubin and Charles Prince named in Federal lawsuit
Investor-plaintiffs report that Citigroup repackaged unmarketable collateralized debt obligations which no one wanted, resold them to Citigroup, and concealed the exposures from auditors by placing the CDOs in off-the-books shell entities.

Letter from Scotland Yard's Robert Quick, Assistant Commissioner of Special Operations, to the UK's Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, concerning the police raid on Opposition Conservative spokesman Damian Green's Parliamentary offices and homes, on Thursday 27th November 2008.
The UK's counter-terrorism chief explains the legal background to Green's arrest. No warrant was required by law. The arrest was confirmed in writing to the Speaker as required in Erskine May (Chapter 7). Quick's direct line numbers are shown on the letterhead.

The new American Amero currency
The Amero has been planned to replace the current US, Canadian and Mexican currencies. Here are two pictures of the new Amero Treasury notes.

Can a human clone be given a soul?
75% of the Earth's human population are clones - intelligent meat machines with no soul or higher spiritual faculties. These artificial humans are most common in religion, politics, finance and the armed forces. Can such meat machines be given the kind of souls which ensouled humans, cetaceans and sirenians have?

Bush White House financing Al-Qaeda terrorism through secret trading suite at Morgan Stanley
The Cheney-controlled US Provost Marshal was refused entrance to the Morgan Stanley terrorist-support facility in October 2007

Interpol, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Queen, Condoleezza Rice and British Intelligence Humewood account active in Mumbai terrorist massacre mess
Covert funding of the Pakistani ISI directorate implicated in the Mumbai terrorist attacks came from Europe. The Queen and Rice meet to hush-up the Interpol evidence. More here and here.

Ecuador declares foreign debt illegitimate and illegal
Salomon Smith Barney (Citigroup) handled the 2000 debt restructuring without Ecuador's authorization, leading to the application of illegal 10 and 12 percent interest rates.

British Conservative politicians Edward Heath and Geoffrey Rippon were German DVD agents
They were recruited by the Nazis before World War II. More here.

Six Israeli commandos killed by Indian anti-terrorist security forces
The Israeli commandos were trying to storm the Nariman Center in Mumbai and were disguised as Islamist paramilitaries

Worldwide intelligence war descends into anarchy
Israeli, American, Pakistani and British agents were involved in the background logistics of the Mumbai terrorist attacks

Urgent statement by anti-Zionist Jews worldwide
From Rabbi Meir Hirsh - Neturei Karta Palestine

List of Iraqi academics assassinated in Iraq during the US-led occupation
Compiled by the Pakistan Daily

Colossal Financial Collapse: The Truth behind the Citigroup nationalization
Paulson's dithering means that the rescue scheme is dead on arrival

US Federal Reserve to embezzle $6.2 trillion Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds
The elite-designed takedown of Citigroup will enable the private theft of trillions of dollars belonging to the US, French and Chinese Treasuries.

US General Mobilization - emergency military call-up
Urgent letters have been prepared by the US Government to be mailed to all retired US Army officers, warrant officers and sergeants, of all ages, calling them back to immediate active duty. This has not happened since December 1941 and it did not happen during the Korean and Vietnam wars. More here.

Citigroup heads for the abyss
The share price chart look likes a wet ski slope; the company is in vertiginous collapse; incompetence, arrogance and corruption is endemic; the markets know the score; nobody in the US or Saudi Arabia can fix this zombie bank.

David Rockefeller passes Illuminati governing power to US Senator Jay Rockefeller
Benjamin Fulford (Japan) reports on a generational change in the Western world's secret government

NESARA announcements imminent
Upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars are in place and ready to be disbursed internationally

Osama bin Laden endorses Barack Obama as US President
A CIA studio project with Tim Osman. Background details here. Official propaganda here.

DVD-Mossad Treason exploding in US
Hillary Clinton is trying to blackmail Barack Obama in connection with the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds

Californian wildfires started deliberately
French Intelligence has photographic satellite evidence that the out-of-control wildfires in California were started deliberately by BlackOps agents in orange jumpsuits. The personnel involved are thought to be Blackwater mercenaries working for the US Department of Homeland Security.

Tony Blair accuses the Pope, Bush and Merkel of global financial criminality
The former British Prime Minister has shopped his world-class financial criminal friends in order to avoid being arrested and jailed for the rest of his life

Massive elite-led corruption exposed at Deutsche Bank
Conspiring with Ratzinger, Angela Merkel organises twenty-plus illegal wire transfers out of Deutsche Bank into concealed bank accounts controlled by the Vatican in Rome. The funds involved were stolen from US and French Treasury accounts.

Rats fight in the sack
Sarkozy (France) threatens to arrest Merkel (Germany); Elysée (Paris) refuses to accept White House phone calls; $14 trillion held in BIS lockdown in US.

Belgium government runs counterfeit land register
The Belgium tax department officially supports tax evasion for Belgian citizens living outside Belgium

End-time message to the Rothschilds
On the 20th October 2008, Global One activated the 1907 international operational procedures

The planned 14th October 2008 UFO sighting
Why this did not happen. SaLuSa from Sirius gives Mike Quinsey an explanation.

Dick Cheney dead as a vegetable on life-support
US military sources inside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Washington) have confirmed that the US Vice President is on the point of death. The White House is trying to suppress the news with a heart-treatment cover-story.

Madeleine McCann held on orders of José Manuel Barroso
A shadowy German organisation called the DVD masterminded the abduction

The American people must grab their freedom now
Benjamin Fulford discusses the consequences of the US national bankruptcy

US Supreme Court threatens to burn prosperity fund packages
Chief Justice John Glover Roberts does not want four thousand international prosperity fund trigger packages to be delivered by Brink's

Clinton clones exposed
How many Hillarys are there? And who is running them?

Citibank theft goes global
Trillions of $$ have been stolen by the Bush administration

Severed horse's head found in George Bush Jnr's bed; Henry Paulson shot dead by assassin
Russian, Chinese and Israeli hit-teams penetrate US security

9/11 terror attacks in the USA were good for Israel
Israeli Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, tells an audience at Bar Ilan university that 9/11 had been beneficial for Israel and had "swung American public opinion in our favour." Netanyahu is an inhabitant of Planet Earth.

British Ministry of Defence is covertly protecting illegal drug trafficking in Afghanistan
The British Army and the RAF are in Afghanistan to defend and control the heroin poppy crop for the financial benefit of MI6 GO-2 intelligence-linked international drug barons

The Goethe Institute is a front for German secret intelligence
Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) agents have been trying to lodge disinformation on Wikipedia

German secret intelligence (BND) rushes to delete compromising records
T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) Computer Emergency Response Team scrubs incriminating BND data

Here is the British National Party (BNP) membership list which has been published online by an ex-member
Some comments about this disclosure by current BNP members can be found on the NorthWestNationalists blog here. UK mainstream media reportage can be seen here, here, here and here.

Jesus recounts a dream he had about George Bush
In February 2006, Jesus turned up at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles

Jesus anticipates an American economic collapse
The business motivations behind the Iraq war only delayed the inevitable

Jesus is performing healing miracles through Torbi el Mekki in Morocco
In Skhirat, 30km south of the Moroccan capital, Rabat, Torbi el Mekki is healing people with AIDS and cancer.

Halliburton death-rattle in DC
An incriminating document from inside the CIA has reached Congress

Adolfo Nicolás and Jesuit Black Magic
The Black Pope is losing his power

Rare sighting of an Illuminati parasite
A photograph

Our angels the aliens
There is a high strangeness about the benevolent entities who guide and protect earth-based humans

The consciousness of the angels
The attitude of the angels towards God differs radically from the way humans think about God

How to hire an angel to help
A method is suggested by the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic

How close is The Higher Evolution?
Members of The Higher Evolution inhabit the higher dimensions of creation, but can morph into visible physicality when needed

Who are the Ascended Masters?
Isabelle Duchêne introduces the major figures

The symptoms of ascension
Earth Mother explains the spiritual and physical symptoms to be expected during the human ascension process which is now under way for many people

The emergence of the transpersonal soul
Transpersonal psychology allows spirituality; it is a healthy and evolutionary manifestation

Morgellons mystery
Morgellons Disease is an intelligently designed nanotech invasion of living human tissue

The Ritalin Conspiracy
BigPharma is pressurising parents to abuse their children with Ritalin

Statins - the honey in the poison-flower
Statin drugs poison you to death so slowly that you won't even notice

Metaphysical glossaries
Vocabularies of truth beyond the reach of religion

Spirituality websites worth watching
People who are bored with religion, sometimes find spirituality interesting

The resurrection of the shaman
It wasn't just Jesus of Nazareth, Apollonius of Tyana and St Francis of Assisi who were shamans; shamanism is undergoing a revival today

An emerging spirituality for The New Age of Aquarius
As religion is left behind and more grown-up ways of being human are explored, a new spirituality is emerging on Planet Earth

What is the new spirituality?
The New Spirituality starts when people begin to listen beyond the noise

The Art of the New Spirituality
Images of high strangeness which are free-thinking, playful, erotic and exploratory

Understanding the New Age Children
All over the world, children are being born who are more advanced, spiritually, than most adults

Weblog spirituality
The internet is the new planetary nervous system; nervous systems generate spirituality

The Share International revelations
The Second Coming of Christ happened on the 19th July 1977; Jesus and The Christ are two different people; both are mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Gnostic Christianity and the Myth of Sophia
An introductory essay by Bette Stockbauer

Human evolution began over 18 million years ago
Aart Jurriaanse posits a discrete beginning for human evolution on Earth involving Venus, Lemuria and Atlantis.

My name is God and these are My instructions
The manufactured godlet of Western Churchianity presents his agenda

Maybe try Romanism?
If you like sub-dom games, Roman Catholicism could be your kink

Religion is a terrorist behaviour
Can it be true?

How silly is salvation?
What silly things does the theory of substitutionary atonement suggest?

The unwisdom of belief
Belief is the bogey; belief is corruption; belief is stuckness.

Anti-spiritual belief systems of control
Henry See suggests that the monotheistic religions are elite systems of manipulation, negativity and deceit.

Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ are not the same person
They are two different Ascended Masters, with distinct personal histories, who work closely together. More background here.

What caused the death of religion?
In the educated West, religion died some years ago. This was a positive development in human spiritual culture.

Michelangelo's Moses (c.1515)
A marble sculpture in the basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli (Rome)

The horns on Moses' head
Simon Rocker of the Jewish Chronicle doesn't like them

Women's Issues
Babies, chocolate, guilt etc

Emergency chocolate cake pictures
Pastoral support for desperate modern women

Why is church so serious?
Is it because God likes a good laugh?

The Theologians' Brains Trust
On the platform sat a row of distinguished theologians ....

The libraries do not fool us
Words seek to disable truth by lexical distraction

Living text entity
Go into an old library at midnight, be very still and listen ....

A new scripture shortly to be published
The Holy Spirit is active in Quernmore, Lancashire

Syntactically flawless
Dr Piers Stockton is The Al-Saud Lecturer in Progressive Hermeneutics at Cambridge University

She wants a life, not a computer
The trial separation will last five and a half million years

Kristianne Wych Christian Wicca
How a young English schoolgirl got into Christian Witchcraft

Undead but positive
William was dying from terminal cancer, but he felt terrific

I am the Moon
I came from the surface of Jupiter a long time ago....

Prayer is breathing
Just inhale

Meditation - the direct encounter
Meditation is a spiritual exercise which aligns the physical brain with the soul

Give it a try
It was the fluid energy of meditation which he liked ....

Interdimensional travels
He enjoyed travelling through interdimensional portals ....

Greenbelt - the view from the Death Star
Jaded post-evangelicals celebrate the end of religion

Strolling wistfully in Old England
Around the ancient medieval hill towns of Winchelsea and Rye, there are ghosts and the memories of ghosts

Cloud spirits over Fairlight
Train your binoculars carefully on The Ternery Pool in the distance ....

Wiltshire wheat
A complicated new crop circle appears overnight in southern England

Marriage night
It will be the perfect English wedding ....

A young woman sits by a swimming pool painting her toenails. It is midnight ....

Poodle parlour in Purley
A thin man with a toothbrush stuck up his nose walks in

Olive restaurant in Bromley
The olive looks normal enough; the olive tastes normal enough ....

Traditional Norfolk koans
Ancient wisdom to quicken the omnipercipient

Unseen Portal
A picture by Mark Heulsman

Jesus meditating
A picture by Bruce Harman

The Yoga of Jesus
An introductory essay by Georg Feuerstein

Blogger at work
A picture

Cyberspace calls for your soul
A picture

Religion at work
A graphic

Contemplating the obverse of truth
A photograph

Magician light on his feet
A photograph

Observing the animal people
A photograph

No running away
A photograph of desert life

Gourmet Charcuterie
An advertisement

Vegetarians taste better
A photograph from Sydney, Australia

Index of blog contents
Alternative news digests, extraterrestrial perspectives, new spirituality, metaphysical glossaries, Traditional Norfolk Koans


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- - okay so blogs may be read by watchers, but how do you/they know if the person blogging is giving authentic information? Watchers don't know what is true or false in someones life- Did you read the story of Kaycee Nicole? It was basically saying this lady made up a story about a fake daughter who had cancer, and her blog was her experiences of going through this life struggle until she posted her fake daughter died. People started to wonder when she did not comment back on posts about the situation. It was found to be false information.

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I wonder what sort of person that makes you?

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Interesting sense of humour that you have, with an upsidedown logic that you possess. The clock in your mind is a-ticking, non-stop. Doubts a-plenty that you have, with the fear of salvation that may come. But... doubting is the beginning of salvation, and you will hear the tick-tocks of this growing louder at a quicker-paced consistency over time till you fall on your knees in humility.

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he did not commit suicide. imagine your mum asks you to throw out the porno, and you follow, because why? she can come in and find it anytime, it is HER house, and she has the power to kick you out and disown you. you follow cause you dont want to break her heart, and you know its for your own benefit. feeding porno intio your mind would suck and kill you. so jesus did so, and he followed god'splan.

if it was suicide, would he have resurrected?

i hope you realise what you have said and i am damn right sure you are older than me. you should be wise enough to think through it all.

god bless you.

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There have been those who think Sonnyboy is Him.

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u are strange. different. wahahaha, aren't we all? but you are a little further from mediocre than the majority. its interesting!

well thanx for poppin' by! ohh, by the way, did u choose my blog randomly? come again!

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You have a really interesting blog with fascinating entries (:

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with so much conflict and uncertainty in the world, its difficult not to be drawn into the negative creations of others. let us remember, to reject negativity is relatively positive, but such actions can inhibit our obligation to connect to light, where transformations occur automatically in any case.

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You are really FUNNY! and thanks for welcoming my new blog into cyberspace altho it's not quite ready for internet viewing. please come and visit me on my other blogs. I like the way you think!

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Dear rabble without a cause and other things to read and do,
When you find yourselves in front of a door, think before you open it. If you do and see something you do not like or understand, leave quietly without dropping any excretory reminders of your undesirable presence, for others will certainly do the same in your house. It is us he cast the pearls before, not you.
Stop oinking your disapproval. Find solace at the trough of mainstream media, which is as refreshing as diving into the wastewater of the Hyperion Treatment Plant. I noticed that some of you can barely write English. The language is said to have about 300,000.00 words, but some of the "commentators" (an overstatement, my fault) found it hard to depart from their daily gems, such as: "God", "shit","fuck", "bitch", etc. Let's not forget "get/got/gotten", which means everything they forgot or never learned. You truly need an immediate course in English as a first language. It occurred to me that your reading comprehension might be as poor as your writing. So, did you really understand what the blogger is trying to convey to you, or is it too many cuts above
Beavis and Butt-head?
To the others, whom I did not intend to castigate at all -- my apologies. The blogger wields the mighty pen superbly. I felt like cracking the whip in the animal
house. Unrelated to the above: I urge you to watch a movie, The Banquet.
To those frothing at the mouth: SHUT UP AND LEARN.

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It´s only today that I answer your commentary in my blog, which was August 27...I was not used to verify "comments", so it took me time to see your posting...thanks again, all your postings here are very clever and honest, hail for your boldness, WHICH IS ONLY CONFIRMED BY THE BEASTIAL COMMENTATORS THAT TRY TO CURSE YOUR WAYS...
Hey beastial commentators, WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE, just paid-for miscreants by the CIA, your time has come, we will be very pleased after your non-existence!
ciro moroni

Jadran said...

Not directly related to current content. It's about some pics Alcuin mentioned/linked previously, e.g. ... this kind of "blessing" one definitely do not look for (that entity protruding as a "tube" is engaged with Lucy; there's no well-being for the humans on its mind).
Another one at ... based on my knowledge I would say just this: "Poor dog, he's not aware what he's up to." (It's a same kind of energy/being as one above).

Anonymous said...

"U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who has a history of heart problems, on Wednesday was treated with an electric shock to address an abnormal heartbeat, his spokeswoman said, the second time in just under a year."


Anonymous said...

12th December 2008

"Ecuador won't pay foreign debt interest"


pink rose shoppe said...

One of the bad things about morgellons is that there is no "one treatment fits all" approach. What works for one morgellons sufferer does not work for another. Morgellons is almost like an aids virus type. It mutates so that it cannot be fully destroyed. Morgellons is a nightmare and a nightmare coming to everyone soon if nobody finds a way to conquer it.

Perfectmus said...

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